Big Josh’s Tattoo Pigment Protector


After 20 years of tattoo shops, bars, houses of ill repute, back alleys, and first class lounges from Waikiki to Manila, one thing was always on my mind. A better, quicker, faster………..Way to help heal a new tattoo. 17 years in the making- consulting with snake oil salesmen and witch doctors, from coast to coast, border to border, and in between- I’ve hit it- I’ve got what ya need…….The final formula, tested, approved. It WORKS. Believe me, as anyone who’s done business with me can and will attest, from Seaside to London- I won’t sell or endorse junk, put up with any shit, or lie to you. Get Some!

ALL NATURAL, herbal curative Pigment Protector’s unique formula is designed to moisturize and assist the natural healing process of your skin by providing the essential nutrients and vitamins to help minimize scabbing and support the preservation quality and appearance of your new tattoo.

When BIG Josh’s Pigment Protector’s amazing 100% natural salve is applied it starts working immediately, penetrating your cells to help soothe your new tattoo and help prevent itching and peeling. Remedy ingredients have been added to help safeguard your tattoo against airborne bacteria and contribute moisture which helps to promote rapid and beneficial mending, keeping colors vibrant and fresh without clogging pores while quickly penetrating skin to provide long lasting protection. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and will not stain your clothes or leave any greasy residue.

BIG JOSH’S Pigment Protector Salve comes in a personal tin which is great for travel and is recyclable or better yet great for storing small items! The screw on lid guards your Pigment Protector Salve from the elements, so no worries about it falling open in your purse, pocket, backpack, or luggage making a big mess because this tin possess a continuously threaded lid for an excellent grip and a tight seal. The twist-off top and the little ridges around it make it easy to unscrew and shut tightly, yet is effortless to open even if your hands are wet and/or slippery.

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Who is BIG JOSH?

Big Josh & Tatto Brucezzzz

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CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME! Want more than one bar, a different size, scent or private labeling for your business or special occasion? WHOLESALE: If you’re interested in carrying BIG JOSH’s Pigment Protector Salve, Lotion Bars or Lip’tins  in your shop, hotel, bed and breakfast, or need a special souvenir or gift for a charity benefit, party, wedding or other large event please feel free to contact me.

Click here to go to… What Zen a Lotion Bar Please join me in indulging yourself in the Zen-like pleasure of beautiful, healthy luxurious skin.

Click here for a list of Ingredients and their Benefits

Click here to learn Why I don’t use Palm Oil, Phthalates, Parabens or Paraffin


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