Part 6) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 1,251 – 1,400

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Currently, there is no national database documenting the murders of un-armed people by police, security guards, self-appointed vigilantes or bounty hunters. Although not all victims found here were weaponless, the fatal murdering of the unarmed: whether they are of ethnic origin, disabled, mentally ill, homeless or their sexual orientation, by Police Departments across the country is unjustified, and the vast majority of officers involved are not being held accountable.

I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, a weapon thrown aside, mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

My definition of Unarmed
Please keep in mind I am only able to research and write bio’s on 5-7 victims per day. Each bio is verified through multiple sources, photos are retrieved, copied, cropped. Each bio is written and condensed close as possible to a single paragraph, many have links to READ MORE. Each name, age, state and ethnicity are entered into 3 data bases and then, after all pertinent information has been gathered I individually post to the website. Therefore each bio takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

It is at my discretion as to what I consider as being unarmed. If the person has a weapon but is unable to use it because it’s under a seat, knocked to the side, fallen to the ground, in someone else’s possession etc. I consider that person unarmed. If someone is shot in the back, I consider that person unarmed. If there appears to be questionable circumstances surrounding the death, I consider that person unarmed. If the person is mentally ill and can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed. Even if the person is a felon and has a violent criminal history, yet fits into any of the above categories, that person is still considered unarmed. If someone is in the commission of a crime, yet fits into any of the above categories, that person is still considered unarmed. If ANYONE can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed.

There is no reason, in my opinion to shoot someone when police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes/bounty hunters yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them.

However, if someone is shooting, holding a weapon or hurting someone (including an officer) and there is absolutely no other way to control them, I consider that person armed. Mind you, I credit witness statements far above police reports.

I DO NOT believe Law Enforcement reports. Lies the police tell that are so familiar anyone can recite them: “Reached for waist band”; “Pointed hand at police in a threatening manner.” “Backed the car toward officers” “Lunged at me” “Had a black object in hand” “Tried to grab gun” “Officers of the Un-Peace” or “Un-Peace Officers” Campaigns were formed against the “Blue Code” supposedly making it more visible to the public eye have taken place but all they seem to be doing is allowing the police to police the police and the police. Police are liars, period. So please don’t think I would even consider relying on their statements. The code of Blue Silence is too real to be ignored, and has been proven over and over again to be the real badge of the law.

As for Grand Juries they’ve been bought and paid for in more cases than can be counted. There is something fundamentally unfair about a grand jury system which doesn’t reflect the racial, political and ethnic diversity of the community it serves and the people it indicts.

Visual map displaying accounts of extrajudicial killings of people of colour beginning in 2012

Unfortunately due to the ongoing killings by Police and Vigilantes/Bounty Hunters claiming Stand Your Ground (Castle Doctrine) this list will continue to grow. Please keep in mind each victim is double and triple checked for accuracy, therefore it takes approximately 40-60 minutes to complete each bio, including editing, separating into 4 data bases and posting online to the appropriate page(s). This website is an extremely time consuming endeavor, yet a true labor of love, but often mentally overwhelming and occasionally must be set aside as I regroup. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone killed at the hands of Law Enforcement or Bounty Hunters/Vigilante(s) please leave their name, age, state, date of death etc. by replying in the comment box; they will be given top priority on the next post and you will receive links to their location(s). Completed bio’s on this page have ** # and 1, 2, 3 or 4 behind the entry denoting the part/page where the bio can be found. Due to lack of space ((#)) signifies mental disorders, including but not limited to Suicide.

This Is What It’s Like To Be An Unarmed Black Man In America

Alonzo SmithAlonzo Smith 27 B/M Washington DC Nov. 1, 2015 – Security officers at the Marbury Plaza apartments where the incident happened wouldn’t explain what happened to Smith.D.C. police want to be clear that when their officers arrived, Smith was already in handcuffs and in the custody of armed security officers. Metropolitan Police responded to an ‘assault in progress’ in the 2300 block of Good Hope Road in Southeast. In the hallway, the two MPD officers observed armed security officers had Smith handcuffed. Smith wasn’t breathing. Smith was taken to the hospital where he died.

Kevin BrownKevin Brown 47 B/M Nassau NY Jan. 10, 2014 – Brown had two “episodes of seizures” shortly after he arrived at the jail. The authors concluded “the lack of a physician assessment and consideration for transfer to a hospital on a patient experiencing a medical emergency such as a seizure is evident of negligent medical care.”Brown died of cardiac failure. The report says his body was found “in full rigor mortis” indicating he was dead for more than four hours before jail staff found him. The findings represent at least the third time in four years New York’s Commission of Correction has reprimanded Armor Correctional Health, a private contractor, for mismanaging the care of an inmate who died under the company’s care.

No Photo Available-001Casey S. Babovec 30 Saline County AR April 13, 2011 – Babovec was reportedly was stopped by sheriff’s deputies and arrested for suspicion of DWisconsin. While in custody, Babovec began acting strangely and agitated, so jail officers placed him in a holding cell. He allegedly struck another inmate. Detention officers went in and broke up the altercation and removed Babovec and began to subdue him with a taser. After they subdued him and placed him in another holding cell by himself, he became unresponsive. Babovec was immediately transported to the emergency room at Saline Memorial Hospital, and was there pronounced dead.

Jerry PereaJerry Perea 38 H/M Albuquerque NM March 21, 2011 – Police were responding to a report of domestic violence. officers stopped Perea, who was riding a bike in the area, because he matched the description of the domestic violence suspect. According to police, Perea hit officers with the crucifix and was subsequently shot with a Taser. Perea initially appeared to be OK and even apologized to the officers for striking them with the crucifix, police said. Paramedics were called to treat Perea but he became unresponsive, possibly due to cardiac arrest. n its finding, the District Attorney’s Office said it had “no probable cause to believe that Officer David Baca or Officer Andrew Jaramillo committed a crime.” The findings said the police actions were justified and the officers followed APD training, policies and procedures. Merlinda Perea, Perea’s mother said she believed officers used excessive force and exaggerated Perea’s weight as well as the size of the crucifix he was holding. She described her son’s death as a “murder.”

Officers cleared in death of man holding crucifix

No Photo Available-001James Robert Hudson 34 W/M Whittier CA April 9, 2011- Hudson was allegedly found wandering nude and bleeding. Officers found Hudson, still nude and bleeding from a gash on his head, lying face-down in some ivy, Lt. Mike Rosson said. Hudson reportedly did not respond to verbal commands, and when officers went over to examine him, he jumped up and acted aggressively toward the officers. He was then tasered. As paramedics looked over Hudson at the scene, he began to show signs of physical distress, and officials rushed him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later, according to sheriff’s and coroner’s officials.

Darrius StewartDarrius Stewart 19 B/M Memphis TN July 17, 2015 – Stewart was a passenger in a car stopped by Officer Schilling for a headlight violation. Schilling ran Stewart’s identification and found the teen had outstanding warrants from Illinois and Iowa. Schilling had put Stewart in the back of his squad car, without handcuffs, as he checked on the warrants. Dispatchers then told Schilling Stewart should be arrested. As the officer approached the back of the squad car to handcuff Stewart, Officer Schilling claims Stewart kicked open the door, grabbed the handcuffs and starting beating the officer with them. As they fought on the ground, Schilling fired his service weapon, wounding Stewart. The teen died at a hospital of two gunshot wounds.

Jonathen SantellanaJonathen Santellana 17 H/M Houston TX Nov. 13, 2013 – Santellana was sitting in his car outside a northwest Harris County apartment complex where Navasota rookie officer Rey Garza provided security. Garza approached the vehicle with a gun drawn on Santellana and a teen female passenger. Believing they were about to be robbed, Santellana put the car in reverse to flee and was shot by the officer. Harris County Sheriff’s Office officials who responded to the shooting and then-Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt, said that Garza identified himself as an officer. The officer opened fire, they said, when the car moved and pinned him against another vehicle. The girl in the car disputes that version of events. “The guy approached the car in plain clothes, he didn’t pull up in a police car so there would be no way to believe it was an actual police officer. There was no legal cause to justify the use of force against the deceased and the force used against the deceased was unreasonable and excessive. The officer was cleared in August 2014 of wrongdoing by a Harris County grand jury.

No Photo Available-001Ervin Terrell Motley 38 St Francis City, AR April 9, 2011 – Motley allegedly drove left of center in his vehicle and was pulled over. Motley jumped from the vehicle and ran from the officers, who apprehended him after chasing him for 300 yards. As deputies attempted to take Motley into custody, he allegedly shoved the deputy and dropped his hands out of sight of the deputy, who then used a taser to subdue him. According to the press release, deputies were in the process of transporting Motley to the county jail when Motley collapsed while talking to the deputy transporting him. Motley was transported to Forrest City Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Linwood Raymond Lambert Jr.Linwood Raymond Lambert Jr. 46 B/M South Boston VA May 4, 2013 – Since Lambert was unarmed and not suspected of any crime, the officers did not arrest him. The officers cuffed Lambert’s hands for the ride, but assured him, “we’re not locking you up, we’re going to the ER”. The three officers, Cpl. Tiffany Bratton, Officer Clifton Mann and Officer Travis Clay, departed the hotel in three police cars. Video from one shows an officer calling the hospital, asking for the mental health care worker on duty. The video shows him asking about a light in the backseat, and then about a squad car trailing them. As the officers pulled up to the hospital, Lambert kicked out the squad car window. Video from inside the car shows officers yelling at him to stop. When they cracked the passenger door, Lambert jumped out, sprinting roughly 20 feet towards the ER entrance and crashing into the building’s glass doors. The officers ran after him and began tasing him. In response, Lambert’s body goes stiff and, with his hands cuffed, his arms could not break the fall when he hit the cement. The three officers surrounded him on the ground Lambert was simultaneously tased by 3 officers with equaling 150,000 volts, as well as being tased over 20 times, including after he was subdued in handcuffs and unconscious, roughly 87 total seconds of tasing. Rather than take him into the RE they hauled him back into the squad car. An officer was recorded talking to a hospital worker, who asked if the police were going to bring Lambert inside. “We were,” the officer said, chuckling, “now he’s going to jail.” “He’s bleeding like a hog,” he said, “we thought he was crazy, and then he finally told us he was on cocaine.” As the officers make the short drive to jail, the squad car video shows Lambert unconscious. The officers notice his state when arriving at the jail, where they checked Lambert’s pulse, attempted CPR and called for help. Then an ambulance came and took Lambert back to Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital – the same ER the officers had originally brought Lambert to for treatment. Hospital records show Lambert was flatlined on arrival at 6:06 a.m. – just over an hour after his trip with police began. READ MORE & WATCH THE VIDEO

Demetrius JohnsonDemetrius Johnson 38 B/M Oklahoma City OK April 4, 2011 – Johnson was allegedly driving his car erratically when police officer Bradley Dunn stopped him. Johnson got out of the car and ran away. He fought with Dunn when Dunn caught up with him, police said. Other officers arrived to help Dunn, and at least one of them used a taser to try to control Johnson as he struggled. Investigators aren’t sure how many times Johnson was shocked but it was multiple times. Johnson died shortly thereafter. (Staff Reports, “Police used Tasers on Oklahoma City man who died in their custody”

No Photo Available-001Estyl Lee Hall 67 Pend Orielle OR March 31, 2011 – Hall allegedly assaulted his landlord. Deputies responded to the report of the assault. Hall locked himself in a travel trailer and refused to come out. Deputies believed he had a gun. They cut open the door and one fired a taser. At least one barb hit Hall in the face. He fell, injuring his neck. He died a week later at Spokane Hospital.

Jairious McGheeJairious McGhee 23 B/M Tampa, FL April 3, 2011 – McGhee was allegedly beating on cars at an intersection. A motorist flagged down Officer Greg Preyor. Preyor approached McGhee to ask if he was okay. McGhee had urinated on himself, had bloodshot eyes, and dry lips, police said. McGhee lunged at Preyor and tried to punch the officer, who fired his taser, striking McGhee in the chest, McElroy said. He was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he died a day later.

Justin WayJustin Way 28 W/M ((#)) St. Augustine FL May 11, 2015 – Kaitlyn Christine Lyons, caught him with a bottle of vodka. He was lying in bed with a large knife by his side saying he wanted to harm himself. Lyons called a non-emergency number and asked he be “Baker Acted,” or involuntarily hospitalized for a mental health evaluation, in a process initiated by law enforcement officers. she didn’t feel threatened and that her brother had been Baker Acted three times when he, too, was threatening to hurt himself. She said she figured this would lead to Justin receiving medical care. Instead, two St. John’s County Sheriff’s deputies showed up with assault rifles and told Kaitlyn to wait outside. Police went in with guns blazing and shot him within six minutes he was shot and killed.

Johnny LeijaJohnny Leija 34 W/M Madill, OK March 24, 2011 – Leija went to Integris Marshall Memorial Medical Center for symptoms of pneumonia, after having been sick for a week. Law enforcement says he became combative and was tasered. He died shortly thereafter.

Dale Lee MitchellDale Lee Mitchell 34 Pinellas Park FL March 20, 2011 – Mitchell was allegedly involved in a domestic violence incident. Police arrived and Mitchell allegedly threw some pills on the ground. When officers attempted to identify what kind they were, Mitchell fled. Officer Matthew Patsch fired his taser at Mitchell, who fell to the ground and down an embankment. As he rolled the taser wires broke off. Mitchell crawled into the pond at the bottom of the embankment. He began to struggle the deeper he went into the water before he eventually disappeared from the surface. A diver was called to scene. He located Mitchell’s body and pulled him from the water unconscious. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Tommy TJ Garza Jr. 27 H/M Ector County TX Nov. 10, 2015 – Garza was arrested November 8 on outstanding warrants Garza’s family said his medical needs were neglected during his three-day stint behind bars. “He called me three days in a row and said jailers denied him medical attention and denied his meds,” he had respiratory issues following exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas within the past year. Garza was under medical care and had an oxygen tank. He told them he couldn’t breathe and needed his oxygen… They let him lay there and die.” Garza had not arrived at the jail with an oxygen tank or submitted documentation verifying he required one. He began responding after medics arrived, Donaldson told NewsWest 9, but reportedly began vomiting and became unresponsive again while waiting for an ambulance. “[Paramedics] started CPR on him… and once the ambulance arrived, [their EMS team] took over,” the sheriff said. “[They] took him to [Medical Center Hospital in Odessa] and he died at the hospital.” It is unknown if Garza had called for medical attention on his own, or if “other inmates may have noticed” he was unwell and notified Detention Center officers.

Christopher AparicioChristopher Aparicio 24 H/M Las Cruces NM March 17, 2011 – Aparicio was involved in an incident at the Luna County Detention Center. The county says a taser was used on Aparicio after he allegedly became “unruly” on March 3. He died at Las Cruces Hospital 2 weeks later. (

Jeremy MardisJeremy David Mardis 6 W/M Marksville LA Nov. 3, 2015 – Mardis died when two law enforcement officers – Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. opened fire at his father was seen by a witness to have his hands up when police opened fire on their vehicle. Chris Few, who they hit in the head but did not kill in an incident that has drawn international ire and grief. tafford is a Marksville police officer and a part-time marshal for Ward 2. Greenhouse is a full-time deputy marshal in Alexandria. They were pursing Few in his SUV through Marksville. State police said Few wasn’t armed and video evidence reportedly shows him with hands above his head before the bullets flew. Few was shot in the head and hospitalized in critically condition. Mardis was in the passenger seat and was hit six times, five times in the head and torso. He was buried in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. a judge had described the contents of bodycam footage from a police officer during a closed hearing, and that it showed the boy’s father – who was critically injured by police – with his hands up. Bonita Alexander, 48, told Daily Mail Online she had watched the shooting unfold from her home. The officers who shot and killed Jeremy had been sued multiple times, and officials have now accused them of lying about every relevant detail of the incident. The 2 Cops are charged with murder.

Jamar ClarkJamar Clark 24 B/M Minneapolis MN Nov. 15, 2015 – Police were called reporting a domestic dispute involving Jamar Clark and his girlfriend. Clark was suspected in an assault, and police claim he was interfering with emergency workers trying to provide aid and get his girlfriend into an ambulance. He was shot during a physical struggle, police said. But witnesses say Clark was not resisting arrest Clark was handcuffed and knocked to the ground when police shot him in the head ‘Execution Style’ Teto Wilson, a witness, was quoted by the NAACP as saying, Clark “was just laying there. He was not resisting arrest. Two officers were surrounding the victim on the ground, an officer maneuvered his body around to shield Jamar’s body, and I heard the shot go off.” “Every witness account I heard said he was handcuffed. Every witness account. Put a knee on him and shot in the head. That’s the account I’ve heard from young people, older people, etc.”

Timothy J. HardenTimothy J. Harden 38 W/M Howell NJ Sept. 5, 2015 – Harden, who was volunteering at Souper Groove Music Festival. Howell police were called respond to a disorderly person at the festival, which was hosted at the New Jersey Latvian Society’s center. Event organizers told the family they called police because Harden was acting violent and paranoid, at some point fighting with security guards. When police arrived, the guards handed Harden over to them. Harden was choked to death. Harden was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner’s findings suggested Harden died from asphyxiation and related injuries.

Joseph MurphyJoseph Murphy 49 Juneau AK Aug. 14, 2015 – Charged with no crime, Murphy went to jail because he was drunk, on what’s known as a “protective custody” hold — meaning he was deemed to be incapable of caring for himself. Murphy was not drunk enough to be in the hospital. His blood alcohol was .16 when he arrived. He spent the night uneventfully, alone in a cell. Early in the morning, around 5 a.m., he appeared sober enough to be released under the terms of the protective custody law. But staff at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center apparently erroneously believed that a 12-hour hold is a minimum, not a maximum, and that Murphy had to be detained until 6 a.m. Murphy began to yell about chest pain and bang on his cell door. About 6 a.m., someone told him he’d be out in an hour and if he needed emergency services someone would “gladly call,”. Things quickly went downhill. Expletives were exchanged with guards. Soon, Murphy could be seen on the video patting his chest, banging on the door and getting on his hands and knees. In the video “he appears to be sweating,” the report says. At 6:19 a.m., he collapsed on the floor and stiffened. A guard delivering a breakfast tray noticed him on the ground. Correctional officers started compressions but it was too late. Murphy had died of a heart attack.

Davon MosleyDavon Mosley 20 ((#)) B/M Anchorage Correctional Complex April 4, 2014 – Mosley had moved to Alaska from California with his girlfriend and their children less than a year before, but was arrested in Alaska on a California warrant. In jail, he was transferred to a segregation unit for challenging a guard to a fight and making “menacing statements.” He began acting strangely and threatened to kill himself. Pepper-sprayed, he tried to wash himself using water from his toilet. When California correctional officers showed up to transport him back to face charges, they “refused to accept custody of him” because he was in such poor shape. At that point, California dropped the charges against Mosley. He should have been legally free to go. But the paperwork had been lost. The report concluded that Mosley received “very little in the way of mental health care” during his decline. He was naked for days and was taken in the hallway naked — an “unacceptable standard of care” according to the report.

Francis HarnettFrancis Harnett 47 W/M ((#)) Little Egg Harbor Township NJ Nov. 17, 2015 – Police received a call about a suicidal man. Officers responded and shots were fired.The man’s father, whom neighbors called “old man John,” was seen running from his apartment at the time of the shooting, tears pouring down his face. Neighbor John Fekete, Fekete, said he was on the phone with a friend and following the incident. Fekete said he went outside to check on the situation, and heard police say repeatedly to the man, “Sir, don’t do that,” followed by multiple gunshots.

Max GraciaMax Gracia 22 B/M Orlando FL Aug.10, 2015 – Gracias, an armed robbery suspect who suffered from seizures, was bitten by a police dog while resisting arrest on Aug. 6, receiving multiple penetrating bite injuries to the left thigh and leg. Gracia attempted to drown the canine in the lake and actively tried to elude officers by hiding in the lake for more than an hour. Once in custody, Gracia was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center by paramedics for treatment and treated again before being booked into jail later that day. He allegedly received further treatment while at the Orange County Jail. At the time, he complained of weakness and dizziness. His last vital signs were recorded the morning of Aug. 9. Gracia was found unresponsive in his jail cell on Aug. 10 after complaining the night before of being unable to get up from his bed to accept his medication. When Gracia was found unresponsive in his jail cell the morning of Aug. 10, he was moved from the Orange County Jail’s medical unit to ORMC, where he was pronounced dead. A detective told his mother, Willine Gracia, that he suffered a seizure the night before his death. She also said he had suffered from seizures since he was about 17. But as long as Gracia was on his medication, he was fine. OPD has completed an initial review of the incident, and it appears all officers acted within policy and the K-9 performed the job it was trained to do. The Department is conducting an internal investigation since the K-9 bite is listed as a contributing factor in Gracia’s death also there was also evidence of systematic shock according to the autopsy report. Max Gracia’s death, as well as the treatment he received while in custody, are under at least two investigations, including one that led to the resignation of a nurse.

Gilbert JosephGilbert Joseph 57 Inuit/M Fairbanks AK Aug. 26, 2015 – Joseph had been arrested and cited dozens of times over the past 35 years, usually on misdemeanor charges, but it was not a fresh allegation of criminal wrongdoing that landed him in a cell at the Fairbanks Correction Center after 11:45 p.m. He had been deposited there to keep from getting hurt. The 57-year-old had been drinking hand sanitizer, which contains enough alcohol to make anyone senseless, and the jail staff could not get a breath alcohol reading. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t stand. Jail is no place for a man in that condition. But we haven’t come up with better places for men and women in that condition in Fairbanks and many other communities. The law requires people to be held for up to 12 hours to keep them safe. His pants fell down as the jail staff dragged him into a cell, where there were two other people. He died at about 1:35 a.m., his pants still down. The investigation found the staff of the Fairbanks jail gave incomplete information about Joseph’s death at first, saying, “there had been no suspicious or aggressive behavior toward Mr. Joseph.” Multiple members of the jail staff and a state trooper either didn’t notice or chose not to notice that on a grainy video, one of the people locked up with Joseph was seen assaulting him. “two correctional officers can be seen standing outside the cell door while a cellmate places his hand over Mr. Joseph’s mouth for one to two seconds.”“Later, after Mr. Joseph had been pushed onto his stomach, the cellmate slides his hand under Mr. Joseph’s face, possibly obstructing his airway, and holds it there for about 15 seconds,” the report says. What did the state do to protect Joseph? “An officer appears to have seen Mr. Joseph get assaulted and went in to confront the cellmate, but did not act to prevent or intervene in further assaults,” the report said. The victim was assaulted four more times, according to the video.

Cornelius BrownCornelius Brown 25 ((#)) Opa-locka FL Nov. 18, 2015 – Approximately 3:30 a.m. a patrol officer spotted a man acting erratically at a convenience store. When he pulled into the parking lot to see what was going on, the man turned around and began to walk away. The officer followed in his patrol car. When Brown reached NW 32nd Avenue, he turned around, jumped on the hood of the officer’s patrol car and began punching the windshield. The officer immediately called for back-up and a second officer arrived. When they tried to take Brown into custody he resisted. They deployed their electronic control devices in attempts to subdue him. The Tasers did not subdue the young man. He then turned his aggression towards the officers at which time the officers shot and struck Brown. Witnesses reportedly saw Brown waving something at the officers before he was shot and killed. “My nephew have a broom stick because he’s schizophrenic. He walks around with his little broom stick playing num chucks,” said Audrey Brown.

Nimali HenryNimali Henry 19 B/F St. Bernard Parish Prison LA April 1, 2014 – About two weeks earlier, Henry had been trying to see her 4-month-old daughter when she got into a dispute with another woman. Her daughter and her daughter’s father were at this woman’s house. Henry was arrested for disturbing the peace, simple battery and unauthorized entry, and bond was set. Ms. Henry was locked up for 10 days after being arrested on minor charges. Her family had been unable to afford the $25,000 bond. On April 1, 2014, she was found lying face down in an isolation cell just before 8 a.m. Her sister Deshawna Henry “Family members said prison officials wouldn’t listen when they said Nimali Henry required medication for a blood disorder. “I tried to let them know about how sick she was, and they wouldn’t listen to me” A Federal Grand Jury indicted Capt. Andre Dominick, Cpl. Timothy Williams, Deputy Debra Becnel and Deputy Lisa Vaccarella. Each of them knew about Henry’s serious medical condition but did nothing to help her, according to the indictment. Henry was never evaluated by a doctor and never received her medication. Each of the corrections officers also allegedly lied to FBI agents investigating the case.

Rodney BrownRodney Brown 40 B/M Cleveland OH Dec. 31, 2010 – Officers had pulled Rodney Brown over on New Year’s Eve 2010 for allegedly driving with the headlights off. Brown’s family claims that officers asked 40-year-old Brown to get out of the vehicle, then elbowed him the back of his neck during a pat down. They say Brown then ran across the street and turned to face the officers but did not threaten them in any way. Brown fled when an officer used a stun gun on him, and police say the man resisted violently as several officers tried to subdue him, repeatedly deploying their Tasers. A police radio captured Brown repeatedly telling officers that he could not breathe as they carried him handcuffs to a squad car, to which one of the officers replied, “Who gives a fuck?” Once he was in the police car, an officer noticed Brown’s pupils were fixed, and police eventually took him out of the vehicle and propped him up on the curb. When Emergency Medical Services arrived at the scene, Brown was nonresponsive and in full cardiac arrest. Two witnesses say Brown had his headlights on when he was driving, contradicting the officers’ story.

Jeremy HuttonJeremy Hutton 14 ((#)) Palm Beach FL Oct. 10, 2010 – Jeremy Hutton took the keys to his parent’s van and took off in it. Jeremy has severe Down Syndrome and has the mental capacity of a 6-year old, wasn’t a threat.. Jeremy’s mom called 911 and reported it. Deputies located and followed the van. Deputy Jason Franqui got out of his car and fired 6 times, shooting into moving vehicle hitting Jeremy with three bullets. Photos of the van show that the bullet holes were to the driver’s side and back of the vehicle. The Palm Beach County’s internal investigation and the state’s attorney found the deputy’s decision to use force was justified.

Brandon BetheaBrandon Bethea 24 Harnett County NC March 15, 2011 – Bethea allegedly got into an altercation with deputies. He had been in court earlier in the day and grew agitated when he was returned to jail. He suffered from schizophrenia and asthma. Officers used a taser to control Bethea. The autopsy report says officers noticed Bethea was non-responsive about 20 minutes after he was tasered. He was taken to Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No Photo Available-001Christopher Davis 36 Los Angeles, CA March 14, 2011- Davis was allegedly removing his clothing on a street in Los Angeles. Police said in a statement that Davis would not respond to commands, refused to submit to arrest and challenged officers to a fight. Police say he remained combative as he was subdued and put in handcuffs. To subdue him, police shot him with bean bags and a taser. Seven police officers were there. He was taken to a hospital and declared dead an hour later.

Robert RicksRobert Ricks 23 Alexandria LA Feb. 5, 2011 – Ricks was tasered and arrested on charges of simple battery and resisting an officer. Ricks was transported to the Rapides Parish Jail where he collapsed in his cell after being booked. He was transported to Rapides General where he was pronounced dead. (“Man dies in APD custody,” KALB, February 8, 2011,

Christopher LaShon KimbleChristopher LaShon Kimble 22 B/M Cleveland OH Oct. 3, 2015 – Kimble was attempting to cross Superior Avenue when he was hit by an eastbound police car driven by East Cleveland officer Kyle Pettus. Reports confirm Pettus did not have his police lights or siren activated at the time of the incident, and that a front light on the cruiser was burned out.

Michael TyreeMichael Tyree 31 ((#)) W/M San Jose CA Aug. 26, 2015 – Tyree had been arrested on a minor drug infraction and was only jailed while awaiting a bed to open up in a psychiatric facility. Investigators have yet to release a full version of what they think happened to Tyree, except to say that jail cameras identified the three guards as the only staff coming or going from unit 6B. But a chilling scene is described in this newspaper’s interviews with Garcia and Juan Perez, inmates in cells near Tyree’s. Garcia, two cells down, and Juan Perez, across the hall, couldn’t see inside, but said they could hear the ghastly refrain. “Stop,” Garcia heard Tyree call out. “Stop hurting me!” When the cell turned silent, Tyree lay bleeding to death from what the coroner would later call “multiple blunt force injuries.” The two inmates watched the guards turn out the light, then Garcia said he heard Rodriguez tell Tyree, “I don’t want to hear you for the rest of the night.” An hour later, the guards returned. Garcia said he watched them pull Tyree out of his cell by the shoulders, then drop him on the floor. they returned and acted surprised to find Tyree in terrible condition, smeared with feces and vomit and completely unresponsive. The county medical examiner found Tyree died of massive internal bleeding caused by blunt force trauma. His liver and spleen were lacerated, and his body sustained cuts and bruises. The guards allegedly told sheriff’s investigators that they were trying to get Tyree to take his medication. But the inmates said Tyree cooperated meekly at “pill call,” including earlier that day. Both inmates described Tyree as a nice man who was clearly mentally ill. He often refused to shower or change his clothes, and smelled bad, they said. He also didn’t have any money on his commissary books for extra food, so he’d go around asking them for soups and dig through the unit’s garbage can for scraps. The deputies were placed on administrative leave on Aug. 27 and were arrested a week later. Bail was set at $1.5 million for each deput

No Photo Available-001Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad 42 San Diego CA April 30, 2015 – Immediately after the shooting death of Nehad, there were signs things weren’t quite right. We learned that San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder didn’t turn on his body camera beforehand. The initial signals from the Police Department that Nehad had a knife turned out to be wrong. He was unarmed. Wesley Doyle. He was an employee of the boat equipment business whose surveillance camera taped the shooting. He watched the tape over and over the morning after the shooting. First, Doyle called a bunch of local politicians to tell them the video was disturbing. Then he said two SDPD homicide detectives came to interview him even though police already had a copy of the footage. After that, Doyle spoke anonymously to television stations about the video because he feared repercussions. It was through Doyle’s television appearances that Nehad’s family learned that there was a video tape. They say police didn’t tell them about it. Nehad’s family promptly filed a lawsuit against the city and received the tape on the condition they not share it with anyone else. Then Doyle decided to go really public. He filed a sworn statement in court with his name attached, attesting to what he saw. Doyle’s reason: He thought what happened was wrong and thought the public should be able to see for themselves.

Delbert Demz RodriguezDelbert “Demz” Rodriguez 21 H/M Miami FL Dec. 4, 2014 – “Demz,” was tagging a wall on a dark corner of NW 5th Avenue when he saw the flashing blue and red lights of a police car. Rodriguez dashed up the street. The police officer driving the car, a City of Miami undercover detective named Michael Cadavid, pursued him in the vehicle. Seconds later, Rodriguez was splayed on the ground next to the unmarked police car, unconscious. He died five days later. Witnesses who told investigators the police car actually struck and ran over Rodriguez. One said that she saw the car hit Rodriguez, run him over, and leave him underneath the car for 30 minutes; another said she believed the car had accelerated to catch Rodriguez, and “stated that the cop car tried blocking Rodriguez then ran him over. Others said they saw the lower half of Rodriguez’ body lying underneath the car. The police version is “Rodriguez had hidden between cars and then jumped in front of the moving police car, giving Cadavid no chance to avoid him. But that narrative was quickly called into question: Danny Garcia, the friend who was with Rodriguez that night: because the chase happened so fast, Garcia said, it would have been impossible for his friend to somehow hide and then jump out.

Barbara DawsonBarbara Dawson 57 B/F Blounstown FL Dec. 20, 2015 – Dawson used an oxygen tank 24-7. Dawson came to the hospital on Sunday night complaining of stomach pains.Chief Mallory says officers were called to the hospital because Dawson refused to leave. Dawson’s family says she wasn’t ready to leave the hospital because she was still in pain. Dawson was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing. Officers say she was escorted outside, handcuffed, and collapsed at the back door of the police cruiser as the officer was trying to put her into the car. Mallory says a doctor was present and said he would readmit Dawson when she collapsed. Mallory also says she was taken out of the handcuffs and transported into the hospital and that she had a pulse and was breathing at that time. Dawson died shortly after being taken into the hospital. Because an innocent person taken into custody and now they’ve lost their life when all they did was come and ask for medical help.”

Philip QuinnPhilip Quinn 30 ((#)) W/M St. Paul MN Sept. 24, 2015 – A St. Paul police officer fatally shot Quinn, outside his home. Quinn’s fiancee said that he was schizophrenic and trying to kill himself, and that she was looking for help to get him to the hospital. Police say Quinn was holding a screwdriver, ignored an officer’s repeated commands to drop it, and charged at the officer, who backed up to a fence and could retreat no farther. The officer then shot him. Quinn’s fiancee witnessed what happened and disputes the police account. She says the officer told Quinn one time, giving him no chance to comply. She also said Quinn neither made threatening gestures nor charged at the officer. Tareeq questions how police handled the incident from the start, saying officers should have taken a different approach because they knew Quinn was mentally ill.

Kevin MatthewsKevin Matthews 35 ((#)) B/M Dearborn MI Dec. 23, 2015 – Dearborn police said unarmed Matthews was “known to be wanted on a probation violation warrant, and who escaped from officers earlier in the day after committing a larceny in Dearborn.” The officer was patrolling the area when he saw the man, who ran when the officer approached. “The officer chased the subject and encountered him several houses away in Detroit, where a struggle allegedly ensued” “Subsequently, the officer fired his department-issued weapon, striking the subject.”

Gregg T. IrelandGregg T. Ireland 47 W/M Punta Gorda FL Aug. 24, 2015 – Ireland was arrested on a DUI charge Aug. 22. On Aug. 24 while in the Charlotte County jail, Ireland was involved in a disturbance with another inmate and it is alleged became combative with deputies who intervened. Ireland became unresponsive while being restrained and moved. Live-saving efforts were attempted and he was taken to Bayfront Health Punta Gorda, where he died. Following an autopsy and investigation, the manner of Ireland’s death was determined to be a result of natural causes.

Noel AguilarNoel Aguilar 23 H/M Long Beach CA May 26, 2014 – Deputies stopped Aguilar for wearing headphones and riding his bike on the sidewalk when he attempted to continue on his way, he was thrown to the ground and then shot and killed. Police quickly made a cover story and accused the victim, Noel Aguilar, of pulling a gun on the officers, and until now there has been no evidence to prove them wrong. However, video of the incident has recently surfaced showing how the murder actually took place. Aguilar attempted to avoid the police harassment by running away, but they eventually caught up with him and slammed him into the ground. In the video, the victim can be seen on the ground with two police officers piled on top of him. Police began to accuse Aguilar of having a gun, but they quickly knock it away. The gun can be seen very clearly behind one of the officers and nowhere near Aguilar. However, one of the officers continued to make threats and acted like the gun has not been recovered. “Is it a gun?” deputy Albert Murade asks his partner Jose Ruiz. “It’s a gun, it’s a gun,” Ruiz responds. “You fucking move, I’m going to kill you bitch,” Ruiz shouted. Around that same time, Aguilar can be heard in the video saying “I don’t have anything.” Just a moment later, Aguilar attempted to get up and break free from the officers, at which point deputy Ruiz fires blindly and shoots deputy Murade in the stomach by accident. Murade yells out that he had been shot, and Aguilar quickly responded saying “I didn’t shoot nobody.” Ruiz had plenty of time and ability to tell his partner that he was the one to fire the shot, but he said absolutely nothing and shot Aquilar again. Murade then shoots Aquilar three more times, and then both officers proceed to put their full body weight on him, seemingly to suffocate him, let him bleed out and “finish him off.” Video through an independent witness who was there police claimed that Aguilar reached for their guns, but the video proved that this was a lie as well. Even after the shooting, the officers did not attempt to revive him in any way, but instead it looked as if they were trying to make his condition worse. “He’s facing down after being shot four times and they’re on top of him. There needs to be a medical conclusion to find out whether they were trying to get him to asphyxiate or bleed to death. By the video, it seems like they were trying to do both”

No Photo Available-001William Raff 31 ((#)) W/M Palo Alto CA Dec. 25, 2015 – Three Officers responding to a 911 call about a “really violent” person with a metal table knife. Raff ignored officers’ commands to drop the knife allegedly jumped around and screamed unintelligibly. The officers retreated into the street, called for emergency backup and allegedly tried to summon an additional “less-lethal tool” before opening fire on Raff. One officer used his Taser on Raff and the other two opened fire with their service weapons. It remained unclear exactly how many times Raff was shot, but a total of nine bullet casings were recovered at the scene. The officers who fired their pistols were identified as Nicholas Enberg and Zachary Wicht. The officer who fired the Taser was not identified. The encounter was captured in its entirety from multiple angles on high-definition video and audio recording systems in several patrol cars and spanned a total of 19 seconds from start to finish.

Fridoon Rawshan NehadFridoon Rawshan Nehad 42 A/M ((#)) San Diego April 30, 2015 – police officer Neal Browder shot and killed Nehad while he was having a manic episode in a Midway District alleyway. Browder was responding to a 911 call of a knife-wielding man threatening people. Nehad turned out to be unarmed. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video, but for months San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, the City Council, Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis refused to release the footage. The video shows Browder arriving at the alleyway, exiting his police car and then quickly shooting Nehad, who was walking toward the officer, but was slowing his pace and might have even stopped entirely before he was killed.

No Photo Available-001Kenneth Killingsworth 68 B/M Mullins SC July 15, 2014 – Killingsworth was riding a moped before being struck by Deputy Ellison who had been driving on a suspended driver’s license. The dash camera inside the Marion County deputy’s vehicle was not working because of a lack of funding to get that dash camera fixed. The department did a license check in August 2013, when they hired the deputy and once more on January 2, before Ellison went to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. His license suspension began on February 10, after failing to pay a traffic violation from another county. Deputy Ellison has resigned

Alan Craig WilliamsAlan Craig Williams 47 B/M Greenville SC June 15, 2015 – Williams was killed when a Greenville County Deputy Harold Robinson struck him from behind while passing another vehicle. Deputy Robinson was not responding to a call. Williams was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he died from his injuries.

David Sal SilvaDavid Sal Silva 33 H/M Kern County CA May 7, 2013 – Silva got in a fight with his longtime girlfriend. This was apparently a common occurrence, or at least the official reports make it seem like he was a violent and abusive partner. He seems to have gone out to get drunk, and then to visit his mother. The coroner’s report claims Silva’s mother told investigators his breath was boozy and she told him to go to Kern Medical Center. Silva’s mother would later tell reporters from the Bakersfield Californian she never spoke to investigators. Silva did, in fact, end up at Kern Medical Center, whence he was eventually escorted off the grounds after being found lying in the grass next to a trailer. He then went across the street where officers from the sheriff’s office responded to a call of a “possibly intoxicated man.” According to a timeline given by Sheriff Youngblood, he arrived around midnight. He says he found Silva lying on the ground, and when the deputy tried to wake him by using a “knuckle rub” on Silva’s chest, Silva tried to stand up and fell forward, flat on his face. Youngblood says Silva then “took a rigid stance”—the word stance in this case actually meaning the exact opposite because Silva seems to have been lying “rigidly” on the ground. Here is Youngblood’s exact description of what happened next: “The deputy attempted to gain control of Mr. Silva, he was unsuccessful, he told Mr. Silva he was under arrest, to submit to the arrest, or he would release his dog. He used a remote to release his dog from the car, and the dog engaged Mr. Silva. During this fight the dog bit Mr. Silva several times.” Silva died in the process of being arrested, and video cameras captured the beating administered to him by law enforcement. Despite this, his death was ruled accidental. A second deputy arrived. Both officers kept striking Silva with batons. A third arrived and joined in the striking. The deputies told investigators that while they were striking him, Silva picked up the dog by the neck and that, in Youngblood’s words, they could see Silva’s “hands closing around the dog’s throat.” A minute of this passed. Two California highway-patrol officers joined. They put a device called a “hobble” on Silva’s legs, binding them. Two more Kern County sheriff’s deputies arrived. Youngblood said that one of those deputies was a “very, very, very, stout, large deputy, who said he had to use all of his strength to stay on top of those legs and keep them from kicking the deputies.” This was taking place on a man in the process of being arrested for no clear reason, facing a seven-on-one (or eight-on-one, if you count the dog) fight, lying on the ground. Two more deputies eventually arrived. Silva’s body lay facing south on Palm Drive, his upper body on the sidewalk, his legs in the street. He had no pulse. He was taken back across the street to Kern Medical Center, where at 12:44 AM he was pronounced dead.

No Photo Available-001Maurice Antonio Harden 20 Raleigh NC June 5 2013 – Harden was traveling east on Skycrest Drive near Hill Street shortly after 3 a.m. when he allegedly veered into oncoming traffic, hitting officer Jonathan Crews, who was attempting to stop a speeding car. Harden and Trindell Devon Thomas were thrown from the scooter and died at the scene.

No Photo Available-001Trindell Devon Thomas 21 Raleigh NC June 5 2013 – Harden was traveling east on Skycrest Drive near Hill Street shortly after 3 a.m. when he allegedly veered into oncoming traffic, hitting officer Jonathan Crews, who was attempting to stop a speeding car. Harden and Trindell Devon Thomas were thrown from the scooter and died at the scene.

Cedrick ChatmanCedrick Chatman 17 B/M Chicago IL Jan. 7, 2013 – Chatman and two other men Akeem Clarke, 22, and Martel Odom, 23 climb into a man’s silver Dodge Charger with the intention of buying cellphone service from him. An argument broke out and Clarke pulled the dealer into the back seat and the three prospective buyers began to beat him. After robbing him of $400 in cash, Chatman made off with the car while Clarke and Odum stayed behind. About 15 minutes later, Fry and his partner, Officer Lou Toth, noticed the stolen car. They pulled their unmarked police cruiser in front of the Charger, got out and walked up to it with their guns drawn. Chatman grabbed something from the car before jumping out and running off. The officers chased Chatman. Three surveillance videos tell the story. You see the unarmed Chatman running away from the officers as fast as he possibly could. Officer Fry never says anything. He just gets out of the car, watches Chatman run, Officer Fry with his gun trained on him fires.

Xavier Arturo SanchezXavier Arturo Sanchez 10 H/M Pima AZ July 12, 2013 – Pima County sheriff’s Deputy Jesus Verduzco was driving en route to a non-emergency call for service about a civil matter when he hit the boy with his vehicle. The deputy tried to swerve to miss Sanchez and was not speeding at the time of the accident nor were his emergency lights on. Witnesses told investigators a group of children had been seen crossing back and forth across Campbell Avenue before the boy was struck. Traffic investigators from Tucson Police Department, which handled the crash investigation, decided against submitting the case to the Pima County Attorney’s Office because they felt the circumstances did not warrant criminal charges against the deputy. The family has filed a claim seeking $50 million in damages.

Keith ChildressKeith Childress 23 B/M Las Vegas NV Dec. 32, 2015 – Metro got a call: “A man who may be armed and who is wanted for attempted murder is in the area of Monaco Cove, a winding planned residential community.” Officers from the Enterprise Area Command arrived and set up a perimeter. They watched for him at an apartment belonging to a family friend, for two days. And when he came out, marshals moved in. An air unit watched as the *fugitive* hopped backyard walls and walked in between homes. Patrol cars followed instructions as the helicopter directed them through the maze of houses. However Childress wasn’t who they understood him to be. Though deputy marshals had said Childress was wanted for attempted murder, which “later turned out to be false” he was a fugitive because he skipped his sentencing charges two weeks prior and fled to Las Vegas to avoid prison time. In the video Childress can be seen casually walking left across the screen and street, making his way up the driveway ignoring commands from deputy Bohanon to stop before disappearing from view of the camera. Off-screen, Officer McMahill said Childress stood near the top of the driveway. Officer Bohanon can be heard saying, “He’s got something in his hand.” Bohanon then incorrectly identified the object as a gun and repeatedly ordered Childress to “get your hands up.” Childress, about 40 feet away didn’t move, ignoring a total of about 24 commands from Bohanon over the course of two minutes to “Surrender,” “Drop the gun,” and “Get on the ground.” “If you advance at us, you will be shot.” From the cover of a neighbor’s car Bohanon fired four rounds, and Wolford fired five as Childress stepped forward as four U.S. Marshals, who had arrived on scene watched. Unarmed Childress was struck five times, three times in the chest, once in the hand and once in the thigh and fell. Childress was cuffed. Medical personnel responded, but he was declared dead at the scene.

Jason Lee AldermanJason Lee Alderman 29 Bakersfield CA Aug. 2015 – Alderman is seen on the Subway surveillance video getting out of a car and covering his head with what police said was a towel. Another camera shows Alderman then approaching the locked front door and using a car jack to bust the glass on the bottom portion of the door. Alderman is seen on video entering the business, where other cameras capture his movements. As Alderman crouches to leave the store through the bottom half of the front door, he is shot and killed by police, who were outside. “You have Jason Alderman crouching in a defenseless position, not pointing anything at anyone, attempting to exit very low to the ground. Alderman was shot seven times, and that bullets struck Alderman in his side and not in front. Attorney Meiseles said he would soon be filing a lawsuit on behalf of the Alderman family against BPD, alleging wrongful death.

Michael MarshallMichael Marshall 50 B/M ((#)) Denver CO Nov. 11, 2015 – Marshall, who had a history of mental illness and drug abuse, was in custody at the Downtown Detention Center on charges of trespassing and disturbing the peace. Marshall choked on his own vomit while being restrained on the floor by six deputies during a psychotic episode, the Denver coroner said Friday. His death is being ruled a homicide. “complications of positional asphyxia to include aspiration pneumonia due to being physically restrained by law enforcement during an acute psychotic episode” The autopsy report also found multiple blunt force injuries and abrasions on Marshall’s body.

Ciara MeyerCiara Meyer 12 W/F Duncannon Pa. Jan. 11, 2016 – A constable serving an eviction order at a central Pennsylvania apartment, Meyer allegedly shut the door then returned with a gun. The constable fired at an armed tenant but the bullet passed through Donald Meyer’s arm and fatally struck his 12-year-old daughter.

Grady HuffGrady Huff 17 B/M Marianna FL March 4, 1935 – The Dozier School for Boys in the Florida Panhandle town of Marianna closed in 2011, after allegations by former inmatesof decades of torture and abuse. University of South Florida researchers have been working for years to identify dozens of remains found in unmarked graves on the site, and they’ve just released their final report. Lead anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle said a total of seven positive DNA matches, and 14 presumptive identifications, have been made since their work began in 2012. His cause of death was listed as “acute nephritis, followed by hernia.” His DNA was matched to that of his maternal cousin, Evelyn Hawkinson, and three more cousins: Elmer Hutchins, Geneva Harling and William Saye. So far, remains of four of the seven boys that have been identified have been returned to families for reburial.

Loyd DuttonLoyd Dutton 14 B/M Marianna FL Nov. 4, 1918 – The Dozier School for Boys in the Florida Panhandle town of Marianna closed in 2011, after allegations by former inmatesof decades of torture and abuse. The oldest set of remains identified so far. So far, remains of four of the seven boys that have been identified have been returned to families for reburial. University of South Florida researchers have been working for years to identify dozens of remains found in unmarked graves on the site, and they’ve just released their final report. Lead anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle said a total of seven positive DNA matches, and 14 presumptive identifications, have been made since their work began in 2012.

Michael Lee MarshallMichael Lee Marshall ((#)) B/M Denver CO Nov. 11, 2015 – Marshall was arrested November 7, for trespass and disturbing the peace and was transported to the detention center. “He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was held on $100 bond. Marshall became aggressive with another inmate and was separated from others. His agitation worsened. He reportedly was not responding to verbal commands and attempted to exit a doorway in a restricted hallway. It is alleged Marshals behavior became combative; officers placed him in a prone position for several minutes, during which he vomited. Marshal was then held in that position as deputies placed restraints on his wrists and ankles and pulled a “spit mask” over his face. Denver jail inmate choked on his own vomit while being restrained on the floor by six deputies during a psychotic episode, and the coroner has ruled his death was a homicide. Deputies called 911, and medical personnel had to suction the vomit from Marshall’s airways before they could begin resuscitation. Marshall suffered brain injury, respiratory failure and pneumonia because of the incident. Video cameras inside the jail recorded the incident, but the city has refused to show the footage to the Marshall family. It also has denied The Denver Post’s Colorado Open Records Act requests for the video. A jury decided in 2014 that five deputies had used excessive force against the homeless street preacher, and the family received a $6 million settlement.

Felicia HoustonFelicia Houston 16 B/F Charlotte NC Dec. 28, 1992 – Houston was walking down the sidewalk at a Monroe apartment complex with two cousins when she was shot through the chest with an arrow from a crossbow by KKK leader Russell Hinson. An all-white jury deadlocked over whether Hinson should get the death penalty, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Bettie JonesBettie Jones 57 B/F Chicago IL Dec. 26, 2015 – Jones was killed after a tenant called police to report that their 19-year-old son was acting erratic and wielding a metal bat. When police responded, Jones was celebrating Christmas with family in the downstairs unit when gunfire erupted and had been asked by LeGrier’s father to keep an eye out for the arrival of the police. Jones was shot accidentally by Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo. Rialmo was responding to a domestic disturbance involving 19 year-old Quintonio LeGrier, who was also shot and killed by the officer. On that night, LeGrier called 911 three times before police arrived. Jones died because of reckless conduct when police shot through the walls of the apt.

Quintonio LegrierQuintonio Legrier 19 B/M ((#)) Chicago IL Dec. 26, 2015 – Responding officers were told by a dispatcher that a “male caller said someone is threatening his life. LeGrier had struggled with mental health issues in recent months, had become agitated and was carrying a metal bat in his father’s upstairs apartment, relatives said. “His father was scared because that’s not his character,” said LeGrier’s mother, Janet Cooksey was not present at the time of the shooting. LeGrier’s father told his neighbor Jones downstairs not to approach his son while watching for police. LeGrier, was carrying a baseball bat and threatening his father when police were called, according to police dispatch radio traffic. No gun was recovered at the scene. Police want the names and titles of the dispatchers who took LeGrier’s calls. “For them to hang up on him, we want to know what that call taker was thinking,” Rogers said. “How could she possibly think that was the proper way to handle someone who was in need of police assistance?” Officer Rialmo shot seven times, four times in the back from 30 feet away but claimed he was in fear for his life. The Officer shot through the walls of the house killing Bettie Jones in a neighboring apt.

Jonathan BratcherJonathan Bratcher 33 B/M Memphis TN Jan. 27, 2016 – Bratcher and a friend were traveling in a Chevy Impala when two police officers — one White, one Black — pulled them over for an unknown traffic infraction. Police said the two then sped off, forcing the officers to pursue them from a distance. After crashing into another car near the St. Andrew A.M.E. Church, the men took off on foot with the officers close behind. Officials and witnesses gave contrasting accounts of what happened next. One of the men pulled out a gun and began firing at officers. officers returned fire, reportedly striking Bratcher in the head. The other man, who hasn’t been identified, is still on the run. Witnesses: Bratcher was unarmed, handcuffed before being shot then his body was left behind the church for several hours before being taken to the hospital.
Memphis Man Fatally Shot By Police Officer During Foot Chase

Brian BeairdBrian Beaird 51 ((#)) W/M Los Angeles CA Dec. 13, 2013 – Beaird suspected drunk and reckless driver, The pursuit worked its way through South L.A. and eventually into Downtown as news choppers followed the silver 2013 Corvette, which appeared to fishtail around corners and rip through red lights. the ‘Vette went through the intersection and tagged the back of a Nissan, sending that car spinning into a fire hydrant and putting the Chevy into a 360 degree spin until it rested on a nearby corner. Even with the sports car’s front clip mangled and smoke coming from its engine bay, the driver appeared to try to move forward, and then back up, with little hope of carrying on. The lanky suspect in jeans exited and appeared to briefly throw his hands up as he went around the back of the car, his back to cops much of that time. Beaird was hit with gunfire on live television (video on the next page), even though it was clear he wasn’t armed or charging at authorities at the end of a chase. Beaird a disabled veteran who served in the National Guard for eight years, died at a nearby hospital about 43 minutes after the chase ended. At one point Beaird called family members during the pursuit to ask “why are they after me — I didn’t do anything.” No charges will be filed against three Los Angeles police officers who fatally shot unarmed Beaird.