We are Indigenous

Thank you to Rudy TwoMoon
RudyDeuceTruth questions “before I was me” and journeys through DNA and our shared humanity. 
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon

The so called illegals have more rights to this land than many of the occupiers of today. … We are Indigenous….. The border crossed us, not the other way around.


Before California became a state, we people were called Indians, then after it became the property of the US, the people were called Mexican. I’m Yaqui, Mescalero, Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, Scottish and Basque . I may also carry African blood. I have ancestors on both sides of this invisible line. We traveled all the way up to Canada down to deep Mexico. Half of us got stuck wherever we were when that line was drawn. Some of my lineage fought with Poncho Villa and some fought against. I am history. I carry the stories in my DNA. I am from all over this great planet. Like everyone, I am the ancients.

Before I was me, I lived with lions and danced their songs. I was captured and shipped from Africa as a slave. Was bred with the Spanish and natives into a culture now called illegal….. And before I was me, I walked these sacred lands right here with the mammoth and traded sacred foods and medicines. Before I was me, I traveled on great ships great distances, fought against the British crown and danced my pagan ritual. Before I was me, I traveled from Basque to the Mexico pyramids and met the other parts of me. At some point generations later, we became what I am today.

I am a human, a creature from the stars. I contain the sun. I am the water. I am mud. My movements tell the ancient tale of my existence. My stillness echoes it. My children contain the secrets of their mothers journey of then and now. Our children are our ancestors….

Mauricio Heinemann Vise & Deputy Consul Texas and Chihuahua Mexico Feb. 26, 1900

1910 Los Angeles US Census

Heinemann25-002 Mauricio Heinemann (May 4, 1830 in Dessau, Germany to Mar. 26, 1912 Los Angeles)

Mauricio Heinemann & Josepha Irigoyen Heinemann

Heinemann Family Chihuahua, Mexico circa 1890’s

Mauricio Heinemann (May. 4, 1830 Germany – Mar. 26, 1912
Los Angeles) with medals from General Hildago

Salvador Heinemann (oldest son) (Nov. 17, 1891 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1943 Los Angeles)

Josepha Irigoyen (Mar. 19, 1862 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1919 Los Angeles) California/Mexico Border approximately 1914

California/Mexico Border approximately 1914

Josepha Irigoyen-Heinemann and Susana Heinemann-Senz (2nd oldest daughter)

Theresa Heinemann (Sep. 16, 1898 Chihuahua, Mexico – Jul. 25, 1963 Los Angeles)
Amelia Heinemann (Oct. 10, 1896 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1920 Los Angeles)

Amelia (10-10-1898 to 1920)
Susana (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1963)
Theresa (9-16-1989 to 9-25-1961)

Susana Heinemann (Jan. 1, 1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to April 21, 1961 Los Angeles)

Robert “Chito” Serrano (10-12-1912 Los Angeles)
Martha Hortensia Estrada (February 18, 1914 Los Angeles)
Josephine Heinemann Serrano-Cordoni-Paprone-Estrada (Mar. 19, 1887 Chihuahua, Mexico to Oct. 27, 1974 ) Los Angeles
Theresa Cornelia Heinemann-Withered-Seymore 9-16-1989 to 9-25-1961)
Don Seymore

Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to 4-21-1961)

Charles Senz (Mar. 8, 1892 Los Angeles to Aug. 27, 1957
Los Angeles)
Wife Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to 4-21-1961)

Charles Arthur Bernhard Senz (Mar. 8, 1892 Los Angeles to Aug. 27, 1957
Los Angeles

Charles Arthur Bernhard Senz in the middle as the Neighborhood Air Raid Warden

Russell (Police Officer Hollenbeck Division Los Angeles)
John Heinemann (December 27, 1893 Chihuahua, Mexico to April 15, 1951 Los Angeles
Chester or Oliver
Martha Estrada

Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)

Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)
Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)

<a href=”https://whatzenalotionbar.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/heinemann110-001.jpg”&gt;Heinemann110-001
Tom Thumb Wedding
Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)

Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)

Susana Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)
Flora Mae Senz (8-5-1932 to 9-27-2007)

Kristeen 785-002
Lisanne Marie Craig-McNew
Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec
Kristeen Terese Craig -Hernandez
Victoria Lee Craig Shepherd-Wright
Rudy’s sister does not wish her name publicized
Kim Lorrayne Craig-Barker-Hikiji

Rudy & Kris 2006-001
Rudy TwoMoon
Kristeen Hernandez

Read more about: Rudy TwoMoon in an interview used by permission from Mad World Radio

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