Solid Lotion Bars


Liquid lotion versus Solid Lotion Bars:

Ever noticed when you use liquid lotion you keep having to reapply it? Check out the ingredient list; does it contain water, isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil or words you can’t pronounce. All of these ingredients actually dry your skin rather than moisturize it.

Sure the alcohol and water give a temporary sense of relief and coolness due to evaporation, and the mineral oil is lubricating (or so you thought). But did you know mineral oil doesn’t penetrate or soften, it’s difficult to absorb. Mineral oil coats your skin, and clogs your pores, it aggravates acne and frequently produces allergic reactions because it’s a byproduct of gasoline which is derived from crude oil. Great to keep your cars’ engine running smoothly but certainly not practical for use on your skin!

Lotion bars on the other hand contain only the finest Natural and Organic ingredients. There’s no soy or soy by-products. There is no water, alcohol, mineral oil or synthetic laboratory concoctions you can’t sound out or don’t know the meaning of. Just genuine ingredients created by Mother Nature; beeswax, healing butters, oils and emollients all known to restore and moisturize your skin.

What Zen a Lotion Bar products are organically grown, harvested and processed, just like Mother Nature intended and we are committed to using only the highest quality therapeutic ingredients from environmentally sensitive ethical producers around the world. We put hours of research and personal testing into our lotion products to ensure they provide you with excellent results making luxurious and healthy products with great nourishing ingredients (you can pronounce) is of the utmost importance.

The What Zen a Lotion Bar with light, nourishing creams revitalizes your skin and promotes a healthier, younger-looking complexion from head to toe!

Protect your skin with ALL Natural What Zen a Lotion Bars, rivaling high priced products found at exclusive department stores and salons and feel the difference! And remember, if you can’t pronounce it, odds are “Mother Nature” didn’t create it!

Free yourself from synthetic substances and experience the pleasure of Artisanally Handcrafted lotion bars. Solid at room temperature, just massage bar anywhere moisture is needed, the bar softens from body heat. Smooth bar over dry skin–hands, feet, elbows for non-greasy, silky smooth skin. And What Zen a Lotion Bars have long lasting effects so there’s no need to keep re-applying!
What Zen a Lotion Bar

Click here to learn why I don’t use Palm Oil, Phthalates, Parabens or Paraffin

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