Histories Warning Signs

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon

Truth 2

About 3 or 4 yrs. ago, I made the statement, “the Holocaust happened because the Jews allowed it”…… I was ripped apart by making this statement…. Even though I was right. More and more proof comes to light, there were many many warning signs, that it could have been met with force…. Yet, people wanted to believe someone in the state would stop it at government level. They believed police wouldn’t follow orders because the orders were inhumane… I just want you to notice, history hasn’t changed yet. Too many people are defending police actions…. It is your duty and best interest to verbally smack the shit out of these people. It is your duty to talk through these people and speak to everyone who is witness to the conversation…. Be warned….. Many of these so called pro police posters are in fact government paid trolls and shills…. Remember this… They are paid to say anything which will cause strife and anger…. Don’t get mad, accept this at face value….. Remember, you are talking through them to reach everyone else who is on the fence. Feel free to use every bit of KNOWLEDGE you possess. Stay calm…. But beat them down. Use history and fact only. Try not to be emotional. Laugh as much as possible….. Again, they are paid to promote lies and discord… It’s their job. It’s yours to speak truth! We all got a job to do, let’s go get em…

Truth 1


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