Spring Valley High School Police Violence


The department looked at cellphone videos taken from the classroom and interviewed witnesses’ concluding “the maneuvers Deputy Ben Fields used in the confrontation were ‘not acceptable’, Deputy Fields has been fired”.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Fields had no prior complaints against him during his seven years at Spring Valley, however students called Deputy Fields “Officer Slam” and Fields has been sued twice for excessive force. Sheriff Lott was caught in another lie when he said “she only suffered a rug burn”. However according to her attorney “she has a cast on her arm, she has neck and back injuries”.

Sheriff Lott went on to say “people shouldn’t “lose sight” that the student’s unruly behavior set off the incident” What she did doesn’t justify what our deputy did. It doesn’t justify his actions, but she needs to be held responsible for what she did”. Sheriff Lott is blaming the victim for the violence and excusing Fields with the Wife Beater defense! “She made me hit her!” “It was her fault”

At least 2 other students were arrested; Niya Kenny police claim was also “contributing to the chaos “witnessed the officer put his arm around her classmate’s neck”. One of the 3 teens who recorded the incident was also arrested. A student with the last name of Robinson said “The girl was new to the class and she didn’t talk to anyone… None of the class even knew what she’d done. The teacher asked her for her phone, but she said “no”. An administrator was called to the room and told her to get out of get up, but she didn’t. “She really hadn’t done anything wrong” “She said that she had took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second.” Even though she didn’t comply the girl was apologetic. Deputy Fields was called to the classroom and had another student move her desk, then Fields shut off the victim girl’s computer and moved it out of the way. Robinson got a bad feeling so he began videotaping. Deputy Fields told the girl “will you move, will you move.’ She said ‘no I have not done anything wrong. Then Fields said I’m going to treat you fairly. And she said ‘I don’t even know who you are”. Moments later, Fields viciously attacked her.

FOX News interviewed Mark Fuhrman, I’m sure most people remember him; the disgraced former detective and convicted felon of the LAPD; the cop who botched the O.J. Simpson evidence and is infamous for a 1985 taped interview with screenwriter Laura Hart McKinny “Yeah we work with niggers and gangs. You can take one of these niggers, drag ’em into the alley and beat the shit out of them and kick them. You can see them twitch. It really relieves your tension. We had them begging that they’d never be gang members again, begging us.” He said that he would tell them, “You do what you’re told, understand, nigger?”

Fuhrman’s response to Deputy Field’s attacking the student videotape “He verbalized, he made contact, he verbalized, he was polite. He requested her. He verbally did that. The next level is he put a hand on her. She escalated it from there. He used soft control. He threw her on the ground, he handcuffed her. He didn’t use mace. He didn’t use a Taser. He didn’t use a stick. He didn’t kick her. He didn’t hit her. He didn’t choke her. He used a minimal amount of force necessary to effect an arrest.”

If a parent had been recorded abusing their child in this manner police would have hauled the parent off to jail and Child Protective Services would place the child in Foster Care.

Its good Deputy Fields was fired, now he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent, sent to prison and placed in general population.

Assault 1

Assault 2

Assault 3

Assault 4

Assault 5

Assault 6

Assault 7

Assault 8



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