Stories From the Frontline Jan. 1 thru Feb. 28, 2017


Photo Essay 1904-1924 ‘The North American Indian’
Born on a Wisconsin farm in 1868, Edward Sheriff Curtis grew up to become a commercial photographer in Seattle. In 1895 he photographed Princess Angeline, the daughter of the Duwamish chief Seattle, for whom the city was named. That encounter sparked Curtis’ lifelong fascination with the cultures and lives of Native American tribes. He soon joined expeditions to visit tribes in Alaska and Montana. In 1906, Curtis was approached by wealthy financier J.P. Morgan, who was interested in funding a documentary project on the indigenous people of the continent. They conceived a 20-volume series, called The North American Indian. Continue Reading


2-26-17 ~ White Wolf Pack… Powerful Photos of the final hours at Standing Rock
The Oceti Sakowin camp was the largest of several temporary camps on the northern edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. Protectors have been living on this land for months, in support of members of the Standing Rock Sioux.

The North Dakota Joint Information Center reports that 46 people were arrested. Others left the camp voluntarily throughout the day, according to a news release from the center.
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2-26-17 ~ ‎Andrea Zanardi‎
Okay.. Yes..
The enemy is great.
The enemy reinforced the ramparts and became more aggressive.
Waving like a flag his power for frighten us.
So what should we do? forget it? Let them do?
Remain silent? Leave our home with tail between the legs?
And what to say to our brothers and sisters who have sacrificed?
What to do of the tears, the pain suffered and the shed blood?
Think about the paradox of this struggle:
the enemy has deployed hordes of police, soldiers, National Guards.
Missing only the Marines and the Navy Seals. For what?
To counter a peaceful people movement and unarmed. Surreal.
The enemy knows only this language. Just this!
But we do not. We have different ways to go.
After a losing battle remain two things:
At first, the anger and the pain that he had to back away.
And then the pride and the desire for justice that do raise and continue the fight.
We are able to learn from everything .. it is victory or defeat.
In recent months we have learned a lot and we will treasure it all.
Sooner or later all the chickens come home to roost .. the rope eventually breaks.
And while they are still on their static certainties,
we grow and there we spread.
The enemy fights for base money.
We are fighting for human rights.
The difference is great and sooner or later events show which fight is more important.
Hug the Brothers and Sisters who have paid the price of this battle.
I can only promise that: We don’t give up! They can make us back away, they can hit us,
They can pretend that we take the despair.
But if they think this, then they have not understood anything.
They can try to stop those who fight for a just cause,
but the Revolution .. The Change .. are Unstoppable!
We take a breath, we take care of the wounds, we remain united and ready for the next step.
Surrender is not an option.
Hoka Hey, beloved Brothers and Sisters!..


2-26-17 ~ Tee Dub… To anyone who had made it to camp you would know how truly a special place it was. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”


2-26-17 ~ I ILM Team San Francisco, CA … (Standing Rock, ND) Kate Arrington was arrested last night by Federal GFP officers at the prairie Knights casino.

Kate is what the water protectors are calling a keyboard warrior as she worked diligently on covering the events at Standing Rock and pushing media out from her hotel room at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. Kate is well known in the Water Protector community and many are wondering why this mother, daughter and sister was arrested as her role in Standing Rock is providing the public with valid and factual information VIA Facebook and other media outlets. Her friends say she hasn’t done anything wrong besides covering standing Rock as media.

As the days role onward media in Standing Rock fear their rights may be violated by the militia police presence in and around Standing Rock.

What does one do when law no longer protects us as citizens of the United States and what does one do to protect themselves against illegal arrests and raids?

We will provide more information as it comes available.
ILM Team
San Francisco, CA


2-26-17 ~ Jana Stone… Our vision with the Rise of the 7th Generation/Blackhoop camp was to provide a safe space for fleeing refugees from the other camps, to at least rest a bit before their next move, and we succeeded in that, at least for awhile. But tribal land ownership is fractioned and complicated and we’re not totally legal to be here after all. We will be after probate on Thursday but the raid is tomorrow. We feel sure that’s why our eviction notice was originally 10 days but was soon shrunk to 5. DAPL’s influence is far reaching.

So, now we are to be the refugees, again, alongside all these other traumatized folks. We came to protect the water and indigenous rights, and we sure shed a lot of light on both. We are invited to join Sacred Stone as well as CRST, but we don’t know what we will do. We’re tired. Our trucks are broke.

The Humvees arrived at the barricade late last night. The wolves are near.



2-25-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Propane tanks used for heat are being banned at Sacred Stone Camp. Also water is being limited. Rosebud has a real militarized presence now!

Hours ago BIA blocked propane delivery used for heating at Sacred Stone Camp at their barricaded checkpoint. Reports of one water jug per person coming in. Feds including Park Rangers are all over the area. Rosebud Camp is now currently under what looks like a military occupation with the same vehicles used in the Oceti Oyate Camp Raid.

Invading a prayer camp would be shameful but when has that stopped the colonizers.

When have they listened to prayer?

I watched them destroy an inipi (Lakota Sweatlodge) from he hill up on Rosebud less than an hour after a grandmother was arrested praying outside it after not being able to finish her prayers.

I hope they listen to the prayers everyone is sending but I fear they will not.


2-25-17 ~ Hector Lavalle… “The 35-page legal analysis of the pipeline’s potential environmental risks and its impact on treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous tribes was authored in December by then-Interior Department Solicitor Hilary C. Tompkins, an Obama appointee who was — at the time — the top lawyer in the department.

“The government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Tribes calls for enhanced engagement and sensitivity to the Tribes’ concerns,” Tompkins wrote. “The Corps is accordingly justified should it choose to deny the proposed easement.”

Tompkins’ opinion was dated Dec. 4, the same day the Obama administration announced that it was denying an easement for the controversial crossing and initiating an environmental impact statement that would explore alternative routes for the pipeline. Tompkins did not respond to a request by ABC News to discuss her analysis or the decision made to withdraw it.”


2-25-17 ~ Julie Kurylowicz … BIA preparing for blockade to #SacredStoneCamp 2/25 This report : Propane Delivery person to Sacred Stone relaying what BIA checkpoint person said. No Propane Delivery allowed tomorrow as scheduled because both Sacred Stone and new 7 Generation camps to be cleared 2/26 . Let us not forget that ,apart from anything else, LaDonna was given permission and blessings to open Sacred Stone Camp last April by SRST Council,now the same people partnering with BIA.all federal agencies to bring this Shame upon their own people and allies. This divide and conquer is the oldest war tactic there is,but they UNDERESTIMATE the power of this movement. #BoycottNorthDakota Now.


2-24-17 ~ Alison Rossiter … “They just showed they can change the rules at anytime to suit them, they just showed stuff what’s right, we want it sorry rules have changed to suit us and get people excited about money and jobs, greed has taken over pipes will break because they have shown what they want greed. Compassion is what needed and stand for what is right is what is important, kids family and people will remember and not forget what treacherous act you have done to many good and peaceful families that lived there shame on you, the people will not forget and our generation will grow with caution not trust in what the law has proceeded to consciously go ahead even though it is completely wrong. You may as well not own your homes or stand up for what is right because if they want it they will take it they are evil” Alison Rossiter


2-24-17 ~ The White House lies AGAIN.
“The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reacted to yesterday’s false claims by White House Press Secretary Spicer that “our team has been in contact with all the parties involved” and also claimed that “we are constantly in touch with them” regarding the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).

In fact, no one from the Administration has contacted the tribe according to a press statement sent to Native News Online this morning regarding issue. The tribe maintains Spicer twice lied about the President’s promise to negotiate a solution between Tribes and Energy Transfer Partners.


2-24-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Breaking News: BIA is invading Rosebud Camp! Share!! 20 trucks entering main gate: BIA has full control of Rosebud Camp, 2nd camp raided today.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier calls for the end of the BIA!
Send Prayers of Strength!
Share with the world the truth!

2-24-17 ~ Chase Iron Eyes. … Drilling complete under Missouri River reports DAPL, 43 days early…

2-24-17 ~ Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey… Yesterday’s events were difficult to document and witness, the independent media teams on the ground worked to make sure the narrative was told properly. While the camp was invaded by excessive military presence the drill pad was working away.


2-24-17 ~ Jordan Chariton … #NoDAPL BREAKING: North Dakota oil police owed $30 million in overtime…pricey business brutalizing unarmed people w/ militarized weapons on behalf on an oil company (who has publicly offered to pay overtime costs).


2-25-17 ~ Andrea Zanardi‎ … I hoped would not end this way.
Deep down I knew that, despite the great heart and great courage, evil would win. And ‘so it was.

Evil has bitten the brake, waited patient and then exploded in all its violence, vulgar, trampling Rights, Justice and Intelligence. Has burned, has crashed and destroyed .. slapped freedom and smothered in blood and tears a whole people.

Peaceful protests are as crystal: beautiful, fascinating and stimulating as extremely and sadly fragile.

Peaceful protests, to get results, take time and opponents with common sense, logical skills and a modicum of humanity.

Unfortunately, in the specific case of North Dakota, the time was not enough .. and the opponent was none other than a rabid monster, able to use only violence and money to achieve their personal goals.

You can not reason with those who are unable to communicate .. you can not deal with those who impose their will by threatening and military force .. you can not extend the hands to those who just want ammanettarle .. you can not explain your reasons to who do you tip him a weapon ready to shoot you.

Hard to talk to those who don’t listen .. difficult to show alternatives to those who can’t see beyond their nose .. hard to find meeting points with those who only know the language of violence.

In recent months, my brothers and my sisters in Standing Rock, showed a myopic world courage and self-sacrifice out of the ordinary .. have withstood the infamous militia of the government, the senseless violence, the unjustified arrests and cold winter and ruthless.
In recent days it has consumed the sad final momentary (?) of this History page.
I’m hurt to see our world remain silent and walk towards a shitty future like nothing had happened .. insensitive to the sacrifices made and the true values.

My heart is destroyed, tears in his eyes and the soul closer to my brothers and my sisters.
But there is still alive anger and hope that this struggle remains exemplary and is repeated in every place where the arrogance of power tries to trample on Human Rights.
Standing Rock has planted a seed.
Grow something.

2-24-17 ~ Faces and voices from the stand at Standing Rock – Reveal


2-24-17 ~ Natalie Finch… In Loving Memory of the Oceti Sakowin encampment at Standing Rock 2016 – Feb 22, 2017


2-24-17 ~ Rob Wilson Photography… A Water Protector praying on the bank of the Cannon Ball River in front of the line of Riot Police that completed the takeover of the Oceti Sakowin Camp.


2-24-17 ~ Saul David Madrigal … It has been sad day for America. Welcome to the police state. You will follow your orders or be imprisoned and beaten if you resist. You have no rights. There are no laws that protect you. You are here to prop up the rich, your masters, your overlords.

We had unarmed civilians standing up for their rights, their treaty lands, the water, the air, with lethal weapons pointed at them. Journalists with credentials were walked off in hand cuffs. A civilian waiting for a tow truck on a public highway threatened by armed military personnel and militarized police in riot gear. There were groups of unarmed civilians, forced onto unstable ice over a river as swat teams cattle them.

The Standing Rock movement has indirectly created a training ground for the implementation of Marshal Law, for the police state, for the NWO. We have National Guard, federal and state law enforcement personnel and equipment from multiple states. They have been brainwashed and trained to follow orders and dehumanize those who stand against tyranny. They do not realize that they are on the same side of history as the Nazis in Germany. They are deaf, blind, dumb, and born to follow.

The mistake they made, however, was that while driving blindly towards us with all their force, they woke the world up and a new Army of protectors has risen. An Army who will never back down, for we know, the future of civilization depends on us. The time for rest is over. Every able minded and able bodied person alive on this planet today must take action, NOW. Find out what you are good at and perfect it and then teach your neighbor or friend. We can take back control, but it will take every single one of us, working tirelessly and supporting each other.
Game on.
Saul David Madrigal


2-24-17 ~ Energy transfer partners in a court document claims now that the drilling for the Dakota Access Pipeline is finished.

This is 43 days before their projected finish date of 60 more days needed to drill. They were projected to finish somewhere around April 8th if the drilling did commence on February 8th. This may be proof and it is a strong possibility that they were illegally drilling in times before the easement was granted. They claim they can lay the Pipeline under the river and have oil flowing by march 6th – April 1st.

The Standing Rock Sioux, Cheyanne River Sioux, and Oglala Sioux Tribes all have pending court dates suing Energy Transfer partners and DAPL. On February 27th the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe have a hearing in Washington DC about their temporary restraining order to stop drilling based on the religious freedom and restoration act and the American Indian religious freedom act. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is suing Energy Transfer Partners and DAPL on the basis of upholding the national historic preservation act, the tribal conservational provisions act and the Environmental Policy Act.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is suing on the basis of the adequacy of the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) and whether or not the Trump administration was arbitrary and wrongfully discarded the EIS all together to allow the drilling to continue. The Yankton Sioux Tribe is expected to file a lawsuit as well to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
This fight is not over ! As Chase IronEyes stated earlier today. We must adapt. There are still the Sacred Stone and the Black Hoop camp remaining. They can’t stop us. #nodapl #standingrock


2-24-17 ~ Mashugashon Mesha Camp… “The next few days the media will focus on the trash and clean up at camp. The government would not let us clean up. They will make it ugly when the reality is if they had given us another week camp would be cleaned and everyone would have been moved … it was so unrealistic to not give the extra time. The mud after the snow melt was so deep .. So please please do not buy into their narrative..” – Mashugashon Mesha Camp


2-24-17 ~ ‎Isaac Ames‎ … Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

As I write this I reflect on the past few months, they’ve been cold and they’ve been difficult at times, not everyone agreed on the path and each chose their own according to their heart. There was conflict but that doesn’t matter anymore, what we have is a bond that can never be broken. Let us lift each other up in prayer, appreciation, and thankfulness. I do not agree with the path chosen by law enforcement, but I will pray for them as well. I will pray that their hearts will be turned one day and they will learn to walk the Red Road with all of us.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

Personally I would like to mention Jameson Dargen being the last holding ground at Oceti, sitting on a roof, holding the North Dakota flag, and not coming down until he decided to. He didn’t fight or antagonize; only engaged in peaceable protest and communication. That was his stand and I will always be honored to call him friend.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

One fire has been extinguished, but millions more are being ignited from it and from each that burns inside everyone of us; and one fire can ignite a wildfire that is unquenchable that can spread across nations and beyond oceans of distance and time.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

Regardless of circumstances, we have each other and those we’ve never met, those we may never meet. Regardless of what comes tomorrow, we have today. We have our love for the sacred and respect for it, this can never be taken from us.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

You are life, you are love, and you are everything you ever dreamed to be. From now until your last days, remember, you stood on a good side of history.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.
Mni Wiconi.


Photos courtesy of Myron Dewey
2-24-17 ~ Linda Black Elk… Border Patrol being used to intimidate and monitor the Indigenous people of this land….this is almost too ironic for words. He has a weapon


2-24-17 ~ Tom Goldtooth … The following is a statement by Tom Goldtooth, the Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network:

“We are appalled by today’s forced evacuations of indigenous people at the Camp at Standing Rock, they are a violent and unnecessary infringement on the constitutional right of water protectors to peacefully protest and exercise their freedom of speech. It hinders the camp cleanup process and creates confusion and chaos that puts the Missouri River at risk of pollution from construction and camping debris.

“Today’s expulsion is a continuation of a centuries old practice, where the U.S. Government forcefully removes Indigenous people from our lands and territories. We urge supporters of the water protectors to continue to resist this travesty by organizing mass mobilizations, distributed actions, speaking out against the violations of the Treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation, and continuing to source up the capacity for litigation and grassroots organizing against the Dakota Access pipeline.

“Our hearts are not defeated. The closing of the camp is not the end of a movement or fight, it is a new beginning. They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started. It burns within each of us. We will rise, we will resist, and we will thrive. We are sending loving thoughts to the water protectors along the banks of the Cannonball River, today. May everyone be as safe as can be. #noDAPL”


2-24-17 ~ Lyla June and Jodi Archambault Gillette are both correct. We scored a major victory on Feb 22-23 but the war is not over.
Why is it a victory?
Vietnam fighting in pajamas went up against the greatest super power on Earth and won. The USA had greater fire power and never lost a single battle, yet they lost the war. How can that be?

In war is that we have a condition called “moral authority”. The USA claims that they have the moral authority to fight communism because it was evil. They lost the moral authority when Americans start seeing dead children and women bombed and killed by the Americans. Also, the public was against the soldiers coming home dead in a war they did not want to participate in.

The USA had declared victory but during the Tet offensive that image of victory was shattered when troops poured into the capital city of Vietnam.

They pulled out of the war shortly after because public opinion and protests were crippling the America economy. The USA had lost their moral authority.

Victory at Standing Rock?
Flash forward to Standing Rock. When troops, armor vehicles and militarized police rolled into Standing Rock to arrest little old ladies, unarmed people in prayer and to occupy Treaty lands, the USA lost their “moral authority”. All mainstream media and alternative media covered it.

People all over the world are now even more outraged about the mistreatment of indigenous peoples.

This is the beginning of the end of Dakota Access Pipeline. Even if they finish the pipeline and oil flows through it, all the banks, governments and USA that support the pipelines will be crippled by the people of the world taking out the anger on the USA.

The USA has always claimed “moral authority” to be the heart and soul of the world. They preach that American capitalism is the best. How many people around the world and in the USA believe this narrative anymore?

Next Steps?
The Great Sioux Nation is well on its way to victory.
– 350 to 700 indigenous nations have come together
– indigenous issues are at the forefront of the world stage
– water, land and treaty rights are in the forefront
– injustice for indigenous peoples and oppressed peoples are in alliance with one another
– the USA moral authority is no longer existent for pipelines

The SRST tribal council are not the enemy and the water protectors are not the enemy. The enemy is ETP, DAPL, banks and the system that supports their oppression.
Just a reminder that the fight is not over. The SRST still needs our full support to fight the battle in the courts and elsewhere. We may be judging the Chairman too harshly without knowing all the circumstances and all the information like Jodi Archambault-Gillette said with the slice and dice video taken out of context.

Most important aspect in the Art of War from Sun Tzu is “The Will of the People”. You lose the support of the nation and you lose the war. The leader must regain the trust of the people and the people must trust the leadership. Moral authority is a double edge sword. Time for a serious heart to heart pow wow for the tribal council to unite with the water protectors to defeat the black snake.

This confusion happened because outside forces are now controlling how the story is being written and told. It is no fault of anyone.

It is time to fix the problem.
>>>>>—David Kam, Ambassador of Free Nations ——>


2-24-17 ~ NDResponse… What a bunch of bs ..from nazi nd
Honoring a flag left behind at the Oceti Sakowin camp, law enforcement takes a moment in evacuation efforts to properly respect the symbol that represents our #freedom. #NDResponse #America #DAPL Supporting Our Veterans Morton County Sheriff’s Department North Dakota National Guard

Nate Curley It’s all for show!!! They only show what people want them to see. What they really don’t want people to see is the brutality that the unarmed protestors received at the hands of the cops.
Mnêmosynê VT Aú So the flag gets more respect than the people it represents. What a travesty.
Marcus Diaz Wow the nerve to use the word freedom when you just used force to move people. They probably took the flag down themselves and said natives left it on ground. America the imperialists
Jeryl Black Bear What a load of SHIT!!! Of All the Flags flown at the Camps, this flag, so “Happens” to be the Biggest and Cleanest flag, there on site!!! With Kirschmeir right there!!! Our Veterans would have NEVER left that or ANY flag behind…… Morton County at its Best… With yet Another Lie….
Maria Elena These cops are bottom feed