198 White Caller Crimes ~ Racial Hoaxes, Threats and Blatant Racism

Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe


It’s impossible to include every case here. We’ll never know how many Black folks were lynched or electrocuted by more refined modern means because of these kinds of lies, and there’s no telling how many innocent People of Color will lose years of life in prison. “The majority of the hoaxes involve someone White falsely claiming they were harmed by someone Black”. Criminologist and law professor Katheryn Russell-Brown recently told NPR while discussing another recent case-in-point. Racial hoaxes can work the other way, with innocent Whites targeted by Blacks or other People of Color, but the fact they so rarely do speaks to the U.S.’s pervasive institutional racism. Spin a story involving Black criminality and White innocence and it very well might go unchecked, thanks to the U.S.’s racist confirmation bias. Our entire criminal justice system is informed by White Supremacist myths and assumptions explaining why Black crime is over-reported in news media; why Blacks are more likely than Whites to go to jail for crimes they didn’t commit, serve longer sentences for the same crimes, receive the death penalty, or be placed in a pipeline leading directly from school to prison.

WHITE MAN Dallas Texas August 19, 2019 A man is caught on video calling a Black Postal Worker a “fucking jigaboo” in his demand for a form at the Trinity Mills Road Post Office. “Give me the form you asshole, you fucking jigaboo,” the unidentified man can be heard screaming in the video. He also called the worker a “fucking nigger.” Kian Salem, the 18-year-old college student who recorded the incident when he noticed the man getting louder. “I just had that gut feeling he was going to say something questionable. So I pulled out my phone. You never know these days.” Customers were able to get the man’s license plate number and give it to an employee. Although the man had left by the time Dallas police called to the scene arrived, police and the U.S. Postal Service are investigating the incident. A spokesman for the Postal Service told the news station the site can ban abusive customers from returning. It’s unclear if that will be the case with the accused man. Naylee Farjad, Salem’s mother, posted video of the accused man to her Facebook page with the words “Trigger Warning.” “Listen to this disgusting racist my kid just encountered at the post office on Trinity Mills/ Tollway in N. Dallas.” Kian Salem was in line and captured this sickening moment.” Farjad, of Middle Eastern descent said she and her son have been on the receiving end of racism before. “As soon as I saw the video, I was just enraged that someone would actually use that kind of language. I thought it was important to show people this is not in some town in the backwoods. This is in Dallas, Texas, a large modern city. Actions have consequences. And I hope that there are consequences for his actions.”

15-YEAR-OLD WHITE TEEN Birmingham Alabama August 13, 2019 The 15 year old student is facing a misdemeanor charge after he allegedly sent a classmate an “alarming message” through iPhone AirDrop. The Riverchase Career Connection Center (RC3) student allegedly sent a fellow student a message that read “tomorrow all chocolate kids will die.” The message’s recipient notified school officials, who then contacted Hoover City Police. Hoover City Schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy said “the school reviewed security camera footage from when the AirDrop message occurred. School officials knew the person responsible was in close proximity to the student who received the threatening message because AirDrop only works within a 30-foot perimeter”. After studying the footage, school officials, school resource officers, and police interviewed students identified as suspects based on the footage. A sophomore interviewee eventually confessed to sending the threatening message.

ALERO RESTAURANT WAITRESS Washington, D.C August 17, 2019 Tiff Aziz created a Facebook post about an experience she called “unreal” when she took her daughter <u>Parahdyce Aziz to the Alero restaurant. Aziz said she initially didn’t have a problem with the request to provide her ID because she was told it was the restaurant’s policy for everyone. “I complied, until I watched when a caucasian man walked in, sat next to us and ordered, his information was not collected at all. The staff didn’t even mention the policy to the white man. I felt some kind of way”. So Aziz asked to speak to a manager she identified as Roberto, and he confirmed the policy was for all people and said he would check on the discrepancy. “However, he disappeared and never checked on it at all. We waited about 20 min, the man received his drinks and food with no issues. Well I will not be back, I know for a fact that we were racially profiled. SMH!!!!” Aiesha P. described a similar experience in a Yelp review giving the restaurant one out of five stars. “This establishment is extremely racist,” she wrote in the review. “They only ask to hold African Americans ID before they even order food. I highly recommend NOT to dine here!” Although at least three other reviewers detailed similar experiences, many of the Tex-Mex restaurant’s feedback focused on the quality of food. It earned two and a half stars on Yelp. Victor Martinez, the owner of Alero locations on U Street and Connecticut Avenue, told the Washington City Paper the policy was only supposed to apply to patio and lounge areas because of a high number of “walk-outs” but he admitted it was confusing. He told the newspaper that in Aziz’s situation, the white diner’s server did not follow instructions and was suspended for two days without pay. Martinez also said of Aziz’s now-viral post that the restaurant has been inundated with phone calls, some including death threats. He instituted a new policy Sunday that only asks customers seated in the patio and lounge areas for a credit card at all times and makes the same rule for those in the restaurant’s dining room after 10 p.m., the Washington City Paper reported. Still, he defended the old policy to the newspaper. “The [old] policy is not based on race at all,” Martinez said. He told the paper that when he immigrated to the United States from Colombia in 1994, he lived with and worked for an African-American family. “Our employees are trained to treat every customer equally and respectfully,” he added. Aziz told the City Paper a representative from the company gave her a “generic” apology and she still doesn’t plan on returning to the restaurant.

WALMART WENDY Glendora California August 19, 2019 a Southern California Edison contract worker asked the woman to move her car so he could park the company truck straight. Instead of complying with the request, she rang the police and asked them to come to Walmart and arrest the city worker who she said is being “illegal and creepy” because he was filming her. At one point in the video, she asks the police dispatcher, She also claimed that he “came out of the bushes”, that he looked “illegal from Mexico”, and was speaking “broken English”. The strange racist rant continued, as the woman asked the dispatcher “Do you live here? Are you from Africa?” After asking the man if he has a green card, a bystander in a car parked in the lot tried to inform the unidentified woman that the man is with workers of the electricity supply company nearby. “I don’t know this guy, he’s videotaping me and he looks creepy from Mexico,” the woman tells the dispatcher in the video. “He’s speaking broken English.” The bystander calls the woman racist, to which she responds that her father is black and she can’t be racist. She also adds that her little nephew is “Italian, Mexican and aloha.”

UNIDENTIFIED WHITE MAN East Rochester, New York August 19, 2019 Christina Poles contacted police after online video showed an unidentified white man claiming he’s a part of the Ku Klux Klan, then spraying her son with a water hose. She is speaking out after her 14-year-old son was targeted in a confrontation she says had racist undertones. She didn’t know the severity of the situation until someone sent her the video, which has since gone viral. In the clip, Poles’ son and the man are seen arguing in the front of the man’s home. Things escalate, and the man warns the teen that he “shouldn’t be f—–g with the klan” before calling him the n-word. “Tell your klan to pull up, n—a,” the teen shoots back. “It’s free smoke, n—-a.” Moments later, the man grabs his hose and douses the teen as he leaves with his friends. The frustrated mother said she didn’t know the severity of the situation until someone sent her the video, which has since gone viral. In the clip, Poles’ son and the man are seen arguing in the front of the man’s home. Things escalate, and the man warns the teen that he “shouldn’t be fucking with the klan” before calling him the nigga. “Tell your klan to pull up, nigga,” the teen shoots back. “It’s free smoke, nigga.” Moments later, the man grabs his hose and douses the teen as he leaves with his friends. The confrontation reportedly started at a nearby park where Poles’ son and his friends claim the man was taking photos of them. The man, who also called police, said the youths had been unkind to his mother. The teens reportedly followed the man to his home, and that’s where the dispute took a turn. “He was outside doing it again, flipping them off,” Poles said of the white man. “My son said something along the lines of ‘why do you keep flipping us off,’ said some other profanities I wish he hadn’t.” Though she doesn’t condone her son’s foul language, she commended the teen on how he handled himself in the face of hate. Police eventually got ahold of the video and are now investigating further after speaking to both parties about what happened, according to Spectrum Local News. East Rochester Police Chief Steve Clancy said its possible the man could be charged with harassment for spraying Poles’ son. The family has since hired an attorney as police continue their investigation. “Luckily, the East Rochester Police Department has contacted Ms. Poles today asking her to bring her son in and to do a deposition so that appropriate charges may be filed stemming from this incident.

WHITE WOMAN Miami Florida August 17, 2019 Nicki Johnson was shopping at a Publix supermarket at Mary Brickell Village unidentified woman launched into a racist tirade when a Black woman followed her through grocery store aisles to confront her about bumping into her shopping cart. A video she posted to Instagram starts moments after the woman allegedly bumped her cart and refused to apologize, calling her a “nigger” instead. “You, why don’t you call me a nigger again?” Johnson says, daring the woman to repeat the slur, but this time on camera. “Let me tell you something, I don’t have to call you anything,” the cart culprit shoots back, later screeching through her teeth: “Get away from me!” At one point, the woman threatens to sic security on Johnson and warns that their exchange is being recorded by the store’s surveillance. Johnson said, before taking out her phone to record, she was waiting in line when the woman bumped her buggy and went on about her business. She said she asked the lady to apologize, to which the woman allegedly responded: “I didn’t hit you with my cart, and fuck you, you fucking nigger.” In the footage, Johnson pursues the hit-and-run suspect down an aisle, repeatedly goading her to use the slur as boldly as she had before. The woman, who appears to be in her mid-60’s, takes off with her cart in the opposite direction with Johnson not far behind, and at one point shouts over her shoulder, “n—-r!” “If you follow me down here, I’ll call the cops!” the woman continues. “Because I did bang into you. Now stop following me.” Johnson assures the woman she isn’t tailing her and but instead trying to make her way out of the store. “Good, leave!” she responds. “Go back to Harlem.”

GRANT WILLIAMS Elysian Fields, Texas August 4,2019 James Ragland, a black writer for The Dallas Morning News and the Washington Post was with his 10-year-old son Judah and 12-year-old great-nephew en route to drop his great-nephew off at a relative’s home on Floyd Evans Road when Ragland noticed two adults and a child on horseback at about 5:30 p.m. The child and one of the adults moved to the side of the road, but Williams, who Ragland later found out lives in the area, blocked the road. “Judah got a bit nervous and asked what he was doing”. “Mistakenly, I told him the guy probably was trying to keep the kid’s horse from being startled and so he was making sure we didn’t go fast or rev our engine.” Ragland later learned that wasn’t the case when the man on horseback stopped in front of his car and “glared at us” in a faceoff like “a gunman in the Wild West. Judah and his cousin grew more nervous, unsure what was happening. I’m perplexed, but not yet alarmed, until the man guided his horse to the driver’s side and stopped, he continued staring the family down until Ragland rolled down his window and broke the silence by saying “nice horse.” “He’s says, ‘What,’” Nice horse,’ I said again”. The man replied, “thank ya,” then blurted out: “These are Texas roads.” At that point, he asked the man what he said and Williams again said, “These are TEXAS roads.” The father explained he was from Texas. And when Williams asked about his California license plate, he explained he was driving a rental car. Without missing a beat, the guy declared loudly again, “BUT THESE ARE TEXAS ROADS”. “What the eff does that mean? Then Williams reached back like he was reaching for a gun. I honestly wanted to get out of the car and pull him down off his high horse, but my kid and nephew were pleading for me to speed away. They were scared to death. And I can’t blame them.” Ragland said he drove off, dropped his nephew off and talked to a few people in the neighborhood who told him the guy had similar experiences with other drivers in the past. Ragland thought about involving the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office but decided instead to just drop it. “Then the other shoe dropped” Ragland saw the same man parked on his horse as he drove back from dropping off his nephew. “He charges from his property on the north side and runs right out to our car, and for one frightening moment I thought he was going to dart in front of us. But as I sped up to avoid him, he pulled alongside our car and chased us for a mile while yelling and throwing the fuck you sign initially before reaching for something on his right side. I thought it was a gun but couldn’t see clearly because my son was hysterically begging me to drive faster along the choppy, black-top road with this Angry White Dude on Horseback in full pursuit.” “My son was screaming in fear for me to get back in the car, so I left ASAP so he would not be further traumatized.” Ragland snapped a few pictures on his cellphone when he got several hundred yards away from the guy. “I calmed Judah down and told him I had to do that because we needed to report this incident to make sure this man never did this to anyone else.” Since then, Ragland has been working to have Williams held accountable with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

JERRI KELLY WIFE OF JAIL ADMINISTRATOR Wynne Arkansas August 7, 2019 Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark said officers responded to a “suspicious persons” report and arrived to find a gun-toting Kelly standing over the <u>four Black juveniles, who were lying on the ground. As one of the officers allowed the teens to stand, they explained they were selling discount cards for their school’s football program, two of the students even wore school jerseys. One of the players, 16, who asked not to be identified, said he and three of his teammates were out fundraising when they ran into trouble. As they walked up the driveway of a home, he said a woman came out armed with a gun. That’s when she ordered them to the ground, forced them to spread their legs and keep their hands pinned behind their backs. Officers took the teens home and Kelly was arrested Monday on four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor. She didn’t have her mugshot taken, however, because Cross County Sheriff David West claims she suffered a ‘medical issue’ during booking. “During the time she was as at the jail, a bondsman arrived and bonded her out, and they went back home.” Kelly’s husband is Cross County Jail Administrator Joe Kelly, who works for West. The sheriff insisted Kelly didn’t receive any special treatment – but folks in the community believe otherwise. “I’m professional. My department is professional,” West said. “There was no special treatment. She went through the steps just like any other person would.”
UPDATE: Joe Kelly has resigned from his gig as former administrator at the Cross County Jail, stepped down at the local jail as public outrage over the incident continues to grow. The jail administrator found himself at the center of the controversy and was even targeted with death threats after his wife skipped the process of being properly booked into jail. It’s standard procedure for every suspect to take a mugshot, but Jerri Kelly didn’t after officials claimed she suffered a “medical issue” during booking on August 12 and was quickly bonded out. What further raised eyebrows was the fact that the Arkansas woman was booked into the very jail her husband was employed, sparking allegations of favoritism by Joe Kelly and his staff.

WHITE WOMAN Royal Oak Michigan August 13, 2019 A white woman called the police from her white car parked in in the CVS parking lot across the street while watching 20-year-old black man Devin Myers as he crossed the street to meet his girlfriend at The Inn Season Café. The woman claimed “he ‘looked suspiciously’ at me”. Myers said in the video she doesn’t know him and he isn’t even from the area. Myers has his arms crossed in front of his chest most of the time, he’s calm and even apologizes to the patrol officers who stopped him “for wasting your guys’ time”. Adolph, the witness recording both say they’re waiting for a police supervisor to arrive. Supervisors arrived about 4 minutes into the video and Myers explains to them that they were called because he “looked suspicious”. Along with Adolph, and Myers is the owner of the Inn Cafe who is advocating on Myers’ behalf. When the supervisor shows up, he asks the restaurant owner this question: “So if someone calls, we’re not supposed to respond?” The restaurant owner said “it’s evident he’s not a threat to her. You pull up and you see, I’m not a threat to her. I’m not even close to her. If that were me walking across the street and walking in, this would not be happening because I was looking at her.” By the time the supervisor tells Myers he’s free to leave, there are four Royal Oak Police officers on the scene. The supervisor then speaks with Adolph and the restaurant owner and explains if someone calls, they have to respond. The supervisor then tells the owner and Adolph they are both inferring a lot from the woman’s call to police. “We came from 13 and Woodward for nonsense,” the supervisor said. “All you have to do is say ‘you know what? I’m just parking my car, minding my own business’. And you know what? He’d be eating right now.” Both the owner and Adolph said that’s precisely what Myers did, but he asked for a supervisor because the police were questioning him. Then the supervisor explains they had to respond to call. “It’s not that big of a deal.” According to an employee at the restaurant the restaurant paid for Myers meal.

ROBERT ANTHONY GRANATO Winston-Salem, North Carolina August 6, 2016 Outside BJ’s Restaurant Robert Granato, a white man is accused of making racists comments to a North Carolina barber just before he shot and killed Julius Randolph “Juice” Sampson, a 32-year-old Black father of three. Sampson was defending a female bartender when he got into an argument with his alleged shooter Robert Granato. The two men went outside where they continued to argue. Both the Granato and the victim, Mr. Sampson used a racial epithet in the heat of the argument At some point, Granato drew .22 caliber revolver, fired, striking Sampson. Granato, was arrested on the scene and charged with murder and carrying a concealed handgun after consuming alcohol. He is being held in jail without bond. Instagram accounts show Granato standing with a man displaying the OK hand signal associated with White Supremacy. Other social media posts show Granato holding guns and shooting them in videos.

WHITE WOMAN Hawaii July 17, 2019 Xiara Mercado was wearing her Air Force uniform while waiting for a drink at Starbucks during her lunch break when she began speaking on her cell phone in Spanish. She said she got off the phone once her drink was ready and walked outside. Mercado writes, “I get tapped on the shoulder by this lady,” and the lady said to her, “You shouldn’t be speaking Spanish, that’s not what that uniform represents… It’s distasteful.” The Puerto Rican native said she was confused at first by the lady and her comment about being “distasteful.” “I’m sorry ma’am, what’s distasteful?” Mercado asked the lady. “You speaking another language that does not represent America and that uniform you are wearing, that’s distasteful.” Mercado said she collected her thoughts for a moment and responded to her by saying, “I’m sorry ma’am the only distasteful thing here is that you are clueless to your discrimination, please educate yourself. Have a nice day.” But the ordeal didn’t end there. Mercado writes the lady spoke to her again, this time loudly and said: “I don’t know how you are allowed to wear that uniform.” Mercado responded to this racist woman by saying, “I wear it proudly.” She then walked away. “I was more sad than mad but above all I am disgusted. Even though I wanted to say a lot more I have respect for people and the uniform I wear… That’s the best I could do in that situation. Someone told me I could have smiled and apologized, Ummm I’m sorry what!? If you don’t see what is wrong with my story you are part of the problem. #thisisamerica.”

SESAME PLACE SALLIE Langhorne Philadelphia Aug. 7, 2019 The confrontation began when a white child repeatedly touched a young Black girl’s hair. That’s when someone who appeared to be related to the girl asked the other child to stop, and it attracted the attention of ‘Sesame Place Sallie’ the Muslim woman Zaafirah Moore argued with. Both women started cursing at each other “in very loud voices” Moore said, then Moore did something that gained the white woman’s attention. “I asked them if they would stop cursing in front of all of these children and that is when she started cursing at me. I guess she thought we were with the girl because we are Black. But I had never seen her or the woman she was with before in my life.” The video Moore recorded started with her asking the white woman to “say it again.” It’s unclear what Moore was referring to at that point, but the woman responded by giving Moore the middle finger and saying “here, here here” repeatedly. “Acting like this around all these kids, this is terrible,” Moore said. “This is horrible.” Moore can then be heard on the video saying, “She told me to go back to where you came from.” Then the white woman told her to “fuck yourself, you bitch.” That’s when ‘Sesame Place Sallie’ reached toward Moore’s phone, and the camera footage got shaky. The white woman screamed, “Don’t take no pictures of me.” Moore responded, “She’s trying to assault me. Don’t touch me again.” At that point, a child can be heard crying in the background, and the woman continued cursing. “Get your fucking phone away from me”. At that point, the camera was no longer focused on the screaming woman’s face, and several people watching the encounter can be heard making muffled noises. “Who is she to take pictures of me,” the white woman yelled. “Who are you to tell me to go back to where I came from,” Moore responded. Just as a witness to the encounter told the women to “stop talking to each other,” the footage abruptly ended. Sesame Place apologized “The Sesame Place family deeply regrets that any park guest would experience this type of behavior in our park or anywhere else,” the company’s spokeswoman said. “We are in contact with the guests and are working to address their concerns to ensure that they feel welcome and safe at Sesame Place.” Banned From Children’s Water Park After Video Shows Her Cursing, Giving the Finger to Black Woman. Moore says she would accept an apology from the woman. “Of course I would forgive her. I’m not holding a grudge. I just want her to learn from her actions and I don’t want her to do this to anyone else,” she said. Moore added the woman may be “piggybacking” on President Donald Trump’s recent remarks. “I don’t know her. I can’t say why she did what she did, but she did what she did and she needs to realize it’s not OK.”

LEWIS ROLAND HICKS Tooele, Utah Aug. 6, 2019 A man flagged down a Tooele City Police Department officer saying he and his family had just been threatened by a man with a metal baseball bat. The victim said Hicks, whom he’d never seen before, threatened to fight them and screamed nigger multiple times. The victim said they had no idea who Hicks was and he just approached them and said he was going to fight them and called them Nigger multiple times. A woman in the group said Hicks just kept yelling at them and hitting the bat on different things. She said they tried to ignore him but he just kept getting closer. A juvenile girl told police Hicks called them Nigger then said he was going to “fuck them up”. Hicks, 44, admits he was drunk off of Four Loko, a highly alcoholic malt beverage, at the time of the incident He reportedly approached the family at random and began smashing objects around them with his bat. Hicks was ultimately arrested on three counts of felony aggravated assault. He also faces a misdemeanor charge for intoxication; police said Hicks’ blood alcohol level (BAC) was .161 at the time of his arrest.

SEVERAL COLLEAGUES AND A SUPERVISOR CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG SCHOOL Western District of North Carolina 2019 <u>Kimberly Tignerworked as a career development liaison for the district’s Career and Technical Education Department. Tigner alleges she was subject to “racially motivated criticism and bullying” by colleagues and a supervisor who allegedly circulated the petition about her hair. She was humiliated after colleagues sign petition calling her hair ‘unprofessional’ and ‘inappropriate’ for work. In her lawsuit, she claims the supervisor insisted she was in the right to distribute the petition because she has “Black friends.” “(The school district) intentionally deprived Ms. Tigner, an African American woman, of the same Constitutional rights enjoyed by white citizens as to the creation, performance, enjoyment, and all benefits and privileges of her contractual relationship with (CMS),” the briefing states. Tigner’s complaint says her 17-year-old son was also affected. She said the supervisor complained of feeling threatened in the presence of Tigner’s son “because he was a black male.” The supervisor allegedly used the district’s internal directory to investigate whether the teen had a criminal past before taking her concerns to a department head, who banned Tigner’s son from CMS property. The plaintiff said she spent two weeks trying to prove her son wasn’t a felon. Tigner reported the abuse, only to be reprimanded and retaliated against, the lawsuit claims. She applied for other jobs in an effort to get away from the bullying and harassment, but was passed over for all five positions to which she applied. CMS has pushed back against the allegations, however, arguing that “no objectively reasonable person would view the isolated incidents in the Corrected Amended Complaint to be either severe or pervasive enough to form the basis of a hostile work environment claim.” The district recently filed a dismissal brief with the court, arguing that Tigner’s complaint failed to point to any “official policy, practice or custom of institutional racial discrimination.” “Courts have rejected claims of racial harassment based on conduct far more egregious than what Plaintiff has alleged in this case,” it added.

TROOPER CHRISTOPER JOHNSON Pennsylvania July 8, 2019 Rodney and <u>Angela Gillespie and their daughters had recently returned to the U.S. after six years abroad in London and Johannesburg when a Pennsylvania state trooper turned on his sirens as they headed home in a rented Jeep Cherokee after midnight. “My wife was asleep, my daughter was asleep, and I said, ‘Oh boy, here we go. I’m just going to pull in the driveway because obviously it’s dark, the street has no shoulder, I don’t feel safe here.” Gillespie, whose 17-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat but whose 22-year-old daughter was not in the vehicle, pulled into the well-lighted circular driveway of their home in the upscale Chadds Ford neighborhood. “How old are you?” the rookie trooper shouted with his service weapon drawn, according to the Gillespies. “Why did you stop here? Don’t give me that sh*t! Get out of the car! Why are you driving a rental car? Do you have drugs? Guns? Is that your girlfriend in the car?” a senior executive for the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, out of the SUV, handcuffed him and reached into his pocket without permission to grab his wallet. Two more state troopers, one black and one white, soon arrived and questioned Angela Gillespie. “It was terrifying,” she said. “I think the biggest thing for me was sitting there watching and listening to how they treated my husband. The yelling was at a level that was terrifying. My goal was to stay alive.” Johnson, who had been on patrol for only about two months, did not initially tell Gillespie he had been stopped for crossing the double yellow line but instead told him the area had recently seen a number of burglaries. “I think I was completely targeted,” Gillespie said. “This is a very nice, affluent neighborhood, a black guy driving. I guess he thought I was driving by myself and he wanted to follow and see.” The troopers freed Gillespie from the handcuffs after about 10 minutes, after his wife was allowed to use her phone to search Google for his name and show officers his online professional biography. Johnson issued the husband and father a a $142.50 ticket for a yellow-line infraction, which Gillespie paid the following week, and a $102 ticket for not stopping immediately, which was dismissed. “One thing my daughter said to me that really killed me was, ‘Dad, I can’t lose you, I can’t lose you,’” Johnson said. “My daughter should not have to say something like that to me. What she witnessed that night is etched in her mind.” The couple, who are each 52, filed a complaint last week and are considering a lawsuit. A spokesman for the state troopers union declined to comment until the investigation was complete, but Angela Gillespie was shocked to be racially profiled upon returning from South Africa and the United Kingdom. “To be welcomed back this way just didn’t make sense,” she said. “This is not the America we left in 2013. We’ve come back to an elevated rage.”

GRAHAM WILLIAMSON and LOUIS BERNARD REVETTE Seminary, Mississippi, on Oct. 24, 2017 Williamson, 38, admitted to carrying out a racially motivated cross burning in a mostly-Black residential area, and was aided by a co-conspirator, Louis Bernard Revette. The suspect admitted he constructed the cross using materials from in and around Revette’s home, then set it ablaze near the homes of African-Americans in the area, including the home of a juvenile victim. Williamson further admitted to committing the racist practice in order to “threaten, frighten and intimidate” local residents, and said he was well aware that ” burning crosses have historically been used to threaten, frighten, and intimidate African-Americans”. Williamson now faces a 30-year prison sentence and $500,000 fine for his crimes. “The defendant used a violent symbol of racial intimidation to threaten these victims and inspire fear, while they resided in the security of their own homes,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division said in a statement. “The Department of Justice does not tolerate these hateful and historically egregious acts, and will continue to vigorously prosecute criminals who violate the civil rights of peaceful community members.” Graham Williamson pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges after admitting to one count of interference with housing rights, as well as one count of conspiring to use fire to commit a federal felony.

ROBERT PATRICK MAYKIS Bremerton Washington Feb. 9, 2018 The victim was on his way home from work at a Veterans Affairs office and, after deboarding a bus, had the urge to urinate. Because of a medical condition, he did not believe he would be able to make it home in time and so he went behind a nearby business when a man later identified as Maykis got out of a parked van on the other side of a fence blocking the victim and started yelling nigger and other slurs at the man. Maykis attempted to punch the man by reaching over the fence, then picked up a rock and threw it at the man, striking him in the leg. Maykis’ position was he was upset somebody was urinating outside of his apartment and denied the assault was racially motivated. Maykis was sentenced to 30 months in prison for second-degree assault and malicious harassment along with two sentencing enhancements for using a rock as a deadly weapon. Deputy Prosecutor Ben Turner, who tried the case, said the injuries to the victim are lasting and both physical and emotional.

T.J. MAXX EMPLOYEE Wethersfield, Connecticut Melissa Askew-Ferris and her three sons were shopping at one of the retailer’s store earlier this month when the incident occurred. She said other customers noticed the store’s employees were following her and her family, which caused them to leave the store. Askew-Ferris, who is Black, later learned an employee mistakenly identified one of her sons as someone who reportedly was stealing from the store. After viewing the surveillance video, she says the suspect in question looks nothing like her son other than the thief and her son are both black.

JOSHUA VALENTINE Oklahoma City July 20, 2019 A day of family fun at the pool took a dramatic turn Saturday when a raging white man unleashed a racist attack against an African-American father. After witnesses say Joshua Valentine verbally, then physically attacked a Black man visiting an apartment complex swimming pool with his son, Valentine was heard shouting “white power” threw a punch at the man. The victim turned the tables on Valentine, however, by “closed fist punching him three times” and knocking him out cold. When Valentine finally came to, he left the pool but returned moments later with a baseball bat. Police and witnesses said he swung the weapon at the man, who fended Valentine off with a chair, then struck him several times, knocking him out yet again. Police arrested Valentine on charges of malicious harassment based on race. He spent six days in the Oklahoma County jail before being released on bond.

RICKY HOME DEPOT Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 22, 2019 Terrance Westmoreland With Westmoreland’s receipt in his hand, he compared the blinds to find the right shade. Westmoreland then walked to the customer service desk, where he tried to return two boxes and purchase three others.” He was stopped by a white security guard named Ricky. “Before I could even finish, this Caucasian security guard kind of grabbed my arm. He said I didn’t come into the store with any boxes.” Westmoreland told the security guard to check the store’s surveillance video, telling him it would prove he came in with two boxes, but was told they did not have access to the footage. So Westmoreland called the Wauwatosa police. Police found no wrongdoing by Westmoreland, but The Home Depot asked him to leave and banned him from the store for stealing. A district manager from The Home Depot called Westmoreland on July 26th to apologize and rescind the ban. Westmoreland said he hasn’t been back to the store to exchange the blinds since the ban was lifted. Westmoreland said the apology was “unacceptable” and is demanding the loss prevention officer be fired.

THOMAS PAULK Ouachita Parish Louisiana July 2019 Thomas Paulk drunkenly called his neighbor a “no good piece of shit nigger” and took out a gun. Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s deputies called to the 200 block of South Martin at about 6:10 p.m. said when they arrived a resident on the block and a witness told them a man authorities identified as Paulk pulled out a gun. He also rode a four-wheeler down a private drive, took photos of the neighbor’s property and sent racist and derogatory text messages, the neighbor said in the affidavit. The neighbor told authorities he feared Paulk would shoot at him because he was yelling. Paulk continued a “profane tirade” at his neighbors even after deputies read him his Miranda rights, deputies said in the affidavit. Thomas Paulk was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm

NANCY GOODMAN Bonefish Grill restaurant Raleigh, North Carolina July 23, 2019 Chanda Stewart, who shot the video, begins describing how Goodman walked over to a table where Stewart and a friend, Lakesha Shaw, were sharing a meal and some laughs and told them they were “the rudest people” that she had ever met. As the woman is relaying the experience, Goodman looks up and notices she is being filmed. She smiles big for the camera and waves, before taking out her own camera phone and approaching the table again. As the two women watch incredulously, Goodman comes up to their table and proudly proclaims “I have got really good friends that are black, and I love them.” Clearly, she already knew the entire reason she was bothering the young women was that they were black, because, as one of the women can be heard reminding her in the video, no one even said anything about color. They were just shocked by her rude behavior. Goodman then tells them that she is bothered by their behavior because they are “too loud” in what already seems to be a very loud restaurant, judging from the amount of background noise in the video. Nancy she saw two black women enjoying themselves, you know, laughing, talking, minding their business and definitely not worrying about Nancy or anyone else. But you know what happens when white people see black people with smiles on their faces. They get super upset and want to find the best way to kill that joy. And that is just what Nancy did. Shaw turns to Goodman and tells her, “Let me show you my money; it’s just as green as yours.” Goodman responds by saying “Oh, you’re such stupid niggers,” and begins to walk away. One of the women tells her to call her black friends a “nigger,” to which Goodman retorts “They’re not like you.” WRAL reporter Sarah Krueger spoke with Goodman outside her home, and Goodman told her that not only would she not apologize for using the slur, but that she would use it again. “I’m a 71-year-old woman who lives in Raleigh,” Goodman said on camera. “I suffer from tremendous anxiety.” She went on to tell Krueger that her anxiety and the women’s behavior pushed her into using the slur. “I’m not going to say I’m sorry to them because they kept pushing at it,” Goodman said. “What about your use of the n-word?” Krueger asked her. “I used that word because they forced me into it,” Goodman said. “Do you see how that’s incredibly offensive,” Krueger asked. “Yes, I do,” Goodman said. “That’s why I said it. I would say it again to them.” After the video went viral and Goodman’s face was plastered across television screens in North Carolina, WRAL reports that she posted an apology of sorts on her Facebook page. “Tonight on WRAL TV news there will be a news article about me using the N word in a conflict with three rude, loud obnoxious black women,” she wrote. “I would like to apologize to my family, friends and other patrons in the bar at North Hills Bonefish. The tv reporters came to my house today as they found out my name which that could only happen if the restaurant gave them my information. The women taped me and apparently shared the video all over social media. I suffer from extreme anxiety which is not an excuse. I am ashamed of my actions.”

MARRIAGE PROPOSAL WHILE BLACK Manhattan, New York July 22, 2019 Dr. Cathy-Marie Hamlet explained that she and her fiancé, Clyde Jackson, were sitting at a table outside the Angry Orchard gift shop when a female security guard approached them and accused Jackson of stealing the shirt and asked to check his pockets. “A group of 8 of us went there to enjoy an afternoon with some hard cider. My boyfriend walked me out to an empty table on the lawn, and before we could sit down, a young lady from security approached us and said to him, ‘I’m sorry sir, but I have to check you back pocket. I was told that you stole a T-shirt from from the gift store.’ My boyfriend then emptied all of his pockets, while still trying to keep the ring box hidden from my sight.” She added, “She then walked away, and my boyfriend and I sat down at the table and he began his proposal speech. MID PROPOSAL, the same young lady from security walks back towards and says to me, ‘I’m sorry, I need to check your bag. I was told that he gave it to you, and you put it in your bag.’ Mind you, my bag isn’t even large enough to fit a T-shirt. I emptied my entire bag in front of her, and since this was the SECOND time she had walked over, I said, “I know you’re just doing your job, but I can’t help but wonder if this is because we’re Black. We’re the only Black people here at your establishment.’” Hamlet added that the woman denied she was racially profiling, but that confrontation was not the end of it. “She departs again, and shortly after my boyfriend pops the question! I say yes, of course. People started cheering. And then the other 6 our friends walked over to us to hug and congratulate us,” she wrote. “Then surprise, surprise…the same young lady from security walks over to the group of us and says, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you all were a part of the same party. I have to check all of your purses and pockets.’ So at this point, the rest of security walks over and there’s 6 of them approaching us.” “Of course my friends told them none of us stole a T-shirt from their establishment, at which point they started getting aggressive and saying that not only them, but also patrons saw my boyfriend steal the shirt and/or transfer it to me to put in my bag!!” she continued. “Another woman in security yelled to one of the male security, ‘Call the police! I saw you steal it.’ I asked them, “Do you have security cameras here?” And they said yes. So I said, ‘Well then you need to go and roll back your tape and see that nobody here stole anything from you guys.’” She then explained that the white guards took their pictures, started videotaping them and then took a picture of her license plate when she and her group gave up on trying to have their party there. “We as a group decided to leave rather than be attacked by the multiple security guards of Angry Orchard,” she recalled, adding, ” I have never been so humiliated in my life, myself and some of my friends left Angry Orchard in tears. On what was supposed to be one of the best days of my life, I was chased out of Angry Orchard by security who followed us all the way to the parking lot. I’m sorry, and not to sound pretentious, but as a doctor, I have no reason to steal a $28 T-shirt when I could afford to buy ALL of the T-shirts in their gift shop.”
UPDATE July 26, 2019: Angry Orchard has fired an on-call manager and security officers. Angry Orchard spokesperson “We’re deeply sorry that our guests were mistreated. The situation doesn’t reflect our values of respect for all and creating a welcoming environment for all our guests. We’re extremely embarrassed this happened and have taken the immediate steps to remove the manager who was on-duty from her role and replace members of the security team.”

LIFEGUARD Houston Texas July 20, 2019 Homeowner Tramica Thomas said the incident unfolded when she took her five children to the pool at Lago Mar, a master-planned community. She said her kids were excited, as it was their first time visiting the pool. Within 15 minutes, Thomas and her family were profiled. The mother, who’s African-American, was relaxing poolside when a lifeguard approached and accused her of having too many guests. “He asked ‘Well, who are these guys in front of me right here??’ I said ‘I don’t know who they are.’ Mind you, they were black, but they weren’t with me.” The conversation ended there and she figured the matter was resolved, that is, until a Texas City police officer arrived. The cop asked her name and ordered her out of the pool. When she asked why, he replied: “Well, the lifeguards are requesting you to leave.” Thomas denied the lifeguards, two of whom were on duty, ever asked her to leave. Still, her family was escorted from the pool by police. Much of the incident was captured on video taken by Thomas herself. At one point, she said the officer threatened to take her and her husband to jail because they didn’t leave fast enough. “I am filled with so much hurt and frustration!!! What was supposed to be a nice family fun day turned into a horrible and tragic memory!!!! There was so much hate and ignorance displayed today, I’m so glad we still have some good people out here,” referencing a white man and his family who she said intervened on their behalf after he saw they were being targeted by police. “Though we didn’t know him, he stood up for what was right.” The Largo Mar Homeowner’s Association board of directors addressed the incident, saying Thomas and her family were asked to leave due to their “unruly and unsafe behavior. The safety of our residents is our top priority, the pool’s rules and regulation are in place to protect all residents and their guests. After several polite requests to follow pool rules and to supervise their underage guests, the lifeguard on duty asked the resident to leave. This request was for the safety of their unsupervised children as well as the other pool patrons.” The HOA said issues began when one of Thomas’ toddlers started struggling in the water and had to be saved by a lifeguard. Tramica Thomas said that wasn’t the case; it was her 6-year-old daughter, who was wearing a floatie, and didn’t receive help from the lifeguards. “She went to the edge of the pool and was holding on to the concrete and was needing help to actually get out of the pool.” The outraged mother said there’s plenty of security video to corroborate her story and she believes she and her family were targeted for the simple fact that they’re Black. “If someone is targeting based off of race, they shouldn’t be working here because this is a diverse community.”

2 KOHLS SECURITY GUARDS San Leandro, California July 5, 2019 The guards, whose names have not been publicized, chased Yolanda Montoya down after she had left the store, accusing her of shoplifting, asking her to walk back inside the store with them into a back room. Although she was under no requirement to return to the store with them, she agreed but insisted on recording. However, the guards told her it was illegal to record because it was private property but she continued recording and they called police. When a police officer arrived, the guards told him she had shoplifted a pair of red shorts because they had seen her on camera waking into a fitting room with the shorts, then walking out without them. However, she said she had left them in the dressing room which they evidently did not check because they were with her the entire time after they had detained her. She then emptied the entire contents of her backpack which was filled with diapers and other personal items, including the clothes she had purchased. The security guards told her she could not record as they detained her in a back room but she continued recording. The video also showed the security guards never bothered to check the dressing room where the woman said she had left the clothes she was accused of stealing. Even after realizing they had no evidence, they continued insisting they were missing a pair of red shorts or maybe it was a brown dress they began saying once she established she never carried a pair of red shorts into the fitting room. But this was the excuse they made to try and trespass her from the store, which would mean they would have to type her personal information into their computer system and have her arrested if she ever dared return. And when she began questioning how they could trespass her, they decided they would just “let her go.” “What I want to do i let her go, we don’t have to put her into the system, and handle it that way but at the end of the day, I’m still missing stuff even though I went to go check,” he said. “You did not go check the damn fitting room” she responded. “You are a liar.”

SHOPPING WHILE PREGNANT July 19, 2019 Pregnant African American Democratic State Rep. Erica Thomas, a lawmaker in Georgia said she was verbally attacked in a supermarket Friday by a middle-aged white man who used profanity, called her vulgar names and told her to “go back where you came from” as her 9-year-old daughter looked on. Rep. Erica Thomas said the man was irate she was in an express line with too many items. Thomas said she was in a line for customers with 10 items or less because she cannot stand for long periods of time. “And this white man comes up to me and says, ‘You lazy son of a bitch,’” Thomas said, sobbing as she described the confrontation in a video . “He says, ‘You lazy son of a bitch; you need to go back where you came from.’” Thomas said she was stunned by his anger. “I said, ‘Sir, you don’t even know me. I’m not lazy. I’m nine months pregnant.’” Thomas said she never identified herself to the man as a public official. She said she was so taken aback by his actions she didn’t think to try to record them. Thomas said a store employee at some point approached the man and told him to leave. She said she believes store employees were slow to respond to the assault. Thomas notified police and that she would

CAMPUS NOOSE Stanford University Stanford, California July 18, 2019 The university’s Department of Public Safety said deputies found a white rope, about 3 feet long, suspended from a large bush. The noose, a symbol of racial violence and intimidation against African-Americans, was discovered near a dorm for summer students. “My immediate thought was nothing but fear because I’d never seen a noose,” said Cheron Perkins, a medical student who took photos and video of the rope. “I was just distraught.” Perkins, who’s from New Orleans and works as an adviser to high school students in the program. Most of those involved in the summer session are minorities, and she thinks the noose was meant to send a message. A program assistant who also saw the noose said it left her “terrified for her life.” the incident is being investigated as a “suspicious circumstance,” however, Stanford officials said could be re-classified as a hate crime upon further review. “While we await further conclusions form the investigation, we feel it is important to state that a noose is recognized as a symbol of violence and racism directed against African American peoples,” the university said in a statement. “Such a symbol has no place on our campus.” The noose has since been removed.

JOSEPH PHILLIP DANIEL BUCKY’S GAS STATION CLERK Naperville Illinois July 17, 2019 Indira Buitron, 15, who was born in the United States and lives in Bolingbrook, was bicycling with her aunts and cousins when her bike wheel came loose. The women stopped at the Bucky’s to buy snacks while they waited for help. Inside, the gas station clerk, who has not been identified asked the teen if her cousins were adopted. Buitron said they were visiting from Mexico. The clerk then questioned the teen’s citizenship and said her cousins needed to go home. The Bucky’s gas station clerk in was caught on camera confronting Hispanic customers about their legal status. Buitron and her cousins walked back outside and recounted the story to her aunts and 20-year-old Carolina Buitron, of Woodridge, who had come to retrieve the broken bicycle. Carolina Buitron, her aunt and mother all went inside to confront the clerk. Two separate videos captured what they said. In one video, the gas station clerk can be heard assuming, without evidence, two of the women were undocumented. The clerk asks one woman if she is a citizen, to which she responded “yes” and then asked, “What is your problem?” “Don’t you know the rules?” the clerk asked. “They need to go back to their country.” In the video, one woman threatens to call police. “ICE will come,” the clerk says as the women leave the store. “Bye. God bless you.” One woman calls his comments “stupid.” “You’re in the wrong country,” the clerk responds. A visiting cousin, 19-year-old Maria Fernanda, posted the video on Facebook Tuesday night. “It was not fair. It was racist.” The gas station’s parent company said the gas station employee seen in the video had been terminated. “Clearly there was an altercation, and he didn’t react well. And we don’t treat customers that way. That’s why he’s no longer an employee.” In a statement posted to Facebook, Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said the city police department had reviewed the video and was “looking into it.” “Let me be abundantly clear: Hate has no home here in Naperville. Quite frankly, this type of behavior has no place in society at large. Our city prides itself on being open and inclusive to all.”

JEFFREY CALHOUN Buffalo NY July 16, 2019 pulled a gun and attacked a Black Muslim woman Jeanneie Muhammad after a minor traffic accident. The accident occurred when she was on her way to pick up her children from school. “When I went to reach over to get my insurance out of the glove compartment that’s claimed to be a police officer then he reached into the car, snatched my keys. When she tried to walk to the sidewalk, he slammed her down to the ground and bit her left arm and said “I think you’re gonna run. He grabbed me by the hoodie and threw me to the ground. So we are on the ground wrestling and he tries to take my purse from me.” Precious Santiago who lives in a 2nd floor apartment across the street from where the incident took place was filming the incident said when Calhoun began biting Mohammed, she and others went over to intercede. Calhoun is seen on video throwing Muhammad to the ground and attempting to take her handbag. A bit later on the video Calhoun produces a handgun and advises those gathering around him to not “hit me anymore”. Jeanneie Muhammad said she struck Calhoun once when his teeth clamped down on her arm in an attempt to break free of him. Moments later, when police arrive, the video captures Calhoun approaching a patrol car with his gun in a holster on his hip, and his hands raised. He then places the weapon and his hands on the hood of the police car before he is arrested. He will be charged with attempted robbery in the first degree, menacing in the second degree and harassment in the second degree. Erie County District Attorney’s office says “Calhoun tried to steal a purse from the woman and displayed a handgun. Calhoun is also accused of grabbing the victim, biting her left arm, and throwing her to the ground. Calhoun, 62, is charged with Attempted Robbery 1st, Menacing 2nd, and Harassment 2nd.”

NIKE MANAGER WENDY MAGEE Santa Monica California July 5, 2019 Former Team USA athlete Joel Stallworth and his family, TaMiya Dickerson with their 19-month-old son Sammy was racially profiled and accused of stealing a $13 basketball he had just purchased for his 19-month-old son at a Nike store. Cellphone video Dickerson posted on Facebook shows Stallworth answering police questions in the recent incident after he said a white Nike store manager Wendy Magee called the police. Magee didn’t just involve police, she also followed the couple from the Nike store to an AMC theater about 430 feet from the store. Stallworth can be seen in the video holding a receipt for the ball the manager asked about. “We just told you we bought it. What do you need the receipt for?” Dickerson asked in the video. The manager can be heard responding, “Because we didn’t have our basketball.” At that point, Stallworth bounced the basketball past her, and Dickerson asked, “What are you talking about?” The manager can be seen walking to get the ball, and Dickerson said, “So now you come refund his money and I want an apology. This is fucking ridiculous, and it’s profiling.” At that point, the video showed three officers on the scene as Stallworth said repeatedly that he paid for the ball. Dickerson said “We felt intimidated and threatened physically and emotionally.” “Imagine being a 19 month old black baby boy. Your father purchased you your first basketball at 9:01 pm on a Friday night. A moment that creates a bond you will always be connected to. But in an instance someone steals your ball; because they accuse your father of shop lifting. Welcome to America Sammy. I hope you don’t have to get used to this.”

RACIST WHITE WOMAN Abington, Pennsylvania June 30th, 2019, Johanny Santana, a Puerto Rican woman was standing in line at the grocery store when a child came into the line to ask his grandfather a question. The child and grandfather spoke Spanish to each other and this caused a white woman who was also in line to cuss at the boy. Hearing this, Santana started recording with her phone to capture any further encounters. The boy left and came back, only to have another woman object. This is when Santana stepped in and changed the focus to her. Santana asks the other woman if she had a problem with the individuals speaking Spanish after the white woman loudly complains, “Any century now.” The White woman then told Santana, “Can you stop talking to me? You’re a puta.” After Santana told the woman not to say that word, she responded again, repeating, “You’re a puta.” The woman launched into a bigoted diatribe aimed at Santana. In the video, she can be heard saying: “You shouldn’t be in this country. I hope Trump deports you. I was born here, you don’t belong here, go back to your own country. You don’t belong here, you came here illegally. You should be deported.” The unidentified white woman then accused Santana of using “drug money” to buy her groceries. In the video, she is seen flashing cash at the Boricua and telling her that her money was legal, unlike what Santana was using. In response to her own words, Santana said she felt ashamed and powerless. “I regret it because I didn’t want to tell her that. I felt powerless because I didn’t speak English well enough to be able to properly respond to her.”

RETIRED POLICE OFFICER TOM BRANIGAN West Price Hill, Cincinnati Ohio July 16, 2019 Black real estate agent Jerry Isham and his client Anthony Edwards were illegally detained by police officers after a retired cop accused the men of breaking into a home in a predominantly white neighborhood. Police body-camera video shows one of six police officers on the scene aiming a gun at Edwards and Isham. The incident depicted in police footage unfolded after Edwards and Isham say they used a lock box to enter the house. Officers said they responded to the scene after a retired officer, Tom Branigan, who lives in the neighborhood, called 911 to report a break-in at the house in question. In the body-camera video, one of the responding officers can be heard yelling at the men, “Hands up!” “My hands up. What y’all doing?” Edwards asked. “Tell your friend to come out too. Hands up,” the officer responded. The video shows Edwards and Isham coming out of the house and another officer on the scene explaining why he and his partner are there. “We saw you forcing your way in. That’s why we’re here,” the cop said. Edwards curses about white people calling the cops before saying, “I ain’t even gon buy the house.” At that point, the other officer on the scene asks how the men got in. “He a realtor,” Edwards said. The officer responded, “Turn around until we can confirm. Turn around.” She then placed Isham in handcuffs while asking him if he used a key to go inside the house, and she instructed Isham to have a seat in a chair on the house’s front porch. Although the video doesn’t show the officer handcuffing Edwards, he responds, “I wouldn’t be in handcuffs if I was white.”

SETH EKLUND Toledo, Ohio May 31, 2019 White security guard Seth Eklund pulled a gun on Black Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Gaston, clearly in uniform with his badge visible, indicating him as an on-duty law enforcement officer who works as a defense instructor says he only came to the IRS building to ask about a letter he received. When Deputy Gaston arrived at the office, security guard Seth Eklund told him he needed to put his gun in the car. When Gaston explained he couldn’t leave his service weapon unattended in his car while he was on duty, the security guard pulled out his own gun. Gaston “Basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back”. Footage from a security camera shows the guard follow Gaston out of the office and to the elevator with his finger close to the trigger. The security cameras show the guard forcing Gaston from the building with the gun drawn and his finger on the trigger. At some point during the incident, someone called 911 to say there was a man with a gun in the office. At no point did the caller from the IRS office tell the 911 dispatcher the man with the gun was a uniformed deputy sheriff. Gaston and his wife have now filed a civil lawsuit against Eklund and the security company. The couple is seeking an unspecified amount for the emotional and physical trauma Gaston suffered. They are also seeking damages for the wages Gaston lost since going on a medical leave from the Lucas County Sheriff’s department. Eklund is now facing one charge of aggravated menacing.

DAVID ZALKIND owner of Frenchmen Arts and Books New Orleans Louisiana July 15, 2019, A well-known local trumpet player Eugene “Little Eugene” Grant following a call from a White bookstore owner Zalkind who called police to ask them to remove the Young Fellaz Brass Band saying a brass band was blocking the entrance to his store. 10 or more police cars responded to the incident. Authorities claim Grant hit one of the officers in the chest with his instrument when he was told again to move, damaging that officer’s body camera. Police claim Grant “refused repeated requests by both officers and citizens to calm down,” forcing the officers to detain him until backup arrived. Bystander video doesn’t show what happened before the musician was pinned to the ground, and police haven’t said whether body-camera footage of the alleged attack exists. Grant was pinned to the ground by a Taser-wielding police officer. Autistic and has developmental delays was arrested for obstructing a public passage and resisting an officer. “Frenchmen Street is dedicated to music,” said attorney Cherrell Simms Taplin, who on Tuesday persuaded city prosecutors to drop the charges. “Eugene is a New Orleans musician, and he was doing what New Orleans musicians do on Frenchmen Street, and that’s playing on the corner.” At the center of the controversy is Frenchmen Arts and Books, which has sat at the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres Streets in the Marigny District since the 1970s, when the black and working-class neighborhood began attracting young white professionals drawn by its historic homes. Until the current owner, David Zalkind, took over last year, it was known as Faubourg Marigny Art and Books, and was believed to be the oldest gay-owned bookstore in the South. After the charges against him were dropped on Tuesday morning, Grant went back to playing the trumpet on the same corner where he had been arrested, this time with a much larger crowd of musicians.

WHITE PERSON Cypress Texas July 11, 2019 Marqueena Moore and Kenneth Moore are both veterans of the U.S. Navy. The couple met while the pair was stationed in Japan. Kenneth served for 12 years, while his wife of 15 years, Marqueena, served for eight. During their deployments, the Moores suffered physical injuries as well as PTSD. Kenneth also has a traumatic brain injury that causes him to stutter. A recent trip to the local HEB turned out to be just that when the couple parked their car in an accessible parking space, went inside for groceries and returned to find a note on their vehicle. “Just because you are black and have a nice car does not make you handicapped ;).” The Moores went back inside the supermarket and personnel helped them determine who left the note. Then, they called the Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office; an investigation is now occurring. Marqueena Moore said after discovering the note she felt “shocked, then actually, angry, because I’m like, the plates are right there! How do you not see?” Under Texas law, veterans are provided with special “disabled veteran” license plates and are allowed to “park in accessible parking spaces and may park for free at parking meters. Such plates need not show the international accessibility symbol,” reads the outline of the law on the website of the Office of the Texas Governor.

OFFICER KESTLER Mall Security Worker at The Shoppes at Bel Air Mall Mobile, Alabama July 1, 2019 A foursome of three teens and a 20-year-old were out clothes shopping when they found themselves being handcuffed and harassed by a mall security worker. When one of the boys accused the cop of racial profiling, the officer allegedly ordered his dog to attack. June 22 as 16-year-olds Zion Lett Cameron Robinson, 15-year-old Rodricus Johnson and 20-year-old Nathaniel Henderson were “horsing around” in the parking lot before entering the mall. Moments later, the mall cop, identified only as “Officer Kestler,” and his K-9 came “flying around the corner” exiting his cruiser with a hand on his gun. That’s when the officer shoved the teens and ordered them to “get the f—k against the wall” before handcuffing them. Only part of the arrest was caught on camera and shows one of the young men being pinned to the ground. During the incident, Robinson accused Kestler of racially profiling the group after which the mall cop slammed him to the ground and sicced his Dutch Shepherd on him. Justin Miller, an attorney representing the group, said the teen suffered several bites, as well as hair loss and a contusion. “He forced me to the ground aggressively and then let the dog out at me,” Robinson “I blacked out when he slammed me to the ground.” But the harassment didn’t stop there. “He (Kestler) told me I could have got worse than what the dog did, like saying he could’ve shot me.” The incident caused the teen to be hospitalized for two and a half days. Now Robinson, his friends and their lawyers are demanding Kestler be fired. “He misused this dog; he doesn’t deserve to be working this K-9”, adding that he doesn’t blame the pooch, Kosmo, for the attack. “They’re trained to stop when you say stop, they’re trained to attack when you say attack”. “This officer didn’t do that. He didn’t stop the dog; he commanded it to attack.” Mobile Police offered a different account of the incident. In a statement, the department said officers responded to reports of a fight “involving several juveniles and a 20-year-old male” at the mall. “The mall’s K-9 unit (dog) exited the vehicle and grabbed the juvenile biting him on his arm,” according to an incident report. The juvenile was then taken into custody. Once the juvenile was in handcuff he attempted to reach into his pants pocket. Officers check the juvenile’s pocket and found him in possession of marijuana. The juvenile was transported to the hospital to be treated for the bite. The 16-year-old was later transported to Strickland Youth Center and charged with (disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana 2nd and resisting arrest). Nathaniel Henderson, 20 was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.” It’s unclear whether the four young men have been charged in the incident. Robinson’s mother, Calandra Smith, said she’s just grateful she isn’t grieving the loss of her son. “Just to see him sitting on the curb, bleeding, looking up at me crying, saying, ‘Mama, they put the dog on me. I didn’t do anything.’ It just broke my heart,” she said of the incident. A $25 million lawsuit against the mall is being filed.

MANAGER FOREVER21 San Francisco California July 7, 2019 Richard “Rich” Bougere and his wife Danielle Banks, founders of the performing arts group Project Level, recorded the moments after what they described as an “embarrassing” encounter with police at the Forever21 store. Banks said on Facebook she and Bougere have spent thousands of dollars at Forever 21 and they decided to take three students in their youth group shopping there for clothes for a big shoot. They arrived at the store about 5 p.m. and ended up taking clothes to try on to the store’s dressing room. Banks said when she was in the dressing room area, two San Francisco police officers cornered her. They told her she’s being accused of putting clothes inside a white grocery bag and searched the bag in question. When they didn’t find anything, we were “allowed to keep shopping in Forever 21,” Banks said. But when the store manager refused to apologize for the accusation, Banks instead decided to leave the store with her group without purchasing anything. “What hurts the most is we were shopping for our students who don’t have the means to be styled like professional artists. Rich and I use our own money to give youth an opportunity they unfortunately can’t afford.” Bougere said in the video posted on Facebook. “You picked with the wrong ones, man., We have too much money, too much influence, too much power to ever steal from anywhere, so you’ll be hearing from our lawyers, Forever 21.” The company said “After conducting an investigation into the situation, we confirmed that the police were notified due to specific shopping behaviors, consisting of bringing in non-Forever 21 products and mixing and matching with in-store merchandise, which created confusion. We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and are working with the Mayor’s Office and the parties involved to learn from this experience, and make it right, as we take this matter extremely seriously.”

BOBBY ROSS and a 2ND MAN Lee’s Summit Missouri July 1, 2019 Jeff Sallis’ 18-year-old daughter was caught in the mix of what he believes was a racially motivated incident. Cellphone video shows two men accusing the teens of a rash of vandalism near their neighborhood and questions whether they should even be at the pool. The men are also heard using several expletives toward the teens. “We have to pay for all the shit you guys do,” one man says in the video, later adding: “That doesn’t mean you invite all your young friends in my pool … [do] you pay the fucking dues?” The men claimed neighborhood residents are only allowed one guest at the pool, however, posted rules explicitly state three guests per household are allowed. Two of the teens, including Sallis’ daughter, live in the subdivision. “If each of them had three guests, that’s six between the two plus the two residents is eight,” Sallis explained. “They’re in compliance. ”The outraged father Jeff Sallis has been a resident of the Ashton at Charleston Park subdivision for 14 years believes race was a motivating factor in the men’s behavior toward the teens. “I’m absolutely sure race played a factor here, because again when you look at the video the way the gentleman postured himself and the things, he was saying, ‘They probably don’t even live here. This is my pool. You don’t belong here,’” Sallis said. “It was a lot of you, you, you.” One of the men from the video, Bobby Ross, later gave his side of the story and apologized for his “inappropriate” rant. “I shouldn’t have gone off the deep end like I did. The language that I used was inappropriate, and I apologized to all the kids, the other gentleman that was involved. I lost it because of the way I was spoken to.” The man said the confrontation with the teens unfolded after he witnessed one of them hop the fence to let their friends into the pool. The interview quickly went left, however, when Sallis made a surprise appearance to confront the man who yelled at his daughter. “Excuse me, excuse me — this is my time,” Ross told Sallis. “You did your talking the other night,” Sallis shot back. “You’re done.” During their heated exchange, Ross denied allegations he confronted the teens because they were African-American. “It had nothing to do with race,” Ross told Sallis. “So, you can take it to that direction if you want to. It wasn’t that. It was me questioning kids that were hoping the pool fence and not supposed to be here.”

AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT ATTENDANT Kingston, Jamaica July 9, 2019 Dr. Tisha Rowe, who practices family medicine in Houston, had already boarded her flight in Kingston, Jamaica, with her 8-year-old son Chase. But before the plane was scheduled to take off for Miami, a flight attendant pulled her aside and asked her to deplane “for a talk”. Once off the aircraft, Rowe says the flight attendant asked her if she had a jacket to cover up the sleeveless romper she wore to the airport. When she said she didn’t, the American Airlines attendant told her she would only be readmitted on one condition. “When defending my outfit I was threatened with not getting back on the flight unless I walked down the aisle wrapped in a blanket.” Rowe complied, though she was humiliated. “I felt powerless,” she told the outlet. “There was nothing I could do in that moment other than give up my money and my seat to defend my position that I was completely appropriate. We are policed for being black. Our bodies are over sexualized as women and we must adjust to make everyone around us comfortable. I’ve seen white women with much shorter shorts board a plane without a blink of an eye. If American Airlines wanted passengers from Jamaica to Florida in June to wear snowsuits, that’s something they ought to put in their contract. American Airlines said it had reached out to apologize. “We were concerned about Dr. Rowe’s comments, and reached out to her and our team at the Kingston airport to gather more information about what occurred,” said American Airlines spokesperson Shannon Gilson. “We apologize to Dr. Rowe and her son for their experience, and have fully refunded their travel. We are proud to serve customers of all backgrounds and are committed to providing a positive, safe travel experience for everyone who flies with us.”

WHITE MAN Long Beach CA May 12, 2019 A white man became agitated because in his mind he thought people were being seated before him at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi. There was a 30-minute wait, and people could sign up for a spot electronically and then a text when their table was ready. It’s pretty standard these days for restaurants to text people when they can be seated. Some people waited in their cars, so when the man saw a group get seated, he may have assumed that they didn’t have to wait in line, which was not the case at all. People started shouting back at him telling him to leave, but the man wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then things got heated. Once the white man began to hurl racist remarks and mock the black and brown customers, that is when things got out of control. The white man called a black individual a “monkey man,” and that is when another person lunged at him. A black woman enters the recording and begins to punch him. That is when it seems as if the man starts to step out of the restaurant. @IvanCyclist said the woman got in at least five punches and you can see it in the video as well.

DEPUTY ADAM WATKINS Ft. Bend Indiana March 10, 2019 New England Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts, after visiting his parents, the Port Arthur native was driving back to his Richmond home when the deputy began following him on Pitts Road for about a mile without flipping on his emergency lights until the two reached Roberts’ subdivision. The deputy harassed him and called him a “big black man” outside his home and it would be another eight minutes before Roberts would learn he had been pulled over for allegedly speeding, according to dash cam footage. The 16-minute video shows 25-year-old former University of Houston standout pulling into his driveway with Deputy Adam Watkins blocking him in. Roberts then stepped out of his black 2018 Porsche with his hands up and said, “This is my house.” “Get back in the car right now,” the deputy repeatedly said in the footage. “Shut the door, put the hands on the steering wheel and roll down the window. Do it now.” The flashing lights and commotion just before 10 p.m. was enough to draw Roberts’ wife Tori Roberts outside as he got back into the car, about a minute into the video. Watkins threatened to arrest her if she didn’t go inside. “Go back in the house for your own safety,” Watkins said. “For my safety from my husband,” she quizzed, before going back inside and turning on the exterior lights. She next stepped into the open garage brandishing what appeared to be a cell phone to capture the incident unfolding in her driveway. Audio from eight minutes into the dash cam footage can then be heard of the deputy requesting back-up because Roberts was not being compliant. “I haven’t even begun the traffic stop,” the deputy radioed in. “The big black male got out of the car. I told him to get back in. He wouldn’t comply. I had to yell at him pretty hard.” The footage continues with Watkins saying Roberts was now complying but he wanted the woman detained for refusing to stay inside. The deputy waited for another law enforcement officer to arrive before stepping up to the driver side door to explain Roberts was stopped for allegedly going 59 mph in a 35 mph-zone. The deputy said he would cite him for speeding and for failing to provide proof of insurance. About four hours after the traffic stop, the sheriff’s office called Roberts to rescind the citations and apologize. “This was no ordinary traffic stop,” Attorney Hovell-Cox said. “He felt like he was being harassed because he was an African-American male in his own driveway. It was totally not necessary.”

ALLEN MCCOY and PATRICIA MCCOY Adairsville, Georgia Oct. 1, 2018 Victoria Sutton was given an eviction notice in October and ultimately left in December out of concern for her family’s safety. Sutton’s complaint says she began inviting her co-worker and his son over to her home beginning in September 2018 for play dates with her children. But in late September, the suit alleges, Sutton received a knock on her door from her landlord, Allen McCoy. McCoy used the N-word multiple times and threatened to arrest Sutton’s co-worker if he came over again. He also threatened to call Child Protective Services and gave Sutton two weeks to move out. Sutton recorded a subsequent call with Patricia McCoy, during which McCoy made a physical threat and said, “I don’t want them in my property. Maybe you like black dogs, but I don’t. So just get your stuff and get out.” McCoy then threatened to double Sutton’s rent before saying she would give her an eviction notice, the notice came the next day. At an eviction hearing, the McCoys claimed Sutton had damaged the property and of course the McCoys denied all allegations. “Some of the best friends I got is colored,” Allen McCoy said. However, Sutton provided pictures showing otherwise. Brian Corman, a Cohen Milstein attorney representing Sutton. “We believe that those statements are entirely false in light of the recorded statements made by Ms. McCoy that the only reason that she was evicting Ms. Sutton and her family was because she had invited an African American family to her home. There’s almost always a pretext given for racial discrimination” After being given a 60-day notice in mid-October, Sutton moved out in December 2018. Sutton says she “experienced extreme emotional distress” over fears for her family’s safety.

CHRIS CUKOR San Francisco CA July 4, 2019 In broad daylight Software engineer Wesley Michel was waiting for a friend when a man identified as Chris Cukor demanded to know the name of the person he was waiting for, and then called police claiming Michel was trespassing. Cukor brought his young son outside with him and the child can be seen and heard pleading with his father to not call police saying he agreed with Michel. Cukor, who works as an executive for YouTube as a “Device Partnerships” executive according to his LinkedIn profile, ignores his sons cries and continues to ask police to respond to the location. A minute later, Michel’s friend shows up and demands to know what is going on. The entire time, the young boy tries to convince his father that they should leave. Cukor says “Call your friend on the call box” Michel says he does not have to do that. He says he’s just waiting. Cukor says he’s going to call police. Then his son begins to plead with his father not to do that. “Daddy, don’t, don’t,” the child says. Michel says that Cukor is going to be the “next person” caught on camera similar to Permit Patty and others. Cukor says that Michel is threatening him. asks for the friend’s name. Michel says he’s not required to tell Cukor who he is outside waiting for. The child again pleads: Daddy, let’s go. I don’t like this. Please daddy, let’s go.” Cukor is on the phone with police saying, “There’s a trespasser …” as the boy again asks if they can please leave. The boy says, “Daddy, don’t. It’s the better daddy. I agree with him.” But Cukor stays on the phone saying Michel “tailgated” him through the door and then begins to describe Michel saying he has on a pink polo shirt, a Yankees cap and “appears” to be African-American. The child still begs his father to hang up and for them to leave. Cukor says that though Michel said he’s just waiting for a friend, Cukor demands to know the friend’s name. “Hello,” a woman can be heard yelling out near the end of the video. Michel had said she was handicapped. He says: “Hi, Cathy. I love you.” The child says to the father, “I told you! Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!”

MANAGER CROSBY RESTAURANT AND BAR Montclair, New Jersey @ninoshkka16 said all was well until a general manager approached and asked them to leave because one of her friends was wearing a scarf, and another had on a durag. According to the manager, headgear is against bar policy. But @ninoshkka quickly pointed out that there were plenty of folks at the bar who had on hats and other head pieces. She shared video of the incident, showing her in a war of words with a manager, who threatened to get the bouncers to escort them out. Initially, the manager told @ninoshkka16 he had “plenty of Black’ friends to prove he wasn’t racist, but soon became more aggressive after she questioned the bar’s dress code policy. The young woman said eventually, “3 big ass white security” guards came over and intimidated them into leaving the restaurant. “We did not deserve to be treated like this,” she wrote. “No black body deserves to be treated like this. Not surprising but absolutely disgusting.”

DENNY’S RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES and PATRON’s Lansing Michigan Oct. 2018 Jennifer McEwen, Sasha Collins, and Lamaya McGuire were at Denny’s Restaurant and shortly after they were seated and placed their orders four individuals wearing “Blue Angel” biker jackets walked in the restaurant and began taunting them with racist vitriol. Collins recalled “As soon as they seen us they just well one just started going in, [saying,] ‘we don’t like these type of people where we are from …,’ ” she and her friends tried ignoring it. “Then he sits down ‘nigger, nigger, nigger to his friends, ‘ ” After his insults failed to garner a reaction, Collins said the man waved over a waitress and told her “to serve these nigger’s some T-bone steaks.” Outraged, the women took their complaints to management after they say the waitress turned a blind eye to the racist harassment. Collins explained to a manager what happened, and requested the offending party be booted from the eatery. The manager refused, however, citing freedom of speech. According to the women, the manager then told them if they didn’t like what they were hearing, they could leave. McEwen shot back: “So if we were to say something back to them would that be freedom of speech?” to which the manager responded, “no, that would be you guys starting shit.” Fed up, the trio asked to take their orders to go. Again, the manager refused and threatened to call police if they didn’t leave. “I said, ‘OK call the police and I’ll call the police, too,’” “We didn’t do anything. We don’t have to leave.” While on the phone with 911, McEwen said one of the women from the biker group walked over and punched her. The assault was captured on surveillance video. Eaton County prosecutors said a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the woman suspected of throwing the punch caught on camera. Alice Barber was charged with assault and battery, did not show up for her arraignment, and no additional charges have been filed in connection to the fracas. Though it’s been months since the incident, Collins, McEwen and McGuire said it’s all still very upsetting. In a statement, a Denny’s spokesman said the company was first alerted to the incident last year and are still working to get to the bottom of the issue.

NICK STARR-STREET Hyattsville Maryland June 22, 2019 Felecia Soso posted a Twitter thread stating she and a few of her friends sat by the pool listening to music and having drinks at the Edition Apartments a white man started yelling at one of her friends. Soso “This man comes out of nowhere and I only started recording because I thought it was gonna be hilarious.. this man started yelling at my friend so I ran over.. mind you we were NOT LOUD at all.. we had glass bottles but he was NOT AT THE POOL.. he doesn’t work here lol” In the first video, a Black woman in a yellow bathing suit can be seen talking to a White man who has his phone in her face. The woman calmly speaks to the man (Starr-Street), who says “glassware is not allowed at the pool.” The woman then asks what she can do to make him more comfortable, she agreed to get rid of the glass and asked, “What else do I need to do for you to be comfortable?” Then he began following the women because they were trying to leave before police could arrive. Starr-Street responded in the video, “I’m going to report you to the leasing office.” Even though someone from the leasing office came to speak to them Starr-Street called the police. Then 5 minutes later, the county police for seven women who are literally just sitting by a pool!!!The women shared their side of the story and eventually decided to leave the pool. In another video posted by Gaëlle Claude showed Starr-Street following her and a friend while on the phone with 911. Her caption read, “This white man literally stalked us from his apartment for damn near a mile just cause we were at the pool drinking wine and taking pictures. Edition Apartments has evicted Nick Starr-Street

J. ALEXANDER’S RESTAURANT Bloomfield, Michigan June 20, 2019 Liah Gant unfolded when she was sitting at the bar, waiting for a friend who hadn’t arrived yet. The seat next to her was vacant, but she was trying to save it for her friend. Still, she claims the bartender flagged down two white men who were looking for a place to sit. “I was racially profiled,” said Gant. “I was told to move out of my seat for two other white men to be seated.” When she objected to the men taking her seats, Gant claimed the bartender snatched the drink she was drinking, poured it out and refused to continue serving her. Shocked, Gant said she immediately complained to a restaurant manager, who allegedly told her she shouldn’t be upset because “the drink wasn’t thrown on me.” “And that’s when I was like, OK. I wanted to pull out my phone and record in that moment.” Gant said the manager warned her against pulling out her phone to film anything and started “getting loud.” Shortly afterward, another black patron approached the manager on Gant’s behalf, at which point a white customer began yelling at Gant and the other patron, and allegedly threw food at him. According to Davis, the manager initially told Gant she wouldn’t be charged for the tossed drink, but had a “change of heart” and made her pay for it anyway. The manager also allegedly commented that there are “two sides to every story.” That manager chose the side that says ‘it’s OK to be racist towards your black patrons, it’s OK to deny them service, it’s OK to deny them their basic humanity.” In addition to being booted from her seat, Gant claims the bartender was instructed to continue serving everyone but her. A similar incident occurred that same evening when Jerrick Jefferson says he was subjected to racist slurs and had food thrown at him after he and his friends were allegedly profiled by restaurant staff. When he confronted a manager about the issue, he said she brushed it off and walked away. Video taken during the incident also shows a white patron shouting at Jefferson before chucking a bag of food at him and his girlfriend. Gant and Jefferson do not know each other, but are both pushing for the workers involved to be terminated.

ARRESTED FOR PAINTING MURAL COMMISSIONED BY CITY Detroit Michigan June 2019 Popular street Detroit Artist Tashif “Sheefy McFly” Turner was working on a mural under a viaduct east of Seven Mile Road and John R as part of the City Walls program. Launched in 2017, the program pays artists a stipend and provides materials for them to create public art in vandalism-prone areas in an effort to help deter graffiti. On his first day of work, he says, police questioned him but left him alone after he showed them the permit. After a few days of working on the mural, he felt like the local police had become comfortable with his presence, and on Wednesday, he forgot to bring his permit. Later that afternoon, two new police officers approached him, believing him to be vandalizing the viaduct. “I told them I’m painting this mural for City Walls, and I got to have it done by Friday. They asked me to put my hands down and everything. I’m like, what’s going on?” Turner says when one of the officers tried to handcuff him, he attempted to pull away and walk toward his bag to find his permit. That’s when things got physical. “When I tried to walk towards my bag, they tried to act like I was resisting arrest and trying to run. They ran up on me like I’m dealing dope, bro, like I had crack on me and I had a gun in my bag”. Eventually the officers called for backup and put Turner in the back of a car. Turner says he told the officers to contact Zachary Meers, the City Walls coordinator whose name and phone number is listed on the permit. Eventually, Turner says he stopped resisting the officers. “I just kept my composure because I felt like if I actually got angry, they can shoot,” he says. “Like they will shoot me or they will beat me and I’m gonna still go to jail.” The officers did reach Meers, who assured them Turner had a permit. But it was too late. The officers found Turner had a warrant out for his arrest, stemming from a traffic violation from years ago. Turner spent the next 24 hours DPD’s detention center. He said he was placed in a cell with more than a dozen men and no beds. One man, he alleges, was bleeding. “That’s what makes me so angry about it because all my life, I never painted illegally at all. I don’t do nothing bad,” says Turner, who has created murals in the city alongside internationally recognized street artists as part of the Murals in the Market festival. “So for them to come out and treat me like a criminal, like I shot somebody … it just had me feeling like I was profiled, you know.”

POSSESSING CAR AIR FRESHENER WHILE BLACK NYNY June 16, 2019 Sam Detroit was racially profiled for fitting the description of someone, approached by police, then asked to identify as police went on a fishing expedition, looking to search his car… Video, recorded by a bystander, shows NYPD officers harassing the man for his identification. Detroit insists he hasn’t committed any crime, knows his rights, and therefore doesn’t have to identify. “You know we don’t have rights in America, right?” the man recording, who apparently knows Detroit, asks rhetorically. “All of this for an air freshener,” Detroit says. After not showing his ID, and as his friends criticize the officers over their tactics, police decide to arrest Detroit for the air freshener. Detroit was charged with interfering with a police investigation and refusing to identify, court records show…. Sam Detroit “Perfect father’s day gift to me smh I was racially profiled and harassed by NYPD basically I fit the description of the person they were lookin for so why I was park they came at me askin for my i d I said no I didn’t committed any crime why I have to identify my self and the cops at each other look around my car and look inside said of the Air freshener i stood my ground and they arrest me so one cop drove off with my car to the precinct they illegally search my car booked me and and I spend a night in jail next day I was release apparently they was lookin for a black man in a black car with a gun.” He is scheduled to appear in court on July 15.

SGT. JEFF ZALAZNIK, BADGE NUMBER 116 HOSPITALIZED WHILE BLACK Freeport Illinois June 9, 2019 Shaquille Dukes had been admitted to the FHN Memorial Hospital for double pneumonia and asthma-related symptoms. Doctors told Dukes to take a walk with the IV machine as long as he didn’t leave hospital grounds. As he and his brother were on the way to walk back in the hospital doors, a security guard ordered the men to follow him across the street. That’s when things things got ugly. “He had gotten out of his vehicle and said, ‘What are you going to do, steal that and sell it on eBay?'” “I told him, ‘This machine is pumping fluid into my veins as we speak.'” After a back and forth exchange, the security guard calls police on Dukes, his brother and another man accompanying him at the hospital. All three men were arrested, despite their story. Police informed Dukes he was being arrested for attempted theft since he was off of hospital property in possession of medical equipment. But Dukes and the other two men say they only left the property when the security guard told them to follow his vehicle and were headed back indoors when he approached them. After being cuffed and arrested, Dukes said his asthma inhaler was taken from him and that police ignored his medical distress as he was being taken to the jail for booking. He also passed out and suffered a seizure inside the vehicle he was being transported in, but was later given back his inhaler after he regained consciousness. Shaquille Dukes “Under the direction of Sgt Zalaznik, officers stood by and watched while my IV was removed on the sidewalk, and it was NOT by a doctor. I told the Sgt I was being treated for pneumonia and asthma, and his words were “I don’t care why you’re here, you’re going to jail”. They took my rescue inhaler and began to transport me to the city lockup, while in transit I began to have a seizure, and subsequently am asthma attack, I pleaded with officers for almost 4 minutes to retrieve my inhaler from the transporting officer, and finally, when I became unresponsive, it miraculously appeared.” Shaquille Dukes filed a racial profiling complaint with the city of Freeport and says he feels the incident would not have occurred if he were a white patient. The Freeport Police Department issued a statement this week, announcing an internal affairs into the matter has been launched and is urging the public not to rush to judgement until all the facts are in. The hospital is refusing to comment.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL Chevy Chase Maryland May 14, 2019 Tiffany Kelley’s son “my son took play money to school purchased from Amazon. He is excited about money and learning to count his money. In an attempt for socialization, something he struggles with, he passed it out on the school bus to his peers. The money has bright pink Asian symbols on the front and back, along with dotted lines, so that it can be distinguished as play money. Later that day one of the bills was discovered at the bus depot. When bus video footage was reviewed the decision was made to call the police. The police came to the school to question my son. They also called the Secret Service. Outrageous. It is not fair to believe that a person of color has committed a crime. I do not believe it would have happened to someone had they not been a minority.” The Montgomery County public school system sent her a statement saying their practice is to call the police if there is suspicion and or evidence of a student trying to use counterfeit money to purchase something. “But that wasn’t the case in this incident and the police should not have been called. Moving to Montgomery County, specifically Chevy Chase, was scary for me, it is an area that is not very diverse, and my greatest fear was policing of my son. My nightmare has come true.” The police questioned her son without notifying her. Montgomery County police responded saying there was no racial profiling in their investigation.

UNIDENTIFIED WHITE OFFICER Woods Cross Utah June 6, 2019 10-year-old vision and developmentally impaired D.J. Hrubes was playing on his grandmother’s front lawn. The officer was responding to the end of a police chase involving a white Mitsubishi and a silver Cadillac, the people in the white car pulled off Interstate 15 and abandoned the car in a church parking lot in West Bountiful. Members of the Hrubes family and two passersby who saw the encounter said the officer pulled up in front of the house, got out of his car, pointed a gun at DJ’s head and told him to put his hands in the air, get on the ground, an order they say the boy complied with immediately. Jerri Hrubes, DJ’s mother heard the commotion and ran out of the house Jerri Hrubes said she saw an officer pointing his handgun toward D.J.’s head, telling him to put his hands in the air. D.J. asked the officer what he had done wrong, and the officer told him not to ask questions. Police claim the officer “thinking this is one of the suspects.” Police dispatch reports during the chase identified one of the drivers as a black man. The officer told the boy and his mom to get inside their house because police were looking for two armed suspects. said the officer left without apologizing or explaining what happened, and didn’t mention the armed suspects, she did say the officer returned later in the day to apologize to DJ, telling the boy, “I am so sorry I pointed my gun at you.”
Woods Cross police claim they have tried twice to contact Jerri Hrubes to talk to her about the incident, but “she hung up on us.” However, Jerri Hrubes she has not heard from them and said her son didn’t have any toys or objects in his hands. Woods Cross, Utah, Police Chief Chad Soffe “The unidentified officer mistook the boy for a potential suspect will continue to work amid an independent review of the incident” Karra Porter, a Salt Lake attorney for the Hrubes family, said she has now heard four versions of the story from Woods Cross police and the officer did not activate his body camera during the encounter.

ELAINE MITCHELL Las Vegas May 13 , 2019 Two Black women informed the police that Mitchell threw rocks at them and ordered them to leave as she hurled racial slurs at their way; Mitchell also used the epithets even as she stood in front of a patrol car. Police said Mitchell started to pray and was “asking God to kill” the two women because the victims are black, they ‘could not afford her’ because they are broke minorities.” Elaine Mitchell has been charged with a hate crime.

MICHAEL JAMES BLACK Gresham Oregon May 10, 2019 A 14 year old boy was riding his bike home with a couple of friends after basketball practice, his two friends were on foot. He said he was riding his bike in a circle to let his friends catch up, and they were walking in a cul-de-sac the boy thought was public. Black, who was sitting in a chair in the carport, yelled the area was private property, and then yelled racial slurs and threats. The boys got scared that Black was going to get a gun, so he rode home, where his mother called the police. He said they were about 30 to 40 feet apart for the whole encounter. When police interviewed Black, he said the teen got onto his property and got into an argument with him, including yelling at him and flipping him off. Black said he told the teen to leave his property, and admitted to using some racially-charged language. Black also told police he thought the teen had a knife, but admitted that he couldn’t see well because the teen was 30 to 40 feet away. The boy and his family live in the same area as Black. Black has been charged with second-degree intimidation and menacing.

KATE New York New York June 1, 2019 During an argument sparked by the group allegedly bringing an extra friend to the Airbnb, upping the expected number of guests from four to five Meshach Ciscero, shared video of the incident “So which monkey is staying on the couch?” the woman says Meshach said he was “livid” after he and his friends were called racial slurs and subsequently kicked out of their accommodations. “When we arrived to our @Airbnb, we were harassed several times before being thrown out at 2 am. Her reasonings were because she felt unsafe, she assumed we were going to steal and destroy her property. After being harassed by her nonstop, she then told us to ‘Get the fuck out of her house immediately!’ We cooperated and began to pack our things to leave.” That’s when the Asian woman burst into their room with a camera as they gathered their belongings; one of them had just gotten out of the shower. Ignoring their pleas for privacy, @Kartoon_1911 said the woman again demanded they “get the f–k out of my house.” He described the incident as “traumatic” and said the woman became so enraged his friends grew fearful and called police. “We are a group of 4 educated and working professionals and were classified as criminals and animals over and over again. I felt like she’d attack us if we hadn’t called the police. I felt like she’d possibly accuse us of sexual assault if we hadn’t pulled out our cameras.” In the end, @Kartoon_1911 said he was just glad he and his friends made it out of the situation safely. The quintet, he said, was eventually able to find lodging at a hotel, where they crashed for the night. Airbnb has banned the host, calling her language “unacceptable and has deleted “Kates” account.

ALBERT PARTIN Douglas County, Georgia Memorial Day weekend 2019 A white man named Albert Partin went ballistic after a 62-year-old woman said his dog bit hers at a dog park. Witness Chris Mungin, who is Black, said Partin “started getting really vulgar. The racial slurs and the derogatory statements came out and … he called [the woman] a bitch.” With Mungin’s wife recording video on a cell phone, Partin pulled out a gun and pointed it at Mungin and the 62-year-old woman. “I just stood there because I was like did he really just pull out a gun at a dog park and on the other side I was like oh crap it’s a gun,” Mungin explained. Mungin said called 911 and said the responding police treated him like a suspect. “The police came and were very aggressive towards me,” he said. “You would’ve thought I was the one who pulled the gun out and he was the one who called 911.” “He came at me out of those gates and that’s when I drew the weapon,” Partin said. “I thought he was going to attack me. It was strictly in self-defense. I never drew a weapon at anybody.” Of course, that begs the question: If he never drew a weapon on anybody then why bring a gun to a dog park? Not surprisingly, Partin, who used racial slurs and pulled out a weapon, has the support of the local police chief. What is surprising, though, is that the police chief is Black. “You have a right to protect yourself and property at any given moment,” Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds said. “Now, he feared this guy. This guy is approaching him. He just wanted him to get off of him and that’s why they’re misdemeanors and not felonies. He had a right to protect himself.”‘ Pounds also downplayed Mungin saying the police were aggressive toward him. “What Mr. Mungin’s problem is he wanted us to go out there and throw folks on the ground and lock them up because of what he said. We don’t operate like that,” Pounds said. “We do things professionally.” A white man pulled out a gun and used racial and sexist slurs, all because of a dog, and now a Georgia sheriff is defending him. Why? Because the white man “feared” Black people.

CMPD OFFICER AIMEE AQUINO Charlotte, North Carolina April 2, 2013 Former Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Officer Michael Tinsley was unjustly fired after a fellow white female officer accused him of rape. Tinsley, who is black, was fired after a dispute with CMPD Officer Aimee Aquino. Tinsley is now suing the city of Charlotte and CMPD for $1 million on claims of racial discrimination. Tinsley and Aquino dated for two years while they were both officers with CMPD, but when their relationship began to fall apart, Tinsley called it quits with Aquino in 2013. Aquino then began to show up to Tinsley’s 911 service calls while he was on duty. Tinsley claims Aquino was stalking him. Tinsley filed a official complaint to his supervisor about the stalking claim regarding Aquino. On May 7, 2013 CMPD issued a directive for Aquino not to go to Tinsley’s division or office. But on the same day as the directive was issued, Aquino filed a false police report stating Tinsley had raped her on April 2, 2013. The rape allegation prompted a full investigation by CMPD. The police department ordered Tinsley and Aquino to turn over their cell phones. An investigation by CMPD found Aquino was actually on the phone with another man on the same day and time she said Tinsley raped her. CMPD ruled Aquino’s rape claim unsustainable. But after 16 years on the force Tinsley was terminated by CMPD in 2013 for using city-issued equipment for personal use. He was also accused of lying during the Aquino rape investigation. Tinsley was not able to find work as a police officer anywhere else; he even went unemployed for years until he was able to find a construction job. Meanwhile, Aquino was never fired and still works for CMPD. Tinsley says he received harsher punishment based on his race. Tinsley won a civil suit against Aquino for slander and was awarded $50,000. The city of Charlotte paid for Aquino’s court fees in that case. Tinsley questions why Aquino didn’t have to come out of pocket and why the city paid for her lawyer and settlement judgment. Tinsley also was awarded $125,000 per his discrimination lawsuit against the city of Charlotte. Tinsley is also seeking $1.5 million in the same suit, a ruling on that hasn’t been determined yet, but it is likely the city of Charlotte will settle.

RUBY HOWELL,KOA CAMPGROUND MANAGER Oktibbeha Country Lake Starkville, Mississippi 5-27-2019 Memorial Day Weekend Jessica Richardson “Today was a beautiful day so my husband Franklin Richardson sand our 2 year old dog, and myself, decided to Google a lake to visit and have a picnic. We found a lake located in Starkville, MS and decided to visit. Not five mins later a truck pulls up and a white lady screams at us, she then jumps out of her truck with a gun and proceeded to point it at the 3 of us.” The KOA campground has beach access to the lake, when they were confronted by the white woman who pulled a gun on them. “She was just like, ‘get, get, you don’t belong here, you don’t belong here, you don’t belong here,’” Jessica said. “The fact that she used ‘get, get’ like we were a dog. You say ‘get, get’ to a stray dog that’s on your porch.” She is seen with the gun in the video. The woman, they later learned managed the location with her husband told them they needed a reservation to be there. Richardson and her husband, who she says is a veteran, asked why did she not just say that initially rather than pull a gun on them, agreeing they would go and would have gone if they were not allowed to be there. The woman said “I’m just telling you, you need to leave. It’s under private ownership. Y’all just can’t be out here. They will not let you. ” The Richardson’s repeat, “That’s fine, that’s all you had to say. We’re leaving.” But Richardson’s husband went to the office, where he would meet the woman’s husband, described as the campground manager. He contradicted his wife and “reservations aren’t needed for the lake, they only needed reservations for the cabin and RV area.” Kampgrounds of America spokesman Mike Gast said Tuesday the unidentified manager had been fired from the KOA in Starkville after video showed her holding a gun. The Richardsons obtained an attorney to see how they can move forward. Ruby was only charged with a misdemeanor of threatening exhibition of a weapon. Bond was set at $500, which Howell posted shortly after being booked into jail.

TWO STAFF MEMBERS COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL AND CASINO Las Vegas Nevada May 25, 2019 Two hotel staff members tell rapper Meek Mill he could be arrested for trespassing if he enters the hotel. “We are private property, at this time, with the information we have, we’re refusing to do business with you, we have the right to do that,” one staff member can be heard saying in the video that begins after the conversation has already started. The staff member then asks the person recording to stop recording, to which the recorder says “absolutely not.” The staff member then begins reading Nevada state code to the rapper. “If you do not leave the premise immediately, you will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor,” the staff member reads. “For what?” Meek Mill asks. Neither video posted by Meek shows hotel staff telling the rapper they are at capacity. The artist said there’s “a few other hotels” that are also “doing this to black entertainers because they don’t want too many blacks on they property.” The staff member then asks the person recording to stop recording, to which the recorder says “absolutely not.” The staff member then begins reading Nevada state code to the rapper. “If you do not leave the premise immediately, you will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor,” the staff member reads. “For what?” Meek Mill asks. Neither video posted by Meek shows hotel staff telling the rapper they are at capacity. The artist said there’s “a few other hotels” that are also “doing this to black entertainers because they don’t want too many blacks on they property.” A video captured of Meek’s confrontation with Cosmopolitan Hotel reveals more of the aftermath. “If I walk upstairs and get something to eat, Imma be arrested for what? For being a rapper?” Meek is heard asking a hotel security guard who says he’d be arrested for trespassing. “For what? For what, though?”

SECURITY GUARDS and MUSEUM PATRONS Boston’s Museum Of Fine Arts May 16, 2019 A group of 30 seventh grade students from Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy Charter Public School were at the museum as a reward for good behavior and good grades and were racially profiled by security guards and fellow museum visitors. The group of more than two dozen students of color were exploring the museum to get a firsthand look at the art and cultures they had studied in class. Instead of an educational visit, the students were reportedly subjected to racial profiling and hurtful comments. Marvelyne Lamy, English Language Arts Teacher said security guards at the Museum of Fine Arts followed the 7th-graders and a visitor commented about ‘stripping’ to one student dancing. Museum patrons and a tour guide made racist comments toward the group. A tour guide told the children, “no food, no drink, and no watermelon” after they entered the building. A female student said a visitor told her, “It’s a shame that she is not learning and instead stripping,” as the child danced to music playing in the exhibit. Lamy also said that the group was told that they could not touch any of the artifacts, although white students also on field trips were allowed to touch the displays. She also claimed that security guards followed her and her students as they walked through the museum. “These young people left the Museum feeling disrespected, harassed and targeted because of the color of their skin, and that is unacceptable,” Matthew Teitelbaum, a director at the museum, said in a statement on the museum’s website. “This is a fundamental problem that we will address as an institution, both with immediate steps and long-term commitments.” The museum said in a May 24 message on its website it looked into the complaints and found two instances of two of its patrons making “racist comments” to students. “We have identified the patrons who made the disparaging remarks and revoked their memberships, banning them from the Museum’s grounds. We will serve them with a no-trespass cease-and-desist notification.”

DON BARNETTEGarner, North Carolina May 16, 2019 Outside Mikisa Thompson’s split-level home, several police officers flooded the street while a few stood at her front door. Thompson’s children, initially hid in an upstairs bathroom, took out their phones to record as their mother answered the door. After reading a search warrant, Garner officers spread through Thompson’s home and seized an HP laptop, a computer monitor and speakers, at least seven iPhones, a MacBook, an alarm clock and charging cables, according to the outlet. To make matters worse, Thompson was slapped with a court summons for allegedly violating the city’s noise ordinance after her next-door neighbor, Don Barnette complained “When it’s talking about killing white people and if you’re black and you still work for a white man, you’re a slave, all that kind of stuff, I don’t need to hear that. My grandkids don’t need to hear that mess.” And claimed Thompson played her Malcolm X and Angela Davis speeches too loudly, describing them as “Islamic Jihadist-type messages”. The incident comes just three weeks after Garner police seized Thompson’s property after a previous complaint from Barnette. On April 22, Barnette dialed 911 to gripe about his neighbor playing “loud Islamic-Muslim preaching” in her backyard as she tidied up the patio, officers took a stereo and issued Thompson a $50 fine. Under the city’s noise ordinance, the “playing of any radio, phonograph, television set, record player, sound reproduction device or any musical instrument in such a manner or with such volume during the hours between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort, or repose of persons in any dwelling house, apartment or other type of residence” is strictly forbidden. HOWEVER, none of Thompson’s alleged violations occurred during this time frame, but the noise coming from Thompson’s property was loud enough to wake him at 7:15 a.m., however Thompson denies ever playing the speeches that early. The search warrant indicated police used four videos from Barnette with time stamps of 12:46 p.m., 12:49 p.m., and two at 1:22 p.m. as cause for their action some nine hours later the same day. Also, the vague wording of the ordinance allows officers full discretion over whether someone is in violation of the ordinance or not. The North Carolina mom is now charged with a class 3 misdemeanor and faces a $500 fine.

OFFICER JOHN SMYLY Boulder, Colorado March 1, 2019 Officer John Smyly was patrolling the area in response to recent crimes including bike theft, burglary and trespass at an orthodontics office when he spotted Black college student Zayd Atkinson outside an apartment building picking up trash. After noticing a “Private Property” sign near the front of the building, the officer asked Atkinson if he lived there. Atkinson said he did, but Smyly questioned him further, asking for his address and what he was doing there. “I’m just checking to make sure you have a right to be here, that’s all”. When Smyly asks Atkinson what unit he lives in, the student responds: “I don’t think I actually have to tell you that.” He instead gave the officer his student ID, confirming his identity which did little to satisfy Smyly, who proceeded to ask him several questions. Atkinson, who had a trash grabber in hand, ignored the Officer Smyly, walked off and continued his curbside clean up. Officer Smyly then followed Atkinson around, asking more questions and ordering him to “sit down!” Smyly soon calls for backup, telling dispatch the suspect was refusing to comply and was armed with “a blunt metal object,” referring to the trash grabber. As the situation grows more tense, Smyly informs Atkinson he’s obstructing a police officer and threatens to detain him. He also says Atkinson is being investigated for trespassing. At one point, Officer Smyly threatens to use his taser if Atkinson doesn’t comply. “You’re an idiot!” an angry Atkinson shouts back. “Why would you think that you could tase me? I’m freaking picking up trash on my property. I’m not doing anything illegal, and you’re not going to fucking tase me, officer.” It was not long before seven additional officers, including a sergeant, arrive to the scene, some of them with their weapons drawn. The tense standoff ends after 22 minutes and only after a neighbor confirms Atkinson does indeed live there. “I was not going to just fall in line again and just be a dog”, though he admits he was afraid that Smyly might tase him. Atkinson was not cited in the incident. As for Smyly, the terms of his resignation agreement allow him to remain employed with Boulder Police until Feb. 9, 2020, using his accrued floating holiday leave, sick and permitted administrative leave. Smyly is expected to receive $69,000 in that period. He is barred from being reinstated at the department.

WHITE MAN Naples, Florida May 11, 2019 Standup comic Ahmed Ahmed, who is of Egyptian descent, poked fun at negative stereotypes of Muslims during a set at Off The Hook Comedy Club. According to a video clip “Clap if you’re from the Middle East”. After a smattering of cheers, Ahmed slyly responded: “All right. We got a handful of us in in here, nice. But, hey, it only takes one of us … to tell a joke.” At least one member of the audience didn’t get the punchline. The man called the Collier County Sheriff’s Department and told a deputy that Ahmed was organizing people of Middle Eastern descent to possibly commit terrorism. “I’ve told that joke about 1,000 times around the world,” Ahmed said. “Whatever he heard and what I said are two different things.” The comic said he stuck around after Saturday’s show to meet with any fans who wanted to speak with him or snap pictures. “Terrorists don’t do meet-and-greets,” the comic said. “We don’t say, `Death to America!’ and then, `But wait, let’s do selfies first.’ ” Deputies showed up to the club Sunday before Ahmed’s set that night, briefly interviewed him and left without incident. “They couldn’t have been nicer,” Ahmed said of the responding deputies. “One of them said, `Don’t change anything, keep doing what you’re doing.’ That was refreshing to hear.” Club owner Brien Spina said he’s been booking Ahmed to his club for more than a decade, and won’t stop now. “I want to say, `Thank you,’ to him.” Ahmed said. “He got more publicity for me in that one phone call than ever. You want to talk about a blessing in disguise.”

BANKING WHILE BLACK aka EMPLOYEES JPMORGAN CHASE White Plains, New York April 2019 Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas and two members of his staff, Industrial Development Agency head Marilyn Crawford, who’s Black and Detective Jose Centeno, who’s Latino were racially profiled. As Thomas was speaking with officials about getting access to the city’s bank records. A JP Morgan Chase bank worker called the police on him after he attempted to deposit a six-figure check into the city’s bank account. He was also at the bank attempting to enforce a recent court order requiring Deborah Reynolds, the city comptroller, to grant him access to city finance records. The two are currently embroiled in a bitter dispute over the city’s finances. The mayor claims he has previously been denied access to the city’s bank records by Reynolds and her predecessor, and JP Morgan won’t honor the contract allowing him access to the city’s financial transactions. Mayor Thomas was made to wait nearly 90 minutes before seeing a bank executive about his requests. The mayor accused bank employees of “evading questions” and placing him and his team in a conference room, where they were subjected to “an extensive waiting time for someone to address us, then a lengthy wait for a call back, then a phone conversation and then more waiting on a call back.” Officer Centeno, who was in plainclothes and armed with a gun, went to grab some food but wasn’t allowed back inside because he had a weapon. That’s when security for the bank instructed an office manager to dial police after spotting the gun-toting detective.

SANDY SEPHORA Calabasas, California April 30, 2019 “Ctrl” singer SZA was hassled, harassed, had security called on her for walking around Sephora store # 614 in Calabasas and accused of stealing Fenty Beauty products.

RACIST MANAGER Days Inn Norfolk, Virginia April 22, 2019 Joshua October was supposed to be leaving to do a sound check for his show Thursday morning when a quick grab for yogurt at the hotel quickly changed everything. “He comes over to the door and stands in front of the door and he is yelling at me, basically telling me to put it back,” October said. “I’m like super confused because yesterday I grabbed like three of these yogurts and nobody was coming at me.” Eventually the man let him pass, but October says the harassment continued, and that’s when he knew he needed to record. Days Inn front desk manager caught on video spewing racist abuse and taunting the Joshua October a young Black man, calling him “boy,” and making derogatory remarks about his hair. “Come on! Prison boy! We’ve got prison boy here!” the manager teases. “Look at that little fucking stupid haircut he’s got. Looks like a fucking mop.” At one point, the manager threatens to call the cops on the patron, even though he has a room key and has been staying at the hotel for two days. The manager proceeds to refer to the young man as a “chump,” telling police over the phone, “He ain’t nothin’ to me. … And he’ll always be nothin.’” When the customer tells the manager he’ll likely lose his job once the racist rant goes public, the manager scoffs at the likelihood. “Do you really think I care about this job?” the manager shoots back. “Do you really think I care? I ain’t gonna lose my job over you.” Hello,” Days Inn posted to Twitter. “Please be advised the employee in this video has been terminated from his position. We have been in contact with the guest and have apologized for the experience he occurred and have issued a full refund. We apologize for this situation.”

JESSICA HOLLINGER and KEVIN HOLLINGER Springfield, Oregon April 21, 2019 Rashonda Matthews captured the moment a white woman started shouting racial slurs at her and her family as they stood on their property. Matthews posted the video to Facebook and said the woman shoved her brother while a man who was with her pulled out a knife. Footage from the incident shows the woman getting in Matthews’ face and repeating the Nigger several times. “It’s a sad world we live in y’all,” she wrote. “On Easter with [our] kids out playing we were called the N word. just for being black and outside I guess.” “We were all kinda like what the heck?” he told Oregon station KEZI. “Like trying to tell them to stop and soon as I pulled out my phone, [the woman] said she was going to call the cops on me.” In the video, Jessica Hollinger is seen dialing police as the Matthews’ family repeatedly shouts at her to leave their property. What the video didn’t show is when police said the woman made her way onto the family’s property and “chest-bumped” Matthews’ brother. The harassment didn’t stop there, however. At one point, the woman drops her pants in the middle of the street, exposing her bare butt, as Matthews and her family continue demanding that she leave. “So be it, you’re racist, that’s fine,” Rashonda Matthews said. “Just take it away from us. We don’t want to hear it. “We don’t want to feel it. I don’t want my kids to ever experience it.” Jessica Hollinger is now charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and trespassing, the station reported. Meanwhile, her man, Kevin Hollinger, also faces charges of disorderly conduct and felon in possession of a restricted weapon for carrying a knife.

DR. KAREN L HAWK O.D. (Optometrist ) West Sacramento CA April 16th, 2019 Dr. Karen Hawk stopped her car to harass a Black man in the vehicle driving approximately a block behind her. As he filmed, she exited her car, walked to the front of his vehicle and took a photo of his license plate. Then she approached his driver side window and hit him twice, knocked the phone out of his hand, and proceeded to repeatedly punch him while yelling “go back to the ghetto”.

The overall average patient rating of Dr. Karen L Hawk is bad. Dr. Karen L Hawk has been rated by 23 patients. From those 23 patients, 17 of those left a comment along with their rating. Her overall rating is 1.2 of 5.0 stars.

SANTANA RENEE ADAMS Charleston, W.Va. April 5, 2019 Adams initially told police Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan, a 54-year-old engineer from Alexandria, Egypt, who was in the area for work grabbed her 5-year-old daughter by the hair as she dropped to the floor inside a clothing store and tried to pull her away but stopped when Adams produced a gun. The charge capped a sensational tale of a mother using a gun to thwart a brazen abduction attempt that quickly fell apart amid inconsistencies when the story started to crumble when no witnesses could be found and mall surveillance video didn’t match the woman’s original statement. Upon additional questioning, Adams began changing her account. She later told investigators she may have overreacted and misinterpreted the man’s intentions and he may have simply been patting the girl on the head. The 24-year-old Adams turned herself in about 2 p.m. and was jailed after a magistrate judge set bail at $20,000. She was calm and quiet while she was booked and ignored questions from a throng of reporters waiting for her at the courthouse. Authorities announced they were dropping charges Mr. Zayan. He cried as he greeted family members upon his release from jail.

58-YEAR-OLD WHITE WOMAN aka ROAD RAGE RITA Elizabethtown, KY Feb. 22, 2019 US Army Sergeant First Class Kai Waters was driving home when she noticed a woman driving aggressively behind her. It was clear the woman wanted her and another driver to move out of the fast lane. “She started honking her horn and pulled next to me”. The woman rolled down her window and began hurling racial slurs at her. “She called me a black bitch, and said ‘your kind. I’m so tired of your people’ and all this.” Waters said the woman bumped her car, forcing her to pull over at a busy gas station. Surveillance footage from the store shows the moment Waters pulled up with the other woman in hot pursuit. Waters was still in her car with the door open and had already dialed 911 but it didn’t stop the woman from coming up to her car and assaulting her. “I told her you know I’m on the phone with the 911. The operator can hear you.” That’s when Waters said she grabbed a knife gifted to her as a military honor and stabbed the woman in the leg with it. In the surveillance footage, the woman is seen continuing to go after Waters even after being injured. Once Elizabethtown Police arrived on the scene, it was Waters, 33, who ended up in the back of a patrol car even though she was still on the phone with 911 dispatchers when the woman started crying out for help. The police immediately assumed Waters was the attacker because of her age and race, and refused to hear her side of the story. “I thought hopefully, someone is going to listen to me, they’re going to get my story. But that never happened.” Surveillance video clearly shows an act of road rage on the part of the other woman. Waters said she filed a complaint against the woman, but authorities have yet to act on it. For now, she’s suspended from her job at Fort Knox while the case is pending and could face charges from the Army later. Still, Fort Knox leaders are standing by their soldier. Sgt. Waters has been hit with felony assault charges after defending herself against racist road rage attacker.

UNNAMED WHITE WOMAN aka GAS PUMP GRETTA Richland County So. Carolina Sept. 29, 2018 At a gas station, a woman pulls up to an officer screaming that she was punched in the face, causing a confusing, bloody scene in which multiple people rush her in this clip. Woman tells deputies a Black man punched her several times, chaos ensues before the woman is arrested for stabbing the man, which is why he punched her several times. The reason she stabbed him is because he pulled in front of the gas pump she planned on using. The woman confessed to police on video she had a big knife which she always carries on her person.

UNNAMED WHITE WOMAN aka BARBARA BRUSH Quincy Massachusetts March 25, 2019 a 49-year-old White woman told police a man came up from behind and threw her to the ground as she walked behind the tennis courts at Russell Park in Quincy. She described an African-American man in his 20s, bald, clean shaven, wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black shoes. stole her jacket and shoes before taking money from her purse and fleeing the scene. The woman had visible cuts to her face when officers arrived to the scene about 15 minutes later. One of the officers also recovered the woman’s shoes and jacket in a wooded area not far from where the “victim” claimed the mugging occurred. No other evidence was found, and there were no witnesses to the alleged attack. After reviewing surveillance footage near the park, however, police brought the woman in for a second round of questioning, during which she confessed to making the entire thing up. It turns out the cuts on her face were actually from walking through brush along the park’s trails. Police refuse to reveal the White woman’s name.

CORRINE TERRONE New Haven Connecticut March. 16, 2019 Hamden school district spokesperson Corrine Terrone repeatedly hurling racial epithets at the African-American male and his female partner inside a ShopRite supermarket. In the minute-long video, Terrone is heard shouting the n-word and other expletives at the Black man as other supermarket-goers watch in horror. The man suddenly makes a beeline for the school worker after she calls him a “f—–g n—-r,” prompting his female partner to step between them. “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” fellow shoppers plead, urging the man to calm down. Meanwhile, Terrone carries on with her tirade and pulls out her cellphone to record the incident. The man quickly smacks the phone out of her hand before walking away, which only seemed to aggravate the school secretary more. “Put your hands on me, come on!” Terrone shouts at him. “You motherf—-r! That’s right, you’re a n—-r in East Haven. F–k you, n—-r.” She then runs up behind the man and spits at him. District officials condemned Terrone’s actions in a statement, calling her behavior “completely unacceptable and in conflict with the values of Hamden Public Schools.” East Haven Police are now investigating the incident. Terrone has since resigned from her job as a clerk at Hamden Public High School. District officials said they scheduled an investigatory meeting with the former staffer upon learning of the racist video. Administrators also filed a report with the Department of Children and Families because Terrone’s two kids were present during the incident.

FAITH GENTRY Wyandotte, Michigan Feb. 28, 2019 Faith Gentry, 17-years old was pulled over by a man posing as a officer. She described as a tall African-American who never asked for registration or proof of insurance during the stop. “He did have a badge on his shoulder and the button-up shirt and the belt, but the only thing on his belt was a gun.” Gentry alleged the “officer” had pulled her over for a broken blinker signal and claimed he couldn’t see her license plate clearly. The cop told her she was getting a ticket, but it would be mailed to her. Gentry said she knew something was off, however, after police informed her there were no African-American officers on their force she said “I was kind of in shock I didn’t know what to do” Police launched their search of a Black man Gentry described as 6 feet tall with a slim build and scruffy facial hair. She also told authorities the suspect was driving a black Ford Fusion with the word “police on the side in gray faded letters,” It all turned out to be a hoax. Investigators with Southgate police reviewed the teen’s story, which they said “was not matching up with the facts,” and questioned her about it, after which Gentry confessed to making up the entire story and admitted it never happened. Gentry was charged with false report of a misdemeanor. She was arraigned in Southgate district court and a pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 8, 2019.

TACO TRUCK TAMMY Dallas TX April 4, 2019 On a video was posted on YouTube by Claudia Lopez. White woman Taco Truck Tammy was upset a taco truck was parked or on her street. She told them to leave and began recording them with her phone. Another female taco truck employee can be heard in the background saying in Spanish “look at this crazy lady, and she is filming us too.” The woman also said in Spanish they had a permit to be there, but the white woman was not having it. Lopez tells the white woman “go back inside.” That’s when the white woman said “Okay, baby girl. Vámonos,” the woman said to Lopez. “I’ll call ICE.”

DOGGY STYLE DIANE Attleboro, Massachusetts Feb. 27, 2019, A white woman is seen on camera calling police after a dog belonging to Attorney Franklin Baxley humped her dog in at Attleboro Dog Park. She told him to leave the park. Baxley expressed disbelief she would call the cops over his dog humping her dog. The woman tells police Baxley was “verbally assaulting” her,” to which he responded, “I’m not verbally assaulting you! I told you I’m not leaving.” The woman’s friend intervened, stating, “That’s inappropriate for the dog park.” Baxley argues it’s normal dog behavior, stressing, “I’ve seen every single dog hump another dog here. And she tells me to leave, and now she’s calling the cops.” Baxley then reads off the woman’s license plate and urges the public to look her up. The woman’s friend again approaches him and says he was not following the rules of the dog park, stating owners are supposed to prevent their pets from acting aggressively. In a separate video, the woman states, “this is not shameful. You know what is? Yelling at me and assaulting a woman.” The woman yelled at Baxley to ““Get away from me” at least four times as Baxley repeated he did not need to leave the park. An officer then approaches Baxley and asks how he’s doing, then adds “Doesn’t seem to be a problem here if you ask me.” The police responded to the park but no charges were filed. Therefore if a dog owned by a Black man …humps a dog owned by a White woman…she deems this as sexual assault???

FRANCI NEELY aka SIDEWALK SUZZY aka SOCIALITE and EX-WIFE OF HOUSTON ASTROS OWNER JIM CRANE Houston TX Feb. 16, 2019 A couple were only taking photos of their 1-year-old baby daughter when Franci Neely confronted them on a sidewalk. the parents had a photo shoot for their daughter’s first birthday, on a stretch of land popular with Houston photographers. As they posed their baby with balloons and a blanket, a woman, identified as Franci Neely, stopped her car and got out, barefoot and carrying a small dog. The family recorded cell phone video of the woman slapping the phone and balloons. The baby can be heard crying in the background. The parents involved in the incident say they have filed a police report.

WHITE MAN Germantown Maryland Feb. 13, 2019 Crispin Cole who recently obtained his MBA stopped at a red light several car lengths back as he drove home from a job interview with a government agency. “The car behind me, this gentleman, he got upset and he wanted me to move forward and started honking his horn. And I didn’t move, because it’s a red light. There’s no need to move.” The white driver shouted obscenities at him including calling him a nigger and threatening his life. Cole remained calm after the raging driver got out of his Ford truck, approached Cole’s driver-side door, opened it and shouted, “You got a fucking problem nigger? I’ll fucking kill you, bitch! Fuck you!” “I mean I didn’t get upset. I just wanted to document it, because I’m like this happens too many times. I want to document this one.” Mr. Cole followed the driver to obtain his license plates, which Twitter users did their part to get for him after his video was posted online and went viral. Folks online got to work taking screenshots of the other driver’s face and looked up his license plate. “You’re not supposed to react, because as a black man, I can’t do tit for tat. I can’t match his anger with my anger, because something could happen to me,” says Cole, who fled from the war in Sierra Leon 20 years ago and said he felt safe in America leaving his car door unlocked. “So, when somebody says that to me, it’s not about me. It’s about them. Probably having a bad day.” In a tweet made Monday, Feb. 18, the Montgomery County Department of Police said they “are fully aware of the video clip that is circulating the internet showing a traffic altercation ‘road rage’ incident. Our detectives are investigating the incident. All facts and circumstances will be investigated fully.”

EATING WHILE BLACK Feb. 9, 2019 Richmond Height, Mo -The Blue Sky Tower Grill called the police on Terrence Dickerson made reservations for 30 of his closest friends and family members to attend his birthday dinner and celebration for a $100.00 facility fee. Terrence says what was supposed to be a night of joy and celebration turned into a night of humiliation and turmoil. “We wanted to have a good time and a birthday celebration, they treated us like we’re not supposed to be there.” Chief Doug Scaeffler “About 8:20 p.m. Saturday we got a call for a possible disturbance involving 30 people at the Blue Sky Grill. We had number officers 7 or 8 officers respond. We quickly found out that it was not a disturbance just a misunderstanding over how the group would be billed if it would be one check or an individual check. When we arrived, the restaurant came to an agreement and was working with the group.” Dickerson had signed a contract with Blue Sky reserving a party space showing everyone could do separate checks for their own food and drink and guests would be charged 20 percent on all checks for gratuity. The night of the party things changed quickly. The waitress refused to serve them because she felt overworked due to the large party. She left and never came back. Police said they were called that a group of 30 did not want to pay, which wasn’t true as they had not even been served their food. Dickerson says he believes the restaurant feared the group would not pay their bill because they were African-American. They were then forced to pay their bills in a single file line and forced to leave.

WHITE WOMAN Chicago October 10, 2015 Engineering doctoral student at Northwestern University Lawrence Crosby was trying to repair loose molding on his car when a woman called police to report a black man trying to steal a car. When he drove off, the woman followed Crosby in her car as he drove from his apartment to Northwestern’s science building, giving police his location. Crosby got out the car with his hands raised after being stopped by police but was tackled when he failed to immediately obey orders to get on the ground. Police later determined the car belonged to Crosby but charged him anyhow with disobeying officers and resisting arrest. At the time of Crosby’s arrest, an Evanston Police Department spokesman said the use of force by police was justified as officers were responding to what they thought was an auto theft. The spokesman said officers delivered knee strikes and open-handed strikes. A judge later threw out the charges. Chicago suburb has tentatively agreed to pay a former doctoral student $1.25 million to settle a lawsuit, the arresting police officers to pay at least $50,000 for compensatory and punitive damages and other relief.

WHITE BRUNETTE WOMAN Brockton Massachusetts Feb. 1, 2019 Lola Jean-Baptiste Market Basket parking lot she had just parked her car outside the store when all of the sudden she heard someone yelling and honking their horn at her. That’s when she spotted a woman in a car who had stopped behind her Mercedes-Benz, spewing racial slurs and plenty of f-bombs. “She said, ‘You don’t belong here, go back to Africa where you come from, fucking nigger’”. “As soon as she started talking like that, I ran into Market Basket.” The woman, described as a white brunette in her 50s with glasses, yelled when Jean-Baptiste took the parking spot she wanted. Moments later this woman comes up to Lola at the check lanes and says ‘go back to Africa fucking nigger, I fucked your car up,’ then repeatedly slammed her cart into her as she was scrambling to get a few photos of her own when the woman again hit her with the cart, causing her to drop her cellphone. Market Basket security told Ms. Jean-Baptiste to finish paying, then they would escort her for her safety. “I need to follow the woman before she leaves to see what car she has and take down her license plate. They said they are going to take care of that. … They didn’t want to get involved. What about you go talk to her, instead of sending two people to send me out of the store? None of them went to talk to her or her husband.” But the irate woman took off before Jean-Baptiste left with store employees and handed off a card to a male companion to make a transaction, Jean-Baptiste later filed an incident report with the police, which detailed one offense of malicious damage of property under $1,200. The report doesn’t mention the racist language. David McLean, the head of operations for the store reports “the store has turned over all security video and identifying information about the assailant, including a card she gave her male companion to buy groceries to Brockton police. Brockton authorities said a court summons has been issued to the suspect, who now faces charges of a civil rights violation, malicious destruction of property, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The investigation is still ongoing. “Police are reviewing this as a possible hate crime and are actively seeking to identify the suspect, Police will file an arrest report/court complaint once the suspect’s identity is confirmed and the investigation is complete.”

RED ZONE ROSY Pacific Beach San Diego, California Feb. 3, 2019 White woman dubbed ‘Red Zone Rosy’ calls cops on a <u>Black man over parking

OFFICER CHRISTOPHER ROBLES Fort Myers Florida April 15, 2018, Police Officer Christopher Robles walked into a 7-11 convenience store last year and ordered a Holley Denton Jones who was standing at the counter to walk outside, claiming he had received “a call” about him. Jones refused to step outside, offering to shake the cop’s hand instead. But Robles manipulated the situation to claim Jones was trying to assault him. “Don’t touch me!” Robles kept repeating in his mock tough-guy voice. “Ok, I won’t touch you,” responded Jones, walking away from him. “I’m going to tell you right now, don’t touch me,” Robles continued. “You need to step out of this store right now. Don’t touch me. Don’t put your hands on me.” Fort Myers police officer James Barlow walked into the store, continuing the charade of ordering Jones out of the store. When Robles asked the clerk is she wanted him out, she said no. “He ain’t doing nothing wrong,” she said. But Robles continued whining about being touched, even though it does not even appear he was touched. And if he was, it was only an attempt at a handshake. It was obvious he was trying to convince witnesses he had been assaulted, similar to how cops yell “stop resisting” to non-resisting suspects they are beating. Once outside, both cops tried to get Jones to stand in front of a patrol car where they planned to frisk him, but Jones became frightened and walked back into the store. That was when they tasered him. The arrest report stated Jones as being “agitated” to justify their arrest when they were the ones agitating him. They also claimed they were responding to a call about a disruptive, intoxicated man, but Jones did not appear drunk or disorderly when first approached. But Robles was on a power trip, so it didn’t matter. Another ticking time bomb we’ll be reading more about in the future. “You came at me in a pretty violent manner,” Robles blatantly lied as he was placing Jones into the back of the police car. Jones filed a lawsuit Feb. 26, 2019.

POLLING PLACE POLLY aka JUANITA BARNES Alternate Election Judge Houston Texas November 6, 2018 Juanita Barnes, who is White, told Black woman Rolanda Anthony “Maybe if I’d worn my blackface makeup today you could comprehend what I’m saying to you.” After Ms. Anthony arrived to vote, a different poll worker told her there was a problem regarding her address and she needed to fill out a residency verification form. Ms. Anthony asked why the form was necessary, since she said her address in the voter rolls should match the one on her ID and she has been voting in the same precinct for years. Barnes up to Ms. Anthony and started shouting “It’s illegal for you not to change your address on your driver’s license if you move. I stepped back, all the way against the wall, Juanita comes all the way over there, putting her hands in my face, yelling and screaming at me, telling me she’s the alternate election judge and I’m going to do what she says. “I was just floored. I was, like, what exactly is going on here?” After Anthony said she would report the incident to the police, Barnes allegedly shoulder-bumped Anthony and told her, “I’m white. Have you seen the news? If you call the police, they’re going to take you to jail and do something to you, because I’m white.”

LILA GUZMAN Elections Supervisor Williamson County Annex in Round Rock Texas November 2, 2018 Video, captured by a bystander, shows election judge and supervisor Lila Guzman shouting at a Black woman “Get out! Get out! Get out!” “You are rude. You are not following the law,” “Go. Go.” The witness who recorded the incident, who asked to remain unnamed was prompted to film the encounter. “As soon as she started getting louder, I was like, ‘This is getting out of hand.’ So I began to record. Guzman did tell the woman she couldn’t vote there, but she didn’t say where in Travis County. The lady did have an accent. She could’ve been new to the country. I don’t know, but she needed some help.” The former elections official said she didn’t resign over the incident, however, but because she felt she didn’t have support from Davis’ office when she called police to have the voter removed.

WENDY BIES Gallatin County Courthouse Montana November 6, 2018 As Brian Mango, 22 was waiting to cast his ballot when drunken White woman Wendy Bies started weaving in and out of the line kept touching Mango and remarking he had a “cute butt”. It wasn’t long before Bies began shouting racist remarks at the young man, telling him to “go back where you came from.” Video recorded by Tennison Big Day, a 1st Nation Indigenous Native American man who, wasn’t too far behind in line recorded the incident. Mango is heard explaining his mixed race heritage after Bies claimed all “his people” came to America on “purpose” and wanted free stuff. Mango replied his ancestors were brought to the U.S. as slaves while his mother, who’s from Laos, was a refugee. “Do you know why my mom is here? Because Americans bombed her country. Do you know why my Dad’s here? Because they brought his ancestors here in chains.” Bies credit Donald Trump for giving Mango the right to vote, along with other racist remarks. Bies was booked into jail on the misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer, and was being held on $335 bond

MY NAME IS EARL Portland Oregon December 24, 2018 Jermaine Massey after seeing rapper Travis Scott in concert things quickly went left, however, when Massey, 34, returned to the DoubleTree Hotel where he was staying and took a call from his mom in the lobby. Seeing she had called so late (Massey’s mother lives on the East Coast), he took a seat in the lobby to make sure his mother was alright before heading back up to his room. “Earl the security guard decided he would call the police on me, the exact reason is still unclear to me.” was speaking on the phone with his mother when White security guard, whose name tag read “Earl”, approached him and asked if he was a guest at the hotel. He responded that he was, but that was of little consolation to the guard who then asked to know his room number. A now-irritated Massey explained he was on the phone at the moment and could not recall his room number off the top of his head. The guard, who has been identified by news outlets as 71-year-old Earl Meyers, then had a manager dial police and accused Massey of loitering, even though he was holding a room key. “Earl indicated Massey was a “disturbance” and “a safety threat” to other guests at the hotel. Frustrated, Massey argued there were White guests milling about the lobby and suggested several times the guard had singled him out because he was Black. “He’s calling the cops on me because I’m taking a phone call at the DoubleTree Hotel,” he Massey says in the video. “I have not moved, I have been sitting here the whole time and they’re calling the police on me because I’m taking a phone call in the lobby. Did you ask any of those people walking by what room they were staying in? No.” Massey said once officers arrived, they asked him to remove his personal belongings from the room he was staying in and waited for him to check out at the front desk. PPD Officer Richard Harvey, who responded to the incident, wrote in a police report that officers went with Massey to his room to retrieve his things. “I asked him to go to his room with us and get his property before he became so mad that something may happen that no one would want” “While he was getting his belongings he took the Bible from the hotel room and slid it across the carpet toward [Earl] Meyers and told him he needed to read it and learn how to be a human.” Authorities then escorted Massey from the building at the request of hotel staff, during which he accused the security guard of “being a racist many times.” Portland City Commissioner-elect & former president of the NAACP Portland Branch Jo Ann Hardesty said in a statement: I was saddened by this whole experience. The gentleman who was profiled must have felt helpless. I am disappointed with both the DoubeTree and the police response. The priority should be to make this customer whole and to retrain DoubleTree and Portland Police staff to make sure such a situation never happens again.

PROFESSOR PROFILE Virginia Commonwealth University December 1, 2018 Caitlin Cherry a revered Black artist and graduate school adjunct professor had security called on her for eating breakfast as she sat in her assigned classroom by a fellow professor who poked his head in the room, didn’t acknowledge her then quickly went on his way. Moments later, campus security arrived and started questioning who she was and why she was there. Cherry showed officers her identification badge and said she didn’t know what might have happened had she not had it that day. An investigation by VCU’s Department of Equity and Access determined that no laws were broken. However, the university moved to suspend the tattletale professor for the rest of the semester. The incident has drawn outrage from the campus community, sparking calls for better inclusion and diversity efforts. “We do want accountability from the professor. We would like him to apologize,” she said. “He thought that she didn’t belong in that room. Didn’t even give her the benefit of the doubt. Didn’t even speak to her. I think that was the most frustrating thing for her.” “When the boundaries of common courtesy, decency and respect are crossed for any one of us, then we are all affected,” President Michael Rao wrote in a letter. “When our core values of diversity and inclusion are impinged upon for some of us, then every one of us loses an opportunity for growth, learning and success. We’re a community of inclusion, not exclusion.” Rao continued: “During the next few months, our university will take several steps to examine its culture and to ensure VCU is a community of accountability, fairness and justice.” While the professor in question won’t be returning to the classroom, VCU has brought Cherry on as a full-time instructor through 2020.

DRIVING WHILE BLACK Idaho Dec. 14, 2016 Two students Idaho State University, Nehemiah McFarlin and Atoa Fox. McFarlin and Fox, then teammates on the Idaho State University football team, were on Christmas break and headed home from Idaho to California when they drove through Box Elder County, Utah, and were met with icy road conditions. The two slid off the road, damaging their vehicle, forcing them to wait on the side of the highway for AAA help. , someone who saw the pair sitting on the side of the road called Box Elder police and reported two Black males sitting inside a white vehicle. The complaint continues by saying Utah Highway Patrol officers pulled up to where McFarlin and Fox were waiting and ordered the two out of their car at gunpoint. The two players were accused of robbing the bank just across the state line in Malad City and despite their offering alibi evidence at the scene, were taken to jail and spent that night and most of the next day behind bars before being released due to lack of evidence. The robber was a Black man wearing a hoodie and driving a Toyota. McFarlin and Fox were driving a 2017 white Chevy Camaro.

BANKING WHILE BLACK Cleveland Ohio Dec. 1, 2018 Paul McCowns tried to cash his first paycheck from a job with an electric company at Huntington Bank. The paycheck was for a little more than $1,000, and McCowns and tellers confirmed he showed two forms of identification and a fingerprint, as required for non-Huntington customers. But McCowns said bank employees started looking at a computer screen and questioning the transaction, and ultimately they refused to cash the check without speaking to his employer. McCowns left the bank, but bank employees called 911 on him. “He’s trying to cash a check and the check is fraudulent. It does not match our records,” a teller told the dispatcher. A police squad car pulled in front of McCowns truck before he could drive away, officers handcuffed him and he was placed in the back of a police cruiser, minutes later police contacted the Black man’s employer and confirmed McCowns employment. McCowns said “My employer said, ‘Yes, he works for me, he just started and, yes, my payroll company does pay him that much.” McCowns wants an apology from the bank for what he sees as a case of racial profiling, he also wants the tellers to face consequences. A Huntington representative denied this, however, saying its employees were only being extra vigilant because there have been at least 11 cases of fraud at that branch alone. The bank has since apologized to McCowns and accepted full responsibility for the incident. “We sincerely apologize to Mr. McCowns for this extremely unfortunate event,” Huntington said in a statement. “Anyone who walks into a Huntington branch should feel welcomed. Regrettably, that did not occur in this instance and we are very sorry. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards in how we operate, hire and train colleagues, and interact with the communities we have the privilege of serving.” And yet there does not seem to have been any discipline of the employee(s).

FINISHLINE EMPLOYEE Stonebriar mall Employee Frisco Texas November 21, 2018 Ro Lockett and Brandon Kibart “I arrived at Stonebriar mall with my best friend and my two sons to go Christmas shopping. We were approached and accused of stealing. Four police officers (not the mall cops) immediately detained my friend and I in-front of my children. They searched our bags and found all the receipts. The one good thing that came out of this is that my children witnessed how it is for a black man in America.”

LIBRARY LINDA Houston Texas November 20, 2018 Columbia graduate student Ashly Horace visits libraries to observe song and play through story time. Horace, who studies library science, said she was visiting a branch in the Houston suburb of West University last week when things completely went downhill. “As soon as I got to the door, a lady stood in front of the door, blocking the door, almost as if she didn’t want me to come in,” she recalled. “She said, ‘Well, why are you here?’ I said ‘I’m here for story time.’” The woman eventually let Horace inside where she took a seat at the back of the room. Moments later, the same employee returned and told Horace her manager said she had to leave. Baffled, the graduate student demanded to know why. “She said, ‘If you don’t leave right now, I’m going to call the cops.’ And I was like, ‘Call the cops? What did I do?’” Horace said. “She was like, ‘I am going to call and tell them you’re trespassing.’” Several West University Place police officers arrived to the library and spoke with Horace and the manager who demanded she leave. Ultimately, officers said the manager had the right to ask whoever she wants to leave, although the incident appeared to be a big misunderstanding. “She’s making a big deal out of this. I didn’t do anything,” the Columbia University student is heard saying in audio from one of the officer’s body-worn cameras. “I didn’t even get out of my chair.” “She’s making a big deal out of this. I didn’t do anything,” the Columbia University student is heard saying in audio from one of the officer’s body-worn cameras. “I didn’t even get out of my chair.” The officer tells Horace she isn’t being cited for any criminal violation but that she must leave.

ANITA MOSS University of Texas San Antonio November 14, 2018 Two police officers walk over to where a student was seated after biology professor Moss called them to have her removed from classroom. The unidentified Black female student gets up and leaves without incident. professor Moss went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised. As upset as I am that my professor decided to throw a temper tantrum the lecture before an exam and cancel class, I’m even more outraged that she would decide to single out and humiliate a student just to flex her authority in a destructive manner. The University of Texas at San Antonio professor who called the cops on a black student for allegedly putting her feet up on a chair during a lecture will be taking a semester’s worth of seats.

WHITE NEIGHBOR Tennessee November 18, 2018 Davon Eddington was in his backyard chopping it up with his brother on the phone about LeBron James. When Eddington’s brother dubbed him a bandwagon fan, the Tennessee man says he shot back with a classic line from the song: “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”” Eddington’s neighbor overheard their conversation and misinterpreted the lyrics, however. The man dialed police and said he believed Eddington was beating on his fiancée, who was upstairs taking a bath at the time. “I ended up walking around to the front of my house, and that’s when I was met by police with their guns drawn,” Eddington recalled. “Then another officer came around and said, “No, no, no, this isn’t happening. We heard the conversation and he’s been on the phone the whole time.” he neighbor told them he heard Eddington say he had “99 problems and this bitch ain’t one.” It wasn’t long before authorities realized the whole thing was a misunderstanding and went on their merry way. Eddington said officers apologized and said it appeared that he’d been “swatted,” a term used to describe the harassment tactic of making false calls to police, triggering them to respond to a person’s address. Eddington added that his neighbor has a two-story home and can look through his window down to Eddington’s backyard.

YOGURT YOLANDA Kirkland, Washington November 14, 2018 Byron Ragland arrived at Menchie’s Yogurt Shop with a woman and a 12-year-old child, whose court-ordered visit he was supervising. Store surveillance video shows Ragland, who’s both a court-appointed special advocate and a visitation supervisor, sitting in the corner of the store as the mother and son catch up with one another. “Sit on back and just watch them visit, you know document the visit.” Moments later, Ragland said two police officers approached his table and asked him to “move along.” he explained to the officers he was there working, as his job legally required him to be there to oversee the mother-son meeting. He was still asked to leave. Store owner Ramon Cruz called police after one of his employees texted him about a “suspicious” man who had been in the store for a while and didn’t buy anything, and he was not making them feel comfortable.” Cruz told the 911 dispatcher who identified herself as white, was fearful because “all he (Ragland) does is look at his phone, look at them, look at his phone, look at them.”

WHITE RESIDENT West Des Moines Iowa October 29, 2018 Keilon Hill was out knocking on doors for Rep. David Young (R-Iowa) After interviewing a resident, Hill took a seat on the curb as he gathered his notes from canvassing. That’s when West Des Moines officer Clint Ray pulled up, claiming he was responding to a call about a suspicious person. Hill captured the tense exchange on his cellphone. In the video, the campaign worker is heard telling the officer he isn’t breaking any laws and the cop has no right to detain him. “I’m not going to tell you again, stop,” Ray says. “I will detain you.” “Detain me for what?” Hill responds. “Have I broken any laws?” “You’re not listening,” the officer says before suggesting “it doesn’t matter” if Hill broke the law or not. “I’m investigating a suspicious person.” the officer also accused Hill of “soliciting,” a claim the man refuted because he was not offering any services or goods. The organization argued it was clear Hill was out canvassing because he was carrying campaign pamphlets with him. When Hill tried walking away, Officer Ray arrested him for “Interference with Official Acts.” Hill was booked into the Polk County Jail and released. He went back to knocking on doors in a different neighborhood the following day where the police were called on him yet again. Hill says “Within five days of my stay in Des Moines, I had two police encounters, with one ending in an arrest. These encounters happened while I was out working in affluential, Caucasian neighborhoods. I had work materials with me. I stood up for myself because I had the right to.”

WHITE WOMAN November 13, 2018 A Black woman who goes by Crys Speaks shared a disturbing racist encounter to her Facebook page, showing an incident where she and her best friend were verbally harassed by a white woman after exiting on the wrong side in a grocery store parking lot. No one was physically hurt or harmed. “My Best Friend finally gets into town and I’ve been promising to make her dinner for a girls night in. So I picked her up and drove to the grocery store. I accidentally went down the wrong parking lane. A white woman started with WTF are you looking at B!$!h. All I wanted was some groceries man The video begins as the Crys Speaks and her friend walk up to the woman who is already in her triggered stance as she holds her cell phone. “Who are you calling?” the women ask as they approach the sidewalk near the store. “911!” “Cut the nigger card out!” “I’m getting attacked I can’t even talk right now by these two Black women calling me a racist,” she continues as she walks away from the women.

CROSSWALK CATHY Portland, Ore. October 28, 2018 Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan were waiting for their to-go order from Little Big Burger when they noticed a White woman standing across the street looking at their parked car. “She looked odd, but it didn’t alarm us,” As they were walking back to the car Muhammad reportedly overheard the woman on the phone describing their vehicle and reading off the license plate number. She was calling the police because Muhammad’s car was sticking out an inch or two in front of a curb where the crosswalk begins. In the video, the woman looks up at the camera and points at the car. “You can’t block the crosswalk”. Muhammad said “I tried to start a conversation, I asked her who she was calling and what was going on. It was clear she was talking to the police.” Khan began to record the incident on her cell phone. In the video, Khan can be heard saying the unidentified White woman was calling the police on her and her husband.

LAURA THE LIBRARIAN or BECKY THE BOOK BOUNCER aka BRITTANY MCNURLIN Oct. 10, 2018 Juán-Pabló Gonźalez, a Black student at the Catholic University of America, wanted to study at the university’s law library. Gonźalez had been correctly informed as a Master of Library and Information Sciences student, he had access to the law library. He had studied in the facility on numerous occasions and had no trouble in the past. Although he was supposed to swipe his student identification card to gain entry the ID never worked at the building. “I had just been ringing the buzzer, waiting for them to buzz me in and then showing them my ID to prove I was a library information science student. I was able to get in without any issues.” But on this day, Gonźalez noticed the door was propped open when he arrived. Per his usual routine, Gonzalez showed his ID and announced to McNurlin he would be studying in the law library. “She was pretty rude. She said: ‘The law library is for law library students.’ So I told her I realized that, but that we’d been given permission to use the library. I tried to explain to her that, because we have a law librarian program, we had access to the facility. Because the entire transaction was so negative, I went back and said, ‘Can I have your supervisor’s information?’ I didn’t say anything else, to which she refused. When she informed Gonźalez she was alerting the authorities, he asked her: “On what basis? Because you don’t like the questions I’m asking?” From there, Gonźalez began recording the incident. McNurlin does not appear to be in any imminent danger and Gonźalez does not raise his voice above a calm half-whisper. When the clip begins, McNurlin is on the phone telling the Catholic University Department of Public Safety about “an argumentative student,” When Gonźalez specifically asked McNurlin why their back-and-forth warranted a police call, she replied: “I’ve answered your questions. You didn’t appreciate my answers …” She admits she has done this at least one other time in a situation “very similar to this.” Summoning all of the aggrieved-white victimization her voice could muster, McNurlin calmly explained, with a straight face, that she called the police because Gonzalez questioned her, made statements about the color of his skin, was “becoming argumentative,” and she “did not appreciate it.” That was her entire explanation of why she called police. At least seven officers arrived before he was forced to leave. He explained he filed a complaint against Mcnurlin, which the school said only warranted “additional training.”

SUSAN J. WESTWOOD aka PARKING LOT PATTY Charlotte, North Carolina October 19, 2018 Video uploaded by Leisa Meria Garris and her sister Mary Michelle Garris to social media Westwood demanding to know where the two Black women lived and how much they pay in rent as they waited for AAA in the parking lot of the Camden Fairview Apartments in South Park. “I wanna make sure there’s nothing going on,” Westwood says. “Whats going on here, babe? What’s going on in this parking lot that you feel you need to congregate?” Westwood gets in the women’s faces and shoves her phone in the camera, adding, “Is your boyfriend here? Is your baby daddy here? Nobody cares, I’m white and I’m hot … You’re hanging around in a place you don’t belong.” One of the women being accosted, is heard asking Westwood to leave them alone and go home, but Westwood refuses and continues to rant “I’m white … and I make $125,000 a year, and I want to make sure that you’re all up in here.” That’s when one of the sisters dials 911 to report the harassment. “Do I need to bring out my concealed weapon, too?” Westwood shouts at the women. “This is North Carolina, by the way.” West would also called the police, telling the dispatcher ““It’s just really strange, if you want to know my personal opinion, there’s no car broken down. Nobody breaks their car down in the best part of society. … Nobody breaks their car down here unless they are looking for money.” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police charged Westwood with four criminal summonses, two counts of communicating threats and two counts of simple assault. Westwood has lost her job as a result of the incident. Spectrum Enterprises confirmed her termination. “The incident recorded in Charlotte is a blatant violation of Charter’s code of conduct and clearly disregards the company’s commitment to inclusion and respectful behavior. As such, Ms. Westwood’s employment with the company has been terminated, effective immediately.” Also Camden Fairview evicted Westwood from her apartment.

ESTEBAN SMITH FINISH LINE EMPLOYEE Pennsylvania May 2018 Finish Line mall employees called the police after a black man reportedly came into the store, asked to try on the LeBrons and then placed his shoes in the LeBron box. They accused Hip-hop legend Nathaniel Thomas Wilson aka Kool G Rap of grabbing a pair of $185 Nike LeBron 15s and walking out of the store. Wilson had been shopping at the mall that day and a Finish Line employee followed him out to the parking lot. He believed he saw the man, described as a black man in his 40s, and followed him to his car. Smith took down the car’s information and gave it to police, who linked it to Wilson and scribbled down the registration number Wilson’s car and then officers showed up on the scene. They charged Wilson with misdemeanor theft. However, the police acted too soon and failed to examine the shop’s security footage. It showed Wilson never went into the Finish Line. Mills and Edwards claim the officers were simply looking for a Black man who fit the worker’s description and G Rap fit the bill. The police finally discovered that the employee who followed him outside and got his vehicle information didn’t actually see him. As such, the case wound up being dismissed.

WHITE NEIGHBOR Southeast Atlanta The commotion at her front door caused by a white neighbor confronting a black woman Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, Chief Operating Officer of Habitat for Humanity was considering hiring as the nanny candidate arrived early and waited in her car while the McKennas put their sons to bed. Why? Because the white neighbor noticed the nanny, who was with her 21-year-old son, sitting in their car for 30 minutes waiting for her appointment in the cul-de-sac of the mostly white neighborhood. The neighbor spied the nanny’s car, charged it and demanded to know who she was. She then banged on McKenna’s door where she confronted McKenna’s husband, ‘loud and obnoxious.’ “The nanny finally asked, ‘is this because we are black?”

WHITE WOMAN Atlanta Georgia called cops called on Black woman sitting in her car waiting on an appointment. She was told she didn’t belong in the neighborhood.

STAPLES STORE MANAGER Pineville North Carolina August, 14, 2018. Sherell Bates, 34 weeks pregnant with twins took her two older children to Staples to buy school supplies. was forced to lift up her shirt and confirm that she is indeed pregnant after a Staples manager accused her of stealing school items. a police officer walked up to Bates and asked her if she had plans to pay for the items she had hidden under her shirt. Sherell, who has a good sense of humor, assumed that the cop was joking with her. Bates told the officer she was carrying “twins,” but the answer did not amuse him. Bates decided to solve the matter once and for all by showing her bare bump. “At which point, to avoid him asking me again, I lifted my shirt just a little bit, just to expose my belly, so he could see that I’m just a regular pregnant person buying school supplies.” Bates confronted the manager who claimed she was shoplifting and she insisted she saw another woman hiding items under her shirt and assumed she was doing the same. Bates “You pretty much jumped the gun without any evidence, except my stomach is enormous. That’s not fair. No mom should have to go through that.” The manager involved fired thanks to media push

PARKING PATROL PAULA aka REPO RACHEL Milwaukee Oct. 16, 2018 Corvontae Davis, a corrections officer in the state of Wisconsin had gone to his car to re-up his parking meter payment when he suddenly ended up being accused of a crime. A White woman with long blonde hair and wearing a floral dress called the police on him to report he was breaking into a car as he tried to get change from his own vehicle. “I was getting ready to put money in a meter or whatever, and she has nothing else better to do and asked me if I was breaking into my car. I hit unlock, but it wouldn’t open, so I went around to the other side and opened the door after hitting unlock. And by that time, I hear this lady shouting, screaming, ‘Dude, why are you breaking into that car? Whose car is that? Does it belong to you?’” Davis said the woman then called the police to report he was breaking into the car, and he ended up waiting for police to arrive because he figured it might have looked suspicious if he left.

Matthew Potthasand and Kayla Lammers aka WHITE LIARS Oct. 14, 2018 Florissant, Missouri Kayla and her boyfriend Matthew claimed they were confronted during a road rage dispute in leading to her boyfriend being viciously attacked by two men, one Black Mark Harris and the other Latino. She shared photos from the alleged assault, showing her boyfriend’s bloodied face, along with pictures of the suspects. Surveillance video from the incident, proved the alleged victims were actually the aggressors in the situation. The woman’s claimed the “suspects” approached them after her boyfriend honked at them after they cut them off in traffic. The men threatened to “stab and kill them” the Black man “steadily punched by boyfriend” at least 20 times in the face as they tried to flee. “We think he had brass knuckles or he had a knife,” However, the man and woman are seen sparking the altercation by approaching the two men, who were driving a maroon-colored car. Authorities said the woman, who’s white, verbally threatened the men, after which her boyfriend assaulted the Latino man in the lot of a BP station. At one point, the woman’s boyfriend brandished a knife and charged at the men, according to video surveillance. The Black man refused to back down. “The Black male then approached the white male who was armed with a knife. The white male then retreated back to his vehicle as the female subject continued arguing with the two subjects while recording them with her cell phone.” The men continued exchanging words as the white man got back into his car with his girlfriend. That’s when the Black man approached and assaulted the man through the driver’s side window as they zoomed out of the gas station. The driver pulled into a Goodwill lot next to the BP gas station and called police to say he had been assaulted.

DAVID ORTIZ Manhattan New York August 2018 Lyft driver Shawn Pepas Letterman picked up passenger Rober Ortiz and 2 of his friends from a gay club in Manhattan. At some point during the drive, the three men asked Lettman to play music. Lettman declined and an argument followed, which resulted in Lettman stopping the car (assuming asking the 3 gentlemen to exit his vehicle). At this point, Ortiz picked up his phone and called the police and Lyft while Lettman started recording the men as they became more belligerent. Ortiz “I bet if I was Black, and like Black Lives Matter, he would change the radio,” he says in the filmed tirade. “Your driver, I guess assumed because of the color of my complexion was not Black, that I asked for music and it was a problem!” Lettman was extremely calm sitting through the whole ordeal and only at on points interject and lets Ortiz know that there is a sticker on his vehicle that makes passengers aware that they can be recorded. Ortiz continues to hurl obscenities and threats at Lettman and even calls him the N-Word. Ultimately Ortiz lost his medical job

TODD SINCOCK and his BROTHER Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 20, 2018 Uber Driver Darnell Smith said he’d just dropped off his last Uber passengers around 2 a.m. in when all of sudden he was confronted by a man and his brother wanting to know what he was doing. I have no obligation to tell you s**t. Nothing. You didn’t even tell me who you were when you pulled up. For all I know, you were trying to rob me,” Smith responded on the video. “We don’t want the drug activity. We don’t want it on our block.” Sincock said it was his brother, a concealed carry permit holder, who had the gun and was concerned about the declining neighborhood. Both Smith and Sincock called Milwaukee Police. However, the officers let Sincock and his brother off the hook and arrested neither of them. Smith said the incident definitely stemmed from racial profiling, but he also blamed it on Wisconsin’s concealed carry law. “Just because you have a conceal and carry license doesn’t mean pull your gun out if you think something is happening,”

THREE WHITE WOMEN aka DEBRA NASH and 2 UN-NAMED Detroit MI 2017-2018 “Gardening While Black.” Three women harassed Marc Peeples for over a year because they didn’t like his community garden project. Peeples said the women did and said anything they could just to remove him from their neighborhood. “It was blatant racism. They didn’t like the fact that a black man was in so-called ‘their’ neighborhood”. The police were called dozens of times by these three residents, claiming he was a pedophile, he threatened to shoot them, vandalized neighborhood homes and he was a part of a drive-by shooting. The three women also accused Peeples of vandalizing vacant neighborhood homes and trees with “gang” colors: red, black, and green. Peeples’ attorneys clarified the colors were pan-African colors and the avid gardener boarded up the vacant houses to keep drug addicts out. Deborah Nash, who lives across the street from the neighborhood park Peeples worked in, called police claiming Peeples was threatening her with a firearm. DPD sent out three patrol cars and six officers only to find the victim raking leaves in a vacant lot. The Officer responding to the scene found Peeples raking leaves. In body camera footage provided, an officer is heard labeling the call “B.S.” “Ain’t no law against raking leaves,” the officer is heard stating on body camera footage taken after officers are done investigating the incident. A few minutes later, an officer directed his partner to let DPD superiors know the women told police Peeples had a gun, when he only had a rake. When the false claim Peeples had a gun didn’t get him removed from the neighborhood, the women ramped up their charges, waiting until Peebles had a group of children working in his community garden before calling the police and claiming he was a pedophile. Peeples has lost contracts, lost money to hire attorneys and had his name dragged through the mud. He even had to pay $3,500 to get out on bond after officers arrested him on stalking charges against him for no reason. District Court Judge E. Lynise Bryant threw the case out, calling the debacle “disgusting” and “a waste of the court’s time and resources.”

GOLFCART GAIL Ponte Vedra Florida Oct. 14, 2018 Gerald Jones , black soccer dad who says sheriff’s deputies were called on him for yelling instructions at his 13-year-old son during a Florida youth game broke down in tears as he spoke out about his encounter with a golf cart-riding white soccer official. a father was trying to watch his son’s soccer game, cheering for him from the sides. He yelled “The ref is right!” when he saw his kid out there getting frustrated after a call, however Golfcart Gail, decided to spring into action and rapidly approach this parent to remind him harassment would not be tolerated. He informed her he was only speaking to his son, but she Golfcart Gail just would not let this go. Peacefully leaving his own son’s soccer game to avoid exactly this situation Golfcart Gail continued to harass and beleaguer this father. The gentleman offered to leave in order to avoid a situation. As he began to pack up his things Golfcart Gail informed him she was calling the police because she no longer felt safe with his threatening behavior. Another spectator filming the encounter said “when the police arrived the woman said the father was being aggressive and ‘coming at her. I started filming because she would not leave the father alone. There was no reason for her to call the cops.” In the video, field marshal Golfcart Gail is heard telling a deputy, “He just got nasty with me.” No arrest was made and it’s still unclear what Golfcart Gail’s real name is. SOCCER WHILE BLACK

BRENDA METZ aka GAS STATION GAIL October 17, 2018 8599 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406 Brenda Metz Manager at Murphy’s Gas Station called 911 on children at the Youth Stop the Violence Walk to get the children some drinks after they walked a mile during their rally. Video prove they were NOT causing a disturbance and just entering the store to purchase drinks. Brenda says she doesn’t care about the money, just leave the store. Male narrator “I thought 911 was for emergencies???? This calling 911 on Black people for no reason must end. We are asking EVERYONE to contact her employer “Murphy USA” and let them know her actions are inexcusable and WILL NOT be tolerated. Their customer service number is 1-800-843-4298.” (Facebook took the video down)

PARKING WHILE BLACK San Diego, CA at Grossmont Centre strip mall. In the video, an agitated looking white woman can be seen standing next to her car blocking not only the Black woman’s vehicle, but also blocking the entrance/exit for the whole lot. She claimed she was upset because she had allegedly been waiting on a parking space and the Black woman “took it.” The Black woman works at the strip mall and was pulling up to her job at the moment of the incident. “Once I’m parked I have a lady parked directly behind my car blocking me in. She gets out and taps on my back door of my vehicle and began to tell me that it was her parking space and that she was waiting on it. She then sees where I work and threatens to send an email to my corporate office, which she did”. “She told me she had been waiting on the spot because her mother was handicapped and she needed a handicap parking spot, which it was not, there were handicap spots available”. “I decided to walk back and speak to one of the officers. He asked me what happened and I proceeded to let him know that I pulled into a parking spot and if I could go to work. The motorcycle cop spoke with the lady and asked her to leave and the other cop said I could go”

TAG CHECKING TAMMY In another instance of parking while black a White woman pulls up, called police and blocks a Black family’s parking spot because their tags are expired.

H&M LOSS PREVENTION Sept. 25, 2018 Pembroke Lakes Mall South FL Daniela Taylor was returning some earrings Sept. 25 and purchasing new ones when store security accused her of shoplifting. “The officers ripped her bag out of her hand, ripped her cell phone out of her hand (and) accused her of staling,” even after loss prevention officers reviewed security camera footage and realized she didn’t steal anything, she said they didn’t offer an apology. H&M released the following statement: “We are aware of the incident that took place in our Pembroke Lakes Mall location. Unfortunately this was a misunderstanding and we are sorry. We have since let go of the third party security company that was involved and we are reviewing our internal procedures to make sure this type of incident does not happen again and that our routines are properly followed. We will be getting in touch with the customer to follow up on the steps we have taken.”

Hilary Thornton aka LOFTY LUCY August 2018 St. Louis, White woman tries to stop D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles from coming into his building because she felt insecure at the Downtown St. Louis luxury loft, didn’t feel he belonged. She demanded he give his unit number but when asked she did give him hers, #307. He told his in was on the 4th floor. She still refused to move out of the doorway, after politely moving past her, she claimed he shoved her so she followed him into the elevator then down the hall to his own unit claiming she just wanted to introduce herself as a neighbor. He threatened to call the police if she didn’t stop harassing him. She however called the police telling them D’Arreion choked her, 30 minutes later police knocked on his door, luckily he had video of the entire incident.

CORNERSTORE CAROLINE Oct. 10, 2010 New York City, called the police on a 9 year old Black boy for bumping into her allegedly grabbing her backside. While on the phone she told dispatch he “grabbed my ass”. The boy became visibly upset and begins to cry. Even at the tender age of nine, he is well aware of the ramifications of a White woman calling the police on him. The woman claimed to be a police officer (impersonating a police officer is a crime). In the video citizens called her out so she sarcastically mocks the person filming by exclaiming: “World Star!” It’s unknown if the police actually showed up, but she listed her full address and phone number in the video. Allegedly this woman’s name is Teresa Sue Klein and she’s 53 years old.
“Video completely vindicates the child. Deli owner told me the woman has a history of being ‘unwell” she actually did call 911” and that police responded 17 minutes later. The police arrived following the woman’s call. She reportedly claimed the journalists “were harassing her and threatening her with violence. A report “was never filed.”

PETSMART PEGGY Riverside County, California September 26, 2018 Jeny, a 32-year-old who didn’t want to make her full name public “we stop at PetSmart and I stay in the car with Elsie while she’s sleeping in her car seat. A/C is blasting and she taps on the window to get me to roll it down. I try to ignore her but she wouldn’t leave me alone. I roll down the window and she says the baby is in the sun. She threatens to call the cops if I don’t move my car. I know my husband will be out any minute since we’re only there for a few minutes. I then told her to mind her own business and that’s when I started recording.” The video begins showing the woman pressing a button on a flip phone and telling someone on the phone that there’s a baby locked in the car with the sun beating down on the baby and no mother inside. Petsmart Peggy then
claimed “she’s threatening to beat the shit out of me”. As Jeny’s six-year-old witnesses the scene, shortly before the video ends the woman can be seen in the video wishing harm on Jeny’s two-year-old, saying she “deserves for her child to be injured”.

WHITE MALE Madison Wisconsin Aug. 7, 2018 Black candidate Sheila Stubbs was stopped by police while campaigning. Sheila’s 71 year old mother was following behind in their car, along with Stubbs’ 8-year-old daughter. Shelia says she’s knocked on thousands of doors in Madison, Wisconsin, in her 12 years as a county supervisor and has never had a problem in the community, however a man called the police while she was campaigning for a seat in the Wisconsin State Assembly because he alleged she was a drug dealer. Recorded by Dispatch : “FULLY OCCUPIED SILVER 4 DR SEDAN NEWER MODEL – THINKS THEY ARE WAITING FOR DRUGS AT THE LOCAL DRUG HOUSE – WOULD LIKE THEM MOVED ALONG.” The officer asked her to produce verification. Stubbs says she showed the officer her name tag and campaign fliers, but she didn’t seem satisfied until Stubbs showed her the walk list with the names and addresses of potential supporters

OFFICER SHERRY HALL, Jackson Georgia Sept. 13, 2016 Officer Sherry Hall’s call over the police radio she’d been shot had fellow cops swarming a dark, wooded cul-de-sac in Jackson. Then they fanned out across Butts County in search of a suspect. Hall described her assailant as a 6-foot, 230-pound African-American man wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants. Unprovoked, the man pulled out a gun and opened fire. Hall’s claim turned out to be a complete fabrication. After hearing evidence, including Hall’s own testimony, a jury recently convicted the former cop of 11 criminal charges, including making false statements, violating her oath and tampering with evidence. Sherry Hall was sentenced to 15 years in prison after falsely claiming she had been shot by a black man.

BABYSITTING WHILE BLACK Marietta, Georgia Oct. 7, 2018 Corey Lewis, a black man, was leaving a Subway in Marietta, Georgia, with the two white kids he was babysitting when a white woman approached him. She asked if the kids were okay. “Why wouldn’t they be okay. The woman didn’t relent, she followed him to his home then called the police on him. There was simply no reason the woman called the police on him besides his race, because the kids were totally fine. The children’s mother, Dana Mango, defended Lewis to the police asking the officer, “Are you telling me because a woman saw a young African-American male with two white kids they were pulled over by the police?” The cop reportedly responded, “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry, that appears to be what happened.” “It doesn’t make sense in light of what happened they weren’t crying. They weren’t distressed.” Lewis is a friend of the children’s parents and runs a youth mentoring group in Georgia.

RHONDA MICHELLE POLON aka COFFEE CUP CONNIEAugust 4, 2018 Los Angeles, CA Rhonda Michelle Polon flew into a rage and hurled racist insults at two Latino construction workers before throwing a cup of hot coffee directly at one of their faces. Miguel Sanchez was the first to arrive at the site of job he had landed through a contractor at an upscale apartment complex in Century City and stepped outside to allow his co-worker Jesse access into the building. When the men were about to enter the complex’s garage, Rhonda Michelle Polon paused from walking her dogs and started arguing with both men, questioning their motives before attacking Sanchez with the hot drink and calling them wetbacks. Sanchez remained cool and recorded the video with his cell phone before Michelle completely went berserk. She took a couple of steps towards him and tossed a cup of coffee at the defenseless man’s face. Both men were trying to attempt to get to their vehicle, but Polon continued to verbally abuse Sanchez, whose face had turned red and whose t-shirt was completely drenched by the coffee. In the video the woman can be heard accusing them of being thieves. While Sanchez recorded additional footage of the shocking incident, another tenant appeared from behind the condo’s lobby entrance dressed in a bathrobe and walking barefooted. He accused them of previously having stolen his bicycle before going toe-to-toe with Jesse and hurling more racist epithets at the men. Sanchez declined to press charges on Palona although she was given a citation.

WHITE WOMAN July 12, 2018 Long Beach CA Calls COPS On Black Man For Listening To YOGA CD In His Car Ezekiel Phillips had just dropped someone off in Long Beach and decided to take a 30-minute break before going to his yoga class, which was around the corner. He was listening to his bikram yoga CD in his car when a woman walked up to his car. “You’re not supposed to be here. This is a good neighborhood.” Phillips ‘wait hold up’. Have a good day ma’am. Namaste. And I rolled my window up”. “She took her phone out; started taking pictures, filming doing whatever she was doing. Hey I went to film school. I can take film as well. So I got out the car, I started filming her as soon as I start filming her, ‘what are you doing?’ Leave me alone! I’m feeling threatened. Help! Help!’ It was one of those.” The woman called for Long Beach police to come to her street. In the 911 audio the woman is heard addressing the operator. “I noticed him two houses up from my parents’ house and I’m like, you know and he’s waving to me. I don’t know who he is.” “I can’t get away from him! Get away from me!” She yelled over the call. There was no answer from her as to why she felt threatened or why she stated Phillips attacked someone, which according to the 91 audio call, was not true. “Ma’am. When you say he attacked other persons, what did he do to them?” the operator is overheard. The woman responded saying “He’s trying to give his business card to this other guy that I’m proof that he didn’t do anything to me.” Phillips said he was going to leave, but decided to stay. “I thought about it. ‘If I leave, it’s looking like I’m guilty of whatever she’s talking about.” The woman went to a neighbor’s house the woman said he only called 911 because the woman asked and was screaming for help. Other neighbors, including Kelly Odom, agreed with Phillips that the woman’s actions were racist.

SAFEWAY EMPLOYEES Mountain View California July 8, 2018 Employees reported a possible theft involving Erika Martin, who said she went to the store with her son, two sisters, three nieces, and nephew after attending service at Christ Temple Community Church in Palo Alto. Martin said she and her son arrived first and gave dog food to a homeless man who she usually sees outside the store with his dog. Ms. Martin NEVER even entered the store. A few minutes later, when she was getting ready to leave, a police car pulled up behind her car. Five Mountain View police officers responded to a call by Safeway identifying a male, female, and some children possibly being connected in a theft, according to public information officer Katie Nelson. Employees also identified Martin’s parked car as being involved in the shoplifting. The questioning went on for 30 minutes.

SMITH COLLEGE EMPLOYEE Northampton, Mass. Aug. 3, 2018 Black student who is also in summer program teaching chemistry to high schooler’s, Oumou Kanoute was reading and eating her lunch in the dining hall common room at Tyler House dorm at Smith College sees cop walk in with a Smith employee whom she’d never seen before and the man said, ‘We were wondering why you’re here?”‘ They told her an employee had called about a suspicious black man. Ms. Kanoute Tweeted “I am blown away at the fact that i cannot even sit down and eat lunch peacefully. Today someone felt the need to call the police on me while I was sitting down reading, and eating in a common room at Smith College. This person didn’t try to bring their concerns forward to me,but instead decided to call the police. I did nothing wrong, I wasn’t making any noise or bothering anyone. All I did was be black. It’s outrageous that some people question my being at Smith College, and my existence overall as a women of color. I was very nervous, and had a complete metldown after this incident. It’s just wrong and uncalled for. No students of color should have to explain why they belong at prestigious white institutions. I worked my hardest to get into Smith, and I deserve to feel safe on my campus.” “I want the identity of the caller released,” she says. “I want a public apology from that caller and I want them fired from the school.” Smith’s administration says privacy laws prevent them from releasing the name,

WHITE MAN Atlanta GA June 18, 2018 Dr. Nnenna Agoucha a Black doctor was blocked from her entrance to the gated community in which she has lived for eight years because he felt she “didn’t belong there. A nearly 30-minute exchange was captured on camera. He got out of the car and threatened to call the police because I was ‘trespassing.’ According to the police report, Aguocha stated she was attempting to enter the Buckhead Townhome community after just coming off an overnight shift when another property owner stopped her at the gate entrance. The video shows that he parked his car under the gate arm and refused to move forward to let her in, despite her repeated requests. “He called the police, so I called the police as well,” she said. Aguocha told police he would not let her in due to the fact he didn’t believe that she lived there. He accused her of tailgating his car to try to get in. After police arrived on the scene, the man eventually moved his vehicle. The man, who it turns out did not actually live in the gated community himself, claimed there had been robberies in the area and people had been allegedly stealing A/C units.

CAT CALLER WHITE NEIGHBOR July 26, 2018 Baltimore Maryland 13 year-old mentally disabled Deontay Townes and his 11-year-old sister were in a neighbor’s yard looking for his cat when the neighbor called police reporting they believed the boy was trying to break into their house. The police arrived and the officer told the children “get on the ground”. Deontay’s mother, Kimberly Townes said, ‘No, they ain’t getting on no ground. She 11 and he’s 13. They not getting on the ground. So I told the kids, ‘come on.’ When I said that, he grabbed my son, like close armed him, hit him down, tried to get the handcuffs on him, then he started closed fisting my son. Don’t touch my kid, don’t touch my kid! Get the fuck [inaudible]. The person recording asks. “Why did you just punch him?” The officer replies “Because he just tried squeezing my testicles”. After being cuffed the officer walks Deontay to the officer’s car. The officer fails to open up the door and yells to the other officer for assistance opening the door. “He hit me in the head” Deontay repetitively says as he is being put in the back seat. The cop yells as he slams the car door “I’m about to send this kid to the f**king hospital”. Another officer asks the officer if he is okay. “If I see him again, I’m going to beat the s**t out of him!” The video ends with the person recording arguing with the 911 caller. The arresting officer was caught by another person recording from a different angle responding to the officer asking if he was okay. Deontay has a mental disability and after the video ends when officer calls for an ambulance.

WHITE FEMALE NEIGHBOR 2018 2:15 p.m. Santa Monica police responding to an alleged burglary held actor Ving Rhames at gunpoint in his Santa Monica home. “This happened this year. I open the door and there is a red dot pointed at my face from a 9-mm, and they say, ‘Put up your hands.” After he was taken outside, the situation was only defused after one of the responding officers recognized Rhames. Not from his work in movies like Pulp Fiction, but as a parent whose son also played basketball. Their son’s respective high schools had previously squared off in a game. A White a neighbor had called 911 to report a “large black man” breaking into the actor’s home. When police escorted Rhames to the neighbor’s house to clear things up, she denied placing the call. The 59-year-old actor believes the incident was the result of racial profiling.

WHITE WOMAN 2018 Wisconsin Michelle Landry, a political campaigner was registering voters was in rural Wisconsin when a White woman became incensed that Landry was canvassing inside her apartment complex. The woman called the police and braced herself against the door to the building so Landry couldn’t leave. Landry, who is half Vietnamese and half white, doesn’t know if her race played a role. But for her, there was no question that the White woman’s did. “There is definitely this assumption, if you are a White person and you are uncomfortable, that the police will take care of any discomfort you’re having,” Landry said. On this day, that backfired. Police told Landry, who was in tears, that she had a right to be in the building and chewed the woman out for blocking the door.

LUCIA WHALEN July 16, 2009 Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested at his , home by local police officer Sgt. James Crowley, who was responding to a 9-1-1 caller’s report of men breaking and entering the residence. Just after Gates returned home to after a trip to China. Gates found the front door to his home jammed shut and, with the help of his driver, tried to force it open. A local witness Lucia Whalen reported their activity to the police as a potential burglary in progress. Lucia Whalen was the witness and original 9-1-1 caller reporting the incident. Sgt. Crowley stated in his official police report that when he arrived at the scene, he spoke to Whalen, who told him she had “observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks” trying to force entry. Whalen subsequently denied making any such comment to Crowley. Whalen was hurt by widespread comments labeling her a racist, based on the “two black males with backpacks” quote in the police report. A recording of her 9-1-1 call was released on July 27; in it, Whalen could be heard saying, “I don’t know if they live there and they just had a hard time with their key.” When asked for a more detailed description by the dispatcher, her reply on the tape was, “One looked kind of Hispanic, but I’m not really sure. And the other one entered and I didn’t see what he looked like at all.” On July 28, it was revealed in the media that Justin Barrett, a 36-year-old Boston Police Department officer who has been on the job for two years, and is also a member of the Massachusetts National Guard, sent a mass e-mail to fellow National Guardsmen and to The Boston Globe in which he referred to Gates as a “jungle monkey”.

WHITE WOMAN Portland Oregon Rep. Janelle Bynum Black state lawmaker up for re-election was knocking on doors in her Portland-area district this week when someone called 911 on her.

CHILI’S EMPLOYEE June 23, 2018 Abbeville, Louisiana Police found themselves in a delicate position when they were called to remove a group of Black patrons from the parking lot of a Chili’s restaurant. The customers tried to explain how they were simply talking outside during closing time but that one of the employees thought they were trying to intimidate the staff. “They called me here to prevent an altercation with you guys,” an officer told the group in the video. “Why? Why?” one of the men asked. “Because we’re black people in Abbeville it’s an altercation.” “What did we do? All we did was pay and leave”. Chili’s later put out a statement saying it regretted what occurred.

LINDA KRAKORA July 4, 2018 Reggie Fields, a 12-year-old Ohioan who proudly operates Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service, made national headlines after a white woman called the police on him. She had complained that the child, who was cutting her neighbor’s lawn, cut part of the wrong lawn. Nearly two weeks later, the same family called the police on the boy again, this time complaining about Fields and other children playing on a Slip N’ Slide in a neighboring yard. For over 18 years, Krakora’s family has made some 60 calls to police.

CATHOLIC PRIEST MICHAEL BRIESE July 2, 2018 Charlotte Hall, Md Catholic Priest halted a homegoing service in Maryland to have a black family removed from the church. The servant of God even kicked the dead body out of the funeral, proving once again, there is no sanctuary when it comes to racism. Aside from the fact that she was no longer alive, Agnes Hicks’ Charlotte Hall, Md., mass was going along perfectly fine on Tuesday until an attendee of the funeral went in for a hug and accidentally knocked over a chalice at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, angering pastor Michael Briese. “There will be no funeral, no repast, everyone get the hell out of my church,” Briese reportedly told the family. Briese then kicked the family out of the place of worship, telling them to remove the body of the woman who wished to be laid to rest in the church where she was baptized. After the police responded to the call, the officers determined that the family had done nothing wrong and escorted the family to another church in a nearby county where they finished the service.

DEPRESSED DEBRA June 6, 2018 Oklahoma City OK When the first video posted to Facebook begins, the woman is already on the phone with the authorities. When Poolside Patty hangs up, a woman identified as Ja’Maya Burleson asks the woman why she called the police. “I nicely asked you if you would talk to me because I’m depressed.” “I’m not a counselor. I’m not certified, baby,” the videographer responds, leaving Depressed Debra agape in horror, apparently unfamiliar with the word “No.” The bummed-out Depressed Debra initially denies having called the police, then insists the 911 operator called her because … of course they did. Soon the police arrive, and Depressed Debra goes to explain herself to the law enforcement officer. “Yesterday was my birthday; I was very depressed. I went over and I asked the other girl if I could talk to her, and she said, ‘No.’ What do you want to talk about?’ and I said, ‘I’m depressed.’” The officer interrupts the White woman and informs her he has patrolled the apartment complex for three years and didn’t even know the pool existed until another man flagged him down and told him “a short little blond lady” was at the pool causing a scene because she was “drunk or on something.” Policeman asks the lone white woman why everyone else would gang up on her. Depressed Debra admits she approached three different guys and asked them to talk before asking a “beautiful African-American woman with blond locs” to engage in a depression-fighting conversation. When it’s her turn, the Black woman tries to calmly explain the situation, but Depressed Debra interrupts with sobs, explaining how scared she was of the people who, she admits, did absolutely nothing to harm her (unless you count her frail, alabaster sense of entitlement). Finally, the cop realizes Depressed Debra is actually “on something” and decides to leave.

DOLLAR STORE EMPLOYEE July 2018 Ohio Employee calls cops on Black man because he didn’t leave his bag at the front of the store. Customer was not told to leave his bag at the front and he was already at the cash register attempting to pay for a single item juice. Employee threatens to mace customer for recording him. Customer chooses to wait for police, employee continues to threaten customer. Officers were jerks, trying to say Black man was throwing a gang sign when they took his photo for the gang task force. No crime had been committed.

KEN DUDEK July 18, 2018 Buffalo, NY Dollar General Store Manager Ken Dudek called the police on Madonna Wilburn a black customer using store coupons, accusing her of “trying to take advantage of the system.” Wilburn was trying to purchase $30 worth of groceries with digital coupons when Dudek got frustrated. Wilburn captured the tense exchange in a Facebook video. “I had no coupons in my hand and they are all digital coupons on their app. Spend $30 on gain scents and receive $5 off then other digital coupons ranging from .50 to $2 off of each of these items all on their app. He could not figure it out. Told me he hate people like me, told me to shut up, and more. I eventually pulled out my phone….and started recording to protect myself against his nasty attitude in case anything happened.. now him and his wife inboxing me.” Facebook screenshots show a user named Josiah Dudek who wrote, “We don’t dislike any race. Everyone’s equal. You’re all just mad she couldn’t use her precious coupons.” He also called Wilburn a “b****” and used the hashtag #Trump2020.” “What the video didn’t capture was this man telling me to ‘shut up,’ and ‘I hate people like you.’ Did he mean women? Black women? People who coupon?’” Wilburn waited outside for a police officer, who suggested she call the company’s corporate offices. He also gave her permission to leave, declaring the incident a non-issue.

WHITE NEIGHBOR July 17, 2018 San Francisco, CA Police officers were dispatched to the 800 block of Valencia Street on a call of a possible burglary in progress at a business,” according to the statement. “The caller stated that the person was removing items from a small, open door. Four officers responded to the scene and spoke to the person and determined he was the owner of the business. Viktor Stevenson had been testing out his security system Thursday at Gourmonade, which he had opened five days earlier, when four police officers approached him. “I say, ‘Oh, did the security system go off? If it did, my apologies. I am on the phone with the company now,’” Stevenson told the news outlet. That’s when the police told him a neighbor had reported him for “breaking into” the store. The cops asked to see his hands, which were in his pockets, and told him to prove it was his store. When he showed them his store key, they asked to see his ID as well.

WHITE NEIGHBOR aka TATTLETALE TINA” July 15, 2017 Key West, FL “Tattle-tale Tina” called the police instead of alerting her neighbor, Diana Candelario Fiscal-Gonzalez that collecting the protected Queen Conch shells was illegal. Officer John Martino, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, arrested Fiscal-Gonzalez on 40 counts of possession. Thethe judge sentenced her to 15 days in jail, six months’ probation, a $500 fine as well as $268 for court costs. With a name like “Gonzalez” I can imagine why the police were called and Diana Candelario Fiscal-Gonzalez was subsequently arrested rather than given a warning, and/or a fine.

TARGET EMPLOYEE Algonquin, Ill. Dec. 2017 12-year-old Olivia Mochan’s mom Lindsay Mochan dropped her daughter and her 13-year-old friend off at Target so the two girls could go Christmas shopping. Olivia said they were there about 90 minutes browsing the aisles before she bought some cake mix and lemon juice. Her friend also bought a few items. Shortly after that, Target employees started following them, Olivia said. One even accused them of shoplifting, telling them to put back what was in their bags. “She goes, ‘We have you on camera stealing.’ I go, ‘Really, you don’t, because I didn’t steal anything,’ The girls kept receipts of their purchases and don’t understand why they were singled out.

APPLEBEES WHITE MANAGER and 3 EMPLOYEESFeb. 18, 2018 Independence, MO. Black women, Alexis Brison and Asia Hardy had the police called on them and accused of having done a “dine and dash” in their restaurant the night before. About an hour into their dinner they were approached by an Independence police officer, a mall cop, and the restaurant manager. They were told that we were accused of eating and not paying for CHICKEN the day before (dining and dashing). “After being mocked, humiliated, and embarrassed we were asked to pay for our food, leave, and not come back. After leaving, calls were made to the restaurant and the manager stated that our accuser remembered that there was a SKINNY girl and a girl who wore MAKEUP. In 2018 is this really what we’re debased to? Our weight and whether or not we wore makeup. She could not recognize any facial features or any defining characteristics. This is a clear example of RACIAL PROFILING that should not be stood for. Just because we are black does not mean we are all criminals and I will not be treated as such.”

WHITE HOMEOWNER May 16, 2018 Oakland CA Black firefighter Kevin Moore, while wearing a full uniform, with a radio and clipboard was reported to police for doing a standard inspection. Moore said he did his usual routine: knocked on the door, waited about a minute and yelled “Oakland Fire!” Then he stepped into the yard, which had no gate, and started noting the many vegetation hazards in his paperwork. As Moore was finishing up, he turned around to find the resident outside near the front steps of the house, video-recording him on a cell phone. “He kind of startled me,” Moore said. “He says, ‘Well, what are you doing here?’ I say, ‘We’re here doing our annual vegetation inspection.’ Then he asks for ID. I say no problem. He takes a picture of my ID and says I need to get a different one. I’ve had that ID for years. Moore said he suggested if the resident were still concerned, he could simply look out onto the street where “a big red fire engine is right there.” The resident called the police on Moore.

NEIGHBOR July 18, 2018 The Minnesota Department of Health was called and reported 13-year-old entrepreneur, Jaequan Faulkner for selling hot dogs outside of his home in order to raise money to buy new clothes for the next school year.

ALISON ETTEL aka “PERMIT PATTY” June 26, 2018 Alison Ettel “Permit Patty” was caught on camera calling 911 and confronting 8-year-old girl Jordan Rodgers selling $2 water bottles outside her window to passersby.

JENNIFER SCHULTE aka u>”BBQ BECKY” ~ BLACK BBQ’ing IN PARK April 29, 2018 Oakland CA “BBQ Becky” a white woman called police on a few Black people who, she said, were using a charcoal grill in an area where it was banned.

HOLLY HYLTON STARBUCKS MANAGER April 12, 2018 Philadelphia PA. Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson had initially asked to use the bathroom at the Philadelphia Starbucks as they waited for a business meeting but were told it was for paying customers only. They occupied a table without making a purchase, which many observers have noted is a common occurrence at the franchise’s locations. Within minutes of them arriving, a manager called police after the men declined to leave the premises because, they said, they were waiting for their acquaintance.

WHITE LADY ON BIKE May 10, 2018 Washington, D.C Donald Sherman, a Black lawyer and a father. Sherman’s son was not feeling well, so he stayed home from work and was pushing his son in a park when a White woman saw fit to notify park security about “a suspicious man walking the bike path with a baby.” 30 minutes into our stroll Sherman got flagged by a security officer in one of those cars marked ‘Special Police’. “I was a bit confused as to whether she was looking for me to stop but she honked twice and pulled over so I got the picture. She told me that she received a complaint from someone who said there was a “suspicious man” walking on the bike path with a baby. When the complainant was asked to describe my race, she declined.” Sherman is dark-skinned while his son is not, prompting the woman to think a Black man somehow stole a White baby. The only person he saw on their walk was “a White lady on a bike who veered off as Caleb and I were walking in her direction” and she was the one who “saw fit to report me to security.”

HOBBY LOBBY LAURA May 16, 2018 Trussville Alabama Employee Laura called police to report that a black man, Brian Spurlock who was in the store committing the crime of … well … no one seems to know. The police said the man was trespassing; the store manager first said that he “resembled” a thief. Then Laura said he was talking too loudly while he was outside the store. Spurlock went to the craft superstore to return a Cricut cutting machine for his girlfriend. He had the receipt, the original packaging and everything that came with the item when he arrived. “When I gave her [the cashier] the machine, she told me that she needed to check with the manager to see if the item was returnable. The manager said she would have to check with corporate.” Hobby Lobby Laura was not calling “corporate she was calling the police. Spurlock says he still didn’t think anything was wrong, even when an officer entered the store, walked up to him and asked for his identification. As customers looked on, Spurlock handed over his ID to the cop and asked what was the reason for this embarrassment. “He said: ‘You’re about to be trespassing. I still didn’t know what was going on. I figured, ‘OK, some stores do ask for ID when you return things”. But instead of taking Spurlock’s ID to the manager, the cop exited the store with the ID and went to his car. “I still had no idea what they were doing. But now I realize he was running my name to check for warrants. I still wasn’t worried because I don’t have any,”. Apparently finding no blemishes on Spurlock’s record, the cop returned and informed Spurlock that he should get his refund and leave the store before he was arrested for trespassing.

LINDA SHAD aka LICENSE PLATE LINDA July 8, 2018 Colerain Township, Ohio Domonique Duskin said Linda Shad tried to “get all of our cars towed because we were blocking my cousin Marvin Shelton’s driveway. The cars didn’t block Shad’s driveway or anyone else’s property except [for] my cousin’s.” Shad called the police, but “the police came and did nothing they just pretty much told Linda to go in her house and mind her business.” The Black family went back to the party, but as people were preparing to leave, “Linda and her family had bent everybody’s license plates, key’d cars, and pretty much damage people’s property.” Police fingerprinted the tags and by the time they got to the fourth car Linda confessed. Shelton said Linda Shad has called authorities on him dozens of times in the 13 years he’s lived in his house.

NEWPORT NANCY July 6, 2018 Wellington Manor GA Nancy felt the need to call police on Ms. Etheridge for smoking in a tenant parking structure. The unidentified White woman was recorded threatening to call the police on a Black person, this time after seeing Etheridge smoking in the shared parking garage of their apartment building. In addition to calling the police, “Nancy” threatened to call property management and said “they’ll have you evicted for smoking on the property.” Ms. Etheridge “Are you racist? Because I think you are. You just came out here harassing me for no reason”. The White woman then closed her car door and appeared to make a phone call. Police arrived soon after, concluding that there was no issue to be resolved.

WHITE RESIDENT aka NEWSPAPER NO NO July 6, 2018 Upper Arlington, Ohio Mycah Sharp, 17, and Uriah Sharp, 11, obtained a summer job delivering newspaper ads to learn the value of hard work. However, they faced issues from White neighbors who viewed them as suspects. The caller told police, “It looked like at first they were delivering newspapers or something, but I noticed they were walking up to the houses with nothing in hand and one of them came back with something. I mean, I don’t want to say something was going on, but it just but it just seemed kind of suspicious. “The police approached the kids while they were delivering on their first day of work and asked the boys if they were intruding in the area. ‘What are you doing here…are you soliciting?’ I said, ‘no sir I’m not soliciting, I’m delivering papers.’ He said, ‘what papers?’ I showed him the paper. He said, ‘Oh really,’ and sat there for a minute and then pulled off.” The boys mom Brandie Sharp told the officer they were working and showed their bag of the local newspaper. She said the boys had made a few deliveries to the wrong addresses and needed to retrieve the papers and Uriah went back to “grab” some newspapers. Upper Arlington is 92% White and has a Black population of less than %.

MAGGIE THE MANAGER May 7, 2018 Tacoma, WA Simone Intrepid Gamble and a friend were shopping at Fuego clothing store, when one of them stepped inside a dressing room at the business. To Gamble’s surprise, they heard the store manager loudly reading the store’s theft policies. “I was in the dressing room and while in there the manager started talking about the procedures for theft. Mind you she was not on the floor when we first arrived to the store. I select dresses then tried them on. I was going to purchase one of the dresses until I heard her speaking directly in front of my dressing room about theft procedures. I then got dressed and went to tell her I wanted to buy one of the dresses and confronted her about her implicit conversation right outside the curtain. She kicked us out of the store when I tried asking her why and she then called store police “Yeah, I need security here right now,” Maggie the manager waves her hands, shooing the Black patrons away as if they were gnats. When the shoppers the manager call them “aggressive,” Maggie replies: “‘Uncooperative’ is the word I used, an educated word that succinctly describes what’s happening right now, uncooperative. I’ve asked you to leave, you have not left. “Leave!” manager Margaret screams aggressively, raising her voice.

WHITE NEIGHBORMay 16, 2018 Vista California Ike Iloputaife took his two exotic Borzoi dogs for a 90-minute walk in his neighborhood in the early-morning hours. A woman who lived around the corner from a burglarized home had snapped the photo of Iloputaife that morning when he walked past her house because, she told investigators, he was “a stranger” on her street. It was taken from behind at a significant distance, . After the burglary, the woman — whose identity is unavailable — shared the photo with investigators. Although the still-unidentified Iloputaife was billed in the press release as looking “similar to Suspect 2 in the burglary,” their only similarity is skin color. Vista station of the county Sheriff’s Department, which has since removed Iloputaife as a person of interest

SUMMER BURLINGER aka BECKZILLA May 21, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada James Ochoa while working at a home. Ochoa wrote that he had to use the bathroom while working on a driveway. “I had went to go to a portable restroom and I found some but they were occupied, so I made a u turn on this lady’s street to go find other ones.” he stopped his vehicle when Beckzilla’s dog ran in front of his car. He stopped to let the woman retrieve her dog, when Ochoa says he encountered pure evil: “I said nothing at all to her and she yelled saying “get off my street” I said “what did I do ma’am” and she continued to argue and call me names. So I had some words back, then I eventually drive off and just go back to work which is only a block away. She pulls up talking shit then she drives up the street and turns around rolls down her window and points a gun at me. I didn’t know what to do, so eventually the project manager seen everything going down so he asked me to leave and meet at his office. So I did we called the cops, she admitted to pulling the gun out and the cops took all her weapons from her home. So now we have a court date, I am fighting against her cause I had to leave work for 2 days”. In the video, the woman screams, “Help! Gun! Gun!”as Ochoa drives past her. In a post on a Facebook account which is now private, Berlinger contended Ochoa threatened her life and threatened to kill her entire family before he drove off, although her version conflicts with the video evidence.

WHITE WOMAN May 5, 2018 Memphis TN Real estate investor Michael Hayes was inspecting a house he was interested in buying. As he was pulling a board off the boarded-up home’s front down when a woman next door came outside. Hayes waved to her. The White woman asked what he was doing. He pointed to the sign he had placed in the front yard. “I told her that I had a contract and that I was an investor,” Hayes, who wanted to get inside the house to take pictures, “But she wasn’t listening to that. She didn’t want to hear it.” She said he had no right to be in her neighborhood and should leave, she then called the police.

NORDSTROM RACK EMPLOYEES and an ELDERLY WHITE WOMAN Brentwood, Mo. May 3, 2018 Mekhi Lee, Eric Rogers and Dirone Taylor were shopping at the Nordstrom Rack when they noticed store employees closely eyeing then following them through the aisles. Lee has just completed his freshman year of college and was with his longtime friends, Taylor and Rogers, who were shopping for prom. One of the young men wanted to try on a shirt, so he removed his hat, the store employees kept following the men, so they decided to leave. Shortly after, the man who had tried on the shirt realized he left his hat in the store, so the three of them went back. That’s when they were approached by an elderly White woman who had also been shopping. “Now they’re confronted by an elderly white woman in the store who says to them, ‘Would your parents and grandparents be proud of what you’re doing?’ ” The woman also referred to them as “a bunch of bums”. The young men asked to speak to a store manager, but employees told them they couldn’t meet with one. They left the store a second time and turned back to see the manager come to sidewalk and wave. They decided, ‘We have money, we came here to shop and demonstrate to them we aren’t thugs. We have money like anybody else”. While the men were making their purchases, the elderly White woman was in line waiting to check out behind them. The manager, who is also White, opened up a new register to ring the woman up. The manager then escorted the White woman to her car. While the men were paying for their items, they heard staff employees say they were calling the police. The young men left the store and waited for the police to arrive. When they did, the officers said they had been alerted to three black men who were shoplifting, including one in a blue sweatsuit, “handfuls of products.” The men showed the police their receipts and let them search their bags.

WAFFLE HOUSE EMPLOYEE May 2, 2018 Fort Walton Beach, FL Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart placed a to-go order. Before getting their food, they noticed that they were being charged more for one of the items than the price listed on the menu. The couple asked an employee about the charges, said they would not pay the additional amount, and attempted to call the chain’s corporate headquarters. The video clearly shows the money as well as the untouched food were laying on the counter, The employee responded by calling the police, later telling the officers they wanted to press charges if the couple did not pay. After a lengthy interaction with officers, the two were placed in handcuffs. “We haven’t been served at all. We haven’t been served so how is it theft? We asked her to explain the bill to us; she gave us no food or nothing and called you guys,”

WAFFLE HOUSE EMPLOYEE May 4, 2018 Warsaw NC video showed a 22-year old named Anthony Wall being choked by a police officer following a verbal dispute outside a North Carolina Waffle House. Wall said that employees called police because Wall, who had taken his sister to prom that evening before going with her to the restaurant, sat at a table that hadn’t been cleaned by waitstaff. The White employee called Wall a faggot and threatened him with physical assault. The police were called and an officer tried to arrest Wall. When Wall resisted, the officer grabbed him by the neck and choked him. Still grabbing Wall by the neck, the officer threw him to the pavement of the Waffle House parking lot.

SARAH BRAASCH , May 10, 2018 New Haven, CT Lolade Siyonbola Black Yale University graduate student was working on a paper in the Hall of Graduate Studies when she fell asleep in a common room. Sarah Braasch, a White female student came in, turned on the lights and told her, “You’re not supposed to be sleeping here. I’m going to call the police.” Siyonbola was interrogated by campus police officers.

WHITE FEMALE NEIGHBOR , May 7, 2018 Rialto, CA As filmmaker Kelly Fyffe-Marshall her friends, Donisha Prendergast, Komi-Oluwa Olafimihan and another Friend were leaving an Airbnb seven police cars showed up. The neighborhood was seemingly locked down. The police told Fyffe-Marshall and her friends to put their hands in the air, and then informed them a helicopter was tracking them. Police admitted the White female neighbor called police because the women didn’t wave to her as they were loading their luggage into the car.

WHITE MOTHER , Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and his brother Lloyd Skanahwati Gray Two First Nation Indigenous Native American brothers May 5, 2018 Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO “A White mother participating in the campus tour called 911 because she was nervous about the presence of two young men who joined the tour while it was in progress, “They’re not — definitely not — a part of the tour. Their behavior is odd and that they’re wearing “black clothing.” She said “their behavior is “just really odd” and that they are wearing dark clothing with “weird symbolism or wording on it.” One of them had his hand in his sweatshirt pocket, and she could tell they were lying when she asked one of them about what they wanted to study because the other started laughing. I think they’re Hispanic, I believe” The mother says, when asked about whether they were white males. “One of them for sure. He said he’s from Mexico. “But it actually made me like feel sick and I’ve never felt like that.”

STEVE CHRONISTER , Myneca Ojo, Sandra Thompson, Sandra Harrison, Carolyn Dow and Karen Crosby FULLY PAID MEMBERS of Grandview Golf Course April 21, 2018 Dover Township York, PA. Five African American professional women in their 50’s say white male former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister called 911 on them twice because they were golfing too slow.

LA FITNESS EMPLOYEE April 19, 2018 Secaucus, NJ Tshyrad Oates long time me LA Fitness member, with a current, valid membership . Oates signed in under the four-day guest pass to work out with a friend, a current member who was already at the gym. About 30 minutes later, the employee who signed Oates in told him he had to leave or pay. Oates reminded the employee he had already signed in with her, using the guest pass. Unaware a manager had signed in Oates’ workout partner, the employee said Oates’ workout partner was the one who didn’t pay, Oates’ workout partner told the employee he was an active member but his gym tag was in his locker. As Oates and his friend continued working out, two police officers arrived and questioned the two men about their memberships. Oates explained his guest pass, and his workout partner rescanned his gym tag. They resumed working out and 10 minutes later a manager told the two men to leave. The men told the manager they didn’t do anything wrong. He said other police officers soon arrived and also asked the two men to leave. The gym manager told Oates he had been banned from the LA Fitness and his friend’s membership “has been terminated effective immediately.”

MORRY MATSON aka ‘COUPON CARL’ July 14, 2018 Chicago, IL Ms. Hudson had tried to make a purchase with a coupon mailed to her by the product manufacturer, but CVS store manager Morry Matson ‘Coupon Carl’ (running for 48th Ward alderman and state delegate for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election and is president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois) claimed it was fake. Her photo of the coupon showed a December 2018 expiration date and indicated it was good for up to $17.99 toward a personal medical item. Camila Matson identified himself to authorities before telling the police that Hudson was African-American. ‘No I’m not African-American. I’m black. Black isn’t a bad word,’ Hudson said just moments before Matson hung up the phone and retreated into his office. The manager walked away, and when she followed him “he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face.” Another manager arrived to tell her to leave because he had called the police. “Police were informed that a female was inside the store threatening the staff and refusing to leave and officers responded to a call of an “assault in progress.

ERICA WALKER July 9, 2018 Chicago, IL Kevin Yates, and girlfriend, Camry Porter, said they had taken Ms. Porter’s two young godsons swimming at the pool at Riverset Apartments, where Ms. Porter lives. They said they were the only black people at the pool. Yates was watching the children play in the pool, sitting at the edge with his feet dipped in the water, when a woman identified herself as Erica Walker a property manager asked him to remove his socks because they were not “proper pool attire.” When he did not remove his socks or leave the property, she called the police. White people were wearing clothing other than swimsuits, such as hats or shirts, in the pool. “It’s not the issue with socks,” Ms. Porter said. “If socks were not to be worn, that was very well fine. The issue was we were the only one addressed.”

ADAM BLOOM aka ‘ID ADAM’ July 4, 2018 Glenridge Community Pool in Winston-Salem No. Carolina Ms. Abhulimen said she was swimming with her son when Adam Bloom ‘ID Adam’ called police on her. The Winston-Salem police released the recording of Mr. Bloom’s phone call to the authorities, in which he asserted Ms. Abhulimen was not a resident and was refusing to show identification. Police officers confirm there was no rule requiring identification at the pool. Ms. Abhulimen had a key card issued to residents allowing her to enter.

CAROLINA STEPHANIE SEBBY-STREMPEL aka “POOL PATROL PAULA” and FRIEND June 28, 2018 Summerville So. Carolina Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, a White woman, now officially known as “Pool Patrol Paula,” was caught on camera confronting and striking a 15-year-old black teen at a community pool. The woman began calling he and his friends “punks” and using “racial slurs”. Sebby-Strempel told the teenagers they “didn’t belong” at the pool and had to leave. The 15-year-old victim also told police that Sebby-Strempel followed him toward the pool exit and hit him in the face twice, which the video appears to show. Video of the incident showed her swinging her arm toward the teen as he records on his phone. She can be heard yelling “Get out! Get out,” threatening to call 911 and calling the teens “punks” Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, has been charged with one count of third-degree assault and battery and two counts of assaulting, beating or wounding a police officer while resisting arrest.

WHITE VINTAGE STORE CLERKS May 12, 2018 Williamsburg NY Nancy Bedard a Black Brooklyn lawyer and daughter were wrongly accused of shoplifting by White clerks in a vintage clothing store. Bedard picked out a bathing suit and three dresses. A dark-haired clerk told the mother and daughter to share a fitting room to try on the clothes. When they exited, a blond-haired clerk confronted the two about a fifth clothing item. “I remember counting on my fingers: ‘One, two, three, four, there is no missing item.” Bedard says she tried to step outside the shop and walk away, but the clerk continued to interrogate them about the phantom dress. “She told me to come back in the store, and I wouldn’t. I know my rights, and I didn’t.” When the dress shop worker warned a surveillance camera would have captured any theft, Bedard encouraged her to review the video. The woman instead called the cops and followed the lawyer and her daughter. The NYPD confirmed they were called with a reported “larceny in progress” at the Bedford Ave. store. When police arrived, the mother and daughter were handcuffed together and cops looked through one of their shopping bags. After finding nothing, the police uncuffed Bedard and her daughter, who had suffered bruises and cuts from the cuffs. Police confirmed the two women were accused of theft and that neither had any stolen property. The mother and daughter were taken to Woodhull Hospital, where they say police continued to shadow them. It wasn’t until 11 p.m. that police returned her driver’s license.

WHITE NEIGHBOR April 28, 2018 NYNY former White House staffer Darren Martin who worked in the White House’s Office of Legislative Affairs under President Obama, captured the encounter with NYPD officers. According to the dispatcher, a caller claimed “somebody was trying to break into the door,” with “possibly a weapon or a large tool.” Three uniformed officers began questioning Martin as he stood in the lobby of his building. Soon after, “three or four” plainclothes police officers arrive. Martin the cops unlawfully entered his unit.

BRENT AHLERS Sept. 14, 2017 a St. Catherine University security officer, shot himself. Instead of admitting to it, he allegedly blamed an imaginary Black man and lead investigators on a wild goose chase. Ahlers, a 25-year-old White man, was reportedly afraid that he would lose his job if he told the truth, so he told St. Paul, Minn., police that a black man wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with a “short Afro” shot him in a wooded area near the campus. The campus was put on lockdown while 55 officers, four K-9s and State Patrol aircraft looked for the “suspect.” Police said Ahlers told them the gun fired accidentally in the woods and he was afraid of getting fired for bringing his personal gun to work.

BREANA HARMON TALBOTT March 8, 2017 An 18-year-old Texas woman’s claim she was abducted and assaulted by 3 Black men after the bloody woman ran into a church wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear and lied about two black men raping her while a third held her down. 2 weeks later she confessed she lied. Talbott admitted she staged the crime scene She also admitted that the cuts on her body were self-inflicted.

OFFICER BRIAN EUBANKS April 11, 2017 Newcomerstown, OH. Cop Shoots Himself, Sets Off Massive Manhunt for Innocent Man, All to Collect Workers Comp. Faked being shot and then blamed the shootings on non-existent assailants. Departments statewide combed the streets looking for two men in a black Geo Tracker, one wearing a red sweatshirt and the other wearing a lime green shirt. One was in a tactical vest and they were armed with a shotgun and handguns.

WHITE RESIDENTS June 5, 2015 McKinney, Texas, called police on a group of Black high schooler’s holding a pool party, complaining about noise. One adult allegedly told the teenagers to return to “Section 8 [public] housing.” The full video shows Officer Eric Casebolt sprinting past the camera diving onto the ground and executes a superfluous combat roll. A few moments later he begins barking orders and throwing young Black men to the ground by their arms, handcuffing some of them. Officer Casebolt grabs 14 year old Black girl, Dajerria Becton and violently slams her to the ground, then sitting on the teenager, holding her by her hair while drawing his gun on two other teenagers who attempted to help. Another officer pulls Casebolt’s weapon to his side, but Casebolt doesn’t holster it. With his left arm he pushes away the officers who’ve come to deescalate the situation. Casebolt chases the boys a few steps, then returns to Dajerria Becton. “Sit your ass on the ground” Casebolt then grabs the girl by the back of the neck and smashes her face into the grass while yelling, “on your face.” He then kneels over her, with both knees into her back where he stays for much of the remaining minutes of the video. Residents later posted signs thanking the officers for “keeping us safe.”

RONALD RITCHIE August 5, 2014 Beavercreek, OH John Crawford picked up an un-packaged BB/pellet air rifle inside the store’s sporting goods section and continued shopping in the store. White customer, Ronald Ritchie, called 911. According to Ritchie at the time, Crawford was pointing the gun at people and at children walking by, and messing with the gun. Ritchie has since stated “At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody”. Two officers arrived at the Walmart shortly after their dispatcher informed them of a “subject with a gun” in the pet supplies area of the store and Crawford was shot. The shooting was captured by the store’s security video camera. Crawford was talking on his cell phone while holding the BB/Pellet air rifle when he was killed. According to Crawford’s mother, the video shows the officers fired immediately without giving any verbal commands and without giving Crawford any time to drop the BB gun even if he had heard them. Crawford was pronounced dead.

WHITE MALE November 22, 2014, Cleveland, OH A White male called police dispatch on Tamir Rice a 12-year-old boy a black male that “keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people”. The caller reported that a male was pointing “a pistol” at random people in the Cudell Recreation Center. At the beginning of the call and again in the middle he says of the pistol “it’s probably fake”. Toward the end of the two-minute call, the caller stated “he is probably a juvenile”. However, this information was not relayed to officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. The video shows a patrol car moving at high speed across the park lawn and stops abruptly by the gazebo. Loehmann immediately shoots Rice from a distance of less than 10 feet in less than 2 seconds. Another video shows Rice’s 14-year-old sister being forced to the ground, handcuffed and placed in a patrol car after she ran toward her brother about two minutes after the shooting. It also shows police waited for four minutes before providing any first aid to Rice. Tamir Rice died the following day.

RUBY BATES and VICTORIA PRICE. Nine Black teenagers known as the Scottsboro Boys were falsely accused of raping two White women in 1931: Clarence Norris, Charlie Weems, Haywood Patterson, Ozie Powell, Willie Roberson, Eugene Williams, Olen Montgomery, Andy Wright, Roy Wright. Ruby Bates proceeded to testify, and explained that no rape had occurred. She said none of the defendants had touched her or even spoken to her. When asked if she had been raped on March 25, 1931, Bates said, “No sir.” When asked why she had initially said she had been raped, Bates replied, “I told it just like Victoria Price did because she said we might have to stay in jail if we did not frame up a story after crossing a state line with men.” Bates explained Price had said “she didn’t care if all the Negroes in Alabama were put in jail.” Eight convicted defendants were assembled on April 9, 1931, and sentenced to death by electric chair. This was later overturned on an appeal but the young men spent many, many years in prison.

MARIA DALY a Massachusetts police officer’s wife in financial trouble reported her home was vandalized and burglarized in Millbury, Massachusetts, and said $10,000 in jewelry and money had been stolen. The couple’s home was also vandalized, and an acronym for the Black Lives Matter movement, BLM, was spray-painted on the house. Investigators later determined Daly had lied to police, and alleged that she committed the crime herself. Daly reportedly admitted she fabricated the story to cops and said all “stolen” item had been recovered. The police came to the conclusion that it was all fabricated. There was no intruder, there was no burglary.

RICKEY WAGONER 49 a White bus driver from Dayton, Ohio, lied when he told cops he was attacked, shot, stabbed and robbed by three Black teen attackers. told cops that two of the bullets struck a copy of “The Message,” a contemporary take on the New Testament, that the driver had stuffed into a chest pocket. Wagoner staged the attack, shooting himself in the arm and placing the Bible-like book on the asphalt before pumping two slugs into it.

LEIHA ANN-SUE ARTMAN a 25 year old Michigan woman, made up a story in 2016 implicating four Black men in a two-day kidnapping, rape and beating ordeal that never actually took place. sent her boyfriend panicked text messages in March detailing her alleged two days of torture and begging him to pay a ransom, officials said. She even included selfies of herself bound, gagged and bleeding from the head. Artman later told investigators that she had been kidnapped on March 27, when four Black men snatched her from her driveway and threw her in the truck of their car. She claimed the foursome drove her to an unknown location, where they repeatedly raped and beat her. Artman later admitted that she made the entire story up, but it’s still not clear why she lied.

JOSHUA WITT fabricated a story about having to fight off a knife-wielding Black man who attacked him for his fashy neo-Nazi haircut. Police realized Witt was lying because surveillance footage hadn’t captured his fleeing assailant, but did document Witt buying a knife in a nearby store. When confronted with the inconsistencies in his story, Witt admitted he had lied. “He was opening up the knife package in the car and he cut himself.”

MICHAEL HUSKEY age 10, along with his 7-year-old male cousin, left for school one morning in April 2016, only to return shortly after claiming a Black man with a knife had tried to abduct them. The two reportedly gave police a description of the man including his clothes (“gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants”). Fort Mill, South Carolina, police announced a little over a week later that the boys had made up the story because they wanted to blow off school for the day.

SHERRY HALL Police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge in the summer of 2016 were erroneously blamed on Black Lives Matter and protesters against police violence. Georgia officer Sherry Hall saw an opportunity in the upheaval. On the night of September 13, Hall radioed in that she had nearly been killed by a bullet that had failed to pierce her chest because of her body armor. In multiple interviews with police working her case, Hall reported that the suspect was “a 6-foot, 230-pound Blackman” wearing a “green shirt and Blackjogging pants.” In an interview with a local TV news outlet, she restated all her lies, laying it on thick.

BETHANY STORRO claimed she was outside of a Vancouver, Washington, coffee shop when a Black woman threw acid in her face, shouting, “Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?” “I’m a nice girl and I don’t know why this happened” She told the press her nonexistent attacker “had this weirdness about her. Like jealousy, rage.” Sympathy and donations poured in for Storro after her completely made-up story became national news. She received about $28,000 from strangers, “some of which she spent on clothes, train tickets and dinners for her parents.” Storro later admitted she had rubbed drain cleaner all over her own face due to an undiagnosed mental illness.

BREANA RACHELLE HARMON 19 years old enter a Texas church and told parishioners she had just been abducted and sexually assaulted in a wooded area by three Blackmen wearing ski masks. Harmon later admitted she’d made up the story, going so far as to cut and bruise herself to dupe law enforcement, and now faces multiple felony charges for fabricating a false report. The case is part of America’s long history of racial hoaxes that have cost an unknowable number of innocent Black folks their safety, freedom and lives.

ASHLEY TODD told Pittsburgh police a 100 percent bullshit story involving a Black mugger, political junkie and body modification enthusiast. The 20-year-old student claimed that while she was using an ATM, a “six-foot-four African American of medium build, dressed in dark clothes wearing shiny shoes” put a knife to her neck and demanded money. The figment of Todd’s racist imagination might have been happy with the $60 she gave him had he not then noticed her McCain bumper sticker. Todd told authorities he became enraged and began punching and kicking her, all while yelling “you are going to be a Barack supporter.” Before he left, Todd said he carved a the letter “B”—for Barack, natch—into her cheek at an angle that made zero sense in the context of the story. Todd later admitted she made up the story and underwent court-ordered psychiatric counseling.

WALKER DAUGHERTY and MICHAEL BRYANT Texas hunting guides were leading a party in the southern part of the state near the Mexico border. The two claimed on the night of January 6, they were attacked by undocumented immigrants illegally crossing the border who attempted to steal their RV. The resulting gunfight left Daugherty 26, and another member of the group, Edwin Roberts 59 when everyone began shooting each other.

SUSAN LEIGH VAUGHAN-SMITH a 23-year-old South Carolina mother of two young boys—3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex—Smith reported in October 1994 she had been carjacked by a Black man who drove off with her sons. For eight days after the incident, which immediately became national news, Smith made numerous television appearances in which she sobbed on camera and pleaded with the fictional abductor to return her “babies.” The search for the missing children (and clues as to the location of the phantom African-American kidnapper), involved “hundreds of volunteers scoured this corner of the state”. Nine days after her sons disappeared, Smith was arrested on two counts of murder. By then she had already confessed to strapping her sons into their car seats and letting the vehicle roll slowly into John D. Long Lake.

BONNIE ANNE SWEETEN Seven times in one day, Sweeten made frantic emergency calls in which she claimed two Black men “had bumped her 2005 GMC Denali, carjacked her and stuffed her in the trunk of a dark Cadillac” along with her 9-year-old daughter. An Amber Alert was issued for the child’s recovery and a multi-state, multi-agency manhunt was undertaken to locate the two. But Sweeten’s 911 calls were actually made “from her 2005 Yukon parked on a Philadelphia street,” according to Philadelphia authorities. In the days before she launched the elaborate hoax, Sweeten had withdrawn $12,000 from multiple accounts, “borrowed” a co-worker’s driver’s license and used it to buy a flight to Orlando, where she rented a hotel room for a week. Law enforcement agents ultimately traced her to Disney World, where she was apprehended by Florida police. A subsequent investigation revealed that “Sweeten devised elaborate means to steal $640,000 from the one-lawyer firm [where she worked] and $283,000 from the retirement accounts of her first husband’s elderly grandfather.

JESSE ANDERSON After grabbing a movie and dinner at TGI Friday’s with his wife, Anderson pretended the two had been attacked in the restaurant parking lot by two Black assailants with knives. Anderson superficially stabbed himself three times in the chest to make his story more believable and stabbed his wife an astounding 21 times in the face and neck. Anderson even gave police a Los Angeles Clippers hat he claimed he’d somehow grabbed from one of his attackers. Milwaukee police doubted Anderson’s story from the start and didn’t pursue other suspects. The New York Times noted that when the news broadcast an image of the baseball cap, a Black student called police to report “a man who fit Mr. Anderson’s description” had “approached him at a shopping center and paid him $20 for it” the same day as the murder. On Aug. 13, 1992, Anderson was sentenced to life in prison (where incidentally, he was killed by Christopher Scarver, who also murdered serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer).

CHARLES STUART October 1989, Stuart claimed he and his pregnant wife Carol were driving home from a birthing class at a hospital in a Black Boston neighborhood when a Black gunman got into their car at a stoplight. Charles was shot in the stomach, Carol sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head, and their prematurely delivered baby died 17 days later. With so much focus on a Black murderer who didn’t exist, Boston officers failed to do the basic police work that would have exposed Stuart’s guilt. There’s evidence that Charles wanted Carol to have an abortion and considered her pregnancy a “hindrance” to his entrepreneurial visions and a threat to their affluent lifestyle. He was romantically entangled with a coworker. He was the beneficiary of $300,000 in insurance money, some of which he’d already begun spending on pricey pieces of jewelry. Stuart might have gotten away with it had his brother Matthew not come forward when he realized that an innocent Black man, William Bennett, was on the verge of being jailed for the crime.

DETROIT POLICE September 2007 Detroit MI For nine years, Davontae Sanford has been incarcerated for the murder of four people at a drug house. He was just 14. Sanford lived near the scene of the murders in Detroit’s northeast side, and had been standing outside when police were looking for witnesses. They took him in, and believed he had key information. Police coerced a confession out of him for a crime he did not commit only after he had been interrogated repeatedly over the course of two days without an attorney, or even a parent, presentA hit man, already imprisoned for other murders, had given police a detailed affidavit in March 2015 saying that he was responsible for the homicides and that Sanford — who was sentenced to 37 to 90 years in prison — took no part in it.

WAL-MART LOSS-PREVENTION OFFICER October 3, 2014 Buda, Texas Juan Martinez 74, and his wife Guadalupe Martinez 69, the couple both use mobility scooters when they became separated Mrs. Martinez exited the store with unpurchased items still in her scooter’s basket. Wal-Mart security detained her on suspicion of shoplifting, leading her into an office for questioning. Juan Martinez approached the room as Guadalupe was being questioned and got into a “exchange” with the officer. The video shows Officer DemerrielYoung proceed place his hands on the older man, shoving him down, Mr. Martinez falls to the ground and lies there, screaming in pain having sustained several broken ribs among other injuries. Officer Young then stops Guadalupe from helping her prone husband. Mr. Martinez lay on the floor in agonizing pain for over five minutes while the Loss-Prevention Officer just stands unfazed by the police brutality before EMS arrived on the scene.

WHITE PARENTS Jan. 14, 2014, Fort Pierce, FL Gregory Hill Jr. was drunk after spending most of his day off from his job at Coca-Cola, listening to music in the “man cave” he had built in the garage of his home when the two sheriff’s deputies showed up. Parents picking their children up at the elementary school across the street from Hill’s home had called in a noise complaint, concerned that their kids were overhearing the expletive-laden music he had been playing. Deputies Newman and Edward Lopez, first knocked on the front door before knocking on the garage door. Hill began to open the garage door, saw the police, and began to close it again when Newman opened fire. Witnesses told investigators that the entire confrontation was over in seconds. Hill was found lying face down in a pool of blood. He had been shot in the head, abdomen and groin. After nearly two weeks of trial and 10 hours of deliberation, a jury sided with police and found Deputy Newman did nothing wrong. The jury awarded money to Hills family: $4 – a dollar for funeral costs, which was about $11,000, and another for each of Hill’s three young children, ages 13, 10 and 7. Adjusting for the blame the jury placed on Law Enforcement, the family would receive only 1 percent of the $4, or 4 cents.

OFFICER GUILLERMO RAVELO February 2014, Biscayne, FL Police Chief Atesiano told Ravelo that he wanted him to arrest Erasmus Banmah for five unsolved vehicle burglaries, despite knowing there was “no evidence” that he had committed the crimes. A couple of days later, Ravelo filled out five arrest forms falsely accusing Banmah of the vehicle burglaries at five different street locations in Biscayne Park. For each of the five burglaries, Ravelo “falsely claimed in an arrest affidavit that (Banmah) had taken him to the site of the respective burglary and confessed to the items that (he) had stolen,” they say.

POLICE CHIEF RAIMUNDO ATESIANO RAUL FERNANDEZ and CHARLIE DAYOUB Biscayne, FL 2013 Atesiano. was indicted in June along with two other former police officers, Fernandez and Dayoub, on a conspiracy charge of pinning four unsolved home burglaries on a Black 16-year-old so the chief could claim a perfect clearance rate on property crimes in 2013.

POLICE CHIEF RAIMUNDO ATESIANO January 2013 Biscayne, FL Atesiano ordered Ravelo to arrest Clarens Desrouleaux, 35, for two unsolved home break-ins. The officer signed two arrest affidavits falsely claiming that Desrouleaux “had confessed to committing the burglary

PARTY POLICEOct. 24, 2004 Milwaukee Wisconsin Frank Jude, a Black man leaving a party in a White neighborhood had been invited by another guest to attend a bachelorette party for a close friend when Jude showed up as the stripper his assistant, Lovell Harris, who is also Black and friend Kirsten Antonissen who got a call from a girlfriend inviting them to join her at a party on Milwaukee’s South Side, in a mostly white, working-class neighborhood. By the time Antonissen, Brown, Jude and Harris arrived, it was nearly two in the morning. The party had been going on for hours and there was a lot of alcohol. Brown says she remembers they “received a strange reception when they arrived. “There were probably like 30 people in the house, and everybody just stopped what they were doing and looked at us. It was a very, very uncomfortable situation.” While the two women went to the bathroom, Jude and Harris were approached by the party’s host, Andrew Spengler, an off-duty police officer. The other guests followed Spengler and stood behind him, in order to intimidate him and Harris. Antonissen said when Jude told her he was uncomfortable and asked if the host and his guests were racist, she said she didn’t know the people at the party and. suggested they leave immediately. When they walked out to go to their cars, several of the party-goers came out of the house and began walking toward them. Antonissen told Jude and Harris to get in her truck. A crowd from the party soon surrounded their truck and started shouting about a missing police badge. “‘Nobody stole a badge. Let’s call the cops.’ “That’s when they all said, ‘We are the cops; you don’t need to call the cops’. Harris was then pulled from the truck by two men uttering racial slurs, one of them sliced his cheek before he broke free and ran. Jude was also pulled out, even as he repeatedly protested he had done nothing wrong. The mob began to beat him, Brown said “just punching and kicking this guy, just constantly yelling and screaming, ‘Where’s my badge, where’s my badge?” Jude begged them to stop. There were some people standing on the side, laughing. Then they ripped Jude’s pants, and the mob demanded to know where Harris went. Jude: “They opened my legs and, you know, threatened me, and you know, ‘Nigger, where’s the nigger at? Where’s the nigger piece of shit?'” Antonissen described a gruesome scene: “I could actually see blood shooting up in the air. Frank’s whole head was covered in blood. It was just a big, huge red mess.” Jude was handcuffed, and the beating continued. The responding officer has said he was told Jude was resisting arrest and left cuffed and savagely beaten. Jude’s pants had been cut off his body. He was kicked repeatedly in the groin, his fingers were yanked back and a pen was jammed in both of his ears. The official police report on the incident blames Jude for “physically fight(ing) with … off-duty officers” who were “attempting to restrain him until uniformed squads arrived.” Both Jude and Harris — who was picked up later — were held on suspicion of theft of a police badge. But no charges were ever filed against them. An all-white jury acquitted Officers: Jon Bartlett, Daniel Masarik and Andrew Spengler of most state charges. of violating Jude’s civil rights and conspiring to assault him while acting as officers, although Six months later, federal prosecutors charged those three and Packard, as well as four others, who have pleaded guilty to similar federal charges.

WANETTA GIBSON July 8, 2002 Brian Banks was taking summer classes at his high school and left the classroom for what was supposed to be a quick call to a documentary crew preparing a feature on the rivalry with a High School when he ran into classmate Wanetta Gibson. “We met, hugged, started talking and agreed to go to an area on our campus known as a make-out area. We never had sex.” By the end of the day, Banks was in custody, accused of raping Gibson on the school’s campus. He languished in juvenile hall for an entire year before his case came up. Charged as an adult, and if found guilty, faced 41 years to life. His football dreams effectively died that summer day in the stairwell of his school. Banks still doesn’t know her reasoning for selling him down the river when she knew they never had sex and there was no DNA trace on her underwear. Maybe it was the $1.5 million she collected from the Long Beach school system, claiming it was an unsafe environment. After 18 years Banks was release and forced to register as a sex offender. Gibson wrote Banks on Facebook “I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones. I was immature back in the day, but I’m much more mature now. Let’s hang out. I’d love to see you. I’ve seen your picture on Facebook. You look real good. I would love to hook up.” Banks invited Gibson’s to the investigator’s office. They spoke with the investigator monitoring in another room. Banks wanted her to understand what she did to his life. He asked her to come back a second day to speak to the investigator. “Did he rape you? Did he kidnap you?” the investigator asked. Gibson laughed it off saying “Of course not. If he raped me, I wouldn’t be here right now. We were just young and having a good time, being curious, then all these other people got involved and blew it out of proportion.” Years later Banks was totally exonerated with the help of the California Innocence Project.

CAROLYN BRYANT 21 the White married proprietor of a small grocery store in Money in the Mississippi Delta. Emmett Louis Till was accused of flirting with or whistling at Bryant. Years later, Bryant disclosed that, in 1955, she had fabricated testimony that Till made verbal or physical advances towards her in the store. Several nights after the store incident, Bryant’s husband Roy and his half-brother J. W. Milam went armed to Till’s great-uncle’s house and abducted the boy. They took him away and beat and mutilated him before shooting him in the head and sinking his body in the Tallahatchie River. Three days later, Till’s body was discovered and retrieved from the river. Bryant and Milam admitted to Huie that they had killed Till. In an interview with Carolyn Bryant, during which she disclosed that she had fabricated the most sensational part of her testimony, she said with respect to the physical assault on her, or anything menacing or sexual, that that part isn’t true”.She also said: “nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him”.The 72-year-old Bryant said she could not remember the rest of the events that occurred between her and Till in the grocery store. Roy Bryant had been verbally abusive toward Carolyn, and “it was clear she was frightened of her husband”. Bryant described Milam as “domineering and brutal and not a kind man”

10 MINUTE TRIAL (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944), George Stiney was a 14 year old African-American convicted of murder as a result of a racially-biased and discriminatory trial in 1944 in his home town of Alcolu, South Carolina. Stinney was convicted in less than 10 minutes, during a one-day trial, by an all-White jury of the first-degree murder of two White girls: 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and 8-year-old Mary Emma Thames. After being arrested, Stinney was said to have confessed to the crime. There was no written record of his confession apart from notes provided by an investigating deputy, and no transcript was recorded of the brief trial. After a 10 minute trial Stinney was convicted. From the time of the murders until Stinney’s execution, 83 days had passed. Stinney was declared dead within four minutes of the initial electrocution.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UouJ9HT3WOs&fbclid=IwAR0APqx36eHJ35oSW39BTXnrb9LsBj3aNiZhzxFpJtdAv0t2fOftmlVutZsKEVIN HOLLINGER

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