Until You Get Mad It’s Going To Get Worse

Thank you Deloris Gantt


I am saddened tonight. I had mixed feelings about all the protest going around until I talk to my children. As a mother of five young boys I realize that their chance to reach 21 is endangered. My 15 year old is already stereotyped as a thug because he wears a hoodie or beanie despite the fact it is 30 degrees out side. My ten year old is a prethug although he is a straight A student and plays basketball because he loves caps and jerseys. My nine year old is already a scientist but he too will be considered a danger to society because he is black. My 5 and 7 year olds have to hope to make it to 15 because they come from an environment where thugs are considered breeded. My 15 year old told them today if the police say something to you just get on your knees with your hands up so that the police can beat you up. Pray and stay still so you can live to testify. This brought tears to my eyes. Then on the radio they mention a bill passed in Chicago about it being illegal to video the police, in fact it will be a felony. I asked my children what do you think we can do to change all of this. My oldest said “Mom I am doomed but to save them you have to join the revolution because until you get mad it is going to get worse. How do you think Oscar Grant and Travon Martin mothers feel, do you want to be on the news like Michael Browns mom. Now is the time to be mad not when you have to plan my funeral.” Damn **** just got real, when we should be discussing college we are talking about death. Our sons are in trouble and yes I think some protest should be more peaceful but no one pays attention to them. I think that no protest is condoning it. I am working with my son on a proposal to start a Mother’s protest. Save our sons. Why are we so blind to what is happening and in denial about the rights of black people? So what, it is an inconvenience that a road is blocked or some stuff is burning down. Our kids are dying to injustice. And all we do is tear up stuff. Shame on you black people that say they shouldn’t of never done that, what if that is your child or you. Let’s join our young people and help them with the struggle even if it is mentoring them and coming up with better ways of drawing attention to this problem and fighting for their civil rights. Even murders get to see a judge why are our children sentences to death. I urge everyone to be involved in their community and fight for lives.

Authored by Deloris Gantt

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