Who was Ashli Babbitt

35-years-old Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt left the military after 14 years as an undistinguished low-ranking E-4 airman. Disgruntled by military hierarchy, discipline issues, insubordination, and demoted at least once, stunting her career. While married to Timothy McEntee, Ashli began an affair with her present husband Aaron Babbitt in 2016, filing for divorce from Timothy McEntee in 2018.

In 2016, separated from her husband Timothy McEntee, Aaron Babbitt’s former girlfriend, Celeste Norris applied for a court protection order; Ashli Babbitt, then known as Ashli McEntee saw Celeste Norris pulling out of a shopping center parking lot in southern Maryland, Babbitt spun her white SUV in a U-turn and began chasing Norris and rear-ended her car three times. “She was screaming at me and verbally threatening”. Babbitt was charged with reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property, and tampering. The court granted Celeste Norris a protection order. The following year, Norris filed a second protective order petition, saying Babbitt had followed her home from work and called her “all hours of day and night.” The court granted the 2nd order.

Ashli Babbitt struggled in business, in 2017 she took out a $65,000 short-term business loan. After signing the loan agreement, she stopped making payments repaying only $3,400. The lender sued her and a judge issued a $71,000 judgment against her pool business.

Babbitt proposed starting a GoFundMe to pay for Trump’s addition to Mount Rushmore. Ashli Babbitt’s journey, illuminated through her extensive social media activity, court and military records, as well as interviews with those who knew her was one of paranoid devotion only increasing as Trump’s fortunes dwindled.

Ashli Babbitt aka “CommonAshSense,” became obsessed with online propaganda while her professional life collapsed. She avidly followed QAnon, and in more than 8,600 tweets ranted against immigrants, democrats, coronavirus safety measures retweeting posts promising a violent uprising leading to Trump’s second inauguration. “Nothing will stop us,” she wrote on Twitter the day before her death. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours …. dark to light!”

It’s unclear exactly how and when Babbitt entered the Capitol but multiple videos captured the moment in a Capitol hallway where Babbitt was at the entrance of the Speaker’s Lobby as a crowd bashed in the windows of a barricaded door. Ashli Babbitt, leading the way hopped up to push herself through one of the door’s glass panels assisted by a male figure, as a man shouts “Bust it down!” As Ashli Babbitt climbed through the window a Capitol Police officer pointing a handgun in her direction fired a single shot and Ashli toppled backward into the crowd.

press Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez Human Rights Advocate, Researcher/Chronological Archivist and member in good standing with the Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA.org) Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

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