White supremacy is not starched white pointed hoods and swastika armbands

By Rudy TwoMoon
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

I’m writing this so I have written testimony about what occurred here this morning. June 3, 2018 11:35 am.

The dogs go ballistic while I’m in the shower and I can tell they’re barking at the front and not the side door. They almost never bark at the front due to all the kids using the side. I open the bathroom door and peek outside the curtain… I can see through the front picture window and outside are 2 cops, strapped with fully auto rifles “crouch walking aka hunting” down my driveway. Wtf I think as I turn off the water and quickly wrap a towel around my waist… running out the bathroom, pounding issues from the side door. Through the kitchen and around the corner to the side door I see both cops aiming their rifles directly at my chest… I make a gesture like really dude, I’m standing here in a fucking towel dripping water while you point that shit at me… yelling through the door he demands to know if a boy named Eric is here? My daughter is in the kitchen freaking out… I yell downstairs to Liam my oldest, “is a boy named Eric down there because I have cops pointing their fucking guns at me, so if he’s down there, get his ass up here now!” “No he’s not… we haven’t seen him in 3 weeks”… I relay the message. Just then my youngest leaves the room and I hear Addey yell, go back to your room Kai, there’s armed cops outside. I tell, Kai go back to your room right now! (Kai goes to his room where he sees another armed cop looking through his window) Cops point their weapons down and asks if I’ll come out to talk. I give him that look again, ya know the, can’t you see I’m dripping wet in a fucking towel look. Grabbing my shoes I step out. Again with “have you seen Eric”… I’m like “no, but why are you at my house armed and pointing your weapons at me?” “We were told Eric stayed the night here.”

(The reason the cops came so strapped was because the neighbors have called the cops on us so much for absolutely nothing, we have what looks like a rap sheet a mile long… these neighbors have literally gone door to door demanding other neighbors call the cops on us daily exactly for something like this to occur, and all because we have my kids friends at the house. These kids do not do anything off the property nor are they loud. They don’t speed, bump music nor litter… the problem is a bunch of them have Black and Brown skin… Neighbors Ricky and Dottie have made an actual campaign of calling cops daily just to make us look bad. We have never done a single thing to these sick minded people, nothing.)

So anyway, the other cop is walking up and down the street sweeping her weapon like she’s under attack. Not only that but somehow the dumb bitch racks her rifle and loses all the rounds right in the street. She’s stumbling around picking ‘em up looking like a total idiot. (I haven’t a clue as to how that occurred due to them being in a clip)

Eventually, they leave as my wife Dr. Julie comes home… she’s livid of course and says fuck this we need to make a complaint. So off we go to the police station and guess who’s at the window. Yep, the guy who was just pointing his weapon at me, and he ain’t having any complaints bullshit. But he does ask if we mind if they search the house. “Um no, you may not enter my home” I reply. On his radio we hear “the suspect was seen at our address”… we bolt out of the station because all 3 kids are home with 2 other friends. I immediately call my daughter and tell her lock the doors and make sure no one leaves the house. Turns out the 2 kids had enough and were gonna split. Mind you, one of the kids were Korean and the other is Black… absolutely looking nothing like the redhead boy in question. We return and again and same 3 cops are there… fortunately they’re not all strapped like earlier. One cop goes to my very cool neighbor, shows him a pic of the redhead boy and proceeds to make a bold faced lie saying he committed an armed robbery. (He did not commit armed robbery, she said this in hope my very cool neighbor would freak out I guess. They leave again.)

(All this time my fuckhead neighbors are eating popcorn and totally enjoying the show… laughing, giggling and patting each other on the ass and sharing tug jobs all around.)

Turns out the boy got kicked out of his house 3 days ago. He may have or may not have stolen his stepdad’s firearms… (if so, why wait 3 fucking days to call the cops eh?)

They come back but this time have another patrol car from another township. They want to check the garage because the boy was seen leaving his backpack with the guns there… it wasn’t there of course.

So to make a long story even longer, these same neighbors have started rumors against us when my oldest was in 1st grade. She told all the parents we don’t feed Liam, make him get up on his own and even walk to the bus stop all alone…. funny because I was at the stop with him every fucking morning and picking him up every fucking evening. Also if you know me, you damn well know I have never ever used food as a weapon nor would I ever withhold any from a hungry person let alone my own son. This bitch has also started other rumors against us throughout the years. We have never once called the cops even when their dumb drunk asses were whooping it up past 3 am, nor when their Harley glasspack idiot friend stops by.

To try and make friends, I have gone to their house to try and help when their huge tree fell across their driveway… I also brought them beer and just left it with them. I didn’t stay; I just dropped off beer as a gift. What do we get in return? Lying, bullying, libelous KKK actions. My kids are terrified to do anyfuckingthing! They have filmed my kids as well as guests who come to our house, and all for what? I can’t for the fucking life of me figure out what the fuck anyone in this house has ever done to them. I still remember the 1st week we moved in. Julie and I took a walk around the neighborhood and tried to introduce ourselves. They didn’t want to shake hands and looked at us like we had a disease creeping along our faces. We are going to go to the deputy sheriff and see if we can put a stop to this. Not sure if it will help considering Ricky seems to burn crosses with all the other blue lives matter folks.


The U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ruled on May 29, 2018 police may not search the area around a private home area, or around a house, known as the curtilage which is part of the home itself and cannot be searched without a warrant even when police think they have seen stolen property on the premises; although the court has long ruled a vehicle can be searched without a warrant if an officer sees something in plain sight. However the Supreme Court ruled police officers must generally have warrants to enter a home’s driveway in search of stolen vehicles… The “curtilage” of a house or dwelling is the land immediately surrounding it, including any closely associated buildings and structures, but excluding any associated “open fields beyond”, and also excluding any closely associated buildings, structures, or divisions that contain the separate intimate activities.

1adam12 – 1adam12 – We got Negros and Mexicans – Send back-up

Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez
Human Rights Advocate, Researcher/Chronological Archivist and member in good standing with the Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA.org)

The Keys To “Success” Should Not Be Rooted In Anti-Blackness: On Internalized Racism And Despising Black Hair As Access To Employment

Reprinted with permission RELANDO THOMPKINS-JONES, MSW, LLMSW


When Toni Morrison said that racism keeps you from doing your work she was absolutely correct.

“The function, the very serious function of racism, is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly, so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Someone says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary. There will always be one more thing.”
~ Toni Morrison

I was trying to be productive the other day when I came across this tweet from Steve Perry:

Although some “professionals” out here who work with Black children think they have their best interests in mind, their actions can do damage to the child’s self-esteem, especially if they have not addressed their own internalized racism and how it influences their work.

I’m calling for a stop to all these “experts” out here who peddle the idea to Black kids that success means becoming less of who you are.

“Experts” who tell Black children that their hair is unacceptable. You need to stop. And priding yourself on how many “lives you’ve touched” is nothing to celebrate if Continue Reading https://notesfromanaspiringhumanitarian.com/the-keys-to-success-should-not-be-rooted-in-anti-blackness-on-internalized-racism-and-despising-black-hair-as-access-to-employment/#comment-9278

Pigmentary Demarcation: Systematic Discrimination and Inhumane Treatment Defined by Skin Color

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Racism and religion have killed more people than any disease in history and bigots have no shortage of language to express their small-mindedness; it’s a well-honed vernacular in a country still struggling with race even decades after constitutionally protected equality was established… When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression, and as Toni Morrison said “In this country American means White. Everybody else has to hyphenate.”

Sign 2


Slave 11

Slaves chained together so they don’t escape from their Master.

Slave 12

Aetna Ins. Co. of Hartford CT. newspaper ad informing the public they’ve moved to a new location but are still offering “Negro Slaves for Sale”

Slave 15

46 #LetOurVoicesEcho

Slave 23

Additional Photos below

RACE describes categories assigned to demographic groups based on observable PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS such as SKIN COLOR, HAIR TEXTURE, LIP, NOSE and EYE SHAPE. A group of people sharing similar and distinct physical characteristics, differences and similarities in biological traits deemed by society to be socially significant

ETHNICITY refers to the SOCIAL CHARATERISTICS people may have in common, such as language, religion, regional background, culture, foods, etc. Ethnicity is revealed by the traditions one follows, a person’s native language, and so on.

NATIONALITY is the legal relationship between a person and a country.

RACISM is systematic discrimination because of race. It is the belief all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Racism was established long before nationality and religious bigotry existed.

In ancient Egypt there were no vowels; Negro was represented as N-G-R and pronounced en-jer, which is auditory for GOD. Therefore N-G-R: NEGRO translates to Devine Being or God. Moving forward to 735 BC Rome where the language of Latin came into use; Nigrum or Negro (pronounced neg-ro) meaning the color black originated as a neutral term referring to people with black skin.

(1280-1337) African ruler Mansa Musa was the fourteenth-century emperor of the Mali Empire. Mansa Musa established religious freedom. Education was free and encouraged. He even established a university. People came from all over the world to study at this famous university. When Muslim scholars visited Mali, they were surprised at the people’s clothes. About 90,000 men on duty at any one time to guard the gold mines and Traders always stopped at Mali as they knew they would be welcomed, fed, housed, and safe because of Mansa Musa’s generosity. Trade with Mali was always good for the traders who had come so far. Mansa Musa traveled with 100 camels, each carrying 300 lbs of gold. After adjusting for inflation, he was worth $400 billion in today’s currency which is more than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined, with $200 billion left over for good measure.

Skipping forward many centuries to the 1500’s and progressing through the mid-1800’s, the Atlantic Slave Trade transported over 10 million African’s; nearly 15% of slaves were captured in the River Niger Delta Region in West Africa and delivered to the coast to be sold at European trading ports. It is believed these slaves were called Niger’s (pronounced Ni-gir) to differentiate them from other regions such as the Congo, Angola or Cameroon.

Word alterations in the US and the negative connotations they elicit as a description of a “negro or “N,” with no value attached to the word itself. During the period of subjugation the words “N” or “Black” was situated in front of a first name to distinguish a slave from a White person with the same first name establishing the pigment demarcation line, thus becoming an intentional derogatory term to belittle and degrade.

The racial formation and derogatory use of the “N” word is not much different than plantation owners feeding slaves as cheaply as possible with poor quality leftover waste foods and scraps as a means of a complex social, economic and political system to control and punish. African slaves were extremely creative with their provisions which evolved into the distinct cuisine, Soul Food; the correlation and racial project being, by using the “N” word by Blacks in today’s culture; it is now elevated to a level of sophistication, thereby negating the disparaging intent.

Nigga vs Nigger is a representation of homophones with the “N” word defining peoples’ who are economically, politically, socially enslaved and dominated under the rule of oppression by the use of racial formation, or as Voltaire claimed “The negro race is a species of men different from ours as the breed of spaniels is from that of greyhounds”. While the word “nigga” is a phrase used in the Black community to define brotherhood, friendship, affections and at times even animosity, it’s the latter of the two which many Black’s chose to use as a term of endearment.

Slave 26

slave 24



Slave 9


Reward 2

Fugitive slave laws were laws passed by the United States Congress in 1793 and 1850 to provide for the return of slaves who escaped from one state into another state or territory. The idea of the fugitive slave law was derived from the Fugitive Slave Clause which is in the United States Constitution (Article IV, Section 2, Paragraph 3). It was thought forcing states to deliver escaped slaves to slave owners violated states’ rights due to state sovereignty and was believed that seizing state property should not be left up to the states. The Fugitive Slave Clause states escaped slaves “shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labor may be due”, which abridged state rights because retrieving slaves was a form of retrieving private property. After the compromise of 1850, the Supreme Court made slavery a protected institution and arranged a series of laws allowing slavery in the new territories and forced officials in Free States to give a hearing to slaveholders without a jury. Northerners felt like this was a kidnapping process.

Fugitive Slave #LetOurVoicesEcho

Massachusetts had abolished slavery in 1783, but the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 required government officials to assist slavecatchers in capturing fugitives within the state.

The cruelty of slavery.

Slave 22

Slave 21

The enslavement of African’s in the America’s by the nations and people’s of Western Europe created the economic engine which funded American Capitalism

Slave 5

Slave 6

Slave 10

Slave 1


Slave 16

Slaves were punished for a variety of reasons, most of the time it was for working too slow or running away

Slave 13

The White Christian and moral influences have not only done little to prevent the Negro from becoming a criminal they deliberately shut him out of society.

Cudjo Lewis #LetOur Voices Echo

Cudjo Lewis (1841 – 1935) is considered the last survivor of the last slave ship to enter the United States. He was born around 1841 to a Yoruba family in the Bantè region of Dahomey (today Benin).

Slave 14

According to news sources “HE” made that nigger wear a bell for a year and took it off on Christmas as a present “It sho did make a good Nigger outta him”

Slave 2

Goldsboro NC … His pants have been pulled down and he was castrated.

2020-02-12 (2)

Slave 4

Delaware 1907: Two prisoners in pillory and another tied to a whipping post below.

Slave 7

Young children were not immune from field work 6 days a week from dawn to dusk

Slave 30

Slave 18

slave 25

Wet Nursemaid: She was free, technically, and paid a wage of about 10 dollars a month. However, she was basically enslaved. She saw her own children once every 2 weeks, meaning she couldn’t use her own body to provide nourishment for her own children. To feed white children when you are racially oppressed by the white race was traumatizing to say the least. Negro nurses typically worked 14-16 hour days. She had to be at the child’s beck and call to feed and bathe this baby and take care of any older children in the household. It was dehumanizing and robbed her of her dignity.

Slave 8

Slave 3



Gordon, or Whipped Peter, was a slave on a Louisiana plantation who escaped from slavery in 1863. He would go on to serve as a soldier in the United States Colored Troops. Harper’s Weekly published photos of Gordon’s scarred back, the result of his time in slavery. The photos helped make slavery more real for those living in the North and accelerated the Union cause in the war.


African-Americans made up less than 1 percent of the North’s population but were 10 percent of the Union Army. Black men weren’t allowed to join the army until 1863. About 180,000 Black men, more than 85 percent of eligible African-Americans in the Northern states, fought. While White soldiers earned $13 a month, Black soldiers earned only $10 — and then were charged a $3 clothing fee that lowered their monthly pay to $7. The highest paid Black soldier made less than the lowest paid White one. After protesting by refusing to accept their wages and gaining support from abolitionist Congressmen, Black soldiers finally received equal pay in 1864 — paid retroactively to their enlistment date.

Silas #LetOurVoicesEcho

Andrew Chandler and his slave Silas Chandler who accompanied his master to war as a “bodyguard.” This tintype is the only one of its kind showing a Confederate soldier with his slave. It was proven Silas was a slave through his pension records and he had not been set free or bought his freedom prior to the war and the Chandler family had not donated the land upon which Silas founded a church for former slaves after the war. The weapons in the famous photograph were props likely given to them just for the picture. READ MORE

Authored by Chuck Allen “Relentless Prison Ministry”

In 1866, one year after the 13 Amendment was ratified (the amendment that ended slavery), Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina began to lease out convicts for labor (peonage). This made the business of arresting Blacks very lucrative, which is why hundreds of White men were hired by these states as police officers. Their primary responsibility was to search out and arrest Blacks who were in violation of Black Codes. Once arrested, these men, women and children would be leased to plantations where they would harvest cotton, tobacco, sugar cane. Or they would be leased to work at coal mines, or railroad companies. The owners of these businesses would pay the state for every prisoner who worked for them; prison labor.

It is believed that after the passing of the 13th Amendment, more than 800,000 Blacks were part of the system of peonage, or re-enslavement through the prison system. Peonage didn’t end until after World War II began, around 1940.

This is how it happened.

The 13th Amendment declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” (Ratified in 1865)

Did you catch that? It says, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude could occur except as a punishment for a crime”. Lawmakers used this phrase to make petty offenses crimes. When Blacks were found guilty of committing these crimes, they were imprisoned and then leased out to the same businesses that lost slaves after the passing of the 13th Amendment. This system of convict labor is called peonage.

The majority of White Southern farmers and business owners hated the 13th Amendment because it took away slave labor. As a way to appease them, the federal government turned a blind eye when southern states used this clause in the 13th Amendment to establish laws called Black Codes. Here are some examples of Black Codes:
In Louisiana, it was illegal for a Black man to preach to Black congregations without special permission in writing from the president of the police. If caught, he could be arrested and fined. If he could not pay the fines, which were unbelievably high, he would be forced to work for an individual, or go to jail or prison where he would work until his debt was paid off.

If a Black person did not have a job, he or she could be arrested and imprisoned on the charge of vagrancy or loitering.

This next Black Code will make you cringe. In South Carolina, if the parent of a Black child was considered vagrant, the judicial system allowed the police and/or other government agencies to “apprentice” the child to an “employer”. Males could be held until the age of 21, and females could be held until they were 18. Their owner had the legal right to inflict punishment on the child for disobedience, and to recapture them if they ran away.
This (peonage) is an example of systemic racism – Racism established and perpetuated by government systems. Slavery was made legal by the U.S. Government. Segregation, Black Codes, Jim Crow and peonage were all made legal by the government, and upheld by the judicial system. These acts of racism were built into the system, which is where the term “Systemic Racism” is derived.

This is the part of “Black History” that most of us were never told about.

Burying the Dead

Burying the Dead – Civil War

Whites Used Blacks as Alligator Bait

In 1908 the Washington Times reported that a keeper at the New York Zoological Garden baited “Alligators With Pickaninnies” out of their winter quarters. In the article two “small colored children happened to drift through the reptile house among the throng of visitors” and they were “pressed into service.” The alligators “wobbled out as quick as they could after the ebony mites, who darted around the tank just as the pursuing monsters fell with grunts of chagrin into the water.” The alligators were “coaxed” into their summer quarters by “plump little Africans”

The practice has been documented in at least three movies: “Alligator Bait” (1900) and “The ‘Gator and the Pickaninny” (1900). And the story of two black boys who served as alligator bait was told in “Untamed Fury” (1947).

Alligator Bait

Alligator Bait 2

Billie Holiday ~ Strange Fruit

WEB Du Bois writes of the April 23, 1899 lynching of Sam Hose in Georgia. Du Bois reported the knuckles of the victim were on display at a local store on Mitchell Street in Atlanta and a piece of the man’s heart and liver was presented to the state’s governor. https://historyengine.richmond.edu/episodes/view/502

Postcard depicting the lynching of Lige Daniels, Center, Texas, USA, August 3, 1920. Lyniching Blacks 2

Lots of Strange Fruit Strange FruitLyniching Blacks 1 Strange Fruit

Lynching 4

This mans’ pants are pulled down to humiliate and scare him before he’s castrated then hung

Laura NelsonLaura Nelson Okemah OK May 25, 1911

2019-07-31 (2)

Slave 31

Fire 2Jesse Washington 17 yr. old May 15, 1916 Waco TX

Washington was accused of raping and murdering Lucy Fryer, the wife of his white employer in rural Robinson TX . Washington a mildly mentally challenged was tried for murder in Waco, in a courtroom filled with furious locals. The trial lasted about one hour and after four minutes of deliberation, the jury’s foreman announced a guilty verdict and a sentence of death. After his sentence was pronounced, he was dragged out of the court by observers, they put a chain on his neck and lynched him in front of Waco’s city hall. Over 16,000 spectators, including city officials and police, gathered to watch the attack. There was a celebratory atmosphere at the event, and many children attended during their lunch hour. Members of the mob castrated Washington, cut off his fingers so he couldn’t climb the chain, and hung him over a bonfire. He was repeatedly lowered and raised over the fire for about two hours. After the fire was extinguished, his charred torso was dragged through the town and parts of his body were sold as souvenirs. A professional photographer took pictures as the event unfolded, providing rare imagery of a lynching in progress. The pictures were printed and sold as postcards in Waco.

Raymond Gunn

In the 1931 Maryville, Missouri, lynching of Raymond Gunn, the crowd estimated at 2,000 to 4,000 was at least a ¼ women, and included hundreds of children. One woman “held her little girl up so she could get a better view of the naked Negro blazing on the roof. After the fire was out, hundreds poked about in his ashes for souvenirs. “The charred remains of the victim were divided piece by piece,” 


Lynching 2 guys

Lynching phone pole

Hang 1

Hang & white lady


15 #LetOurVoicesEcho

3 #LetOurVoicesEcho

Ruben(photo above) July 19, 1935 Ruben Stacy 32 hangs from a tree in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Stacy was lynched by a mob of angry masked White men who seized him from the custody of sheriff’s deputies for allegedly attacking a white woman.Hang 4

Hang 5

Hanged 6


Chained 2


Hanged 7

Hang 8

Hang 9

Hang 10 Postcard

There’s a note attached to a body which reads: “Let this be a warning to you niggers to let white people alone or you will go the same way”

2 #LetOurVoicesEcho

4 #LetOurVoicesEcho

5 #LetOurVoicesEcho

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35 #LetOurVoicesEcho

23 #LetOurVoicesEcho

24 #LetOurVoicesEcho

26 Paul Reed and Will Cato 1904 Statesboro GA

32 #LetOurVoicesEcho

28 #LetOurVoicesEcho

slave 20

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30 #LetOurVoicesEcho

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40 #LetOurVoicesEcho

#LetOurVoicesEcho #BennieSimmons

Bennie Simmons soaked in coal oil before being set on fire

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_2

42 #LetOurVoicesEcho

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching #April1892

April 30, 1892

37 #LetOurVoicesEcho

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Black Execution #Noose

In 1919, in the wake of World War I, Black sharecroppers unionized in Little Rock Arkansas, which unleashed a wave of White Vigilantism and mass lynching’s leaving 237 people dead.

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Black Execution

If you were a Black defendant, good luck challenging the prosecutor who eliminated potential witnesses or impartial jurors.

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_4

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_5

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_7

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_8

The Tulsa race massacre of 1921 took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history

2020-06-13 (15)

2020-06-16 (7)

2020-06-16 (9)

2020-06-16 (6)

2020-06-16 (8)

2020-06-16 (15)

White rioters converge outside the Douglas County Courthouse. On Sept. 27, 1919, an angry mob grabbed William Brown, a Black man, inside the courthouse after he was accused of mugging a White, handicapped man and raping the man’s fiancée. Brown was stripped, beaten unconscious and castrated before hundreds of bullets were fired into his body as he was dragged by an automobile and hanged from a downtown light pole.

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching_6

2020-06-16 (12)

In a flag draped casket, the body of Mack Charles Parker a victim of a lynch mob is lowered into a grave. Awaiting trial on charges of having raped a pregnant white woman Parker was dragged from his unguarded cell, beat him, took him to Louisiana and then shot him by a masked mob in Poplarville in Mississippi and his body was found May 4, 1959. Although Parker’s abductors were well known and some admitted their complicity to FBI agents, the judge in the case, Sebe Dale, a white supremacist and member of the White Citizens’ Council encouraged the grand jury to return no indictments against the killers. Parker’s lynching continues to resonate after 50 years because of the unresolved issues and is among 43 unpunished killings in Mississippi from the civil rights era that the FBI is now seeking help in solving.

2020-06-16 (13)

Lamar Howard, 19, of Monroe, Ga., points to bruises he said he received in Atlanta from two White men, Jan. 2, 1947. Howard said they tried to force from him his testimony before a federal grand jury investigation the lynching of four blacks near Monroe in the summer 1946. 

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Black Execution #Noose #Michael Donald

March 21, 1981 Michael Donald, 20 years old lynched by the Ku Klux Klan – Last reported lynching, although not the last lynching in Mobile, Alabama, was one of the last reported lynching’s in the United States. Several Ku Klux Klan members beat and killed Michael Donald, and hung his body from a tree.

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Lynching 1889-1921

Human Zoo’s

Ota Benga (c. 1883 – March 20, 1916) was a Congolese man, a  Mbuti pygmy known for being featured in an anthropology exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904, and in a human zoo exhibit in 1906 at the Bronx Zoo. Benga had been purchased from African slave traders by the explorer Samuel Phillips Verner, a businessman hunting Africans for the Exposition.

Displays of non-white humans as examples of “earlier stages” of human evolution were common in the early 20th century, when racial theories were frequently intertwined with concepts from evolutionary biology. Read more about Ota https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ota_Benga

27 #LetOurVoicesEcho

38 #LetOurVoicesEcho

Canon City


#LetOurVoicesEcho #KKK #JohnsonCounty #KlanRally

Tuskegee Overview

2019-04-23 (2)

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972, ran for forty years in Macon County, Alabama during the mid-20th century, is one of the more appalling and deceitful of the bunch.by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African American men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government.

Public Health Service enrolled six hundred Macon County men, 399 with syphilis and 201 who weren’t infected, to be part of the study. None of the men actually knew what the study was for. They were lured in with the promise of “free health care,” something that none of them had, and treatment of “bad blood,” a general localized term that encompassed several different afflictions, including anemia, fatigue, and other venereal diseases.

The men were told that they were going to get free medical exams, meals, and burial insurance. For those who actually had syphilis, they were never informed of their diagnosis nor given any treatment for it. Additionally, very painful and unnecessary spinal taps were performed on many in the study.

Subjects of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment were never administered nor offered penicillin as treatment. The study administrators wanted to watch the progression of the disease as the men got sick and, in many cases, died for the forty years the study went on even though for much of it a relatively effective treatment was available. All total it’s estimated that 128 of the men died either directly from syphilis or complications related to it, 40 infected their wives (and in some cases possibly others), and there were 19 of the men’s children born with congenital syphilis.


Experiment 2



When asked why they had to receive several “back shots” (spinal taps) researcher’s repeatedly lied to the men, claims the shots were “therapeutic” when in fact the spinal taps gave insight to the infection from the spine canal to the brain.

#GeorgeStinney #Jim Crow #LetOurVoicesEcho

George Junius Stinney Jr.  (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944) just 14 years old was arrested for murdering two white girls, Betty June Binnicker, age 11, and Mary Emma Thames, age 7, deep in Jim Crow South in Alcolu, located in Clarendon County, South Carolina, on March 23, 1944. The girls disappeared while out riding their bicycle looking for flowers. As they passed the Stinney property, they asked young George Stinney and his sister, if they knew where to find “maypops” flower. When the girls didn’t return, search parties were organized, the girl’s bodies were found the next morning in a ditch filled with muddy water. Both had suffered severe head wounds.

Stinney was arrested within a few hours and he interrogated by several white officers in a locked room with no parents, no attorney and no witnesses aside from the officers. Within an hour, a deputy announced Stinney had confessed to the crime and led officers to “a hidden piece of iron”. There was no written record of his confession, only notes by an investigating deputy, and no transcript was recorded.

According to the alleged confession, Stinney (90 lbs, 5’1”) wanted to “have sex with”11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and could not do so until Mary Emma Thames, age 8, was removed from the scene; he decided to kill Mary Emma, both girls “fought back” so he decided to kill Betty June as well with a 15 inch railroad spike found in the same ditch a distance from the bodies.

A 2-hour trial was held, Stinney’s attorney did not cross-examine witnesses, his defense consisted of the claim Stinney was too young to be held responsible for the crimes. The all-white jury deliberated 10 minutes and found Stinney guilty of first-degree murder. That same day, the judge sentenced the teen to death by electric chair.

The execution was carried out at the South Carolina State Penitentiary in Columbia, South Carolina on the morning of June 16, 1944, 83 days after the crime. At 7:30 a.m. Stinney walked to the execution chamber, a bible under his arm which he used as a booster seat in the electric chair. There were difficulties strapping the boy who at 5’1” and just over 90 lbs. In addition, the face mask used in executions did not fit properly. When officials turned on the switch, 2,400 volts surged through Stinney’s body, causing the mask to slip off. His eyes were wide and teary, and saliva was emanating from his mouth for all the witnesses in the room to see. After two more jolts of electricity, it was over. Stinney was pronounced dead at 7:30 p.m., four minutes after the execution began and 83 days after the murders.

A deathbed confession by the culprits from a prominent tight-knit well-known white family stated: “A member, or members of our family, served on the initial coroner’s inquest jury which had recommended Stinney be prosecuted.”

The “piece of iron” with which the two girls had been killed weighed over twenty pounds. It was ruled George wasn’t able to lift it, let alone swing it hard enough to kill the two girls. 70 years later, on December 17, 2014, Judge Carmen T. Mullen overturned Stinney’s first-degree murder conviction, stating his sentencing was “cruel and unusual.” She wrote there was “a violation of the defendant’s procedural due process rights that tainted his prosecution. George Stinney is the youngest person in the United States ever put to death by the electric chair.

Cousins Recall Emmett Louis Till’s Murder


45 #LetOurVoicesEcho


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A poster rallying White voters to oppose enfranchisement allowing African American’s to vote

White Only

2018-12-27 (9)

Lancaster Ohio 1938White Only 2

Freedom Riders

#LetOurVoicesEcho #HangedVoterSign 1

Detroit 1943-001

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Slave 17


Police Dogs

ZA 22

ZA 23

Alabama State Troopers Attack John Lewis st the Edmund Pettis Bridge

ZA 21

Mumia Abu Jamal in his younger years as a member of The Philadelphia Chapter of the Black Panthers Party for Self Defense.

ZA 11

Fullscreen capture 972015 105851 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 972015 110038 PM.bmp

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Fullscreen capture 972015 110251 PM.bmp

1963 Demonstration Virginia

ZA 3

ZA 4

ZA 5

2019-06-25 (4)

Detroit 1943

ZA 14

ZA 7

Segregated drinking fountains No. Carolina 1950

ZA 9

ZA 12

ZA 13

ZA 8

ZA 15

1963 Brother Malcolm Nation Building

ZA 10

White people abusing Blacks by pouring food and drinks on Black people

ZA 16

ZA 17

Seen around the borders of the curfew zone which makes explicit the policies of White People’s racism

ZA 18

ZA 19

ZA 20

ZA 1

ZA 2

16th St. Bombing


CollageSeptember 10, 1963 a white student had been photographed wearing a sign on his shirt that read “Keep West End White.” On either side of the word “Keep” appeared two Confederate flagsLittle Rock School

Patricia Marcus“Birmingham, ALA., Sept. 11, 1963 —CAR WINDOW SMASHED—One of two Negro girl students who desegregated West End High School in Birmingham sits in car and is partially framed by broken auto window. A rock was hurled through the window as the Negro girls were leaving the school area after class this afternoon. (APWirephoto) 1963”

#CivilRightsMovement #Racism #PoliceBrutality #LetOurVoicesEcho

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Racism #CivilRights 1963

1963 “Civil Disobedience” Brooklyn’ s Downstate Medical Center NY Solitary woman’s act of defiance was far from the deep South

West End High 1

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Racism_1

Black man being forced to kiss the foot of some White man

#LetOurVoicesEcho #Racism_2

West End High 2


Hyde Park


Hobo 18Mississippi

44 #LetOurVoicesEcho

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan, displays a wide variety of everyday artifacts depicting the history of racist portrayals of African Americans in American popular culture.
1010 Campus Dr, Big Rapids, MI 49307

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person 

https://letourvoicesecho.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/explaining-white-privilege-to-White Mana-broke-white-person/

White HOuse

Jim Zwerg

Jim Zwerg

In 1961, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) began to organize Freedom Rides. The first departed from Washington DC and involved 13 black and white riders who rode into the South challenging white only lunch counters and restaurants. When they reached Anniston, Alabama one of the buses was ambushed and attacked. Meanwhile, at an SNCC meeting in Tennessee, Lewis, Zwerg and 11 other volunteers decided to be reinforcements. Zwerg was the only white male in the group. Although scared for his life, Zwerg never had second thoughts. He recalled, “My faith was never so strong as during that time. I knew I was doing what I should be doing.”

The group traveled by bus to Birmingham, where Zwerg was first arrested for not moving to the back of the bus with his black seating companion, Paul Brooks. Three days later, the riders regrouped and headed to Montgomery. At first the terminal there was quiet and eerie, but the scene turned into an ambush, with the riders attacked from all directions. . “Mr. Zwerg was hit with his own suitcase in the face. Then he was knocked down and a group pummeled him” The prostrate activist was beaten into unconsciousness somewhere around the time a man took Zwerg’s head between his knees while others took turns pounding and clawing at his face. At one point while Zwerg was unconscious, three men held him up while a woman kicked him in the groin. After it seemed that the worst of the onslaught was over, Zwerg gained semi-consciousness and tried to use the handrails to the loading platform to pull himself to his feet. As he struggled to get upright, a white man came and threw Zwerg over the rail. He crashed to the ground below, landing on his head. He was only the first to be beaten that day, but the attack on him may have been the most ruthless. Zwerg recalls, “There was nothing particularly heroic in what I did. If you want to talk about heroism, consider the black man who probably saved my life. This man in coveralls, just off of work, happened to walk by as my beating was going on and said ‘Stop beating that kid. If you want to beat someone, beat me.’ And they did. He was still unconscious when I left the hospital. I don’t know if he lived or died.”

Zwerg was denied prompt medical attention because there were no white ambulances available. “I suppose a person has to be dead before anyone will call an ambulance in Montgomery” were Jim’s words as he lay in the hospital bed after being brutally beaten. He remained unconscious for two days and stayed in the hospital for five days. His post-riot photos were published in many newspapers and magazines across the country. After his beating, Zwerg claimed he had had an incredible religious experience and God helped him to not fight back. In a 2013 interview recalling the incident, he said, “In that instant, I had the most incredible religious experience of my life. I felt a presence with me. A peace. Calmness. It was just like I was surrounded by kindness, love. I knew in that instance that whether I lived or died, I would be OK.” In a famous moving speech from his hospital room, Zwerg stated, “Segregation must be stopped. It must be broken down. Those of us on the Freedom Ride will continue…. We’re dedicated to this, we’ll take hitting, we’ll take beating. We’re willing to accept death. But we’re going to keep coming until we can ride from anywhere in the South to any place else in the South without anybody making any comments, just as American citizens.”


America was built on the back of Native Americans and Blacks; these are things EVERY White American should be ashamed of, certainly not proud of.

By the way, the term “Final Solution” was not coined by the Nazis. It was Indian Affairs Superintendent, Duncan Campbell Scott, Canada’s Adolph Eichmann, who in April 1910 plotted out the planned murder to take care of the “Indian problem”.

Equal Justice Initiative ~ A HISTORY OF RACIAL INJUSTICE

101 Massacres – 23,000 plus, 1st Nation Peoples Exterminated by White Settlers and Military


Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez
Human Rights Advocate, Researcher/Chronological Archivist and member in good standing with the Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA.org)

Minority Incarceration and Media’s Societal Engineering



I’ve finally completed my Race and Gender in the Media Class and below is my final essay!!!

Societal Engineering of repetitive media messages focusing on minorities, particularly Blacks as nefarious thugs fail to take into account the majority of penal inmates are comprised of non-violent offenders. Covert strategy applied through media cautionary tales reaching the largest potential audience’s constant barrage of psychological programming is designed to perpetuate a constant state of anxiety, fear and apprehension.

Most people are totally unaware of the level of manipulation by indoctrination they’re subjected through content delivery. Antisocial messages embedded within episodic situational programming encourage and change audience attitudes by altering emotional arousal patterns under the guise of entertainment intended to influence cerebral behavior. This systematic pattern dominates mass media which is dependent on advertising revenue and political support which the media are incapable from detaching.

Jurors have been pre-conditioned through media to view handcuffed Black men entering courtrooms dressed in orange as guilty by reason of skin color. In 1984, nineteen year old Black youth [1]Darryl Hunt, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was convicted of the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes despite the fact there was no physical evidence tying him to the crime. Darryl was sentenced by an all-white jury to life in prison. Ten years later DNA testing cleared Darryl, however even after being exonerated Darryl spent an additional nine years in prison. After 19 years Hunt was released in 2004.

[2]Mandatory sentencing policy data reflect Black offenders are incarcerated at 5.6 times the rate and receive considerably longer sentences than White offenders. Nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population is Black, and 1 out of every 12 Black males between the ages of 30 and 34 are behind bars, compared with 1 in 60 White males of the same age group; herein lays the contradiction of mind control; Widely published National statistics present these figures “With the help of politicians and news media, criminal and Black has become so interchangeable that social psychology experiments testing implicit racial bias have found Whites view Blacks as less trustworthy, more violent, and innately criminal.”[3]

Repetitious lies, distorted messages, faulty analogies and circular reasoning formulated by politicians, produced by corporate media, and generated though news, television and broadcast agencies as factual is the systematic broken record technique of brain washing. “mind control is possible through the covert exploitation of the unconscious rules that underlie and facilitate healthy human social interactions. Common social rules can be used to prey upon the unwary” [4]. If something is repeated often enough the brain is mentally restrained and prone to suggestion and cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. To underestimate coercive persuasion by hypnotizing millions of people into believing most if not all Black men are thugs and criminals deserving of prison, and most if not all White men are decent and pure, deserving of second chances is not fair, nor is it balanced, impartial or constitutionally legal which does not allow for due process and equal protection or representation under the law.

Legal assistance and attorney affordability are not synonymous. At the present time there are roughly 650,000 people around the country currently locked down in local jails, and nearly 70 percent of them haven’t been convicted of any crime. Among those awaiting trial, many are stuck behind bars because they can’t afford bail, they’re products of a system which regularly forces legally innocent people to serve time. Black men customarily don’t have the funds to retain high powered legal counsel many Whites are afforded such as in the case of the Affluenza Kid Ethan Couch [5], therefore are subjected to inferior services of disinterested, overworked, incompetent or inexperienced underpaid court-appointed attorneys who typically invest less than 15 minutes reviewing charges and interviewing clients. Without quality representation there is virtually no chance of acquittal.

In the majority of movies and TV, Whites are the saviors, the leaders, the smartest, boldest, sincerest; portrayed fighting with words and logic. Blacks are portrayed as smack talking, drug dealing liars and thugs who fight with guns. White screenwriters haven’t developed Black characters in meaningful ways so their lives and deaths mean nothing, confirming Black lives really don’t matter. Media repeatedly controls our thoughts by using violent imagery.

How impartial and unbiased can a juror be whose been inundated by a system of media propaganda significantly influencing, disrupting and compromising their collective freedom of choice, and can this process be routed out or determined during Voir Dire?

When media’s mind controlling contempt for Black men manifests as acceptable practice, it clarifies the extensive mistreatment and the disproportionately 20% longer mandatory prison sentencing for Black defendants than White defendants.

[1] “Darryl Hunt.” – The Innocence Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.
[2] Mauer, Marc, and Ryan S. King. Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration By Race and Ethnicity (n.d.): n. pag. Web.
[3] Cox, Robynn. “Where Do We Go from Here? Mass Incarceration and the Struggle for Civil Rights.” Economic Policy Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.
[4] Cialdini, Robert B. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. New York: Collins, 2007. Web.
[5] Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015. Ethan Couch

In ancient Egypt there were no vowels


In ancient Egypt there were no vowels; Negro was represented as N-G-R and pronounced en-jer, which is auditory for GOD. Therefore N-G-R: NEGRO translates to Devine Being or God. Moving forward to 735 BC Rome where the language of Latin came into use; Nigrum or Negro (pronounced neg-ro) meaning the color black originated as a neutral term referring to people with black skin.

Skipping forward many centuries to the 1500’s and progressing through the mid 1800’s, the Atlantic Slave Trade transported over 10 million African’s; nearly 15% of slaves were captured in the River Niger Delta Region in West Africa and delivered to the coast to be sold at European trading ports. It is believed these slaves were called Niger’s (pronounced Ni-gir) to differentiate them from other regions such as the Congo, Angola or Cameroon.

Word alterations in the US and the negative connotations they elicit as a description of a “negro or “N,” with no value attached to the word itself. During the period of subjugation the words “N” or “Black” was situated in front of a first name to distinguish a slave from a White person with the same first name establishing the pigment demarcation line, thus becoming an intentional derogatory term to belittle and degrade.

I believe the racial formation and derogatory use of the “N” word is not much different than plantation owners feeding slaves as cheaply as possible with poor quality leftover waste foods and scraps as a means of a complex social, economic and political system to control and punish. African slaves were extremely creative with their provisions which evolved into the distinct cuisine, Soul Food; the correlation and racial project being, by using the “N” word by Blacks in today’s culture; it is now elevated to a level of sophistication, thereby negating the disparaging intent.

Nigga vs Nigger is a representation of homophones with the “N” word defining peoples’ who are economically, politically, socially enslaved and dominated under the rule of oppression by the use of racial formation, or as Voltaire claimed “The negro race is a species of men different from ours as the breed of spaniels is from that of greyhounds”. While the word “nigga” is a phrase used in the Black community to define brotherhood, friendship, affections and at times even animosity, it’s the latter of the two which many Black’s chose to use as a term of endearment.

One can’t pretend there isn’t a double standard; Blacks can say the “N” word without social consequence however when Whites use the “N” word it’s denoted as racial prejudice. The Gangsta Rap culture with popular songs such as Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy Style” Tupac’s “I’d Ratha Be Ya N.I.G.G.A”, Ice Cube’s “My Summer Vacation” and a myriad of other crowd-pleasing music genre have caused Whites, who are statistically the largest consumers of hip hop to feel justification to convert the “N” Word in lyrics to lifestyle linguistics without ever contemplating historical detriment or connection to deprivation, segregation, discrimination etc.

Thug is the new “N” word is repulsive and offensive yet it’s becoming an acceptable racial slur to describe Black men, especially young Black men. It’s alarming when Black youth are considered gangsters because of their apparel. The connotation, despite denotations are detrimental from both a mental standpoint and a safety point of view as exhibited by the monumental number of unarmed young Black men killed as a result of racial and Ethnic Profiling.

Please be assured this is absolutely not about promoting hate or the blaming of White’s. Also understand the difference between Indigenous White and Banker White….. The Banker White has never created a definition for who they are. Banker White meaning the Global Elite which is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve who control the wealth of the world.

They’ve given us a definition for every race except for the split in theirs. The Banker White hides its identity inside the Indigenous White. This confusion causes strife, because no one knows how to properly separate the two. No one seems to understand, WE, the people are our own SLAVERY ENFORCERS for the Banker Whites.

Racism isn’t by choice but by programming. Most people of color see and understand this…….while most Whites don’t…..they have never been trained to hate their own color. They have never had to fight themselves due to imagery. This is White Privilege/White Entitlement. I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way, just take notice. This is why people of color have never recovered from the brutality of America; we’ve never been allowed the chance. How can one recover when one race is always portrayed as clean and sin free and the other dumb and violent? How can we recover when we aren’t allowed to love ourselves without guilt?

Why is it “All Lives Matter” the most when Blacks and Natives try to speak out against injustice? Why didn’t All Lives Matter just 2 yrs. ago when we were being arrested and gunned down and before the NDAA didn’t include Whites? Why now? What about during the crack epidemic? Aids epidemic? Where were Whites when Trayvon’s murderer was being celebrated? Where were they when we demanded the release of Leonard Peltier? How can All Lives Matter when they’re just using this phrase to ignore other colors because privilege is being stripped away? How can All Lives Matter when they stand on this land regurgitating freedom for all while calling us primitive or ignorant? All Lives DON’T Matter…..what matters is to speak out louder, above us so we can’t be heard, because if you really believed that, you would allow us to speak for once.

I bring up these issues not to shove entitlements in the face of White America, but because entitlements are actually slavery to ourselves, gifted to us out of convenience, or through an educational media system which eternally lies. Face it, we/you, your parents and grandparents have been used as a weapon for the state.

Systemic racial profiling and nationwide police violence threaten the lives of Ethnic Americans – youth and adults EVERY day. Abuse against all people(s) regardless of race, color, national origin, homeless, religion, age, sexual orientation or manner of clothing is becoming abundantly rampant. Discriminatory racial profiling by police is nothing new and is huge in law enforcement, risking the lives of many innocent people.

Racial profiling whereby law-enforcement, intelligence, or homeland security personnel factor the race or ethnic characteristics of any given *suspect* into their respective decision making process. This practice became particularly controversial toward the end of the 20th century when civil rights leaders charge profiling was rooted in racism and the targeting, disproportionately and unjustly of Blacks and other non-white minorities.

As of Oct. 7, 2015 909 people have been killed by police since Jan. 1, 2015. Were they all Black? No, but Black males, age 15 to 19, are killed at a rate of 31.17% per million, while just 1.47% per million White males in that age range died at the hands of police. Young Black males are at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater.

America was built on the back of Native Americans and Blacks.


As most of you know I’m taking a class at Santa Monica College on Race and Gender in the Media. One of the assignments is to reply to another student on a post they’d made on something they’d seen in the media and their view on the topic.

Naturally I won’t reveal their name or post their entire comment but I did respond to the following:

“because of the whites with their rich history that we are where we are today. For example, the founding of the United States of America. They created the best country in the world by giving everyone freedom and a voice”

Yes, it’s absolutely something to be proud of thanks to the Illegal Immigrant White Settlers, America can boast to hold the title of having the largest genocidal depopulation in the world killing 90% of the 100 million plus No. American Indians, wiping out 500 1st Nation American Tribes, and a 200,000 year old civilization disappearing.

An estimated 80 million 1st Nation Peoples died in the years following the European invasion, due to diseases brought to this continent by White Europeans including, but not limited to bubonic plague, chicken pox, pneumonic plague, syphilis, cholera, diphtheria, influenza, measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, tuberculosis, and whooping cough.

“Indian Removal”, “clearing” “ethnic cleansing” the military’s slaughter of tribal villages, bounties on native scalps; White Settlers distributing 100 thousand blankets intentionally contaminated with smallpox to 1st Nations people. The massive slaughtering of buffalo in the 1800s, “Take away food, you take away the means of survival” ; an estimated 31,000,000 buffalo were killed between the years of 1868 and 1881 with only 500 buffalo left by the year of 1885.

The Trail of Tears alone recorded only 4,000 of the estimated 25,000 deaths. Massacres carried out by Illegal Immigrant White Settlers and Military exterminated an additional 23,000 plus Indians’.

It was illegal to practice our religious beliefs until Aug. 11, 1978 when the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed to protect and preserve the traditional religious rights and cultural practices of American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts and Native Hawaiians; which included, but was not limited to, access to sacred sites, freedom to worship through ceremonial and traditional rights, and use and possession of objects considered sacred; HOWEVER these laws were not implemented until 1983, a full 5 years later. Meanwhile 100’s of natives stayed in prison while Whites continued to steal our land for uranium fracking and oil.

“They created the best country in the world by giving everyone freedom and a voice”

………………………………………………BECAUSE OF:…………………………………………
“The unique way the United States unites its citizens through their differences”

America was built on the back of Native Americans and Blacks; these are things EVERY White American should be ashamed of, certainly not proud of.

By the way, the term “Final Solution” was not coined by the Nazis. It was Indian Affairs Superintendent, Duncan Campbell Scott, Canada’s Adolph Eichmann, who in April 1910 plotted out the planned murder to take care of the “Indian problem”.

101 Massacres – 23,000 plus, 1st Nation Peoples Exterminated by White Settlers and Military

Partly Cloudy


As a child of the 50’s I watched cartoons without so much of a thought to anything other than pure entertainment. This was just the way it was; men with pitch-black skin and huge smiles devouring enormous wedges of watermelon or greasy bubble lips drooling over platters of sizzling fried chicken. They spoke in thick over the top southern dialect while picking cotton, the pink palms of their hands highly contrasting the dark skin of their bodies. At regular intervals cotton sacks were dropped, plows cast aside, banjos grabbed and enthusiastic dancing commenced.

I’m not an extremist looking to find fault with the *true evil* meaning hidden in a cute cartoon but I have to ask myself does the “Dark Stormy Cloud” only dole out what we consider dangerous animals? I have to wonder why yet again a dark entity is signified as being risky or threatening… All animals are wonderful but even kitties, puppies and bunnies bite; nonetheless those baby animals are being handed over by happy White clouds and although Mr. Dark Cloud appears embarrassed, he hands over a baby alligator, a bighorn sheep, a porcupine and an electric eel, all considered dangerous animals.

Why is dark skin considered unattractive? Why is black considered evil and white an expression of beauty and luxury? Is it because in the Bible, John 3:20 “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear their deeds will be exposed”? While white denotes clear, pure and good, unstained, genuine and honorable, black evokes dark shadows, nightmares, vampires, wicked witches, villains, the boogie man and things that go bump in the night.

Are we now just sugar coating bigotry from a bygone era, disguising racism, intolerance, xenophobia and stereotypes as cute fluffy clouds?


Barriers, Borders, and Blood This is NOT My History

Disobey squareThank you Rudy TwoMoon

If America is built from many nations, why is it offensive to be anything other than white?

Am I an enrolled member of my nation’s tribe? Nope. I’m Yaqui Apache, Mayan, and Aztec, on the Mexico side, even though Yaqui is recognized in Arizona. There is no paper trail for my family. It is Sad to think we need a card to prove our second rate subhuman citizen standard.

CruzMy dad’s mom who is full blood Mayan. She was kidnapped by a full blood Yaqui. He took her deep into Mexico and had 9 children with her. When he died, she married my dad’s dad who was also a full blood Yaqui and they moved back to Arizona.

My dad is the 2nd youngest of 11 kids. Many of my uncles tried to find out more information about our history. A few of them have passed on, from what I understand, and they knew more of the story and remembered the tribal life. My dad, at one point, asked his mom about the story and was refused an answer. Later, he found out from his older brother it was actually better to be a border jumping Mexican than it was to be Indian.

Think for a moment how bad a lot of Americans dislike Mexicans. Now imagine how bad it must have been to be Indian, to hide who you are and never talk about your past even to your own children.

If you ask most Americans what a Mexican is, they haven’t a clue. They believe a border was always separating “good, clean, wholesome Americans” from “dirty, bad, stealing, murdering Mexicans.” They haven’t a clue we would travel from the highest point of Canada to the lowest points of South America while trading, learning, giving, and even sometimes fighting.

Overall, most travelers were respectful to other customs and brought new medicines or food. Americans haven’t a clue about how the two rows of corn closest to a path was always dedicated to travelers and guests, not just in the South America, but almost everywhere.

They have no clue Mexico is native land! They have no clue Mexico is indigenous! The only difference between these 2 lands are, here in the USA, most of us were eradicated so slave owning families could separate themselves from a crown and thus avoid taxation.

In Mexico, the Black slave trade along with Spanish rape of indigenous people and Blacks created a beautiful new human who has been fighting assimilation for 520 straight years… just like us indigenous people here on this part of Turtle Island.

Rudy20-002If you ask many Americans what American culture is, they have no answer, because there isn’t one. They think tomatoes come from Italy, and the honeybee was always here. They think the turkey was brought to these lands, and the chicken is indigenous to the Americas.

If you ask an educated American where the first nations come from, they will more than likely state Africa, even though this has been disproven time and time again by even the occupier’s science.

Yes, even white science has proven the indigenous of this land have DNA unlike any other nation found on this planet. This proves we didn’t cross a land bridge to get here like the regurgitated 1902 theory demands you believe.

The occupier’s history would have you believe the Indian died out with the Woolly mammoth, and those who happened to survive by the graces of this government’s good will and fair democratic process, have preserved the Indian by fashioning him in the image of land and water rapists.

They would have you believe it is our own stupidity if we should wish to even consider going back to an uncivilized world without taxes, low paying jobs, or being able to step away from being a slave to the poisoned food system and a destroyed planet.

The education system needs us all to believe we were savage cannibals who were always at war with one another, so no one ever realizes the civilized world isn’t actually civil to any life form in the least.

AmeriKKKan education is a sickness which should be avoided at all costs, by everyone!

“Only a fool would allow his enemy to teach his kids.”—Malcolm X

The “Black-escalation Effect.”

Thank you Macrina Coper-White


Research has shown that young black students in American schools are expelled and suspended three times as often as white students. Now a disturbing new study from Stanford University reveals one factor behind such disproportionate punishment.

The study showed that teachers tend to view black students more harshly than white students even when their disruptive behavior is exactly the same — possibly triggering a destructive cycle.

“We have shown experimentally, for the first time, that teacher responses can contribute to racial disparities in discipline,” the researchers wrote in a paper describing their research, which was published online April 8 in the journal Psychological Science. “In fact, teacher responses may even help to drive racial differences in student behavior — differential treatment by teachers, to some extent, may inspire repeated misbehavior by black students.”

What’s in a name? For the study, a racially diverse group of more than 250 elementary and secondary teachers across the country were shown records that described two minor infractions committed by a student. Half of the records were labeled with stereotypically black names (such as Deshawn or Darnell), and half with stereotypically white names (such as Greg or Jake).

After reading about each infraction, the teachers were asked how bothered they were the student’s misbehavior, how severely they thought the student should be disciplined, and how likely they were to consider the student a “troublemaker.”

How did the teachers respond? When it came to a student’s first infraction, there was no difference in the teachers’ attitudes toward the white and black students. After reading about a second infraction, however, the teachers were more likely to feel troubled by the black students’ behavior, to want to mete out severe punishment, and to label the student a troublemaker.

The “black-escalation effect.” The researchers argue in their paper that when a student has multiple infractions, negative racial stereotypes are more likely to kick in. Teachers are more likely to see the infractions of black students as fitting into a larger pattern of bad behavior.

“It’s not that these are racist people, it’s just that we all are exposed to stereotypes in the world,” Jason Okonufua, a graduate student at the university and the study’s lead researcher, told Reuters.

The researchers call this phenomenon the “black-escalation effect.” And they say it’s the same thing that happens outside the classroom.

“Most social relationships entail repeated encounters,” Okonofua said in a written statement. “Interactions between police officers and civilians, between employers and employees, between prison guards and prisoners all may be subject to the sort of stereotype escalation effect we have identified in our research.”

Reducing bias. The researchers said they hope their findings will encourage the development of new psychological interventions to mitigate the problem.

Educators and advocates who were not involved in the study say it’s a good first step.

“These findings must be brought into teacher training and professional development sessions,” Dr. Christopher Emdin, science director of the Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, told The Huffington Post in an email. “The next frontier in education is understanding that teachers have become complicit in maintaining racial inequities and must be given opportunities to confront and work through their biases in order to be effective.”

In fact, previous research suggests that such interventions can work. A 2013 study showed that a 12-week intervention aimed at reducing racial biases was remarkably effective. During the intervention, participants learned about their own biases and employed five strategies to combat them — such as perspective-taking and pursuing opportunities for contact with members of other racial groups.

But Dennis Parker, director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program, said a single training program about racial bias is no magic bullet.

“This is not a one-step thing you can do and be inoculated against implicit bias,” he told HuffPost Science. “It requires monitoring and retraining and careful observation. But the first step is that acknowledging that implicit bias is an issue.”

3,557 Names On The Dead Line Perpetual Queue of those Killed by Law Enforcement (and still counting)

Hands Up Don't Shoot

How is it police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them?

This queue will always be in a state of perpetual motion, continuous and unceasing, listing the names of those killed by Law Enforcement, whether the homicide was justifiable or a blatant disregard for human life. Most of the victims below are in a state a purgatory so to speak, awaiting research. Please keep in mind each victim is double and triple checked for accuracy, therefore it takes approximately 40-60 minutes to complete each bio, including editing, separating into 4 data bases and posting online to the appropriate page(s). If you have a family member, friend or know of someone killed at the hands of Law Enforcement or Vigilante(s) please leave their name, age, state, date of death etc. by replying in the comment box; they will be given top priority on the next post and you will receive links to their location(s). Completed bio’s on this page have ** behind the entry and can be found:

Part 1) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (1-250)
Part 2) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (251-500)
Part 3) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders (501 – Entered to Date)

I believe ALL those listed regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, in possession of a weapon , mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

Walking While Ethnic
Alphabetical Archive – Unarmed Victims of Law Enforcement Murders (Entered to Date)

1. Aaron Borden California 26, Los Angeles California June 26. 2007
2. Marty Maiden II 20, Tucson Arizona Nov. 20, 2013
3. “Africa” an unarmed Homeless Man (Mentally ill Black Male) Los Angeles California March 1, 2015 **
4. Aaron Campbell 25, Black Male Oregon Feb. 16, 2010 **
5. Aaron Clark Gray 24, Black Male Spartanburg County So. Carolina Feb. 11, 2005 **
6. Aaron Dumas 32, killed by Memphis PD on Oct. 15, 2013
7. Aaron Harrison 18, Black Male shot in back Chicago PD on Aug. 6, 2007 **
8. Aaron Hunter 19, killed by Arizona PD on June 28, 2012
9. Aaron Jones 36, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 04/28/2006
10. Aaron Lee Ahem Washington
11. Aaron Marcell Campbell 25, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 01/29/2010
12. Aaron Roberts Washington
13. Aaron Westby Washington
14. Aaron Williams (age unknown) San Francisco CA June 4, 1995 **
15. Abdiel Burgueno, Jr. Arizona
16. Abdul Ali Washington
17. Abdul Arian 19, Los Angeles California April 13, 2012
18. Abdul Kamal 30, killed by Irvington PD on Nov. 11, 2013
19. Abdullah K. Simmons Minnesota
20. Abel Perez Texas
21. Abelino Montoya New Mexico
22. Abraham Sanchez California
23. Ab-Raheem Muhammad Georgia
24. Abu Kassim Jeilani Minnesota
25. Adaisha Miller 24, Black Female Michigan July 1. 2012 **
26. Adam Bosch 29, July 7, 2013 Norco, California
27. Adam Caywood Washington
28. Adam Colliers Washington
29. Adam E. Boston Washington
30. Adam J. Smith Washington
31. Adam Jenkins Georgia
32. Adam L. Alexander Washington
33. Adam Madison 28, Black Male Warrior, Alabama Oct. 17, 2014 **
34. Adam Perez 3, Manhattan NY Nov. 18, 2005
35. Adam Thomas 27, Nov. 8, 2014 East Hemet California
36. Adelino Chavez Washington
37. Adesola Adesina Washington DC
38. Adolph Archie age unknown Black Male Louisanna March 22. 1990 **
39. Adolph Grimes Louisiana
40. Adrian Lark Mississippi
41. Adrian Parra 19, Hispanic Male California May 18. 2014 **
42. Adrian Reynolds Kentucky
43. Adrian Spindler Alaska
44. Affricka Jean age unknown Black Female Florida Dept. of Justice April. 2014 **
45. Afif Hazim 52, Black Male New York Oct. 20. 1999 **
46. Ahmed Gulad Minnesota
47. Ahmede Jabbar Bradley 35, Black Male Austin Texas 04/05/2012 **
48. Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones 7, Black Female Michigan May 16, 2010 **
49. Akai Gurley 28, Black Male Brooklyn NY Nov. 20, 2014 **
50. Akeron Thomas Minnesota
51. Al Pickett, 5, Dayton Ohio Aug. 21, 2013
52. Alan Bates 31, White Male Birmingham Alabama Feb. 15, 2002 **
53. Alan Blueford Jr California
54. Alan DeWayne Blueford 18, Balck Male California May 6. 2012 **
55. Alan Gillotti Sr. 52, White Male Ludlow MA Oct. 12, 2014 **
56. Alan Griffin Georgia
57. Alan James 31, (White Male) Wyoming Michigan Feb. 7, 2015 **
58. Alan Newsome New York
59. Alan Zelencic 28 (mentally ill) White Male New York Jan. 17. 2000 **
60. Albert Duane Denton 38, killed by Prince George’s County PD on 04/07/2011
61. Albert James Six Feathers Jr. 32, Indian Male Rapid City So. Dakota Dec. 10, 1999 **
62. Albert Juarez Texas
63. Albert Mike Leday Jr California
64. Albert Polencia California
65. Albert Ray Owens California
66. Albert Rucker 21, killed by Omaha PD on 09/11/2003
67. Albert Sanchez California
68. Albert Valencia California
69. Alberta Spruill 57 New York May 16. 2003 **
70. Alberto Acosta Jr California
71. Alberto Sepulveda 11 California Sept. 13. 2000 **
72. Alejandro “Alex” Nieto 28, (Mentally ill) March 21, 2014 San Francisco CA **
73. Alejandro Cordero-Rivera 32, Dec. 4, 2014 Orlando Florida
74. Alejandro Erazo California
75. Alejandro P. Martinez Washington
76. Alejandro Rendon 23, Indio California Feb 15, 2013 **
77. Alejandro Torres New Mexico
78. Alesia Shont’e Thomas 35, California July 22. 2012 **
79. Alesia Thomas California
80. Alex Daughety North Carolina
81. Alex Figueroa, 40, Bronx NY Dec. 9, 2008
82. Alex Roman Quintanilla California
83. Alex Sutherland 27, (White Male) San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp California Feb. 12, 2015 **
84. Alexander Acosta California
85. Alexander Phillip Long 31, (White Male) Terra Haute Indiana Feb. 25, 2015 **
86. Alexander Wilson 16, killed by Arizona Dept of Public Safety on 04/07/2013
87. Alexander Zagovalov Indiana
88. Alfaigo Terrell Davis Georgia
89. Alfred Charles “Abuka” Sanders Minnesota
90. Alfred Farrar California
91. Alfred Nelson 36, (mentally ill) New York Oct. 30. 2002 **
92. Alfred Pouliot California
93. Alfred Redwine 30, killed by Albuquerque New Mexico PD March 26, 2014
94. Alfredo Diaz Florida
95. Ali Muslim Harris New Jersey
96. Alicia Avila Utah
97. Alicia Pierce Illinois
98. Aljarreau Cross 29, North Las Vegas NV Oct. 7, 2014
99. Allan Duarte New York
100. Allen Chris Hensley New Mexico
101. Allen Grimes North Carolina
102. Allen Kephart California
103. Allen Locke (Lakota) 30, Indian Male Rapid City South Dakota Dec. 20th, 2014 **
104. Allen Newsome, 17, Manhattan NY Jan. 2, 2003
105. Alonso Cardenas California
106. Alonzo Ashley 29, Colorado July 19, 2011 **
107. Alphonse Edward Perkins 50 Los Angeles California Sept. 8, 2014
108. Alranhiem Tolbert Georgia
109. Al-Tariq Hutchinson Pennsylvania
110. Alvin Euell Washington
111. Amadou Diallo 23 New York Feb. 4. 1999 **
112. Amanda Smailes West Virginia
113. Amanda Thomas Minnesota
114. Amando Lopez age unknown Hispanic Male Jersey City New Jersey July 12, 1994 **
115. Amber Maderos Arizona
116. Amber Smith 27, April 23, 2014 Brandon Mississippi
117. Amit A. Patel 31, Lake Michigan October 5, 2011 **
118. Amit Bornstein New Jersey
119. Amit Bornstein 22, Freehold, New Jersey Oct. 27, 2010 **
120. Amjustine Hunter – 28, killed by Memphis PD on 04/23/2013
121. Amos G. Smith – 26, killed by Union City police Department on 03/02/2013
122. Amy Sue Deines Washington
123. Ana Roman New York
124. Anastasio Hernandez Rojas California
125. Anatoly Dmitriev 62, Bronx NY Dec. 16, 2006
126. Andre “Woody” Harris – Brooklyn NY Nov. 2000
127. Andre Brown California
128. Andre Fields 17, (Black Male) Brooklyn New York March 3, 2000 **
129. Andre Jones 18 Mississippi Aug. 22, 1992 **
130. Andre Jones Mississippi
131. Andre Larone Murphy Sr. 42, Norfolk Nebraska January 7, 2015 **
132. Andre Rufus Stapleton Washington
133. Andre Stenson Tennessee
134. Andre Thomas Minnesota
135. Andre Waldon Washington
136. Andrea Rebello 21 New York May 17. 2013 **
137. Andrea Umphrey Pennsylvania
138. Andrena Kitt 21, killed by Excambia County Sheriff on 02/26/2001
139. Andrena Kitt Florida
140. Andres Avila California
141. Andres Garcia New Jersey
142. Andres Raya California
143. Andrew Caprio California
144. Andrew Chung June 17, 2005 New Jersey
145. Andrew M. Fox Washington
146. Andrew MacEarchern California
147. Andrew McIlvain 39, White Male Port Orange FL Jan. 5, 2015 **
148. Andrew Moppin California
149. Andrew Vialpando Utah
150. Andrew Washington California
151. Andy Gill Wisconsin
152. Andy Herrera New York
153. Andy Lopez 13, Santa Rosa California October 1, 2013 **
154. Andy Pena-Herrera 4 New York Aug. 4. 2001 **
155. Andy Puente Soto Nevada
156. Anesson Joseph – 28, killed by Palm Beach County Sheriffs on 02/04/2014
157. Angealize Kendall North Carolina
158. Angel Chiwengo 46 Maryland Sept. 24. 2013 **
159. Angel Farias Hernandez California
160. Angel Frescas 22, Phoenix Arizona Oct. 28, 2014 **
161. Angel Perez Illinois
162. Angel Reyes 47 New York Aug. 15. 1999 **
163. Angel Reyes 47, East Harlem New York August 15, 1999
164. Angelo Boria Pennsylvania
165. Angelo Clark 31 Arkansas Jan. 16, 2012 **
166. Angelo Ferguson – 18, killed by Cleveland PD on 12/11/2005
167. Angilo Freeland Florida
168. Anibal Carrasquillo New Yor New York k
169. Anita Delgado California
170. Ann Mineko Racz 61, (Asian Female) Newhall Los Angeles California March 22, 1991**
171. Anna Brown 29, Richmond Heights Missouri Sept. 21, 2011 **
172. Annette Garcia California
173. Annette Green – 37, killed by St. Louis Co. PD Tactical Ops Unit on 02/02/2001
174. Anotnio Tafolla California
175. Anteneh Getachew Washington DC
176. Anthonio Tyler Georgia
177. Anthony Aguilar California
178. Anthony Antwan Davis – 24, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 08/03/2008
179. Anthony Baez 29 New York Dec. 22, 1994 **
180. Anthony Bartley 21, Nassau Ciounty Florida Feb. 10, 2014
181. Anthony Bess 48, Memphis Tennessee Feb. 10, 2015
182. Anthony Carl Oliver Florida
183. Anthony Dwain Lee – 39, killed by Los Angeles PD on 10/28/2000
184. Anthony Fortson Georgia
185. Anthony Giaquinta 41, (White Male) Habersham County Georgia Feb. 23, 2015
186. Anthony James Shuster Washington
187. Anthony Kovac, 21. St. Charles County Missouri March 3, 2014
188. Anthony Landi 27, Dec. 12, 2014 Palm Beach Gardens Florida
189. Anthony Lee McDonald North Carolina
190. Anthony M. Williams Minnesota
191. Anthony McDowell Oregon
192. Anthony Michael Bland – 26, killed by James City County PD on 05/20/2013
193. Anthony Minner – 22, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 07/30/2003
194. Anthony Neiggale Lyons Washington
195. Anthony Ourada Washington
196. Anthony P. Scontrino Washington
197. Anthony Paul Gilmore 23 California March 1. 2012 **
198. Anthony Rawls – 49, killed by Warner Robins PD on 03/10/2013
199. Anthony Reid, 21 – Brooklyn NY Jan. 1, 2003 –
200. Anthony Rosario Jr. 18, Jan. 11, 1995 Bronx NY **
201. Anthony Smashum Georgia
202. Anthony Spencer Pennsylvania
203. Anthony Tyrone Davis, Jr. Washington
204. Anthony Varela Washington
205. Antoine Cantrell Georgia
206. Antoine D. Hunter 24, Compton California June 24, 2014
207. Antoinette Griffin – 13, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
208. Anton Barrett Sr. 41 California May 29. 2012 **
209. Anton Goldenburg 55 New York March 4. 20013 **
210. Antonio Antolini Connecticut
211. Antonio Bland California
212. Antonio Bryant – 23, killed by Newburgh PD on 10/30/2006
213. Antonio Davis, Jr. Wisconsin
214. Antonio Diaz California
215. Antonio Jackson Washington
216. Antonio Lamont Williams Washington DC
217. Antonio Latuanee Pryce – 23, killed by High Point PD on 10/02/2004
218. Antonio Martin 18, St. Louis Missouri Dec. 23, 2014 **
219. Antonio Miller – 13, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
220. Antonio Moreno, 67, Baltimore Maryland March 4, 2014
221. Antonio Pryce North Carolina
222. Antonio Renteria Arizona
223. Antonio Revera Hawaii
224. Antonio Silo Dunsmore Washington
225. Antonio Zambrano-Montes 35, Feb. 10, 2015
226. Antonio Zambrano-Montes 35, (Hispanic Male) Pasco Washington Feb. 10, 2015 **
227. Antwain White 17 New York Jan. 29, 2012 **
228. Aquan Salmon Connecticut
229. Archie “Artie” Elliott III 24 Maryland June 18. 1993 **
230. Archie Lee Chambers Jr. – 20, killed by Calumet City PD on 04/21/2012
231. Arden Westcott Nebraska
232. Ariel Rosenfeld Washington
233. Arien Lee Weaver Washington
234. Ariston Waiters 19 Georgia Dec. 14. 2011 **
235. Armando Aguilar California
236. Armando Alvarez 44, Tucson Arizona Feb. 22, 2014
237. Armando Noeh Aleman 34, July 13, 2014 Wichita Falls Iowa
238. Armondo Ochoa 36, Houston TX Oct. 7, 2014
239. Aron Jones Ohio
240. Arron Torres 37, (mentally ill Hispanic Male) Honolulu Hawaii Aug. 8, 2008 **
241. Artago Damon Howard 36, Black Male – Strong AR Jan. 8, 2015 **
242. Arthur Alalouf 47, Brooklyn New York Aug. 12, 2000
243. Arthur Dixon Jr. 43 Florida March 11. 2013 **
244. Arthur Hayes age unknown Georgia Aug. 11. 2011 **
245. Arthur Jarvis Raleigh California
246. Arthur Lee McDuffie 33 Florida Dec. 17. 1979 **
247. Arthur Sanchez California
248. Artis Graham Minnesota
249. Arturo Cabrales California
250. Arturo Guzman California
251. Arturo Ortega California
252. Arvie Fudge North Carolina
253. Asa Sullivan 25, San Francisco California June 6, 2006 **
254. Ashley McDonald California
255. Ashley Shaddox Washington
256. Ashley Villarreal 14 Texas Feb. 11. 2003 **
257. Atilano Doporto California
258. Aubrey Hardcastle Texas
259. Aura Rosser 40, (mentally ill) Ann Arbor Michigan Nov. 11, 2014 **
260. Austin Haley Oklahoma
261. Austin Welling 18 Washington Nov. 27. 2011 **
262. Autumn Mae Steele 34 Burlington IA January 6, 2015 **
263. Avery Cody, Jr California
264. Barbara Ann Wilcox 19, Cedar Rapids Iowa Jan. 8, 1973 **
265. Barbara Baker Georgia
266. Barbara Schneider Minnesota
267. Barnie Wayne Nuckels Indiana
268. Baron “Scooter” Pikes Louisiana
269. Barrington Williams 25 New York Sept. 17. 2013 **
270. Barron Wright Pennsylvania
271. Barry Deloatch New Jersey
272. Barry Martin Koeningsberg California
273. Barry Millsap Washington
274. Basee Lor Minnesota
275. Basire Farrell New Jersey
276. Batrone Hedgepeth North Carolina
277. Belton “Amir” Lomax – 35, killed by Philadelphia PD on 05/22/2013
278. Benedict “Tiki” Manupule Hawaii
279. Benites Saimon Sichiro Washington
280. Benito Gonzales 45, Sept. 8, 2014 San Patricio Texas
281. Benjamin A. Williams South Carolina
282. Benjamin Allen Skinner Oregon
283. Benjamin Bittner California
284. Benjamin Buell Washington
285. Benjamin DeCoteau Minnesota
286. Benjamin Sotelho Hawaii
287. Benjamin Uwumarogie 22, Chicago Illinois April 2006
288. Bernard Bailey 54, Eutawville South Carolina May 2011 **
289. Bernard Lofton – 22, killed by Baltimore City Police on Feb. 13, 2014
290. Bernard Moore 62, Atlanta Georgia March 6, 2015 **
291. Bernard Pate 37 New York Feb. 22, 2011 **
292. Bernard Rodgers Pennsylvania
293. Bernard Saiz New Mexico
294. Bernard Salazar Michigan
295. Bert Bowen Massachusetts
296. Betty Diane Sexton 43, Gastonia No. Carolina Feb.17, 2015
297. Bien Cam Tran 58, Asian Male San Francisco California Sept. 3, 2014 **
298. Bikram Singh Washington
299. Bilal Colbert New Jersey
300. Bill Drye North Carolina
301. Bill Hogetvedt Minnesota
302. Bill Jackson – 59, killed by Selma PD on 06/02/2013
303. Billey Joe Johnson 17 Mississippi Dec. 2009 **
304. Billy Charles Hyde Arkansas
305. Billy Kash Smith Illinois
306. Blaine Dalrymple Washington
307. Blaine Tripp Utah
308. Blake Allen Barbour43, Kingman Arizona Aug. 16, 2013
309. Blanche H. Baker Maryland
310. Blondel Lassegue – 38, killed by New York City PD on 01/07/2007
311. Bo Morrison 20 Wisconsin March 2. 2012 **
312. Boangeres Mota 37 Manhattan NY Sep. 27, 2004
313. Bobby Clark 54 Oklahoma April 6. 2012 **
314. Bobby Dancy Alabama
315. Bobby Earl Driggers 50, White Male Hillsborough Florida May 4, 2013
316. Bobby Everett Mississippi
317. Bobby Henry Rogers Oklahoma
318. Bobby J. Russell, Jr. Tennessee
319. Bobby Jones Louisiana
320. Bobby Louis Merrill Jr. 32 Michigan April 11. 2012 **
321. Bobby Moore III – 15, killed by Little Rock police Department on 08/12/2012
322. Bobby Rodriquez 24, New Jersey July 19. 1995 **
323. Bobby Roman 26, Brooklyn NY Jul. 9, 2006
324. Bobby Woods Washington
325. Bodegard Mitchell Washington
326. Bogdan Fryzlewicz Illinois
327. Booker Carloss II – 50, killed by Oakland PD on 11/04/2004
328. Bradden W. Ferber Washington
329. Bradford Samuel Leonard 50, Palm Beach Florida Feb. 22, 2015
330. Bradford Sarten California
331. Bradley Ballard 39, (paranoid schizophrenic & diabetic) Black Male Rikers Island Inmate New York Sept. 10, 2013 **
332. Bradley Gastin Georgia
333. Bradley Horton New York
334. Brandon Atencio 28, (Hispanic Male) Canon City Colorado Dec. 11, 2014
335. Brandon Brown Minnesota
336. Brandon Burnett North Carolina
337. Brandon Ellingson 20, Columbia Missouri May 31, 2014 **
338. Brandon J. Haywood Illinois
339. Brandon James Dunbar 21 California March 1. 2012 **
340. Brandon Jones – 22, killed by St. Louis PD on 07/10/2012
341. Brandon Lee Rodriguez Minnesota
342. Brandon McCloud – 15, killed by Cleveland PD on 09/01/2005
343. Brandon Payne – 27, killed by Lynn PD&Massachusetts SP on 07/22/2012
344. Brandon Ray Brown Washington
345. Brandon Smith, 30, Hanover County So. Carolina Oct. 13, 2013
346. Brandon Williams Georgia
347. Breanna Shane Noe Kentucky
348. Brenda Faye Cooper South Carolina
349. Brenda Gaines 48, Suffolk New York Aug. 9, 2010 **
350. Brenda Williams 52, (paranoid schizophrenic) Scranton Pennsylvania May 28, 2009 **
351. Brent Bayliffe Washington
352. Brent McKinney California
353. Brett Elder Michigan
354. Brian Abbs 32, Rochester New York Aug. 4, 2014 **
355. Brian Allen 46, Queens New York Jan. 6, 2005
356. Brian Anthony Handt Minnesota
357. Brian Barbosa 23, South Gate California Jan. 11, 2015
358. Brian Claunch 45 Texas Sept. 23, 2009 **
359. Brian Cox Virginia
360. Brian Edmond Hull Washington
361. Brian Edward Scaman Washington
362. Brian Eugene Rice 57, Goose Creek South Carolina Sept. 24, 2014
363. Brian Feist Minnesota
364. Brian Garber, 28, Richland County Ohio March 17, 2014
365. Brian Grooms Washington
366. Brian Hangsleben Michigan
367. Brian J. Ackley Wisconsin
368. Brian J. Jim Washington
369. Brian Keith Giddens Georgia
370. Brian Lamb Wisconsin
371. Brian Macias California
372. Brian Newt Beaird 51, (schizophrenic) White Male Los Angeles California Dec. 13, 2013 **
373. Brian P. Spooner, 23, Oberlin Kansas March 11, 2014
374. Brian Pickett 26, Willowbrook California Jan. 7, 2015 **
375. Brian Skold Minnesota
376. Brian Sullivan 22, San Francisco CA July 15, 1993 **
377. Brian Wichmann Minnesota
378. Briana Ojeda, 11 Brooklyn NY Aug. 27, 2010
379. Briatay McDuffie 19, July 22, 2014 Baltimore Maryland
380. Brittany Jones Louisiana
381. Brock Loshbaugh Washington
382. Brock Nichols 35, Assaria KS January 7, 2015 **
383. Brooks Papineau Washington
384. Brownie Polk California
385. Bruce Carroll Indiana
386. Bruce Fender Georgia
387. Bruce Vincent Quagliato Virginia
388. Bruce Weigel Wyoming
389. Bryan Bombela California
390. Bryan Larry Davis Utah
391. Bryan Moore California
392. Bryan Steven Howse Maryland r
393. Bryant Davenport Connecticut
394. Bryce Rae Washington
395. Buddy Merck Georgia
396. Buffy Rice Donohue 18, White Female Montrose Colorado 1993 **
397. Byron Carter Texas
398. Byron Hammick – 26, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 02/22/2002
399. Byron Hearst 28, Brooklyn New York May 8, 2005 **
400. Byron San Jose California
401. Cacedrick White – 26, killed by Lexington PD on 06/23/2013
402. Caesar Cruz California
403. Calico Markies Smalls Ohio
404. Calvin Moore Alabama
405. Calvin Sam Minnesota
406. Calvin Washington 41 New York June 20. 2003 **
407. Calvon A. Reid 39, (Black Male) Coconut Creek Florida Feb. 27, 2015 **
408. Cameron Massey – 26, killed by Barbour County Sheriffs on 10/15/2013
409. Cameron Tillman 14 Louisanna Sept. 24, 2014 **
410. Cammerin Boyd California
411. Canard Arnold 17 Georgia Dec. 31. 2011 **
412. Carey Smith-Viramontes 18, Long Beach California Nov. 21, 2014
413. Carl Bolton Washington
414. Carl Gerard Blossomgame 48, San Bernardino California Oct. 3, 2014 **
415. Carl Lastorino New York
416. Carl Maggiorini, Jr. California
417. Carl Pruitt Washington
418. Carl Torrance Brennan Georgia
419. Carleton J. Wallace – 30, killed by Alexander PD on 09/08/2012
420. Carleton Lockhart, 32 – Bronx NY Dec. 10, 2004 –
421. Carleton Lockhart, 32 – Bronx NY Dec. 10, 2004 **
422. Carlos Alcis 43 New York April 16. 2013 **
423. Carlos Arevalo California
424. Carlos Casillas Fernandez California
425. Carlos Castillo California
426. Carlos Compton 39, St. Petersburg Florida July 16, 2013
427. Carlos Fernandez California
428. Carlos Heredia Jr California
429. Carlos Lopez, 19 – Brooklyn NY May 1, 2003
430. Carlos Ornelas California
431. Carlos Rios 47, Bronx NY Jun. 1, 2008
432. Carlos Rivera California
433. Carlos Washington California
434. Carlos Williams – 21, killed by Birmingham police Department on 12/12/2001
435. Carlton Lewis 21, Manhattan NY Oct. 7, 2009
436. Carlton Wayne Smith 20, Dec. 26, 2014 Texas City Texas
437. Carmelo Calabro, 77 Brooklyn NY Mar. 8, 2011
438. Carmen Marie Hallock 22, Ft. Lauderdale Florida Dec. 18, 1969 **
439. Carmen Valentine 22, Brooklyn New York Oct. 23, 2000 **
440. Carmine Wisnieski New York
441. Carnell Moore – 29, killed by Department of Homeland Security on 05/02/2013
442. Carnell Porter Jr. Washington
443. Carol A. Kerns Missouri
444. Carol Anne Gotbaum California
445. Carolyn Boetticher North Carolina
446. Carolyn Lisa Dean Minnesota
447. Carolyn Moran-Hernandez Washington
448. Carter Ray Castle (age unknown) Magofinn Kentucky Jan. 19, 2015
449. Carulus Hines Georgia
450. Cary Ball Jr. 25 Missouri April 24. 2014 **
451. Cary James Grimé California
452. Casey Kressin 29, Chippewa Falls WI Nov. 30, 2014 **
453. Casey Shields Wyoming
454. Casper Banjo – 71, killed by Oakland PD on 03/14/2008
455. Cassel Williams Alaska
456. Catalina Rico Texas
457. Cau Tran California
458. Cayne Miceli 43 Louisanna Jan. 5. 2009 **
459. Cecil Menifield California
460. Cedric G. Prather 33, Douglas Georgia Feb. 3, 2015
461. Cedric Harris Louisiana
462. Cedric Howard – 34, killed by San Antonio PD on 06/17/2013
463. Cedric May California
464. Cedric Stanley 35, July 8, 2014 Miami Springs Florida
465. Cesar Cepeda 27, Brownsville Texas Oct. 23, 2014
466. Cesar Mendoza 24, La Puente California June 23, 2013
467. Cesar Mercado 47, New York March 20, 2002 **
468. Cesar Ramirez California
469. Cesar Ray Cruz 35 California Dec. 9. 2009 **
470. Cesar Silva California
471. Cesar Wilfredo Lopez Georgia
472. Cesar Mercado, 47 – Manhattan NY Mar. 30, 2002
473. Chad Martinson Washington
474. Chad Pierce Georgia
475. Chakhan Nance New Jersey
476. Chance Dale Thompson 35, (White Male) Yuba County California Feb. 18, 2015 **
477. Charanjit S. Aujla Mississippi
478. Charity Bowers 7 mo. Plane April 30. 2001 **
479. Charles A. Baker Jr. – 30, killed by Jamestown PD on 02/16/2013
480. Charles A. Bowyer Colorado
481. Charles A. Miller West Virginia
482. Charles Alver Jones Jr. 33, July 27, 2014 Cass County Texas
483. Charles Berry Minnesota
484. Charles Blair Hill California
485. Charles Breed California
486. Charles Bush Nevada
487. Charles Collins Kentucky
488. Charles Craighead Minnesota
489. Charles Dixon Pennsylvania
490. Charles Dudley, Jr. Iowa
491. Charles E. Lloyd Pennsylvania
492. Charles Eimers 61, Thanksgiving Nov. 28, 2013 Key West FL **
493. Charles Guffey Oklahoma
494. Charles Hull – 56, killed by Penn Hills PD on 01/27/2014
495. Charles Jameson 30, May 19, 2014 Plover Wisconsin
496. Charles Livingston III 32, killed by Memphis PD TACT Unit 12/27/2012 **
497. Charles Pham Louisiana
498. Charles Rawson Washington
499. Charles Salinas California
500. Charles Smith 29, (Black Male) Savannah Georgia Sept. 18, 2014 **
501. Charles Snipes Washington
502. Charles Whaley – 32, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 12/16/2003
503. Charlie Crowder North Carolina
504. Charlie Wilson California
505. Charmene Pickering 27 Brooklyn New York July 26. 2001 **
506. Charmine Sneatlum Washington
507. Chase Kolstad Minnesota
508. Chauncey Lee Jones Washington
509. Chavis Carter 21 Arkansas July 29. 2014 **
510. Chazsten Noah Freeman 24, Greenville So. Carolina Feb. 27, 2015
511. Chen Thach Washington
512. Cheri Lyn Moore California
513. Cherie Wallace California
514. Cheryl Blount-Burton – 51, killed by DeKalb County PD on 02/19/2011
515. Chinard Kierre Winfield California
516. Chinue Tao Hashim South Carolina
517. Chris Anderson Minnesota
518. Chris Ingram 29, Morenci Arizona Jan. 27, 2015
519. Christen Vargas 27 Colorado Sept. 13, 2013 **
520. Christian Alberto Sierra 17 (mentally ill) Purcell Virginia or FL May 27. 2014 **
521. Christian Cobian California
522. Christian D. Fairbank Washington
523. Christian Eaddy – 25, killed by Los Angeles PD on 05/16/2013
524. Christian Freeman – 19, killed by Memphis PD on 06/12/2012 **
525. Christian Portillo California
526. Christian Rook North Carolina
527. Christina Prestianni 37, Nutley New Jersey January 16, 2015 **
528. Christina Tahhahwah Comanche Female 37, (Mentally ill) Lawton, Oklahoma Nov. 13, 2014 **
529. Christina Varner Washington
530. Christine Wetrich Washington
531. Christopher A. Ridley New York
532. Christopher Arrion Burgess California
533. Christopher Brown 17 Maryland June 15. 2012 **
534. Christopher Burgess New Jersey
535. Christopher Burns Minnesota
536. Christopher Coronel California
537. Christopher Dean Trivett North Carolina
538. Christopher Eric Augustin, 37, Santa Rosa California Oct. 16, 2013
539. Christopher Fredette 32, San Antonio Texas June 29, 2013
540. Christopher Glass California
541. Christopher Hawkins – 32, killed by Las Vegas PD, Henderson PD on 02/09/2006
542. Christopher Jackson California
543. Christopher Jerome Thomas 22 Alabama June 28. 2012 **
544. Christopher Kenney Georgia
545. Christopher Kissane New York
546. Christopher Knight Georgia
547. Christopher Kraft Washington
548. Christopher Leo Knight 35, Salt Lake City Utah March 28, 2014
549. Christopher Lopez 35 Colorado March 17. 2013 **
550. Christopher M. Anderson 27, Chicago IL Nov. 3, 2014 **
551. Christopher Michael Berge Minnesota
552. Christopher Middleton 26 Illinois Aug. 12, 2012 **
553. Christopher Moreno California
554. Christopher O’Neal, 56, Lucerne California Nov. 9, 2014
555. Christopher Ouellette, 28 Old Town Maine Oct. 10, 2013
556. Christopher Rentz Washington
557. Christopher Ridley – 23, killed by Westchester County Sheriffs on 01/25/2008
558. Christopher Roupe 17, Euharlee Georgia Feb. 14, 2014 **
559. Christopher Shull California
560. Christopher Stirkens – 25, killed by Montgomery County PD on 01/29/2014
561. Christopher Trewet Colorado
562. Chuck Vicha Georgia
563. Chuck Visa Georgia
564. Chuniece Patterson 21, Syracuse New York Nov. 12, 2009 **
565. Chyraphon Komvongsa California
566. Cindy Lee New Jersey
567. Cinque ‘Q’ DJahspora 20, Jackson Tennessee Nov. 6, 2014 **
568. Clarence Bell Mississippi
569. Clarence Lyons Georgia
570. Clarence Walker Georgia
571. Clayton Lewis Georgia
572. Cleman R. Sweptson Jr. 34 D.C. April 9. 2013 **
573. Clever Craig Alabama
574. Clifford Crowe 55, (White Male) Knoxville Tennessee March 7, 2014
575. Clifford Paul Maxwell – 21, killed by Fresno PD on 05/04/2002
576. Clifford Sheldon McClean Florida
577. Clifford T. Manuell Delaware
578. Clifton “Pete” Lee Jr. – 45, killed by Washtenaw County Sheriffs on 06/01/2006
579. Clinton Allen 25, Dallas, Texas March 10, 2013 **
580. Clinton Hightower 27 Georgia May 15. 2012 **
581. Clinton J. Bird Mississippi
582. Clinton Peterson, 28, Duncanville Texas Oct. 28, 2013
583. Clinton Roebexar Allen – 25, killed by Dallas PD on 03/10/2013 **
584. Clyde D. Ratcliff – 48, killed by Springfield PD on 03/27/2010
585. Clyde Harvey South Carolina
586. Clyde McSlann Oklahoma
587. Cody Young 22, May 21, 2014 Tulsa Oklahoma
588. Colleen Marza 49, Queens New York July 5, 2006
589. Colleen Marza, 49 – Queens Jul. 5, 2006 –
590. Collette Goodenough 19, Cedar Rapids Iowa Jan. 8, 1973**
591. Collin Pulford Wyoming
592. Conn Wayne Duncan Alaska
593. Connell Lindsey Mississippi
594. Connie Pearsall Washington
595. Cora Bell Jones Michigan
596. Corey Brown 31, Black Male Trenton New Jersey April 26, 2011 **
597. Corey Harris 17, Black Male Chicago Illinois September 11, 2009 **
598. Corey Levert Tanner 24, Aug. 13, 2014 Flagler Florida
599. Corey McGinnis 35 Ohio July 1. 2012 **
600. Corey Mickins, 25, Manhattan New York Mar. 13, 2007
601. Corey Ward – 18, killed by Atlanta PD on 07/14/2002
602. Corinna Mullen 20 Kentucky 1987 **
603. Cornel Young Jr. – 29, killed by Providence PD on 01/28/2000
604. Cortez Washington – 32, killed by Omaha PD on 08/26/2014
605. Courtland Benjamin Smith North Carolina
606. Courtney Williams Minnesota
607. Craig Bickerstaff – 27, killed by Cleveland PD on 01/26/2002
608. Craig Davis 35, Brooklyn New York Nov. 26, 2004
609. Craig Ferguson Florida
610. Craig Guest Pennsylvania
611. Craig Hall 29, Illinois Oct. 25, 2014 **
612. Craig Holden California
613. Cristino Vargas Mendoza Washington
614. Crystal Judson Washington
615. Crystal Lee Miley Harry 34, Worth County Georgia Feb. 26, 2015 **
616. Curis Harmon Jr. New York
617. Curtis Collins Illinois
618. Curtis Harmon Jr 35 (mentally ill) New York May 22. 2001 **
619. Curtis Lawson Georgia
620. Curtis Merriweather, 45 – Brooklyn NY Jun. 8, 2001
621. Curtis Rosentangle Washington
622. Curtis Wade Holley 53, Leon County Florida Nov. 23, 2014
623. Curtis Wade Holley 53, Nov. 22, 2014 Tallahassee Florida
624. Curtis Wetzel Washington
625. D’Andre “Dre” Darnell Cisco 25, July 7, 2000 Queens New York
626. D’Andre Berghardt Jr. – 20, killed by Bureau of Land Management on 02/14/2014
627. D’Andre Berghardt Jr. 20 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area NV Feb. 14, 2014 **
628. D’andre Darnell Cisco, 25 – Queens NY Jul. 7, 2000
629. Dainell Simmons – 29, killed by Suffolk County PD on 07/13/2014
630. Dakota Bright – 15, killed by Chicago PD on 11/11/2012
631. Dale Garrett California
632. Dale Graham 29 Maryland Oct. 28, 2008 **
633. Dale Hughes California
634. Dale Johns Minnesota
635. Dale Neel 62 Washington Sept. 15. 2011 **
636. Dalton Culp Washington
637. Damarcus Celestine Texas
638. Damian Henderson Washington
639. Damian Jordan Pennsylvania
640. Damien Greenslade 26 – Manhattan NY Sep. 10, 2005
641. Damien Steil Colorado
642. Damion Foster 37 Florida April 18. 2014 **
643. Damon Abraham 34 Louisana May 11. 2012 **
644. Damon Edward Beal – 26, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 03/23/2010
645. Damon Henry Washington DC
646. Damon Kearns North Carolina
647. Damon Lowery 29 Washington Dec. 1999 **
648. Dan Schroeder Illinois
649. Dana Dempsey Minnesota
650. Dana Jones Louisiana
651. D’Andre Berghardt Jr. – 20, killed by Bureau of Land Management on 02/14/2014
652. D’andre Darnell Cisco New York
653. Dane Garrett Scott Jr. 18 Oklahoma March 14, 2012 **
654. Daniel Brock 47 Tenessee April 10. 2013 **
655. Daniel Carlon California
656. Daniel Cedar Saulsbury, 39 Nov. 27, 2014 Ft. Bragg California
657. Daniel Delfierro Washington
658. Daniel Diaz 29, Grants Pass Oregon Sept. 21, 2014
659. Daniel Garcia California
660. Daniel Jordan Ogburn Oregon
661. Daniel L. Wasilchen Washington
662. Daniel Lawrence Caldwell 56, Marana Arizona Feb. 16, 2015
663. Daniel Leon California
664. Daniel Lewis Jones Washington
665. Daniel Mejia 37, (Mentally ill) Pinal County Arizona Feb. 15, 2015
666. Daniel Mendoza California
667. Daniel Pierre 42, Aug. 1, 2014 Winslow Township New Jersey
668. Daniel Rocha Texas
669. Daniel Satre 43, Ballston Spa NewYork Sept. 21, 2014 **
670. Daniel St. Pierre 42, Winslow Township New Jersey Aug. 3, 2014
671. Daniel Sylvester California
672. Daniel Taiwan Hathorne – 39, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 11/02/2012
673. Daniel Walsh 27, Huntington Beach California Oct. 25, 2014
674. Danielle Willard 21, West Valley City Utah Nov. 2, 2012 **
675. Dannaer Fields 49 Oklahoma April 6. 2012 **
676. Danny A. Elrod 39, Omaha Nebraska Feb. 24, 2015
677. Danny Floyd 63, Oct. 12. 2014 Bartlett TN **
678. Danny Johnson North Carolina
679. Danny L. Walsh Kansas
680. Danroy “DJ” Henry 20 New York Oct. 17. 2010 **
681. Dante Johnson, 16 – Bronx NY May 26, 1999
682. Dante Parker 36, killed by Victorville CA PD Aug. 12. 2014 **
683. Dante Pomar 19 Queens New York July 29. 2004 **
684. Dante Price 25 Ohio March 1. 2012 **
685. Darin John Richardson 29, Brooklyn NY Jan. 1, 2008
686. Dario DioDonet New York
687. Darius Colegarrit – 21, killed by Chicago PD on 08/19/2014
688. Darius H. Kennedy 51 Manhattan NY Aug. 12, 2012
689. Darius Nicholson 49, Black Male Chicago Illinois June 22, 2008 **
690. Darius Penix 27, Chicago Illinois Jan. 7, 2011 **
691. Darius Simmons 13 Wisconsin May 31. 2012 **
692. Darnell Lee Tinsley Virginia
693. Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood 47, March 1, 2015
694. Darrell Atkinson 49, Los Angeles California Oct. 7, 2013
695. Darrell Banks – 47, killed by Philadelphia PD on 01/04/2012
696. Darrell Logan California
697. Darren Rainey 50 Wisconsin Sept. 2012 **
698. Darren Robert Kindgren 51, Dec. 27, 2014 Cullman County Alabama
699. Darrick Collins California
700. Darrien Hunt 22 Utah Sept. 10, 2014 **
701. Darris Eugene Johnson – 26, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 07/09/2011
702. Darrius J. Lowery-Baptiste – 23, killed by Beloit PD on 06/11/2013
703. Darrius Kennedy 51 New York Aug. 18, 2012 **
704. Darryl Bain – 43, killed by Suffolk County PD on 11/14/2009
705. Darryl Battle 20, Brooklyn NY Aug. 2, 2008
706. Darryl Berry 45 Pennyslyvania March 6. 2012 **
707. Darryl Clayton New Jersey
708. Darryl Daniels Nevada
709. Darryl Fuller Georgia
710. Darryl Green 21, Brooklyn NY Oct. 22, 2005
711. Darryl Hobbs Georgia
712. Darryl Paul Gates Michigan
713. Darryl Turner North Carolina
714. Dartanya Bentley, Jr. Georgia
715. Darwin Vivar Minnesota
716. Daryl Hicks – 32, killed by North Las Vegas PD on 12/16/2003
717. Daryl Howerton North Carolina
718. Daryl Lavon Smith Georgia
719. Daryl Myler 40’s White Male Rexburg Idaho Jan. 24, 2015
720. Dashawn Vasconcellos – 18, killed by NYPD on 11/21/2009
721. Dashonnon Jennings California
722. Dason Peters 33 New York April 15. 2013 **
723. David A. Laugerude Minnesota
724. David Adam Patrick Maher 30, Magee Oklahoma May 4, 2013.
725. David Albrecht Washington
726. David Allen Whitford Washington
727. David Andre Scott 28, Jacksonville Florida Dec. 28. 2014
728. David Anthony Dawki Georgia ns
729. David Anthony Kassick 59, Dauphin County Feb. 1, 2015
730. David Baker North Carolina
731. David Burrell South Carolina
732. David C. Hairston Indiana
733. David Charles Young Washington
734. David Cornelius Smith Minnesota
735. David Cross California
736. David Croud Minnesota
737. David Cuevas 42, Lakeland Florida Feb. 26, 2015
738. David Duarte Raya 23 California Aug. 16. 2011 **
739. David E. Crable Washington
740. David Ellis – 29, killed by Philadelphia PD on 08/19/2014
741. David Foster Davis, Jr. Louisiana
742. David Garvin 42, Manhattan NY Mar. 14, 2007
743. David Glowczenski New York
744. David Guzman, 33 – Queens New York Sep. 24, 2004
745. David Holly New Mexico
746. David Hooks 59 Georgia Sept. 24. 2014 **
747. David Jerome Pryor Virginia
748. David John Walker Washington
749. David Jordan California
750. David Kostovski, 29, Brooklyn NY Nov. 18, 2007
751. David L. Cross Wisconsin
752. David L. Robinson, 38, North Las Vegas Nevada March 10, 2014
753. David L. Seago Washington
754. David Latham 35, (mentally ill schizophrenic) Norfolk Virginia June 6, 2014 **
755. David Lee Turner – 56, killed by Kern County Sheriffs on 07/10/2011
756. David Lewis Lambertsen Washington
757. David Lopez Washington
758. David McClure Washington
759. David McMahon California
760. David McMillan Watkins, Jr. North Carolina
761. David O. Okot – 26, killed by Portland PD on 03/07/2010
762. David Richardson Columbus Ohio Feb. 16, 2015
763. David Russell McAffe Georgia
764. David Scott Campbell Mississippi
765. David Sequioa California
766. David Speakman Tennessee
767. David Taiese Fesili Washington
768. David Terry Roehr Washington
769. David Tomer 24, Penobscot Indian Island Reservation Maine May 17, 1979 **
770. David Wayne Summers – 14, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
771. David Weisman California
772. David Winston 27 Alabama May 25. 2012 **
773. David Yearby 27, Nov. 2, 2014 Middlesex County New Jersey
774. David Zaback Washington
775. David Zapata California
776. David Zepeda Idaho
777. Davinian Darnell Williams 36 Florida May 9. 2012 **
778. Davon Jackson – 30, killed by Oakland PD on 05/18/2011
779. Davon Mullins – 16, killed by Cincinnati PD on 08/20/2011
780. Dawntree Ta’Shawn Williams 15 Georgia Dec. 20. 2011 **
781. Dawshawn Vasconcello 18, Queens NY Nov. 21, 2009
782. Dawud Culver New Jersey
783. Dean Krueger Minnesota
784. Dean Randolph Jess 42, (White Male) July 5, 2013 Montana State Prison escapee Billings Montana
785. Deandre “Trey” Brunston – 24, killed by Los Angeles Co. Sheriffs on 08/24/2003
786. Deandre Baldin New York
787. Deandre Brunston 24, California Aug. 24, 2003 **
788. Deangelo Lopez – 22, killed by Los Angeles County Sheriffs on 06/27/2013
789. DeAunta Terrel Farrow 12 Arkansas June 22. 2007 **
790. Deborah A. Cooper Washington
791. Deborah J. Meyer Wisconsin
792. Deborah James Louisiana
793. Deborah Sue Lowe 13, Pompano Beach, FL vanished February 29, 1972 **
794. Debra K. Doree Minnesota
795. DeFarra Gaymon New Jersey
796. Deion Fludd 17 New York July 12. 2013 **
797. DeJuan Colbert 28, killed by Witchita Kansas PD on 10/31/2011 **
798. Delano M. Walker 15, killed by Springfield PD on 07/16/2009
799. Delano Maloney, 32 – Brooklyn NY Jul. 24, 1999
800. Delfino Guerrero California
801. Delois Epps – 54, killed by Memphis PD on 08/26/2012 **
802. Demaris Turner 29, Lauderdale Florida Ja,. 23, 2015
803. Demetre Omar Hall California
804. Demetrius Bennett – 31, killed by Rockford PD on 11/01/2012
805. Demetrius Posey-Horsely Michigan
806. Demetrius Tillman Nelson Florida
807. Demetrius Tremayne Hillery Georgia
808. Demitreus Sesler Minnesota
809. Denis Reynoso 29 Massachusetts Sept. 5. 2013 **
810. Denise Gay 56 NY Sept. 5. 2011 **
811. Denise Nicole Glasco – 24, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 06/12/2007
812. Dennie Trujillo Washington
813. Dennis Grigsby 35, (mentally ill) Dec. 16, 2014 Texarkana TX **
814. Dennis Hammond Oklahoma
815. Dennis Hoke 42 Virginia Staunton 10-16-2014
816. Dennis Howard New Jersey
817. Dennis Rice Washington
818. Dennis Richard Mickel South Carolina
819. Dennis Volchkin 28, Sheepshead Bay New York Oct. 3, 2014
820. Dennis Wayne Bowerman Washington
821. Denny Allen Washington
822. Denzell Curnell 19, June 21, 2014 Charleston So. Carolina
823. Deon Johnson – 29, killed by North Las Vegas PD on 08/04/2002
824. Deon Whitfield California
825. DeOnte Rawlings California
826. Deonte Traylor – 24, killed by Fairfield PD. on 11/05/2013
827. DeOntrel Davis – 17, killed by Seattle PD on 12/13/2002
828. DeOntrel Marcelle Davis Washington
829. Deputy Larry Bryan Hostetter 41, Nacona Texas Feb. 9, 2015
830. Derek Cruise 26, Deltona Florida March 4, 2015 **
831. Derek McIntosh Maryland
832. Derek McKinnon Georgia
833. Derek Williams 22, Milwaukee Wisconsin July 2011 **
834. Deron Grimmitt Pennsylvania
835. Deron Kitrell New Jersey
836. Derrick Abernathy California
837. Derrick Fernando Brow Georgia n
838. Derrick Gaines 15 California June 5. 212 **
839. Derrick Jones – 37, killed by Oakland PD on 11/08/2010 **
840. Derrick Sites California
841. Desean Cathcart 26 New York Nov. 15. 2003 **
842. Desean Pittman – 20, killed by Chicago PD on 08/25/2014
843. Deshawn Adams California
844. Deshone Lamar Travis 20 Georgia June 27. 2012 **
845. Desiree Bymon Georgia
846. Desiree Gonzales 17, Santa Fe County, New Mexico May 7, 2014 **
847. Desmond Luster 45, Dallas Texas Feb. 9, 2015
848. Desseria Whitmore Washington
849. Detrick Ford California
850. Devaron Ricardo Wilburn 21, June 19, 2014Charolotte No. Carolina
851. Deven Guildford 17, Eaton County Michigan March 1, 2015
852. Devin Brown 13 California Feb. 6, 2005 **
853. Devon Contreras Texas
854. Devon Jackson Washington
855. Devon Lee Pitts Illinois
856. Devon Mitchell North Carolina
857. Devon Young “D-Mack” 25, Black Male Chicago Illinois June 14, 2008 **
858. Dewayne Bailey 38 Tenessee May 8. 2012 **
859. Dewayne Carr 42, Scottsdale Arizona Jan. 20, 2015
860. Dewayne Carr 42, Scottsdale Arizona Jan. 21, 2015
861. Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr. 29, (Black Male) Antioch California Feb. 2, 2015
862. Dexter Luckett 23, Black Male Bellflower California June 16, 2010 **
863. Dexter Luckett California
864. Diana Showman 19 (bi-polar) San Jose California Aug. 14, 2014 **
865. Diane Katherine Stults Washington
866. Dilcia Pena 16 New York Aug. 4. 2001 **
867. Dillon Taylor 20 Utah Aug. 11, 2014 **
868. Dimitri Warlek Goff 22, (Black Male) Georgia County Mississippi March 2, 2015
869. Dion Hall Pennsylvania
870. Dion Hinnant Washington DC
871. Dion James Louisiana
872. Dion McQueen, 17, Brooklyn New York October 28, 1999
873. Dnary Fowler California
874. Dominic Felder Minnesota
875. Dominic Middleton 12 Manhattan NY Nov. 24, 2004 **
876. Dominick Galliano New Jersey
877. Dominique Charon Lewis 23, July 16, 2014 Flint Township Michigan
878. Dominique Franklin Jr. 23, May 21, 2014 Chicago Illinois
879. Dominique Hurtt – 15, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
880. Dominique Hurtt North Carolina
881. Don Stowell Washington
882. Don White – 24, killed by Kenner PD on 1Nov. 11, 2013
883. Donald Davis Washington
884. Donald Handy California
885. Donald Hupp Oregon
886. Donald Lininger Arizona
887. Donald Moore 37 – Queens NY Feb. 5, 2000 **
888. Donald Moore 37 Tenessee Jan. 11, 2013 **
889. Donald Nabors Alabama
890. Donald P. Scott 61 California Oct. 2. 1992 **
891. Donald Paul Gartner Minnesota
892. Donald R. Johnson Washington
893. Donald Ray Moore North Carolina
894. Donald Washington Jr age unknown Texas July 10. 2013 **
895. Donald Williams South Carolina
896. Donald Wood Georgia
897. Donna Platz 57, July 5, 2014 Fairfield Township Pennsylvania
898. Donna Towe 45 New York Oct. 8. 2001 **
899. Donnell Carter 39, Milwaukee Wisconsin June 20, 2013
900. Donnell Dortch 19, Kinloch Suburb – St. Louis Missouri Sept. 23, 1962 **
901. Donnell Strickland Illinois
902. Donnie Butler California
903. Donovan Brooks Florida
904. Donovan Morris California
905. Dontae Daveon Lewis Hayes – 20, killed by Riverside PD on 12/31/2013
906. Dontae Hayes 20 Riverside California Dec. 31, 2013
907. Dontaze Storey Jr California
908. Donte Lamonte Jordan – 39, killed by Long Beach Police on 11/10/2013 **
909. Donte Sowell 27, Indianapolis Indiana Jan. 15, 2015
910. Dontez O’Neal 19, Cincinnati Ohio November 21, 2012 **
911. Dontre D. Hamilton 31, (schizophrenic) Milwaukee Wisconsin April 30, 2014 **
912. Dorothy Applebee Louisiana
913. Dorothy Stevens Utah
914. Doug Sparks 30, Tewksbury Massachusetts Feb. 17, 2015
915. Douglas Cooper – 18, killed by Providence PD & Rhode Island SP on 03/22/2014
916. Douglas DaMoude 64, May 30, 2014 Lincoln Nebraska
917. Douglas Fischer South Carolina
918. Douglas J. Lefebvre Washington
919. Douglas Kim California
920. Douglas M. Ostling Washington
921. Douglas Merjil California
922. Douglas Reagan Washington
923. Douglas Zerby 35 California Dec. 12. 2010 **
924. Dr. Kenneth Peterson Minnesota
925. Duane Brown, 26, Brooklyn New York (killed in own home) Jan. 12, 2012 **
926. Duane Strong Jr 18 Florida May 29. 2014 **
927. Duong Pham Washington
928. Durrell Feaster California
929. Durwin Whitelightning North Dakota
930. Dustin Willard Washington
931. Dwain Foreman age unknown England Arkansas Jan. 9, 2015
932. Dwayne Anthony Dunn Louisiana
933. Dwayne David Forde 22, Brooklyn NY Oct. 26, 2008
934. Dwayne Oxley New York
935. Dwayne Tribbett New Jersey
936. Dwight B. Monnie Washington
937. Dwight Dwigans Washington
938. Dwight McKelvie Georgia
939. Dwight Person 54 Georgia Nov. 7. 2011 **
940. Dylan Samuel Peters 1 New York April 15. 2013 **
941. Dyron Brewer California
942. Dyron Mandell Brewer California
943. Earl Carlson Harris 73, June 11, 2014 Ashland Oregon
944. Earl Faison New Jersey
945. Earl Glenn Morrow 83, Ozark Alabama Oct. 14, 2013
946. Earl Murray – 36, killed by DEA Agents, Dellwood PD on 06/12/2001 **
947. Earl Rhodes California
948. Eddie Bassett Mississippi
949. Eddie Davis – 67, killed by Dekalb PD on 08/11/2014
950. Eddie Fernandez 28, Bronx NY Aug. 11, 2012
951. Eddie Franco California
952. Eddie Gill Wisconsin
953. Eddie R. Alvarado California
954. Edenar Talens California
955. Edgar Alvarez California
956. Edgar Battad California
957. Edgar Gonzalez California
958. Edgar Owens 46, Queens NY Jul. 4, 2012
959. Edgar Vera Texas
960. Edmond Banks North Carolina
961. Edmore Green Louisiana
962. Edmund Perry 17 New York June 12. 1985 **
963. Edmund Wong California
964. Edward Anderson Washington
965. Edward Cabreja Georgia
966. Edward Donnell Bright Sr. 56 Baltimore Maryland Jan. 31, 2015
967. Edward Donnell Bright Sr. 56, (mentally ill) Black Male Randallstown Maryland Jan. 31, 2015 **
968. Edward James Wolfert Georgia z
969. Edward Lee Post Washington
970. Edward Miller 52, Sept. 20, 2014 Daytona Florida
971. Edward Mwaura – 33, killed by South Bend PD on 06/02/2013
972. Edward Ned Jr. – 48, killed by Lake Charles PD on 11/08/2004
973. Edward Siepak Illinois
974. Edward Thomas Washington DC
975. Edward Van Kleek Minnesota
976. Edward Wright Georgia
977. Edwin James Louisiana
978. Edwin Levall Vines Oklahoma
979. Edwin Rivera California
980. Edwin Wingo Georgia
981. Efrain Depaz Minnesota
982. Efrain Lara Gutierrez California
983. Efrain Lopez 18 California Nov. 9, 1992 **
984. Efren Hernandez-Aya Georgia la
985. Egbert Dewgard 31 New York May 1. 2012 **
986. Elaine Coleman California
987. Elaine McDowell Washington
988. Eldrin Smart – 31, killed by Kenner PD on 01/21/2014
989. Elena Cole 46 Centereach, LI NY Jan. 12, 2009
990. Elenore Bumpurs 66 New York Oct. 29, 1984 **
991. Eliakim Tipan Shabazz W. Columbia So. Carolina June 18, 2013
992. Elias J. Jabour Massachusetts
993. Elijah Waltman, 53, Walnut Ridge Arkansas April 23, 2014
994. Elip Cheatham – 27, killed by Johnstown PD on 06/25/2012
995. Elisha Glass 20, Oct. 11, 2014 Columbus OH
996. Ellis Woodland Jr. 13, Black Male Chicago Illinois Aug. 7, 2006 **
997. Elmer L. Ingram Washington
998. Eloy Infante-Toscano California
999. Elsie Delos Rees Washington
1000. Elsie Farmer 14, and Mary Briscolina Ft. Lauderdale Florida October 23, 1972 **
1001. Elvis Wayne Wilson Washington
1002. Elwood Rayvon Lee Washington
1003. Emil Mann New Jersey
1004. Emiliano Amaya California
1005. Emily Milonas Washington
1006. Emmanuel Alvarez California
1007. Emmanuel Lopez 23, Hispanic Male Sept. 16, 2005 Chicago Illinois **
1008. Emmanuel Paulino 24 Manhattan NY Oct. 3, 2010
1009. Emmanuel Paulino, 24 – Manhattan Oct. 3, 2010 –
1010. Emmett Louis Till 14, Money Mississippi Aug. 28, 1955 **
1011. Emogene Thompson Georgia
1012. Eric A. Larsen Washington
1013. Eric Alexander Valdez Washington
1014. Eric Antonio Anderson Washington DC
1015. Eric B. Christmas Ohio
1016. Eric Blaine Evans Washington
1017. Eric Daniel Foster
1018. Eric Dewayne Moon, Jr. Georgia
1019. Eric G. Sampson Washington
1020. Eric Garner 43 New York July 17. 2012 **
1021. Eric Harris 30, June 15, 2014 NW Baltimore Maryland
1022. Eric Hernandez 24, Bronx NY Feb. 8, 2006
1023. Eric Hines 17, Brooklyn NY Oct. 26, 2006
1024. Eric Jones California
1025. Eric Kirk Kolski Minnesota
1026. Eric Lewis Liebowitz California
1027. Eric M. Anderson, 41 Arlington Heights Illinois Dec. 13, 2013
1028. Eric Mahoney California
1029. Eric Mandell California
1030. Eric Payton Nevada
1031. Eric Shaw IowaErnest Blackwell Kansas
1032. Eric Stuart Allen Jones – 27, killed by Del Norte County Sheriffs on 05/16/2008
1033. Eric Suffal 32, (inmate) Jefferson Parish Correctional Center July 24, 2013 **
1034. Eric Tyrone Forbes, 28, Miami Florida Dec. 31, 2014
1035. Eric van Reid 50, Queens NY Mar. 31, 2009
1036. Eric van Reid 50, Queens NY Mar. 31, 2009
1037. Eric Von Netters Minnesota
1038. Eric William Irby Georgia
1039. Eric Wolle Maryland
1040. Eric Zaman 33 New York Aug. 14. 2013 **
1041. Erica Stevenson – 15, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
1042. Erick McDonald Texas
1043. Ericka Collins 26, Cincinnati Ohio Oct. 13, 2012 **
1044. Erik “Ricky” Bradley age unknown Illinois March 25, 2013 **
1045. Erik Garcia California
1046. Erik Johnson New York
1047. Erik Scott 38, Las Vegas Nevada July 10, 2010 **
1048. Erik Von Davis Georgia
1049. Ernest “Marty” Atencio Arizona
1050. Ernest Duenez Jr. 34 California June 8 2011 **
1051. Ernest Foster Jr. 37, Indio CA July 4, 2013 **
1052. Ernest Merritt Georgia
1053. Ernest Prather – 39, killed by New York PD on 08/27/2002 **
1054. Ernest Satter- White Ethnicity 68 South Carolina Feb. 10.2014 **
1055. Ernest Vassell – 56, killed by North Miami Beach PD on 08/31/2011
1056. Ernest Williams Jr. – 36, killed by North Las Vegas PD on 09/06/2000
1057. Ernesto Carlo Mata Washington
1058. Ernesto Castaneda California
1059. Ernesto Donald Smith California
1060. Ernesto Duenez Jr. 34, Hispanic Male Oakland California June 8, 2011 **
1061. Ernie Salas Arizona
1062. Errol Chang 34, Pacifica- San Francisco California March 18, 2014
1063. Errol Williams Massachusetts
1064. Ervin Bernard Maynard Georgia
1065. Ervin Edwards 38, (Inmate) West Baton Rouge Detention Center Louisiana Nov. 26, 2013 **
1066. Ervin Jefferson 18 Georgia March 24. 2012 **
1067. Esau Marin Texas
1068. Esequiel Hernandez 18 Texas May 20. 1997 **
1069. Ethan Corporon Washington
1070. Etzel Faulkner, 42 – Queens NY Apr. 16, 2003 –
1071. Eugene Culp Washington
1072. Eugene Ellison 67 Arkansas Dec. 9. 2010 **
1073. Eugene Griffy Pennsylvania
1074. Eugene Mallory 80 California June 27. 2013 **
1075. Eugene Morales 22, Manhattan NY May 28, 2008
1076. Eugene N. Turner III – 28, killed by Kansas City PD on 08/31/2014
1077. Eulia Mae Love 39 California Jan. 3. 1979 **
1078. Eurie Stamps – 68, killed by Framingham PD SWAT on 01/05/2011
1079. Evaristo Barajas California
1080. Evelyn Vargas California
1081. Ever Ramon Martinez 29, July 9, 2014 Vallejo California
1082. Everardo Torres California
1083. Everett Davisson North Carolina
1084. Ezell Ford 25 California Aug. 11, 2014 **
1085. Ezequiel Garcia California
1086. Ezequiel Jacobo California
1087. Fednel Rhinvil 25, (Black Male) Salisbury Maryland March 3, 2015 **
1088. Felipe Valdovinos California
1089. Felix Coss 61 New York July 6. 2013 **
1090. Felix Martinez Torres 47 Arizona Oct. 6. 2013 **
1091. Female 53 (mentally ill) California
1092. Ferlando Colbert Georgia
1093. Fermin Arzu 41, Bronx NY May 18, 2007
1094. Fermin Rincon California
1095. Fernando Casares California
1096. Fernando Cortez California
1097. Fernando Gonzales-Cenice Oklahoma ros
1098. Fidencio Campos-Cruz Kentucky
1099. Fletcher Ray Stewart 46, (Mentally ill) Tallapoosa County Alabama Feb. 11, 2015 **
1100. Flint Farmer 29 Illinois June 7. 2011 **
1101. Floyd “Tye” Quinones 28, Brooklyn New York April 30, 2003 **
1102. Floyd Houser North Carolina
1103. Floyd Neamiah Strong California
1104. Fong Lee Minnesota
1105. Fortunato “Junior” Barquez III Hawaii
1106. Frakelin Marice Hardy – 19, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 07/10/2000
1107. Francis Cortez North Carolina
1108. Francis Murphy Rose III 42, Apple Valley California Feb. 2, 2015
1109. Francis Sanabria New Jersey
1110. Francisco Alvarez 50, (Hispanic Male) Santa Ana California Feb. 20, 2015
1111. Francisco Mondragon-Sa California ucedo
1112. Francisco Ramos Salcedo Washington
1113. Francisco Reyes California
1114. Frank Alvarado 40, (mentally ill) Salinas CA July 10, 2014 **
1115. Frank Darnell Washington
1116. Frank Dean Rodriguez Colorado
1117. Frank Filomeno Alejo California
1118. Frank Gonsalves Massachusetts
1119. Frank Johnson California
1120. Frank Kerr 40, Tucson AZ Oct. 10, 2014
1121. Frank Lee Smith 44 Florida Sept. 4.2012 **
1122. Frank Martinez California
1123. Frank Mendoza 54 California Aug. 2. 2014 **
1124. Frank Soliz California
1125. Frank Valdez age unknown Florida July 17. 1999 **
1126. Frankie Arzuaga New York
1127. Frankie Howard Minnesota
1128. Franklin J. Brown Minnesota
1129. Franklyn Reid Connecticut
1130. Fred Hampton 21 Illinois Dec. 4, 1969 **
1131. Fred Henderson Jr 35, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Sept. 20, 2007 **
1132. Fred Moraga California
1133. Fred Muir Washington
1134. Freddie Cooper 36, Spiro Oklahoma Oct. 13, 2014
1135. Freddie Taffola California
1136. Freddy Latrice Wilson “The Saint” 34, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Sept. 28, 2007 **
1137. Frederick Cory Eillis South Carolina
1138. Frederick Jerome Williams Georgia
1139. Frederick Jones Alaska
1140. Frederico Hurtado New York
1141. Gabriel Cuevas-Muldenado
1142. Gabriel Martinez California
1143. Gail Galliano New Jersey
1144. Garfield Brown North Carolina
1145. Garland King California
1146. Garmik Kirakosian California
1147. Garrett Gagne 22, Chatham MA Jan. 1, 2015 **
1148. Garrett Gagne 22, Chatham Massachusetts Jan. 1, 2015 **
1149. Gary Baker New York
1150. Gary Boyd Sr., 42 Hamilton New Jersey Nov. 16, 2013
1151. Gary Dean Burow Washington
1152. Gary E. Lee 54, Colonial Heights VA Oct. 20, 2014 **
1153. Gary Hatcher – 26, killed by Michigan SP on 05/25/2013
1154. Gary Kevin Fitzpatrick Washington
1155. Gary King Jr. – 19, killed by Oakland PD on 09/20/2007
1156. Gary Leonard Sanford Maryland
1157. Gary Rummer North Carolina
1158. Gary Smith 37, May 11, 2014 Westside Chicago Illinois
1159. Gayle Duran, 19 – Bronx New York Dec. 15, 2004
1160. Gene Mason Bagley Georgia
1161. Gene Valdez California
1162. General Martin Grant North Carolina
1163. Geneva M. Scott, 79, July 4, 2014 Canon Falls Minnesota
1164. Geoffrey Johnson 42, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Aug. 4, 2007 **
1165. George Booker Wells 29 Maryland March 31. 2012 **
1166. George D’Amato, Jr. 22, Brooklyn NY Mar. 8, 2010
1167. George Golden 42 Tenessee March 27,, 2013 **
1168. George Junius Stinney Jr. 14 South Carolina June 16. 1944 **
1169. George Lash 19, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Sept. 21, 2010 **
1170. George Perez New York
1171. George Pryor 61, Statesboro Georgia Oct. 28, 2013
1172. George Waldum Oregon
1173. George White Utah
1174. Georgia Jessup 16, Ft. Lauderdale Florida September 27, 1972 **
1175. Georgy Louisgene – 23, killed by NYPD on 01/16/2002 **
1176. Gerald “Skip” Tyrone Murphy – 38, killed by Trenton PD SWAT on 05/12/2013
1177. Gerald Abney North Carolina
1178. Gerald Coleman Oklahoma
1179. Gerald Lehn Minnesota
1180. Gerald O’Neill Whitten Minnesota
1181. Gerald Wayne Daniels Georgia
1182. Geraldo Moreno Tennessee
1183. Gerardo Arvallo California
1184. Gerardo V. Martinez Washington
1185. German Sanabria New Jersey
1186. Gertrude Barrow Washington
1187. Gibson Belizaire Florida
1188. Gidone Busch 31 (mentally ill) New York Aug. 30. 1999 **
1189. Gil Collar 18 Alabama Oct. 6. 2012 **
1190. Gil Ivan Santiago-Marquez Hawthorne New Jersey Dec. 8, 2004
1191. Gilbert Barber North Carolina
1192. Gilberto Blanco (age unknown) Brooklyn NY Nov. 13, 2008
1193. Ginette Denize 48, Brooklyn NY Apr. 8, 2009
1194. Glen Alton Haring Arizona
1195. Glen Boldware – 47, killed by Los Angeles PD on 01/04/2008
1196. Glen Edward Moore Georgia
1197. Glen Raeford Mabrey Jr. age unknown North Carolina June 19. 2005 **
1198. Glen Willis – 47, killed by Oakland PD on 08/06/2003
1199. Glenn C. Lewis 37, Oklahoma City Oklahoma Feb. 25, 2015
1200. Glenn Graves Washington
1201. Glenn Michael “Mike” Priddy 20, Louisville Kentucky October 27, 2011 **
1202. Glenn Rose California
1203. Glennel Givens Jr. – 28, killed by Berkeley&Oakland PDs on 07/25/2003
1204. Gonzalo Martinez California
1205. Gordon Denmark Minnesota
1206. Gordon Randall Jones Florida
1207. Gordon Rauch California
1208. Gordon Wheeler Minnesota
1209. Gracia Beaugris Florida
1210. Greg Purvis Georgia
1211. Greg Saulsbury California
1212. Gregory Chavis 19, Bronx NY Oct. 9, 2004 **
1213. Gregory Garner Washington
1214. Gregory Gehan Dec. 30 , 2004 NY or NJ
1215. Gregory Hooper – 37, killed by San Francisco PD on 02/02/2002
1216. Gregory Marcus Gray 33, Dec. 24, 2014 Washington DC
1217. Gregory R. Jones Washington
1218. Gregory Sevier Kansas
1219. Gregory Stampley Minnesota
1220. Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr – 30, killed by Saint Lucie Sheriffs on 01/14/2014
1221. Gregory Velasquez Wisconsin
1222. Gril Couch Texas
1223. Guadalupe Manzo-Ochoa 27, Dec. 9, 2014 San Leandro California
1224. Guadalupe Martinez Washington
1225. Guadalupe Vallesillo Nebraska
1226. Guillermo Canas 36 Minnesota Aug. 28, 2014 **
1227. Guillermo Culajay Canas 27, Aug. 28, 2014 St. Paul Minnesota
1228. Guillermo Saucedo California
1229. Gus Kukulas Illinois
1230. Gustavus Rugley California
1231. Guyatree Harpati 22, Queens NY May 10, 2007
1232. Gwendulina Brodie New York
1233. Hai Nguyen California
1234. Hailu Brook – 19, killed by Fairfax Co. PD on 12/10/2008
1235. Hannah Abukar Minnesota
1236. Hannah Rogers-Grippi California
1237. Hans Arellano 22 California July 30. 2013 **
1238. Harold McCord Jr. Washington
1239. Harold Murphy 35 Rapid City So. Dakota June 2014
1240. Harold Shover, Jr. Arizona
1241. Harrod Boyd, Jr. Oklahoma
1242. Harvey Lee Duke, Jr. South Carolina
1243. Harvey Mullenax 31, Oct. 17, 2014 Yavapai Arizona
1244. Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed 41, (mentally ill) Port Columbus Airport Columbus Ohio Jan. 7, 2015 **
1245. Hay Nhat Duong New Jersey
1246. Hayden Blackman – 43, killed by Rochester PD on 10/13/2013
1247. Heather Fredell North Carolina
1248. Heather L. Steven Washington
1249. Hector Hernandez California
1250. Hector Leon Aoah Wyoming
1251. Hector Leyva Illinois
1252. Henry Brown North Carolina
1253. Henry C. Taylor 68 Tenessee Aug. 21,. 2013 **
1254. Henry Glover 31 Louisanna Sept. 2. 2005 **
1255. Henry J. Lattarulo Florida
1256. Henry Seekamp Louisiana
1257. Henry Simmons Virginia
1258. Henry William Canad Florida y
1259. Henry Wolk Illinois
1260. Herbert Hightower Washington
1261. Herbert Roland Washington
1262. Herbert Vences Texas
1263. Herman Jackson Georgia
1264. Hernan Rubalcaba California
1265. Hernandez L. Dowdy 36 Tenessee June 27. 2014 **
1266. Herve Gilles – 48, killed by Spring Valley PD on 12/14/2011
1267. Hezekiah Lewis – 40, killed by Henderson PD on 01/21/2004
1268. Hilton Vega 21, Jan. 11, 1995 Bronx NY **
1269. Hilton Vega New York
1270. Holly Crahay Washington
1271. Homero Campos California
1272. Hoover Brown, Jr Indiana
1273. Horace Lorenzo Parks Georgia
1274. Horace Register Washington
1275. Horace Whiting 63 Tenessee March 10, 2013 **
1276. Hosie Walton, Jr. Minnesota
1277. Howard Brent Means Jr. 34, Iuka Mississippi Feb. 15, 2015
1278. Howard Gross California
1279. Howard L. Aga Washington
1280. Howard Tucker – 37, killed by Albany PD on 02/16/2010
1281. Howard Wallace Bowe Jr. – 34, killed by Hallandale Beach PD on 05/08/2014
1282. Howard Wallace Bowe Jr. 34, Hallandale Beach Florida May 19, 2014 **
1283. Howell Durwood Cul Kentucky ver
1284. Hugh Locklear North Carolina
1285. Humberto Eddie Rodriguez South Carolina
1286. Hydra Lacy Jr. Florida
1287. Ian Santamaria’s Dec, 5, 2014 Denver Colorado (suicide by 3 bullets in his back)
1288. Ian Sherrod 40, Tarboro No. Carolina Feb. 28, 2015
1289. Icarus Randolph – 26, killed by Wichita PD. on 07/04/2014 **
1290. Idriss Stelley 23 California June 13. 2001 **
1291. Ignacio Rangel Gonzalez California
1292. Ilda Grasso California
1293. Ilya Iglanov New York
1294. Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah Dearborn Heights MI Oct. 28, 2010
1295. Iman Morales 35, Brooklyn NY Sep. 24, 2008
1296. Iretha Lilly 37 Texas Oct. 7. 2014 **
1297. Isaac “Pops” Singletary 80 Florida Jan. 27. 2007 **
1298. Isaac Holmes 19, Black Man St. Louis Missouri Jan, 22, 2015
1299. Isaac Jolley Georgia
1300. Isaac Ornelas California
1301. Isaias Alvarez California
1302. Ismael Lopez California
1303. Ismael Mena 45 Colorado Sept. 29. 1999 **
1304. Ismael Sadiq – 30, killed by Garland PD on 06/20/2014
1305. Israel Garcia California
1306. Israel Hernandez 18 Florida Aug. 7. 2013 **
1307. Issac Mims New Jersey
1308. Ivan Romero 23 Minnesota May 10. 2013 **
1309. Izzy Colon 37, Orlando Florida Feb. 4, 2015
1310. J The Scream Character Hollywood Walk of Fame **
1311. J The Scream Character Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles California 22, Dec. 5, 2014
1312. J.R. Kvernes Arizona
1313. Ja Ma Lo Day 21, July 13, 2014San Diego California
1314. Jabe Lacorte Hawaii
1315. Jacinto Zavala 21 Colorado Aug. 14, 2014 **
1316. Jack Calvello, 85, Queens NY Apr. 12, 2014
1317. Jack Dale Collins Oregon
1318. Jack Jacquez 27 Colorado Oct. 27. 2014 **
1319. Jack L. Palmer Virginia
1320. Jack Lamar Roberson 43 Georgia Oct. 4. 2013 **
1321. Jack Retta New York
1322. Jack Schlesinger California
1323. Jack Sonntag Washington
1324. Jackie Archuleta Colorado
1325. Jackson Alexandre, 28, Brooklyn NY Mar. 23, 2013
1326. Jacob J. Lair Nevada
1327. Jacob M. Haglund 17, Bay City Michigan Feb. 17, 2015
1328. Jacob Newmaker California
1329. Jacob T. Stellmach Minnesota
1330. Jacob Westberg 22, Sioux Falls So. Dakota Oct. 14, 2013
1331. Jacobe Hyatt New Jersey
1332. Jacqueline Culp – 59, killed by Atlanta PD on 07/21/2012
1333. Jacqueline Reich Nevada
1334. Jacqueline Reynolds – 54, killed by Chicago PD on 05/08/2013
1335. Jacqueline Robinson Culp 59, Atlanta Georgia July 21, 2012 **
1336. Jacqueline Williams Washington
1337. Jaden Edward Soto California
1338. Jadzia Bobek Illinois
1339. Jahqui Graham New Jersey
1340. Jaime Bonilla North Carolina
1341. Jaime Flores California
1342. Jaime Gonzales California
1343. Jaime Gonzalez Texas
1344. Jairo Bastos Georgia
1345. Jairo Gomez Georgia
1346. Jaleel Jackson – 16, killed by Beverly Hills PD on 12/06/2011
1347. Jamal Blount New York
1348. Jamar Marrow – 24, killed by Bridgeport PD on 05/03/2006
1349. Jamar Witherspoon California
1350. Jameela Cecila Barne Georgia tte
1351. Jamel Nixon New York
1352. Jamel Radcliff South Carolina
1353. James “Justin” Atkinson Idaho
1354. James Anthony Thomas Michigan
1355. James Arthur Cobb Minnesota
1356. James B. Lewis Pennsylvania
1357. James Blakkestad Minnesota
1358. James Boyd 38 (mentally ill) New Mexico March 16. 2014 **
1359. James Bradley Wren Washington
1360. James Brissette 17 Louisanna Sept. 4. 2005 **
1361. James Brown, 24, Greenville No. Carolina Dec. 17, 2013
1362. James C. Fye Minnesota
1363. James C. Tomlin – 25, killed by Schenectady PD on 08/01/2009
1364. James C. Whitney Washington
1365. James Calvin Youngblood, 28, York County So. Carolina April 8, 2014
1366. James Chasse Jr Oregon
1367. James Clark Georgia
1368. James Coleman – 24, killed by Milwaukee PD on 04/24/2013
1369. James Culberson, 25 – Brooklyn NY Dec. 24, 2000
1370. James Davis California
1371. James Dean Dator Washington
1372. James Dean Schultz Washington
1373. James Dudley Barker 42, White Male Salt Lake City UT Jan. 8, 2015
1374. James Earl Rivera Jr. 16 California July 10. 2010 **
1375. James Edward Moore 37, Bronx New York Aug. 4, 2000
1376. James Eppinger Georgia
1377. James Eric Griffin – 48, killed by Alto PD on 01/23/2013
1378. James Eric Nelson New Jersey
1379. James Harper 31 Texas July 24. 2012 **
1380. James Harris 42, Bronx NY Jun. 19, 2007
1381. James Hill Maryland
1382. James Howard Allen 74, (Black Male) Gastonia So. Carolina Feb, 8, 2015 **
1383. James Howard Allen 74, Gastonia No. Carolina Feb. 7, 2015
1384. James J. Willis Washington
1385. James Jahar Perez – 28, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 03/28/2004
1386. James Kubera, 57, Grapevine Texas April 17, 2014
1387. James L. Borden Indiana
1388. James L. Knee Wisconsin
1389. James L. Norris – 25, killed by Maryland State Apprehension Team on 02/05/2014
1390. James L. Slater, Jr. Washington
1391. James Lamont – 36, killed by Vermont SP on 10/28/2010
1392. James Larue Colorado
1393. James Lewis – 37, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 10/19/2006
1394. James Louis Carrel California
1395. James M. Eshelman 54, Moose Lake Washington Dec. 31, 2013
1396. James Madison Foster, Jr. Tennessee
1397. James Madison McGee, Jr. Washington DC
1398. James Mahaffey Minnesota
1399. James Marlowe Ness 70, Browning Montana Feb. 21, 2014
1400. James McClintic Nevada
1401. James McGoey New York
1402. James Moala Kofu 22, June 21, 2014 Fontana California
1403. James Monroe Washington
1404. James Murphy (Mentally ill) Queens New York April 22, 2000
1405. James Murphy 43, Queens New York Apr. 22, 2000
1406. James Nicholas 48, Sept. 11, 2014 E. Harris County Texas
1407. James Powell 15 New York July 16. 1964 **
1408. James Ramirez California
1409. James Renee White Jr. 21, May 12, 2014 Los Angeles California (Universal City Walk)
1410. James Ridge 46, of Yucaipa California July 9, 2013
1411. James Shaw Georgia
1412. James Stillson May 8, 2005 – NY or NJ
1413. James Thomas Williams Georgia
1414. James Torres, 44, Bronx NY Dec. 26, 2013
1415. James Travis Laucks Oklahoma
1416. James Tuggle California
1417. James Villegas – De La Rosa 22, California Nov. 13, 2014 **
1418. James Whitehead 28, Orange Texas July 26, 2012 **
1419. James Whiteshield Washington
1420. James William Wallace, 31, Isle of Wright County Virginia Aug. 10, 2013
1421. Jamie Reyes California
1422. Jamiel Johnson 16 New York Sept. 29. 1994 **
1423. Jamil Moore 22 New York Sept. 1. 2002 **
1424. Jamil Wheatfall 36 California April 14. 2001 **
1425. Janet Zuelzke Arizona
1426. Janice Harrison Michigan
1427. Janisha Fonville 20, Mecklenburg No. Carolina Feb. 19, 2015
1428. Jaquaz Walker – 17, killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD on 06/18/2013
1429. Jaquess Harris 26 GA Oct. 14. 2012 **
1430. Jared Brown-Garnham – 21, killed by Pennsylvania State PD on 12/08/2013
1431. Jared Fe Benito Hawaii
1432. Jared Huey California
1433. Jarrel Gray Maryland
1434. Jashon Bryant 18, Black Male Hartford Connecticut May 7, 2005 **
1435. Jasmen Bruce Georgia
1436. Jason A. Martin Minnesota
1437. Jason Alan Kemp 31 Colorado July 20. 2010 **
1438. Jason Ballard 22, Baltimore Maryland Jan. 24, 2015
1439. Jason Beck Mississippi
1440. Jason Bitz California
1441. Jason Clemenson Minnesota
1442. Jason D. White – 31, killed by Columbus Division of Police on 11/17/2013
1443. Jason Douglas McPherson Minnesota
1444. Jason E. Rogers, 35, Oct. 8, 2014 Tulsa Oklahoma
1445. Jason Harrison – 38, killed by Dallas PD on 06/14/2014
1446. Jason Karlo Anderson Wisconsin
1447. Jason Leon Carmichael Vernal Utah May 6, 2013
1448. Jason Lewis, 40 Houston Texas May 2, 2014
1449. Jason Michael Kerr, 31, St. Petersburg Florida Oct. 18. 2013
1450. Jason Moore 31 Missouri Sept. 17, 2011 **
1451. Jason Nichols Oklahoma
1452. Jason P. Barsness Minnesota
1453. Jason Poss Washington
1454. Jason Richard Bitz 23 California Oct, 31. 2011 **
1455. Jason Rodgers 35, Tulsa OK Oct. 8, 2014
1456. Jason Sherard Harrison 39, (schizophrenic) Dallas Texas June 14, 2014 **
1457. Jason Tucker Washington
1458. Jason Williams Washington
1459. Jason Yang Minnesota
1460. Jason Yeagley Florida
1461. Jatrek Hewitt, 17 – Staten Island NY Aug. 5, 1999
1462. Javier Chavez California
1463. Javier Joseph Rueda California
1464. Javier Ortiz California
1465. Javon Neal Florida
1466. Jay Allen Johnson Alaska
1467. Jay McAllister New Mexico
1468. Jayson Morris Washington
1469. Jayson Tirado 25, Manhattan NY Oct. 20, 2007
1470. Jayson Tirado, 25 – Manhattan Oct. 20, 2007 –
1471. Jazmyne Eng California
1472. Jean Singleton 42, New York City New York May 19, 1989 **
1473. Jedidiah J. Waters Washington
1474. Jeff Carlson Minnesota
1475. Jeff Johnson 33, Sept. 12, 2014 Abliene Texas
1476. Jeffery Holden 18, Oct. 26, 2014 Wichita Kansas
1477. Jeffrey C. Sunow 63, (White Male) Waikoloa Hawaii March 1, 2015 **
1478. Jeffrey E. Orris Washington
1479. Jeffrey Hopkins Ohio
1480. Jeffrey Johnson 58, Manhattan NY Aug. 24, 2012
1481. Jeffrey Lee Clausen Minnesota
1482. Jeffrey R. Nielson 34, West Valley Utah Jan. 14, 2015
1483. Jeffrey Ragland – 50, killed by NYC Correction Officer on 01/10/2014
1484. Jeffrey Roman Georgia
1485. Jeffrey Towe 53, (schizoaffective bipolar disorder) Woodland, CA by Officer Darryl Moore August 18, 2014
1486. Jeffrey Williams – 28, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 02/06/2008
1487. Jeffrey Williams Washington
1488. Jelani Manigault – 24, killed by Princeton Township PD on 01/23/2003
1489. Jenni Stebleton Minnesota
1490. Jennifer Chauvin 33, Au Sable NY Oct. 29, 2014 **
1491. Jennifer Gay Bond 34, Nov, 23, 2014 Crittenden Kentucky
1492. Jennifer LeBlanc California
1493. Jennifer Lobato 37, (Hispanic Female) Denver Colorado March 4, 2015 **
1494. Jennifer S. Chauvin, 33, Oct. 30, 2014 AuSable New York
1495. Jenny Borelis Cowlitz 28, Washington May17, 2013
1496. Jerame C. Reid 36, Bridgeton New Jersey Dec. 31, 2014
1497. Jerame C. Reid, 36, Dec. 31, 2014 Bridgeton New Jersey
1498. Jerame Reid 36, Black Male Bridgeton New Jersey Dec. 30, 2014 **
1499. Jeremey Lake – 19, killed by Tulsa PD on 08/05/2014
1500. Jeremiah Chass California
1501. Jeremiah Fraley Kentucky
1502. Jeremiah Humphrey Illinois
1503. Jeremiah Moore 29 (mentally ill) California Oct. 20. 2012 **
1504. Jeremiah Robert Wall Minnesota
1505. Jeremie McCraven 20 Tenessee Feb. 10, 2012 **
1506. Jeremy Bustos 43, Avondale Arizona Oct. 23, 204
1507. Jeremy Groom Washington
1508. Jeremy Lee Foos Delaware
1509. Jeremy Lett 28, Tallahassee Florida Feb. 5, 2015 **
1510. Jeremy Martin 29, Las Cruses New Mexico Oct. 28, 2014 **
1511. Jeremy Mills North Carolina
1512. Jermaine Darden – 34, killed by Fort Worth PD on 05/16/2013
1513. Jermaine Sanders – 25, killed by Cleveland PD on 01/15/2002
1514. Jermonte Fletcher 33, Black Male Columbus Ohio Jan. 27, 2015
1515. Jerome Alford – 33, killed by Spokane PD on 03/24/2007
1516. Jerome Carter California
1517. Jerome D. Nichols 42, Allentown Pennsylvania Feb. 23, 2015
1518. Jerome Murdough 56 New York Feb. 15, 2014 **
1519. Jerone J. Walton Virginia
1520. Jerriel Da’Shawn Allen California
1521. Jerry Brown – 41, killed by Pasco Co. Sheriffs on 07/01/2014
1522. Jerry Hendricks North Carolina
1523. Jerry Hermes, Jr. (32) New Braunfels Texas 10-13-2014
1524. Jerry Jackson Georgia
1525. Jerry Jackson Pennsylvania
1526. Jerry Kane Arkansas
1527. Jerry Love Illinois
1528. Jerry Pickens Louisiana
1529. Jerry Waller 72 Texas May 28. 2013 **
1530. Jerzy Sidor Louisiana
1531. Jess Hamilton California
1532. Jess Nuckels Indiana
1533. Jesse Carrizales California
1534. Jesse Heller Minnesota
1535. Jesse Jerome Washington
1536. Jesse Moore California
1537. Jesse Runnels Florida
1538. Jesse Sperry 23, Madison County Indiana April 6, 2014
1539. Jesse Vigil 51, Henderson Nevada July 29, 2014
1540. Jessica Elaine Morgan Maryland
1541. Jessica Hernandez 16, Hispanic Female Denver Colorado Jan. 26, 2015 **
1542. Jessica Uribe 28, Tucson Arizona March 1, 2015
1543. Jessie Davis North Carolina
1544. Jessie Lee Owens Texas
1545. Jessie Long California
1546. Jesucita Ortega California
1547. Jesus “Chuy” Huerta 17 North Carolina Nov. 19. 2014 **
1548. Jesus Juan Hernandez-Caz California ares
1549. Jesus Octavio Aguilar 28 Colorado Oct. 12, 2011 **
1550. Jeterius Moore 18 Alabama May 10. 2012 **
1551. Jie Wang California
1552. Jihad Alim Akbar California
1553. Jimmell Cannon (Black Male) 13, Chicago Illinois July 25, 2011 **
1554. Jimmie Taylor II Mississippi
1555. Jimmy Allen Georgia
1556. Jimmy Madeley Texas
1557. Jimnell Cannon Illinois
1558. JNA Crawford Missouri
1559. Joan Sagendorf Nebraska
1560. Joanne Albanese 39, Las Vegas Nevada Aug. 20, 1995 **
1561. Joaquin Figuerora California
1562. Joaquin Hernandez 28, (Hispanic Male) Tempe Arizona Feb. 2, 2015
1563. Joe Banks Illinois
1564. Joe Casto Corrales California
1565. Joe Gorden 49, Denver Colorado March 20, 2014
1566. Joe Hernandez 17, June 13, 2014 Ft. Worth Texas
1567. Joe Kane Arkansas
1568. Joe R. Lawson Washington
1569. Joe Sanders Washington
1570. Joe Webster Pavao Hawaii
1571. Joe Wheeler North Carolina
1572. Joel Acevedo 21 California July 22. 2012 **
1573. Joel Allen, 34, Dallas Texas Sept. 15, 2014
1574. Joel Hernandez Texas
1575. Joel Mathew Acevedo California
1576. Joel Perales California
1577. Joel Silvesan Washington
1578. Joel Torres New Jersey
1579. Joetavius Stafford 19 Georgia Oct. 15. 2011 **
1580. Joey Grindstaff North Carolina
1581. Joey Kopleck Illinois
1582. John A. Massey 30, Cobb County Georgia Dec. 27, 2013
1583. John Adams – 61, killed by Lebanon PD on 10/04/2000
1584. John Aguilera California
1585. John Albert Jackson Georgia
1586. John B. Greer 46 Virginia Aug. 29. 2013 **
1587. John Ballard Gorman 45, White Male Tunica Mississippi Jan, 21, 2015 **
1588. John Barry Marshall 48, (White Male) Billings Montana Jan. 30, 2015
1589. John Bernard McDonald Washington
1590. John Bior Deng – 26, killed by Johnson County Sheriff on 07/24/2009
1591. John Bocock Oregon
1592. John Buckendorf Washington
1593. John C. Vu Washington
1594. John Capano 54 New York Dec. 31. 2011 **
1595. John Carter Pennsylvania
1596. John Charles Carr Minnesota
1597. John Collado 43 New York Sept. 6. 2011 **
1598. John Cox April 22, 2005 – NY or NJ
1599. John Crawford 22 Ohio Aug. 5. 2014 **
1600. John Del Real 39, Long Beach California Sept. 26, 2013 **
1601. John Doyle Minnesota
1602. John Edward Okeefe 35, (White Male) Albuquerque New Mexico Jan. 15, 2015
1603. John Edward Okeefe 35, Albuquerque New Mexico Jan. 13, 2015
1604. John Franklin Brown Georgia
1605. John Fulchiero California
1606. John Geer 46, White Male Fairfax Virginia Aug. 29, 2013 **
1607. John Geer, 46, Springfielf Virginia Aug. 30, 2013
1608. John Goudeaux California
1609. John Harris III South Carolina
1610. John Hebebrand 43, Dec. 26, 2014 Bedford Ohio
1611. John Henry Ashley Washington
1612. John Hubbard 44, Chicago, Illinois Feb. 2, 2013 **
1613. John Hubbard 44, Chicago, Illinois Feb. 2, 2013 **
1614. John LaBossiere Washington
1615. John Laco 84, Dec. 9, 2014 Lake City Indiana
1616. John Lagattuta 35 New York Jan. 2. 2003 **
1617. John Lindsey Myers – 15, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
1618. John Loxas Arizona
1619. John M. Hull Washington
1620. John M. Pannell Kansas
1621. John Martin Whittaker 33, Anchorage Alaska Feb. 10, 2015
1622. John Michael Keen Kentucky
1623. John Miranda Hawaii
1624. John Paiva Nevada
1625. John Patrick Steinbaugh Washington
1626. John Paul Quintero 23, Wichita KS Jan 3, 2015 **
1627. John Pearce Georgia
1628. John Pebles Washington
1629. John Porter Washington
1630. John R. Dinsmore Utah
1631. John R. Smelko, 40, Nov. 17, 2014 Dayton Ohio
1632. John Rasanen New York
1633. John Raymond Pestana Washington
1634. John Rico California
1635. John Robert Husband lll 21 Texas June 2. 2012 **
1636. John Robert Vogelle Georgia
1637. John Sawyer 36, Yucaipa California Feb. 5, 2015
1638. John Shepherd 58, Shreveport Louisiana Oct, 15, 2013
1639. John Sinapati Hawaii
1640. John Sloan – 23, killed by Oakland PD on 05/18/2011
1641. John T. Kolata 75, Leslie Arkansas Oct. 31. 2014
1642. John T. Williams 50, Seattle Washington Aug. 30, 2010 **
1643. John Thompson Michigan
1644. John Walker age unknown Tenessee May 18. 2013 **
1645. John Wesley Helvie 44, Oct. 27, 2014 Hialeah Florida
1646. John Winkler 30, West Hollywood California April 11, 2014 **
1647. John Wrana 95 Illinois July 26. 2013
1648. John Zewahri 23, Santa Monica June 7, 2013 **
1649. Johnathan Ayers 28 Georgia Sept. 1. 2009 **
1650. Johnathan Cuevas 20, Los Angeles, California Oct. 20, 2010 **
1651. Johnathan Smith 26 Brooklyn NY Mar. 18 2011
1652. Johnathon Guillory 32, (White Male) Maricopa Arizona Jan. 18, 2015 **
1653. Johnnie B. Rogers Minnesota
1654. Johnnie Kamahi Warren 43 Alabama Feb. 15, 2012 **
1655. Johnnie L. Longest Washington
1656. Johnnie Mae Mann Louisiana
1657. Johnnie Nakao California
1658. Johnny Cornell Texas
1659. Johnny Gammage 31 New York Oct. 12, 1995 **
1660. Johnny Goodwin 21, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois August 22nd, 2007 **
1661. Johnny Griffin Mississippi
1662. Johnny Joseph Martinez 36, Oct. 14, 2014 Dalhart Texas
1663. Johnny Lozoya California
1664. Johnny Martinez 29, (schizophrenic) Los Angeles CA Oct. 4, 2014 **
1665. Johnny Santana Pennsylvania
1666. Jon Otis Washington
1667. Jonathan Ayers Georgia
1668. Jonathan Clark 25, Fountain Colorado Nov. 12, 2013
1669. Jonathan Cuevas California
1670. Jonathan D. Rogers – 22, killed by Columbus PD on 12/02/2013
1671. Jonathan Farrell 24 North Carolina Sept. 16. 2013 **
1672. Jonathan Hess Minnesota
1673. Jonathan Lynch 32, Brooklyn New York Dec. 24, 2000
1674. Jonathan Mosely 41, Bridgeport Connecticut Sept. 28, 2004
1675. Jonathan Taylor California
1676. Jonathan Wilcher – 26, killed by Titusville Florida Nov. 17, 2013
1677. Jonni Kiyoshi Honda California
1678. JonRynn Avery 23, Chicago Illinois July 12, 2011 **
1679. JonRynn Avery Illinois
1680. Jordan Baker 26 Texas Jan. 16. 2014 **
1681. Jordan Davis 19 Florida Nov. 23, 2012 **
1682. Jordan Franklin Browder 22, June 2, 2014 Greenville County So. Carolina
1683. Jordan West-Morson – 26, killed by Detroit Transportation Corp. on 05/01/2013
1684. Jorge Azucena, 26, Los Angeles California Oct. 24 ,2014
1685. Jorge Jimenez California
1686. Jorge Ocon California
1687. Jorge Trejo 34, Los Angeles, California Nov. 9, 2014
1688. Jose A. Mateo Jr. 22, Washington Heights NY June 4, 2003 **
1689. Jose Adan Cruz Ocampo 33 North Carolina July 27. 2013 **
1690. Jose Angel Garcia Jauregui 27, Utah County Utah Jan. 31, 2014
1691. José Antonio Elena Rodríguez 16 Arizona Oct. 10, 2012 **
1692. Jose Antonio Espinoza Ruiz 56, Levelland Texas Jan. 23, 2015
1693. Jose Benito Saenz Arizona
1694. Jose Calzada 35 (mentally ill) Utah Oct. 21. 2014 **
1695. Jose Carlos Capuzano Washington
1696. Jose Carlos Perez-Hernandez California
1697. Jose Ceja 36, Fairfield California Jan. 15, 2015
1698. Jose Cesar Contreras Wisconsin
1699. José Colon 20 New York April 19. 2002 **
1700. Jose Diaz Illinois
1701. Jose Feliciano 44, (mentally ill & epileptic seizures) Brooklyn NY Nov. 22, 2004 **
1702. Jose Flores California
1703. Jose Guerena 26, (Hispanic Male) Tucson Arizona May 5, 2011 **
1704. Jose Ives, Jr. New Jersey
1705. Jose Jimenez California
1706. Jose Luis Calbaren Dom Oregon inguez
1707. Jose Manuel Guerena Ortiz 26 Arizona May 5. 2011 **
1708. Jose Mares Texas
1709. Jose Mateo, Jr. New York
1710. Jose Millan California
1711. Jose Monteon Jr California
1712. Jose Muniz 52 Bronx New York June 20. 2013 **
1713. Jose Quinonez – 22, killed by Essex County Sheriff’s Department on 11/06/2013
1714. Jose Ramirez Jimenez Washington
1715. Jose Rivera 32, Bronx NY Nov. 1, 2006
1716. Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot 29 Oregon April 2, 2001 **
1717. Jose Santos, Jr. (age unknown) Rikers Island NY June 9, 1997 **
1718. Jose Soloro California
1719. Jose Torres California
1720. Jose Vieira Texas
1721. Josef Bosch Washington
1722. Joseph A. Garcia Minnesota
1723. Joseph Anthony Carl Minnesota
1724. Joseph Anthony Pacini 52, (mentally ill) Philadelphia PA Dec. 30, 2014 **
1725. Joseph Azuz Minnesota
1726. Joseph Bernard Hradec Washington
1727. Joseph Bernazard 26, Brooklyn NY Sep. 30, 2006
1728. Joseph Biegert 30, (suicidal) Green Bay Wisconsin Feb. 24, 2015
1729. Joseph Bober Nebraska
1730. Joseph Brown Louisiana
1731. Joseph Brown North Carolina
1732. Joseph Caffarello 31, White Male – Rosemont IL January 7, 2015 **
1733. Joseph Erin Hamley 21 (mentally ill) Arkansas March 7. 2006 **
1734. Joseph Finley Ohio
1735. Joseph Frank Kennedy California
1736. Joseph Gannon Alaska
1737. Joseph Glenn Folsom Jr. 61, Dec. 5, 2014 Camden South Carolina
1738. Joseph Hanegan 28, Blanchard Louisiana June 20, 2013
1739. Joseph Jennings 18 Kansas Aug. 27, 2014 **
1740. Joseph Kubat Minnesota
1741. Joseph Leonard Burkett Washington
1742. Joseph M. Henninger Washington
1743. Joseph Marchetti Alaska
1744. Joseph N. Cooper, Jr. Washington DC
1745. Joseph Paffen 46, Orange County Florida Feb. 8, 2015
1746. Joseph Paige – 24, killed by Orlando PD on 06/10/2013
1747. Joseph R. Wharton 48, Centralia Washington Feb. 13, 2014
1748. Joseph Tallent Georgia
1749. Josh Ferreira California
1750. Josh Gilchrist 16, Jan. 26, 2007 Huron So. Dakota
1751. Josh Gilchrist South Dakota
1752. Josh Levy Washington
1753. Joshua Alva Hollander California
1754. Joshua Beacom Minnesota
1755. Joshua Maravilla California
1756. Joshua Moran Washington
1757. Joshua Omar Garcia 24, Tahoka Lynn County Texas Jan. 26, 2015
1758. Joshua Paul 31 Illinois Aug. 17, 2014 **
1759. Joshua Russell California
1760. Joshua Stephenson California
1761. Joshua Williams Louisiana
1762. Jouan Manuel Rodriguez Washington
1763. Jovon Talley-Ford California
1764. Joy Ann Sherman 52, Lakota Female Mitchell So. Dakota Nov. 8, 2014 **
1765. Joy Ann Sherman 52, Oglala Sioux-Pine Ridge Reservation Mitchell SD Nov. 8, 2014
1766. Joy Saunders Miller Washington
1767. Juan Aponte Huerta 47, Manhattan New York June 20, 2004 –
1768. Juan Arroyo New Jersey
1769. Juan Calves 51 Bronx NY Sep. 7, 2007
1770. Juan Carlos Sanchez, 30 – Manhattan NY Jun. 16, 2003
1771. Juan Castellanos California
1772. Juan Hector Torres California
1773. Juan Herrera 23 California Dec. 23. 2004 **
1774. Juan Lopez New Jersey
1775. Juan Lorenzo Daniels Tennessee
1776. Juan May 45, May 22, 214 Duncanville Texas
1777. Juan Mendez-Lozaro 33 New York Jan. 23. 2013 **
1778. Juan Nunez California
1779. Juan Serna California
1780. Juan Velasco California
1781. Juan Zaragoza California
1782. Julian Alexander – 20, killed by Anaheim PD on 10/29/2008
1783. Julian Alexander 20, Black Male Los Angeles, California Oct. 28, 2008 **
1784. Julian Celaya California
1785. Julian Dawkins – 22, killed by Arlington County Sheriffs on 05/22/2013
1786. Julian Dekeuninck Iowa
1787. Julian Magdaleno 29 Bellmead Texas 2014-10-20
1788. Julian Nolasco California
1789. Julie A. Riggs Illinois
1790. Julien Gonzalez California
1791. Juliet Macchi 23, Sept. 22, 2013 killed by drunk cop Plymouth Massachusetts
1792. Julio Alberto “Zapatone” Ortega-Moncada 31, – Queens NY Mar. 28, 2006 –
1793. Julio Ayala California
1794. Julio Garcia California
1795. Julio Sandoval California
1796. Julio Tarquino 22, New Jersey May 11. 1995 **
1797. Justin Brimmer – 28, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 02/26/2007
1798. Justin Burris Washington
1799. Justin Crowley-Smilek 28 (mentally ill) Maine Nov. 19. 2011 **
1800. Justin Fields – 21, killed by Milwaukee PD on 03/02/2003
1801. Justin Ford California
1802. Justin Gaswint Washington
1803. Justin Griffin, 25 Hines County Mississippi May 5, 2014
1804. Justin H. Smith Oklahoma
1805. Justin Hertl California
1806. Justin Poster New Hampshire
1807. Justin Sean Tucker 36, May 16, 2014 Clearwater Florida
1808. Justin Sipp 20 Louisanna March 1. 2012 **
1809. Justin Thompson – 15, killed by Memphis Tennessee PD on 09/24/2012 **
1810. Juwam Williams Bymon Georgia
1811. Kai Michael Blesko Washington
1812. Kaileb Cole Williams, 20, Missoula UMontana Dec. 31, 2014 **
1813. Kajieme Powell – 25, killed by St. Louis MO PD on 08/19/2014 **
1814. Kaldrick Donald 24, (mentally ill) Gretna, Florida Oct. 28, 2014 **
1815. Kalik Church New Jersey
1816. Kalvin Porter 34 Mississippi May 19. 1999 **
1817. Kamal Lal California
1818. Kami Stevens California
1819. Kandice Honiker, 27, Merced California April 26, 2014
1820. Karapet Bulmadzhyan California
1821. Kareen White Washington
1822. Karen Day Jackson 45 Kansas Juky 11, 2012 **
1823. Karen Jane Matthew Washington
1824. Karen Louise Powell Virginia
1825. Karin S. Moller 55, Dec. 4, 2014 South Berwick Maine
1826. Karl Eugene Walton Washington
1827. Katherine A. Hegarty Louisiana
1828. Katherine Marie Gordon Minnesota
1829. Katherine Powell 45, White Female Reno Nevada Feb. 1995 **
1830. Kathleen Eklund California
1831. Kathryn Johnston – 92, killed by Atlanta Police Departmen on 11/21/2006 **
1832. Kathryn Michelle Walters 46 Nevada Jan. 21. 2013 **
1833. Katie Burg Minnesota
1834. Katrell Butler 28, Brooklyn NY Nov. 11, 2006
1835. Katrina Campos California
1836. Katrina Sarkissian Texas
1837. Kayla “Xavier” Moore (transgender paranoid schizophrenic) Black Woman Berkley California Feb.12, 2013 **
1838. Kayla Moore – 41, killed by Berkeley PD on 02/13/2013
1839. Kaylyn Cotton-Dobie Nevada
1840. Kayshawn Forde 21, Brooklyn NY Oct. 26, 2008
1841. Keaton Dupree Otis – 25, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 05/12/2010
1842. Kedemah Dorsey Washington DC
1843. Kedrian Edwards – 19, killed by New York PD on 07/26/2002
1844. Keion Williams New Jersey
1845. Keith Briscoe 36, (schizophrenic) Black Male Winslow Township New Jersey May 3, 2010 **
1846. Keith Briscoe New Jersey
1847. Keith Graff Arizona
1848. Keith Maurice Williams – 24, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 01/21/2004
1849. Keith T. Shumway – 20, killed by Ithaca PD on 08/25/2011
1850. Keith Tucker Nevada
1851. Keith Vidal 18 North Carolina Jan. 5. 2014 **
1852. Keith Watkins California
1853. Kelly A. Miller Washington
1854. Kelly Loomis Washington
1855. Kelly Thomas 37 California July 10. 2011 **
1856. Kelvin Brooks California
1857. Kelvin Brooks Georgia
1858. Kemp Yarborough 37 Bronx NY Mar. 8, 2011
1859. Kendahl Williams California
1860. Kendall Walker – 24, killed by Vacaville police Department on 07/18/2013
1861. Kendra Deenan Diggs 37 Maryland May 7. 2013 **
1862. Kendra James 21 Oregon May 5. 2003 **
1863. Kendra Sarie James Oregon
1864. Kendraey McCall California
1865. Kendrec McDade 19 California Mar. 24. 2012 **
1866. Kendrick Brown – 35, killed by Cleveland PD on 09/02/2014
1867. Kendrick Johnson 17 Georgia Jan. 11th, 2013 **
1868. Kenin Sherrod Bailey Florida
1869. Kenneth “Mingo” Mason New York
1870. Kenneth Arnold Buck 22, Chandler AZ Jan. 5, 2015
1871. Kenneth Banks 36 New York Oct. 29. 1998 **
1872. Kenneth Brian Fennell South Carolina
1873. Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. 68, killed by White Plains PD on 11/19/2011 **
1874. Kenneth Christopher Lucas, 38, Harris County Texas Feb. 24, 2014
1875. Kenneth Dewayne Cooper – 45, killed by Oklahoma City Police on 06/19/2013
1876. Kenneth Dwayne Martin Georgia
1877. Kenneth Gomez California
1878. Kenneth Harding Jr California
1879. Kenneth Joe Brown 18, (White Male) Guthrie Oklahoma Feb. 1, 2015
1880. Kenneth Joseph Miller Washington
1881. Kenneth Kahle Minnesota
1882. Kenneth King – 24, killed by Fresno PD on 11/25/2005
1883. Kenneth Kreyssig (suicidal) 61, Feb. 11, 2015 Aroostook County Maine
1884. Kenneth Lamar Bedgood 36, (Black Male) Mobile Alabama Sept. 2013
1885. Kenneth Lloyd Lessley Minnesota
1886. Kenneth Maurice Boyd
1887. Kenneth Michael Trentadue Oklahoma
1888. Kenneth R. Dennis Washington
1889. Kenneth R. Herring – 50, killed by Columbus Division of Police on 12/12/2013
1890. Kenneth Smith – 20, killed by Cleveland PD on 03/10/2012 **
1891. Kenneth Suggs – 33, killed by Greenville PD on 01/31/2004
1892. Kenneth Urmston New Jersey
1893. Kenneth Wade Harding 19 California July 16. 2011 **
1894. Kenneth Walker – 39, killed by Muscogee County Sheriffs on 12/10/2003
1895. Kenneth Wickham Washington
1896. Kenneth Williams 21, Brooklyn NY May 10, 2009
1897. Kenneth Woodham Washington
1898. Kennith “Kenny” H Virginia arris
1899. Kenny Clinton Walker 23-year March 6, 2014
1900. Kenny Lazo 26, Suffolk New York June 28, 2008 **
1901. Kenny Wilson California
1902. Kenyado Newsuan 31 Pennyslyvania April 22. 2012 **
1903. Keoshia L. Hill – 28, killed by Selma PD on 06/02/2013
1904. Kerby Revelus – 23, killed by Milton PD on 06/28/2009
1905. Kermith Sonnier Jr. – 37, killed by Redstone Township Police on 05/05/2004
1906. Kermith Sonnier Pennsylvania
1907. Kerry Howk Minnesota
1908. Kerry Kevin O’Brien Florida
1909. Kesha Williams Minnesota
1910. Kevin Arnold Virginia
1911. Kevin B. Pao
1912. Kevin Bolden – 19, killed by District of Columbia Police on 03/28/2012
1913. Kevin Brown Texas
1914. Kevin Callahan New York
1915. Kevin Cerbelli 30, (Mentally ill) Queens NewYork Oct. 26, 2014
1916. Kevin Courtner 33, July 5, 2014 Louden Tennessee
1917. Kevin D. Garrett 60, Chicago Illinois Feb. 4, 2015 **
1918. Kevin Dale Woo Washington
1919. Kevin Davis 44, Black Male Decatur Georgia Dec. 29, 2014 **
1920. Kevin Koester, Sr. Georgia
1921. Kevin Koonce 46, Nacogdoches County Texas Aug. 7 ,2013
1922. Kevin Leo 28, Bronx NY Jan. 27, 2006
1923. Kevin M. Bailey – 22, killed by Solon PD on 03/17/2013
1924. Kevin Matthew Kimmons McCann 38 Tenessee April 13. 2012 **
1925. Kevin McCoullough Tennessee
1926. Kevin McKissick 13, Manhattan New York July 10, 2002
1927. Kevin Newland Washington
1928. Kevin P. Ferguson Maryland
1929. Kevin Rangitsch Washington
1930. Kevin White 43, Brooklyn NY Nov. 20, 2009
1931. Kevin Wicks California
1932. Kevin Willingham – 51, killed by Cincinatti PD on 08/17/2012
1933. Kevin Wooten California
1934. Kevin Young Oklahoma
1935. Khalid Lanier California
1936. Khalif Cousar New Jersey
1937. Khamis Shatara 21, Dec. 24, 2014 Delray Beach Florida
1938. Khary Grimes 18, Black Male Jersey City New Jersey 1994 or1995 **
1939. Khiel Coppin 18, Brooklyn NY Nov. 12, 2007
1940. Ki Yang Minnesota
1941. Kieber Jacome Minnesota
1942. Kijuan Byrd 28 Florida June 1. 2012 **
1943. Kim Groves Louisiana
1944. Kim Saelio California
1945. Kimani Gray 16 New York March 2013 **
1946. Kimberlee Randale-King 21, Pagedale MO Sept. 22, 2014 **
1947. King Casby Alabama
1948. King Ramses Hoover Washington
1949. Kirby Cockrell Mississippi
1950. Kirk W. Collins Nebraska
1951. Kiwane Carrington 15 Illinois Oct. 9, 2009 **
1952. Kjeston Rodgers Kentucky
1953. Kollin Elderts 23 Hawaii Nov. 5, 2011 **
1954. Kong Nay 34, Richland County So. Carolina July, 2013
1955. Korey Marcel Germaine – 24, killed by Antioch PD on 08/27/2013
1956. Kourtney Hahn – 21, killed by Columbus PD on 05/15/2013
1957. Kris T. Lieberman Pennsylvania
1958. Kristal L. Bradshaw Nebraska
1959. Kristen McKenzie, 21 – Brooklyn NY Mar. 10, 2007
1960. Kristiana Coignard 17, Longview Texas Jan. 22, 2015 **
1961. Kristina Middleton 1, Manhattan NY Nov. 24, 2004 **
1962. Kristina Middleton New York
1963. Kristopher Chase Simmons 35, June 4, 2014 Westhaven Utah
1964. Krystal Barrows 35, Ross County Ohio Dec. 13, 2013
1965. Kurt Ridener Washington
1966. Kwang Lee California
1967. Kyam Livingston 37 New York July 20. 2013 **
1968. Kyle Jason Peterson Minnesota
1969. Kyle Sheets Washington
1970. Kyone Johnson – 18, killed by Las Vegas Nevada Metropolitan PD on 07/02/2007
1971. Lajuanzo Brooks – 21, killed by Chicago PD on 09/14/2001
1972. LaJuanzo Brooks Illinois
1973. Lamont Harmon 47 California Feb. 6. 2012 **
1974. Lana Morris – 46, killed by New York PD on 06/05/2013 **
1975. Laporsha R. Watson 27, Jacksonville, Florida Sept. 3, 2012 **
1976. Laquan McDonald 17, Chicago Illinois Oct. 20. 2014 **
1977. Laquinnis Dye North Carolina
1978. Laray Renshaw – 36, killed by Cleveland PD on 09/30/2005
1979. La-Reko Williams – 21, killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD on 07/20/2011
1980. Larry Allen Miller 69, Christiansburg Virginia Oct. 2, 2014
1981. Larry Cobb 30 New York Aug. 18. 1999 **
1982. Larry Dawson Washington
1983. Larry Eugene Jackson Jr 32 Texas Aug. 26. 2013 **
1984. Larry Harper New Mexico
1985. Larry Hartstein Georgia
1986. Larry Hill Minnesota
1987. Larry Hooker – 23, killed by Baltimore City PD on 04/22/2013
1988. Larry Kobuk 33, American Indian Male Anchorage Correctional Complex Alaska Jan. 28, 2015 **
1989. Larry Neal 54, (paranoid schizophrenia heart patient) Aug. 1, 2003 Memphis TN **
1990. Latandra Ellington 36 Florida Oct. 1. 2014 **
1991. Latanya Haggerty 26, Chicago Illinois June 4, 1999 **
1992. Latricka Sloan 32, killed by Decatur County Sheriff’s Department Georgia 1/22/2011 **
1993. Laura Liliana Padilla 26, Chiapas Mexico October 18, 2006 **
1994. Laurence Buck Washington
1995. Laurie Martinez Wyoming
1996. Lavall Hall 25, (mentally disturbed Black Male) Miami Gardens Florida Feb. 15, 2015 **
1997. Lavan Valentin 35 Florida Aug. 1, 2014 **
1998. Laveta Jackson Massachusetts
1999. Lavon King – 20, killed by Jersey City PD on 06/24/2014
2000. Lawrence Allen – 19, killed by Philadelphia PD on 11/17/2008
2001. Lawrence Davies Arizona
2002. Lawrence Edward Graham III 20, (Black Male) Fayetteville So. Carolina July 2, 2013 **
2003. Lawrence H. Faine – 72, killed by Norfolk PD on 06/04/2014
2004. Lawrence J. Owens Washington
2005. Lawrence Powell Pennsylvania
2006. Lawrence Rogers – 30, killed by Rochester PD on 08/31/2002
2007. Lawrence Smith – 24, killed by U.S. Deputy Marshall on 03/04/2008
2008. Lawrence Smith California
2009. Lawrence Taylor Texas
2010. Laxma Reddy Nevada
2011. Lazaro Muniz California
2012. Ledarius D. Williams 23, (Black Male) St. Louis Missouri Feb. 2, 2015
2013. LeDarius Williams 23, St. Louis Missouri Feb. 10, 2015
2014. Lee Deante Brown – 30, killed by Riverside PD on 04/03/2006
2015. Lee Dunn North Carolina
2016. Lee Jefferson California
2017. Leigh Hainline Bonadise 25, Boca Raton Florida September 8, 1969 **
2018. Lejon Robins California
2019. Lejoy Grissom – 27, killed by Culver City California PD on 04/25/2010
2020. Lennon Johnson Texas
2021. Lenny Miles, 34, Nov. 17, 2014 Klamath Falls Oregon
2022. Leo Kampa New Mexico
2023. Leon Alfred Georgia
2024. Leon James – 23, killed by Cleveland PD on 04/18/2011
2025. Leon R. Fisher Tennessee
2026. Leonard Mosqueda Texas
2027. Leonard Thomas – 30, killed by Pierce County Metro SWAT on 05/24/2013
2028. Leonardo “Leo” Marquette Little 33, Jacksonville FL Nov. 25, 2014 **
2029. Leonardo Parera New Jersey
2030. Leonel Disla 19, Bronx NY Oct. 30, 2005
2031. Leonel Mateos California
2032. Leopoldo Huizar California
2033. Leroy Barnes Jr California
2034. Leroy Smalls, 41 – Manhattan NY Mar. 10, 2004
2035. Leslie Cox Kentucky
2036. Leslie Sapp III 47, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Jan. 6, 2015 **
2037. Lethaniel Glenn North Carolina
2038. Levon Leroy Love 44. Aug. 17, 2014 San Antonio Texas
2039. Lewis Conlogue 49, Aug. 3, 2014 La Grange Maine
2040. Lewis Lee Lembke 47, Aloha Oregon Jan. 2, 2015
2041. Lewis Shanks King Florida
2042. Lewis Stanley McClendon Oregon
2043. Lillian Weiss Minnesota
2044. Lilly Maderos Arizona
2045. Linda Yancey Georgia
2046. Lisa Maderos Arizona
2047. Lisa Marie Hensley Washington
2048. Little E. Booker May 20, 2005 – NY or NJ
2049. Lloyd Smalley Minnesota
2050. Lome Edward Stevenson Idaho
2051. Londrell E. Johnson – 33, killed by Madison PD on 05/02/2014
2052. Lonnie Davis, Jr. Washington
2053. Lonnie Gene Roberts 47, (mentally ill/paranoia) Hamilton Montana March 7, 2014 **
2054. Lonnie Graham California
2055. Lonnie Taylor – 21, killed by Vacaville PD on 06/29/2013
2056. Loren Benjamin Simpson 28, Yellowstone Montana Jan. 8, 2015 **
2057. Loren Simpson 28, Huntley Montana Jan. 8, 2015
2058. Lorenzo Davis 28 Memphis Tenessee July 3. 2012 **
2059. Lorenzo Doby Minnesota
2060. Lorenzo Ingram, Sr. Alabama
2061. Lorenzo Walker Washington
2062. Louis DecQuir – 36, killed by Chicago PD on 10/18/2002
2063. Louis Morris Florida
2064. Louis Squires 44, Springfield Massachusetts May 15, 2013
2065. Louis W. Barrett Jr. Minnesota
2066. Lovelle Mixon California
2067. Lucas Fitigu Maryland
2068. Lucas Ghost Bear South Dakota
2069. Lucas Grey Ghost Bear 21, (suicidal) March 9, 2003 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation So. Dakota **
2070. Lucia Rodriguez, 63, Brooklyn NY Jan. 4, 2003 **
2071. Luciano Reyes California
2072. Luis Colon 18, Chicago Illinois June 24, 2008 **
2073. Luis F. Rodriquez age unknown Oklahoma Feb. 15, 2014 **
2074. Luis Gonzalez Massachusetts
2075. Luis Guttierez California
2076. Luis Ramirez 25, Philadelphia Pennsylvania July 14, 2008 **
2077. Luis Roman 25, Dartmouth Massachusetts Oct. 23, 2014
2078. Luis Salinas California
2079. Luis Sanchez California
2080. Luis Soto 22, Manhattan NY Aug. 8, 2010
2081. Luis Vazquez Wyoming
2082. Luke Cardenas North Carolina
2083. Luke Daniel Anderson Wisconsin
2084. Luther Brown Jr. 32 California April 10. 2012 **
2085. Luther Mitchell, Jr Illinois
2086. Luthur Danzuka Oregon
2087. Lydia Rodriguez California
2088. Lynette Gayle Jackson Georgia
2089. Lynne Dale Iszley Washington
2090. Macadam Mason Vermont
2091. Macario Cisneros Garcia 54, Oct. 13, 2014 Pleasantown Texas
2092. Macario Garcia 54, Pleasanton TX Oct. 13, 2014 **
2093. Mack N. Lucky – 57, killed by New Haven PD on 11/08/2004
2094. Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket 18, Custer County, Oklahoma Dec. 21, 2013 **
2095. Makayla Ross – 13, killed by Memphis PD on 08/26/2012 **
2096. Makever “Keba” Brown 22 Manhattan NY Sep. 13, 2011
2097. Maksim I. Mayba Washington
2098. Malachiah McQueen North Carolina
2099. Malcolm Burno, 17 – Brooklyn NY Apr. 12, 2000 –
2100. Malcolm Ferguson 23 New York March 1. 2000 **
2101. Malcolm Hoyle Ohio
2102. Male age unknown (mentally ill) California
2103. Malice Green 36 Michigan Nov. 5. 1992 **
2104. Malik Jones Connecticut
2105. Malik Mustafa 36, Bronx New York Oct. 6, 2001
2106. Malik Williams – 19, killed by Bergen County PD on 12/10/2011
2107. Malik Williams New Jersey
2108. Maliki Raymond New York
2109. Maliki Yawmi-Deen Raymond 23 New York March 1. 2000 **
2110. Malissa Wiliiams 30 Ohio Nov. 29, 2013 **
2111. Mallard Frazier California
2112. Mamie Burrell Illinois
2113. Manny Mayi Jr.19, Queens New York March 29, 1991 **
2114. Manuel Angel Diaz California
2115. Manuel Armenta California
2116. Manuel Chamelta 18, Oct. 18, 2004 Queens NY **
2117. Manuel de Jesus Espina 43 Maryland Aug. 20. 2008 **
2118. Manuel Diaz 25 California July 21. 2012 **
2119. Manuel Jamines Xum California
2120. Manuel Loggins Jr. 31, killed by Orange County California Sheriffs 2/10/2012 **
2121. Manuel Ocampo, 18 , Brooklyn, NY May 27, 2014
2122. Manuel Ramirez California
2123. Manuel Vargas California
2124. Marcella Byrd – 57, killed by Long Beach PD on 01/19/2002
2125. Marcellus Graham 28 – Brooklyn NY Aug. 26, 2002
2126. Marcellus Perry 22, Black Male Chicago Illinois June 11, 2009 **
2127. Marcellus Wright California
2128. Marcelo Lucero 38, Queens New York Nov. 8th, 2008 **
2129. Marcial Cax-Puluc Georgia
2130. Marco Ernesto Avila California
2131. Marco Gomez California
2132. Marco Oliveras Georgia
2133. Marco Perez 22, El Paso TX Oct. 20, 2014
2134. Marcos DeJesus Alvar New York ez
2135. Marcus Bell Illinois
2136. Marcus G. Brown – 26, killed by Waterbury PD on 05/01/2011
2137. Marcus James Burrell Minnesota
2138. Marcus Landrum 17, Black Male Chicago Illinois August 18, 2008
2139. Marcus Lovell Arkansas
2140. Marcus Ryan Golden 24, (Black Male) St. Paul Minnesota Jan 15, 2015 **
2141. Marcus Ryan Golden 24, (Black Male) St. Paul, Minn. Jan 15, 2015
2142. Marcus Ryan Golden 24, St. Paul Minnesota Jan. 14, 2015
2143. Marcus Smith California
2144. Margaret Hill Colorado
2145. Margaret LaVerne Mitchell 54 California May 21. 1999 **
2146. Maria Balan New York
2147. Maria Fernandea Godinez 22 Florida Aug. 19, 2014 **
2148. Maria Inamagua Minnesota
2149. Maria Pena-Herrera 24 New York Aug. 4. 2001 **
2150. Maria Ruvalcaba California
2151. Mariano Lopez Fernand California ez
2152. Mariano Vargas New Jersey
2153. Mariano Vargas Servin California
2154. Marie Fares, 60 – Queens New York Dec. 14, 2004 **
2155. Marilyn Zeh 32, Queens NY Aug. 9, 2006
2156. Marilyn Zeh 32, Queens NY Aug. 9, 2006
2157. Marinan Reese 79, White Female Oklahoma City Oklahoma Dec. 13, 2014 **
2158. Mario “Papaya” Romero – 22, killed by Vallejo California PD on Sept. 2, 2012
2159. Mario A. Jordan 34, Chesapeake Virginia Jan. 15. 2015
2160. Mario Albert Madrigal Arizona
2161. Mario Alejandro Molina Campos Minnesota
2162. Mario Jaramillo California
2163. Mario Louis Jaramillo Idaho
2164. Mario Romero – 22, killed by Vallejo PD on 09/02/2012
2165. Mario Velez Nebraska
2166. Mario Venegas California
2167. Mario“Papaya” Romero 23, California Sept. 2, 2012 **
2168. Mark Ahnee Hawaii
2169. Mark Anthony Barmore 23, killed by Rockford Illinois PD 8/24/2009 **
2170. Mark Arnsten Washington
2171. Mark Burkett Florida
2172. Mark C. Backlund Minnesota
2173. Mark Clark 22 Illinois Dec. 4. 1969 **
2174. Mark Forde aka Michael Craig 32, Brooklyn New York March 15, 1999
2175. Mark Frederick Venuti New Jersey
2176. Mark Garcia California
2177. Mark Gregg California
2178. Mark Haynie Illinois
2179. Mark Lewis Salazar North Carolina
2180. Mark Miles California
2181. Mark Orland McKee Kansas
2182. Mark Overby Washington
2183. Mark Patrick Sinclair Minnesota
2184. Mark Richards Minnesota
2185. Mark William Burke California
2186. Markell Atkins 36, (Black Male) Memphis Tennessee Feb. 4, 2015
2187. Marlon Brown 38, killed by DeLand Florida PD on 05/09/2013 **
2188. Marlon Horton 28, Illinois Sept. 7, 2013 **
2189. Marques Burnette North Carolina
2190. Marquez Hayes Georgia
2191. Marquez Smart 23, Kansas March 10, 20 12 **
2192. Marquis Spencer Orlando Florida May 3, 2013
2193. Marshall M.K. Langford Hawaii
2194. Martha Donald Minnesota
2195. Martin Angel Hernandez 21, California March 6. 2012 **
2196. Martin F. Cotton II California
2197. Martin Lee Anderson 14 Florida Jan. 6. 2006 **
2198. Martin Osuna-Aguilar California
2199. Martin Sanchez-Juarez, 34, died December 20, 2014 Norman Oklahoma
2200. Martin Soriano California
2201. Martina Brown (schizophrenic) Jersey City New Jersey July 21, 2009 **
2202. Marty Logan Georgia
2203. Marvin Amerson – 51, killed by Memphis PD on 07/23/2013
2204. Marvin Ammons Nebraska
2205. Marvin Booker 56 Colorado Oct. 9. 2010 **
2206. Marvin Donald Free Oregon
2207. Marvin E. Parker – 54, killed by Kansas City PD on 09/07/2008
2208. Marvin Fulford New York
2209. Marvin Fulford, 48, Bronx NY Jun. 24, 2010
2210. Marvin Gardner California
2211. Marvin Glenn Johnson Arkansas
2212. Marvin Hendrix Ohio
2213. Marvin Williams 17, Black Male Chicago Illinois Sept. 16, 2008 **
2214. Mary Briscolina 14, Ft. Lauderdale Florida October 23, 1972 **
2215. Mary Hawkes 19, Albuquerque New Mexico Apr 22, 2014
2216. Mary Hickey 48 Louisanna Dec. 1. 2009 **
2217. Mary Jeanne Onderdonk Illinois
2218. Mary Millard Washington
2219. Marylou Jones Washington
2220. Matautu Nuu 35, Stockton California Jan. 28, 2015
2221. Mathew Powell California
2222. Matt Acheson Washington
2223. Matthais Mayhorn 28, Black Male Chicago Illinois March 10, 2009 **
2224. Matthew Ajibade 22, (Bio-polar Black Male) Savannah Georgia Jan. 8, 2015 **
2225. Matthew Ajibade 22, Jan. 2, 2015 Chatham Georgia **
2226. Matthew James Netter Washington
2227. Matthew Lundy 32, (White Male) Eaton County Michigan Feb. 15, 2015 **
2228. Matthew McCloskey 10, Franklin Township New Jersey Dec. 28. 2014 **
2229. Matthew Metz 25, *White Male) Tempe Arizona March 3, 2015
2230. Matthew Pollow 28, (mentally ill) Boca Florida April 5, 2014 **
2231. Matthew R. Murdock Georgia
2232. Matthew Walker 55 Florida April 11. 2014 **
2233. Matthew West North Carolina
2234. Maurice Clemmons 37, Seattle Washington Dec. 1, 2009
2235. Maurice Hall Pennsylvania
2236. Maurice Hampton Georgia
2237. Maurice Leroy Cox California
2238. Maurice Milligan California
2239. Maurice Pierce Texas
2240. Maurice Shephard California
2241. Mauricio Jacques 35, Bronx NY Apr. 12, 2009
2242. Mauro Montez Washington
2243. Max Martinez Washington
2244. Maximilian Walters 5 Nevada Jan. 21. 2013 **
2245. Mayceo Devangari Washington
2246. Maykel Antonio Barrera 37, Miami-Dade Florida Feb. 28, 2014
2247. McKenzie Cochran 25 Michigan Jan. 25, 2014 **
2248. McKinley Pruitt Georgia
2249. Meliton Francisco Recendez 15, Chicago Illinois September 27, 2007
2250. Melvin Barlow age unknown Black Male Chicago Illinois June 16, 2008 **
2251. Melvin L. Stith, Sr. Virginia
2252. Melvin Lawhorn 26, killed by Kershaw County Sheriffs So. Carolina 3/01/2012 **
2253. Melvin Samuel Georgia
2254. Melvin Sylvester 65, Manhattan New York Aug. 8, 2003
2255. Melvin Williams Georgia
2256. Merle Africa Pennsylvania
2257. Merlin Factor 25, Yucaipa California June 29, 2013
2258. Mevin Cousin Louisiana
2259. Micah Anthony Key – 24, San Angelo June 8, 2013
2260. Michael “O Head” Randolph 23 Pennyslyvania April 29. 2012 **
2261. Michael Acosta 21, San Francisco CA Nov. 2, 1991 **
2262. Michael Anglin Jr.15, Jersey City New Jersey Jan. 28, 2000
2263. Michael Anthony Haynes II 24 Michigan March 10. 2012 **
2264. Michael Anthony Kerr 54 North Carolina March 12. 2014 **
2265. Michael Barnes 49, Monroeville Pennsylvania Oct. 4, 2013
2266. Michael Blair 26, Fort Bend County Nov. 4, 20123
2267. Michael Bonner Oklahoma
2268. Michael Brown 18 Missouri Aug. 9, 2014 **
2269. Michael Brown 23 Ohio Oct. 26. 2005 **
2270. Michael Byoune California
2271. Michael C. Nestor Georgia
2272. Michael Cho California
2273. Michael Clark Texas
2274. Michael Clougherty Massachusetts
2275. Michael D. McDougle 29, (Black Male) Neshoba Mississippi Nov. 2, 2014 **
2276. Michael Darwin Hull Washington
2277. Michael Daryle Rose 49 (mentally ill) Arizona Oct. 3. 2014 **
2278. Michael David Oakes Washington
2279. Michael DeWayne Gilyard 44 Louisanna Dec. 16. 2010 **
2280. Michael Donald Reed 29 Maryland Feb. 18. 1995 **
2281. Michael Dries Washington
2282. Michael E. Bell 21 Wisconsin Nov. 9, 2004 **
2283. Michael Ellerbe Pennsylvania
2284. Michael Federici Arizona
2285. Michael Hammond Georgia
2286. Michael Harold Wessels Minnesota
2287. Michael Harris 24, (mentally ill) Bronx New York Feb. 13, 2006
2288. Michael Hunter Pennsylvania
2289. Michael J. Okarma Washington
2290. Michael Jenkins Washington
2291. Michael Johnson Arizona
2292. Michael Judson Brock Washington
2293. Michael K. Silver West Virginia
2294. Michael Kamp Montana
2295. Michael Lee California
2296. Michael Lembhard 22 New Jersey March 7. 2012 **
2297. Michael Lewis Sanders California
2298. Michael Maguire California
2299. Michael Max Truchinski Minnesota
2300. Michael McBride, 52, Manhattan Feb. 14, 2012 –
2301. Michael McCullen – 39, killed by Richmond PD on 01/22/2011
2302. Michael Myers – 62, killed by Chicago PD on 05/24/2014
2303. Michael Nida California
2304. Michael Nida ll 31 California Oct. 22, 2011 **
2305. Michael Oliver Lewis Colorado
2306. Michael P. Spence Washington
2307. Michael Platt Pennsylvania
2308. Michael Randall Ealy Washington
2309. Michael Ray Mitchell Washington
2310. Michael Revoredo Massachusetts
2311. Michael Robert Rosa California
2312. Michael Romero, 32 Brooklyn NY Apr. 1, 2010
2313. Michael Rosales 44, Corpus Christy Texas Dec. 25, 2013
2314. Michael Ross Bowers South Carolina
2315. Michael Sago Jr. 16 Illinois Oct. 1, 2011 **
2316. Michael Sanders – 40, killed by Fresno PD on 08/20/2004
2317. Michael Sharp Johnson Oklahoma
2318. Michael Sipes North Carolina
2319. Michael Smith 22, Black Male Chicago Illinois Nov. 18, 2006 **
2320. Michael Steven Ireland 31, Springfield Missouri Feb. 19, 2015
2321. Michael Stewart 25 New York Sept. 25. 1983 **
2322. Michael Sullivan Washington
2323. Michael T. Goebel, 29, Byrnes Mill Missouri Jan. 15, 2015
2324. Michael Theriault Louisiana
2325. Michael Tramble, Jr. Missouri
2326. Michael Valent Utah
2327. Michael Valentine Washington
2328. Michael Wayne Smashey 37. (White Male) Powder Springs Georgia Feb. 23, 2015
2329. Michael Westly15, killed by Chicago Illinois June 15, 2013
2330. Michelle Cusseaux 50, killed by Phoenix Arizona PD 8/14/2014 **
2331. Michelle D. Sloyan 49, Oct. 12. 2014 Bartlett TN **
2332. Mick Morgan Washington
2333. Miguel A. Vierra Hawaii
2334. Miguel Benton 19, Dekalb GA Oct. 3, 2014
2335. Miguel Dominguez-Flores New Mexico
2336. Miguel Palomo Illinois
2337. Miguel Reyes 20, Paramus NJ Oct. 8, 2014 **
2338. Miguel Sanchez Jr California
2339. Mike Smith Lonnie James Nevada
2340. Miles Allen Murphy Washington
2341. Miles Schulmeister Washington
2342. Milisha Thompson Oklahoma
2343. Milton Foster, Jr. Kansas
2344. Milton Gaines North Carolina
2345. Milton Hall 49 (mentally ill) Michigan July 1. 2012 **
2346. Milton Salazar Arizona
2347. Milton Wilcox Georgia
2348. Mingo Kenneth Mason 18, Manhattan NY Sep. 16, 2006
2349. Miriam Carey, 34, Washington DC Oct. 4, 2014
2350. Mister Bobby Lowe – 36, killed by Decatur PD on 08/13/2012
2351. Misty Holt-Singh 41 California July 16. 2014 **
2352. Misty Michelle Mullins 33, Wake County No. Carolina May 17, 2013
2353. Mitch Thompson 52, Sept. 1, 2014 Claude Texas
2354. Mitchell Ceasar Louisiana
2355. Mitchell Marien California
2356. Mitchell Moua Minnesota
2357. Mitchell Virgil Mississippi
2358. Mohamed Bah – 28, killed by New York PD on 09/25/2012
2359. Mohammad Usman Chaudhry California
2360. Mohammed Shah California
2361. Moises de la Torre 26 California Feb. 24. 2013 **
2362. Monserrat Borrero New York
2363. Montalito McKissick 37 Oklahoma Aug. 21,2011 **
2364. Montellis Clark – 28, killed by Atlanta PD on 07/15/2008
2365. Montellis Clark – 28, killed by Atlanta PD on 07/15/2008
2366. Montez Dewayne Hambric – 26, killed by Winston Salem PD on 05/25/2014
2367. Montique Smalls, 38 – Brooklyn NY Feb. 21, 2005
2368. Montrail Collins Tennessee
2369. Monty Multanen Washington
2370. Monty Wayne Barker 74, Tarzana CA
2371. Monwell T. Scaife Indiana
2372. Moses Baeza 25 Phoenix Arizon Sept. 9, 2013
2373. Moses McDowell California
2374. Movell Davis North Carolina
2375. Muhammad Bah 28, Manhattan NY Sep. 25, 2012
2376. Murray J. Morrison Washington
2377. Myles Roughsurface Navajo Male 27, Spencerville New Mexico Nov. 28, 2014 **
2378. Mylo Harvey Washington
2379. Myra Ann Meyer Minnesota
2380. Myron De’Shawn May 39, Nov. 20, 2014 Tallahassee Florida
2381. Myron Goodall Illinois
2382. Myron May 31, (Mentally ill Black Male) Florida State University Nov. 20, 2014
2383. Nahcream Moore – 19, killed by Albany PD on 12/29/2011
2384. Nahcream Moore New York
2385. Nahun Garcia California
2386. Naim Owens 22, Sept. 6. 2014 Brooklyn New York
2387. Najee T. Brown New Jersey
2388. Nancy Leichner 20, Ft. Lauderdale Florida (both vanished October 2, 1966) **
2389. Naquean Johnson New Jersey
2390. Naser Solis California
2391. Natasha McKenna 37, (inmate Fairfax County jail) Fairfax Virginia Feb. 8, 2015
2392. Nathan Pillow Tennessee
2393. Nathaniel “Bud” Mitchell Washington DC
2394. Nathaniel Gaines New York
2395. Nathaniel Hutchinson Georgia
2396. Nathaniel Sanders Texas
2397. Natividad Valdez Corral Washington
2398. Navon Ligon North Carolina
2399. Ned Lamar Womack 47, Pickens County GA January 6, 2015
2400. Nehemiah Dillard 29 Florida March 5, 2012 **
2401. Neil Begin Pennsylvania
2402. Nelson Martinez-Mendez Washington
2403. Nelson Reeves New York
2404. Nestor Torres California
2405. Nicholas Barrett New Jersey
2406. Nicholas Contreraz Arizona
2407. Nicholas Hans Killinger 23 California Feb. 23, 2004 **
2408. Nicholas Heyward, Jr. New York
2409. Nicholas McGee 28, Dec. 28, 2014 Tooele
2410. Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. 13, New York Sept. 29, 1994 **
2411. Nicholas Ryan Brickman 30, Des Moines IA January 7, 2015
2412. Nicholas Ryan Washington
2413. Nicholas Struckman Washington
2414. Nick Christie 62 Florida March 27. 2009 **
2415. Nickolos Cyrus Wisconsin
2416. Nikkolas W. Lookabill Washington
2417. Niko Husband Illinois
2418. Niles Meservey 21, Washington June 10. 2009 **
2419. Noe Escobar Reyes California
2420. Noel Polanco 22, Queens NY Oct. 5, 2012
2421. Noel Salinas California
2422. Noel Torres California
2423. Nolan L. Davis Washington
2424. Norman Dove North Carolina
2425. Norman L. Scott, 78, July 4, 2014 Canon Falls Minnesota
2426. Norman Oosterbroek Pinecrest Florida Sept. 3, 2013
2427. Norman Pribnow Washington
2428. Nyles Arrington North Carolina
2429. NYPD Officer Christopher A. Ridley 23, White Plains New York Jan. 25, 2008 **
2430. NYPD Officer Eric Hernandez 24, Bronx New York Feb, 6, 2006 **
2431. NYPD Police Officer Omar J. Edwards 25, E. Harlem New York May 28, 2009 **
2432. OC Deputy Terry Stepp California
2433. Ocie Butler Illinois
2434. Odell Smith Washington DC
2435. Oliver ‘Big ‘O” Lefiti – 36, killed by San Francisco PD on 07/25/
2436. Oliver Jarrod Gregoire 26, Baytown Texas Sept. 9, 2004 **
2437. Oliver Lefiti California
2438. Omar Abrego – 37, killed by Los Angeles California PD on 08/02/2014 **
2439. Omar Garcia California
2440. Omar J. Edwards 25, Manhattan NY May 28, 2009
2441. Omar Perry New Jersey
2442. Omar Rodriguez 35, Christmas Morning Coachella California Dec. 25, 2014 **
2443. Omarr Jackson 37, Male New Orleans LA Jan. 8, 2015
2444. Omega Leach 17 Tenessee June 30. 2007
2445. Oran Eugene Douglas III California **
2446. Orlando Barlow28, killed by Las Vegas Nevada Metropolitan PD 2/28/2003 **
2447. Orlando Barranca New Mexico
2448. Orlando Jude Lopez 26, Pueblo Colorado Jan. 26, 2015
2449. Orlando Santos 28 Bronx NY Mar. 26, 2011
2450. Osbourne Broadie, 39, Brooklyn NY May 18, 2014
2451. Oscar Curtis Tilghman California
2452. Oscar Grant 22 California Jan. 1, 2009 **
2453. Oscar Morales California
2454. Oscar Sermeno California
2455. Oscar Young New Jersey
2456. O’Shaine K. Evans 26, San Francisco CA Oct 7, 2014 **
2457. Oswaldo Sevilla Moran 31, Bronx NY Aug. 2, 2009
2458. Oswaldo Sevilla Moran New York
2459. Othel June Striplin Arkansas
2460. Othniel Askew New York
2461. Otis Kelley Virginia
2462. Otto Zehm Washington
2463. Ousmane Zongo 16. New York May 22. 2003 **
2464. Pablo Gutierrez Pano Georgia
2465. Pablo Meza 24, Hispanic Male Los Angeles California Jan. 17, 2015 **
2466. Pamela Ann Nater 21 and Nancy Leichner Ft. Lauderdale Florida (both vanished October 2, 1966) **
2467. Patricia Cook 54, Virginia Feb. 9. 2012 **
2468. Patricia Sweeney Oregon
2469. Patricia Thompson 54, (mentally ill) Rochester New York March 3, 2006 **
2470. Patrick Bryan 41, Queens NY Apr. 26, 2007
2471. Patrick Bryan 41, Queens NY Apr. 26, 2007
2472. Patrick Charles Folk Washington
2473. Patrick Dorismond 26, New York March 16. 2000 **
2474. Patrick Glenn Jeske Minnesota
2475. Patrick Hamilton Louisiana
2476. Patrick Howell North Carolina
2477. Patrick Joseph Hill, Jr. Washington DC
2478. Patrick Raimond Washington
2479. Patrick Tracy Burris North Carolina
2480. Patrick Uzalac Minnesota
2481. Patrick Wayne Wetter 25, White Male Stockton California Jan. 6, 2015
2482. Patrick Wetter 25 Stockton CA Jan. 6, 2015
2483. Patty DiBartolo Washington
2484. Paul Aguilar 21, Nov. 15, 2013 Rosemead CA killed by LAPD
2485. Paul Alfred Eugene Johnson 59, (White Male) Corona California Feb. 7, 2015
2486. Paul Angel 55, Brooklyn Aug. 31, 2002
2487. Paul Bookson 71, Brooklyn NY Sep. 22, 2005
2488. Paul Campbell 49 White Male Waymouth Massachusetts Jan. 19, 2015
2489. Paul Goldreyer, 48 Bronx NY Mar. 20, 2011
2490. Paul Johnson 19, killed by Marietta PD on 09/21/2004
2491. Paul Kevin Moss Washington
2492. Paul Rushing Washington
2493. Paul Smith 58, killed by Los Angeles PD on 01/14/2014
2494. Paul Thompson, Jr. North Carolina
2495. Pedro “Pete” Juan Saldivar 50,(Hispanic Male) Springfield Del Rio Texas Feb. 17, 2015
2496. Pedro Calderon California
2497. Pedro Fernandez California
2498. Pedro Gonzalez Illinois
2499. Pedro Jo Washington
2500. Pedro Renteria California
2501. Pedro Santa Cruz California
2502. Peggy Rahn 9, Pampano Beach Florida Dec. 29, 1969 **
2503. Penny Schwartz Georgia
2504. Perlie Golden 93, killed by Hearne PD on 05/06/2014
2505. Perry L. Manley Washington
2506. Perry Parks Minnesota
2507. Perry Stuart Oklahoma
2508. Perry Webb 24, Baltimore Maryland Jan. 13, 2015
2509. Pete Carlos Madrid California
2510. Peter Alexander McWilliams 50, California June 14. 2000 **
2511. Peter Badewitz Washington
2512. Peter C. Gilbaugh Oregon
2513. Peter Contreras California
2514. Peter Jourdan 37, killed by Brooklyn New York City PD on 01/03/2013
2515. Peter Lee, 20, Bronx NY Jan. 4, 2006 –
2516. Peter Mestler California
2517. Peter Rodriguez California
2518. Peter Stewart California
2519. Peyton Strickland North Carolina
2520. Phil Hayes Illinois
2521. Philip Miller California
2522. Phillip Daniel Aguilar California
2523. Phillip Lee Roberts Washington
2524. Phillip Montgomery Washington
2525. Phillip Ray Robinson Minnesota
2526. Phillip Raymond Garcia 27 Texas Oct. 27. 1997 **
2527. Phillip Watkins 23, (Black Male suicidal) San Jose California Feb. 11, 2015 **
2528. Phillip Wayne Bailey Oklahoma
2529. Phillipe McIver North Carolina
2530. Phyllis Ham Louisiana
2531. Pierre Ambrose 25, Black Male Chicago Illinois March 6, 2009 **
2532. Pierre Davis Illinois
2533. Pierre M. Jackson Illinois
2534. Pierrre George Georgia
2535. Ponda Davis Georgia
2536. Pralith Pralourng California
2537. Prince C. Jones 25 Virginia Sept. 1, 2000 **
2538. Qazi Tiensinh Do California
2539. Qing Chang Illinois
2540. Quentin Dodd Washington
2541. Quentin Maurice Reed 18, killed by Troutman PD on 12/29/2003
2542. Quentin Reed North Carolina
2543. Quentin Smith 23, Dec. 26, 2014 Brevard County Florida
2544. Quincy Adam Pederso Minnesota n
2545. Quincy DeShawn Smith Minnesota
2546. Quincy Reed Reindl 24, (suicidal) Bloomington Minnesota Jan. 15, 2015
2547. Rachel Hoffman 23 Florida May 7. 2008 **
2548. Rachel Soto Oregon
2549. Rafael Briscoe 18, killed by Metropolitan PD on 04/26/2011
2550. Rafael Laureano 51 New York Sept. 29, 2014 **
2551. Raheim Brown 20 California Jan. 22. 2011 **
2552. Raheim Brown California
2553. Rajan Vaid California
2554. Rakeem Nance 16, Black Male Chicago Illinois July 2, 2009 **
2555. Ralf C. Sanjurjo Washington
2556. Ralph Edward Boaz, Sr. Oklahoma
2557. Ralph Lafayette White, Jr. California
2558. Ralph Peter Gawor California
2559. Ralph W. Willis 42, (Black Male) Stillwater Oklahoma Jan. 29, 2015 **
2560. Ramarley Graham 18, New York Feb. 2, 2012 **
2561. Ramel Henderson California
2562. Ramiro James Villegas – De La Rosa 22, Bakersfield, California Nov. 13, 2014
2563. Ramon Asguinolaza Idaho
2564. Ramon Bautista Texas
2565. Ramon Martinez 29 Oregon April 9. 2014 **
2566. Ramsey Edward Jay IV Montana
2567. Randal Dobbins Washington
2568. Randall Clevenger Alaska
2569. Randall David Wright Illinois
2570. Randall Jordan-Aparo 27 Florida Sept. 2010 **
2571. Randall Kyle Wilcox 30, Clinton Indiana Oct 15, 2012
2572. Randy Gallmeyer Minnesota
2573. Randy Green age unknown Tenessee March, 2012 **
2574. Randy Green Washington
2575. Randy J. Piotrowski Washington
2576. Randy Lee Linder Wyoming
2577. Randy Matheny 31, Aug. 25, 2014 Mingo County W. Virginia
2578. Randy Reeves California
2579. Randy Smith Oklahoma
2580. Randy Stewart Libby New Mexico
2581. Randy Tabler Nebraska
2582. Randy Weaver New Jersey
2583. Rashawn Sharif Moody 18, Queens NewYork Aug. 30, 2004
2584. Rasheed Fuquan Moore Jan. 24, 2005 – NY or NJ
2585. Rasheem Parrish 21, Queens NY Mar. 25, 2006
2586. Ratmir Gasanov North Carolina
2587. Raul Castillo Razo California
2588. Raul Pinet Jr. New York
2589. Ray Anson Mitchell 37, Mobile Alabama Sept. 6, 2013
2590. Ray Austin Georgia
2591. Raylyn George 24, killed by Bridgeport PD on 08/25/2005
2592. Raymond G. LaMadeleine Washington
2593. Raymond Guerder Oregon
2594. Raymond Herisse 22, (Black Male) Miami Beach Florida May 30, 2011 **
2595. Raymond Kmetz 68, New Hope Minnesota Jan. 26, 2016
2596. Raymond L. Siegler Minnesota
2597. Raymond Luther Allen Jr. 34, Texas Feb. 27, 2012 **
2598. Raymond Martinez 25, Manhattan NY Dec. 10, 2009
2599. Raymond O. Porter Washington
2600. Raymond Peters Oklahoma
2601. Raymond Robair 48, Louisanna July 30. 2005 **
2602. Raymond Ziegler Minnesota
2603. Raymundo Guzman 27, Manhattan New York Sept. 16, 2002
2604. Raynard Bloxson Pennsylvania
2605. Rayshawn Marquis Brown 27, Compton California May 23, 2013
2606. Rbu T. Henry-Bey Minnesota
2607. Reagan Lee Jones 35, Aud. 14, 2014 Florence Alabama
2608. Regina Cooper 50 Florida Aug. 2014 **
2609. Reginald Andre Linthicum California
2610. Reginald Coleman Washington
2611. Reginald Doucet Jr. 25 California Feb. 7. 2011 **
2612. Reginald Knight 24, Black Male Chicago Illinois June 15, 2008 **
2613. Reginald Owens 34, Huntsville AL Oct. 8, 2014
2614. Reginald Roberts Georgia
2615. Reginald Sublet, Jr. Missouri
2616. Rekia Boyd 22 Illinois Mar 21. 2012 **
2617. Remis M. Andrews, 38. Boston Massecuettes April 5, 2014
2618. Renardo A. Holmes Minnesota
2619. Renardo Powell, 26 – Brooklyn NY Oct. 29, 2003
2620. Renato Mercado 63, Manhattan New York June 28, 1999
2621. Renato Mercado New York
2622. Rene Benito-Amaro 28 Texas Aug, 5. 2013 **
2623. Rene LaCentra California
2624. Renee Lee Holms New Mexico
2625. Renisha McBride 19 Michigan Nov. 2. 2013 **
2626. Reno Sayles – 36, killed by Buffalo PD on 04/22/2009
2627. Rev. Accleyne Williams 75 Massachusetts March 25. 1994 **
2628. Rexford Dasrath – 22, killed by New York PD on 11/18/2013
2629. Reynaldo Colon 33, Brooklyn New York Oct. 20, 2000
2630. Reynaldo Cuevas 20 New York Sept. 7, 2012 **
2631. Reynaldo Quintero Martinez California
2632. Ricardo Badillo California
2633. Ricardo Colon 24 New York April 21. 2002 **
2634. Ricardo Mason Ohio
2635. Ricardo Pena Herrera New York
2636. Ricardo Varela California
2637. Richard “Kevin” Karlo Colorado
2638. Richard “Pedie” Perez 24 California Sept. 14, 2014 **
2639. Richard A. Lay Missouri
2640. Richard Baralla Colorado
2641. Richard C. Dickie Dow Oregon
2642. Richard Cabrales California
2643. Richard Carlin 35, (Hispanic Male) Reading Pennsylvania Feb. 13, 2015 **
2644. Richard Curtis Louisiana
2645. Richard Dale California
2646. Richard Dennis Lee Oregon
2647. Richard DeSantis California
2648. Richard Glenn Leyba Colorado
2649. Richard Ham Louisiana
2650. Richard Haston 40, Martin County Florida June 7, 213
2651. Richard Hatcher, 18 – Queens NY Oct. 9, 2001
2652. Richard Hester 30, Oct. 23, 2014 Centreville Illinois
2653. Richard Hiltner Minnesota
2654. Richard Hughes California
2655. Richard Iannuzzi 44 Florida May 25. 2014 **
2656. Richard Jones Washington
2657. Richard L. Conrad Missouri
2658. Richard L. McCartor Jr. Washington
2659. Richard Lee Nicholds New Mexico
2660. Richard Legarde Minnesota
2661. Richard Mair 43 Florida Sept. 2013 **
2662. Richard Martin Washington
2663. Richard McClendon 43, Jourdanton Texas Jan. 13, 2015
2664. Richard Pastore-Felix Washington
2665. Richard Poccia California
2666. Richard Roe New Jersey
2667. Richard Scheuermann III 39, October 24, 2014 Northampton County
2668. Richard Sharp California
2669. Richard Snow Arizona
2670. Richard Townsend Oregon
2671. Richard Tyson California
2672. Richard Watson 32 Manhatten New York Sept. 1, 1999 **
2673. Richard Watson, 32 – Manhattan NY Sep. 1, 1999
2674. Richard Wayne Sims Washington
2675. Richard Fredrick Tis Mil Estrada 17, Male Hoopa tribal member Eureka California Dec. 18, 2014
2676. Richardo Pena-Herrera 0 New York Aug. 4. 2001 **
2677. Richey Harvey California
2678. Rick Camat Washington
2679. Rick Escobedov California
2680. Ricky Owens Sampson Washington
2681. Ricky Terry Tennessee
2682. Rifka Goldenburg 54 New York March 4. 20013 **
2683. Rigoberto Arceo 34, Cudahy California May 11, 2013 **
2684. Rigoberto Olvera North Carolina
2685. Riley Leif Ottersen, 34, Mukilteo Washington March 18, 2014
2686. Robert Allen Washington
2687. Robert Battaglia 28 Dec. 29, 2014 Paradise California
2688. Robert Brown California
2689. Robert Clermont Arizona
2690. Robert Cushing New Hampshire
2691. Robert D. Davis Minnesota
2692. Robert David O’Connell Washington
2693. Robert Davis – 23, killed by Hartford PD on 03/07/2003
2694. Robert Desir – 23, killed by Miami Gardens PD on 11/04/2013
2695. Robert E. Smith Washington
2696. Robert Earl Lawrence 30, White Male Dothan Alabama Jan. 2, 2015 **
2697. Robert Earl Lawrence, 30, Dothan Alabama Dec. 31, 2014
2698. Robert Edward Jenkins Georgia
2699. Robert Edwards 68, Lake Jackson Texas Jan. 14, 2015
2700. Robert Ethan Saylor 26 Maryland Jan. 12. 2013 **
2701. Robert Francis Mesch 61, White Male Austin Texas Jan. 23, 2015
2702. Robert Garth California
2703. Robert Glenn Harrison Washington
2704. Robert Good Washington
2705. Robert Harris Virginia
2706. Robert Henning 22 California Feb. 22, 2012 **
2707. Robert Henning California
2708. Robert Ian Robison Washington
2709. Robert J. Albanese Massachusetts
2710. Robert J. Jenkins 55, Dec. 24, 2014 Hwy 101 Oregon
2711. Robert J. Storay 52, (mentally ill) Little Rock Arkansas March 6, 2014 **
2712. Robert Jerome Jeske Minnesota
2713. Robert John Erle Minnesota
2714. Robert K. Mills Washington
2715. Robert Kohl 47, Denham Springs Texas Feb. 23, 2015
2716. Robert L. Hall 56 Georgia Jan. 23. 1943 **
2717. Robert LaRue California
2718. Robert Lee Thomas, Sr. Washington
2719. Robert Neill Jr Pennsylvania
2720. Robert Raucci Washington
2721. Robert Rebstock Missouri
2722. Robert Russ 22, Chicago Illinois June 7, 1999 **
2723. Robert Staley Louisiana
2724. Robert Striffler 51, Brevard County Florida Feb. 28, 2014
2725. Robert Striker 54 New York Aug. 9. 1999 **
2726. Robert Sullivan Washington
2727. Robert T. Wilson Minnesota
2728. Robert Thomas California
2729. Robert Tolan Texas
2730. Robert Vercher 26, Natchitoches Louisianna Oct, 29, 2014
2731. Robert Vercher 26, Oct. 29, 2014 Natchitoches Louisiana
2732. Robert Wayne Guy, Jr. Washington
2733. Robert Whitlow Kentucky
2734. Robert William Hampton III 33, Nov. 5, 2014 Reno Nevada
2735. Roberto Lombana California
2736. Roberto Ornelas 18, Key Largo Florida Jan. 6, 2015 **
2737. Roberto Padilla California
2738. Roberto Rodriguez California
2739. Robin Johnson 44, Black Female Chicago Illinois July 2, 2008
2740. Robin Marie Pratt Washington
2741. Robin Taneisha Williams 21 Pennyslyvania June 25. 2012 **
2742. Rocco Dandrea Minnesota
2743. Rod Fiorini California
2744. Roderick Lee Bertolette California
2745. Rodney “Banks” Laulusa Hawaii
2746. Rodney A. Lucht Washington
2747. Rodney Abernathy – 37, killed by Louisville Metro Police on 06/25/2000
2748. Rodney Craig Illinois
2749. Rodney L. Wright – 40, killed by Reno Municipal Court Marshals on 06/13/2012
2750. Rodney Mason 38, Queens New York May 25, 1999
2751. Rodney Ray Anderson Washington
2752. Rodney Sandberg California
2753. Rodney Stevens, 64 St. Augustine Florida Dec. 11, 2013
2754. Rodney Walker 23, Tulsa Oklahoma Jan. 16, 2015
2755. Rodney Watson North Carolina
2756. Rodney Wickware Texas
2757. Rodolfo Cardenas California
2758. Rogelio Cisneros-Chavez, 22, Espanola New Mexico Oct. 25, 2013
2759. Roger Anthony North Carolina
2760. Roger C. Lawhorne Washington
2761. Roger Dean Lansdown Tennessee
2762. Roger L. Davis Minnesota
2763. Roger Shipton 49, Suisun City California Oct. 29. 2014
2764. Roger Tyrone James Texas
2765. Roger Williams California
2766. Roketi Mosesue California
2767. Roland Antonio Wells Washington DC
2768. Roland Tugade California
2769. Roman Gallius Pierson California
2770. Roman Khaimov Georgia
2771. Roman Lee Drake 26 North Carolina April 10. 2012 **
2772. Roman Rael Colorado
2773. Ron Fiorini 23, Fresno California Oct. 11, 2010
2774. Ron Hicks Washington
2775. Ron Pettaway – 27, killed by Fulton County police Department on 04/15/2007
2776. Ron Reginald Settles 22 California June 2. 1981 **
2777. Ron Sneed 32, Jan. 7, 2015 Freeport TX **
2778. Ronald Ball California
2779. Ronald Battle 25, Manhattan NY Sep. 28, 2007
2780. Ronald Beasley – 36, killed by DEA Agents, Dellwood Missouri PD on 06/12/2000 **
2781. Ronald Boone – 20, killed by Los Angeles PD on 01/29/2008
2782. Ronald Brazier California
2783. Ronald Clemons 45, Brooklyn NY Aug. 22, 2006
2784. Ronald Clemons 45, Brooklyn NY Aug. 22, 2006
2785. Ronald Ficker Washington
2786. Ronald Gordon Georgia
2787. Ronald Gordon New York
2788. Ronald Hale Georgia
2789. Ronald Herrera, 20, Bronx (friend of Reynaldo Cuevas) Nov. 4, 2012 –
2790. Ronald Johnson 25, Chicago Illinois Oct. 13, 2014 **
2791. Ronald Madison – 40, killed by New Orleans Louisanna PD on 09/04/2005 **
2792. Ronald Neal Joseph Jr. – 24, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 06/06/2007
2793. Ronald Neal Joseph Jr. – 24, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 06/06/2007
2794. Ronald Ossenberg 52, Lake County California Nov. 10, 2014
2795. Ronald Roland 18, Black Male Wilmington North Carolina Oct. 25 2013
2796. Ronald Singleton 45 New York July 13. 2014 **
2797. Ronald Wagner Connecticut
2798. Ronald Wesley Sexton, 23, St. Petersburg Florida Dept. 2, 2013
2799. Ronald Wood 54, Greenport New York Oct. 30, 2013
2800. Rondre Hornbeak – 38, killed by Ardmore PD on 08/24/2014
2801. Ronnie Boles North Carolina
2802. Ronnie L. 19 Ethnicity White Maryland June 29. 2008 **
2803. Ronnie Smalls 25, Queens NY Jan. 5, 2008
2804. Roosevelt Wesley Harris I Oregon II
2805. Rosa Hammer Washington
2806. Rosalind Tramble Missouri
2807. Rosette Samuel – 43, killed by Off duty officer NYPD on 04/15/2013
2808. Roshad McIntosh – 18, killed by Chicago PD on 08/26/2014
2809. Ross Linear Washington
2810. Ross Nager Washington
2811. Rot Nguyen Washington
2812. Roxanna Brown Washington
2813. Roxanne Taylor Georgia
2814. Roy Joy Day 51, Laredo Texas Feb. 15, 2015
2815. Roy Rhodes 58 Milford Delaware Dec. 17, 2013
2816. Roy Wright New York
2817. Royce A. Owings Oklahoma
2818. Royford Lewis, Jr. Massachusetts
2819. Roza Sakhina 101 Minnesota Aug. 16. 2013 **
2820. Ruben Villalpando 31, Grapevine Texas Feb. 20, 2015
2821. Ruben Walton Ortega California
2822. Rudolf Rowe 25 Florida Aug. 16, 2012 **
2823. Rudolph Wyatt 23, Manhattan NY April 12, 2012
2824. Rudolph Wyatt New York
2825. Rudolph Wyatt, 23, Manhattan Apr. 12, 2012 –
2826. Rudy Cardenas California
2827. Rudy Escobedo Indiana
2828. Rudy Morris Florida
2829. Rufino Lara 54 Texas July 10, 2012 **
2830. Rumain Brisbon 34, Phoenix Arizona Dec. 2, 2014 **
2831. Russell Dean Wells New Mexico
2832. Russell Edward Sharrer 54, Franklin County Jail Washington Feb. 27, 2015 **
2833. Russell Whitaker Washington
2834. Russell Wimbush, 43 – Staten Island NY Nov. 6, 2003
2835. Ruth L. Cole Washington
2836. Ryan Allen Rozsonits Washington
2837. Ryan Charles Deitrich 21, (Mentally ill) Baltimore Maryland March 19, 2014
2838. Ryan Dwight Mosher Minnesota
2839. Ryan George California
2840. Ryan Hennessey Idaho
2841. Ryan Koontz – 22, killed by Fort Wayne PD on 05/02/2013
2842. Ryan Michael Bain Missouri
2843. Ryo Oyamada 24 New Jersey Feb. 21. 2013 **
2844. Sal Saran Scott Minnesota
2845. Salome Garvajal Texas
2846. Salvador Figueroa 29, No. Las Vegas Nevada Jan. 11, 2015
2847. Salvador Muna 28, (Hispanic Male) Tempe Arizona Feb. 2, 2015
2848. Salvador Zepeda Alarcon California
2849. Samantha Ramsey 19, Boone County Kentucky April 26, 2014 **
2850. Samath Mom Washington
2851. Sambo Sim Washington
2852. Sammie “Junebug” Davis Jr. – 49, killed by Macon PD on 12/21/2012
2853. Sammie Lamont Wallace – 37, killed by Midwest City PD on 06/16/2013
2854. Sammie Lee Clay – 56, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 03/16/2012
2855. Sammie Richardson California
2856. Samson Bounthisane Washington
2857. Samual Liaw California
2858. Samuel Baker Georgia
2859. Samuel Martinez California
2860. Samuel Om California
2861. Samuel Page Washington
2862. Samuel Rivers 40, Queens NY May 10, 2012
2863. Samuel Stephon Curry Washington
2864. Samuel Thomas Cunningham III – 53, killed by Athens-Clarke PD on 10/29/2010
2865. Samuel Wakefield Texas
2866. Sandra Chase Louisiana
2867. Sandra Harms Washington
2868. Sandy Jamel McCall 33, May 31, 2014 Raeford No. Carolina
2869. Santiago “Chago” Villanu New Jersey eva
2870. Santiago Urina 57, Bronx NY Mar. 22, 2010 –
2871. Santiago Villanueva 35 New Jersey April 16. 2002 **
2872. Santos Cabrera Georgia
2873. Santos Mulero 57, Bronx New York Nov. 20, 2007
2874. Sara Deckert Minnesota
2875. Sara Riggins Georgia
2876. Satnam Singh 32, Bronx NY Feb. 22, 2010
2877. Saul Soriano California
2878. Sawyer Flache 27, (White Male) Austin Texas Feb. 8, 2015
2879. Scott A. Lunda Wisconsin
2880. Scott A. Mauro Georgia
2881. Scott Brown New Jersey
2882. Scott Eriksen New York
2883. Scott James Moody Idaho
2884. Scott Kato, 45, Manhattan NY May 16, 2014
2885. Scott Murphy 46, Latrobe Pennsylvania July 19, 2013
2886. Scott Richard Winder Minnesota
2887. Scott Trimble 26, Sept. 28, 2014 Mitchellville Iowa
2888. Scott Waterhouse Washington
2889. Sean Bell 23 New York Nov. 25. 2006 **
2890. Sean Hayes Minnesota
2891. Sean J. Bergstrasser Washington
2892. Sean Morrison Utah
2893. Seneca Darden – 25, killed by Officer Gordon Barry, Norfolk PD on 05/21/2006
2894. Serafin Olvera Texas
2895. Sergio Navas 35, (Hispanic Male) Burbank California March 5, 2015 **
2896. Sergio Salazar California
2897. Sergio Sedillo California
2898. Shaaliver Douse – 14, killed by New York PD on 08/04/2014
2899. Shane L. Lowry Washington
2900. Shane Lynaugh Minnesota
2901. Shane Tasi Alaska
2902. Shannon M. Bradley Washington
2903. Shannon Vinson New York
2904. Shantel Davis – 23, killed by Brooklyn New York City PD on 06/14/2012 **
2905. Shapell Terrell “Pelly Pell” 39, Black Male Chicago Illinois 49, June 22, 2008 **
2906. Shaquille C. Barrow 20, Joliet Illinois March 3, 2015
2907. Sharmel Edwards 49 Nevada April 20. 2013 **
2908. Sharon Rebecca McDowell – 49, killed by Anderson PD on 12/20/2013
2909. Shaun Askelin Minnesota
2910. Shaun Ramo 36, Bayou Pigeon Louisiana Oct. 26, 2014
2911. Shaun Rutledge Washington
2912. Shawn Bradley Cottrell Washington
2913. Shawn Gooden 33 Florida April 2. 2014 **
2914. Shawn Greenwood – 29, killed by Ithaca PD on 02/23/2010
2915. Shawn Howell Washington
2916. Shawn J. Maxwell – 31, killed by Seattle PD on 02/18/2002
2917. Shawn Jerel Maxwell Washington
2918. Shawn Joseph Jetmore Stoddard-Nunez 19 California March 3. 2013 **
2919. Shawn Larson Washington
2920. Shawn M. Rieves – 17, killed by Milwaukee PD on 11/11/2013
2921. Shawn M. Roe Washington
2922. Shawn McCoy California
2923. Shawn McMillan Florida
2924. Shawn Mettler Minnesota
2925. Shehzad Tanveer Sept. 9, 2005 – NY or NJ
2926. Sheldon C. Norman 21 Lakeland Florida Oct. 11, 2013
2927. Shelley Amos – 56, killed by DeKalb County PD on 02/19/2011
2928. Shelly Frey 27, Houston Texas Dec. 8, 2012 **
2929. Shem Walker 49 New York July 11. 2009 **
2930. Sheneque Proctor 18, Birmingham Alabama Nov. 1, 2014 **
2931. Shereese Francis 29, killed by New York City PD 3/15/2012 **
2932. Sherly Colon 33 New York April 26. 1997 **
2933. Sherman Glenn North Carolina
2934. Sheron Carter Jackson 21 Maryland March 27. 2012 **
2935. Shirley Fontanez 18, Bronx NY July 23, 2007
2936. Shon Demetrius McClain 40, Raleigh No. Carolina June 19, 2013
2937. Shonchy Thaopraseuth California
2938. Shoua Vang Minnesota
2939. Shulena Weldon 36, Harrisburg Pennsylvania Aug. 9, 2012 **
2940. Shuntez Everett New Jersey
2941. Shurron Grant – 23, killed by Chicago PD on 09/13/2003
2942. Shurron Grant California
2943. Sidney Averett Livingston Parish Louisiana Feb. 3, 2015
2944. Sidney McDermott Washington
2945. Sidney Templeton North Carolina
2946. Silverio Del Rios New York
2947. Simon Gonzales Colorado
2948. Sinn Sor California
2949. Sinthanouxay Khottavongsa 57, Laotian Male St. Paul Minnesota Jan. 18, 2015 **
2950. Snapper Mitchell Georgia
2951. Socrates Siqueros California
2952. Sokphyrome “Johnny” Lim Washington
2953. Somourian Jamal Wingo – 24, killed by Florida Highway Patrol. on 12/28/2013
2954. Sonia Garcia 28 Bay Shore, LI NY Sep. 29, 2007 **
2955. Sonia Garcia, 28 – Bay Shore, LI Sep. 29, 2007 –
2956. Sophia King Texas
2957. Sophia Salva miscarriage Kansas Feb. 5. 2009 **
2958. Sourisack Simmavong Washington
2959. Sovate Sou Washington
2960. Spencer Moon New Hampshire
2961. Spencer Parris 39, Manhattan NY Jul. 17, 2008
2962. Stacey Lee Mattice Washington
2963. Stacy Rondell Bostic – 31, killed by Athens-Clarke PD on 09/21/2001
2964. Stanley “Laransie” Whitman 41, Monteagle Tennessee April 4, 2014
2965. Stanley Bates Georgia
2966. Stanley Chambers Washington
2967. Stanley Gibson 43 Nevada Dec. 12. 2011 **
2968. Stanley James Larry Minnesota
2969. Stanley Seney – 27, killed by Boston PD on 10/03/2005
2970. Stanton Crew New Jersey
2971. Stefanos Kiladitis 21 Brooklyn New York June 22. 2002 **
2972. Stephanie Lindboe 65, Staten Island NY Feb. 16, 2006
2973. Stephen Bours California
2974. Stephen Bullock California
2975. Stephen Clancy Hill California
2976. Stephen Dons age unknown Oregon Jan. 27, 1998 **
2977. Stephen Horton Ohio
2978. Stephen James Carroll Minnesota
2979. Stephen L. Edwards Washington
2980. Stephen Lamont Weaver Tennessee
2981. Stephen O’Neal Wattley II – 21, killed by Fort Wayne PD on 02/20/2013
2982. Stephen Paul Hirschfield California
2983. Stephen Paul Marthaller Washington
2984. Stephen Seignious 37, New York Sept. 19, 2003 **
2985. Stephen Seignious 37, New York Sept. 19, 2003 **
2986. Stephen Willis California
2987. Stephon Keith Moore – 39, killed by Cleveland PD on 06/06/2002
2988. Stephon Watts 15 Illinois Feb. 1, 2012 **
2989. Stephonne Crawford 21, Brooklyn NY Nov. 4, 2005
2990. Steve Bernard Texas
2991. Steve Cole Minnesota
2992. Steve Eugene Washington – 27, killed by Los Angeles PD on 03/20/2010
2993. Steve Grieves Washington
2994. Steve Gunderson Minnesota
2995. Steve McCumber New York
2996. Steve Moore Ohio
2997. Steve Rodriguez California
2998. Steve Winkel Minnesota
2999. Steven Anthony Motley, 33 Redding California Oct. 8, 2013
3000. Steven Askew 24 Tenessee Jan. 17, 2013 **
3001. Steven Byrdo, 25, Indianapolis Indiana Sept. 20, 2013
3002. Steven Covyeow Washington
3003. Steven Davis Washington
3004. Steven Eugene Washington 27 (autistic) Los Angeles March 20, 2010 **
3005. Steven Fraser New York
3006. Steven H. Theoharides New Jersey
3007. Steven Hernandez California
3008. Steven Isby 53, July 28, 2014 Chicago Illinois
3009. Steven Jon Vogel 38, Des Moines Iowa Dec. 5, 2013
3010. Steven Keith Watters 54, Oct. 30, 2014 Oklahoma City Oklahoma
3011. Steven Kellog Neuroth 55, (Mentally Ill Inmate) Mendocino County June 11, 2014 **
3012. Steven Lashone Douglas – 29, killed by Dallas PD 08/25/2014
3013. Steven Lee Howell 23, Sept. 5, 2014 Rhea Tennessee
3014. Steven Michalacos 67 Brooklyn New York Nov. 23. 2001 **
3015. Steven Michalacos, 67 – Brooklyn NY Nov. 23, 2001
3016. Steven Oliver Georgia
3017. Steven Rodriguez 22 California Jan. 23, 2013 **
3018. Steven Roy Brink Washington
3019. Steven Schaaf Nevada
3020. Steven Scott Texas
3021. Steven Smith Washington
3022. Steven Tyrone Mallory – 39, killed by Davenport Police on 07/31/2009
3023. Steven V. Petersen Washington
3024. Steven Vierra New Jersey
3025. Steven Vitale 55, Staten Island NY Apr. 10, 2006 **
3026. Steven Washington California
3027. Stewart Peppers Washington County Tennessee April 29, 2013
3028. Stiney Richards West Virginia
3029. Stoney Bey Pennsylvania
3030. Stoney Hugee New York
3031. Sue Multanen Washington
3032. Suhani Bhakta 12 Kansas Feb. 12. 2012 **
3033. Summer Marie Lane (age unknown) killed by Riverside PD on 12/06/2004
3034. Surafel Assaminew Georgia
3035. Susan Macchi 64, Sept. 29, 2013 killed by drunk cop Plymouth Massachusetts
3036. Susan Place 17, Ft. Lauderdale Florida September 27, 1972 **
3037. Susanne Antuna California
3038. Susie McDowell Washington
3039. Susie Young Kim California
3040. Sutoria Moore Washington DC
3041. Suzie Marie Peña 19 mo. California July 10. 2005 **
3042. Swauve Devon Lopez – 17, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 05/13/2006
3043. Sylvester Taylor California
3044. Taft Sellers – 30, killed by Alexandria PD on 02/18/2013
3045. Tahiem Goffe – 18, killed by Springfield PD on 11/06/2011
3046. Taitoun Williams Illinois
3047. Talbot Schroeder 75, Old Bridge New Jersey Jan. 14, 2015
3048. Tama T. Ava Washington
3049. Tamir Rice 12, Cleveland Ohio Nov. 23-2014 **
3050. Tamon Robinson 27 New York April 1. 2012 **
3051. Tanisha Anderson 37, Cleveland Ohio Nov. 16, 2014 **
3052. Tarance Deshon Hall – 31, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 07/04/2006
3053. Tarik Rodgers North Carolina
3054. Tarika Wilson 26 Ohio Jan. 4, 2008 **
3055. Tasheen Bourne, 19 – Brooklyn NY Mar. 31, 2000
3056. Tashia Patton Arizona
3057. Tavares Dillon Washington
3058. Taylor Miller 22, (White Male) Greenville South Carolina Dec. 26, 2014 **
3059. Ted Rathbun Washington
3060. Telulope Awonie Washington DC
3061. Tendai Nhekairo 18 Georgia March 27. 2012 **
3062. Terra Bates 30, Birmingham Alabama Feb. 15, 2002 **
3063. Terrance Lamar Abrams – 25, killed by Pensacola Police Dept. on 08/21/2012
3064. Terrance Mearis – 20, killed by Oakland PD on 10/05/2003
3065. Terrance Terrell Franklin – 22, killed by Minneapolis PD on 05/10/2013
3066. Terrance Walker 21, Black Male Muskogee Oklahoma Jan. 17, 2015
3067. Terrell Lucas 22, Indianapolis Indiana Oct. 18, 2014
3068. Terrence Dawson – 30, killed by Blytheville PD on 05/18/2013
3069. Terrence Gilbert 25, (suicidal) Dec. 26, 2014 West Woodlawn Chicago IL
3070. Terrence Hicks Washington DC
3071. Terrence L. Cloyd Alaska
3072. Terrence Thomas – 35, Queens New York 07/27/2005
3073. Terry “Big Champ” Rabb – 35, killed by Riverside PD on 10/02/2005
3074. Terry D. Nelson Washington
3075. Terry Grinner Jr California
3076. Terry Grubham Washington
3077. Terry L. Williams Illinois
3078. Terry Laffitte – 50, killed by Los Angeles Co. Sheriff Department on 05/18/2013
3079. Terry Nick Tillinger Michigan
3080. Terry Ramsey Georgia
3081. Terry Smith Georgia
3082. Terry Wayne Nash California
3083. Tessa “Teesee” Hardeman Georgia
3084. Tevin Robinson – 20, killed by Wilmington PD on 10/25/2013
3085. Teyreze Odoms North Carolina
3086. Thai Pham Missouri
3087. Theadore Laroque Michigan
3088. Theauther Love 87 – Brooklyn NY Nov. 4, 2011
3089. Thelma Amparo Davila 42, Hispanic Female Sparks Nevada Aug. 8, 1994 **
3090. Theodore Bobo Minnesota
3091. Theodore S. Kowalzek Minnesota
3092. Theodule LeJeune Jr. 58,Sutton Alaska May 24, 2013
3093. Theresa Henderson Washington
3094. Thia Yang Minnesota
3095. Thomas “Tommy: McClain 22 California Sept. 17. 2014 **
3096. Thomas Allen Jr. 34, St. Louis Missouri Feb. 28, 2015
3097. Thomas Anthony – Black Ethnicity 44 Washington Dec. 8. 2011 **
3098. Thomas Bean – 43, killed by Toledo PD on 05/23/2013
3099. Thomas Cipolla, 28 – Bronx NY Feb. 15, 2004
3100. Thomas Cruz Wyoming
3101. Thomas D. Peterson Minnesota
3102. Thomas Eugene Fillingim, 53, Escambia Florida April 11, 2014
3103. Thomas Everett Kentucky
3104. Thomas G. Manuel III – 22, killed by Mt. Morris Township Police on 04/17/2013
3105. Thomas Guinn Washington
3106. Thomas Hamby 49, Syracuse New York Jan. 11, 2015
3107. Thomas Higginbotham Oregon
3108. Thomas Hilger 49, Worden Montana May 25, 2013
3109. Thomas Hilger 49, Worden/Billings Montana May 24, 2013
3110. Thomas Holt (51) Minneapolis MN Oct. 9, 2014
3111. Thomas Jones New York
3112. Thomas Leo Kanter Minnesota
3113. Thomas Monts Jr. Dec. 29, 2014 Dallas County Alabama
3114. Thomas Morgan Washington
3115. Thomas Robinson, 50, Brooklyn NY Jun. 19, 2013
3116. Thomas Roy Smith Washington
3117. Thomas Shea Massachusetts
3118. Thomas Vosburgh Minnesota
3119. Thomas White 28, June 7, 2014 Coeur d’Alene Idaho
3120. Thomasina Brown Pennsylvania
3121. Tiffany Bishop Georgia
3122. Tiffany D. Terry 39, (White Female) Omaha Nebraska Jan. 30, 2015
3123. Tiffany Danielle Bishop 24 Georgia Sept. 1. 2011 **
3124. Tiffany Morton 27, May 21, 2014 Cleveland Texas
3125. Tim Elliott 53, Mason County Washington Jan 3, 2015 **
3126. Tim Rook 38, Southhaven Mississippi Oct. 18, 2014 **
3127. Timothy E. Cullison Washington
3128. Timothy E. Helms 49 North Carolina Sept. 5. 2010 **
3129. Timothy Edward West, 48 Dec. 30, 2014 St. Johns Florida
3130. Timothy Freeborn Collins Jr. 17 Kansas April 13. 2014 **
3131. Timothy Hood Georgia
3132. Timothy Jay Fight Oregon
3133. Timothy Lopez 47, Union City California Oct. 22, 2013
3134. Timothy Mahoney 58, Putnam County Florida Nov. 20, 2013
3135. Timothy Martin Casanova Minnesota
3136. Timothy Reed Georgia
3137. Timothy Ridge Minnesota
3138. Timothy Rundquist 62, Dec. 22, 2014 Ashby Minnesota
3139. Timothy Russell 43 Ohio Nov. 29. 2013 **
3140. Timothy Scott Fowler South Carolina
3141. Timothy Sleet Missouri
3142. Timothy Stansbury Jr 19 New York Jan. 24, 2004 **
3143. Timothy Steven Morrus Georgia
3144. Timothy Thomas 19 Ohio April 7. 2001 **
3145. Timothy Wall – 46, killed by Irvington PD on 01/21/2010
3146. Timothy Whettam Wisconsin
3147. Timothy Wilson Missouri
3148. Timothy Woods Georgia
3149. Timur Person 19, Bronx New York Dec. 13, 2006 **
3150. Tina Williams New Jersey
3151. Tino Coppotelli North Carolina
3152. Tinoris Williams 31, (mentally ill) Palm Beach Florida April 7, 2014 **
3153. Tisha Ann Storm Washington
3154. Todd Allan Hodge 36, Hemet California Jan. 22, 2015
3155. Todd Werner Madsen Washington
3156. Todd Wolford New Jersey
3157. Tolsie Nohar 17, Queens NY Feb. 14, 2005 **
3158. Tom Neville California
3159. Tommy Bennett North Carolina
3160. Tommy E. Smith 39, Arcola Illinois Jan. 12, 2015
3161. Tommy Jackson 39, Tallahassee Florida May 12, 2014
3162. Tommy Junior Yancy 32 (mentally ill) California May 11. 2014 **
3163. Tommy Lee Gest – 38, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 08/12/2001
3164. Tommy Martinez New Mexico
3165. Tommy Ottis Glidewell Oklahoma
3166. Tong Kue Michigan
3167. Tony Bernard Green 22, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Sept. 1, 2007 **
3168. Tony Carr Georgia
3169. Tony Curtis Bradway New York
3170. Tony Dominquez California
3171. Tony Robinson 19, (Black Male) Madison Wisconsin March 7, 2015 **
3172. Tony Wayne Johnson Texas
3173. Tory Davis (Black Male) Chicago Illinois Jan. 1, 2011 **
3174. Tou Yang California
3175. Tracy L. McCraw 25, Louisville Kentucky March 29, 2014
3176. Tracy Lynn Daniel, 51 Jefferson City Tennessee Aug. 19, 2013
3177. Tracy Patterson Missouri
3178. Tracy Pollock Nebraska
3179. Tracy Wade 39, Louisville Kentucky Oct. 1 , 2014
3180. Travares Mcgill 16 Florida July 18, 2005 **
3181. Traven Lewis Robinson Georgia
3182. Travis Flanagan Massachusetts
3183. Travis Floyd – 19, killed by Effingham Co. Sheriffs on 10/12/2009
3184. Travis McNeil Florida
3185. Travis Posselt Wyoming
3186. Travis Tellone 30, June 11, 2014Yonkers New York
3187. Trayvon Martin 17 Florida Feb. 26, 2012 **
3188. Tremell Celestin Illinois
3189. Trent Lincoln Washington
3190. Trent Lloyd-Thorpe Washington
3191. Trevion Davis 13 Georgia June 28. 2012 **
3192. Trevion Richard California
3193. Trevon Cole – 21, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 06/11/2010
3194. Troy Dale Nowell Texas
3195. Troy Edward Davis Arizona
3196. Troy Guido California
3197. Troy Lanning II 24 Kansas April 12. 2012 **
3198. Trung Thanh Do, 31, Nov. 11, 2014 Plant City Florida
3199. Tycel Nelson Minnesota
3200. Tyisha Miller 19 California Dec. 28, 1998 **
3201. Tyjuan Hill 22, Queens NY Sep. 20, 2012
3202. Tyler Brehm California
3203. Tyler Comstock 19 Iowa Nov. 6. 2013 **
3204. Tyler Damon Woods 19, Long Beach California Nov. 19, 2013 **
3205. Tyler Heilman Minnesota
3206. Tyler M. Shaw Washington
3207. Tyler Teasley 22 Ohio Oct. 26. 2005 **
3208. Tyre Chisholm 22 Bronx NY Sep. 14, 2011
3209. Tyree Woodson 38 Maryland Aug. 6. 2014 **
3210. Tyris Wilkerson 32 Baton Rogue Louisiana July 28, 2013
3211. Tyrise M. Bell – 18, killed by North Las Vegas PD on 01/23/2009
3212. Tyrone Brown 32 Maryland June 5. 2010 **
3213. Tyrone Davis 43, April 25, 2014 Natchez Mississippi
3214. Tyrone F. Thomas – 34, killed by Spokane PD on 08/06/2001
3215. Tyrone Hughes California
3216. Tyrone Napolean Salters South Carolina
3217. Tyrone West 44 Maryland July 18. 2013 **
3218. Tyshan Napoleon – 27, killed by New Haven PD on 03/11/2005
3219. Tysheen Bourne 19, (Black Male) Brooklyn New York March 3, 2000 **
3220. Tyson Damian Hubbard 34, (White Male) Lincoln Nebraska March 5, 2015
3221. Tywain Neal North Carolina
3222. Tywon Jones – 16, killed by Chicago PD on 05/05/2013
3223. Unidentified Female (age unknown) Bronx NY Jan. 26, 2006
3224. Unidentified Female 14 Tenessee June. 2005
3225. Unidentified Female 14 Tennessee June 25, 2005
3226. Unidentified Female 53 (Mentally ill) California April 13, 2014
3227. Unidentified Female 53, (mentally ill) Santa Clara California April 13, 2014
3228. Unidentified Female Compton CA Dec. 31, 2014
3229. Unidentified Female Mt. Saint Helens Washington May 3, 2013
3230. Unidentified Female Round Rock Texas June 24, 2013
3231. Unidentified Male Paramount California May 15, 2013
3232. Unidentified Male May 21, 2014 Orlando Florida (carjacking)
3233. Unidentified Male (age unknown) Freemont California Jan. 16, 2015 **
3234. Unidentified Male (age Unknown) Houston Texas Oct. 1, 2014
3235. Unidentified Male (age unknown) Lodi, California Jan. 25, 2014
3236. Unidentified Male (Hispanic) San Francisco California Feb. 27, 2015
3237. Unidentified Male (mentally ill) Freemont California June 16, 2013
3238. Unidentified Male (Suicidal) Pacoima Jan. 15, 2015
3239. Unidentified Male (White Male) early 50’s or 60’s Los Angeles California Feb. 9, 2015 **
3240. Unidentified Male 19, St. Louis Missouri Feb. 9, 2015
3241. Unidentified Male 20’s Manhattan New York June 21, 2002
3242. Unidentified Male 20’s, Boise Idaho Feb. 16, 2015
3243. Unidentified Male 28, Lakewood Washington June 19, 2013
3244. Unidentified Male 34, Hispanic Male Wasco California Jan. 26, 2015
3245. Unidentified Male 35, Bronx New York Aug. 27, 1999
3246. Unidentified Male 40, California Dec. 24, 2014 **
3247. Unidentified Male 40, San Diego California Christmas Eve Dec. 24, 2014
3248. Unidentified Male 40’s Vallejo California June 4, 2013
3249. Unidentified Male 43, (suicidal White Male) Las Vegas Nevada Feb. 25, 2015
3250. Unidentified Male 50, California Dec. 28, 2014 **
3251. Unidentified Male 50’s, San Diego California Dec. 28, 2014
3252. Unidentified Male 51, Waco Texas Feb. 4, 2015
3253. Unidentified Male 57, Vallejo California June 8, 2013
3254. Unidentified Male 58, Inmate San Francisco County Jail No. 5 San Bruno California Jan. 26, 2015 **
3255. Unidentified Male age unknown Phoenix Arizona Jan. 26, 2015 **
3256. Unidentified Male age unknown Star County Texas Jan. 21, 2015
3257. Unidentified Male Alameda California July 19, 2013
3258. Unidentified Male Albuquerque New Mexico Dec. 9, 2013
3259. Unidentified Male Amarillo Texas July 7, 2013
3260. Unidentified Male Anderson California July 17. 2013
3261. Unidentified Male Antioch California May 11, 2013
3262. Unidentified Male Aug. 8, 2014 Denver Colorado
3263. Unidentified Male Aug. 8, 2014 Detroit, MI
3264. Unidentified Male Bakersfield California Oct. 1, 2013
3265. Unidentified Male Baltimore Maryland Feb. 14, 2015
3266. Unidentified Male Bernalillo New Mexico Aug. 5, 2013
3267. Unidentified Male Black Male Aurora Colorado Jan. 16, 2015
3268. Unidentified Male Bronx New York Aug. 4, 2013
3269. Unidentified Male California Age Unknown (mentally ill) Jan. 25, 2014
3270. Unidentified Male Calimesa California Feb. 5, 2015
3271. Unidentified Male Carroll County Tennessee Feb. 13, 2014
3272. Unidentified Male Carson/Long Beach California Sept. 25, 2013
3273. Unidentified Male Castaic California Oct. 7, 2013
3274. Unidentified Male Chino Hills Nov. 19, 2013
3275. Unidentified Male Claverton Maryland Oct. 2, 2013
3276. Unidentified Male Clayton County Georgia Oct. 24, 2013
3277. Unidentified Male Colton Oregon Feb. 15, 2015
3278. Unidentified Male Columbia Boone County Missouri Feb. 28, 2015
3279. Unidentified Male Craigsville W. Virginia July 7, 2013
3280. Unidentified Male Culver City California Sept. 21, 2013
3281. Unidentified Male Derry New Hampshire Jan. 21, 2015
3282. Unidentified Male El Paso Texas Jan. 24, 2015
3283. Unidentified Male El Paso Texas July 30, 2013
3284. Unidentified Male Escondido California Jan. 26, 2014
3285. Unidentified Male Escondido California June 6, 2013
3286. Unidentified Male Evangeline Parish Louisiana Jan. 15, 2015
3287. Unidentified Male Fallbrook California June 6, 2013
3288. Unidentified Male Fife Washington July 30, 2013
3289. Unidentified Male Franklin County Pennsylvania Sept. 2, 2013
3290. Unidentified Male Ft. Thompson So. Dakota Oct. 31, 2013
3291. Unidentified Male Ft. Wayne Indiana May 2, 2013
3292. Unidentified Male Germantown Maryland Nov. 18, 2013
3293. Unidentified Male Giles County Virginia Oct. 26, 2013
3294. Unidentified Male Glendale Arizona February 6, 2014 31, 2014
3295. Unidentified Male Grand Prairie Texas Dec. 25, 2013 23, 2013
3296. Unidentified Male Great Falls May 8, 2013
3297. Unidentified Male Harris County Texas Jan. 31, 2015
3298. Unidentified Male Harris County Texas July 11, 2013
3299. Unidentified Male Hartford Connecticut Jan. 25, 2014
3300. Unidentified Male Hawthorne California Nov. 13, 2013
3301. Unidentified Male Hayes Texas Nov. 29, 2013
3302. Unidentified Male Hemet California June 26, 2013
3303. Unidentified Male Henderson Nevada Aug. 201, 2013
3304. Unidentified Male Hilliard Ohio Nov. 17, 2013
3305. Unidentified Male Homewood Alabama Feb. 20, 2015
3306. Unidentified Male Houston Texas Feb. 10, 2014
3307. Unidentified Male Houston Texas Jan. 16, 2015
3308. Unidentified Male Houston Texas Sept. 9, 2013
3309. Unidentified Male Huntington Beach California Aug. 3, 2013
3310. Unidentified Male Indiana County Pennsylvania July 8, 2013
3311. Unidentified Male Indianapolis Indiana Feb. 21, 2015
3312. Unidentified Male Indianapolis Indiana Jan. 15, 2015
3313. Unidentified Male Indianapolis Indiana Oct. 30, 2013
3314. Unidentified Male Jan. Border Patrol Cochise County Jan. 17, 2014
3315. Unidentified Male Johnson County Indiana July 31, 2013
3316. Unidentified Male July 11, 2014 Vidor Texas
3317. Unidentified Male June 11, 2014 Fresno California
3318. Unidentified Male Jurupa Valley June 25, 2013
3319. Unidentified Male Kansas City Kansas Feb. 13, 2015
3320. Unidentified Male Kansas City Kansas June 17, 2013
3321. Unidentified Male Kansas City Kansas Nov. 16, 2013
3322. Unidentified Male Kaufman County Texas Jan. 16, 2015
3323. Unidentified Male Lancaster Pennsylvania June 10, 213
3324. Unidentified Male Lawrenceville Georgia Jan. 4, 2014
3325. Unidentified Male Long Beach California May 27, 2013
3326. Unidentified Male Long Beach California Nov. 19, 2013
3327. Unidentified Male Longview Texas May 9, 2013
3328. Unidentified Male Los Angeles California Nov. 17, 2013
3329. Unidentified Male Loxley Alabama Jan. 20. 2014
3330. Unidentified Male Marinette County Wisconsin July 2, 2013
3331. Unidentified Male Mayes County Oklahoma Jan. 1, 2014
3332. Unidentified Male Millbrook Alabama Feb. 23, 2015
3333. Unidentified Male Minneapolis Minnesota May 10, 2013 Police ran stop sign
3334. Unidentified Male Minola New York May 18, 2013
3335. Unidentified Male Montague County Texas Jan. 28, 2015
3336. Unidentified Male New Castle Colorado Feb. 10, 2015
3337. Unidentified Male No. Harris County Texas Feb. 20, 2015
3338. Unidentified Male Nov. 17, 2014 Bellingham Washington
3339. Unidentified Male Nov. 3, 2014 North Miami Beach Florida
3340. Unidentified Male Oakland Park Florida Aug. 28, 2013
3341. Unidentified Male Oklahoma City Dec. 27, 2013
3342. Unidentified Male Oklahoma City Feb. 6, 2015
3343. Unidentified Male Oklahoma City Oklahona July 12, 2013
3344. Unidentified Male Omaha Nebraska June 15, 2013
3345. Unidentified Male Orlando Florida Nov. 26, 2013
3346. Unidentified Male Orono Minnesota Nov. 16, 2013
3347. Unidentified Male Orono Minnesota Nov. 16, 2013
3348. Unidentified Male Osage County Oklahoma Feb. 21, 2015 – Tasered
3349. Unidentified Male Pacoima California June 30, 2013
3350. Unidentified Male Philadelphia Pennsylvania July 22. 2013
3351. Unidentified Male Phoenix Arizona July 11, 2013
3352. Unidentified Male Popular Grove Illinois Aug. 12, 2013
3353. Unidentified Male Provo Utah Feb. 15, 2015
3354. Unidentified Male Richland County So. Carolina Sept. 14, 2013
3355. Unidentified Male Ridgefield Connecticut May 24, 2013
3356. Unidentified Male Riverside California Dec. 31, 2013
3357. Unidentified Male Riverside California June 12, 2013
3358. Unidentified Male Rosenburg Texas Jan. 28, 2015
3359. Unidentified Male Ruidoso New Mexico Feb. 21, 2015
3360. Unidentified Male San Antonio Texas Dec. 6, 2013
3361. Unidentified Male San Bernardino California Feb. 13, 2015
3362. Unidentified Male San Diego California Oct. 19, 2013
3363. Unidentified Male Santa Ana California Feb. 27, 2015
3364. Unidentified Male Santa Ana California July 30, 2013
3365. Unidentified Male Shirley Long Island New York June 29, 2013
3366. Unidentified Male Sparta No. Carolina Dec. 29, 2013
3367. Unidentified Male Springfield Missouri Dec. 2, 2013
3368. Unidentified Male Springfield Missouri Feb. 18, 2015
3369. Unidentified Male St. Joe Florida Feb. 12, 2015
3370. Unidentified Male St. Louis Missouri May 11, 2013
3371. Unidentified Male St. Louis Missouri May 26, 2013
3372. Unidentified Male Stockton CA Jan. 6, 2015
3373. Unidentified Male Strasburg Colorado Nov. 27, 2013
3374. Unidentified Male Suisun City California July 20, 2013
3375. Unidentified Male Taylor County Georgia Oct. 31, 2013
3376. Unidentified Male Tucson May 18, 2013
3377. Unidentified Male Tustin California Feb. 10, 2014
3378. Unidentified Male unarmed San Antonio Texas July 16, 2013
3379. Unidentified Male Virginia Beach Virginia Sept. 14, 2013
3380. Unidentified Male Weld County Evans Colorado Jan. 4, 2015
3381. Unidentified Male Wenatchee Washington Dec. 12, 2013
3382. Unidentified Male Wenatchee Washington Oct. 5, 2013
3383. Unidentified Male Dec. 31, 2014 Miami Florida
3384. Unidentified Male Dec. 31, 2014 Missoula Montana
3385. Unidentified Male, 20s – Manhattan NY Jun. 21, 2002
3386. Unidentified Male, 26, Bronx NY Oct. 31, 2013
3387. Unidentified Male, 35 – Bronx NY Aug. 27, 1999
3388. Unidentified Man 26, Bronx New York Oct. 31, 2013
3389. Uriel Juarez Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas June 20, 2013
3390. Valeria “Monique” Tachiquin-Alvarado 32 California Sept. 28. 2012 **
3391. Valeria Alvarado California
3392. Vandy Thevongsa Washington
3393. Vang Thao 21 California Dec. 3. 2011 **
3394. Vendell Henderson Washington
3395. Ventura Saenz California
3396. Vernard Davis – 21, killed by Rochester PD on 01/04/2001
3397. Vernicia Woodard 26, Hapeville Georgia Aug. 22, 2014 **
3398. Vernon Allen – 48, killed by Portland Police Bureau on 05/19/2005
3399. Vernon Allen Oregon
3400. Veronica “Roni” Bowers 35 Plane April 30. 2001 **
3401. Veronica Canter 48, (Mentally ill) Fresno California Feb. 15, 2014
3402. Veronica Rizzo-Acevedo, 50, Chicago Illinois April 20, 2014
3403. Vicki Weaver Idaho
3404. Vicky Lee Austin Maryland
3405. Victor – White Ethnicity 22 Louisanna March 3. 2013
3406. Victor Arenas 25, May 11, 2014 Eloy Arizona
3407. Victor Becerril California
3408. Victor Demarius Steen – 17, killed by Pensicola PD on 10/03/2009
3409. Victor Duffy Jr. 25 Washington June. 2012 **
3410. Victor Francisco Tejeda California
3411. Victor Garcia California
3412. Victor Gordon 23, Brooklyn NY July 7, 2007
3413. Victor Meza Texas
3414. Victor Ortega California
3415. Victor Reyes 31, (Hispanic Male) Harris County Texas Feb. 2, 2015
3416. Victor Steen 17 Florida Oct. 1. 2009 **
3417. Victor White 22, Louisiana March 3, 2013 **
3418. Victoria Cooper Connecticut
3419. Victoria Fox California
3420. Victoria Roger-Vasselin California
3421. Vince Boutillier Washington
3422. Vincent Cordaro 57, Clarkston New York Feb. 9-2015
3423. Vincent Del’Ostia Florida
3424. Vincent McConnell New Jersey
3425. Vincent Wood – 66, killed by Albuquerque PD on 07/05/2013
3426. Vinh Bui California
3427. Viniamin Polevoy Washington
3428. Vinson Harris North Carolina
3429. Vionique Valnold 32, Bronx New York Sep. 27, 2009 **
3430. Virgil Millon – 46, killed by Riverside PD on 05/10/2011
3431. Virginia Verdee 12 New York Sept. 23. 2003 **
3432. Vivian Marie Elmo 41 Colorado Aug. 3. 2011 **
3433. Vivian Siepak Illinois
3434. Vonderrick Myers Jr. 18 Missouri Oct. 8. 2014 **
3435. Vong Yang Her California
3436. Vu Hong Quach Washington
3437. Vue Xiong California
3438. Wade Scott Brown Washington
3439. Wade Ward Utah
3440. Wali G. Williams New Jersey
3441. Walter C. “Wally” Bu Minnesota rks
3442. Walter Collins Minnesota
3443. Walter Dochniak Minnesota
3444. Walter Gay Jr. Georgia
3445. Walter Gordon Minnesota
3446. Walter Heller California
3447. Walter Peterson Georgia
3448. Walter Washington – 38, killed by Utica PD, New York SP on 07/05/2002
3449. Walter Williams, Jr. Alabama
3450. Walwyn “Smiley” Jackson 26 New York Sept. 7, 2012 **
3451. Walwyn Jackson 27, Queens NY Sep. 7, 2012
3452. Wanda Katrell Michigan
3453. Wang Moua Vue Minnesota
3454. Wardells Johnon New York
3455. Warnie Patton North Carolina
3456. Warren Lee New Jersey
3457. Warren Robinson – 16, killed by Chicago PD on 07/05/2014
3458. Waseem Jung – 19, killed by Harris County Sheriffs Department on 06/09/2002
3459. Wayne Arnold Jones – 50, killed by Martinsburg PD on 03/13/2013
3460. Wayne Garrison Michigan
3461. Wayne Scott Creach Washingto Washington n
3462. Webster Sobers May 1, 2005 – NY or NJ
3463. Wendell Allen 20 Louisanna March 7. 2012 **
3464. Wendell Fleming Washington DC
3465. Wendell King 40, Ft. Worth Texas Jan. 2015
3466. Wendell King 40, Ft. Worth Texas Jan. 29, 2015
3467. Wendell Oliver Niles Oklahoma
3468. Wendy Stevenson 8, Pampano Beach Florida Dec. 29, 1969 **
3469. Wesley Ann Doyle Georgia
3470. Wesley Maldonado 35, Thornton Colorado Jan. 3, 2014
3471. Wesley White 34, Montgomery County Texas April 6, 2014
3472. Whitten Qusean 18, Oct. 11, 2014 Columbus OH
3473. Wilber Castillo-Gongora 35, (Hispanic Male) Wichita County Texas Feb. 5, 2015 **
3474. Wilford Hunton California
3475. Will Berger Spokane Washington June 7, 2013
3476. William Alexander Mejia, 18, Los Angeles, California May 21, 2013
3477. William Baylor Pennsylvania
3478. William Billy Lomax – 26, killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan PD on 02/20/2004
3479. William Bruce Hemphill 51 Staten Island NY Oct. 4, 2013 **
3480. William Campbell 59, Winslow Township New Jersey Jan. 25, 2015
3481. William Chad Mattingly 38, (White Male) Louisville Kentucky Oct. 28, 2014
3482. William Dawejko Washington
3483. William Dupree 32, (Black Male) St. Louis Missouri May 27, 2013 **
3484. William G. Lloyd Georgia
3485. William H. Torbit Jr 22, Baltimore Maryland Jan 9, 2011 **
3486. William Hardy 27, (Black Male) Chicago Illinois March 30, 2010 **
3487. William Hayek Minnesota
3488. William Heinze 42, (Black Male) Vallejo California March 20, 2013
3489. William Howlett 41 Tenessee March 10.2012 **
3490. William Jackson – 43, killed by Harrisburg PD on Dec. 29, 2013
3491. William Krawchuk Minnesota
3492. William Lattin, Jr. Missouri
3493. William Lewis North Carolina
3494. William Lomax Nevada
3495. William Lusk California
3496. William Melanson, Jr. Washington
3497. William Newlson Stewart Washington
3498. William Partlow, 42 Bronx New York July 7, 2002
3499. William Phifer 56 Manhattan New York Nov. 11, 2001
3500. William Pio, Jr. Washington
3501. William Quiros Jr California
3502. William Rosemond Washington
3503. William Scott Scurlock Washington
3504. William Sershon Arizona
3505. William Shotley Minnesota
3506. William Smith 33, El Paso Texas January 9, 2015
3507. William Teasley South Carolina
3508. William Terrel Allen 31, Oklahoma April 6. 2012 **
3509. William Thomas Holt, 51, Oct. 10, 2014 St. Anthony Minnesota
3510. William Vasquez California
3511. William Wade Wallace Georgia
3512. William Wallace Minnesota
3513. William Wayne Rowton Washington
3514. William Wolford age unknown Colorado Sept. 11. 2011 **
3515. Willie Allen Sargent, Jr Georgia.
3516. Willie Banks Georgia
3517. Willie Davis Jr. – 23, killed by Tucson PD on Jan. 25, 2013
3518. Willie James Williams Georgia
3519. Willie Johnson Missouri
3520. Willie Miller 25 Illinois March 30, 2012 **
3521. Willie Neall Harden 25, Phoenix Arizona March 23, 2014
3522. Willie Sams 21, Miami-Dade Florida Feb. 28, 2014
3523. Willie Smith III Washington
3524. Willie Sudduth – 23, killed by Cleveland PD March 13, 2012
3525. Willie Thomas Grigsby 24, killed by Portland Police Bureau on Dec. 2, 2004
3526. Willie Wilkens – 29, killed by Oakland PD on 01/11/2001
3527. Willie Wilkens – 29, killed by Oakland PD on Jan. 1, 2001
3528. Wilson Alba 31, Brooklyn NY Feb. 8, 2004
3529. Wilson Victorian California
3530. Windy Point Jane Doe 35-45 White Female Windy Point Montrose County, Colorado July 7, 1994
3531. Woodrow Player III – 22, killed by Los Angeles County Sheriffs on July 13, 2009
3532. Xavier Gonzalez-Torres California
3533. Yalonda Patterson North Carolina
3534. Yanira Serrano- Garcia 18, (mentally ill) San Mateo California June 3, 2014 **
3535. Ye Hua Jian 32, Norwalk Connecticut Oct. 14, 2014
3536. Yi Tzu Chen California
3537. Ymauo Erwin 41, Kansas City Missouri Oct. 8, 2014 **
3538. Yohannis Wondim Maryland
3539. Yong Xin Huang New York
3540. Yoshihiko Tanabe Washington Washington
3541. Yue Kor Yuen 76, Brooklyn New York Nov. 9, 2003
3542. Yuekor Yuen New York
3543. Yuvette Henderson 38, (Black Female) Emeryville California Feb. 3, 2015
3544. Yvette Henderson 25, Oakland California Feb. 3, 2015 **
3545. Yvette Smith 47 Texas Feb. 16. 2014 **
3546. Yvonne McNeal 57 (mentally ill) New York Oct. 2. 2011 **
3547. Zach Bingert 21, (mentally ill) Queens New York Dec. 22, 2010
3548. Zachary Champommier 18, White Male Studio City Los Angeles California June 24, 2010 **
3549. Zachary Cooke California
3550. Zachary J. Adrian Minnesota
3551. Zachary J. Sumner, 34, Del City Oklahoma Jan. 27, 2014
3552. Zackary Dean Moffitt, 33 Summit County Colorado July 16, 2013
3553. Zaim Bojcic California
3554. Zale Thompson 32, Jamaica, Queens New York Oct. 23, 2014
3555. Zeb Richenberg Wyoming
3556. Zheng Diao 76, Asian Male (mentally ill) St. Louis Park Minnesota July 29, 2013 **
3557. Zikarious Jaquan Flint 20, Black Male Columbus State University Ohio March 30, 2014 **

Community Protector Bo Frierson tipped from wheelchair for protesting SFPD’s assault on his cousin

Thank you Leroy F. Moore Jr.

Photo 1

Devaughn Frierson Jr., better known as Bo, endeavors every day to protect his community and, like the Black Panthers, he doesn’t turn his back to abuse by police. As a community journalist who is a Black disabled man like Bo, I wanted to get to know what drives this activist, who is a hero to his neighbors but was treated abominably by San Francisco police.

On Sunday, Jan. 18, during Martin Luther King weekend, Bo’s cousin, Edwardo Delacruz, uploaded a video clip that quickly went viral. It shows shocking abuse of Bo and another cousin, Tyrell Blaylock. Their friend, Willie Ward, emerged with a black eye.

“The guy in the wheelchair and the guy sitting on the ground are my cousins.” Eduardo told the Free Thought Project. “The police are community police; they know everyone in the neighborhood.”

Those officers know that Bo is paralyzed and makes it his business to watch out for the community. So they shouldn’t have been surprised that he wheeled across the street when he saw them brutally handcuffing his cousin.

What shocked everyone when that video and another began to circle the world in an Associated Press story was an effort by one of the officers to “dump” Bo out of his chair. Fortunately, his seat belt caught him. But no one should be surprised that the attacking officer blamed the victim, claiming Bo ran over his foot.

What shocked everyone when the story began to circle the world in an Associated Press story was an effort by one of the officers to “dump” Bo out of his chair.

“If you look at the video, he doesn’t jump or react in a way that a person (would) who just had his foot run over. He said that when he realized he was being filmed,” explained Edwardo. “He tried to flip him because he didn’t like my cousin confronting him about slamming my other cousin on his head. He didn’t like the truth being told to him, so he tried to flip him out of the chair. That’s what the conversation (was about that) he and the cop were having prior to the cop grabbing his chair.”

“Dirty racist cops!” exclaimed Bo’s cousin, Sqaully Dee, in a message he posted on his Facebook page with the video the day of the assault. “Officer Carrasco, No. 1341, just did this to my cousin. I’m pissed off right now.”

“If you didn’t know,” he added, “this is how San Francisco’s finest celebrate MLK Day! Look at the other ‘good cop’ turn his head as if he didn’t see his partner attempt to kill a disabled man. Let’s see if he stands by the blue wall of silence.”

Leroy Moore:

Now we know from the video what happened to you by SFPD, but very few know about you. Tell us about you. Where do you live and have you seen a difference in your neighborhood?

Bo Frierson:

I’m currently residing at Laguna Honda Hospital. Well, I believe police oppression is a big problem – always has been in my eyes. The police consider everyone residing in a poor neighborhood to be criminals.

Leroy Moore:

You are a Black disabled man. What do you think about what is going on in San Francisco toward the Black community in this gentrification that has swept through many major cities?

Bo Frierson:

It’s not good at all. It’s like they are pushing Black people out of the community. It’s ridiculous. They are making it legal for police to abuse and murder innocent people. I feel we have no civil rights.

Leroy Moore:

Let’s get back to the incident that involved SFPD. Tell us what happened.

Bo Frierson:

Under the advice of my attorney I will not speak too much about the incident, but I will say this: The video is self-explanatory.

Leroy Moore:

As a Black disabled activist, I know many people who use power wheelchairs, and I used to play sports with athletes using power wheelchairs and had my feet run over. The police said you ran over his foot, but what I saw in the video, it didn’t look like that. If you had, from my experience he would be in more pain. Please explain.

Bo Frierson:

I didn’t run over his foot. If I ran over his foot and I weigh 200 pounds and my wheelchair weighs 350 pounds, he would have had an immediate reaction of pain. He didn’t show no reaction. And he also didn’t say anything about his foot until he noticed he was being filmed.
Leroy Moore: What do you think about BlackLivesMatter?

Bo Frierson:

I strongly agree that Black lives matter and wish more people would realize that.

Leroy Moore:

Many mainstream reporters would look at the video and ask why you went over to the area where the police were. I know for me, seeing many times Black men sitting on the corner in a row in handcuffs, I felt like I wanted to do what you did.

Bo Frierson:

I went over there to witness the assault that the officers were committing on my cousin and lifelong friend. The officer didn’t allow me to witness it and instead chose to assault me also.

It just pains me to see police abuse their authority, and we are just helpless to the oppression. I feel like if we speak up about the police abuse, we are either jailed or beat up or even killed – and it’s just wrong.

Leroy Moore:

Why do you think mainstream news brought up that you live in a nursing home in San Francisco?

Bo Frierson:

I do live in one and I have no idea why they would bring that up.

Leroy Moore:

When people see the video, many are shocked, but they don’t tie it to other police brutality against Black and Brown people with disabilities – and many have been tipped out of their wheelchairs by police.

How would you keep your story out there? And do you plan to advocate for more awareness in general about cases like yours?

Bo Frierson:

I will definitely be an advocate against police brutality. This is my mission in life: to expose police brutality.

I want to be a voice in letting the world know how police treat people of color, people with disabilities.

Leroy Moore:

What do you think should happen to the cop who tried to push you out of your wheelchair?

Bo Frierson:

I think he should be fired and do prison time because he’s an officer that has been doing this for a long time in our community, and it seems like he’s unstoppable. I would also like for the other officers to be disciplined.

Leroy Moore:

Like we began this interview, tell us an important thing about yourself that people should know. And if people want to follow your case and help, tell us how can we contact you?

Bo Frierson:

I’m the guy that everyone likes. I’m always smiling. I’m loved by everyone in the community and looking forward to being voice of the voiceless.

I want to be a voice in letting the world know how police treat people of color, people with disabilities. At the moment, I reside at Laguna Honda rehabilitation hospital. Hopefully, when they take me off these pain medications, I will be reachable and continue with my activism.

Off Duty Black Officers In New York Say They Fear Fellow Cops

Thank you Michelle Conlin


From the dingy donut shops of Manhattan to the cloistered police watering holes in Brooklyn, a number of black NYPD officers say they have experienced the same racial profiling that cost Eric Garner his life.

Garner, a 43-year-old black man suspected of illegally peddling loose cigarettes, died in July after a white officer put him in a chokehold. His death, and that of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, has sparked a slew of nationwide protests against police tactics. On Saturday, those tensions escalated after a black gunman, who wrote of avenging the black deaths on social media, shot dead two New York policemen.

The protests and the ambush of the uniformed officers pose a major challenge for New York Mayor Bill De Blasio. The mayor must try to ease damaged relations with a police force that feels he hasn’t fully supported them, while at the same time bridging a chasm with communities who say the police unfairly target them.

What’s emerging now is that, within the thin blue line of the NYPD, there is another divide – between black and white officers.

Reuters interviewed 25 African American male officers on the NYPD, 15 of whom are retired and 10 of whom are still serving. All but one said that, when off duty and out of uniform, they had been victims of racial profiling, which refers to using race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed a crime.

The officers said this included being pulled over for no reason, having their heads slammed against their cars, getting guns brandished in their faces, being thrown into prison vans and experiencing stop and frisks while shopping. The majority of the officers said they had been pulled over multiple times while driving. Five had had guns pulled on them.

Desmond Blaize, who retired two years ago as a sergeant in the 41st Precinct in the Bronx, said he once got stopped while taking a jog through Brooklyn’s upmarket Prospect Park. “I had my ID on me so it didn’t escalate,” said Blaize, who has sued the department alleging he was racially harassed on the job. “But what’s suspicious about a jogger? In jogging clothes?”

The NYPD and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent  Association, the police officers’ union, declined requests for comment. However, defenders of the NYPD credit its policing methods with transforming New York from the former murder capital of the world into the safest big city in the United States.

“It makes good headlines to say this is occurring, but I don’t think you can validate it until you look into the circumstances they were stopped in,” said Bernard Parks, the former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, who is African American.


“Now if you want to get into the essence of why certain groups are stopped more than others, then you only need to go to the crime reports and see which ethnic groups are listed more as suspects. That’s the crime data the officers are living with.”

Blacks made up 73 percent of the shooting perpetrators in New York in 2011 and were 23 percent of the population.

A number of academics believe those statistics are potentially skewed because police over-focus on black communities, while ignoring crime in other areas. They also note that being stopped as a suspect does not automatically equate to criminality. Nearly 90 percent of blacks stopped by the NYPD, for example, are found not to be engaged in any crime.

The black officers interviewed said they had been racially profiled by white officers exclusively, and about one third said they made some form of complaint to a supervisor.

All but one said their supervisors either dismissed the complaints or retaliated against them by denying them overtime, choice assignments, or promotions. The remaining officers who made no complaints said they refrained from doing so either because they feared retribution or because they saw racial profiling as part of the system.

In declining to comment to Reuters, the NYPD did not respond to a specific request for data showing the racial breakdown of officers who made complaints and how such cases were handled.

White officers were not the only ones accused of wrongdoing. Civilian complaints against police officers are in direct proportion to their demographic makeup on the force, according to the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Indeed, some of the officers Reuters interviewed acknowledged that they themselves had been defendants in lawsuits, with allegations ranging from making a false arrest to use of excessive force. Such claims against police are not uncommon in New York, say veterans.

Still, social psychologists from Stanford and Yale universities and John Jay College of Criminal Justice have conducted research – including the 2004 study “Seeing Black: Race, Crime and Visual Processing” – showing there is an implicit racial bias in the American psyche that correlates black maleness with crime.

John Jay professor Delores Jones-Brown cited a 2010 New York State Task Force report on police-on-police shootings – the first such inquiry of its kind – that found that in the previous 15 years, officers of color had suffered the highest fatalities in encounters with police officers who mistook them for criminals.

There’s evidence that aggressive policing in the NYPD is intensifying, according to data from the New York City Comptroller.

Police misconduct claims – including lawsuits against police for using the kind of excessive force that killed Garner – have risen 214 percent since 2000, while the amount the city paid out has risen 75 percent in the same period, to $64.4 million in fiscal year 2012, the last year for which data is available.

People who have taken part in the marches against Garner’s death – and that of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown – say they are protesting against the indignity of being stopped by police for little or no reason as much as for the deaths themselves.

“There’s no real outlet to report the abuse,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain who said he was stigmatized and retaliated against throughout his 22-year career for speaking out against racial profiling and police brutality.

Officers make complaints to the NYPD’s investigative arm, the Internal Affairs Bureau, only to later have their identities leaked, said Adams.

One of the better-known cases of alleged racial profiling of a black policeman concerns Harold Thomas, a decorated detective who retired this year after 30 years of service, including in New York’s elite Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Shortly before 1 a.m. one night in August 2012, Thomas was leaving a birthday party at a trendy New York nightclub.

Off 1

Wearing flashy jewelry, green sweatpants and a white t-shirt, Thomas walked toward his brand-new white Escalade when two white police officers approached him. What happened next is in dispute, but an altercation ensued, culminating in Thomas getting his head smashed against the hood of his car and then spun to the ground and put in handcuffs.

“If I was white, it wouldn’t have happened,” said Thomas, who has filed a lawsuit against the city over the incident. The New York City Corporation Counsel said it could not comment on pending litigation.

At an ale house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last week, a group of black police officers from across the city gathered for the beer and chicken wing special. They discussed how the officers involved in the Garner incident could have tried harder to talk down an upset Garner, or sprayed mace in his face, or forced him to the ground without using a chokehold. They all agreed his death was avoidable.

Said one officer from the 106th Precinct in Queens, “That could have been any one of us.”

Off 2

Key Witness In Michael Brown Case Probably Didn’t Seen Him Die

A new report calls into question the testimony and character of a grand jury witness who corroborated police officer Darren Wilson’s account of shooting Michael Brown.

The Smoking Gun confirmed that Sandra McElroy, a 45-year-old St. Louis resident who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is Witness 40, the person whose testimony aligned with Wilson’s account of how he killed Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

In a journal entry purportedly written just after the altercation, McElroy wrote that Brown charged at Wilson “like a football player, head down.” McElroy’s description of events contradicted testimony from Dorian Johnson and other witnesses who said Brown had his hands up before Wilson shot at him 13 times.

But The Smoking Gun reported that McElroy changed her story about why she was in Ferguson, has a history of making racist comments online and once inserted herself into another case by lying to police. The outlet also said McElroy “was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.”

McElroy’s journal, where she described seeing the shooting, says she went to Florissant, Missouri, a town near Ferguson, on the morning of Brown’s death to “understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks Niggers and Start calling them People.” And in a subsequent entry describing the Brown-Wilson encounter, McElroy describes Brown as a “big kid” who “started running right at the cop” and “wouldn’t stop” even after the first three gunshots.

McElroy did not mention the journal’s existence when she was first questioned by police, and how her description of events does not appear to be contemporaneous.

McElroy did not contact police until four weeks after she allegedly witnessed the shooting. During those four weeks, McElroy posted on Facebook in support of Wilson, writing “Prayers, support God Bless Officer Wilson,” and posting a comment about slavery on a news story about the case.

McElroy also changed her story after she originally spoke to police. Officers were skeptical of her account, wondering why she had happened to drive 30 miles to Ferguson from her home in St. Louis. McElroy originally claimed to be visiting an old classmate in Ferguson, telling police she stopped to smoke a cigarette and ask directions because she did not have the correct address or a cell phone number. Later, she testified she had gone to Ferguson to better understand African-Americans.

Since the identities of the grand jurors in the Darren Wilson case are secret, it is difficult to calculate the degree to which McElroy’s testimony affected the outcome or how seriously prosecutors considered it. Among the dozens of witnesses who offered conflicting versions of events, Witness 40’s story stood out for the way it “tracked” to Wilson’s account.

Even without McElroy’s testimony, the evidence the grand jury considered has been criticized as flawed. Wilson, after shooting Brown, washed the evidence off his body at the police station, and the first officer to interview Wilson didn’t bother taking any notes. These and other errors may have helped tip the case in Wilson’s favor.

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch even cast doubt on many of the witness testimonies, saying they “made statements inconsistent with other statements they made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. Some were completely refuted by physical evidence.”

Until You Get Mad It’s Going To Get Worse

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I am saddened tonight. I had mixed feelings about all the protest going around until I talk to my children. As a mother of five young boys I realize that their chance to reach 21 is endangered. My 15 year old is already stereotyped as a thug because he wears a hoodie or beanie despite the fact it is 30 degrees out side. My ten year old is a prethug although he is a straight A student and plays basketball because he loves caps and jerseys. My nine year old is already a scientist but he too will be considered a danger to society because he is black. My 5 and 7 year olds have to hope to make it to 15 because they come from an environment where thugs are considered breeded. My 15 year old told them today if the police say something to you just get on your knees with your hands up so that the police can beat you up. Pray and stay still so you can live to testify. This brought tears to my eyes. Then on the radio they mention a bill passed in Chicago about it being illegal to video the police, in fact it will be a felony. I asked my children what do you think we can do to change all of this. My oldest said “Mom I am doomed but to save them you have to join the revolution because until you get mad it is going to get worse. How do you think Oscar Grant and Travon Martin mothers feel, do you want to be on the news like Michael Browns mom. Now is the time to be mad not when you have to plan my funeral.” Damn **** just got real, when we should be discussing college we are talking about death. Our sons are in trouble and yes I think some protest should be more peaceful but no one pays attention to them. I think that no protest is condoning it. I am working with my son on a proposal to start a Mother’s protest. Save our sons. Why are we so blind to what is happening and in denial about the rights of black people? So what, it is an inconvenience that a road is blocked or some stuff is burning down. Our kids are dying to injustice. And all we do is tear up stuff. Shame on you black people that say they shouldn’t of never done that, what if that is your child or you. Let’s join our young people and help them with the struggle even if it is mentoring them and coming up with better ways of drawing attention to this problem and fighting for their civil rights. Even murders get to see a judge why are our children sentences to death. I urge everyone to be involved in their community and fight for lives.

Authored by Deloris Gantt

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Cops Kidnap Blind Man, Dump Him on the Side of the Road in the Middle of Nowhere

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In a retaliatory move, Miami cops, kidnapped and dumped an innocent blind man in a desolate part of town.

In an apparent retaliatory move, Miami cops, kidnapped and dumped this innocent blind man in a desolate part of town.

Miami, FL — Blind since birth, 21-year-old Tannie Burke had no idea how to get home after police dumped him on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

On the night of August 27, four plainclothes police officers pulled up to an apartment complex in South Dade and arrested three young black men. A bystander caught the interaction on video.

According to police, the three men were arrested because officers claimed to witness the horrible crime of passing a marijuana cigarette. The men were arrested for possession, a misdemeanor, and made to sign citations promising to appear in court.

Two of the men were let go, but cops threw the third man, Burke, into the back of their unmarked car. Burke was unable to even find the cop car.

“He’s blind dumbass,” the man videotaping the incident is heard saying. “If you don’t tell him he’s walking to the car how the fuck is he going to know?”

“T-Man what are they taking you for?” a woman shouts.

“I don’t know,” Burke replies.

After kidnapping him, Burke estimates that police drove him around for twenty minutes before dropping him off in a desolate section of South Dade.

“They put me off somewhere in Goulds. There were no street lights and no houses.” “It was just dark.”

CBS4′s Jim DeFede asked, “Did you tell the officers you were blind?”

“Yes I told them in the car I was blind and I couldn’t see,” Burke said.

DeFede then asked, “Did they seem to care?”

Burke can’t see anything out of his right eye and can only make out general shapes, with enough light, with his left.

“Not that I know of.” “They put me out somewhere where they aren’t no street lights and no houses.”

Finally, after walking with one foot on the pavement and one in the weeds, a stranger came to his aid and led him home.

Marvin Armstrong, Burke’s stepfather and the man who filmed the interaction, expressed his concern. “Forty-five minutes to an hour later he comes walking through the door all sweaty up.” “I was like, `How’d you get out?’ He said they released me way in the back.”

Burke believes the police took him away as payback for Armstrong’s actions. He said the cops complained about him after they put him in the car. “Your stepfather got a lot of mouth. You know we don’t like that.”

Burke, who has never been convicted of a crime, has been arrested twice and detained by police on more than a dozen other occasions. Being stopped and handcuffed in his neighborhood is nothing new.

“I feel they stop me because they see a black man walking down the street,” “I don’t know what to say about it. I just feel bad about it. That’s it.”

Two months after Tannie Burke was arrested, kidnapped and charged with marijuana possession the charges were dismissed.
Burke’s family has since filed a complaint with the Miami Dade police department, who declined to comment on the issue, citing that the incident was being investigated by Internal Affairs.

Kaldrick Donald mentally ill man murdered by Sgt. Charles Brown Gretna Florida PD

Kaldrick Donald House

441. Kaldrick Donald 24, (mentally ill) Oct. 28, 2014 Gretna, FL – Kaldrick’s mother, Juanita Donald called the police to assist her and get her son to take his medication, as she had done in the past. Sgt. Charles Brown came out to the house and rather than help he ended up tasing Kaldrick repeatedly, then took him into an isolated bathroom in the family’s home and shot him multiple times, killing him. Brown murdered Donald in the presence his pregnant sister and mother, and no one can even say why. He was completely unarmed, and somehow not completely sane. His mother said “I heard my baby say, I want my mama after he shot him, and then I didn’t hear anything else.” His mother said she was “expecting them to take him to the Apalachee Center like before”, but instead a single officer came and escalated the situation, murdering him in front of his family. Juanita continued to say “It wasn’t but one officer. Instead of him calling for backup, he took things in his own hands and he goes in the house and he rush him and shoot him.” She continued to say he “didn’t want to be bothered”, and that he simply walked away from the officer. She says Sergeant Charles Brown “Just grabbed him and he tased him. Then when he grabbed him and tased him, he rushed my son off in the bathroom and I heard three shots. I was like, you shot my son and he was like, I had to. I said, no, you didn’t have to.” Brown is now on ‘administrative leave’, or paid vacation. Murdered by Sgt. Charles Brown Gretna PD

VIDEO: http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/Man-Shot-Killed-by-Gretna-Police-Officer-280660612.html

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October 28, 2014

Gretna, FL – A Gretna police officer shot and killed a man inside his home this morning.

We are still waiting to find out the name of the officer involved.

Juanita Donald says she knew her son, Kaldrick Donald, needed his medication because he was cursing at her. That’s why she called the police, expecting them to take him to the Apalachee Center like before. But, this time, the responding officer shot and killed Kaldrick, while his mother and pregnant sister were there.

She says, “I heard my baby say, I want my mama after he shot him, and then I didn’t hear anything else.”

Donald says she called police around 9:30 Tuesday morning because her 24-year-old son had not taken his medication for mental illness.

Police were called to their home on Cornelius Harris Lane, formerly Canty Lane.

Donald says, “It wasn’t but one officer. Instead of him calling for backup, he took things in his own hands and he goes in the house and he rush him and shoot him.”

Gretna Police Chief Carlos De La Cruz says, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Since the investigation began, we have asked the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to assist us.”

Detectives say they’re looking into what led to Donald’s death and why the officer had to shoot.

Juanita says all Donald did was walk off from the officer and said he “didn’t want to be bothered.” She says, “Just grabbed him and he tased him. Then when he grabbed him and tased him, he rushed my son off in the bathroom and I heard three shots. I was like, you shot my son and he was like, I had to. I said, no, you didn’t have to.”

Donald says her son did not have a weapon.

The officer was taken to the hospital and has been released, but, investigators have not released how he was hurt.

Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young says authorities were called to the same home the night before. He says, “They had a domestic issue. The sheriff’s office looked into that and of course, we were dispatched again here at 9:28 a.m. and the Gretna Police Department responded.”

The officer’s name has not been released.

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
October 28, 2014

GRETNA, Fla. — The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office says that a Gretna Police Officer shot and killed a man while responding to a Baker Act call earlier this morning.

The incident happened on Cornelius Harris lane.

24-year-old Kaldrick Donald’s mother told WCTV that she called police to help her with her son because he hadn’t taken his medicine. She also said that she expected them to take him to the Apalachee Center like they normally do.

She was in the house along with her pregnant daughter during the incident.

Gretna’s police chief says the officer is in the hospital and in stable condition and authorities say he was not shot. A GCSO spokesperson wouldn’t say what caused the officer to shoot.
Gretna Police, GCSO and FDLE are currently investigating.


Lanetra Bennett
October 29, 2014

Gretna, FL – The name of the officer who shot and killed a man in Gretna while responding to a call Tuesday has been released. The chief says it’s Sergeant Charles Brown.

The investigation into the shooting, as well as the murder-suicide the night before, has residents in disbelief..
With crime tape surrounding a church and more just blocks away blocking off a home, in a town as small as Gretna, Florida in Gadsden County, residents feel like it’s a crime scene at every turn.

Gretna resident Francisco Chambers says, “I’ve never experienced this. Never. Not in Gretna. It ain’t but 7,000 people here.”

Monday night, a man and woman were found dead at a building at Glory Apostolic Faith Temple Church off Fourth Street. Police say it was a murder-suicide.

By 9:30 Tuesday morning, 24-year-old Kaldrick Donald was dead in his home on Cornelius Harris Lane. He was shot by SGT Charles Brown. Authorities say Brown was responding to a 911 call because of Donald’s mental illness.

Residents say the two tragedies are bad enough, but the fact that they happened less than 24 hours apart, makes it more unbelievable.

Gretna resident Martha Clark says, “Stuff like this has never happened back to back like that. You hear about people dying, not about people getting shot or killed.”

The police say because the department does not have the capacity to handle the murder-suicide, the case has been turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

FDLE is also investigating Donald’s death.

Chambers says, “Gretna has made more action in the last 24 hours than it has in the last 55 years. I’ve been here 55 years, so I can’t figure this out.”

The names in the murder-suicide have not been released. Neither have details of the events leading up to Sergeant Brown shooting Kaldrick Donald.

SGT Brown is on administrative paid leave until the conclusion of the investigation.

Thank you WCTV Eyewitness News
October 29, 2014

GRETNA, Fla. — Gretna Police Chief Carlos De La Cruz has identified the officer involved in Wednesday’s shooting.
De La Cruz says that the officer that was involved in the shooting was Sergeant Charles Brown.
Brown is currently on paid administrative leave. He will remain on leave until the Florida Department of Law Enforcement completes its investigation.
Other details about Sgt. Brown, including how long he has been with the department, are not available at this time.
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October 29, 2014

The screams and cries from 24-year-old Kaldrick Donald’s family could be heard as a hearse pulled away Tuesday afternoon with his body inside.
Wayna Ward, family friend said, “I felt like he shouldn’t of got shot like that, not shot down like a dog in his own house.”

Early Tuesday morning Donald was shot and killed at his home on Cornelius Harris Lane.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s office tells us they had received a call from Donald’s mother saying her son needed to be taken to a mental hospital.

Once the officer got to Donald’s house, he and the officer got into a fight.

Investigator Ulysses Jenkins of Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office said, “The police officer arrived, a struggle ensued and from that point during the altercation and suspect is now deceased.”

Authorities are still investigating the incident, saying their thoughts are with the family and friends of both parties involved.

“Our hearts and minds are with them during this time, it’s a very troubling incident but we’re doing everything we can to support the officer and the family,” said Jenkins.

The officer, who’s name has not been released was also injured during that altercation and taken to a near-by hospital.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office says the officer was released from the hospital this afternoon.

Black Open Carry Protesters Marching Against Police Brutality

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Huey P Newton Club

They call themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the co-founder of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense. Like the defunct organization which called for reform of community policing, demanding that police come from the neighborhoods they serve, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club says they are marching “to promote self-defense and community policing” in response to the recent high profile stories about police shooting unarmed African Americans across the country.

To the protesters, “community policing” is more than just a word. Communities should be protected by members of the community, and held accountable. Ironically this was the original vision for community policing, articulated in 1812 by Sir Robert Peel. That’s right, it may surprise many to discover that our communities have only had police as we know them for a little over 200 years. Even then, it took a little while for Peel’s concept of police forces to make its way to the United States. Since then it has become a norm that many cannot imagine a time before.

In Texas, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club are following in the footsteps of Newton, who was a law major, striving to stay within the bounds of legality. Though the historical Black Panthers had a notable slip-up which led to then Governor Ronald Reagan signing the Mulford Act which prohibited carrying loaded guns in public space. The goal of the Panthers, as they explained it, was to assert the rights of the people to defend themselves against corrupt police, within the bounds of the law. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club says that’s exactly what they are doing today with their open carry protests.

Police have kept a close eye on the protesters, while also trying to keep their distance. One officer we talked to said “there’s really nothing we can do about it. Open carry protests are not against the law.”

Others refused to comment.

As the open carry protesters marched down MLK Boulevard and Malcolm X Boulevard chanting “justice for Michael Brown,” the unarmed African American teenager shot and killed by police in suburban St. Louis town of Ferguson, police looked uneasy.

Since that first protest, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club has hit the streets again. They say “black open carry is here to stay.”

Far from being focused only by the Mike Brown shooting, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club says that their goal is “to shed light on local shootings by police.”

“We think that all black people have the right to self-defense and self-determination,” said Huey Freeman, the organizer of one of this Fall’s marches. “We believe that we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities.”

Freeman said Wednesday’s marchers planned to patronize several South Dallas businesses to keep their money in the community and teach their neighbors about their “right to self-defense.” The group says that they are here to educate people about their rights, and to defend against illegal violence perpetrated by rogue officers or even drug dealers.

Many passers-by honked and waved in support. Most were African American, but many were Caucasian and Latino.

“We need to arm ourselves, not to attack anybody, but in self-defense,” an open carry protester said. “We can’t let people just come into our community, whether they are law enforcement or not, and just gun our people down and there is no accountability.”

Dallas police officers appeared to follow the demonstrators in unmarked police cars. Toward the beginning of the 90-minute demonstration, a couple of police cars temporarily blocked off MLK Boulevard so the protesters could safely cross the street.

Christina Smith, acting commander of the Police Department’s strategic deployment bureau, explained “it is standard protocol for non-uniformed officers to be present at all scheduled protests/rallys in order to protect the rights of the demonstrators as well as other citizens.”

Protester Charles Goodson, said “I would rather them not be here because there are many issues going on here with regards to police brutality. But, at the same time, if it helps the community by seeing the police here or makes people more comfortable, then that’s fine.”

The earlier August protest saw a strong police presence, even while officers kept their distance. At one point the police blocked off the street to allow the protesters to cross traffic safely. Other than that officers said they were not going to stop them. Protesters too said that they were more or less indifferent to the police presence, as they were “irrelevant” to the legal and peaceful march.

Now a second, larger open carry “armed self-defense patrol” took to the streets this October, marching around Dixon Circle. This is where James Harper was shot and killed by a Dallas officer in July of 2012 when a raid was executed on his home, sparking outrage in the community.

“The end goal is to establish the situation where all black people in every community are armed,” Darren Ecks, an open carry protester with the group said. “They’re ready to do self-defense, not just against the police department, but against drug dealers or against anybody that would bring harm to the communities.”

Racist Store Workers Refuse To Take Money From A Black Child

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A disturbing video that was uploaded to facebook 10-21-14 and shows several convenience store employees refusing to accept money from a black child. The scene was recorded at a 7-Eleven store in Alexandria, Virginia. As a little boy, who is being held by his father, tries to pay for a bag of chips, the three workers can be seen refusing to take the money out of the child’s hand. The video goes on for a minute and a half, as angry and frustrated customers of the store tell the workers to take the child’s money.

It wasn’t until a white woman standing next to the boy and his father finally spoke up, paying for the child’s chips herself, that the workers finally rang up and cashed out the sale. The woman can be heard saying as she pushes the money at one of the cashiers:

“You all are acting like crazy people. You are in the customer service business.”

Clearly distraught by what she has just witnessed, the woman then tells the workers:
“I am going to report you to the 7-Eleven franchise. All three of you.”

Acxording to the person who posted the video, Jeramey Williams, the video shows exactly what it looks like, blatant racism. Williams wrote:

” 7/11 clerk refuses to sale (sic) bag of chips to African American customer for no reason in Alexandria Va. Little Black Boy wouldnt hav (sic) gotten the chips if the nice white lady didnt put the money in the clerks hand… “

The facebook page operated by the 7-Eleven franchise has received a slew of comments about the video. The company has been responding to individual posts with similar versions of the following comment:

Fullscreen capture 10222014 112118 PM

Why Vonderrit Myers Matters

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Vonderrit Myers

Vonderrit Myers is no Michael Brown. Myers, the black 18-year old shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer last week, is also no Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis or any of the others on a growing list of slain unarmed black men who have invigorated a new generation’s fight for racial justice.

But Myers doesn’t have to be.

Unlike Brown and others who were clearly unarmed during their fatal confrontations with white antagonists, police say Myers shot first, and the officer he shot at returned fire and killed the teen. Lab results found Myers had gun powder residue on his right hand at the time of his death. He was also facing trial on earlier gun charges and was wearing an ankle bracelet as a condition of his bond in that case.

Myers at 16 was arrested for another shooting but was never charged. And photographs have gone viral on social media showing him posing with guns just days before his death.

Myers, in other words, may not be the model victim in the ongoing story of police brutality and white violence against young black men. But his death nonetheless has sparked an important wave in the burgeoning movement built around the notion that black lives matter. All black lives – not just those that draw the most public sympathy.

“Vonderitt Myers matters because we are still talking about a fundamental question of the value of black children and the value of black life,” said Brittany Packnett, head of Teach for America in St. Louis. “The circumstances may be different, but there’s the recognition that if we don’t come out early and often to demand justice for African-American children, quite often it doesn’t come.”

“He has no incentive to engage the police in a shooting”

Brown’s death in Ferguson on August 9 sparked weeks of rage and protest, in large part because he was unarmed and witnesses say had raised his hands in surrender when he was fatally struck.

Myers’s family insists that he too was unarmed when he was shot on October 8, packing little more than a sandwich at the time. They remember Myers as a beloved teenager who had hopes of getting his life back on track.

Protesters took to the St. Louis streets in the hours and days after Myers’s shooting, just as they had a dozen miles away in Ferguson. They marched and chanted. There were showdowns with police and some burned American flags. The unrest became something of a parallel protest to what had happened to Brown.

Myers’s family and their supporters say they don’t trust the police. They’ve poked holes in the police account of how the teen was killed and have highlighted over and again how often that account has changed.

“A lot of people believe St. Louis police compromised this case by doing things that I hate to think they could have done in this situation,” said Jermaine Wooten, an attorney for Myers’ family.

Brown’s killing was highly symbolic, another name on the tragic roll call of unarmed black men gunned down by white men and cops. The list includes Sean Bell, killed the morning of his wedding in Queens, New York in 2006; Oscar Grant, shot by a transit cop on an Oakland, California subway platform in 2009; Trayvon Martin, shot to death by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Florida in 2012; and Jordan Davis, gunned down by motorist Michael Dunn in 2012 in a scuffle over loud music.

Brown’s killing was also among a string of similar cases across America this summer, where cops killed unarmed black men under mysterious circumstances.

They include Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York on July 17, killed in a police chokehold after being confronted over selling untaxed cigarettes; John Crawford in Beavercreek, Ohio on August 5, shot down by police at a Walmart as he talked on his cell phone and toyed with a plastic gun he’d picked up off a shelf in the toy department; and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles on August 11, felled by police bullets after they stopped him on a sidewalk, at which point they say he made “suspicious movements” before attempting to take an officer’s gun.

The protests sparked by Brown’s killing only grew more emboldened by what happened to Myers weeks later. But while Brown’s killing fits a much neater narrative, with multiple eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence, the Myers case is murky.

There are the photos of Myers allegedly showing off with handguns, holding one in each hand and another sitting in his lap. A lawyer for the officer who killed Myers told reporters the gun in Myers’s lap had been reported stolen in late September and investigators had identified it as the gun police believe Myers used to fire at the officer.

The police account of what happened the night of the shooting has changed multiple times. And even with mounting evidence to the contrary, there is the unshakable heart-of-hearts belief among those who love Myers that he was not armed that night.

“We as attorneys understand what these lab results mean,” Jermaine Wooten said. “If I fire a gun at you in close proximity there is going to be gun powder residue all over your body. So the fact that the gun powder residue is on Vonderrit is not indicative at all that he fired a weapon.”

Wooten acknowledged Myers had pleaded not guilty to earlier charges of eluding police and illegal possession of a weapon. The charges stemmed from Myers’s involvement in a high-speed car chase that ended with him jumping out of the car and eventually throwing a handgun into a sewage drain, police said.

Myers was released on bond for the incident and was facing a court date in November, Wooten said. “He has no incentive to engage the police in a shooting. Any kid I don’t care if they are 14 or 18 knows that’s a losing battle,” Wooten said.

“We’re done, as a police union, standing in the shadows in these cases”

Eyewitnesses to Myers’s shooting told Wooten that the officer, who was off-duty and working a second job as a security guard, had come out from a gangway and never identified himself as he chased Myers and a handful of people with him that night.

“No one knew who this man was chasing these kids with a gun,” Wooten said.

On Tuesday, not long after St. Louis police released the lab results showing the residue on Myers’s hand, the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association held a press conference to discuss the case.

Jeff Roorda, the organization’s business manager, cautioned that such high-profile cases are often tried in the court of public opinion rather than on hard evidence.

“We’re done, as a police union, standing in the shadows in these cases,” Roorda said, adding he and other members of the union had seen the photographs allegedly showing Myers posing with guns and were aware of Myers’s earlier arrest.

Wooten accused the union of being biased and protective of its own. He also said law enforcement in St. Louis and the surrounding region, in the wake of the persistent unrest in Ferguson, has an incentive to show Myers’s shooting was justified.

“I think the last thing St. Louis expected was another police shooting. If it’s another unarmed black man, I think we would have been on the verge of chaos,” Wooten said. “That’s why I think a lot of people aren’t willing to accept that he was unarmed.”

‘Ferguson is the Birmingham of our time’

The Myers killing rekindled activism in Ferguson, having taken place just days before a so-called “Weekend of Resistance” there which drew scores of protesters from across the country. The Myers and Brown shootings served as a double-sided rallying cry against police violence.

Between Oct. 10 and Oct. 13, protesters staged massive rallies and marches as well as meticulously planned acts of civil disobedience. Demonstrators blockaded local Walmart stores, crashed a fundraiser for a local politician, shut down a main road in Ferguson and even staged an elaborate protest during a Monday Night Football game between the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

Some 43 people were arrested during an action staged at Ferguson police headquarters, including a number of clergy and high-profile community leaders.

“Ferguson is the Birmingham of our time. There is no doubt about it. Ferguson is the Montgomery of our time. So each life matters. The black life matters,” activist and author Cornel West told msnbc. West took part in the Weekend of Resistance, where he was arrested and briefly detained.

No Justice, No Trust

Myers was, in fact, the second man killed by police in St. Louis after Brown’s death.

Kajieme Powell, a mentally ill 25-year-old, was shot and killed by St. Louis city police just 10 days after Brown. Police initially said Powell had lunged at a pair of officers with a knife raised over his head. Cell phone video released shortly after the shooting revealed that he neither lunged nor ever raised a knife.

The killings of Brown, Powell and Myers have widened an already gaping abyss of mistrust between the black community and the police.


“With Vonderrit you have the structure saying trust me while we find the truth. But how can we trust you in the midst of all of this,” said DeRay McKesson, a protest organizer. “How dare you demand my trust when you continue to violate our ability to be alive, our freedom to assemble and continue to threaten the assembly of black bodies.”

“We’re out here because people are dying,” McKesson added. “We also refuse to live in a world where blackness is a death sentence. I refuse to let that be my reality.”

Many believe the events that led to Myers’s death was an act of racial profiling.

Police said the off-duty officer had stopped Myers and a group of men during a “pedestrian check,” and that the men scattered. Police initially said the officer gave chase and that at some point Myers hopped menacingly from behind a bush. The police version later changed, as no bushes apparently exist where the shooting occurred.

The latest iteration of the story alleges that the officer chased Myers into an alley, where they engaged in some sort of physical confrontation that ended with Myers running away, falling to the ground and firing on the officer.

Police say Myers fired three shots and that the gun they believe was used in the shooting was recovered at the scene.

“The thing is even if Vonderrit did start shooting at the cop I can’t necessarily say, especially in the environment we are currently in with everything going on in the city with Mike Brown, I still have an extreme level of distrust of the police,” protester Leon Kemp said. “I have to take what they say with a grain of salt and I’m still skeptical.”

‘I Just Can’t Move’

Last Monday morning more than 1,000 people staged a massive sit-in on the campus of St. Louis University, not far from where Myers was killed in the city’s Shaw neighborhood. Protesters blocked intersections, jumping rope and throwing balls, a play on a common chant during rallies that authority “think it’s a game, think it’s a joke.”

Police in riot gear stood at the ready, as the peaceful protests swelled through the campus. At one point protesters held a moment of silence, a minute for each day since the teen was killed.

Myers father, Vonderrit Myers Sr. stood at the front of the crowd.

“You make my heart feel easy,” he said over a loudspeaker. “God bless you.”

The Myers family has joined a national club of heartbroken parents whose children have been taken, regardless of circumstances, too soon.

A few days earlier, the fathers of Michael Brown Jr. and Vonderrit Myers Jr. met face to face for the first time.

“It was really a beautiful moment,” said the Rev. Carlton Lee, who was in the room during the meeting. “They just talked and showed love. It’s what they both needed.”

During the meeting Ron Davis, the father of Jordan Davis, called in and spoke with both men. Tracey Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father, has also reached out.

Vonderitt Myers Sr. was scheduled to join Michael Brown Sr. for a service at Rev. Lee’s Flood Christian Church. But in the middle of his sermon, Lee received a text from Myers, saying: “I just can’t move.”

Just Because He’s Black, Doesn’t Mean He’s Here To Rob A House

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Hammond Police Break Window and Tase Man!
Family files excessive force lawsuit against Indiana police for their actions during a traffic stop for a seat belt violation.(10-7-14)

‘Just Because He’s Black, Doesn’t Mean He’s Here To Rob A House’

An interaction between Washington, D.C. police, a black handyman and a white lawyer could shine a light on the way race affects people’s interactions with authorities.

The video above shows Dennis Stucky seated on the curb in Foxhall, a wealthy neighborhood in D.C last week. A black female officer has stopped Stucky in connection with a reported burglary in an adjacent neighborhood three-quarters-of-a-mile away.

Although the alarm was sounding in an adjacent subdivision — three-quarters of a mile away by car — one of the officers ordered the 64-year-old man to sit on the curb while she put on disposable gloves and prepared to search him.

Jody Westby, a resident and lawyer, rushed to Stucky’s defense, angrily telling the officers that Stucky had been a neighborhood fix-it man for 30 years and that they were not at the right house. The officers reluctantly freed Stucky, who lives in Southeast and said he feels he was stopped “because I’m black.”
“Just because he’s black, doesn’t mean he’s here to rob a house,” Westby says in the video, which was filmed by Westby’s housekeeper.

Stucky was released by the police who said they stopped him because he was carrying bags and the burglary had just been called in.

District police spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump said “there’s no misconduct by the officer in that video.”

What is most interesting about the encounter, is how confidently Westby behaves toward the officers and how much leeway they give her during the incident.

“The level of comfort with which she communicates with the officers due to her knowledge of the law and lack of fear of retribution offers a lesson about how the intersection of race, class and privilege can impact the interactions between police officers and some residents,” Yates writes.

“Westby proceeds to chastise the officer for harassing Stucky, and tells them they need to leave. She’s pointing her fingers and gesturing toward the car window. That’s the type of behavior that coming from many other people would be considered dangerous, threatening or violent in some way.”

To Raise and Love a Black Child

Thank you The Atlantic

Jordan & Mom

Last Friday, I called Jordan Davis’s mother Lucia McBath. It’s been almost two years since her son was murdered by a man who took offense to his music. The murderer was Michael Dunn. After shooting the boy, Dunn drove to a motel with his girlfriend. He ordered pizza. He mixed a few cocktails. Then, the next day, he turned himself in and claimed that he was defending himself against a shotgun-wielding Davis. No shotgun was ever found. In his first trial, Dunn was convicted of attempted murder, for shooting—unjustifiably—at Davis’s friends. He was not convicted of murdering Jordan Davis after the jury deadlocked. The state of Florida retried the case, and this time convicted Dunn of first-degree murder.

McBath and I had talked twice before and each time I’d found her to be a woman of direct and open feeling. The first time we talked she cried as she recounted the life of her lost son. The second time she stood before my son and insisted that he mattered, though all the powers of the world might tell him different. With wild theories of phantom shotguns now banished, I wanted to know how McBath felt and how she was filling the yawning space left by her departed son.

“I guess I’m speechless,” she said. “Excited. Happy. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted. But I definitely am waffling back and forth. I was elated about justice for Jordan, but I would prefer to have him here, thriving and growing. I wish that was my reality, but in light of everything this is the best I can get.”

She told me that she’d taken the energy that she’d once put into child-rearing and given herself over to activism. She has set up a scholarship fund in her son’s name. She is working with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

“I’ve been working with them because my heart is for our people,” she said, speaking of My Brother’s Keeper. “My heart is for everyone, but I know that there is a lot of work that has to be done for my own people.”

McBath spoke about the need to inculcate our young with certain values and morals. But I knew that she had taught those same values and morals to her son. And they had not saved him.

“It’s very difficult to know that it doesn’t matter what morals you instill in your children,” she said. “That there are certain people who will never see the value and known who they are.”

Davis hailed from the striving class of America. He grew up with all the comforts and possibilities that black people associate with Atlanta, where he was raised, and which Americans at large associate with middle-class life. And yet African Americans raised in such circumstances understand that in so many ways they are not that far removed from the block. Many of them are just a generation away, and they still have cousins, brothers, and uncles struggling. Their country cannot see this complexity, and thinks of the entire mass as the undeserving poor—which is to say, in the language of our country, criminal.

“For these people, The Cosby Show was just amusement,” McBath said. “They don’t know that in the black community the Cosbys exist. They don’t know that we educate our children, we train up our children, we have fathers, nurturing, and supporting. We have that. But that’s the America that a lot of people don’t know exists, and they don’t know because they don’t want to see it.”

But American blindness had not dissuaded her, and when I asked about the path forward she spoke mostly (like the president she supports) of communal self-improvement. “We’ve become apathetic and comfortable, thinking we have arrived,” she said. “A lot of us know we have an African-American president, but they don’t know how he got there. They don’t know what our forefathers did to get him there. And you can’t fault our children. Shame on us, the parents. Shame on us.”

In this I heard the essential problem of 21st-century black philosophy. Black people are a minority in the country they built. The legacy of that building has remanded them to the basement of America. There are only two conscious ways to escape the basement: (1) Appeal to the magnanimity of white people. (2) Become super-human. The first option is degrading and demoralizing, in that concedes the possibility of not being human. Whatever can be said of the nonviolent protests of the ’60s, they rejected a right that Americans cherish in all their myths and histories: the right of self-defense. The appeal essentially says, “We will be human when you allow it.”

George Junius Stinney Jr.

by Lady2Soothe

George Stiney

George Junius Stinney Jr. (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944) was, at age 14, the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century. Stinney was arrested on suspicion of murdering two girls, Betty June Binnicker, age 11, and Mary Emma Thames, age 8, in Alcolu, located in Clarendon County, South Carolina, on March 23, 1944. No witnesses were called for the defense. The trial lasted two and a half hours. The jury took ten minutes to deliberate before it returned with a ‘guilty’ verdict.

The execution of George Stinney was carried out at the South Carolina State Penitentiary in Columbia, on June 16, 1944. At 7:30 p.m., Stinney walked to the execution chamber with a Bible under his arm, which he later used as a booster seat in the electric chair. Standing 5 foot 1 inch (155 cm) tall and weighing just over 90 pounds (40 kg) he was small for his age, which presented difficulties in securing him to the frame holding the electrodes. Nor did the state’s adult-sized face-mask fit him; as he was hit with the first 2,400 V surge of electricity, the mask covering his face slipped off, “revealing his wide-open, tearful eyes and saliva coming from his mouth”…After two more jolts of electricity, the boy was dead.” ]Stinney was declared dead within four minutes of the initial electrocution. From the time of the murders until Stinney’s execution, eighty-one days had passed.

New evidence: George Frierson stated in interviews that “…there has been a person that has been named as being the culprit, who is now deceased. And it was said by the family that there was a deathbed confession.” Frierson said that the rumored culprit came from a well-known, prominent white family. A member, or members of that family, had served on the initial coroner’s inquest jury which had recommended that Stinney be prosecuted.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Supporters of a 14-year-old black boy executed in 1944 for killing two white girls are asking a South Carolina judge to take the unheard-of move of granting him a new trial in hopes he will be cleared of the charges.

George Stinney was convicted on a shaky confession in a segregated society that wanted revenge for the beating deaths of two girls, ages 11 and 7, according to the lawsuit filed last month on Stinney’s behalf in Clarendon County.

The request for a new trial has an uphill climb. The judge may refuse to hear it at all, since the punishment was already carried out. Also, South Carolina has strict rules for introducing new evidence after a trial is complete, requiring the information to have been impossible to discover before the trial and likely to change the results, said Kenneth Gaines, a professor at the University of South Carolina’s law school.

“I think it’s a longshot, but I admire the lawyer for trying it,” Gaines said, adding that he’s not aware of any other executed inmates in the state being granted a new trial posthumously.

The request for a new trial is largely symbolic, but Stinney’s supporters say they would prefer exoneration to a pardon.

Stinney’s case intersects some long-running disputes in the American legal system — the death penalty and race. At 14, he’s the youngest person executed in the United States in past 100 years. He was electrocuted just 84 days after the girls were killed in March 1944.

The request for a new trial includes sworn statements from two of Stinney’s siblings who say he was with them the entire day the girls were killed. Notes from Stinney’s confession and most other information deputies and prosecutors used to convict Stinney in a one-day trial have disappeared along with any transcript of the proceedings. Only a few pages of cryptic, hand-written notes remain, according to the motion.

“Why was George Stinney electrocuted? The state can’t produce any paperwork to justify why he was,” said George Frierson, a local school board member who grew up in Stinney’s hometown hearing stories about the case and decided six years ago to start studying it and pushing for exoneration.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office will likely argue the other side of the case before the Clarendon County judge. A spokesman said their lawyers had not seen the motion and do not comment on pending cases. A date for a hearing on the matter has not been set.

The girls were last seen looking for wildflowers in the tiny, racially-divided mill town of Alcolu about 50 miles southeast of Columbia. Stinney’s sister, who was 7 at the time, said in her new affidavit that she and her brother were letting their cow graze when the girls asked them where they could find flowers called maypops. The sister, Amie Ruffner, said her brother told them he didn’t know and the girls left.

“It was strange to see them in our area, because white people stayed on their side of Alcolu and we knew our place,” Ruffner wrote.

The girls never came home and hundreds of people searched for them through the night. They were found the next morning in a water-filled ditch, their heads beaten with a hard object, likely a railroad spike.

Deputies got a tip the girls had been seen talking to Stinney. They came to Stinney’s home and took him away. His family wouldn’t see the boy again until after his trial. Newspaper accounts suggested a lynch mob was nearly formed to attack the teen in jail.

Stinney’s dad worked for the major mill in town and lived in a company house. He was ordered to leave after his son was arrested, said Stinney’s brother Charles Stinney, who was 12 when his older brother was arrested. Charles Stinney’s statement explains why the family didn’t speak to authorities at the time.

“George’s conviction and execution was something my family believed could happen to any of us in the family. Therefore, we made a decision for the safety of the family to leave it be,” Charles Stinney wrote in his sworn statement.

Charles Stinney said he remembered the events vividly because “for my family, Friday, March 24, 1944, and the events that followed were our personal 9/11.”

Both statements were made in 2009. Lawyer Steve McKenzie said he planned to file the request for a new trial then, but heard from a man in Tennessee who claimed his grandfather was with George Stinney the day of the killings. McKenzie thought the information from someone not related to Stinney would be especially powerful, but the person suddenly stopped cooperating after stringing the lawyers along for years.

The request for a new trial points out that at 95 pounds, Stinney likely couldn’t have killed the girls and dragged them to the ditch.

The motion also hints at community rumors of a deathbed confession from a white man several years ago and the possibility Stinney either confessed because his family was threatened or he was given ice cream. But the court papers provide little information and the lawyers also wouldn’t elaborate.

At 14, Stinney was the youngest person executed in this country in the past 100 years, according to statistics gathered by the Death Penalty Information Center.

Newspaper stories from his execution had witnesses saying the straps to keep him in the electric chair didn’t fit around his small frame and an electrode was too big for his leg.

Executing teens wasn’t uncommon at that time. Florida put a 16-year-old boy to death for rape in 1944 and Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio and Texas executed 17-year-olds that year.

Lawyers also filed a request for to pardon Stinney before the state Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services in case the new trial is not granted.

There is precedent for that. In 2009, two great-uncles of syndicated radio host Tom Joyner were pardoned by the board nearly 100 years after they were sent to the electric chair in the death of a Confederate Army veteran. Joyner’s lawyers showed evidence the men were framed by a small-time criminal who took a plea deal that saved his life and testified against them.

But Frierson said a pardon would be little comfort to him in the Stinney case. “The first step in a pardon is to admit you are wrong and ask for forgiveness. This boy did nothing wrong,” Frierson said.

Walking While Ethnic



Systemic racial profiling and nationwide police violence threaten the lives of Ethnic Americans — youth and adults — EVERY day.

Abuse against all people(s) regardless of race, color, national origin, homeless, religion, age, sexual orientation or manner of clothing is becoming abundantly rampant. Discriminatory racial profiling by police is nothing new and is huge in law enforcement, risking the lives of many innocent people.

RACIAL and ETHNIC PROFILING: The term racial profiling refers to the practice. Whereby law-enforcement, intelligence, or homeland security personal factor the race or ethnic characteristics of any given *suspect* into their respective decision making process. This practice became particularly controversial toward the end of the 20th century when civil rights leaders charges that profiling was rooted in racism and the targeting, disproportionately and unjustly of Blacks and other non-white minorities.

1. Discrimination based on stereotypes
2. The concept of racial profiling has been defined in many ways, including:
3. Any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual or information that leads the police to a particular individual who has been identified as being, or having been, engaged in criminal activity.”
4. Racially-biased policing occurs when law enforcement inappropriately considers race or ethnicity in deciding with whom and how to intervene in an enforcement capacity.”
5. Using race as a key factor in deciding whether to make a Traffic Stop or Stop and Frisk Policy.
6. It appears at least two clearly distinguishable definitions of the term ‘racial profiling’: a narrow definition and a broad definition… Under the narrow definition, racial profiling occurs when a police officer stops, questions, arrests, and/or searches someone solely on the basis of the person’s race or ethnicity… Under the broader definition, racial profiling occurs whenever police routinely use race as a factor that, along with an accumulation of other factors, causes an officer to react with suspicion and take action

History: The existence of racial profiling dates back to slavery. In 1693, Philadelphia’s court officials gave police legal authority to stop and detain any Negro (freed or slaved) seen wandering around on the streets. This discriminatory practice continued through the Jim Crow era and now in the twenty-first century, racial profiling is prevalent across cities in the U.S.

One of the core principles of the Fourth Amendment is that the police cannot stop and detain an individual without some reason – probable cause, or at least reasonable suspicion – to believe that he or she is involved in criminal activity. But recent Supreme Court decisions allow the police to use traffic stops as a pretext in order to “fish” for evidence. Both anecdotal and quantitative data show that nationwide, the police exercise this discretionary power primarily against African Americans and Latinos.

In a scene of the movie Men In Black II: Agent J. shows an auto-driving car to Agent K. The auto-piloted car has a driver-shaped airbag which can be deployed with the press of a button on the steering wheel. The fake driver is Caucasian, with a black suit, white shirt and black tie. The dialog:

Agent K: Does that come standard? [pointing to the driver-shaped airbag]
Agent J: Actually it came with a black dude, but he kept getting pulled over.

FOURTH AMENDMENT – SEARCH and SEIZURE – U.S. CONSTITUTION: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The Constitution, through the Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Fourth Amendment, however, is not a guarantee against all searches and seizures, but only those that are deemed unreasonable under the law. Whether a particular type of search is considered reasonable in the eyes of the law, is determined by balancing two important interests. On one side of the scale is the intrusion on an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights. On the other side of the scale are legitimate government interests, such as public safety.The extent to which an individual is protected by the Fourth Amendment depends, in part, on the location of the search or seizure.

PROBABLE CAUSE: The standards of probable cause differ for an arrest and a search. The government has a probable cause to make an arrest when “the facts and circumstances within their knowledge and of which they had reasonably trustworthy information” would lead a prudent person to believe that the arrested person had committed or was committing a crime. Probable cause to arrest must exist before the arrest is made. Evidence obtained after the arrest may not apply retroactively to justify the arrest. When police conduct a search, the amendment requires that the warrant establish probable cause to believe that the search will uncover criminal activity or contraband. They must have legally sufficient reasons to believe a search is necessary.


When an officer observes unusual conduct which leads him reasonably to conclude that criminal activity may be afoot, the officer may briefly stop the suspicious person and make reasonable inquiries aimed at confirming or dispelling the officer’s suspicions.


1. Where there is probable cause to believe that a vehicle contains evidence of a criminal activity, an officer may lawfully search any area of the vehicle in which the evidence might be found.
2. An officer may conduct a traffic stop if he has reasonable suspicion that a traffic violation has occurred or that criminal activity is afoot.
3. An officer may conduct a pat-down of the driver and passengers during a lawful traffic stop; the police need not believe that any occupant of the vehicle is involved in a criminal activity.
4. The use of a narcotics detection dog to walk around the exterior of a car subject to a valid traffic stop does not require reasonable, explainable suspicion.
5. Special law enforcement concerns will sometimes justify highway stops without any individualized suspicion.
6. An officer at an international border may conduct routine stops and searches.
7. A state may use highway sobriety checkpoints for the purpose of combating drunk driving.
8. A state may set up highway checkpoints where the stops are brief and seek voluntary cooperation in the investigation of a recent crime that has occurred on that highway.
9. However, a state may not use a highway checkpoint program whose primary purpose is the discovery and interdiction of illegal narcotics.

My definition of Unarmed
Please keep in mind I am only able to research and write bio’s on 5-7 victims per day. Each bio is verified through multiple sources, photos are retrieved, copied, cropped. Each bio is written and condensed close as possible to a single paragraph, many have links to READ MORE. Each name, age, state and ethnicity are entered into 3 data bases and then, after all pertinent information has been gathered I individually post to the website. Therefore each bio takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

I repeat, it is at my discretion as to what I consider as being unarmed. If the person has a weapon but is unable to use it because it’s under a seat, knocked to the side, fallen to the ground, in someone else’s possession etc. I consider that person unarmed. If someone is shot in the back, I consider that person unarmed. If the person is mentally ill and can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed. If ANYONE can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed.

There is no reason, in my opinion to shoot someone when police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them.

However, if someone is shooting, holding a weapon or hurting someone (including an officer) and there is absolutely no other way to control them, I consider that person armed. Mind you, I credit witness statements far above police reports.

I DO NOT believe Law Enforcement reports. Lies the police tell that are so familiar anyone can recite them: “Reached for waist band”; “Pointed hand at police in a threatening manner.” “Backed the car toward officers” “Lunged at me” “Had a black object in hand” “Tried to grab gun” “Officers of the Un-Peace” or “Un-Peace Officers” Campaigns were formed against the “Blue Code” supposedly making it more visible to the public eye have taken place but all they seem to be doing is allowing the police to police the police and the police. Police are liars, period. So please don’t think I would even consider relying on their statements. The code of Blue Silence is too real to be ignored, and has been proven over and over again to be the real badge of the law.

As for Grand Juries they’ve been bought and paid for in more cases than can be counted. There is something fundamentally unfair about a grand jury system which doesn’t reflect the racial, political and ethnic diversity of the community it serves and the people it indicts.

Excerpts from:
US Constitution
Racial and Ethnic Profiling
Wikipedia- Driving While Black
Wikipedia – Racial Profiling

Bullet Proof Love by Lloyd T. Pate


“Hey, somebody stop him!” yelled a civilian involved in the accident. Caine broke into a sprint and like the classic video game Frogger he darted across traffic on Academy Boulevard. As he maneuvered through parked cars in a shopping center, other civilians he passed appeared bewildered and alarmed but Caine was more scared and confused than them all. After zig-zagging across another street, he sprinted through an undeveloped space, half the size of a foot-ball field. In some places, the weeds and wild grains climbed to his waist. He heard approaching police sirens and crouched down, becoming swallowed within them. It was slightly cool in the near-summer weather and with his body clammy and wound up from the adrenalin flowing in his blood-stream, the slightest breeze nipped at his skin.

He sat motionless for a moment and collected his breathing as he stared up at a billboard fifteen feet away from him. It advertised selling the unused plot of land he was taking refuge in. A faint light reflected off of the board and his attention turned back to the shopping center. There were several figures with flashlights looking around and underneath parked cars for him. Two began to cross the street and search the field he was in. Although there was a lengthy gap between Caine and his pursuers, he resumed in eluding his captors.

Reaching the opposite end of the field and crossing the street, he could hear distant yells behind him. He was confident his dark apparel would aid him in his escape as he entered a residential neighborhood. The gray and black Nike pullover and black bandana tied on his head helped envelope him amongst the trees, cars, homes, and pockets of darkness. To remain a step ahead of the law-abiding citizens and police who hunted him like game, he sprinted through streets and every block or two, cut a corner and hopped fences of private homes. He had some trouble over them because in his left hand he carried a bottle of alcohol. When vehicles drove by, he hid on the sides of homes and briefly paused only when he was concealed sufficiently.

In the distance, he could hear additional sirens and assumed it was an ambulance for his Comrade he was forced to leave behind. He jumped one last fence in another backyard and entered an irrigation ditch. He trotted about a half –mile in it before he felt comfortable to stop and catch his breath. He stood there trying to convince himself he was dreaming but he knew he could only bring himself to believe that for a few more seconds before he started moving again. The reality of the situation began to settle in his mind and he started to sob quietly.

He felt helpless; he didn’t know what to do and had no idea how he was going to explain what he had done to the Comrades who would demand answers. There was no way Caine would be able to explain the condition his Homie Bigg Mac was in when he was forced to flee. He wiped the tears from his face and stared up at the night sky for answers that would never come. Returning his gaze downward, he stared at the bottle in his left hand and examined it. It was a half-gallon bottle of Bumpy Face gin that was unopened and as he turned it in his hand, the moonlight gave the liquid a polished, pearly look. In a flash, the distress he felt turned to pure rage. He lifted the bottle over his head and with all of his strength, smashed it against the incline of the ditch.

The gin and shards of glass descended the embankment and a puddle formed around Caine’s tennis shoes. His eyes began to swell with tears once more as he stared down at it. Not far away, he could make out the buzzing sound of a helicopter and knew the police department had dispatched their ghetto-bird to locate him. He quickly gathered himself and with a thickness in his voice said, “I fucked up, Bigg Mac. I hope that at least you forgive me ‘cause I know the Homies won’t.”

The sound of the helicopter grew and when he searched the sky for it, it was still out of sight. “It’s in our nature to destroy ourselves,” Caine whispered, “even if it is by accident.” He rubbed the tears from his eyes and resumed in his escape back to the Block. Click here to keep reading

Barnes and Nobel http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/bullet-proof-love-lloyd-pate-ii/1119976496?ean=9781499044225

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/

Xlibris http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-000927347/BulletProof-Love.aspx

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=HBQcBAAAQBAJ

Danny Bamba: This book is real and from the heart Don’t let this pass you by, let it captivate you, its a must read!

Janeen Cameron: You are awesome! I left the copy for Rev and bought my own. Can’t wait to read it. You need to Like Open Door so i can tag you. FRIENDS – eye opener on the realities of gang life. Order at xlibris.com

Kristeen Hernandez: Wonderfully written by a talented author new to the book scene but not new to the game. It’s a story of love and loyalty reaching far beyond the boundaries of the block. You’ll discover remarkable characters, romance, action, excitement and a surprise ending.

We are Indigenous

Thank you to Rudy TwoMoon
RudyDeuceTruth questions “before I was me” and journeys through DNA and our shared humanity. 
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon

The so called illegals have more rights to this land than many of the occupiers of today. … We are Indigenous….. The border crossed us, not the other way around.


Before California became a state, we people were called Indians, then after it became the property of the US, the people were called Mexican. I’m Yaqui, Mescalero, Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, Scottish and Basque . I may also carry African blood. I have ancestors on both sides of this invisible line. We traveled all the way up to Canada down to deep Mexico. Half of us got stuck wherever we were when that line was drawn. Some of my lineage fought with Poncho Villa and some fought against. I am history. I carry the stories in my DNA. I am from all over this great planet. Like everyone, I am the ancients.

Before I was me, I lived with lions and danced their songs. I was captured and shipped from Africa as a slave. Was bred with the Spanish and natives into a culture now called illegal….. And before I was me, I walked these sacred lands right here with the mammoth and traded sacred foods and medicines. Before I was me, I traveled on great ships great distances, fought against the British crown and danced my pagan ritual. Before I was me, I traveled from Basque to the Mexico pyramids and met the other parts of me. At some point generations later, we became what I am today.

I am a human, a creature from the stars. I contain the sun. I am the water. I am mud. My movements tell the ancient tale of my existence. My stillness echoes it. My children contain the secrets of their mothers journey of then and now. Our children are our ancestors….

Mauricio Heinemann Vise & Deputy Consul Texas and Chihuahua Mexico Feb. 26, 1900

1910 Los Angeles US Census

Heinemann25-002 Mauricio Heinemann (May 4, 1830 in Dessau, Germany to Mar. 26, 1912 Los Angeles)

Mauricio Heinemann & Josepha Irigoyen Heinemann

Heinemann Family Chihuahua, Mexico circa 1890’s

Mauricio Heinemann (May. 4, 1830 Germany – Mar. 26, 1912
Los Angeles) with medals from General Hildago

Salvador Heinemann (oldest son) (Nov. 17, 1891 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1943 Los Angeles)

Josepha Irigoyen (Mar. 19, 1862 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1919 Los Angeles) California/Mexico Border approximately 1914

California/Mexico Border approximately 1914

Josepha Irigoyen-Heinemann and Susana Heinemann-Senz (2nd oldest daughter)

Theresa Heinemann (Sep. 16, 1898 Chihuahua, Mexico – Jul. 25, 1963 Los Angeles)
Amelia Heinemann (Oct. 10, 1896 Chihuahua, Mexico – 1920 Los Angeles)

Amelia (10-10-1898 to 1920)
Susana (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1963)
Theresa (9-16-1989 to 9-25-1961)

Susana Heinemann (Jan. 1, 1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to April 21, 1961 Los Angeles)

Robert “Chito” Serrano (10-12-1912 Los Angeles)
Martha Hortensia Estrada (February 18, 1914 Los Angeles)
Josephine Heinemann Serrano-Cordoni-Paprone-Estrada (Mar. 19, 1887 Chihuahua, Mexico to Oct. 27, 1974 ) Los Angeles
Theresa Cornelia Heinemann-Withered-Seymore 9-16-1989 to 9-25-1961)
Don Seymore

Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to 4-21-1961)

Charles Senz (Mar. 8, 1892 Los Angeles to Aug. 27, 1957
Los Angeles)
Wife Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 Chihuahua, Mexico to 4-21-1961)

Charles Arthur Bernhard Senz (Mar. 8, 1892 Los Angeles to Aug. 27, 1957
Los Angeles

Charles Arthur Bernhard Senz in the middle as the Neighborhood Air Raid Warden

Russell (Police Officer Hollenbeck Division Los Angeles)
John Heinemann (December 27, 1893 Chihuahua, Mexico to April 15, 1951 Los Angeles
Chester or Oliver
Martha Estrada

Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)

Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)
Susana Heinemann-Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)

<a href=”https://whatzenalotionbar.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/heinemann110-001.jpg”&gt;Heinemann110-001
Tom Thumb Wedding
Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)

Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec (8-5-1932 Los Angeles to 9-27-2007 Colorado Springs, CO)

Susana Senz (1-1-1889 to 4-21-1961)
Flora Mae Senz (8-5-1932 to 9-27-2007)

Kristeen 785-002
Lisanne Marie Craig-McNew
Flora Mae Senz-Craig-LaBrec
Kristeen Terese Craig -Hernandez
Victoria Lee Craig Shepherd-Wright
Rudy’s sister does not wish her name publicized
Kim Lorrayne Craig-Barker-Hikiji

Rudy & Kris 2006-001
Rudy TwoMoon
Kristeen Hernandez

Read more about: Rudy TwoMoon in an interview used by permission from Mad World Radio

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Black Drawing Salve Organic 100% Natural

Black Drawing Salve

Black salve, a must have for your survival and first aid kit!

What Zen a Lotion Bar’s combination of Organic charcoal, clay, medicinal herbs and essential oils are what make this all-natural homeopathic Black Drawing Salve is a must go to for minor skin irritations by quickly relieving discomfort and expedite the curative process. The absorbent qualities of ingredients aid in drawing foreign objects like splinters, blemish’s and venom from insect bites and stings from beneath the skin while providing relief for superficial cuts, scratches and wounds by drawing irritants from the skin.

What Zen a Lotion Bar’s Drawing Salve features an all-natural formula designed to provide restorative results without leaving a stain on the skin and each tin last almost indefinitely.

To use, clean the area well and pat dry. Apply a generous amount of salve and cover with gauze or a bandage. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Repeat as needed until the splinter or other item can be removed.

What Zen a Lotion Bar Black Salve comes in a personal tin which is an ideal travel companion because it’s perfectly suited to meet flight regulation standards and fits comfortably into your luggage, purse, backpack or pocket.

Black Drawing Salve 2
Ingredients: Chamomile*Lavender*Plantain Leaf*Kaolin clay*Activated Charcoal* Manuka Honey*Tea Tree* Eucalyptus* Sunflower*Calendula* Kukui Nut*Aloe*Grapeseed*Shea*Sweet Almond* *Avocado*Coconut* Olive* Jojoba* Bees Wax*Hazelnut*Macadamia Nut*Vitamin E* Lemon*Perilla*Arnica*Neem

Want to know more about What Zen a Lotion Bar, and what these wonderful oils and butters can do for your skin

Disclaimer: This salve is a wonderful natural remedy but it is not a replacement for medical care when needed. Consult a doctor before using if you have any health conditions or concerns. All products and descriptions, on What Zen a Lotion Bar Etsy store and web-site have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness and is by no means to be considered a medical treatment. We do not recommend, treat, cure, or diagnose and the statements and products shown have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended as a replacement for traditional medicine and in the event of complications please consult a professional Naturopath, Herbalist, or Medical advisor. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified physician.

If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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