Cultivating Peace In A Weaponized World

by Dr. Julie TwoMoon

Julie flower

We live in a largely weaponized world. We fight wars on drugs, and poverty, fight to end diabetes, fight to end cancer, and we go to boot camp to loose weight. We approach every situation with the intent of subduing, defeating, killing, or destroying whatever we perceive to be our opponent. Even when that opponent is ourselves. Making it virtually impossible to cultivate a sense of inner peace, of life creation because our mindset is continually focused on being at war.

There are subtle ways this presents; in our cultural obsession with body image, weight loss and external beauty, being bombarded by a nearly unending assortment of messages indicating a sense of never good enough. Or by the way our media images keep us focused and honed to the things we fear most.

Emerging out of this philosophy of constant struggle, are common messages playing behind the scenes for far too many of us:

I am not good enough for that

I am too fat, too ugly, too undesirable to be beautiful

I am not smart enough

I do not deserve this

Messages which evolve out of our cultural conditioning, our media images, and our disconnection from a unity consciousness in which we all are of value. These messages, have us taking part in this war based philosophy by turning our thoughts into weapons of submission, fear, self doubt and pain.

As long as these weapons are in play, it is next to impossible to find peace, to feel strong, or worthy or beautiful even though we already are. There is a healing which needs to take place, one where we rescind participation in this self-weaponization and reject any conditioning, dogma or pressure to be anything but what we inherently are: beautiful, capable, creative, compassionate, intelligent beings.

We can begin to do this using one simple phrase:

“I no longer give permission to the use of my thoughts or emotions as weapons against myself, I will not be a weapon against my greatest good.”

Rescind permission for limiting thought patterns, images, and dogma which pits us against ourselves, leaving room for higher level thoughts and emotions to predominate. This world of war survives only under our agreement, without that, it has nothing to be sustained by, and will face its demise, leaving only a world in which the power of creative creating predominates and possibility emerges unlimited!

If you desire shift in perspective, or have been looking for ways to cultivate greater peace within your life, Dr. Julie offers sessions which open paths of self-awareness and deep healing to facilitate the emergence of powerful forces of creation in your life.
call 734-414-7669
and ask about “Potentiation” to schedule a free 15 minute visit or find out more.


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