The Destructive Force Of Fear: How To Eliminate It

Thank you Dr. Julie TwoMoon

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Fear is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Its impact overshadows significant attempts at peace and equanimity, driving our life force down, virtually eliminating our capacity for creative thought and keeps healing and transformation at arms length. One would think that in a “civilized” society cause for fear would be minimal as we don’t have to run from a lion, or bear, but fear is in fact posing what may be the most significant challenge our human life has ever faced.

Sources of fear within our modern world appear to be nearly limitless:

Political elections
Border issues
Financial security
Climate change

Unlike running from a bear or lion, which cause momentary fear followed by release and relaxation. These “issues” are spoken of in such a way that the heightened state of arousal never ends. This is extremely detrimental to our physical body as fear, anxiety, and terror set off a biological chain of events in which our bodies shut down “unnecessary” functions (digestion) in order to divert energy to more necessary functions (eyesight, heart function and lungs) so we will be prepared to respond to the perceived threat. Of course, when watching the news, there is no threat to respond to but the body does these things anyway. The next impact is that under a borage of chemical messengers, fear prompts our brain to work differently causing normally rational thoughts to be silenced as the arousal state continues. In this state, all incoming information gets categorized as negative and stored that way. Consequently, over extended periods of time, fear morphs our view of the world, our family, and our neighborhoods, causing us to view much of what surrounds us as being negative.

These effects are impactful enough, but fear’s effects don’t end there. If the state of arousal is continued over long periods of time, not only do our thoughts change, but so does our actual physiology. Ongoing fear over taxes our stress response system (adrenal glands) causing them to work overtime with very little rest. The impact of this can be fatigue, insomnia, depression, panic, low immune function, and infection. As the adrenals get ramped up over and over, it becomes harder to settle our brain which we often experience as constant chatter even when we are still or silent. Which means we find it harder to access states of being which can in fact negate fear and allow the body to heal such as meditation.

Fear has another effect, which I think lies at the heart of its most significant impact, which is evidenced in our DNA. Under the effects of fear, our DNA becomes unbundled. What this means is, it takes on a shape which is not conducive to its most effective function. If we stay in this state, on a physical level, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to produce proteins, new cells, hormones, and essential chemicals. DNA however, is much more than a chemical messenger, it is an interface between the source field or creating power of the universe and our physical self. DNA acts as a transmitter, generating the expression of physical reality which we live in, a process which Rupert Sheldrake called Morphic Resonance.

As a transmitter between the field which generates all life and our physical form, DNA is our physical interaction with our spiritual nourishment. Consequently, under the effects of chronic fear, this connection is hindered, in effect cutting us off from God. Chronic fear places us in a position where we become physically and spiritually cut off from higher level thinking which if accessed could in fact lead us out of the very fear we are stuck in.

Consequently, fear represents the most significant detrimental force on the planet, but luckily it is also one of the weakest. Fear is a low level emotion, which requires a great deal of sensationalism to be supported. If we disengage from the sources which feed us this information, the effects are almost immediately minimized. If we then use the time previously spent ingesting the myriad of media and social sources distributing fear practicing meditation, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or even just walking outside we further limit its effect, rendering it weakened and subdued. If we then go one step further and rescind our participation in the culture of fear, and I mean audibly vocalize: “I no longer give you permission to make me fearful, my emotions are my own, I will not allow them to be controlled” we remove ourselves even further. Finally, if we engage in compassionate love based thoughts, intentionally attaching those thoughts to everyone in our lives, to our every day actions, our drive to work, our trip to the grocery store, the doctors office, the post office, and to our meal times, fear looses its grip on our lives.

Fear only works when we forget just how powerful we really are. It cannot grab hold in our lives when we have rescinded our permission, elevated our thinking and consciously brought love and compassion into the forefront of our awareness. Furthermore it is from these higher level states of being where we can collectively and constructively find solutions to the issues which present and therefore transform not only our own reality but that of the entire planet, subduing fear once and for all.

Dr. JulieMany tools and techniques can help our bodies and spirits eliminate Fear. To learn how to use Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Meditation and Vibration to assist your body in eliminating fear, email: or call 734-414-7669!


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