Alphabetical Victims of Police Murders Archive

Murdered by Police 2

I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, a weapon thrown aside, mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Father, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

Please bear with me as I continue to add names of the unarmed, search for photographs and research bio’s. Unfortunately due to the ongoing killings by Police and people claiming Stand Your Ground (Castle Doctrine) this list will continue to grow. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone (unarmed) murdered at the hands of Law Enforcement (or others) please let me know and I’ll add their name to this memorandum.


Aaron Campbell
Aaron Clark Gray
Aaron Harrison
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Williams
Abayomi “Alan” Afolabi
Abelino Montoya
Abraham Sanchez
Ab-Raheem Muhammad
Adaisha Miller
Adam Bosch
Adam Colliers
Adam G. Padilla
Adam Madison
Adam Perez
Adam Spencer Johnson
Adam Thomas
Adesola Adesina
Adolph Archie
Adrian Campbell 
Adrian Parra
Adrian Reynolds 
Affricka Jean
Afif Hazim
Ahmede Jabber Bradley
Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones
Akai Gurley
Alan Bates
Alan Craig Williams
Alan DeWayne Blueford
Alan Edward Dunnagan
Alan Gillotti Sr.
Alan James
Alan Zelencic
Albert James Six Feathers Jr.
Alberta Spruill
Alberto Sepulveda
Alec Ouzounian
Alejandro “Alex” Nieto
Alejandro Rendon
Alejandro Sanchez-Escoto
Alesia Shont’e Thomas
Alesia Thomas
Alex Roman Quintanilla
Alex Sutherland
Alexander Phillip Long
Alexia Christian
Alfonso Limon Jr.
Alfred Nelson
Allen K. Hernandez
Allen Kephart
Allen Locke
Alonzo Ashley
Alonzo Smith 
Alvaredo Flores-Bravo
Alvin Haynes
Alvin Rios Jr.
Amadou Diallo
Amando Lopez
Amilcar Perez-Lopez
Amir Nossoughi
Amit A. Patel
Amit Bornstein 
Amonderez P. Green
Anastasio Hernandez Rojas
Andre Fields
Andre Jones
Andre Larone Murphy Sr.
Andre Sheffield
Andrea Rebello
Andrew Layton
Andrew McIlvain
Andy Henriquez
Andy Lopez
Andy Pena-Herrera
Angel Chiwengo
Angel Frescas
Angel Hiraldo
Angel Hiraldo
Angel Reyes
Angelo Clark
Anibal Rosario-Rodriguez
Ann Racz
Anna Brown
Anthony Baez 
Anthony Damone Clark Reed
Anthony Dewayne Ware
Anthony Hill
Anthony Howard
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Paul Gilmore
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rosario
Antoinette Griffin
Anton Barrett Sr.
Anton Goldenburg
Antonio Martin
Antonio Miller
Antonio Perez
Antonio Zambrano-Montes 
Antwain White
Antwan D. Bryant
Archie “Artie” Elliott III
Arden Westcott
Ariston Waiters
Arron Torres
Artago Damon Howard
Arthur Dixon Jr.
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Lee McDuffie
Asa Sullivan
Ashley Fallis 
Ashley MacDonald
Ashley Villarreal 
Askari Roberts
Aura Rosser
Austin Welling
Autumn Mae Steele
Avery Cody Jr.
Barbara Ann Wilcox
Barbara Dawson
Barbara V. Ramey
Barrington Williams
Benites Sichiro
Benjamin Quezada
Bernard Bailey 
Bernard Moore
Bernard Pate
Bettie Jones
Betty Diane Sexton
Bianca Davis
Bien Cam Tran
Bill C. Williams
Billey Joe Johnson
Billy Grimm
Bin Christopher Williams
Blondel Lassegue
Bo Morrison
Bobby Clark
Bobby Daniels 
Bobby Louis Merrill Jr.
Bobby Madewell Jr.
Bobby Moore III
Bobby Rodriquez
Bradford T. Gibson
Bradley Ballard
Brandon Bethea
Brandon Bethea
Brandon Ellingson
Brandon James Dunbar
Brandon Jones 
Brandon Lawrence
Brandon Milton Hall
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Tate-Brown 
Brenda Gaines
Brenda Williams
Brendon Glenn
Brian Abbs
Brian Beaird
Brian Claunch
Brian Newt Beaird
Brian Pickett
Brian Sullivan
Briana Ojeda
Brock Nichols
Bruce Chrestensen
Bruce Dean Stafford
Bruce Seward
Bruce Thomson
Buffy Rice Donohue
Byron Hearst
Calvin Washington
Calvon A. Reid
Cameron Tillman
Cammerin Boyd
Canard Arnold
Candace L. Blakley
Carl Gerard Blossomgame
Carleton Lockhart
Carlos Alcis
Carlos Manuel Perez Jr.
Carlos Ramirez
Carmen Marie Hallock
Carmen Valentine
Caroline Small
Cary Ball Jr.
Casey Kressin 
Casey S. Babovec
Cau Bich Tran
Cayne Miceli
Cedrick Chatman
Cesar Mercado
Cesar Ray Cruz
Chance Dale Thompson
Charity Bowers
Charles A. Baker Jr.
Charles Alvarez
Charles David Marshall
Charles Edward Guffey
Charles Eimers 
Charles Livingston 
Charles Smith
Charley Leundeu Keunang “Africa”
Charlie Alvarez
Charmene Pickering
Charmin Bennett
Chavis Carter 
Cheri Lyn Moore
Cheryl Blount-Burton
Christen Vargas
Christian Alberto Sierra
Christian Freeman
Christian Siqueiros
Christina Prestianni
Christina Tahhahwah
Christopher A. Prevatt
Christopher Aparicio
Christopher Brown
Christopher Burgess
Christopher Capps
Christopher Davis
Christopher Dean Trivett
Christopher Galliano 
Christopher George
Christopher J. Parker
Christopher Jerome Thomas
Christopher LaShon Kimble
Christopher Lee Lucas
Christopher Lopez
Christopher M. Anderson
Christopher Middleton
Christopher Roupe
Christopher Ryan Healy
Chuniece Patterson
Ciara Meyer
Cinque ‘Q’ DJahspora
Cleman R. Sweptson Jr.
Clifford Lewis Jr.
Clinton Allen
Clinton Hightower
Clinton Roebexar Allen
Collette Goodenough
Corey Brown
Corey Harris
Corey Jones 
Corey McGinnis
Corinna Mullen
Cornelius Brown
Coy Wayne Walker
Craig Hall
Crystal Lee Miley Harry
Curtis Garland
Curtis Harmon Jr
D’Andre Berghardt Jr.
Dainell Simmons
DaJuan Graham
Dakota Bright
Dale Graham
Dale Lee Mitchell
Dale Neel
Dale Stahl
Damion Foster
Damion Nigel Smith
Damon Abraham
Damon Abraham
Damon Barnett
Damon Lowery
Dane Garrett Scott Jr.
D’Angelo Stallworth
Daniel “D-Boy” Brumley
Daniel Brock 
Daniel I. Covarrubias
Daniel Lee Guerra
Daniel Lynn Mittelstadt
Daniel McDonnell
Daniel Satre
Daniel Zamora
Danielle Willard
Dannaer Fields
Danny A. Elrod
Danny Floyd
Danroy “DJ” Henry 
Dante Parker 
Dante Pomar
Dante Price
Dario  ‘Chi Chi’ Tena
Dario  ‘Chi Chi’ Tena
Darius Nicholson
Darius Penix
Darius Simmons
Darius Stewart
Darnell Benson
Darnell Hutchinson
Darrell Atkinson
Darrell Lawrence Brown
Darren Rainey
Darrien Hunt
Darrin “Dagwood” Hannah
Darrius Kennedy
Darrius Stewart
Darryl Berry
Darryl Briston
Darryl Turner
Dason Peters
David “Bones” Hebert 
David “Levi” Dehmann
David A. Kassick
David Cody Lynch
David Duarte Raya
David Felix
David Hamm
David Hooks
David Kapuscinski
David Kedra
David Latham
David Mills
David Mills
David P. Watford
David Sal Silva
David Stojcevski
David Tomer
David Wayne Summers
David Werblow
David Winston
Davinian Darnell Williams
Davon Mosley
Dawntree Ta’Shawn Williams
Dean Bucheit
Deandre Brunston
DeAunta Terrel Farrow
Deborah Sue Lowe
Debro Lamont Wilkerson
Deion Fludd
DeJuan Colbert
Delbert “Demz” Rodriguez 
Delores Epps 
Demetrius Johnson
Deng Manyoun
Denis Chabot
Denis Reyes
Denis Reynoso
Denise Gay
Dennis Grigsby
Dennis S Hyde
Denzel Brown
Deomain Hayman
Deon Studiemyer
Derek Cruise
Derek Dukes
Derek Williams
Derrick Gaines
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones
Derrick Williams
Desean Cathcart
Deshone Lamar Travis
Desiree Gonzales
Desmond Rudolph 
Deven Guilford
Devin Brown 
Devon Young
Dewayne Bailey
Dexter Luckett
Diana Showman
Dilcia Pena
Dillon Taylor 
Dominic Middleton
Dominick Galliano
Dominick Ray Wise
Domnick Hurtt
Donacio Rendon
Donald “Dontay” Ivy Jr.
Donald J. Pinkerton-DeVito III
Donald Moore
Donald Murray
Donald P. Scott
Donald Ray McCullough
Donald Washington Jr
Dondi Johnson Sr.
Donna Towe
Donnell Dortch
Donovan T. Graham
Dontae L. Martin
Donte Lamont Jordan
Dontez O’Neal
Dontre D. Hamilton
Douglas Buckley
Douglas Harris
Douglas Zerby
Duane Brown
Duane Kevin Chapman
Duane Strong Jr
Dwight Person
Dylan Samuel Peters
Earl Lee Johnson
Earl Murrary
Ebin Lamont Proctor
Edmund Perry
Edward Buckner
Edward Donnell Bright Sr.
Edwin Battaglia
Efrain Carrion
Efrain Lopez
Egbert Dewgard
Elbert Thornton
Elenore Bumpurs
Elliott Williams
Ellis Woodland Jr.
Elord Revolte
Elsie Farmer
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmitt Louis Till
Eric Courtney Harris
Eric Garner
Eric Harris
Eric Suffal
Eric Zaman
Erica Stevenson
Erick Emmanuel Salas Sanchez
Erick Rose
Ericka Collins
Erik “Ricky” Bradley
Erik Scott
Ernest Duenez Jr.
Ernest Foster Jr.
Ernest Prather
Ernest Satterwhite
Ernesto Duenez Jr.
Errol Chang
Ervin  Leon Edwards
Ervin Edwards
Ervin Jefferson
Ervin Leon Edwards
Ervin Terrell Motley
Esequiel Hernandez
Estyl Lee Hall
Eugene Ellison
Eugene Mallory
Eulia Mae Love
Eurie Stamps
Everette Howard
Ezell Ford
Faith Pines 
Faras Morad 
Fednel Rhinvil
Felicia Houston
Felix Coss
Felix Kumi
Felix Martinez Torres
Fernando Cruz
Fletcher Ray Stewart
Flint Farmer
Floyd “Tye” Quinones
Francis Harnett
Francisco Galvez
Francisco Manuel Cesena
Frank Alvarado
Frank Jerome Smart
Frank Lee Smith
Frank Mendoza
Frank Valdez
Franklin Hoogendorn 
Fred Hampton
Fred Henderson Jr
Freddie Gray
Freddy Latrice Wilson “The Saint”
Frederick Devon McAllister
Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad
Fritz Severe
Gail Galliano
Garrett Gagne
Garrett Sandeno
Gary E. Lee
Gary Kendrick
Gary Roell
Gary Williams
Geoffrey Johnson
George Booker Wells
George Golden
George Harvey
George Junius Stinney Jr.
George Lash
George Morris
George Salgado
Georgia Jessup 
Georgy Louisgene
Gerald Coleman
Gerald E. Hall
Gidone Busch
Gil Collar
Gilbert Flores
Gilbert Joseph
Glen Raeford Mabrey Jr.
Glenn D. Norman
Glenn Michael “Mike” Priddy
Gonzalo Guizan
Grady Huff
Gregg T. Ireland
Gregory Chavis
Gregory Hooper
Gregory Price
Gregory Rachel
Gregory Thomas Joseph Smith
Gregory Thomas Smith
Gregory Townes
Gregory V. Kralovetz
Guillermo Canas
Gunner Page
Gustavus Rugley
Guy Guthrie
Guy Jarreau Jr.
Gynnya McMillen
Hakeem Kuta
Haley Marie Boren
Hans Arellano
Harold McCord Jr.
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed
Hector Morejon
Helen Adams
Henry C. Taylor
Henry Fung
Henry Glover
Hernandez L. Dowdy
Herrod Boyd
Herschell Howell
Hilton Vega
Horace Whiting
Howard “Robert” Robbins
Howard Cooke
Howard Hammon
Howard Wallace Bowe Jr.
Hue Dang
Hugh Locklear Jr.
Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell
Hutalio Serrano
Icarus Randolph
Idriss Stelley
Iretha Lilly
Isaac “Pops” Singletary
Isabella Chinchilla
Ismael Mena
Israel Hernandez
Ivan Romero
J Scream Character Hollywood Walk of Fame
Jacinto Zavala 
Jack Jacquez
Jack Lamar Roberson
Jacqueline Robinson Culp
Jacqueline Salyers
Jairious McGhee
Jamalis Hall
Jamar Clark
James Boyd
James Brissette
James Brown
James Clifton Barnes
James Doe
James Earl Rivera Jr.
James Edward Taylor
James Harper
James Howard Allen
James Moore
James Patrick Ahern
James Powell
James Robert Hudson
James Thomas Bush
James Whitehead
Jamiel Johnson 
Jamil Moore
Jamil Wheatfall
Jamycheal Mitchell
Jaquess Harris
Jaquill Fields
Jared Forsyth
Jarmaine “DJ” Darden
Jashon Bryant
Jason Alan Kemp
Jason Champion
Jason Cravens
Jason Hale
Jason Harrison
Jason Lee Alderman
Jason M. Nalls
Jason Moore
Jason Nathaniel Cunningham
Jason Richard Bitz
Jason Sherard Harrison
Jayson Leon Carmickle
Jean Singleton
Jeanetta Riley
Jeffory Tevis
Jeffrey B. Lilly Jr.
Jeffrey C. Sunow
Jeffrey L. Jackson
Jennifer Chauvin
Jennifer Lobato
Jerame Reid
Jeremiah Moore
Jeremie McCraven
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy David Mardis
Jeremy Hutton
Jeremy John Linhart
Jeremy Lake
Jeremy Lett
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy McDole
Jermaine Benjamin
Jermaine Darden
Jermaine McBean
Jerome Murdough 
Jerry Perea
Jerry Waller
Jesse Sperry
Jessica Hernandez
Jesus “Chuy” Huerta
Jesus Negron
Jesus Octavio Aguilar
Jeterius Moore 
Jimmell Cannon
Jimmy Payne Jr.
Joanne Albanese
Joe Charboneau
Joe Faltesek
Joel Acevedo
Joetavius Stafford
John B. Greer
John Ballard Gorman
John Capano
John Collado
John Crawford
John Del Real
John Everitt
John Geer
John Hubbard 
John Hubbard 
John Kaafi
John Lagattuta
John Lindsey Myers
John Paul Kaafi
John Paul Quintero
John Robert Husband lll
John T. Williams
John Walker
John Winkler
John Wrana
Johnathan Ayers
Johnathan Cuevas
Johnathon Guillory 
Johnnie Kamahi Warren
Johnny Gammage
Johnny Goodwin
Johnny Leija
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Ray Anderson
Jonathan Bratcher
Jonathan Farrell
Jonathan McIntosh
Jonathan Pierce
Jonathan Ryan Paul
Jonathan Sanders
Jonathan White
Jonathen Santellana
JonRynn Avery
Jordan Baker
Jordan Davis
Jordan West-Morson
Jorge Azucena
Jose A. Mateo Jr.
Jose Adan Cruz Ocampo
Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Jose Angel Maldonado
José Antonio Elena Rodríguez 
Jose Calzada
José Colon
José de Jesús Deniz-Sahagún
Jose de la Trinidad 
Jose Feliciano
Jose Guerena
Jose Manuel Guerena Ortiz
Jose Muniz
Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot
Jose Santos, Jr.
Joseph Anthony Pacini
Joseph Caffarello
Joseph Erin Hamley
Joseph Jennings
Joseph Murphy 
Joseph Novoa Lopez
Joseph Slater
Joseph Tassinari “Smokn Joe T”
Joseph Weber
Joshua Boren Jr
Joshua Brandon Sznaider
Joshua Paul
Joy Ann Sherman
Juan Correa Arroyo
Juan Herrera
Juan Mendez-Lozaro
Judy McDaniel Woodle 
Julian Alexander
Julio Tarquino
Justin Crowley-Smilek
Justin Howard
Justin Sipp
Justin Smith
Justin Thompson
Justin Way
Justus “Lil Meachi” Howell
Kajieme Powell
Kaldrick Donald
Kalib Cole Williams
Kalief Browder
Kalvin Porter
Karen Day Jackson
Karl Eugene Walton
Katherine Powell
Kathryn Johnston
Kathryn Michelle Walters
Kayla “Xavier” Moore
Keara Crowder
Keaton Farris
Keith Briscoe
Keith Childress
Keith Jason Martin
Keith Vidal
Kelley Boren
Kelly Thomas
Kendra Deenan Diggs
Kendra James
Kendrec McDade 
Kendrick Johnson
Kenneth Banks
Kenneth Chamberlin Sr.
Kenneth Killingsworth
Kenneth Michael Trentadue 
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Wade Harding
Kenny Lazo
Kenyado Newsuan
Kerry Washington
Kevin Brown
Kevin Campbell
Kevin D. Garrett
Kevin Davis
Kevin Matthew Kimmons McCann
Kevin Matthews
Kevin Piskura
Kevin T. Culp
Kevin Vance Norton
Khari Neville Illidge
Khary Grimes
Kiethedric Hines
Kijuan Byrd
Kimani Gray
Kimber Key
Kimberlee Randale-King
Kindra Darnell Chapman
King Hoover
Kirklin Woodridge
Kiwane Carrington
Kollin Elderts
Kristiana Coignard
Kristina Middleton
Kwang Tae Lee
Kyam Livingston
Kylie Lindsey
Lamont Harmon
Lana Morris
Laporsha R. Watson
Laquan McDonald
Laquan McDonald
La’Reko Williams
Larry Bernard Pitts II
Larry Cobb
Larry Donnell Gardner
Larry Eugene Jackson Jr
Larry Kobuk
Larry Neal
Larry Trent
Lashano Gilbert
Lashano Gilbert
Latandra Ellington
Latanya Haggerty
LaTricka Sloan
Laura Liliana Padilla
Lavall Hall
Lavan Valentin
Lawrence Edward Graham III
Leigh Hainline Bonadise
Leonardo “Leo” Marquette Little
Leslie Sapp III
Lindsay Cyndle Eldessoky
Linwood Raymond Lambert Jr.
Lonnie Gene Roberts
Loreal Tsingine 
Loren Benjamin Simpson
Lorenzo Davis
Lorenzo Hayes
Lorenzo Hayes
Lorenzo Matthews
Lori Renee Knowles
Loyd Dutton
Lucas Grey Ghost Bear
Lucas Markus
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucilla “Chila” Amaya 
Luis Colon
Luis F. Rodriquez
Luis Phillip Rodriquez
Luis Ramirez
Luther Brown Jr.
Macadam Mason
Macario Garcia
Mackala Ros
Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket
Makiah Jackson
Makiah Jackson
Malcolm Ferguson
Malice Green
Malik Williams
Maliki Yawmi-Deen Raymond 
Malissa Wiliiams
Manny Mayi Jr.
Manuel Chamelta
Manuel de Jesus Espina
Manuel Diaz
Manuel Loggins Jr.
Marcellus Perry
Marcelo Lucero
Marcus Brown
Marcus Dewayne Slade
Marcus Ryan Golden
Margaret LaVerne Mitchell
Maria Fernandea Godinez
Maria Pena-Herrera
Marie Fares
Marie King
Marinan Reese
Mario Marin
Mario Romero
Mario Woods 
Mario“Papaya” Romero 
Mark A. Koves
Mark Anthony Barmore
Mark Clark
Mark D. McCullaugh Jr
Markus Clark
Marland Anderson
Marlon Brown
Marlon Horton
Marquez Smart
Marshall Mably
Martin Angel Hernandez
Martin Lee Anderson
Martina Brown
Marty Atencio
Marvin Booker
Marvin Williams
Mary Briscolina
Mary Hickey
Mathew Kelley
Matthais Mayhorn
Matthew Adeolu Ajibade
Matthew Ajibade
Matthew Bolick
Matthew Lundy
Matthew McCloskey 
Matthew Pollow
Matthew Walker
Maurice Antonio Harden
Maurice Hampton
Max Gracia
Maximilian Walters 
Maykel Antonio Barrera
McKenzie Cochran
Meagan Hockaday
Melvin Barlow
Melvin Lawhorn
Mercedes Demarco
Merle “China” Africa
Micah Anthony Key
Michael “O Head” Randolph
Michael Acosta
Michael Angel Ruiz
Michael Anthony Haynes II
Michael Anthony Kerr
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Michael Calvert
Michael Carbone
Michael D. McDougle
Michael Daryle Rose
Michael DeWayne Gilyard
Michael Donald
Michael Donald Reed
Michael E. Bell 
Michael Earl Lemon
Michael Ellerbe
Michael Gallagher
Michael Kocher Jr.
Michael Lee Marshall
Michael Lembhard
Michael Marshall
Michael Newby
Michael Nida ll
Michael O’Connell
Michael Patrick Jacobs ll
Michael R. Ealy
Michael Ray Mitchell
Michael Robinson
Michael Rose
Michael Saffioti
Michael Sago Jr.
Michael Smith
Michael Steven Ireland
Michael Stewart
Michael Tyree
Michael Wade Evans
Michael White
Michaelangelo Jackson
Michelangelo Jackson
Michelle Cusseaux
Michelle D. Sloyan
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Serrano
Mike Chen
Milton Hall
Misty Holt-Singh 
Mitchell Brad Martinez
Mohamed Bah
Moises de la Torre
Monique Jenee Deckard
Monroe Isadore
Montalito McKissick
Monty Crawford Jr.
Mr. (no 1st name available) Boyd
Mr. (no 1st name available) Stuart
Mr. Niles (no 1st name available)
Mychael J. Lynch
Myles Roughsurface
Naeschylus Vinzant
Nancy Leichner
Natalie Gingerelli
Natasha McKenna
Nehemiah Dillard
Nehemiah Fischer
Neil Vandeputt
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Hans Killinger 
Nicholas Koscielniak
Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. 
Nicholas Thomas
Nick Christie
Niles Meservey 
Nimali Henry
Noel Aguilar
Noel Mendoza
Norman Cooper
Norman Oosterbroek
Nuwnah Laroche
Nuwnah Laroche
Nyal “Bud” Brown
NYPD Officer Christopher A. Ridley
NYPD Officer Eric Hernandez
Oliver Jarrod Gregoire
Omar Abrego
Omar Rodriquez
Omega Leach
Orlando Barlow
Oscar Grant
O’Shaine K. Evans
Otto Kolberg
Ousmane Zongo
Pablo Meza
Pamela Ann Nater
Pamela McCarthy
Patricia Cook
Patricia Thompson
Patrick D. Ennis
Patrick Dorismond
Patrick O’Grady 
Paul Anthony Anderson
Paul Castaway
Pedro Erik Villanueva 
Pedro Rios Jr. 
Peggy Rahn
Peter Alexander McWilliams 
Peter Lee Williams
Philip Coleman
Philip Coleman 
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn
Phillip A. McCue
Phillip Pannell
Phillip Raymond Garcia
Phillip Watkins
Phillip White
Pierre Abernathy
Pierre Ambrose
Police Officer Omar J. Edwards
Prince C. Jones
Quentin Maurice Reed
Quintonio Legrier
Rachel Hoffman
Rafael Laureano 
Raheim Brown
Rakeem Nance
Ralph W. Willis
Ramarley Graham
Ramiro James Villegas – De La Rosa
Ramon Martinez
Randall Jordan-Aparo
Randall Torrence
Randolph Bonvillian Jr.
Randolph Rodas
Randy Green
Randy Smith
Rashod McNulty
Raul Guevara Jr.
Ray Peters
Raymond Herisse
Raymond Herisse 
Raymond Luther Allen Jr.
Raymond Robair
Regina Cooper
Reginald Doucet Jr.
Reginald Knight
Reginald Williams Jr.
Rekia Boyd
Rene Benito-Amaro
Renisha McBride
Rev. Accleyne Williams
Reynaldo Cuevas
Ricardo Colon
Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino
Richard “Pedie” Perez 
Richard Carlin
Richard Gregory Davis
Richard Iannuzzi
Richard Kim
Richard Kokenos
Richard Mair
Richard Poccia
Richard T. Holcomb
Richard T. Holcomb
Richard Watson
Richard Fredrick Tis Mil Estrada
Richardo Pena-Herrera
Ricky Hinkle
Rifka Goldenburg
Rigoberto Arceo
Robert Alan Frost
Robert Cameron Redus
Robert Chambers
Robert Earl Lawrence
Robert Ethan Saylor 
Robert Henning
Robert J. Storay
Robert Kenkel
Robert L. Hall
Robert Lee Jones
Robert Peterkin
Robert Ricks
Robert Russ
Robert Striker
Robert Wayne Maurina
Robert Whitlow
Roberto Ornelas 
Roberto Pérez Pérez
Robin Taneisha Williams
Rodney Abernathy
Rodney Brown
Rodney Mitchell
Rodolfo “Rudy” Cardenas
Rodolfo Velazquez
Roger Allen Chandler
Roger Anthony
Roger Redden
Roman Duckworth Jr.
Roman Lee Drake
Ron Reginald Settles
Ron Sneed
Ronald Armstrong
Ronald Beasley
Ronald Boone
Ronald Cristiano Jr.
Ronald Cristiano 
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Madison 
Ronald Petruney
Ronald Shoup
Ronald Singleton
Ronnie L. White
Ross Anthony
Roza Sakhina
Ruben Villalpando
Rudolf Rowe
Rudy Baca
Rufino Lara
Rumain Brisbon
Russell Edward Sharrer
Ryan Keith Bolinger
Ryo Oyamada
Salladin Barton
Salome Rodriguez Jr. 
Salvador Zepeda Alarcon
Samantha Ramsey
Sampson Castellane
Samuel Dubose
Samuel Gonzales
Samuel Harrell
Sandra Bland
Sandra Guadalupe Maldonado Simpson
Santiago Villanueva
Santos ‘Cuate’ Cortez Hernandez
Santos Rodriquez
Sarah Lee Circle Bear
Scott M. Stevens
Scott Wininger
Sean Bell
Selven Alberto
Sergio Navas
Seth Victor
Shakir Hanson Harris
Shane Watkins
Shantel Davis
Shapell Terrell
Sharmel Edwards 
Shawn Gooden
Shawn Joseph Jetmore Stoddard-Nunez
Shawn Watashe
Sheldon Haleck
Shelley Amos
Shelly Frey
Shelly St. Romain Mayeux 
Shem Walker
Sheneque Proctor 
Shereese Francis
Sherly Colon
Sherman Byrd
Sheron Carter Jackson
Shulena Weldon
Sinthanouxay Khottavongsa
Sonia Garcia
Sophia Salva
Spencer Lee McCain
Stacey Gay
Stanley Gibson
Stanley L. Downen
Stefan Anton
Stefanos Kiladitis
Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Dons 
Stephen Gene Davenport
Stephen Palmer
Stephen Seignious
Stephon Watts 
Steven Askew
Steven B. Mackenzie
Steven Davenport
Steven Eugene Washington
Steven Hayes
Steven Kellog Neuroth
Steven Michalacos
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Vitale
Stewart Peppers
Sue Kiernan 
Suhani Bhakta
Susan Place
Suzanne LaVecchia
Suzie Marie Peña 
Talia Barnes
Tama T. Ava
Tamir Rice
Tamon Robinson
Tamra Seidle
Tanisha Anderson
Tarika Wilson
Taylor Miller
Tendai Nhekairo
Terra Bates
Terrance Kellom
Terrance Moxley
Terrell Beasley
Terry Garnett Jr.
Terry Lee Chatman
Terry Price
Tevin Barkley
Thaddeus McCarroll
Thelma Amparo Davila
Thomas “Tommy: McClain
Thomas Alfred Smith Jr.
Thomas Allen Jr.
Thomas Anthony Black —-
Thomas Jeffery Sadler
Thomas Lumpkin
Thomas Luyster 
Thomas Martinez
Thomas R. Ramey
Tiffany Danielle Bishop
Tim Elliott
Tim Rook
Timothy Dennis
Timothy E. Helms
Timothy Freeborn Collins Jr.
Timothy Haskell
Timothy J. Harden
Timothy Leininger
Timothy Russell
Timothy Stansbury Jr
Timothy Thomas
Timur Person
Tina Williams
Tinoris Williams
Tolsie Nohar
Tommy “TJ” Garza Jr. 
Tommy Junior Yancy
Tony Bernard Green
Tony Chance Ross
Tony Robinson
Tory Davis
Travares Mcgill
Travis Maupin
Travis O’Neill Allen
Trayvon Martin
Trevion Davis
Trindell Devon Thomas
Troy Boyd
Troy Goode
Troy Lanning II
Tyisha Miller 
Tyler Comstock
Tyler Damon Woods
Tyler Tabor
Tyler Teasley
Tyree Sinclair Edwards
Tyree Woodson
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone West
Tysheen Bourne
Unidentified Female
Unidentified Female
Unidentified Female
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unidentified Male  
Unknown Male
Valeria “Monique” Tachiquin-Alvarado
Valerie Ann Gulla Morrow”Goya”
Vang Thao
Vernicia Woodard
Veronica “Roni” Bowers
Victor Duffy Jr. 
Victor Rogers
Victor Steen
Victor White
Vincent Alvarez
Vincent Wood
Vionique Valnold
Virginia Verdee
Vivian Marie Elmo
Vonderrick Myers Jr.
Wakiesha Wilson
Walter Brown III
Walter C. “Wally” Burks
Walter Scott
Walter William DeLeon
Walwyn “Smiley” Jackson
Wayne Brunette
Wayne Scott Creech
Wayne Williams
Wendell Allen
Wendy Stevenson
Wilber Castillo-Gongora
Wilfredo Justiniano
William “Big Bill” Elbert Anderson
William Alberto Wilkins
William Bruce Hemphil
William Chapman II
William Dale Jeffries
William Dale McIntire
William Dick III
William Dupree
William H. Torbit Jr
William Hardy
William Howlett
William J. Dick III
William Raff
William Slade Sullivan
William Slusar
William Taylor
William Terrel Allen
William Wolford
Willie Banks
Willie Miller
Willie Sams
Windy Point Jane Doe
Woodrow Player III
Xavier Arturo Sanchez
Yanira Serrano- Garcia
Yi Tzu Chen
Ymauo Erwin
Yolanda Patterson
Yong Xin Huang
Yoshihiko Tanabe
Youwus Vilpre
Yvette Henderson
Yvette Smith
Yvonne McNeal
Zachary Champommier
Zachary Cooke
Zachary Hammond
Zackary Dean Moffitt
Zheng Diao
Zikarious Jaquan Flint


2 thoughts on “Alphabetical Victims of Police Murders Archive

  1. Now show everyone the banner that has all the pictures on it of all the black people who were murdered by black people. if you are going to tell a story, at least tell the whole story.

    • Martin Ryan, what you’re failing to comprehend is there’s a difference between police brutality/murder and Black on Black crime. If a Black man kills another Black man it’s NOT because he’s Black. You’re racism may amuse you and your friends, but just know you’re in the minority, most people are more sophisticated and informed. Its 2017 please get with the program.

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