Brandon W. Moss – Straight/Single Black Male/22/Colorado


Brandon W Moss Collage 2

Hi, my names’ Brandon, I’m 22 years old, I’m about 165 pounds and I’ve been locked up since Sept. 2013 on a robbery case that I received 18 years for.

I was born and raised in Richmond Virginia and after graduation high school I joined the army. Turns out I wasn’t ready and ultimately got kicked out for various reasons and I turned to the streets.

I have progressed in prison tremendously and am looking for a woman tht can provide emotional support during my incarceration and hopefully a lifetime friend and confidant when I touch back down on the streets.

I love to listen, am caring, find joy in making a woman laugh and feel a little conversation could go a long way in my life right now. So enough about me, hit me up so I can learn more about you!

Race: Bi-racial Black/White
Date of Birth: May 24, 1993
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165
Education: Highland Springs High School and Army
Earliest Release Date: 2023
Maximum Release Date: 2031
Occupation before prison: US Army
Educational Accomplishments:
High School Graduate –
Activities in prison: Library Assistant – I’m learning to play the piano – 7 Habits – Thinking for a Change –Basketball – Softball

Brandon W. Moss
DOC #:167442
Fremont Correctional
PO Box 999
Canon City, Colorado 81214


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