Are We Ever Done Healing?

Thank you Dr. Julie TwoMoon


Are we ever done healing? Is there a point where the process is considered complete? The short answer: not if we are doing it right! I have never thought of healing as a one time event. Of course, there are big things, like particular pains, or identifiable conditions, which once eliminated can be considered healed, but true healing encompasses our entire being, therefore, to a great extent, healing is never over, healing in fact, is an ongoing journey, partnered with our life path, changing and morphing with the elements of our personal journey. The key is learning to live within the healing rather than apart from it.

I think one of the disservices of medicine is the compartmentalization of our heath into boxes, identifying disease, pain, and illness as problems with defined boarders, and set parameters. Within this philosophy, we have come to think of our health as something separate from our life. Consequently, if we feel moderately good, we soldier on, under the assumption when we feel bad, we will see someone.

In this model, healing is only needed when a certain set of conditions has been met:
1. Ongoing Pain
2. A condition defined by a physician
3. Feeling poorly for a long duration of time
4. Symptoms which can no longer be mended with medication

This is not to be trite, but on the whole, unless one of these conditions exists, few people consider their life to be in need of healing. Sadly, once one of these conditions exists, what is needed is big healing, time consuming healing, life altering healing. Yet, if addressed as a daily practice throughout our life, many times we can avoid the need for big healing all together.

Ancient people thought of healing as a life process. On every continent, there exists a ceremony for healing imbedded within the very fabric of society. Between using medicines in food preparation, daily use of songs, prayers, and movement practices (like qi gong, tai chi, and yoga), periodic fasting, sweat lodge and many others, healing was as essential and common as every other aspect of life. In my perception, these people understood that this journey is inherently about healing. The more we live, the more we are connected to our individual healing path, the more we are honoring and understanding of the unique gifts imparted as part of our journey, the more profound our own healing, and consequently, the more profound the potential healing for others we share space with. The key is to accept healing within our lives without needing to be sick to access it.

How do we do this?

1. Adopt a daily healing practice such as meditation
2. Adopt routine self care activities like: monthly acupuncture and massage
3. Cook much of what you eat, include in the meals medicines like fresh herbs, eat clean foods, and bless each meal with gratitude before you eat, giving mindful thanks for all the life represented on your plate.
4. Sing: find time to sing as often as possible, learn songs of healing or learn how to chant
5. Spend at least a few minutes every day thanking your body for being your body.

When we bring healing awareness into basic life activities, we activate ongoing healing in our bodies and our energetic field, stimulating healing as a life process, effectively partnering with healing along our life journey.


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