Orgenetic Healing

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Healing: (per Google Dictionary)
Noun: the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
“the gift of healing”

Adjective: tending to heal; therapeutic.
“a healing experience”
Healing: (per Dr. Julie)

A total experience encompassing all aspects of our being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual such that we are brought into greater and greater alignment with our Creator so that best expression of the unlimited nature of love and life can be fully expressed in every part of our lives, such that we can participate in our families, communities and world with compassion and strength.

I, like most trained in medicine have vacillated through the years between believing in this kind of total restoration and shying back to the “safety” of solid medical science. Perhaps I could more precisely say: I have looked for demonstration of the totality of healing within the realm of the physical first and all other aspects of self, second.

However, in my own healing journey and in the process of supporting and coaching others on theirs, I have learned we cannot confine ourselves to observations of physical change as our moniker of how successful a healing process is. It limits, leaving us to feel abandoned and let down when physical things don’t shift or change, and can blind us to bigger healings happening all the time. I think, nowhere in my professional experience has this been more poignantly demonstrated than in DNA Activations, as I have for much of this time, relegated proclamations of change with large regard to the physical and much smaller regard to everything else.

But this was a mistake, or rather an oversight, largely enacted because it is nearly impossible to quantify non-physical healing aka Spiritual Healing. Every time we venture there, people get shy about their proclamations, stating them demurely, or with a disclaimer that it could all be coincidence or maybe even just a natural unfolding because of all other healing modalities they have endeavored on in their life. The thing is, in most of our cases, we have indeed been working towards this our entire lives, all the work we did certainly does play a part and all the effort we put in is paying off because for the first time, the core language speaking at our root is not muffled, hindered or altered by the “rust” of everything we have unwittingly carried forward.

I am as guilty of this as anyone, in the past, when I have been asked what has changed, I searched my mind for the physical unfoldment I experienced: reduction in pain, or disappearance of a particular pattern. I have never said what is really the truest and most life altering: my marriage is better than ever because we both have been able to drop the interlopers which sometimes spoke for us, my relationships with my children are stronger, no longer bound by perceived, learned or societally demonstrated roles and thus are honest, compassionate and truthful in ways I could have never imagined, my truth with myself is no longer hindered by guilt, or shame or self-objectification. I feel heard, and loved, and guided and supported from the inside out, and I feel proud to be me.

What is true is this type of healing gives me unfettered access to participate with myself in means and ways to heal anything else I need to heal. It gives me ways to move and eat, to supplement and nourish without basing those decisions on fear, guilt, pain, or worry. Which means that my physical restoration is unfolding in certainty now that it can be guided by the language of my Creator speaking from within rather than the language of fear, societal impression and social pressure coming from outside.

I couldn’t have understood this when I started venturing into DNA Activations, I couldn’t have even understood this during my first, or second, or third or even my fourth activation, because I was still unfolding, still removing the “rust”, I am now, almost 9 months out from the final day of my fourth activation, and my perspective continues to grow, as does my Healing, as does my Health. One truth remains strong and serves as my guiding force: It is all Spiritual, and to want it to be anything but is to diminish the potential of what is possible. In truth, I am walking out the path that my Creator has lovingly placed me on, as are you, as are we all, and there is no template for what that looks like, our only objective is to keep being willing to honor and live our truth, beauty and compassionate action as best we can, every day and this will bring I believe, restoration beyond imagining.

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