Organic Lotion Bars

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Tired of using lotion bars that feel like you’re rubbing a cheap wax candle on your body? What Zen a Lotion Bars Organic 100% Natural Lotion Bars are soft, smooth and silky, and so much easier to use than bars with so much wax they actually hurt when you apply them. Just massage bar anywhere moisture is needed, the bar softens from body heat. Smooth bar onto dry skin–hands, feet, elbows for non-greasy, silky smooth skin. Each bar comes in a personal tin which is an ideal travel companion because it’s perfectly suited to meet flight regulation standards and fits comfortably into your luggage, purse, backpack or pocket.

The Natural Butter Lotion Bar with light, nourishing creams will revitalize your skin and promote a healthier, younger-looking complexion from head to toe! Relieves chapped, cracked and dry skin with a silky barrier, keeping skin wonderfully smooth and hydrated.

4 Sizes – 65 Fragrances:
♥ Almond
♥ Baby Powder
♥ Bamboo and Teak
♥ Bay Rum
♥ Casis
♥ Cedar
♥ Champagne
♥ Cherry Blossom
♥ Cinnamon
♥ Citronella
♥ Clove
♥ Coconut Crème
♥ Dragons Blood
♥ Dream Catcher
♥ Eucalyptus
♥ Frankincense
♥ Gardenia
♥ Georgia Peach
♥ Green Tea
♥ Green Tea White Pear
♥ Honey
♥ Honey and Almond
♥ Honeysuckle
♥ Jasmine
♥ Kai Song
♥ Kashmir
♥ Lavender
♥ Lavender and Honey
♥ Lavender Mint
♥ Lei Flower
♥ Lemon
♥ Lemongrass
♥ Lemon Mint
♥ Lilac
♥ Lilac and Lilies
♥ Lime
♥ Lime ‘n de Coconut
♥ Moonlight
♥ Moroccan Nights
♥ Musk
♥ Myrhh
♥ Ocean Mist
♥ Orchid
♥ Orchid Rain
♥ Orange Ginger
♥ Oriental Seduction
♥ Peppermint
♥ Pine
♥ Plumeria
♥ Rose Garden
♥ Rosemary
♥ Rosemary and Lavender
♥ Rosemary Mint
♥ Sensual Amber
♥ Spearmint
♥ Spring Meadows
♥ Sugar Cookie
♥ Summer Violets
♥ Sun and Sand
♥ Sweet Orange
♥ Tangerine
♥ Vanilla
♥ White Tea
♥ White Tea and Ginger
♥ Wintergreen
♥ Unscented


INGREDIENTS: Kukuinut Oil*Arnica Oil*Calendula Oil*Aloe Butter*Grapeseed Butter *Grapeseed Oil*Lavender Butter*Shea Butter*Sweet Almond Butter*Sweet Almond Oil*Avacado Oil*Coconut Oil*Olive Oil*Jojoba*Lemon Butter* Beeswax* Macadamia Nut Oil*Hazelnut Oil*Vitamin E Oil*Tea Tree Oil*Neem Oil

Want to know more about What Zen a Lotion Bar, and what these wonderful oils and butters can do for your skin

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