Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar


Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar 3 oz. 100% ALL NATURAL, food-grade blend of Organic and Natural moisturizing and healing herbal curative oils and butters infused with soothing ingredients to help hydrate your baby’s delicate skin, offering quick and effective relief for diaper rash. Also available in two 1 1/2 oz bars (One for the diaper bag and one for the changing table!)

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Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar was designed to reduce inflammation while moisturizing and assisting the natural healing process of your baby’s sensitive skin. Essential nutrients and vitamins work together to prevent new diaper rash from occurring by creating a moisture barrier against wetness so often caused by chemical irritants found in most disposable diapers, not to mention urine and you know what….

Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar is applied it starts working immediately, penetrating the cells to soothe your baby’s bottom. Natural anti-fungal, disinfectant and germicide ingredients have been added to safeguard against airborne bacteria and provide moisture promoting rapid and therapeutic healing benefits without clogging baby’s delicate pores while quickly penetrating skin to provide long lasting protection. The non-greasy formula absorbs rapidly and will not stain clothes or leave any greasy residue.

Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar encourages faster healing and helps avoid future outbreaks and flare ups. This rich, natural protective salve guards baby’s tush from moisture and rashes, leaving an unbelievably soft and smooth bottom. AND is gentle enough to use every day!

The Tush Bar comes in a personal tin which is great for travel and when empty the tin is recyclable or better yet great for storing small items! The screw on lid guards your Rash Relief Remedy from the elements (and baby), so no worries about it falling open in your diaper bag, purse, pocket, backpack, or luggage making a big mess because this tin possess continuously threaded lid for an excellent grip and a tight seal. The twist-off top and the little ridges around it make it easy to unscrew and shut tightly, yet it’s effortless to open even if your hands are wet and/or slippery.

Baby Tush Butter Lotion Bar is the ULTIMATE essential care for moms and newborns and makes a great shower or baby gift!

At What Zen a Lotion Bar we are committed to using the highest quality therapeutic ingredients from environmentally sensitive ethical producers around the world.

DIRECTIONS: Wash hands and baby’s bottom with warm soapy water, rinse well, pat dry. Apply the Rash Relief Bar directly to baby’s bottom and massage in lightly.

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME! Want more than one bar, a different size or private labeling for your business or special occasion?

WHOLESALE: If you’re interested in carrying my lotion bars in your shop, hotel, bed and breakfast, or need a special souvenir or gift for a charity benefit, party, wedding or other large event please feel free to contact me. Private labeling is also available. Design one of a kind fragrances, unique packaging, and specially tailored labels!

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Click here to learn Why I don’t use Palm Oil, Phthalates, Parabens or Paraffin


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