(Part 6) Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders

Part 6

Currently, there is no national database documenting the murders of un-armed people by police, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes. Although not all victims found here were weaponless, the fatal murdering of the unarmed: whether they are of ethnic origin, disabled, mentally ill, homeless or their sexual orientation, by Police Departments across the country is unjustified, and the vast majority of officers involved are not being held accountable.

I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, a weapon thrown aside, mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing killings by Police and vigilantes claiming Stand Your Ground (Castle Doctrine) this list will continue to grow. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone (unarmed) murdered at the hands of Law Enforcement (or others) please let me know and I’ll add their name to this memorandum.

My definition of Unarmed
Please keep in mind I am only able to research and write bio’s on 5-7 victims per day. Each bio is verified through multiple sources, photos are retrieved, copied, cropped. Each bio is written and condensed close as possible to a single paragraph, many have links to READ MORE. Each name, age, state and ethnicity are entered into 3 data bases and then, after all pertinent information has been gathered I individually post to the website. Therefore each bio takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

It is at my discretion as to what I consider as being unarmed. If the person has a weapon but is unable to use it because it’s under a seat, knocked to the side, fallen to the ground, in someone else’s possession etc. I consider that person unarmed. If someone is shot in the back, I consider that person unarmed. If there appears to be questionable circumstances surrounding the death, I consider that person unarmed. If the person is mentally ill and can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed. If ANYONE can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed.

There is no reason, in my opinion to shoot someone when police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them.

However, if someone is shooting, holding a weapon or hurting someone (including an officer) and there is absolutely no other way to control them, I consider that person armed. Mind you, I credit witness statements far above police reports.

I DO NOT believe Law Enforcement reports. Lies the police tell that are so familiar anyone can recite them: “Reached for waist band”; “Pointed hand at police in a threatening manner.” “Backed the car toward officers” “Lunged at me” “Had a black object in hand” “Tried to grab gun” “Officers of the Un-Peace” or “Un-Peace Officers” Campaigns were formed against the “Blue Code” supposedly making it more visible to the public eye have taken place but all they seem to be doing is allowing the police to police the police and the police. Police are liars, period. So please don’t think I would even consider relying on their statements. The code of Blue Silence is too real to be ignored, and has been proven over and over again to be the real badge of the law.

As for Grand Juries they’ve been bought and paid for in more cases than can be counted. There is something fundamentally unfair about a grand jury system which doesn’t reflect the racial, political and ethnic diversity of the community it serves and the people it indicts.

This Is What It’s Like To Be An Unarmed Black Man In America

Cesar CruzCesar Ray Cruz 35, Dec. 9, 2009 Anaheim CA – Undercover officers, including gang investigators and Officer Phillips, received information a parolee in a green Chevrolet was armed with a handgun. Officers followed the vehicle to a Wal-Mart parking lot, where they tried to box the car in. Four of the officers said they fired because they claim they saw Cruz reach for his waistband and believed he was going for a gun. Cruz didn’t have one on him when officers fired, he wasn’t holding a weapon. Police claim they found a 9 mm handgun with the safety on in his vehicle’s passenger seat. Sgt. Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Dept. say’s “as to whether he shot at us, I don’t know, five Officers shot at him about 20 times in a few seconds”. It took five hours for his family to be notified Cruz was dead and took almost two weeks to identify him at the Orange County Coroner’s Office. Cruz had been shot 11 times in the back and he had bruises on his chest. Officer Phillips was the same officer who killed Joel Acevedo July 22, 2012. Murdered by Anaheim PD

David RayaDavid Duarte Raya 23, Aug. 16, 2011 Anaheim CA – Raya was staying at his girlfriend’s apartment when the Anaheim Police Department Crime Task Force attempted to contact him a foot chase ensued. Anaheim police investigator Bruce Linn fired three shots at Raya, claiming the man had made motions towards his rear waistband. Two more shots were fired, striking and killing Raya. Linn said he feared for his life and that of his partner Chad Meyer. No weapon was ever recovered from the scene; only a glass pipe authorities say was retrieved in the waistband of his shorts near the small of his back. According to OCDA investigation letters, detective Bruce Linn is named in at least five total officer-involved shootings in and around Anaheim dating back to September 25, 2002. In addition to Raya, Linn was also a part of the December 11, 2009 killing of 35-year-old Caesar Cruz. Orange County prosecutors ruled the shooting of Raya was justified, but the city agreed this year to pay his mother $245,000 to settle a federal lawsuit. Murdered by Anaheim PD

No Photo Available-001Michael Donald Reed 29, Feb. 18, 1995 Upper Marlboro MD – Reed may have been living in his car. Officer Wayne Cheney claimed he had a confrontation near a junkyard in northwestern Upper Marlboro so he shot and killed Reed claiming he was in fear for his life. Reed was pronounced dead at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly soon after a 12:20 a.m. No weapon was found. Officer Wayne Cheney shot and killed 29-year-old Michael D. Reed in Upper Marlboro on Feb. 18, 1995. Cheney was also cleared of those charges. Also killed Archie “Artie” Elliott III. Murdered by Prince George County PD

No Photo Available-001Manuel de Jesus Espina 43, Aug. 20, 2008 Prince George County MD – Steven Jackson an off-duty Police officer moonlighting as a security officer and wearing his police uniform approached Espina and a group of men who were gathered outside a brick, three-story apartment building were drinking beer (laws prohibiting drinking in public do not apply to private property such as the apartment complex) attempted to arrest Espina for an alcohol violation in the stairwell of an apartment building. When he filed to restrain Espina he used a baton and pepper spray. Both men entered the apartment, and his mother retreated to the sofa. The officer continued to strike Espina with the baton “He was hitting him very hard. He was screaming and hitting him. Espina did not resist or try to grab the baton, she does not think Espina could see. His eyes were all red, either from pepper spray or from blood,” Jackson was screaming and Espina was moaning, “Stop, stop”. The officer then shot Espina, who fell onto his back. Officer Jackson claimed Espina reached for his gun and he feared for his life. Two witnesses said the off-duty officer beat the unarmed man with a baton before firing a bullet into his torso. The autopsy showed Espina suffered numerous injuries to his face, torso, legs and arms. Jackson was not injured, except for knuckle scrapes. Murdered by Prince George County PD READ MORE

Latandra EllingtonLatandra Ellington (DOC Inmate) (DOC Inmate) 36, Oct.1, 2014 Lowell Correctional Ocala FL – Ellington told her family in two letters she feared beatings by a prison officer “Sgt. Q”, who had repeatedly threatened to beat and kill her. He had a tattoo of an Indian and a name that no one seemed to be able to spell or pronounce. Ellington also named another officer, whose last name she said was Thrasher, as working the C Dorm with Quercioli at the time she was threatened and was being sexually abused and knew about the abuse of other inmates. Ellington wrote. “He was all in my face Sqt. Q then he grab his radio and said he was gone bust me in my head with it and do not underestimate my power”. Her death came less than 24 hours after her aunt called the prison, distraught upon receiving a letter dated Sept. 21, in which she said she had been threatened by the sergeant. She said “He was gone beat me to death and mess me like a dog,” Jennings said her niece was too afraid to tell her why the sergeant was terrorizing her. She also wrote she had previously told her she had complained to some of the commanders at the prison and feared she would face retaliation. The department claimed they had no record of any complaints or grievances filed by Ellington. Guard Patrick Quercioli has a criminal arrest record, and according to FDLE he has been arrested twice for fraud in 1986 and for possession of steroids in 1994. His arrests, however, were not reported to FDLE’s criminal justice standards. Quercioli also has 22 use-of-force incidents in his file. Patrick Quercioli has been placed on perimeter duty — a post that limits his contact with inmates — pending the outcome of the investigation. Autopsy results showed internal bleeding “consistent with punches or kicks to the lower abdomen”. Murdered by DOC Guards READ MORE

No Photo Available-001Affricka Jean (age unknown) April 2014 Lowell Correctional Ocala FL – The deaths of two other Lowell inmates, Latandra Ellington who died Oct.1, 2014 and Regina Cooper, who died in August, are also coming under scrutiny.

Regina CooperRegina Cooper 50, Aug. 2014 Lowell Correctional Ocala FL – The deaths of two other Lowell inmates, Affricka Jean, who died in April, and , Latandra Ellington who died Oct.1, 2014 are also coming under scrutiny.

Duane StrongDuane Strong Jr. 18, May 29, 2014 Tallahassee FL – Officer Hawthorne heard gunshots near Cheeks Nightclub shortly after 3 a.m. and relayed the information over his police radio. Officer Fallis arrived and positioned his patrol car in the driveway to prevent anyone from leaving. After another officer approached, Strong drove through the parking lot toward the exit where Fallis was standing. A deputy told him to stop, but he didn’t. Fallis, claims to have been squeezed between his patrol vehicle and Strong’s car, fired nine times. Officer Hawthorne fired three times at the vehicle. Strong drove out of the parking lot but crashed into a wooded area nearby after another officer rammed his vehicle. Strong was shot once in his upper left torso, died as a result of his injuries, the grand jury found. “There’s no indication that Duane Strong had anything to do with the initial gunshots which was the reason for the police to respond. Leon County grand jury cleared 3 TPD officers of any criminal wrongdoing in Strong’s death. Attorneys for Strong’s family have said in previous interviews that police created an unsafe environment by blocking off the nightclub parking lot and that Strong’s behavior did not warrant his death. Murdered by Tallahassee PD

Iretha LillyIretha Lilly 37, October 7, 2014 Waco TX – Lilly was shocked with an electric stun gun while deputies tried to take her into custody earlier in the day. Lilly became unruly during the proceeding at the McLennan County Courthouse, after 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother decided she was a flight risk after failing a second drug test, prompting three deputies to subdue her using a Taser. Strother ordered Lilly to serve 100 days at the county jail as part of her conditions for deferred adjudication. Allen requested the jail time be delayed because of Lilly’s children, but when Lilly tested positive for drugs. Judge Strother said he didn’t think Lilly would return for another hearing and ordered her transferred to the jail. She was taken down the hall still screaming. Lilly complained of chest pains while in a cell by herself about 6 p.m., and medical staff performed an EKG on her, Cawthon said. She reportedly was monitored every 15 minutes until she was found unresponsive just after 7 p.m. Lilly then was taken to Providence by ambulance, where she was pronounced dead. Murdered by McLennan County PD

John GreerJohn B. Geer 46, Aug. 29, 2013 Fairfax County VA – Fairfax County Police responded to a reported domestic dispute. Whoever reported the incident claimed that Geer had weapons, prompting a large police response, as well as SWAT teams. Police said they negotiated with Geer, who was standing in the doorway of the home with a beer in his hand, for about 40 minutes. Geer reportedly had his hands up, resting on the door jamb above his head. However, when Geer reportedly started lowering one of his arms, police opened fire and shot him. One of the officers fired once into Geer’s chest, Geer turned, closed the door and collapsed. The police then waited another hour before sending in first-aid for someone who had been shot almost point-blank in the chest. Geer was dead. The police have not explained why they did not summon a negotiator trained in dealing with distraught people, rather than allowing patrol officers to deal with him, or why they didn’t just back off from a man with no hostages and no indication that he was going to harm anyone else. Murdered by Fairfax County PD

No Photo Available-001Phillip Raymond Garcia 27, Oct. 26, 1997 Dallas TX – Mr. Garcia was shot twice and killed by Cockrell Hill Police Officer Anthony Hogan, who claims Mr. Garcia pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger after a routine traffic stop. The officer tried to pull Mr. Garcia over for driving without lights and pursued him across the city line into Dallas. Mr. Garcia’s 15-year-old fiancee, who was a passenger in his car, said in an affidavit that Mr. Garcia got out of the car with a handgun and pointed it at Officer Hogan. The cop repeatedly warned him to put the gun down before firing one shot, which struck Mr. Garcia in his left leg below the knee. The fiancée ran to Mr. Garcia’s aid and pushed the gun about eight feet away and into the street. She repeatedly asked the two cops to get the gun lying in the street. When the wounded Mr. Garcia tried to roll over on the pavement, Officer Hogan shot him again, hitting him in the side and killing him. Officer Hogan was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by a grand jury. The victim’s family said they might file a lawsuit against Officer Hogan and the city of Cockrell Hill. An uncle said, “We want to take this as far as we can because this is wrong. We’re not going to stop right here.” He added that the family thinks the first shot to Mr. Garcia’s leg was justified but that the second shot constituted excessive force. “We think that Phillip should be in jail right now with a bullet wound to his leg, maybe on charges of attempted murder. But he shouldn’t be dead. It’s the second shooting that we say shouldn’t have happened.” Murdered by Dallas PD

Kendra DiggsKendra Deenan Diggs 37, May 7, 2013 Baltimore MD – An off-duty Baltimore police officer gave himself up after barricading himself in a home with a toddler in a six-hour standoff that began when he fatally shot his girlfriend Kendra Diggs. She lay wounded in the street for nearly an hour after she was shot in front of Western District officers who police confirmed had been called to the home. But because of the barricade and fears that Smith might fire into the street, police and medical personnel were unable to take her to a hospital immediately. Murdered by Baltimore PD READ MORE

No Photo Available-001Robert Striker 54 Aug. 9, 1999 Manhattan NY – (aka Joe McGill & aka Jesse James) Was killed for allegedly trying to rob a bank. Police officers shot more than 30 bullets, in one of the busiest areas in downtown Manhattan while trying to apprehend Mr.Striker, even though he had already thrown away his gun, and the NYPD’s own tests showed that he had never fired a gun. Murdered by NYPD

Anthony BaezAnthony Baez 29, December 22, 1994 Bronx NY – The fatal encounter began when Anthony Baez and his brothers hit a police car with their football accidentally around 1:30 am. Officer Francis Livoti ordered them to go home.] The Baez brothers continued their game, playing in the opposite direction. Officer Francis Livoti arrested David Baez first for disorderly conduct. He then attempted to arrest Anthony Baez, who had protested his brother’s arrest by crossing his arms in front of his chest. A scuffle ensued, while other officers arrived on scene. Baez was subdued, lost consciousness, and was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead of asphyxiation. Controversy centered over the extent to which officers contributed to his death, specifically whether he was subjected to a choke hold. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

Gidone BuschGidone Busch 31, (mentally ill and severe kidney disease) August 30, 1999 Brooklyn NY – People in his community called the NYPD and warned them that he was disturbed. Six officers went to Mr. Busch’s house, and in the basement apartment, he threatened them with the hammer and took a swing or two at them, Chief Raguso said. The officers then ordered Mr. Busch to drop the hammer, but instead he backed into the street, and the officers followed him onto the sidewalk On the sidewalk, Officer Daniel Gravitch sprayed him with pepper spray, which only irritated Mr. Busch further. Busch, Another officer, Sgt. Terrence O’Brien, tried to block Mr. Busch’s path, and Mr. Busch hit him several times in the left arm with the hammer, prompting four of the officers — Officer Gravitch, Officer Martin Sanabria, Sgt. Joseph Memoly and Officer William Loshiavo to open fire, he was shot 12 times. Mr. Busch was struck in the torso and was dead on arrival at Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park. Sergeant O’Brien was treated for cuts and released. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

No Photo Available-001Kenneth Banks 36, Oct. 1998 Manhattan NY – Some say that the 36-year-old Banks, a reputed drug dealer who was convicted of criminal trespass in 1997 and petty larceny in 1984, was a hard knock who “did what he had to do” to survive. Police say that on October 29 cops observed Banks in a drug transaction and when officers tried to arrest him he fled. Witnesses say Officer Craig Yokemick came within a few feet of Banks as he tried to get away on a bicycle and threw his two-pound walkie-talkie at the suspect. Banks fell from the bike. He died at Metropolitan Hospital Center on November 10. Twelve days later, the medical examiner ruled that the thrown radio had killed Banks. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

Donna ToweDonna Towe 45, Oct. 8, 2001 Bronx NY – Officer Clayton Bullock, 38, was charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of Donna Towe in their Bedford Park apartment. Bullock had shared the apartment with Towe and her boyfriend. Detectives believe the night she was killed, her boyfriend was out and Bullock made sexual advances toward her. When she declined, he began choking her. When the boyfriend returned the next morning, she was still unconscious and barely clinging to life. Bullock and the boyfriend called an ambulance. Towe, was pronounced dead by EMS. This is not the first time Officer Clayton Bullock has been in trouble. READ MORE

William Bruce HemphillWilliam Bruce Hemphill 51 Oct. 4, 2013 Staten Island NY – Hemphill was walking across the street when off-duty Police Officer Joseph McClean driving his personal vehicle between 80 to 90 MPH came flying down the street. Witness Ramirez said “Hemphill flipped and flipped and flipped again over then McClean sped off real fast, came back about five minutes later. When police arrived and he heard the driver admit to hitting the pedestrian. “Next thing I know, guy was standing behind me and said ‘I did it. I did it.’ He threw his hands up and they told him to sit on the curb” McClean was taken into custody and charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, driving while intoxicated and driving while alcohol-impaired. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Richard Watson 32, Sept. 1, 1999 Harlem NY – Mr. Watson had been arrested on charges of attempting to sell heroin to an undercover police officer, but testing indicated that the substance Mr. Watson was trying to sell was not really heroin. He was charged with attempting to sell an imitation controlled substance, as well as criminal possession of marijuana and cocaine, all misdemeanors. Watson was released without bail from the Criminal Courts building and took a taxi back to West 137th Street and Broadway. The cabdriver flagged down police officers after Mr. Watson left the cab without paying his fare. About 20 minutes later, the police said, Watson ran from officers who tried to stop him because he fit the description given by the cabdriver. After crisscrossing Broadway and trying to hide under a van, Watson ran into the southbound lanes of the road and dived into the passenger side window of a livery cab, which had been abandoned by a driver who saw him coming. As one officer attempted to pull Mr. Watson out of the cab, Officer Gilkes, a four-year veteran, tried to help and supposedly accidentally fired his weapon. Why was the cop holding a gun with his finger on the trigger while he was trying to pull an unarmed man out of the car? Youth in the neighborhood have said this cop routinely brutalizes and harasses them in that area!! The bullet hit Mr. Watson in the back killing him. Murdered by NYPD

Ryo OyamadaRyo Oyamada 24, Feb. 21, 2013 Queensbridge NY – Released video shows an NYPD patrol car without its emergency lights on in the moments before a Japanese student was struck and killed. Oyamada was walking down 40th Avenue “proceeding toward the location of the crash” around 30 seconds into the video. The first video was shot from the intersection of 10th Street and 40th Avenue. About a minute and a half into the footage, a police car is seen driving east on 40th Avenue and crossing 10th Street, and does not have its emergency lights on. Oyamada was struck while crossing 40th Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets. Police previously claimed the video of the NYPD police vehicle had its flashing lights engaged. Murdered by NYPD VIDEO HERE

No Photo Available-001Sherly Colon 33, April 26, 1997 Manhattan NY – Witnesses claim police pushed her 18 stories from the roof of her public housing residence and that handcuffs were removed from her body Despite accounts by the police that the woman jumped with a suicide note in her pocket, the protesters said they believed the woman had been pushed off the roof of a building at the Clinton House. Commissioner Safir said ”To the best of our knowledge, she was not in our custody. There is no indication that she was, in fact, ever in our custody or handcuffed. There is no evidence that, unfortunately, she did anything but commit suicide.” Chief of Department Louis Anemone gave the following account of the incident: Late Thursday afternoon, cops were checking a report of a male prowler on the roof of the building and spotted Colon standing near a 4-foot fence on the roof. She jumped before they could reach her Murdered by NYPD

Jack JacquezJack Jacquez 27, Oct. 13, 2014 Rocky Ford CO – Jack Jacquez came home just before 2 a.m when Police Officer James Ashby forced down the front door and the two men got into an argument. Jack was standing next to his mom, his back turned toward Officer Ashby who shot him twice in the back and then pepper sprayed him. Four month pregnant Mariah Jacquez, Jack’s fiancé said one of the shots fired almost hit her. As Jacks mother attempted to call the police department Officer Ashby took her phone and threw it against the wall. They then handcuffed both Mariah Jacquez and his mother. Jacquez was transported to Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center in La Junta where he was pronounced dead. Murdered by Rocky Ford PD

Felix CossFelix Coss 61, July 6, 2013 Brooklyn NY – Coss, a Spanish teacher was hit and killed by a marked NYPD police van had the right of way, he had the pedestrian signal as he finished crossing Broadway at Hooper Street. The veteran female officer was making a left-hand turn from Hooper Street. Coss died while being taken to Bellevue Hospital. No criminality and no traffic-law violations are suspected the officer who struck Coss with sufficient force to end his life would have been in violation of the state’s careless driving law. However, since NYPD routinely fails to cite civilians who injure and kill pedestrians, it stands to reason that the department would choose not to enforce the law following a crash caused by one of their own. Murdered by NYPD

Georgy LouisgeneGeorgy Louisgene 23, Jan. 16, 2002 Brooklyn NY – Louisgene called police after he’d been attacked by unknown individuals so he armed himself with a knife and a stick in self-defense. New York cops James Muirhead and Joseph Thompson shot Louisgene at the Vanderveer Estates housing project in East Flatbush. The two fired eight shots, five of which hit Louisgene, who was pronounced dead at the site of the shooting. The Officers claim they shot Louisgene in self-defense, alleging he charged them with a knife and a stick because had been behaving in a “deranged” manner. Police would later use those weapons as their excuse for shooting him, although witnesses declare that Louisgene never attacked them. The official investigation whitewashed the affair and no charges were ever filed. Murdered by NYPD

Santiago VillanuevaSantiago “Chago” Villanueva 35, April 16, 2002 Bloomfield NJ – Four police officers responding to a 911 emergency call from a garment factory where Villanueva worked was having an epileptic seizure. The responding officers ”started screaming at him ‘Speak English!’ and when they saw him foaming at the mouth they accused him of being on drugs. Villaneuva was unresponsive to verbal commands so according to witnesses ‘The pofficers got him down on the floor to restrain him, one officer on his back and the other on his neck” even though co-workers pleaded with the officers to stop’ ‘When Villannueva was turned around, cuffed him and they sat on him until he stopped breathing. Bloomfield police officials claim the officers found Mr. Villanueva to be combative, and used force because they feared that he would hurt himself or others. The medical examiner pronounced Villanueva’s death a homicide. The death certificate states ”mechanical asphyxia following physical restraint. The officers who killed him are still on the beat. Critics charge the officers’ response may have been racially motivated, since Mr. Villaneuva wore his hair in dreadlocks and spoke Spanish during the encounter. Murdered by Bloomfield PD

No Photo Available-001Afif Hazim 52, Oct. 20, 1999 Queens NY – New York City Police Department Captain James O’Connor left a gathering in the Bronx Police Department vehicle to drive to Queens to pick up his private car. While he crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge the Captain drove into a closed construction lane. While driving in the closed lane he struck and killed Afif Hazim, a construction worker, who was removing asphalt from the roadway for resurfacing. Tests revealed that the defendant’s blood alcohol level was .12, above the legal limit of .10 for operating a vehicle. Former New York City Police Department Captain has been sentenced to prison for three years for reckless manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. Murdered by NYPD

Maliki RaymondMaliki Yawmi-Deen Raymond 23, March 1, 2000 Harlem NY – Shortly before 2 p.m., he allegedly was observed by undercover officers purchasing drugs in Harlem. Police say Raymond may have swallowed drugs in a cellophane bag in an attempt to thwart arrest. About 45 minutes after he was taken to the 30th Precinct station house and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, Raymond began to complain of stomach pains and suffered several seizures. He was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where he later died. When Raymond’s Mother identified her son’s body at the hospital morgue “he looked as if he had been beaten because he had bruises on his face, including a gash on his chin.” READ MORE:

Curtis HarmonCurtis Harmon Jr. 35, (mentally challenged) May 22, 2001 Bronx NY – Police claim they had received a report of a stabbing, and as two officers were walking past, one man ran into the building. The officers chased the man, who ran up several flights of stairs. It was raining. It was slippery. The man fell five stories and died of his injuries. However the EMT’s report: “One of Harmon’s arms was broken ‘seemingly by a baseball bat.” Detective Tierney refused to divulge the names of the officers involved in the fatal chase to Harmon’s aunt Ms. Jacobs, when asked if the cops were black or white, Detective Tireney replied, “Right now, it does not matter. We have investigated it, and it is just an unfortunate accident.” The detective then asked Ms. Jacobs if Harmon wore dentures, she told him she wasn’t sure. But Jacobs recalled an unnerving conversation she had with two alleged witnesses. They told her that after authorities left the scene they found several bloodied teeth on the roof. Murdered by NYPDREAD MORE

No Photo Available-001Larry Cobb 30, Aug. 18, 1999 Manhattan NY – Officer Grant and his partner, Lisa Moran, were on patrol when they spotted a Jeep with a broken window and an interior light on. They saw Cobb cowering under a nearby car and tried to arrest him. Cobb was carrying bags filled with CDs and a cell phone, all suspected booty from car break-ins. Cops accidentally killed an unarmed car burglar during a struggle on the upper East Side yesterday. Police claim Cobb, a career criminal with 21 nonviolent convictions, was shot in the chest when he supposedly tried to grab a cop’s gun. Cobb staggered to the corner and collapsed dead in the gutter a crack pipe and a box cutter in his pockets outside the Last Second Saloon. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Angel Reyes 47, Aug. 15, 1999 Manhattan NY – Was shot and killed by NYPD during an undercover drug operation when they allege that he came at them with a machete. Eye witnesses said that the man had his back to the officers when he was shot. Murdered by NYPD

Eric ZamanEric Zaman 33, Aug. 14, 2013 Queens NY – Zaman had been riding near the group of motorcyclists being pursued by police, but was not part of the group. A police car following the group was driving without lights or sirens because they were claim the motorcyclists were allegedly driving erratically. Witnesses at the scene reported the officer’s vehicle clipped Zaman’s motorcycle, sending it skidding out of control. Witnesses said Zaman was sitting upright on the curb moments after he crashed. “He was bleeding and had a big gash in the back of his head by the right ear, his eyes were open, but he was trying to spit out blood. He was in bad shape”. Zaman was rushed to Brookdale Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Charmene Pickering 27, July 26, 2001 Brooklyn NY – The end of Charmene Pickering’s life began with a quick visit to her mom. The 27-year-old stopped at her mom’s two-story Brooklyn house on her way to go shopping for her baby boy. Within 30 minutes, she had become the innocent victim of a drug bust gone horribly wrong. Pickering, – who had just started a new job as a clerk for the city Sanitation Department – died 10 days ago after being shot in the neck by a state trooper seconds after leaving the house with one of her mother’s “friends.” Little did Pickering know that Carlos Alfonso Rodas, the “friend” who offered to drive her to a shoe store, was a suspected Colombian heroin dealer and the target of a year-long investigation by the state police and the federal DEA. She also didn’t know her mother, Cheryl “Ma” Pickering and father, John Alston, were allegedly involved with Rodas in a lucrative heroin-distribution ring. The bullet that killed Pickering was accidentally fired by senior investigator Samuel Mercado when he tussled with Rodas after stopping his car. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

Lana MorrisLana Morris 46, Jun. 5, 2013 Queens NY – NYPD officer Sherlon Smikle, who had a reported history of domestic violence, shot and killed his wife Lana Morris, a mother and NYPD Safety Officer for Queen’s Village public school, as she ran from their home. He then shot and killed himself. His duty weapon had already been confiscated due to reported domestic violence. He used a shotgun to commit his final crime. Murdered by NYPD

Jose MunizJose Muniz 52, Jun. 20, 2013 Bronx NY- Police claim Muniz had ingested a golf ball-sized bag of cocaine after being seen making a drug deal by plain-clothes narcotics officers. According to witnesses, Muniz said he did not have anything in his mouth and resisted officers’ attempts to handcuff him say the officers pepper-sprayed Muniz as the scuffle made its way into the store. Muniz fell, and police say CPR was performed when it was apparent he had stopped breathing. According to another witness “The police caused this man to die they were choking him and punching him in the rib area then took him in the store and continued to make the man cough up what supposedly he swallowed while man kept saying he didn’t have anything. They beat him relentlessly.” Murdered by NYPD

Cesar MercadoCesar Mercado 47 Mar. 30, 2002 Manhattan NY – An officer shoots and kills Cesar Mercado, as he allegedly attempts to break into a van parked on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Officer Ryan approached the van, and the other two heard him tell the suspect not to move, then heard a single gunshot, the authorities said. Officer Ryan reported that Mr. Mercado had lunged at him with something in his hand. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Ernest Prather 39, Aug. 27, 2002 Bedford-Stuyvesant NY – Prather had been volunteering at a church that serves food to the homeless on Tuesdays, the “So Great a Salvation Ministries” Police were called to the church after a verbal dispute over some juice. Laura Prather had suggested to her husband that the argument was “not worth it” and that he should leave to cool off. When Prather tried to return to the church at 2:49 p.m., he was met by four cops with their guns drawn.. Prather lifted up his T-shirt to reveal a bright orange plastic squirt gun in his waistband. Many witnesses say he never even reached for the toy many residents carry on hot summer days to keep cool. A witness who identified himself as Mr. Carey, who has lived in the neighborhood for 38 years, said Prather kept repeating, “Look, this is not a gun; this is not a gun,” with his hands raised. Then the cops started shooting. All witnesses to the shooting reported six to 10 shots to the abdomen. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

Juan MendezJuan Mendez 33, Jan. 23, 2013 Washington Heights NY – (aka Juan Manuel Mendez, Juan Mendez Lazaro, as well as “Eddie” or “Eduardo) According to the story from the police, an off-duty undercover cop reported a man showing a shotgun to a group of other men. Uniformed cops then approached Mendez and ordered him to drop the gun. The police claim that when Mendez ran off, they chased him and cornered him in a parking garage. It was there that they shot and killed him. Mendez fired no shots; the gun was later found under a car. According to the NY Times a police official said “he did not know how many officers had chased Mr. Mendez or whether they had identified themselves as officers.” One witness put it more clearly when he told the Times “The cop didn’t say freeze or anything; he just shot.” Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

Alesia ThomasAlesia Shont’e Thomas 35, July 22, 2012 Los Angeles CA – After reports say Thomas left her two children, ages 3 and 12 at an LAPD station, Police later went to her home to issue a warrant for child endangerment and place her under arrest. Thomas struggled and “began actively resisting arrest. As Thomas, who was already in handcuffs and leg restraints, was being placed in the patrol car, dash cam video captured Officer Mary O’Callaghan kicking Thomas in the groin and stomach, and pushing her by the throat. Thomas suffocated to death in the backseat of the patrol car “Two of the officers disregarded Thomas’ request for medical help, while the third cop may have lied to investigators about the incident. ” Cmdr. Green admitted to the L.A. Times she was kicked in her genitals for resisting and later kicked her while another officer told Thomas, to “get your fat ass in the car” Green confirmed. Thomas eventually stopped breathing and died at the hospital. “An in-car video was reviewed which revealed some questionable tactics and improper comments.” Five LA Officers are under investigation. Murdered by LAPD

No Photo Available-001Egbert Dewgard 31, May 1, 2002 Brooklyn NY – When a task force of DEA agents and NYPD detectives got a tip that a drug shipment was being delivered in Flatbush. They saw a man put a bag into a black Nissan driven by Dewgard. Cops gave chase. Dewgard, 31, crashed and fled on foot. Drawing his gun, Tanella chased and tackled him. A struggle ensued before Dewgard was shot in the lower back. A law enforcement source said Dewgard’s fingerprints were found on a bag containing 3 kilos of cocaine discovered under Dewgard’s car. A Grand Jury investigation was conducted by the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, and the Drug Enforcement Administration cooperated fully with this investigation. On October 31, 2002, a Grand Jury in Brooklyn, NY returned an indictment for manslaughter in the death of Mr. Dewgard. On September 3, 2003, Agents Tanella’s motion was granted and the indictment dismissed. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Stefanos Kiladitis 21, Jun. 22, 2002 Brooklyn NY – Three days after Kiladitis 21st birthday off-duty Officer Victor Wilson driving drunk ran a red light at the intersection of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 88th Street in Bay Ridge, striking Kiladitis- motorcycle. Kiladitis suffered severe head injuries and died three days later. Wilson was arrested after a Breathalyzer test taken two hours after the crash showed a blood alcohol level of .116, according to police. The legal limit was .10 at the time. Officer Victor Wilson walked out of a Brooklyn courtroom a free man. Murdered by NYPD Read More

Jamil MooreJamil Moore 22, Sep. 1, 2002 Brooklyn NY – Moore had been arguing with his mother and her fiancé when someone called the cops. When four cops showed up, they confronted Moore on the stairway of his apartment building. The cops claim Moore refused to drop a knife and that they “had nowhere to go” to get away from him. Detective James Moss fired twice, hitting him in the torso. His mother, Jennifer, who witnessed her son being shot in front of her, says, “He did not have a knife in his hand.” Murdered by NYPD

Rigoberto AceroRigoberto Arceo 34, May 11, 2013 Los Angeles CA – Arceo, who was a biomedical technician at St. Francis Medical Center, was shot and killed after getting out of his sister’s van. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says Arceo “advanced on the deputy and attempted to take the deputy’s gun.” However, Arceo’s sister and 53-year-old Armando Garcia — who was barbecuing in his yard when the incident happened say that Arceo had his hands above his head the entire time. Murdered by LA Sheriff Dept.

Jerry WallerJerry Waller 72, May 28, 2013 Ft. Worth TX – Kathy Waller said she and her husband, Jerry, noticed bright lights from outside their bedroom window at about 1 a.m. He grabbed a .38-caliber pistol and went outside to see what was going on. “He probably thought it was a group of yuckos out there or something messing around,” It was police responding to a burglar alarm, which wasn’t at their house, but across the street. “He was shot six times in the chest by a Glock, I guess, or whatever the police use. I’m disgusted.” Her husband of 46 years, had apparently just opened the garage door, was shot and killed by at least one officer. “It happened in less than five minutes,” she said. She ran downstairs and saw her husband lying at the edge of their garage and driveway. “I looked down and saw he was gone” Police offered few details about the shooting but promised a thorough investigation. Murdered by Ft. Worth PD

Frank MendozaFrank Mendoza 54, Aug 2, 2014 Pico Rivera CA – An innocent homeowner was mistakenly killed and a parolee was fatally shot by deputies after an hours long hostage situation and standoff. The incident began around 4:30 p.m. when deputies were searching for Cedric Ramirez, wanted on two felony warrants. During the search, Ramirez ran out of a home, jumped a back fence and then broke into a home which was occupied by an unknown number of people. While in the backyard of the home, Ramirez exchanged gunfire with deputies. Deputies were able to open the front door and started escorting multiple people from the home. However, as they were being taken out, the Ramirez allegedly shot a second time at deputies, who then returned fire and retreated to the front yard, within seconds an adult male suddenly appeared in the doorway. Believing the man was Ramirez, a deputy fired two shots at that man who then dropped to the ground, unconscious, He was later recognized to be 54-year-old Frank Mendoza, a resident of the house. Murdered by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

No Photo Available-001Alan Zelencic 28, (mentally ill) Jan. 17, 2000 Queens NY – Zelencic, who had a history of mental illness, stabbed his mother in the basement of their home. When cops arrived, he allegedly charged at them wielding a 15-inch knife. Officer Jonathan Dudley, retreating, fired two shots, striking Zelencic both times. A Queens grand jury ruled the shooting justified. Murdered by NYPD

Tyler CompstockTyler Comstock 19, Nov 6, 2013 Ames IA – Comstock allegedly stole a truck Monday from a work site where he and his father were working. In the audio, Officer Adam McPherson in pursuit of Comstock tells dispatch the truck’s driver “just rammed me, he just rammed my vehicle.” A few seconds later “He blew the stoplight … he lost the trailer.” At that point, an unidentified Ames police staffer tells the officer: “If he’s that reckless coming into the college area, why don’t you back off. The driver’s identity is known.” Minutes later, the truck Comstock was driving stopped, and Officer Adam McPherson commanded him to shut off the vehicle. Instead, Comstock revved the engine, and McPherson fired six rounds at the truck. Comstock died from two gunshot wounds, one each to his head and chest. Ames Police Cmdr. Geoff Huff said “when the suspect’s identity has been established to the point that later apprehension can be accomplished the pursuit must stop. The pursuit must be ended if the officers or supervisors believe the danger created by a pursuit outweighs the capture of the suspect. Iowa law requires deadly force be used only to stop danger to another person. Murdered by Ames PD

Felix Martinez TorresFelix Martinez Torres 47, Oct 6, 2013 Maricopa AZ – Torres was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on Sept. 30 on warrants stemming from driving on a suspended license and failure to appear in court. A sheriff’s officer found Felix Martinez Torres, 47, sitting upright but unresponsive in his cell shortly after midnight, according to MCSO spokesman Deputy Joaquin Enriquez. The officer called for assistance from medical staff. Nurses and detention officers from the Towers Jail Medical Clinic responded within two minutes, according to Enriquez. CPR was administered until members of the Phoenix Fire Department arrived and took over. Torres was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later was pronounced dead. Murdered by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.

Jack Lamar RobinsonJack Lamar Roberson 43, Oct 4, 2013 Waycross GA – The family of Roberson claims they called 911 on Friday for medical help as he was experiencing an adverse reaction to medication he took for his diabetes. Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner said Monday that authorities responded to a suicide threat and that Roberson approached them “aggressively armed with two items used as weapons. Roberson’s mother insisted that her son was unarmed and that there were “no weapons in this house whatsoever.” Murdered by Waycross PD

Angel ChiwangoAngel Chiwengo 46, Sept. 24, 2013 Baltimore MD – An immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, arrived in the U.S. with only a few dollars in her pocket last year. Chiwengo, who joined her family in Baltimore, held a job and was soon to be a grandmother, was one of three killed in a fiery crash that ended a four-mile police “pursuit.” Chiwengo, who was living with her brother in Reisterstown, was returning from her job as a housekeeper at a DoubleTree Hotel, and being driven home by a colleague, Andrew Baker. Officers were following a Honda occupied by the two men, later identified as Devell Johns, 36 and Terrell Young, 30, after they observed what officers described as “suspicious activity.” The Honda slammed into the Jeep Baker was driving. Officers were. The resulting collision triggered a fire that killed the Chiwengo and the two men police were following. Murdered by Baltimore PD

No Photo Available-001Alfred Nelson 36, (paranoid schizophrenic) Oct. 30, 2002 Staten Island NY- Nelson was taken to the emergency room of a psychiatric hospital in Staten Island, NY, where police said the 6-foot-2, 275-pound man became violent and had to be subdued with pepper spray, medication, and physical force. Nelson, who battled paranoid schizophrenia for 15 years, was pinned by a dozen people, including several cops, and injected with medication. He was pronounced dead an hour later. The city medical examiner ruled Nelson’s death a homicide by asphyxia that aggravated a heart condition. A grand jury heard testimony from 30 witnesses in the case, but declined to issue any indictments. Murdered by hospital security firm Burns Security

Bio’s for all 350 Unarmed Victims HERE


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