FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs as Threat to New Ebola Drugs
The FDA issued warning letters this week to the two largest distributors of essentials oils in the United Sates, Young Living and dōTERRA. The FDA is claiming that their products are being marketed as unapproved drugs. The companies have to remove all health claims and take corrective actions, or face very serious legal action, which can include armed federal marshals coming to their warehouses and seizing all of their inventory. READ MORE

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil
From the time he was 12 years old, Rick Simpson just wanted a job so he could make some money. He was smart enough to get by in school without having to open a book, so education wasn’t something he took very seriously. After getting in trouble for supplying CONTINUE READING

stop Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes.
EQUITABLE SHARING: Asset forfeiture is an extraordinarily powerful law enforcement tool that allows the government to take cash and property without pressing criminal charges and then requires the owners to prove their possessions were legally acquired.

The South’s Shocking Hidden History: Thousands of Blacks Forced Into Slavery Until WW2
The horrifying, little-known story of how hundreds of thousands of blacks worked in brutal bondage right up to the middle of the 20th century Click here to continue reading…

Ray Albers, Cop Who Threatened Ferguson Protesters, Resigns
A Missouri police officer who was caught on video raising his weapon and telling Ferguson protesters that he would kill them has resigned from the force. Continue Reading …

St. Louis County Police Officer Dan Page Retires Following Inflammatory Video
The St. Louis County police officer who pushed a CNN journalist on live television in Ferguson, Missouri, and was earlier suspended from duty after a videotape surfaced in which he threatened to “kill everybody,” has retired. Continue Reading …

White School Guard Pulled Racist Prank On 12-year-old Black Boy with Down Syndrome
A black New York woman says a white school security guard forced her 12-year-old son with Down syndrome to pose for a photo in a way that made it look like the boy was being frisked.cop boy
This is not the security guard or the child

The Progressive White Guy’s Guide to Privilege
You might be a progressive, non-racist, self-aware white person. Even you need a lesson in privilege.

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