Officer Repeatedly Sprayed Mace in Woman’s Vagina

A New Mexico woman suffered for weeks with painful urination and swollen, burning genitals after an officer repeatedly sprayed mace inside of her vagina to “punish” her.

Executive Director Peter Simonson,of the ACLU, New Mexico said in an interview “It’s tantamount to torture. It’s just the maliciousness, the wanton disregard, wanton maliciousness that the corrections officer demonstrated”.

Marlene Tapia was apparently arrested for a drug-related issue. She was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center, where two officers made her strip naked. They then forced her to bend over at the waist.

The officers claimed Tapia had a “plastic baggie” in her vagina and rather than sending her to medical staff to get it removed, one of the officers began spraying mace inside Tapia as punishment.

The officer who sprayed the chemical agent was reportedly disciplined. The control office says; “both of these officers are STILL on the job and have not been fired.”

Simonson says the ACLU is proceeding with a lawsuit to “ensure that these sorts of things don’t happen to another person.”

View the court records HERE:


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