Akira “AJ” Coleman – Straight/Black Male/Single/32/Colorado

AJ Collage 2

As the saying goes “You’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression” and first impressions mean just about everything or at least they’re 90% of one’s judgment, so hopefully this introduction will spark your interest and possibly be the beginning of a new friendship with no finish line. However, just in case my profile pic didn’t wholeheartedly grab your attention let me tell you a little something about myself. Akira is my given name but just about everyone calls me AJ, except my Mom that is, but I’ll keep that quiet for now lol… I was born and raised by both parents in the southeast section of Colorado Springs Colorado.

It’s hard to describe myself without sounding conceited or big headed but I’ll give it a try; I’m 5’11 195 lbs. with a nice physique/muscular build and several tattoos. Soft brown eyes and my full lips compliment my caramel skin. Is intelligence a feature??? If so, I am intelligent; No I don’t have an IQ of 160 but I’m definitely smart (at least my Mom credits me with being intelligent).

I am a sincere open minded charismatic man who enjoys friendships with women of all races, ages, and ethnicities who are loyal and caring. I’m considerate and confident, intelligent, handsome, healthy, and diverse. I’m passionate about my family, mom, dad, sisters, brothers and my 3 children.

I enjoy reading, writing, sharing views on society and life in general as well as food, music, and most types of entertainment. I’m a man of principle, so I’m deeply loyal to my loved ones and a spontaneous person with a great sense of humor who thoroughly enjoys being the cause of smiles on the faces of those I hold dear. I have a big heart and love to laugh; my friends call me a comedian and a people magnet!

Nearly 2 years ago I found myself in the custody of the Dept. of Corrections for a non-violent offense; for the time being I’m a resident of Crowley Correctional Facility in Olney Springs Colorado and although I’m not perfect, I am reaching out in the hope of meeting a sincere friend who has the time and energy to put into correspondence, attention, conversation, opening up, and sharing to develop and nurture a sincere friendship with a solid foundation.

I’m looking for a genuine female with positive energy to keep me in touch with the real world and give my life more meaning. A friend, a confidant, a person I can talk and exchange feelings with. I’m hoping a lady with a beautiful mind will take a few moments to drop some lines to keep me company while I spend the next bit of down time here. I’m sincerely hoping you’re that intriguing, confident, funny, and caring woman who is willing to share her time, story, thoughts, and ideas with me.

A reason to smile is really all I’m chasing. An opportunity to receive a letter at mail call would definitely be a high point in my day. The realization that anyone writes to somebody in prison is a blessing. So I do appreciate your time. Just be who you are, and being real is really all one can ask. Needless to say, I’m unable to use the internet so all correspondence must be via the US Postal Service.

Race: Black/Bi-Racial
Date of Birth: Feb. 5, 1983
Height: 5’11″
Weight 195
Education: Equivalent to 2 years college credits
Earliest Release Date: 2016
Maximum Release Date: 2025
Occupation before prison: 1 1/2 yrs. Outback Steakhouse – Landscaping new home development – Just Brakes
Educational Accomplishments: Some College –
Activities in prison: Daily Work-outs – Basketball – Horticulture
Favorite Song:

I end as sincere as I began. AJ

Akira J. Coleman
DOC # 132309 Unit 6A 218
6564 State Highway 96
Olney Springs, CO. 81062-8700

AJ Beanie 3-2012</a
AJ Stand 3-2012
AJ_Bench 3-2012


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