Pro-Slavery Fairview Park Auxiliary Cop


Aaron McNamara is a young auxiliary officer at the Fairview Park police department [Update: “was” an auxiliary officer with Fairview police; he resigned less than an hour after this story was posted], climbing up the law enforcement ladder as he finishes his college degree this semester with dreams of becoming a federal agent, he says. On social media, he says he’s gone through training with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and this June he tweeted he was “Officially sworn in with the Fairview Park Police Department. Wow, this feels good. #DreamChasing.”

He also has many thoughts about African Americans.

Over the past two years, McNamara has been commenting on YouTube videos — mostly about black people and law enforcement — regularly dropping racial and gay slurs, unambiguously expressing hatred towards minorities and anyone who dare not comply with what police say. He calls black people in videos “jungle monkeys,” “spooks,” and worse. He commented on a video of a young black child swearing, saying “This is how cop killers are raised my friends.” He’s also a fan of when police officers shoot and rough up non-compliant civilians. The comments appeared on his Youtube and Google+ accounts that were deleted. Here’s a selection:

On Feb. 28 of this year, McNamara comments on a video called “Hood fight”:

Cop 1

Cop 2

On November 28, in a story about the death of Tamir Rice, McNamara opined that “it is absolutely ridiculous that the police are criticized for this!” and that his parents should be charged with murder:

cop 4

We brought up the accounts to McNamara via direct messages on Twitter. He denied that they were his, saying “That is not my account” and “I’m not the only Aaron McNamara in this world.”

But here’s how we know the YouTube and Google+ commenter “Aaron McNamara” is the same Aaron McNamara at the Fairview Park police department: He regularly commented on videos that he lives in the Cleveland area and was training to be cop. And on the same account, he uploaded a video of himself — showing a clear picture of his face, unmistakably the person on his recent social media accounts — and titled it with his full first, middle and last names. His full name matches up.

After his denials, that information was brought up to McNamara. He then blocked us on Twitter, locked that account from public view — changing his header picture of him in uniform to a skyline shot of Cleveland — and deleted his Instagram profile. Even more damning, however, those Youtube and Google+ accounts were deactivated and deleted within minutes; the same accounts he said were not from him.

After it was confirmed it was the same person (and he deleted everything), we reached out to Fairview Park police chief Erich Upperman for comment and included the texts of many of McNamara’s comments included in this to let him know what was coming. Here’s his response:

cop 5

On his previously public Twitter account, McNamara has chimed in about the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, stating on Nov. 26 “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6,” and stating of protesters “You’ll burn the American flag but you’re quick to cash that Obama check! Parasites.” He has many more tweets of that ilk.

Here are a few more screenshots from the Youtube account he deleted.

cop 6

cop 7

If further proof is needed that the YouTube commenter and the auxiliary officer are the same person, here’s a side-by-side comparison of a video uploaded three years ago — his full name included — on the same YouTube account that comments came from and an Instagram photo McNamara posted this year. (That video was shown to McNamara via Twitter direct message and he said “Looks identical to me? That kid is about 80lbs smaller.”

cop 8

cop 9

UPDATE: Racist Cop Resigns After Being Exposed Saying African Americans Should Still Be Slaves

Officer Aaron McNamara has been an auxiliary officer with the Fairview Park police department. But that all ended today, as he just put in his resignation after being exposed for his overtly racist comments.

Throughout his social media accounts, he has said that African Americans are “jungle monkeys,” as well as “spooks,” and should still be enslaved!

Commenting on a video of a young African American child using “no-no words,” he said: “This is how cop killers are raised my friends.”

Here are some of the comments that were screen-captured before he deleted them, and finally resigned just today!

On February 28th of this year, he commented on a video called “Hood fight”, saying the following incredibly offensive comments:

“Abolishing slavery was the worst thing we could have done. These people should be exterminated.. Unbelievable.”

To give the guy the benefit of the doubt, or if police racism and brutality apologist were already composing their responses to explain why this is not him, Aaron McNamara’s resignation letter admits this is all him and that he has no one to blame for his resignation but himself.

I, Aaron McNamara was recently informed of the racial remarks I posted on in my juvenile years. The comments I made in those particular videos were a product of my youth and immaturity; by no means am I a prejudice individual. I am an advocate for equality, and I am highly disappointed in myself for the statements I had previously made. I cannot recollect of the most recent comment I was accused of making in February, 2014, but I am not denying the claim.

By no means do the comments I had previously made represent the beliefs of the Fairview Park Police Dept. I have striven to the best of my capabilities to support the city of Fairview Park, and help better community relations with all individuals, from all walks of life.

At my current age of (20), I am ashamed of myself for making those particular remarks, and I am extremely regretful of it. if there was any way possible I could retract those statements, I would be glad to do so.

All prejudice remarks were strictly on I have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I have never made a racial slur on any of those networks.

I am also confirming that I am resigning from the Fairview Park Police Auxiliary Unit.

Aaron McNamara

A press release that was sent out by the police department this afternoon adds the following:

After close of business yesterday, an email was received from Doug Brown, Staff writer at Cleveland Scene Magazine, concerning racially charged comments made by a member of our volunteer auxiliary force and posted to the internet.

An investigation was immediately initiated and a request was sent to Mr Brown asking him to provide any and all information, including user/account names, video, pictures and posts. This request was sent so that we could verify that the author of the posts was indeed our volunteer, as it was indicated by Mr. Brown that all accounts had been closed and no longer able to be viewed online. That information has not yet been received.

Volunteers in the Auxiliary Force are non-sworn members with no arrest authority. They assist with parades, traffic control, service oriented calls and locking up our parks. The volunteer had been with our agency less than six months and was not yet even allowed out on his own, having only put in 45 hours in the last 5 months.

The City of Fairview Park does not tolerate this type of conduct from any person working or volunteering for this city. During his brief tenure with our agency, the volunteer never displayed any prejudicial leanings, nor did any arise during his background check. In the course of the investigation, he was interviewed, and upon it’s conclusion, was asked to resign. He is no longer a member of our agency.”

This is just one cop of many. This is one of those officers who friends, family and many members of the community might have actually thought was one of the “good cops.” But when his behind-the-scenes comments were outed and shown for all to see, there was really no denying it.

How many other cops are out there who are just like him, waiting to be exposed?


One thought on “Pro-Slavery Fairview Park Auxiliary Cop

  1. Excellent report. This is one less of too many that eventually may be exposed. Over the years, from Facebook, Twitter, AOL etc., I’ve read comments such as those made by McNamara and worse. YouTube is rife with racism, including personal blogs. Therefore, it isn’t any surprise that McNamara, face to face, never appeared to be what he so easily expressed from behind a screen.

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