Snake Oil History

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon



If you think the worst thing to happen in amerikkka history was the 1913 fed reserve takeover. …..then you don’t understand history whatsoever.

Let me remind you of the great manifest destiny times starting in, oh say, 1492 and ending……..maybe someday in the future.

1978 (yes i said 1978 and not 1878) was the year it became legal for 1st nations to practice our spiritual beliefs without fear of jail time …..(but let me share a secret, we weren’t all let out of prison until 1982-83 because the states didn’t want to let us people out, for profit purposes and of course just to keep us contained).

Ya know, prior to 1913 we kinda had a hard time with amerikkkans. Ya know, the casual genocide, land takes, re-education, forced religion, biological warfare, reservations, food rationing, eugenics, buffalo and fish exterminations, imprisonment for being born, ya know, the same ol bullshit that occurs when a militarized occupying force invades another’s homeland.

If you actually believe Americas problems occurred because of some federal reserve took over the white man’s stolen property and replaced it with false promissory notes of no value, then you may have been educated by the same militarized occupying force used on us, and un-education on your part should be highly considered.

One thought on “Snake Oil History

  1. It’s almost comical how tainted history truly is. Napoleon Bonaparte was no different from his white counterparts but at least he was honest about his observations. Another favorite quote of his… “Religion is all that keeps the poor from killing the rich” How true it is.

    But it doesn’t take a genius to see what the real problem is in this world. Real history reveals just who the cancer has been since day 1, and that is why it’s being systematically destroyed.

    The same people who raped, murdered, stole and cheated everybody else on this planet out of decent lives just ignore it then lie about it. Real history will soon be extinct, replaced with nonsense by insane racists and narcissist cowards. Idiots, liars and thieves who place themselves on pedestals and portray themselves as good, while pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for their own misery.

    We have a country full of ignorant inbred morons yelling “build a wall” and “make America great again”. O.K. So lets give the real Americans their land back, build the wall and shut the door on our way out so they can make their home great once again…. like before the white European bottom feeders came here and reproduced these idiots.

    Funny how those people entered the same way these moronic geniuses don’t want others doing now. How smart they are? Obviously if something is ruined it’s because of them.

    Everywhere they go, everything they touch, all turns to shit, and then they have the nerve to yell “get out of my country” and “make it great again”.

    Sigh… How people so damn dumb could have been in control for this long is beyond me.

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