O-P-Q The Dead Line Perpetual Queue

Hands Up Don't Shoot

How is it police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them?

This queue will always be in a state of perpetual motion, continuous and unceasing, listing the names of those killed by Law Enforcement, whether the homicide was justifiable or a blatant disregard for human life. Most of the victims listed are in a state a purgatory so to speak, awaiting research.

Please keep in mind each victim is double and triple checked for accuracy, therefore it takes approximately 40-60 minutes to complete each bio, including editing, separating into 4 data bases and posting online to the appropriate page(s). This website is an extremely time consuming endeavor, yet a true labor of love, however it is often mentally overwhelming and must be set aside as I regroup. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone killed at the hands of Law Enforcement or Vigilante(s) please leave their name, age, state, date of death etc. by replying in the comment box; they will be given top priority on the next post and you will receive links to their location(s).  Completed bio’s on this page have ** # and 1, 2, 3 or 4 behind the entry denoting the part/page where the bio can be found. Due to lack of space ((#)) signifies medical or mental disorders, including but not limited to Suicide.

Part 1) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (1-250)
Part 2) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (251-500)
Part 3) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (501-750)
Part 4) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (751-1,000)

I believe ALL those listed regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, in possession of a weapon , mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

Walking While Ethnic
Alphabetical Archive – Unarmed Victims of Law Enforcement Murders (Entered to Date)

Ocie Butler IL
Odell Smith WA DC
Oleg Tcherniak 58 W/M Coney Island NY June 18, 2015
Oliver ‘Big ‘O” Lefiti 36 San Francisco CA July 25,
Oliver Jarrod Gregoire 26 /M Baytown TX Sept. 9, 2004  ** #3
Oliver Lefiti CA
Omar Abrego 37 H/M Los Angeles CA Aug. 2, 2014  ** #1
Omar Garcia 24 H/M West Covina CA Nov. 17, 2008
Omar J. Edwards, Officer NYPD 25 B/M E. Harlem NY May 28, 2009  ** #3
Omar Perry NJ
Omar Rodriguez 35 Christmas Morning H/M Coachella CA Dec. 25, 2014  ** #2
Omarr Jackson 37 Male New Orleans LA Jan. 8, 2015
Omega Leach 17 B/M Nashville TN June 30. 2007 ** #1
Oran Douglas III 37 Vermont-Slauson CA Aug. 9, 2009
Oran Eugene Douglas III CA  **
Orlando Barlow28 B/M Las Vegas NV Feb. 28, 2003  ** #1
Orlando Barranca New Mexico
Orlando Jude Lopez 26 Pueblo CO Jan. 26, 2015
Orlando Santos 28 Bronx NY Mar. 26, 2011
Osbourne Broadie 39 Brooklyn NY May 18, 2014
Oscar Curtis Tilghmann CA
Oscar Grant 22 B/M San Francisco CA Jan. 1, 2009  ** #1
Oscar Morales CA
Oscar Sermeno CA
Oscar Young NJ
O’Shaine K. Evans 26 B/M San Francisco CA Oct 7, 2014  ** #2
Oswaldo Sevilla Moran 31 Bronx NY Aug. 2, 2009
Othel June Striplin AR
Othniel Askew NY
Otis Kelley VA
Otto ZeH/M WA
Ousmane Zongo 16 B/M NY City NY May 22. 2003  ** #1
Pablo Gutierrez Pano GA
Pablo Meza 24 H/M Los Angeles CA Jan. 17, 2015 ** #3
Pamela Ann Nater 21 Ft. Lauderdale FL ( October 2, 1966) ** #3
Pamela McCarthy 35 W/F Munnsville NY June 13, 2012 ** #4
Patricia Cook 54 W/F Culpeper VA Feb. 9. 2012  ** #1
Patricia Sweeney OR
Patricia Thompson 54 B/F ((#)) Rochester NY March 3, 2006  ** #3
Patrick Bryan 41 Queens NY Apr. 26, 2007
Patrick Charles Folk WA
Patrick Dorismond 26 B/M NY City March 16. 2000  ** #1
Patrick Glenn Jeske MN
Patrick Hamilton Louisiana
Patrick Howell North Carolina
Patrick Joseph Hill, Jr. WA DC
Patrick Raimond 39  Everett WA Dec. 28, 1998.
Patrick Raimond WA
Patrick Tracy Burris North Carolina
Patrick Uzalac MN
Patrick Wayne Wetter 25 W/M Stockton CA Jan. 6, 2015
Patrick Wetter 25 Stockton CA Jan. 6, 2015
Patty DiBartolo WA
Paul Aguilar 21 H/M Rosemead CA Nov. 15, 2013
Paul Alfred Eugene Johnson 59 W/M Corona CA Feb. 7, 2015
Paul Anderson 34 B/M Anaheim CA April 4, 2015
Paul Angel 55 Brooklyn Aug. 31, 2002
Paul Anthony Anderson 31 B/M Walnut Park CA March 13, 2015 ** #4
Paul Bookson 71 Brooklyn NY Sep. 22, 2005
Paul Campbell 49 W/M Waymouth MA Jan. 19, 2015
Paul Goldreyer 48 Bronx NY Mar. 20, 2011
Paul Johnson 19 Marietta GA Sept. 21, 2004
Paul Johnson 59 W/M Chino CA Feb. 4, 2015
Paul Kevin Moss WA
Paul Rushing WA
Paul Smith 58 Los Angeles CA Jan. 14, 2014
Paul Thompson, Jr. North Carolina
Pedro “Pete” Juan Saldivar 50 H/M Del Rio TX Feb. 17, 2015
Pedro Calderon CA
Pedro Fernandez 24 H/M Sawtelle CA July 6, 2009
Pedro Gonzalez IL
Pedro Jo WA
Pedro Renteria 21 H/M Harbor Gateway CA April 26, 2007
Pedro Rios Jr. 14 H/M Chicago IL July 4, 2014 ** #4
Pedro Santa Cruz CA
Peggy Rahn 9 W/F Pampano Beach FL Dec. 29, 1969 ** #3
Penny Schwartz GA
Perlie Golden 93 Hearne May 6, 2014
Perry L. Manley WA
Perry Parks MN
Perry Stuart OK
Perry Webb 24 Baltimore MD Jan. 13, 2015
Pete Carlos Madrid CA
Peter Alexander McWilliams 50 W/M Los Anfeles CA June 14. 2000  ** #2
Peter Badewitz WA
Peter C. Gilbaugh OR
Peter Contreras CA
Peter Jourdan 37 Brooklyn NY Jan. 3, 2013
Peter Lee Williams 51 (diabetic/coronary) B/M Bayonne NJ June 10, 2013 ** #4
Peter Lee, 20 Bronx NY Jan. 4, 2006 –
Peter Mestler CA
Peter Rodriguez 23 H/M South El Monte CA Aug. 14, 2007
Peter Stewart CA
Peyton Strickland North Carolina
Phil Hayes IL
Philip Coleman 38 B/M Chicago IL Dec. 13, 2012 ** #4
Philip Miller 43 Green Meadows CA Jan. 10, 2007
Phillip A. McCue 28 ((#)) W/M Bangor ME Sept. 12, 2012 ** #4
Phillip Burgess 28 W/M Boiling Springs SC April 9, 2015
Phillip Conley 37 ((#)) Vallejo CA March 22, 2015
Phillip Daniel Aguilar CA
Phillip Lee Roberts WA
Phillip Michael Burgess 28 W/M Spartanburg SC April 9, 2015
Phillip Montgomery WA
Phillip Pannell 16 B/M Teaneck NJ April 10, 1990 ** #4
Phillip Ray Robinson MN
Phillip Raymond Garcia 27 H/M Dallas TX Oct. 27. 1997  ** #2
Phillip Watkins 23 ((#)) B/M San Jose CA Feb. 11, 2015 ** 33
Phillip Wayne Bailey OK
Phillip White 32 B/M Vineland NJ March 31, 2015 ** #4
Phillipe McIver North Carolina
Phyllis Ham Louisiana
Pierre Ambrose 25 B/M Chicago IL March 6, 2009 ** #3
Pierre Davis IL
Pierre M. Jackson IL
Pierrre George GA
Ponda Davis GA
Pralith Pralourng CA
Prince C. Jones 25 B/M Fairfax VA Sept. 1, 2000  ** #2
Qazi Tiensinh Do CA
Qing Chang IL
Quandavier Hicks 22 B/M Cincinnati OH June 9, 2015
Quentin Dodd WA
Quentin Maurice Reed 18 Troutman Dec. 29, 2003
Quentin Reed North Carolina
Quentin Smith 23 Brevard County FL Dec. 26, 2014
Quincy Adam Pederso MN n
Quincy DeShawn Smith MN
Quincy Reed Reindl 24 ((#)) Bloomington MN Jan. 15, 2015

The Dead Line Perpetual Queue of those Killed by Law Enforcement
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