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2020-06-22 (2)

I’m a rationalist who draws insight from my never-ending search for meaning effecting human suffering in literature, science, art, and philosophy. On August 11, 1965, as tears streamed down my cheeks I watched black and white media coverage of Los Angeles police executing sanctioned violence, brutality and extreme terror on People of Color; it was in that moment I realized by concentrating on marginalized and disenfranchised communities, and how empirical methods impact environmental law enforcement and accountability, I could assist in disseminating the many facets of racial injustice and economic inequality. I earned a Master’s Degree in Human Rights with a minor in the psychology of Social Justice by soaking up as much knowledge as possible without indenturing myself, or wasting valuable time studying useless academia in an environment regurgitating inarguable historical lies; so let’s just call me an anti-scholar, someone who focuses on books, statistical data, and research papers as the true source of education and wisdom. I’ve invested countless hours in hands-on experience gathering quantitative data for my analytical research, operating directly with social justice programs for more than 40 years… Now retired; I’m not a writer; I’m a researcher, a compiler of information; Human Rights Advocate, Researcher, Chronological Archivist and member in good standing with the Constitution First Amendment Press Association (

California law making it easier for former inmate firefighters to turn pro 
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Friday accelerating the process for expunging the felony records of formerly incarcerated volunteer firefighters. This new law is designed to make it far easier for former inmates to earn

Social Security and the Payroll Tax Cut Deferral Program
Trump DOES NOT have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law. Under the Constitution, the power belongs to Congress, however, if Trump manages

Surgical Masks are a Symbol
People conceive face masks in terms of physical tools to mitigate risk, yet masks are

Lost your livelihood during this time of record unemployment? Wrestling with the impossible choice of feeding your family or getting evicted and living on the street? No worries

For Anyone Supporting Trump
Do you like: Wage disparity, voter intimidation, housing discrimination, limited educational opportunities?

Words, Labels, and Political Phrases we probably didn’t know until Trump’s 4-year Reign of Terror
Alternative Facts: Contrary information that matches one’s preferred narrative or interpretation of events

Ashli Babbitt
35-years-old Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt left the military after 14 years as an undistinguished low-ranking E-4 airman

Stop Pretending Racism Is Patriotism
There has never been a point in U.S. history when non-white bodies were not under the threat of state violence. That is why Black people are

Know your 4th Amendment Rights
If police flag you down, pull over immediately, turn off your car, and place your hands on the wheel. When the officer asks for your license and registration, give it to them. If you’re ordered to exit the vehicle

“Seizure of a Person” ~ 4th AMENDMENT
It used to be police officers took pride in claiming they’ve never had to draw their weapon let alone use it. Nowadays it’s on their bucket list. Police are government-sponsored street gangs whose only

Pleading the Fifth and Understanding Your Miranda Rights
Pleading the Fifth allows a witness to decline to answer questions which might otherwise incriminate him or her without penalty. The Miranda Warning sets an acceptable preventative measure for those well-established rights. When the Supreme Court

First Amendment ~ Freedom of Speech
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Policing for Profit ~ 18 U.S. Code § 981- Civil Forfeiture
“In rem forfeiture” is a legal term describing the power a court may exercise over property (either real or personal) or a “status” against a person over whom the court does not have in personam jurisdiction; Latin phrase meaning

Interrogating Suspects by Employing Psychological Manipulation
THE REID METHOD: Uses advanced psychological and coerciveness techniques which appear simple on the surface, but which have been likened to “brainwashing” by criminal defense attorneys. This method of questioning suspects is to

“If” All Lives Matter
All Lives SHOULD Matter but if you believe All Lives actually do Matter ask yourself this; how much did it take to buy you away from reality?

Walking While Ethnic
Systemic racial profiling and nationwide police violence threaten the lives of Ethnic Americans — youth and adults — EVERY day.

The unique way the United States unites its citizens through their differences
Reservations, Internment Relocation Centers and Ghettos are America’s Concentration Camps… Welcome to the United States; Land of the free (nope)

Pigmentary Demarcation: Systematic Discrimination and Inhumane Treatment Defined by Skin Color
RACE describes categories assigned to demographic groups based on observable PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS such as SKIN COLOR, HAIR TEXTURE, LIP, NOSE and EYE SHAPE.

America was built on the back of Native Americans and Blacks
I received a comment to one of my posts about something a reader had read or seen in the media and their view on the topic.

Minority Incarceration and Media’s Societal Engineering
Societal Engineering of repetitive media messages focusing on minorities, particularly Blacks as nefarious thugs fail to

Not Serving Not Protecting
Officers of the Peace” or “Peace Officers” have a public motto “To Serve and Protect” but privately the motto is “Disrespect and Destroy”, and they do this with their backdoor brutality, their “Blue Code of Silence” their “Blue Wall”, the unwritten rule among

Death Behind Bars
The rule of thumb in jails is that an individual should walk out of the jail in at least as good a shape as when they came in. Detention officers are supposed to

Real ID ~ Each State Has Its’ Own Deadline – CA. Oct. 1, 2020
The REAL ID Act requires state motor vehicle divisions to open their database to all other states. It’s a hub and spoke system, a decentralized

White People Who
It is impossible to include every case here. We’ll never know how many Black folks were lynched or electrocuted by more refined modern means because of these kinds of lies, and there’s

White Caller Crimes ~ Racial Hoaxes and Threats
It’s impossible to include every case here. We’ll never know how many Black folks were lynched or electrocuted by more refined modern means because of these kinds of lies, and there’s no telling

160 million MORE White people in the U.S. than Black people
Granted police killed nearly twice as many Whites as Blacks in 2015, but according to U.S. census data out of the 323,730,000 people listed as US citizens, there were nearly 160 million MORE White people in the Unites States than there were Black people.

Making America Hate Again – Trump: the National Nightmare
Trump made 663 promises on the campaign trail and broke 80 of those promises in the first 100 days. Trump has backed down on ALL of his ‘big’ campaign promises and made 1,600

Theft of DNA Ownership Rights takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives. Giving them your DNA sample does not just affect you, it also puts your family and relatives at risk.

Watch Night Services
The Watch Night Services in Black communities celebrated today can be traced back to gatherings on December 31, 1862, also known as “Freedom’s Eve.” On that night

Zoot Suit Riots of Los Angeles
Contrary to popular opinion the “Tacuche” Zoot Suit did not start out in the Mexican community as rebellious acts against society. Friday’s brought an end to long hours toiling at menial jobs and what better way to start the weekend off than by getting cleaned up, stepping into a jazzy ensemble and

The Five Eyes Nation: Not what you think
The “Five Eyes” community is part of an extensive alliance of Western democracies sharing signals. These allied include

Indian Boarding Schools
The US government wanted to destroy the identity of Indians by ripping over 100,000 children from their homes and families and put in boarding schools to be “civilized” by beating the native out of them with leather belts, whips and sticks.

Facebook has locked out Native Americans after deeming their names fake
Users from indigenous tribes have received messages asking them to change their legal names to ones that do not “violate the company’s standards”.

75 massacres of 50 or more people before 1989
Before we begin spreading lies that the Orlando Florida Massacre is the deadliest mass terrorist attack in US history with 50 deaths; let us not forget the 75 massacres of 50 or more before 1989

Broken Treaties Stolen Land
An informed opinion demands familiarity with both sides of an issue. Let’s start from the beginning; this was land belonging to Indigenous from time immemorial; Native lands and Reservations are not synonymous. In 1851 land was

106 Indigenous 1st Nation Massacres
Only 23,545 counted of the 100 million 1st Nation Peoples Murdered

The “Big Six” Delivery System
There are 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 2,400 publishers.

Examining the historical link between the past and present Japanese experience
Providing an inside look into the essence of how systems within communities continue to function successfully by integrating cultural traditions into the parameters of a governed dominate society.

Alternate History – The Great Depression Hobo Style
A pictorial of life on the tracks

De’Von Bailey
Supreme Court’s decision in Tennessee v. Garner 471 U.S.1 involved a pair of police officers who shot a 15-year-old boy as he fled from a burglary. (He’d stolen $10 and a purse from a house.) The court ruled law enforcement couldn’t shoot

Who Will Protect Her?
Concerns have resurfaced about the safety of a young woman who filmed the moments after a white ex-Dallas cop shot Black PwC associate Botham Jean following the death of another witness in the case. Joshua Brown, a Black 28-year-old man, was shot to death Friday at his Dallas apartment complex 10 days after he testified Sept. 25 that he saw Amber Guyger on the phone in the hallway moments after she shot Jean.

The Lobotomy of Rosemary Kennedy
September 13, 1918: When Rose Kennedy went into labor with Rosemary, her third child, the nurse who was caring for her was reluctant to deliver a baby without a physician on hand. Though the nurse had the necessary training, when the

Obscuring Kaepernick’s Truth ~ Symbols as Political Points
Before these people make someone/something a symbol for their political point they should make sure to actually listen and stop using a stupid piece of cloth, a dumb song or articles of clothing as a cover for their racism/activism. If they don’t care and can’t be bothered or concerned about police brutality, just admit it and own up to their position.

Ferguson Police have gone on a military equipment spending spree Police have violated protesters’ constitutional rights by forcing them to keep moving or risk arrest so U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry issued a preliminary injunction against officers to prevent them from enforcing the tactic dubbed as the “five-second rule,” used to

Knowledge vs Porn ~ Tennessee Mom Calls Book On Cervical Cancer Cells ‘Pornographic
Jackie Sims, a Knoxville TN mother of a 15 year old son wants The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks book banned; her discourse is “I consider the book pornographic”

To defend a position you must understand both sides of the issue. Defending yourself without being defensive

Palm Oil, Phthalates, Parabens and Paraffin
Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil which is high in saturated fat, presenting health concerns. Because many countries don’t label Palm Oil consumers are blinded to the fact that many of the products they are buying contribute to unprecedented disaster to thousands of kilometres of pristine rainforest slashed and burned in order to make way for oil palm plantations. Many orangutans and other animals are killed in the process for the production of palm oil used in many of our everyday foods and products. This large-scale deforestation is pushing orangutans to extinction, along with many other native species of Borneo and Sumatra.

Crystal Cove
There once was a place along the Southern California coast between Newport and Laguna Beach where residents spent laid back summer days

Crystal Cove (part 2)
With Pacific Coast Highway completed on Oct. 9, 1926 more and

Beachcomber Restaurant Crystal Cove (part 3)
The Beachcomber Restaurant is located in historic cottage number 15 at Crystal Cove State Park. The restaurant opened its

Crystal Cove Christmas (part 4)
“Two weeks since the Pearl Harbor attack. Hard to feel much holiday cheer.” Mother keeps stirring the fudge as she turns down “White Christmas” on the Zenith. “No one’s

Crystal Cove Cottage #11 – Gabriel Cottage on the North Beach
On October 9, 1926, a local segment of Coast Highway connecting Corona del Mar to Laguna Beach was dedicated by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The new

2 days late
Mary Jane “Mae” West was born on August 17, 1893, in Kings County, New York, delivered at home by her midwife aunt. Mae was the

The Dead Line Perpetual Queue
How is it police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them?

A – Z Dead Line

Alphabetical Unarmed Victims Archive
Currently, there is no national database documenting the murders of un-armed people by police, security guards, self-appointed vigilantes and bounty hunters. Although not all victims

Part 1) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 1-250
I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they

Part 2) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 251-500
This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors

Part 3) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 501-750
As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into

Part 4) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 751-1,000
May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love.

Part 5) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 1,000 – 1,250
The fatal murdering of the unarmed: whether they are of ethnic origin, disabled, mentally ill, homeless or their sexual orientation, by

4,383 People Killed by Law Enforcement Cataloged as of July 17, 2015 (Date changes with every update)
This queue will always be in a state of perpetual motion, continuous and unceasing

High Profile Open Cases
High Profile Open Cases

High Profile Closed/Adjudicated Cases
High Profile Closed/Adjudicated Cases

Serial Killers, Mass Murderers, Spree Killers and Vigilantes Are Almost Exclusively White Males
A serial killer is typically defined as a person who murders three or more people over a period of more than

Male Homicidal Manic’s
Male Homicidal Manic’s

Female Homicidal Manic’s
Female Homicidal Manic’s

Lifestyles of the Rich and Parched
Many mornings, just before 7 a.m., a large tanker truck pulls up to the grand gates of Oprah Winfrey’s 40-acre estate in Montecito, California. Inside is neither merchandise nor produce – just water. A year ago, Oprah’s annual bill

Partly Cloudy
As a child of the 50’s I watched cartoons without so much of a thought to anything other than pure entertainment. This was just the way it was; men with pitch-black skin and

Frida Kahlo, the Woman with the Broken Body
In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month which began Sept. 15th and runs through Oct. 15th I’d like to honor Latina artist

Black American’s ~ Stories Not Widely Known

The Art of Adolph Hitler
Hitler was a puny, less than handsome momma’s boy who feared

In ancient Egypt there were no vowels
Negro was represented as N-G-R and pronounced en-jer, which is auditory for GOD. Therefore N-G-R: NEGRO translates to

False Flags, Hoax’s and Crisis Actors
The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

San Bernardino False Flag
Splashed across every online news outlet “San Bernardino Shooters Syed Rizwan Farook 28 and Tashfeen Malik 27 Shoot and Kill 14 Injure 21. One Suspect still on the loose” Dec. 2, 2015 10:59 am PST, at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino CA Dept. Health Training Event and Holiday Party

A New England Thanksgiving
September 1620 one hundred and two people seeking religious freedom in the New World set sail from England on the Mayflower. The Mayflower was originally supposed to

Jerry Brown Signs Automatic Voter Registration In California
If you aren’t outraged at this violation of your privacy maybe you haven’t considered the ramifications of losing your Freedom of Choice; how the right of individuals to determine their own actions will ultimately cost you.

Mandatory Voting
A little over a year ago in March 2015 Obama, whose major policy achievement is mandatory health insurance, said “maybe voting should be mandatory. It would be ‘transformative’ and ‘completely’ change the political map in this country.”

Cudjo Lewis (c. 1841–1935)
Cudjo Lewis was the last survivor of the Clotilda, the last recorded slave ship to the United States, which arrived in Mobile on Sunday July 8, 1860, illegally and under cover of night, 52 years after the country had abolished the international slave trade.

How Alex’s Lemonade Stand Went From A Dream To A Multi-million Dollar Legacy
After Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, she held a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer research. Now, that little stand has become a full-fledged foundation has

Spring Valley High School Police Violence
The department looked at cellphone videos taken from the classroom and interviewed witnesses’ concluding “the maneuvers Deputy Ben Fields used in the confrontation were ‘not acceptable’, Deputy Fields has been fired”.

Deadly Selfies
Twelve people died during selfie accidents compared to eight people which were killed in shark attacks.

Honey Bee Sting
I always seem to get stung while in the pool without even realizing there’s been a bee on me! Ouch, right on the muscle AGAIN!!! Honey bees are the only species of bees to

Obama Keeping the Unrest
LOL, how convenient, no way did this all of a sudden come to light 2 days after the 2016 Presidential election. I call bullshit. Obama’s administration is *only now* reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s investigative report highlighting ten “clear links” the FBI failed to investigate about Trumps 250 registered business in Russia????

Michelle Obama
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1964, to parents Fraser Robinson, a city-pump operator, and Democratic precinct captain, and mother Marian, a secretary at Spiegel’s who later chose to stay home to raise Michelle and older brother, Craig. Michelle attended

Now That I’ve Got Your Attention
So this morning I find a message from someone on my private Facebook Messages… I get those pretty frequently from unknown somebody’s, mostly trolls looking to hook up with some of my followers to start the all too frequent troll baiting exercise they’re so fond of, however this woman, Dharmika Judy Henshel was totally different in her approach and her lovely message quickly grabbed my attention along with an invitation check out her website and possibly consider linking our sites together to share information! Upon clicking the link provided I immediately realized she was a like-minded soul.

Stuck at Home and Bored
Awesome websites for learning and Virtual Tours for all ages

Without Water We Can Not Exist #NoDAPL
The comparison between Standing Rock and the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” when Alabama State Trooper’s unleashed tear gas and attack dogs on Black Voting Rights Activists marching from Selma to Montgomery.

3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INDIGENOUS EFFORTS AGAINST THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE1. It’s Not Political – It’s Life and Death2. This Is a Women-Led Issue ~ Women are the protectors of water and life3. Our Movement Is Non-Violent Direct Action ~ No guns. No drugs or alcohol. Protect and care for others in the camp.

Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
Police beating people with batons, shooting them in the face with rubber bullets and bean bags, pepper spraying women and the elders, killing horses and buffalo, arresting peaceful, unarmed, prayerful peoples in ceremonial sweat lodges. Journalists taken into custody, camera’s and equipment confiscated.

There are 562 federally recognized Indian tribes, bands, nations, pueblos, rancheria’s, communities and Native villages in the United States. Approximately 229 of these are located in Alaska; the rest are located in 33 other states.

Standing Rock Camps #Water Is Life
Oceti Sakowin Camp Seven Council Fires is a unified encampment of Water Protectors dedicated to protecting our land and water against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Oceti Sakowin Camp Environmental Conservation Organisation

SPECIAL REPORT Feb. 23, 2017 Standing Rock
Grandma Regina Brave, a survivor of Wounded Knee II in 1973, was released yesterday after being arrested for her actions standing up for treaty rights as police raided Oceti Sakowin. She has a message for all of her supporters and all who follow the movement.

SPECIAL REPORT Feb. 22, 2017 Standing Rock
Brandon Green… I love our water protectors who have been here for so long fighting! Through blizzards, wood shortages, hatred, lack of fund (who have never asked for a dime), who ended up having to build their shelters of the left over scraps of those a little more well off, who entire outfit is from the donations brought in.

SPECIAL REPORT Nov. 20, 2016 Standing Rock
The confrontation began after one of the burned military vehicles the police chained to concrete barriers weeks ago to keep Highway 1806 “Back Water Bridge” north of the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota which was blocked on October 27. Water protectors who were


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