(Part 3) Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders

Part 3

Currently, there is no national database documenting the murders of un-armed people by police, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes. Although not all victims found here were weaponless, the fatal murdering of the unarmed: whether they are of ethnic origin, are disabled, mentally ill, homeless or their sexual orientation, by Police Departments across the country is unjustified, and the vast majority of officers involved are not being held accountable.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing killings by Police and people claiming Stand Your Ground (Castle Doctrine) this list will continue to grow. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone (unarmed) murdered at the hands of Law Enforcement (or others) please let me know and I’ll add their name to this memorandum.

I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, a weapon thrown aside, mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

My definition of Unarmed
Please keep in mind I am only able to research and write bio’s on 5-7 victims per day. Each bio is verified through multiple sources, photos are retrieved, copied, cropped. Each bio is written and condensed close as possible to a single paragraph, many have links to READ MORE. Each name, age, state and ethnicity are entered into 3 data bases and then, after all pertinent information has been gathered I individually post to the website. Therefore each bio takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

It is at my discretion as to what I consider as being unarmed. If the person has a weapon but is unable to use it because it’s under a seat, knocked to the side, fallen to the ground, in someone else’s possession etc. I consider that person unarmed. If someone is shot in the back, I consider that person unarmed. If there appears to be questionable circumstances surrounding the death, I consider that person unarmed. If the person is mentally ill and can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed. If ANYONE can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed.

There is no reason, in my opinion to shoot someone when police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them.

However, if someone is shooting, holding a weapon or hurting someone (including an officer) and there is absolutely no other way to control them, I consider that person armed. Mind you, I credit witness statements far above police reports.

I DO NOT believe Law Enforcement reports. Lies the police tell that are so familiar anyone can recite them: “Reached for waist band”; “Pointed hand at police in a threatening manner.” “Backed the car toward officers” “Lunged at me” “Had a black object in hand” “Tried to grab gun” “Officers of the Un-Peace” or “Un-Peace Officers” Campaigns were formed against the “Blue Code” supposedly making it more visible to the public eye have taken place but all they seem to be doing is allowing the police to police the police and the police. Police are liars, period. So please don’t think I would even consider relying on their statements. The code of Blue Silence is too real to be ignored, and has been proven over and over again to be the real badge of the law.

As for Grand Juries they’ve been bought and paid for in more cases than can be counted. There is something fundamentally unfair about a grand jury system which doesn’t reflect the racial, political and ethnic diversity of the community it serves and the people it indicts.

MCMcKenzie Cochran 25, Jan. 25, 2014 Detroit, MI – The day after he had been asked to leave the building over suspicious behavior, Cochran returned and reportedly told a worker at a mall jewelry store that he wanted to kill someone. The worker called security, and when Cochran wouldn’t leave, guards pepper-sprayed and restrained him. He struggled on the ground as three officers held him for several minutes, one with a knee in his back. Cell phone video shows Cochran crying out and saying, “I can’t breathe,” One of the guards can be heard saying, “If you can talk, you can breathe.” Southfield police say Cochran was unconscious, cuffed and in a “seated position” by the time their officers arrived. Paramedics brought him to Providence Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He also asked for bystanders to call 911 and said he was dying. “Stop resisting,” a guard repeated several times during the incident, captured in a longer cell phone video from a bystander: The Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Cochran’s death an accident, naming the cause of death as position compression asphyxia. No charges filed against vigilante Mall Cops. Murdered by Mall Security Guards.

ABAnthony Baez 29, Dec. 22, 1994 Bronx, NY – Early in the morning on Cameron Place in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx,New York. The fatal encounter began when Anthony Baez and his brothers hit a police car with their football accidentally around 1:30 am. Officer Francis Livoti ordered them to go home. The Baez brothers continued their game, playing in the opposite direction. Officer Francis Livoti arrested David Baez first for disorderly conduct. He then attempted to arrest Anthony Baez, who had protested his brother’s arrest by crossing his arms in front of his chest. A scuffle ensued, while other officers arrived on scene. Baez was subdued, lost consciousness, and was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead of asphyxiation. Officer Livoti denied that he had used a choke hold, asserting that any choking was unintentional and that he had not caused Baez’s injuries or death. In June 1998, Livoti was convicted in Federal court of violating Anthony Baez’s civil rights, and was sentenced to seven and a half years in federal prison. Livoti was released in April 2005, after serving six and a half years. Murdered by NYPD

rickyErik “Ricky” Bradley (age unknown possibly mid to late 30’s) March 25, 2013 Lawndale, IL – Ricky allegedly found police surveillance equipment in an abandoned building while he was scrapping. That equipment was being used to watch the local drug trade. Ricky took it and walked around all day with it in a black bag. That same night, hours before Ricky was murdered, neighbors told me he was roller skating, his friends skated with Ricky often. He was a sportsman, a former teacher who caught a bad wave on drugs and ended up homeless. According to police, they responded to a call of a ‘theft in progress’ at 1500 block of South Kostner. There they found Bradley with a bag of stolen items. During a ‘protective pat down,’ Bradley allegedly reached for a gun, at which point the officers shot and killed him. Larry Kimbrough, a neighbor Bradley’s contends police officers killed him in retaliation for stealing a police detective’s laptop days earlier, then planted a gun on him. Larry maintains Ricky wasn’t the kind of man to carry around a gun. “If he had a gun, five minutes later he would sell it for some money to go do what he liked to do.” … So how did Ricky Bradley end up behind a building at 15th and Kostner with two bullets in his head and six in his body? The story of Ricky’s ending brings up more questions than answers. The police say Ricky had a gun while in their custody and he reached for it when being searched. Everyone in the area knew that if Ricky had a gun he would exchange it for drugs. He wasn’t in the business of sticking people up. He washed cars and collected metal. He was higher than high. Some would even say happy. Family and friends say there are two crime scenes in this case: One, that the official police story of Ricky being killed behind an abandoned building is false; and two, that allegedly police shot him in his home, an abandoned house which was across the alley where his body was found. Outraged, about 200 people in the neighborhood broke into the house where Ricky stayed, where they found blood remains. There is fresh blood is on the stairs outside and in a room upstairs. Police refuse to answer to this discovery. Murdered by Chicago PD

No Photo Available-001Eulia Mae Love (mentally ill from grief) 39, Jan. 3, 1979 Los Angeles, CA – Shortly after her husband died, and raising 3 young daughter the gas company showed up at her door for an overdue bill of $69. The service man would need to collet $22.09 or he would disconnect her service. As he was turning off the gas meter Ms. Love raised her shovel as she screamed obscenities and brought it down on his shoulder. She then went to the corner market, brought a money order for the $22.09. The police were called, exiting their cars with guns drawn. Ms. Love had a 11-inch boning knife she had been using to whack at two rubber trees in her front yard. When the cops approached her from approximately 15 ft. away, Ms. Love, reacted emotionally refusing to put the knife down screaming she wouldn’t let her children go hungry. The Officers began to approach her, Officer O’Callahan whacked her knife hand and it fell to the ground, she managed to retrieve it and threw at at the officer, missing him. Two minutes and 27 seconds after their arrival, she lay dead with eight bullet wounds. Police Chief Daryl Gates exonerated the officers as they were within departmental policy but they’d used “faulty judgment and poor tactics” in approaching Love with their guns drawn. Murdered by LAPD

MitchellMargaret LaVerne Mitchell 54, (mentally ill and homeless) May 21, 1999 Los Angeles, CA – Ms. Mitchell was wheeling a shopping cart when she was stopped in the by bicycle officer Larrigan and his partner, Kathy Clark who believed the grocery cart she was pushing might have been stolen. Ms. Mitchell walked away from the police her shopping cart held all her possessions, including her trademark red blanket. As she walked down the street, someone driving by recognized her, pulled over and tried to talk the cops out of hassling her. But the cops continued their pursuit. Another witness saw her running and pulling the cart behind her as the cops ran after and catching her. During a verbal confrontation, Mitchell allegedly lunged at the officers with a screwdriver. Larrigan fired once. The single bullet struck her in the chest. She died shortly thereafter. In a decision issued by the district attorney’s office said it would not file criminal charges against Larrigan. There was just too much confusion surrounding the incident to determine whether or not he had actually committed a crime. Murdered by LAPD

jordanRandall Jordan-Aparo 27, (DOC Inmate) September 2010 Franklin Correctional Prison FL – Incarcerated for check forgery Jordan-Aparo was serving an 18 month sentence. Experiencing cold-like symptoms caused by a pre-existing blood disorder documented in his prison medical file, Jordan-Aparo pleaded to be taken to the hospital for his blood disorder which had flared up. Instead of giving him proper medical treatment, guards locked him in solitary confinement and repeatedly sprayed him with poisonous mustard-colored gas. He lay in the cell for five days begging for help. He was found dead in solitary confinement with a Bible next to his head, covered in yellow residue from the gas. An investigation has uncovered officials covered up the death and claimed it was due to natural causes. Murdered by Franklin DOC Guards

RaineyDarren Rainey 50, (mentally-ill inmate) June 2012 Dade Correctional FL – Rainey defecated in his cell and refused to clean it up. The correction officers locked Rainey in a closet-like shower “He was crying, please stop, please stop, the guard said “Enjoy your shower, and left.” Rainey was scalded to death. Chunks of his skin were slipping off his body. When staff witnesses reported their finding to their boss, Inspector General Jeffery Beasley, Beasley alleged said that he would “have their asses” if they didn’t back off. Rainey was serving a two-year sentence for drug possession and housed in a psychiatric unit. After his death, guards forced another prisoner, Mark Joiner, fellow inmate who heard the man’s screams of pain and agony was forced to clean up the shower where Darren died, including chunks of skin.
The inspector general’s report said that the video camera in the shower area showed DOC officer Roland Clarke place Rainey in the shower at 7:38 p.m. Hempstead said the shower had sufficient room for an inmate to avoid a direct hit from the spray, but that the extreme heat would eventually make the air unbreathable as the scalding water lapped at inmates’ feet.Hempstead wrote that he and other inmates, whose cells are directly below the shower, began hearing Rainey’s screams about 8:55 p.m. It went on for about 30 minutes before it sounded like he fell to the shower floor. The DOC inspector general’s report said Clarke found Rainey dead at 9:30 p.m. and called for medical assistance. “I then seen [sic] his burnt dead body naked body go about two feet from my cell door on a stretcher,’’ Hempstead wrote. Miami-Dade homicide investigators were called to the prison. But another inmate, a convicted murderer named Mark Joiner, wrote in a letter to the inspector general that he was ordered to “clean up the crime scene’’ prior to the area being secured. Early in the week after the incident, maintenance workers at the prison disabled the plumbing that fed the shower, Hempstead told the Herald in an interview at the prison. Murdered by Dade Correctional Guards

jeromeJerome Murdough 56 (schizophrenic) Feb. 15, 2014 Rikers Island NY – Former Marine was arrested for sleeping in a stairwell to avoid inclement weather he was sent to Rikers Island of misdemeanor trespassing after being unable to pay $2,500 bail. After the Temperatures in his cell exceeded more than 100 degrees as not checked on for at least four hours, was found slumped at the foot of his bed with a pool of vomit and blood on the floor in the early hours of Feb. 15 with an internal body temperature of 103 degrees. City Official Murdough said “he literally baked to death.” The officers watching him were supposed to be periodically checking on him, but didn’t. Murdered by Rikers Island Guards

LopezChristopher Lopez 35, (schizophrenic) March 17, 2013 Pueblo CO – San Carlos correctional officers found Lopez in an intake cell at about 3:30 a.m. An hour later, six correctional officers dressed in riot gear entered his cell and dragged him out. They stripped him, chained and cuffed him to a wheeled transport chair, and pulled a spit mask over his head. They left him in the chair, slumped forward, held to the chair by a chain around his belly, the suit says. Sometime after 6 a.m., Lopez began shaking uncontrollably while having a grand mal seizure, the lawsuit says. At about 9:10 a.m., after a second seizure, Lopez’s body, which had been heaving with each breath, stopped moving as he died. Officers called mental health clinician Cheryl Neumeister, who arrived at 9:15 a.m. “I can see you breathing,” Neumeister called to the dead man, the lawsuit says. She left the area after chatting and joking. It took staff another 15 minutes to determine Lopez was dead. He was shaking and lying on his stomach. His arms were under his chest, and his face was on the floor. Lopez died on a cell floor after two severe seizures and other obvious and dire symptoms didn’t prompt staff to help him. *Lopez died from severe hyponatremia, a condition that develops when a person’s sodium levels fall fatally low. It’s been suggested that Lopez had been given too much psychotropic medication, which caused his body to begin shutting down. Several guards, nurses, and a mental health clinician stood outside Lopez’s cell, where he was lying manacled on the floor, talking
casually and laughing while he suffered a series of seizures. The facility was obligated to report it (within one day) yet failed for 17 months. Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections, excuse was “Lopez’s death was not reported to the health department because Lopez did not die in the clinic. When deaths occur in prison clinics, they are reported” Murdered by San Carlos DOC Officers

SmithFrank Lee Smith 44, (DOC Inmate) Sept. 4, 2012 Miami, FL – He died mysteriously after a violent altercation with officers as he was being moved from a prison hospital to his cell at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford. No additional information is available.

No Photo Available-001Efrain Lopez 18, Nov. 9, 1992 Pacoima, CA – Santos Gallardo says she had never seen that wild glint in her son’s eyes before and it scared her. He looked and acted crazy–drinking holy water, draping rosary beads around his neck, and claiming to be both Christ and Satan. When he grabbed for his baby half-sister and smashed the window of her Pacoima garage apartment with a broomstick, she dialed 911. Gallardo, 40, said she just wanted police to bring Efrain Lopez under control. “I never thought they’d kill him”. But Los Angeles police officer, 30-year old Neil Goldberg, shot Lopez nine times during a confrontation on, which took 72 seconds, start to finish. The bullets pierced or grazed virtually every vital organ: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Later, police said Lopez was under the influence of phencyclidine (aka PCP and “angel dust”) and was swinging a one-pound broomstick like a baseball bat at officers. The officer was neither prosecuted nor disciplined. But the city paid Lopez’s survivors $200,000. Murdered by LAPD

LuisLuis F. Rodriquez (age unknown) Feb, 15, 2014 Moore, OK – Mrs. Nair Rodriguez got into an altercation with her 19-year-old daughter outside the Moore Warren Theatre and slapped her. A bystander who witnessed the incident reported the event to police. The mother-daughter disagreement upset Mrs. Rodriguez so much she had bolted for the family car. Her husband, Luis followed to calm her down when he was intercepted by five police officers. However instead of confronting Nair, the five cops took down her innocent husband Luis Rodriguez, beating, pepper spraying and pinning him on the road. “When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, he was disfigured, you couldn’t recognize him”. In a state of shock, Nair Rodriguez took out her phone and recorded the final moments of the police brutality where she can be heard screaming and demanding officers to stop as her husband appears lifeless. See video here “Luis! Luis!” Please somebody tell me that he is alive,” she implored. “He is not moving,” she screams. The police responded to Ms. Rodriguez by telling her they had called a medical unit. Rodriguez can be heard demanding to know why they pinned down her husband to which officers replied, “He refused to give his ID.” Luis was then taken to hospital, however, Luis was soon pronounced dead. “Luis committed no crime. He was not armed. He had no gun, no knife, no weapon of any kind. But Luis is the one who lost his life that night,” Police say their actions were protocol, though three have been suspended with pay while the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate. Murdered by Moore PD

woodTyree Woodson 38, August 6, 2014 Baltimore, MD – Woodson was on his was to see his parole officer. Allegedly wanted on attempted murder charges after being brought in on warrants for attempted murder and weapons violations. He was placed in a holding cell for several hours before being escorted to use the restroom. “The individual went into one of the stalls at which time a round was fired from within the stall, “Things don’t seem quite right here,” said Councilman Carl Stokes. “This person could have a gun, a high caliber gun, that could be used against other officers and then he allegedly kills himself?” The police department is claiming the weapon did not belong to them, and that they have no clue where it came from. “We don’t know how the weapon made its way into the police station, let alone into the bathroom,” Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez. “We know it was not our weapon.”… Died under mysterious circumstances at Baltimore Police Station

HuertaJesus “Chuy” Huerta 17, Nov. 19, 2013 Durham NC – Officer Samuel Duncan picked up Huerta in response to a call about a runaway and learned there was a warrant out for his arrest. Duncan was transporting Jesus to Durham Police Department shortly before 3 a.m. to pick up a warrant charging the teen with second-degree trespassing. When the officer got to the parking lot, he heard a loud noise in the car and jumped from the vehicle. The patrol car rolled into a van and came to rest with Huerta in the back seat. Police say Jesus still had his hands cuffed behind him, slumped over in the back seat of the car, had a gunshot wound to the mouth, handgun was found on the floorboard of the patrol car. According to police, Duncan missed the .45-caliber handgun when he frisked Huerta. According to autopsy and toxicology reports, Huerta died of a close-range gunshot to the mouth and had in his system a potentially lethal dose of cough medicine that could have caused the teen to hallucinate. Murdered by Durham PD

roweRudolf Rowe (25?) Aug. 16, 2012 FL – Five fired corrections officers from Union Correctional had been accused of using excessive force in the death of inmate. No additional information. Murdered by Union DOC Correctional Officers
PatriciaPatricia Cook 54, Feb. 9, 2012 Culpeper, VA – Police Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright was dispatched to find out why Sunday School Teacher Cook would not leave the Epiphany Catholic School’s parking lot. When Cook rolled up her window during questioning and began to drive away, Harmon-Wright fired two shots point blank, striking Cook in the face and the arm. As Cook drove away, Harmon-Wright fired through the back window, striking her in the head, the spine, and the heart. The last shot killed her and sent the Jeep careening into a telephone poll. In his statement Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright, claimed he was responding to reports of a suspicious woman sitting in her vehicle on the school’s property, and when he went to take Cook’s license, she rolled up his arm in her Jeep’s window and drove off, dragging the officer and forcing him to shoot. Kris Buchele, a carpenter who was working nearby “Harmon-Wright was not dragged and that he shot Cook before she drove away”; that “he didn’t have his arm caught because the officer’s left hand was on the door handle and right hand was holding a weapon”; that “he distinctly saw her roll up the window all the way before the officer shot out the glass and killed her.” The first two rounds, fired at point-blank range, tore into Cook’s face and arm. Another round, fired as Cook was driving away from the shooter, entered her brain. A fourth round severed her spine and veered into her heart, killing her. A telephone pole brought her Jeep Wrangler to a halt. Soon after Harmon-Wright was arrested, it was revealed that he had a tarnished military record, a drinking problem, and a history of harassing Culpeper residents. The first two problems nearly kept him from getting the job, and no one at the Culpeper Police Department will say why they didn’t. Harmon-Wright was convicted of manslaughter. On Friday, a jury recommended he serve three years in prison. Murdered by Culpepper PD

joseJose Adan Cruz Ocampo 33, July 27, 2013 Durham NC – Police were dispatched to a stabbing call. When they arrived, they found a man cut on the face and bleeding. As three police officers arrived, one noticed Ocampo had a kitchen knife in his back pocket, and the officer announced to the other two officers the presence of the knife. At least two of the officers then drew their weapons, and in English ordered Ocampo to throw down the knife. Ocampo then took the knife from his pocket by the blade and presented the handle of the knife to the officer. Someone nearby then yelled to Ocampo in Spanish to throw the knife down, and as he was handing the officer the handle of the knife, Officer R.S. Mbuthia shot Ocampo, striking him multiple times in the chest. He died at the scene. When asked whether Ocampo, who speaks only Spanish, might not have understood the officer’s commands, Durham police chief Jose Lopez replied , “No matter what language you speak, when a police officer is pointing a gun at you, getting out a weapon is not a response that anybody would think to give. You put your hands up, not go into your pocket and pull out a knife. It was a deliberate act – bringing out the knife. Ocampo failed to follow the officer’s orders to raise his hands up and instead advanced toward the officer with the knife”. Witnesses later said Ocampo was trying to hand the knife to an officer when he was shot four times. Murdered by Durham PD

walkerMatthew Walker 55, (DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution April 11, 2014 FL – During visitations and letters he had written from prison to his sister Mae Atkins, he told her he had ongoing issues with an officer. “He did tell me something about some big bald-headed guy that didn’t like him”. Atkins did not want to reveal the officer’s name, but said her brother’s stories were disturbing. “The officer used the ‘n-word’ and told (Walker) what he was going to do to him,” and he did exactly what he said he was going to do.” Walker was slapped by a female corrections officer while he was handcuffed in his cell, a group of 10 prison employees handcuffed and beat Walker to death inside his cell. 32 Officers have been fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

fosterDamion Foster 37, (suicidal DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution April 18 (?), 2014 FL – Damion Foster was housed in the mental health unit at the Charlotte Correctional Institution. He died when corrections officers were attempting a “cell extraction’’ following an altercation with corrections officers in the prison’s mental-health unit. He was found dead inside the prison. His death is listed as an active investigation. 32 Officers have been fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

Richard MairRichard Mair 43, (suicidal DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution Sept, 2013 FL – another mentally-ill inmate, hanged himself. Mair, serving time for murder, left a note alleging a litany of cruel acts and punishments inflicted upon the mentally-ill prisoners by the prison’s corrections staff, including forcing inmates to fight each other in the yard for the entertainment of guards, they gambled while on duty, sold cigarettes and marijuana, and forced prisoners to perform sexual acts on each other threatening them if they filed complaints. Mair’s note also cited specific alleged events and named officers. Two corrections officers were suspended and one was fired in connection with Mair’s suicide, but not because of what was in the note. DOC officials concluded the suicide could have been prevented if the officers had conducted the required inmate checks. Richard Mair, committed suicide but tucked a very telling suicide note into his boxer shorts before taking himself left which alleged prisoners with mental health issues had been subject to cruel acts and punishments. “Life sucks and then you die, but just before I go, I’m going to expose everyone for who and what they are,’’ “I’m in a mental health facility…I’m supposed to be getting help for my depression, suicidal tendencies and I was sexually assaulted.’’ DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

LavarLavar Valentin 35 (DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution Aug. 1, 2014 FL – Valentin pleaded to be transferred because he feared he would be killed by his cellmate was found strangled in his cell by that same cellmate. Prison protocol dictates that inmates be isolated when they express fear for their lives, at least until their complaints can be evaluated. According to multiple sources, that was not done in the case of Lavar a slightly built convict who remained in a cell with his alleged tormentor, Eduardo Carmenates-Zayas. Also the prison system rules also call for corrections officers to conduct security checks every half hour. That, too, was not done. Only one corrections officer was in H Dorm, responsible for 265 inmates, at the time of Valentin’s death. That officer was by necessity deployed in a control room, not circulating to check on inmates’ well-being. The officer who would have been making the rounds had been pulled to another assignment. Valentin’s cellmate, Carmenates-Zayas, had not been charged in the death, which remained under investigation. Valentin was pronounced dead at Homestead Hospital at 2:56 a.m. One source said the dorm’s security breach happened between midnight and 2:30 a.m., as guards were taking turns watching a training video on security and staff awareness. Murdered by cellmate, allowed by Charlotte Correctional Institution

Richard IannuzziRI 44, died May 25, 2014 at Florida State Prison FL – DOC Officials are viewing Iannuzzi’s deaths as another in the wide spread abuse in the Florida Prison Scandal of 32 Officers fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

valdezFrank Valdes July 17, 1999 Florida State Prison FL – nine corrections officers at Florida State Prison in Starke stormed the cell of Death Row inmate at about 3 a.m. on. The officers took turns wildly beating Valdes, stomping on him so fiercely that many of his organs and bones were crushed. 22 broken ribs and fractures of his sternum, vertebrae, nose and jaw and numerous internal injuries.According to other inmates, the guards threw Valdes corpse into a hallway, cleaned his bloody cell with bleach and put him in another cell before calling 911. For months after the beating, DOC officials called Valdes’ death a suicide, insisting he inflicted his own injuries by diving headfirst off his bunk, striking the bars of his cell. The autopsy, however, clearly showed bootprints embedded in his skin. Department of Corrections fired all nine prison guards who falsified reports and used excessive and/or unnecessary force and therefore violated the department rules. Capt. Timothy Thornton, 36, and Sgts. Charles Brown and Jason Griffis, both 28, were acquitted Feb. 15 of second-degree murder. Five others still face second-degree murder charges for his death. The Justice Department will independently review the entire case to decide whether action is warranted. Murdered by Florida DOC Guards READ MORE HERE

ShawnShawn Gooden 33, April 2, 2014 Suwannee State Prison FL – Died under mysterious circumstances at Suwannee, and his death is also under investigation by the FDLE. Inmates there have long complained of violence, abuse and corruption at the prison, located in Live Oak, just west of Lake City. The facility is one of nine mysterious inmate deaths being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Only one of those cases involves inmate-on-inmate killing. Murdered under the unwatchful eye of Suwannee State Prison Guards.

ShuaniSuhani Bhakta 12, February 12, 2012 Wichita KS – Suhani and her cousin crossed mid-block to buy some groceries for the family who lived across the street. Police Officer Atlee Vogt responding to a burglary call and was speeding going as fast as 51 mph in a 30 mph zone without flashing lights or siren struck and killed Suhani. They drug tested the child who was crossing the street in front of her home, but not the 24 year old police officer who killed her. Officer Vogt declined to make a statement concerning the events of that evening. Murdered by Wichita PD

SmartMarquez Smart 23 March 10, 20 12 Wichita, KS – More than a thousand people were being let out of a concert and
Officers were assisting as clubs were closing. Officials claim when Smart began firing rounds from a large caliber handgun into the crowd so they pursued him into in a nearby parking garage. Chief Norman Williams said Smart was confronted by officers and he ran, ignoring repeated commands to drop his handgun, Officers fired hitting him once and when an Officer caught up with him shot him a second time, fatally wounding Smart. Four other people were injured. A 29-year-old man and three females ages 17, 18 & 19, but Williams could not confirm whose bullets injured the other four victims. Smart was taken to a hospital in critical condition where he succumbed to his injuries. No physical evidence was ever found on Smart, no gun residue, no magazine cartridges, nor any of the shells casings that were fired, or on the individual bullets still contained within the magazines had Smarts fingerprints or DNA. Murdered by Wichita PC

karenKaren Day Jackson 45, July 11, 2012 Wichita KS – The woman was at her husband’s house after filing a protection from abuse order against him. Her husband left and called police Authorities were called to a disturbance. Police said a woman was sitting on a front porch with a knife, a bottle and lighter and was stabbing herself. Police said the woman then approached two officers with the knife she lunged at them so they shot her multiple times after she repeatedly ignored their commands to drop the weapon. Chief Norman Williams said the woman told the officers to shoot her when the officers asked the woman to “drop the knife.” Williams said the officers fired when the woman got about five to seven feet from them. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. The department claims Karen was stabbing herself when they shot her. However, Karen’s body does not have any stab wounds, only bullet wounds. Murdered by Wichita PD

TK LanningTroy Kevin Lanning II 24, April 12, 2012 Wichita KS – Dispatchers told the officers to look for a white vehicle. Officer Randy Williamson saw a white vehicle pass him while going the opposite direction. Williamson turned around, and saw it speed away. The driver refused to stop after the officer turned on his lights and sirens. The chase lasted seven minutes when the white vehicle drove up over a curb damaging a wheel. Four people bailed out of the vehicle, three men and a woman. The officer chased Lanning, yelling at him to stop. Lanning climbed over a privacy fence; the officer followed and confronted him in a backyard telling him to stop reaching into a bag containing nothing more than clothes and shampoo. Supposedly Lanning continued going through the bag, raised it and appeared to aim it toward the officer in a threatening manner. Multiple shots were fired at Lanning, hitting him in the back killing him. Lanning was taken to Via Christi Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigators found no weapon, either in Lanning’s bag of belongings or in the white vehicle. Williamson has been the active shooter in at least three shootings and been involved in other excessive force cases, has been placed on “medical retirement” after confessing to making false statement in a separate shooting he was involved in. UPDATE: Police Department quietly fired Officer Randy Williamson, for the falsification of documents for shooting and the killing of an unarmed man who was obviously running away. Murdered by Wichita PD

No Photo Available-001Timothy Freeborn Collins Jr. 17, April 13, 2014 Wichita KS – Collins was unarmed, and, according to witness statements, had not planned on being involved in a robbery, but was simply in the car with his sister’s older boyfriend when they decided to commit the crime. Collins reportedly told the victim that he did not want to be there yet he was shot to death while fleeing from a robbery. When police arrived on scene, one of the officers was wearing an Axon body camera, but that officer was located in the front of the house. The shooting took place in the back of the home, after Collins fled out of the backdoor. Initially, police claim they yelled “stop police”, but the audio record from the police camera shows that officers opened fire without any verbal warning. Collins was struck in the back of the head with gunfire. The officers who opened fire on Timothy Collins Jr. are Shannon Dunkel and Robert Schmeidler. These officers were identified in the trials of the surviving defendants in the robbery case. Murdered by Wichita PD

DeJuanDeJuan Colbert 28, Oct. 31, 2012 Wichita KS – Three suspects entered the store. Colbert encountered the store manager at the front and demanded access to the safe. An employee made a frantic 911 call reporting the robbery. Three minutes later, three officers arrived. The first officer through the door fired three shots, while two other officers approaching the door fired a combined total of 32 or 33 shots. The police lied saying “He charged us raising his right hand, knife above his head as I gave him repeated commands to get down on ground and drop the knife, he refused and continued charging”. However the store videos show an officer entering the store, gun drawn on Colbert as he ran toward the door with the bag of money he was carrying as he tried to bolt out the door. The officer fires when Colbert is only about a foot away, and other officers behind the first one open fire, too. Colbert staggers at the door entrance, and collapses as glass shatters in both doors cascading down onto the pavement where Colbert falls. As he lay dying on the cement officers are heard screaming “roll over, roll over”. Colbert was pronounced dead approximately half-hour later at a local hospital. The two other suspects were arrested inside the store after the shooting. An autopsy determined Colbert was hit 15 times by gunfire. Murdered by Wichita PD SEE VIDEO HERE

I RandolphIcarus Randolph 26, July 4th, 2014 Wichita KS – Due to the noise created by fireworks on Independence Day, Randolph an Iraq Marine Veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder he’d struggled with since returning home a few years before. Randolph’s family called ComCare to get assistance regarding his mental health. ComCare informed the family they were unable to assist thwm. Police officers arrived at Randolph’s home, where they allege Randolph charged at them with a knife. Randolph was gunned down in front of family members who have identified as Officer Ryan Snyder as the shooter. Members of Randolph’s family encountered Officer Snyder in traffic, following the shooting. Officer Snyder reportedly rolled down his window and arrogantly asked Randolph’s sister, whom he recognized from the scene, if she had said something to him, or if she had something to say to him. Murdered by Wichita PD

DaneDane Garrett Scott Jr. 18, March 14, 2012 Del City, OK – After what is described as “a routine traffic stop” a chase ensued that ended with Scott Jr. hitting the back of an 18-wheeler two miles away near an I-35 on ramp. Eyewitnesses say Scott was attempting to surrender at the time he was shot. Others say he was attempting to run away with his hands up. On more than one account, witnesses claim Scott did not have a gun. There was a scuffle between the officer and Dane Scott Jr. and multiple shots were fire, at such close range, how could a trained officer only manage to shoot Scott once in the back? Dane Scott Jr. was shot in the back while he was standing–not during a struggle. Del City Police Captain Randy Trent Harrison faces manslaughter charge in 18-year-old’s death. Murdered by Captain Randy Trent Harrison Del City PD

PedieRichard “Pedie” Perez 24, Sept. 14, 2014 Richmond CA – Police claim Officer Wallace Jensen first tried detaining Perez because he “displayed obvious signs of being very intoxicated.” Jensen said he shot Perez for trying to grab his gun. But witnesses have claimed Perez didn’t make threatening moves, though he resisted being arrested. It was mandatory for Jensen to carry a Taser and nightstick with him, according to John Burris, an attorney for the Perez family. But on the night of the shooting, Jensen didn’t have either, “We have no doubt Perez was resisting arrest but he was not threatening Murdered by Richmond PD

CameronCameron Tillman 14, Sept. 24, 2014 Houma LA – Two officers were responding to an emergency call of armed individuals entering the abandoned house. Residents of the loop said the run-down brick home where the shooting took place had been vacant for more than a year. Local kids were often seen going in and out of the building, which neighbors said had been empty since its last occupant left and there was no way Tillman and the others were robbing the home because it was completely empty. Andre Tillman, Cameron’s brother, was inside the abandoned house at the time of the shooting. He said somebody knocked on the door. “My little brother thought somebody was just clowning, because somebody is always clowning by the door. He opened (it) and the man just shot him. He didn’t have nothing in his hand.” Josh Miles, Tillman’s cousin, echoed those sentiments. “He stayed out of trouble. He was just a good kid, an honor student” Miles said. “I told the sheriff that as scared as he was, he’d never point anything at anybody.” Police allege during an altercation with a police the deputy opened fire, fatally wounding Tillman. Murdered by Houma PF

smithKenneth Smith 20, March 10, 2012 Cleveland OH – Investigators claim the incident began when off-duty Cleveland Police Officer Roger Jones saw a suspect firing a weapon from a car outside the bar, and decided to follow the car on foot. After the car was boxed in, police said the driver of the vehicle and the rear seat passenger complied with their commands and were detained, but the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association maintains Kenneth Smith, sitting in the front passenger seat, did not, and that’s when off-duty officer Jones decided to bust out the car window. Off-duty officer Jones claims he couldn’t see Smith’s hands, at which point a gun was seen, and that’s when the officer fired, because he was in fear for his life.” The shooting was being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, the other two people in the car had been released pending further investigation. Murdered by Cleveland PD

HaynesMichael Anthony Haynes II 24, March 10, 2012 Detroit MI – Haynes bought a box of condoms about 12:45 a.m. at a BP station on Detroit’s west side. When Haynes complained about the high price of the condoms and asked for a refund, the cashier refused. A heated argument ensued, and Haynes started knocking items from the store’s shelves. Ibrahim Kassim Saleh, the cashier emerged from behind bullet-proof glass and shot him in the back. The cashier claimed he “didn’t know he shot him because the man was walking out, He wasn’t attempting to shoot at him. He was just trying to scare him”. Haynes was placed in a car by his friend, Jerome Williams, 24, who was waiting for him outside the gas station. Williams rushed Haynes to Sinai-Grace Hospital where security guards pepper-sprayed Williams when they arrived at the wrong entrance — leading to 20 minutes of delays in treating Haynes, who was still alive. As Haynes lay in the back seat, Williams alleged guards also put a boot on his back, handcuffed him and thrust his head into a building. Williams was detained for six hours and told by guards he would be criminally charged. The hospital is facing scrutiny for possibly delaying treatment for Haynes. Ibrahim Kassim Saleh, 23, of Dearborn, is serving a 29-month to 15 year prison sentence after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hathaway dismissed first-degree murder charges against him and a jury found him guilty of manslaughter and felony firearms. Murder by vigilante cashier

No Photo Available-001Kalvin Porter 34, May 19, 1999 Detroit MI – Kalvin was trying to buy a pack of cigarettes when two Yemeni Muslim Arabs, Fadhel Mazeb, 46, and Adel Altam, 26, illegal immigrant gas station clerks were leering and making inappropriate remarks at Porter’s 12-year-old daughter. An electrician and father of six was beat to death with a tire iron/ in front of his five children when he told them to stop looking at her. The gas station attendants sat on top of Porter and cut off his ability to breathe. The attendants in Porter’s case walked after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Maggie Drake dismissed charges against one and a jury acquitted the second. Murdered by 2 illegal immigrant vigilantes

HenningRobert Henning 22, Feb. 2, 2012 Los Angeles CA – He was passing through LA to see his daughter on her second birthday. His car had broken down on the freeway… There was an eyewitness not more than 10 feet from away said “he was maybe having a mental episode. … He was sitting in the middle of the road talking to himself. I pulled my car over to block traffic. I didn’t want the man to get hurt. I didn’t want to get out of the car; I didn’t know what was going on. So I called the police”. (The witness has a lot of guilt over that). A cop arrived, and the eyewitness heard him call in a 51-50 (police code for a person of danger to him/herself). “The next thing I knew there were four or five cars pulling up. As soon as the officers got out of their car, I heard them all lock and load their weapons. Unless I blinked, the man (Henning) never went for a gun. There was an officer holding him by each arm.” The Police claim he went for a weapon. … They shot him twice and killed him.. … Henning was unarmed. His keys were still in the car. He was a skateboarder; his skateboard was in the car. We know he had cash because he was traveling. The police say he had no personal affects with him. No cell-phone, no wallet. Murdered by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Ernest DueneaErnest Duenez Jr. 34, June 8 2011 Manteca CA – Duenez parked his truck in his yard. Footage from Moody’s dashboard camera shows Manteca police officer John Moody following Duenez in his car. When parked in front of Duenez’s house, Moody told Duenez not to move. Duenez began to exit his vehicle when Moody charged, gun drawn. As Duenez was slowly exiting the vehicle, Duenez opened fire, hitting Duenez 11 times. Moody continued to fire into Duenez even as he lay injured on the ground. Later in the video, another Manteca cop, Armen Avakian, claims to find a knife in Duenez’s truck, which Moody claimed to see in Duenez’s hand as he was exiting. No knife appears visible in Duenez’s hand in the video, however. San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office cleared Moody of any wrongdoing. He has since been promoted by the Manteca Police Department to train other officers in his “tactics.” Murdered by Manteca PD

Luther BrownLuther Brown Jr. 32, April 10, 2012 Stockton CA – During a traffic stop which two officers pulled Brown over for not having license plates supposedly ran from Officer Pete Smith, there was a foot chase. When officers caught up to him a few houses down from the traffic stop Police claim Brown grabbed an officer’s baton and began beating them with it, forcing’ the officers to shoot him to death. Officer Smith claims an examination of Luther Brown Jr’s. car revealed what appeared to be rock cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills and a large amount of cash. Murdered by Stockton PD

James RiveraJames Earl Rivera Jr. 16, July 22, 2010 Stockton CA – Unarmed James Rivera was driving at normal speed to his home, Rivera was allegedly in a stolen car when Stockton Police Officers Gregory Nunn and Eriz Azavard began chasing him A second police car driven by San Joaquin County Sheriff Deputy John Nesbit rammed him again, pushing him through two neighboring garages and immobilizing his car. Witnesses at the scene say the crash through the garages would have easily injured James seriously. The three officers exited their vehicles and positioning themselves on both sides and behind (the seriously injured) James, opened fire with 48 rounds from 2 (9mm) handguns and a AR-15 Army Assault rifle. 19 of the 48 bullits hitting Rivera on both sides of his body and in the back of his head. His mother followed the ambulance to the hospital and was threatened by police dogs and forced out of the hospital when she demanded to see her sons body. Two years after the brutal assassination style killing of James Rivera, the police have still not released a report to the family. Witnesses have stated that James was stopped by Stockton police and let go minutes before he was killed. Police claimed they shot Rivera because they thought he would back his car up and was a threat to them. It is clear from pictures of the crime scene that it was impossible for James’ car to move. In fact, police had to use a tow truck to pull James car over the debris of the crash and out of the garage. This video contains disturbing images of the deceased after being rammed through two garages and shot 19 times. Murdered by San Joaquin County Sheriff

Jordan BakerJordan Baker 26, Jan. 16, 2014 Houston TX – Off duty Houston Police Officer J Castro, was moonlighting as a security guard for the strip mall was on the lookout for hoodie-wearing armed robbery suspects. Castro says Baker an unarmed college graduate “matched the description” of robbery suspects who’d held up three stores. The Officer claims he asked Baker for an I.D. and there was a scuffle, then a foot chase, with the officer finally cornering Baker in the alley. The officer told investigators Baker charged toward him, and that’s when he fired his gun. Murdered by off-duty Houston vigilante PD

RonSettlesRon Reginald Settles 22, June 2, 1981 Signal Hill, CA – The incident began when he was pulled over for speeding by the Signal Hills Police Department in Long Beach, CA. He was arrested after a scuffle with SHPD white officers. The morning after his arrest, he was found severely beaten and hanging in his jail cell at the SHPD station. Police officials maintained Settles committed suicide, and no criminal charges were filed. His parents accused officers of killing their son and hanging him in a cell to cover up his murder. In a subsequent coroner’s inquest, attorney Johnny Cochran demonstrated the chokehold, which resulted in a jury’s finding that Settles had died “at the hands of another.” Moreover, the decision was reversed in court following the testimony of an expert (a Dr. Baden), who determined there was no evidence that Settles had died from hanging, but was most likely killed by a chokehold. The case was settled in 1983, and though the family was awarded $1 million dollars, no officer was ever brought to trial. Murdered by Long Beach PD

Manuel DiazManuel Diaz 25, July 21, 2012 Anaheim CA – Diaz a suspected car thief and considered a gang member by law enforcement officers was unarmed with two friends when they were approached by three Anaheim police officers. Diaz ran and one of the officers chased after him. According to a witness, Diaz was shot from behind, first in the buttocks, then the head. She also told reporters police proceeded to handcuff Diaz before searching him, despite his body lying bloody and motionless on the ground. Several witnesses also accused police of trying to buy cell phone recordings of the incident. Witnesses have told the source the man was handcuffed, then shot by police. No one is being allowed to take photos, when a group tried to take photos from an upstairs apartment, police shined a bright light onto the residents to block the view. Video show Diaz still alive March 6, 2014, a federal civil jury found the officers that killed Diaz not guilty of excessive force. Murdered by Anaheim PD

Martin Hernandez

Martin Angel Hernandez 21, March 6, 2012 Anaheim CA – The definitive back-up, it was hoped, lay in possible surveillance footage from different mounted cameras. Martin’s mother Caroline Toneygay says, “But when my daughters went to see them, Anaheim PD had already came, took down three surveillance cameras and confiscated them.” As the investigation ran its course, she was insistent about finding what truths that they might hold. “This whole time I was told that the DA was still viewing the tapes by the attorney that had put a subpoena on them,” she adds, feeling led on. “Two days after the two recent shootings, the investigative DA on Martin’s case finally calls me back to ask me what videos am I talking about.” When Toneygay responded saying the same ones she always insisted on, she was rebuked, asked “what cameras?” and told that there were never any videos that captured the incident that night. Murdered by Anaheim PD

Joel AcevadoJoel Acevedo 21, July 22, 2012 Anaheim CA – Acevedo was riding in a 2003 silver Lexus SUV driven by Vanessa Janine Duran. Jose Gaudencio Hernandez was also a passenger in the vehicle that police later reported as stolen. After police officers engaged in a car pursuit, supposedly an occupant of the car shot at police, which led to police to shoot back. the SUV jumped the curb, blowing out its front tires as the three occupants took off running. Hernandez was said to have dropped and then picked up an object as he fled. Officer Phillips stated he believed the object was a firearm. Hernandez was later detained by Officer Lambaren, but the report does not specify the alleged object or if it was ever recovered by police. Duran and Acevedo ran in different directions. Phillips, an officer involved in the fatal 2009 shooting of Caesar Cruz in Anaheim, went on to claim that a dark shadow emerged towards the front of the second vehicle and when he heard a second gunshot, returned fire shooting four rounds from his .45 Caliber Glock Pistol. “I just had a dark shadow moving,” the officer is quoted as saying. “As soon as I got the dark shadow, I shot.” The night of the shooting, a photo emerged showing Acevedo with a gun between his legs. The OCDA report noted that Phillips kicked it out of his hand as he lay on the ground twitching after the shootout. Acevedo was never armed, officers altered evidence. Vanessa Duran, the driver of the SUV that night, told OCDA investigators she witnessed an execution-style killing as officers held down her friend before firing. Duran’s account was dismissed as without merit and at odds with the evidence collected at the scene. A female resident who lives in the apartment’s right above where the shooting took place told OC Weekly she heard five consecutive shots, with no apparent gun exchange. Another resident who lives a few blocks down said she heard a loud crash then sirens blaring of at least 20 police cars, which she says drowned out the noise of the apparent gunshots. Acevedo’s family tried to cross police lines to see his body and they were not allowed. A photo has been released of Acevedo’s body with a handgun sitting between his legs (which clearly looks clearly) A handgun was supposedly found in the silver SUV driven by Acevedo, which was reportedly stolen. Three other occupants were also in the car. Officer Phillips (who received a Distinguished Service Award this May for the Acevedo incident during the PD’s annual awards) and fellow officers Trang Pham and Daniel Lambaren had the young man detained and handcuffed. At that point, Phillips fired a shot to Acevedo’s head without warning. Murdered by Anaheim PD

No Photo Available-001Michael Anthony Kerr 54, (Schizophrenic DOC Inmate) March 12, 2014 Alexander Correctional Institution Raleigh NC –
Died Of Thirst After 35 Days Of Solitary. Kerr was found unresponsive in the back of a van March 12 after being driven three hours from Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville to a mental hospital at Central Prison in Raleigh. An autopsy released reports Kerr died of dehydration. The report also said he was receiving no treatment for the symptoms of his mental illness. Kerr was placed in “administrative segregation” on Feb. 5. On Feb. 21 and again on Feb. 24, records show Kerr was cited for intentionally flooding his cell. Proson officials state “The water may be cut off to prevent continuation of the misconduct or damage of the facilities or other property.” The following day, Feb. 25, records show Kerr was moved to “disciplinary segregation,” While in disciplinary segregation, inmates are sometimes deprived of basic amenities, such as bedding and a mattress for their bunk. Food rations may also be reduced to “Nutraloaf,” a hard-baked concoction containing the blended ingredients of a meal formed into a block. In an autopsy report released Thursday, Dr. Susan E. Venuti of the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office wrote that she was allowed to read internal prison report into Kerr’s death, though she was not permitted to make a copy. Venuti wrote that the report left unanswered key questions, including when the inmate last had food and water. Seven employees at Alexander have either been fired or resigned through the course of the investigation, including a guard captain, nurses and a staff psychologist. Murdered by DOC Officials

Tinothy HelmsTimothy E. Helms 49 (mentally ill DOC Inmate) September 5, 2010 Alexander Correctional Institution Raleigh NC – The head of the state prison system said Friday that security camera footage of Timothy E. Helms being pulled from his smoke-filled cell shows guards did not beat him. But a second segment of tape shows the inmate being taken into another cell where he was alone with up to five guards, out of view of the prison’s cameras, for 22 minutes. Reviews of the Aug. 3 incident by both the state Department of Correction and the State Bureau of Investigation have failed to determine precisely how Helms received extensive blunt force injuries that left him a quadriplegic. The prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to pursue any criminal charges was not shown footage of guards at Alexander Correctional Institution taking Helms to another cell after they removed him from the one he set on fire. Helms, who had a long history of mental illness, had been held in solitary confinement for more than a year was left paralyzed after he said he was clubbed by correctional officers after setting a fire in his locked cell. Medical records indicated Helm’s skull had been smashed. A subsequent state investigation failed to determine precisely how Helms received his injuries, and prison officials denied any wrongdoing. Helms, had been previously diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders, and he must have rammed his head into the cement wall. Some states have moved to curb the long-term isolation of inmates, which can greatly exacerbate such psychiatric symptoms as paranoia, anxiety and depression. The longstanding policy in North Carolina’s prison system says no inmate should be housed in isolation for more than 60 days in a stretch. Helms’ prison records showed he was kept in isolation 571 consecutive days before the fire and altogether 1,459 days throughout his incarceration. READ The sad life and cruel death of Timothy Helms Murdered by North Carolina Dept. of Corrections

No Photo Available-001Glen Raeford Mabrey Jr. (age unknown) (mentally ill DOC Inmate) 1997 Raleigh’s Central Prison Raleigh NC – Vietnam veteran Mabrey died from dehydration after being held in solitary confinement. Mabrey’s water had been cut off for four days after he’d intentionally flooded his cell. Murdered by North Carolina Dept. of Corrections




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