Racist Store Workers Refuse To Take Money From A Black Child

thank you RANDA MORRIS

A disturbing video that was uploaded to facebook 10-21-14 and shows several convenience store employees refusing to accept money from a black child. The scene was recorded at a 7-Eleven store in Alexandria, Virginia. As a little boy, who is being held by his father, tries to pay for a bag of chips, the three workers can be seen refusing to take the money out of the child’s hand. The video goes on for a minute and a half, as angry and frustrated customers of the store tell the workers to take the child’s money.

It wasn’t until a white woman standing next to the boy and his father finally spoke up, paying for the child’s chips herself, that the workers finally rang up and cashed out the sale. The woman can be heard saying as she pushes the money at one of the cashiers:

“You all are acting like crazy people. You are in the customer service business.”

Clearly distraught by what she has just witnessed, the woman then tells the workers:
“I am going to report you to the 7-Eleven franchise. All three of you.”

Acxording to the person who posted the video, Jeramey Williams, the video shows exactly what it looks like, blatant racism. Williams wrote:

” 7/11 clerk refuses to sale (sic) bag of chips to African American customer for no reason in Alexandria Va. Little Black Boy wouldnt hav (sic) gotten the chips if the nice white lady didnt put the money in the clerks hand… “

The facebook page operated by the 7-Eleven franchise has received a slew of comments about the video. The company has been responding to individual posts with similar versions of the following comment:

Fullscreen capture 10222014 112118 PM


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