My Best Christmas Ever


Kristeen 767-001

My best Christmas ever was the first we spent in Colorado 1981. We were so broke we couldn’t afford anything. My oldest son was 11 at the time and late Christmas Eve he and his best friend crossed a busy street to the abandoned Christmas tree lot, climbed the fence, grabbed a tree and tossed it over and ran like the wind before the cops caught them. All night long the 2 boys cut snowflakes out of lined school paper. Christmas morning I walked into my empty living room and there before me stood the most beautiful Christmas Tree covered in paper love.


2015 Christmas from my oldest son Rudy TwoMoon who handcrafted this beautiful necklace

Kris xmas Rudy 2015-1
Kris xmas Rudy 2015-2
Kris xmas Rudy 2015-3
Kris xmas Rudy 2015-4


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