Trayvon Martin

Trayvon MartinTrayvon Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012) On the night of February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch coordinator for the Retreat at Twin Lakes where Trayvon Martin was living, profiled, followed, confronted, aimed a gun at, and pulled the trigger shooting a bullet into unarmed Trayvon’s Martin’s torso creating an entry wound 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/2 inch below the left nipple with the trajectory of the bullet going straight through from front to back without deviating up or down or left or right.

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Trayvon Collage
Zimmerman’s Unedited “911” Call


Lab and Toxicology Report (May 17 2012 Page 115 – 122)

Volusia Autopsy Report

Library: Trayvon Martin Case Documents

Intermediate Range: The Forensic Evidence in the Killing of Trayvon Martin Book or Kindle

DNA Report does NOT support Zimmerman’s claim Trayvon caused his injuries

Florida’s Sunshine Law allows Search for records: Click on “All case records

DNA Report does NOT support Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin caused his injuries

Zimmerman Singleton interview Transcript

Complete Transcript, Singleton Interview, 1st Tape 2/26/2012

Complete Transcript, Singleton Interview, 2nd Tape 2/26/2012

Complete Transcript, Serino Interview 2/27/2012

Complete Transcript, Serino Interview 2/29/2012, Tape 1

Complete Transcript, Serino Interview 2/29/2012, Tape 2

Complete Transcript, Serino Interview, 2/29/2012 Tape 3

AutopsyMaster List of Logical Falacies

Consequences of Arrest on Concealed Weapon or Firearm License

Police found shooter’s account to be ‘inconsistent’ (6-26-12)

Attorney Sonner Press Conference re: not meeting GZ or Dad

White Supremists hacked Trayvon’s Facebook

When in doubt smear the dead kid

Jeb Bush Backs Zimmerman Arrest in Killing

May 14, 2012 Protective Order

Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutor Threatening to Sue Harvard for My Criticism

Leatherman on forensics

Trayvon’s Step-mom (Alicia Martin)

Screwdriver Jewelry

Trayvon’s Parents & Lawyer Crump Complain About Zimmerman Facebook & school Records Request

Trayvon Martin and “Dee-Dee” text and phone record

Kevin P O’Rourke License Number EMT 303736 (45% blood covering GZ)

Omara “excuse me while i go barf up all of my dinner” Orlando Sentinel 9-30-12,0,4113638.story?page=2

State’s Response to Defendant’s Notice of Production (9-18-12)’s%20Response%20to%20Defendant’s%20Notice%20of%20Production.pdf

Trayvon’s headstone LowwKeyy Kira

Sanford Police Department gets re-accredited

Jeralyn No Gag Order in George Zimmerman Case 10-30-12

Police Tactic’s for Wrist Pinning or take-down technique

Will Trace Evidence Prove A Take-Down?

Tracy Martin’s brother’s wife, Miriam Martin – USA Today Trayvon: Typical Teen or Troublemaker.
Response to the above article

Stately McDaniel Manor

Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice Tray no juvenile Record

Is or is not Trayvon’s phone exhibit 7 (Was it OdessaGirl phone?) Author of Article DiwataManfriend of GZ)

Tampa Bay Article on the Retreat at Twin Lakes

Austin age 13 Witness 14 statement

Wendy Dorival (Volunteer Program Coordinator – Sanford Police Department)

‘Probable cause’ in Trayvon Martin case? Retired police officer Lou Palumbo details evidence

Do Neighborhood Watch’s have Power?

Discovery Documents

Pursuing The Truth – More FOIA Requests Submitted

Similar Stand Your Ground (SYG) Case John Orr

Witness 18, The Statement Of A Teacher

FBI 911 VOICE Analysis Report – May 17, 2012

Before the world heard Trayvon’s cries – Tracy Martin 911 RECORDING -Mayor Triplett crying

Witness #18’s 911 call from the 03:10 mark

Governor’s Executive Order extended Corey’s special appointment to GZ’s case for another year.

Corey’s appointment of Assistant SA’s and Investigators

Cornell Law School Rule 404. Character Evidence; Crimes or Other Acts

Trayvon’s Phone/unlocking/Pin code/password 11-27-12

FDLE reports. See page 18 for info on trigger pull test.

FBI Interview Chris Serino (Conservative Treehouse) 4-5-12

Orlando Sentinel O’Mara ask for delay request and other pending motion on Tuesday (1-30-13),0,6223495.story

FDLE Stop order for Drivers License/SS card/Contact Family/Social media/personal info of witnesses

O’mara’s continuance request 1-31-13

BDLR ie: Bernie de la Rionda response 1-31-13

Crump Afidavit Jeralyn’s Talk Left (2-5-13)

Crime Scene Photos 2-26-12

Reciprocal discovery on the Jan. 18th…just to claim on Feb.9th

Omara Motion for Trayvon’s voice audio/videos past 3 years (2-11-13)

Attorneys for George Zimmerman depose Serino, lead SPD investigator in Trayvon Martin case,0,7234098.story

Motion Crump Blackwell Deposition Refusal Denying Motion to Compell 2-21-13

Motion for Production of Witness Crump Blackwell GZ Omara 2-21-13

Motion to depose Crump – DeeDee’s address 2-21-13 Video 7 parts

Trayvon’s brother Jahvaris Fulton speaks out to say the 17-year-old did not attack Zimmerman Mail-Online 4-14-12

18th Judicial Circuit Court FL Offical Website

PDF FBI Florida Court Demand for Specific Discovery re: 10-11-12 and 12-11-12 Supremacy Claus Production of Documents defense failed comply subpoena vacated (2-5-13) See GZ File for Orlando Sentinel breakdown’s%20Objection%20to%20Order%20on%20Amended%20Demand%20for%20Specific%20Discovery.pdf
• Video:,0,329769.story

Attorney Mike Papantonio video Trayvon Killer Should Be Charged With Premeditated Murder (1 yr ago 3-12-2012)

284 Evidence Dump Ex-Fiancée Witness Statement Supercuts Gun/Neighbor on bed baby/basketball/questioned police/dating website/dog/ring/cell phone/injunction/Mom white family/electricity/Robert Jr gay/drug/depression/road rage
(Pages 140-144)

284 Evidence Dump GZ MySpace (Pages 217-228)

284 Evidence Dump Emails Chief Lee & Wendy Dorival (Pages 229-237)

284 Evidence Dump Witness Statements 2-28-12 (Pages 126-139)

284 Evidence Dump FBI Serino (Pages 124-125)

284 Evidence Dump FBI Witness Statements (Pages 93-124)

284 Evidence Dump Police Statements/Reports (Pages 1-92)

• Cardboard and Bullshit, Part One – Misalignment
• Cardboard and Bullshit, Part Two – Misalignment
• Cardboard and Bullshit, Part Three – Misalignment
• Cardboard and Bullshit, Part Four – Misalignment

O’mara deposes 13-year-old (Witness 14) who heard screams, cries for help (3-1-13),0,4373484.story

O’Mara: I may not get FBI records before Zimmerman’s trial (3-1-13),0,5455294.story

Livestream for Zimmerman March 5, 2013 Hearing
O’Mara would not confirm if he is waiving Stand Your Ground hearing entirely. No hearing in April. (3-5-13

Letter from Seminole County Clerk of Court Maryanne Morse

DeeDee: State’s main witness in George Zimmerman murder case lied (3-6-13),0,129597.story

Omara files Motion Payment Attorney Fee’s Costs State Videotape DeeDee (3-26-13)

Judge Nelson Denying Motion March 4, 2013 O’Mara Reconsideration & Clairification Deposing Crump (3-28-13)
Motion to Reconsider is 68-pages of many hours of strenuous work. And Judge Nelson threw it out with no more than three sentences

Defendants Motion for Sanctions Against State Attorney Discovery Violations (3-26-13)

States Response Motion for Sanctions Against State Attorney Discovery Violations (3-25-13)

With Respect to the State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions Against State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations

Blackwell response to Crump deposition Reconsideration (3-26-13)

Florida Sunshine Law “Public Records Law.”

Crump Interview DeeDee Audio – CTH are jumping with joy for what they have seen as a double whammy, they believe it proves Crump coached DD and that DD lied!

Sanford City Hall tally: Trayvon Martin case has cost $603,000,0,2644229.story

Let Us Not Forget Kevin Cunningham, The Creator Of The Petition

Why I haven’t trusted Norm Wolfinger – long before Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Omara motion to unseal settlement Doc’s (4-12-11)

Crumps Motion deny confidentiality to seal doc’s Omara (4-12-13)

The visual Lie. Complete breakdown of GZ Videos

Reconsideration and Clairfication O’Mara /Judge Nelson/denying motion depose Crump/lying/John Guy/DeeDee/Hospital/Perjury/NBC/Preliminary Inquiry (58 Pages March 4, 2013)
• Page 4: Crump Statement DeeDee (W#8) interview

Appeals court considering whether Ben Crump must answer questions from Zimmerman’s lawyers (4-9-13),0,6494785.story

Zimmerman livestream Court 4-30-13

HLN live-blogged Zimmerman’s hearing 4-30-13

States Motion to Compel Shellie to testify at deposition

Pg 8 Trayvon’s Cousin Statement

State’s Witnesses List

Petition for Writ Certiorari by Omara asking to reverse lower courts order denying Crumps deposition (4-4-13)

State’s response to O’mara’s Writ of Certiorari (4-24-13)

Reply to State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions Against State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations

Trayvon picture Washington Post by Jonathan Capeheart 2-6-13

Pic of Trayvon just 9 days before his b-day with friends & family orange shirt

Did Trayvon Martin Call 911? 5 voices Evil Picture

Racism Playbook bad things said about the Martins by Socks

Blackbutterfly /Catholic/ Purgatory/Robert Jr/God/Insult/Letter to Martin’s/

Travon Target Officer Fired

Gun Rights and Mental Illness

Jeralyn Another online Attorney (TalkLeft)

Did Officer Smith file a false report ?

Law Enforcement Today very critical of Officer Timothy Smith’s reporting, and his supervisor’s accepting same

Debitor’s Prison

Matt Gutman ABC

Trayvon Martin did not die in vain By Roland Martin, CNN Contributor updated 6:21 PM EST, Mon February 25, 2013

Dershowitz Last year he felt there should be “no” charges and this year he is saying “wrong” charges (2-26-13)

Witness Interviews Talk Left

An Open Letter to Beth Kassab, Orlando Sentinel Reporter

Luciano March 17 Nightly News

Luciano March 19 Today Show

Al Sharpton, March 19 (Luciano also on show)

Pete Williams, March 19, NBC Nightly News

Luciano, March 20 Today Show

Luciano, March 21 Today Show

Luciano, March 22 Today Show

Ron Allen, March 27 Today Show

Baez Serino’s attorney weak case

Doth Protest Too

Sundance Cracker

Audio screaming help & gunshot & some witness’s (Lauer & fiancée)

Audio of George Zimmerman Criticizing Sanford Police in 2011

(AUDIO) GZ’s Cousin rape statement to SPD

GZ’s Audio Interview 2-26-12


Video George Zimmerman’s Interrogation Video After He Killed Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)


(VIDEO) Witness John Video/Audio claiming Trayvon was the aggressor (grip of gun)
TM’s DNA on gun Orlando Sentinel (9-19-12)

(VIDEO) Guardian Angeles Comment (Curtis Sliwa)

VIDEO George Zimmerman-Dear God, These Asshole Always Get Away. But NOT ON ME (Trent Sawyer) 5-14-13

(VIDEO/AUDIO) Paramedic # 1 Testimony Audio (Tony Rodriquez)

(VIDEO) Paramedic # 2 Testimony Audio (Female)

(VIDEO) Teeslaw – New Improved George Zimmerman Re-enactment vs. The World

(VIDEO) Paramedic # 3 Testimony Audio (Kevin O’Rourke 45% blood 10 min. 35 sec.) Wasn’t bleeding when we got there

(VIDEO) Zimmerman – Martin – Gag Order Hearing Oct 26, 2012 (1 hr. 12 min)

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman’s brother Robert media tour leads to Twitter tirade in Trayvon case

(VIDEO) Discovery: John’s Full Statement to the FDLE

(VIDEO) Initial Voice Stress Analysis’ (by syndicatednews) audio/video

(VIDEO) Did St. Skittles Have Friends At 7-11? (You Tube Video of TM outside 7-11 & 3 boys)

(VIDEO) (Beautiful Video) Justice for Trayvon (March 31,2012 … March for Trayvon)

(VIDEO) You Got A Problem Homie? (Audio by PD Interview cut with Dispatch call)

(VIDEO) You got a problem, Homie? (part 1):

(VIDEO) Point A to Point B (Part of the reconstruction Map; amount of time & distance 2-27-12)

(VIDEO) Four Questions (GZ got to the “T” almost a minute before Trayvon)

(VIDEO) Body Language Expert on Hannity Interview

(VIDEO) News Video & Transcript, Zimmerman reenacts shooting to police

(VIDEO) GZ in Police Station Video

REMASTERED GZ Audio Interview with Serino & female cop

(VIDEO) Zimmerman walks through fatal fight in new

(VIDEO) Sean Hannity Interview with GZ

(AUDIO) Family Friend Witness # 9 Interview

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman Caught Lying About Trayvon Martin Incident [FULL]

(VIDEO) Re-Creation by Mike McMahon X

(VIDEO) Another re-enactment video GZ’s bogus help help & Trayvon’s real screams (approx.. 22 min mark)

(VIDEO) Prosecutor Corey Announce Charges Against Zimmerman

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman-Dear God, These Asshole Always Get Away. But NOT ON ME (Trent Sawyer) 5-14-13

(VIDEO) GZ repeatedly caught in lies about following (Audio of lies of several lies)

(VIDEO) Axiomamnesia Interview and breakdown of Phone call

(VIDEO) Nancy Grace video interview Frank Taaffe 1 & 2

(VIDEO) Nancy Grace interview with Angela Corey State Prosecutor & Natalie Jackson(3-27-12 before GZ’s arrest)

(VIDEO) Mary Cutchers Full Statement

(VIDEO) DENIED 2-5-13 Zimmerman Hearing-Pt 1 (Trent Sawyer)

(VIDEO) DENIED 2-5-13 Zimmerman Hearing-Pt 2 (Trent Sawyer)

(VIDEO) DENIED 2-5-13 Zimmerman Hearing-Pt 3 (Trent Sawyer)

(VIDEO) DENIED 2-5-13 Zimmerman Hearing-Pt 4 (Trent Sawyer)

(VIDEO) DENIED 2-5-13 Zimmerman Hearing-Pt 5 (Trent Sawyer)

(VIDEO) (Sample) Crump Interview DeeDee (3-6-13)

(VIDEO) GZ waiving his right to pre-trial immunity hearing 4-30-13

(VIDEO) Trayvon Martin – Through His Parents’ Eyes (2-25-13)

(VIDEO) Crump O’Mara Parks Natalie Jackson Post-Hearing Press Conferences April 30th 2013

(VIDEO) Will O’Mara be Charged with Conspiracy / Attorney David Dunn/ (Professor Leatherman says no 3-21-13)

(VIDEO) Flashlight Window Clubhouse surveillance camera patrolling

(VIDEO) Point A to Point B (Part of the reconstruction Map; amount of time & distance 2-27-12)

(VIDEO) Trayvon’s voice a 7-11 (supposedly)

(VIDEO) The Murder Of Emmett Till (2003) (Documentary from American Experience)

What Would You Do? Bike Theft (White Guy, Black Guy, Pretty Girl)

EMS (2-26-12) MEDICAL REPORT On page 182 & 183 of May 17th Evidence Release


Medical records (Miami Herald) George Zimmerman had black eyes, painful broken nose but no head trauma

EVIDENCE LAB REPORT (March 8, 2012 … 32 pages)

Photos of GZ’s Injuries, Crime Scene, Gun, Hoodie etc

Bloody Zimmerman Photo And Bond Hearing Reveal Involvement Of Others

Photos of GZ’s Injuries, Crime Scene, Gun, Hoodie etc

Bloody Zimmerman Photo And Bond Hearing Reveal Involvement Of Others


GZ 911 call Audio (Mother Jones)
Enhanced Call

GZ 911 call Transcript (Mother Jones)

GZ’s Call Log to Dispatch & Audio of calls

Judge Orders release of jail calls, ‘Witness 9’ statement & Police Audio

GZ’s Phone records 2-26-13

Audio GZ’s Jail calls

State vs. Zimmerman: Jail call transcript 1-4a & 4b

Jail calls could be crucial on 2nd bond hearing June 18, 2012 1:54 PM

Audio: George Zimmerman calls controversial Pastor Terry Jones while in jail (1-4-13)


EMS (2-26-12) MEDICAL REPORT On page 182 & 183 of May 17th Evidence Release


Medical records (Miami Herald) George Zimmerman had black eyes, painful broken nose but no head trauma

EVIDENCE LAB REPORT (March 8, 2012 … 32 pages)

Photos of GZ’s Injuries, Crime Scene, Gun, Hoodie etc

Bloody Zimmerman Photo And Bond Hearing Reveal Involvement Of Others

Photos of GZ’s Injuries, Crime Scene, Gun, Hoodie etc

Bloody Zimmerman Photo And Bond Hearing Reveal Involvement Of Others


GZ PDF Doc Motion to Disqualify Judge Lester 7-13-12 (17 Pages)

State’s Response to Motion to Disqualify Judge (9 pages)

FBI Report GZ NOT Racist

Zimmerman team may seek delay of trial, indigence

GZ Interview by Officer:Sanford PD Florida Wed 2-29-2012 (43 min 38 sec)

GZ fired from his job as an under-the-table security guard

State v. Zimmerman: GPS Standard Release Conditions

GZ Police Stress Tests Results

GZ Pre-Trial Intake Sheet

GZ out on Bail again

Omara “We’re not trying to demonize Trayvon Martin” Aug 2011 pic Horse pic 8 days before death×9

Zimmerman Voice Stress Test Results

Case Doc’s Voice Stress – charge doc – arrest warrant – commissary – motions – shellie

George Zimmerman Wins Motion To Postpone His Case till Oct. 3, 2012

Tapes show Sanford Police grew skeptical of Zimmerman’s story

Judge Lester Recuses self. Off the case (8-29-12)
Lester is married Dorothy Sedgwick, a long-time homicide prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office in Orange County.

Judge Lester letter disqualifying himself

Zimmerman’s attorney wants more DNA testing done

Clueless Racists

Did GZ violated concealed gun permit? (4-5-12)

Mark Omara Law Firm Website

Did Trayvon call 911

Tracy Martin’s brother’s wife, Miriam Martin.

Before the world heard Trayvon’s cries – Tracy Martin 911 RECORDING -Mayor Triplett crying

Trayvon’s Phone/unlocking/Pin code/password 11-27-12

Video Trayvon Martin – Through His Parents’ Eyes (2-25-13)

Pic of Trayvon just a few weeks before his b-day with friends & family orange shirt”

Trayvon’s voice a 7-11 (supposedly)


284 Evidence Dump – Police Hand Drawn Map Where Everything is Distance from T to Evidence Piller a & B (Pages 145-146-147)

Witness Map & Timeline

INVESTIGATOR MAP of where TM was & evidence found

Map of distance from sidewalk to shooting

State of the Internet Map vs GZ & SZ

Map other apt. complex 3-31-13

Map with time stamps of call (use this map with NEN Call) (start at the 27.55 mark on the Stress audio/video)

Interactive Map

Evidence locations & maps (39.10 (head) ft 45.4 (feet) from Trayvon’s head to the Piller A or to the T 380.1 ft to Brandy Green’s))

Sling Trebuchet /Speculation/Quiz/Maps/Elephant/NEN call/SYG/Struggle/Retreat View/

(VIDEO) Point A to Point B (Part of the reconstruction Map; amount of time & distance 2-27-12)

Crime Mapping United States

Zimmerman Singleton interview Transcript

Voice Recognition Voice Forensics from the State Page 8 para 1”NOT GZ” Page 10 para 2 “70% TM YES” Nothing for sure

Expert’s view of a recorded 911 call–i-think-theyre-yelling-help/2012/05/19/gIQAKTEsbU_graphic.html

Motions Hearing witness’s/sanctions/anonymity/misconduct/Wesley White sexually harassed women incompetent lawyer. / 6-6-13

O’Mara’s Written Motion (res gestae) self-serving hearsay 6-21-13
“staggering, bleeding and breathing hard” cool, calm and collected

Transcript # 3 (2-29-12)
Minute by minute timeline View from LL2 Susan Simpson

Documents Lab Evidence Reports (184 Pages)

State wants answer from George Zimmerman on ‘stand your ground’ hearing Prosecutor asks judge to conduct “full inquiry” of Trayvon Martin’s shooter (4-24-13),0,1352305.story

Judge Nelson Hearing TM’s FB & Twitter Accounts Fri, 10-19-12


tchoupi imgur (O’Mara’s worst nightmare This engineer even tells you the direction that the wind would have been blowing in that nightmare). they have a special Trayvon Martin Page…..they have EVERYTHING……its all free, so don’t let the ‘donate’ button fool you

States Response to Defendants Motion to remove GPS Monitor (12-7-2012)

axiomamnesia’s They Always Get

States 17th Redacted Supplemental Discovery Wristlock Shellie Jr Phone Records Kokopelli’s Gym PD employment Denial

May 17 New Evidence Released

7-12-12 (Thurs) New Evidence Released 284 Pages Button pg 37

Motion to Modify Conditions of Release O’Mara 12-7-2012 also depo 11-19-12 Captain O’Connor, Santiago, ref. Smith, Lee, de la Rionda, Carter,

Judge’s Motion Denying Reconsideration of Release of Evidence (7-13-12)


Did Office Smith File a False Police Report?

City officials move Trayvon Martin curbside memorial items moved to museum

Does Zimmerman need private Security? Interview

New Evidence to be released Thurs. 7-12-12

Officer Christopher Serino transferred from investigative unit

Trayvon Martin family lawyer reacts to Zimmerman tape

Sanford, Fla., Police Chief Bill Lee fired

Florida jury 6 members not 12

The 2012 Florida Statutes CHAPTER 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE

*** Florida Court Media Advisories (Shows ALL PDF Motions to court)

Jury Instructions for Second Degree Murder and Self-defense

Officer Serino says he felt Pressured to make an arrested but he didn’t think he had enough evidence

What Everyone Should Know About Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)

The Ultimate Trayvon Martin Forum

Officer TimothySmith Claims he was forced to file charges against GZ

FLORIDA STAND YOUR GROUND (SYG) of-omission-conspiracy-perjury?utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Florida Court Rules$FILE/Judicial.pdf

Miami-Dade County School Board Handbook (77 pages)

Norman Wolfinger & Robert Zimmerman in Nam, Neighbors etc

Was Trayvon Martin Attempting to get Away when George Zimmerman killed Him?

Trayvon School marijuana suspension, NO criminal record

People Magazine DID NOT talk to Witness # 9 about selling her story

Second Trayvon Martin Twitter feed identified It’s already been proven to be a different Trayvon Martin. That TM went public several times and said “stop using my picture”.!!

2nd evidence dump (pdf file)

Good timeline of events


Order setting 1st Bail (8 Pages)

Officer’s Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon

Daryl Parks, Attorney For Marin’s Family, Talks George Zimmerman’s Interview With Hannity

Fla. ‘Stand Your Ground’ sponsor talks about Martin case (Video)

Can you make a citizen’s arrest? Yes, but be careful

Florida Rules of Judicial Administration

Trayvon Martin family’s HOA insurance claim lands in federal court

There Will Be A “Stand Your Ground” Hearing in the George Zimmerman Case

New Judge Debra Nelson (8-30-12)

Article re: Police video of Frank Taaffe friend, during DUI stop

Crime Scene Photos (92 pic’s)

183 Documment Pages SPD

Writ of Prohibiton filed by M’OM to get rid of Judge Lester (8-14-12)

Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach

Judge Debra S. Nelson Bio (8-31-12)

Enhanced phone call documents cannot be verifies if TM or GZ

National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) GZ was not a member

DeeDee’s Audio Transcript (4-2-12)


GZ Website

Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund Trust $ April 12, 2013 $14,458.63. Current liabilities exceed cash on hand by $10,000.

Zimmerman failed to Appear or pay Attorney in previous court case, fined $10,000

GZ Legal How the money has been spent

$300k Donations $5000 left AIS Lawsuit (1-29-13)

O’mara explaining why he’s asking for donations

The Real George Zimmerman Website

Barbara Walters Rejects George Zimmerman’s Interview Demands

Zimmerman spent $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills

Sean Hannity Offered To Pay George Zimmerman’s Legal Fees

Zimmerman failed to appear in previous court case, fined $10,000

Jail call says defense attorney knew about Zimmerman’s hidden money

The Real George Zimmerman Website Suing NBC

GZ vs NBC Suing NBC – (Website devoted to suing NBC 12-6-12)

George Zimmerman spent $36,000 on phones, Web, credit cards

AIS “Associated Investigative Services” Security Lawsuit against GZ non-payment Court Document (12-14-12)

O’Mara admits Hannity Interview to gain more funds only raised $1000 – $2000 (7-19-12)

Security firm sues Zimmerman, attorney over fees

Judge Lester’s ruling about 2nd BOND HEARING $1 MILLION

NBC files for stay of proceedings in GZ’s suit against them.


Insight Credit Union GZ & Shellie’s hidden Bank Account lied about 4-1-12 thru 4-30-12(Paypal Wendy’s Target Sam’s)

Insight bank satements payoff mom transfers sams’ club capital one AMX (34 pages)

Zimmerman’s mother-in-law charged with DUI in Volusia

GZ violence, parents removed him from deed, Shellie said he was violent

Shellie Zimmerman may have concealed weapons license suspended by State

PHOTOSHOPPED: Flickrphoto’s GZ’s Car before Shellie moved it????
Beginning of photo’s

Shellie’s Attorney

GZ urges Shellie to get bullet proof vests

Jail call #114 Shellie & GZ

Shellie charged with Perjury

Shellie Perjury Rescheduled to 2-19 Orlando Sentinel 1-23-13,0,2102641.story

Shellie Zimmerman Perjury court video 2-19-13

Transcript of the April bond hearing & Shellie lying perjuring


UNIVISION NEWS TRANSCRIPT “The Gladys and Robert Zimmerman Jr Show”

Purported Zimmerman family letter demands NAACP ‘call off the dogs’ (Tonnetta Foster sister of Sherman Ware)

George Zimmerman Family Friend Says He Molested Her For More Than A Decade witness 9

Robert Sr. Papa Zimmerman’s new book available now on Amazon-“Florida v Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of My Son George

Zimmerman’s mother would often talk about “marrying into white families in order to improve one’s status.”

Robert Zimmerman Jr. Talk Blog Radio Tue, January 15, 2013 08:00 Randy Hahn Agenda

Did George Zimmerman’s Judge Dad Help Him Get Out Of Arrest In The Murder Of Trayvon Martin And The Assault Of Others (3-27-12)


From the desk of RZ Jr (12-26-12)

George Zimmerman’s Brother Robert Pens/writes Letter To Martin Family

Robert Zimmerman GZ’s Brother Piers Morgan Interview March 29, 2012

Purported Zimmerman family letter demands NAACP ‘call off the dogs’ (Tonnetta Foster sister of Sherman Ware)

George Zimmerman’s Brother Robert Pens/writes Letter To Martin Family


Robert Jr (GZ brother) Racist Rants Twitter

Zimmerman’s site “Album” contains two photos/vandalize/burglary/ (4-12)

Robert & Gladys Zimmerman 2nd Begsite Parents Website

Zimmerman’s mother Gladys has penned an open letter (4-11-13)

Robert Jr, Arrest DUI (January 2009)

Banding Together for Peace” Robert Zimmerman (2-9-13)

Zimmerman Lawyer Calls Brother’s Racist Tirade ‘Inappropriate’ Robert Jr. (Daily Beast 3-27-13)

Zimmerman’s Parents Start Fund To Help Pay Bills

George Zimmerman’s Daddy Begs 4Money Online Mixing Lies & White Lies

Tweets from to GZ to sister?


Osterman’s Book entered into evidence 9-19-12 Dr. Phil – Sandra & Mark (Witness 26)’s%208th%20Supplemental%20Discovery.pdf

Osterman & Robert Jr.: Trayvon Martin grabbed his killer’s gun

Fox Interview With Mark Osterman Mark Osterman – WOFL TV (9-18-12)

Osterman Fired from Sheriff’s Dept.

Frank Taaffe Twitwe Racist Posts

GZ’s voicemail to Taaffe

Frank Taffee Arrested for DUI Friday July 28, 2012 (Police arrest video)

Frank Taaffe Statement/Interview CNN

AIR MARSHAL who GZ & SZ stayed with while out on bond

Zimmerman’s Best Friend Claims He Almost Died The Night He Killed Trayvon Martin (Dr. Phil 9-11-12)


Lake Mary cops: We’re not charging George Zimmerman with stealing from his mother-in-law October 23, 2013,0,2069517.story

Shellie Zimmerman and Kelly Sims on the Today Show (9-26-13)

ZIMMERMAN STOPPED AGAIN. MORE TO THIS STORY. EXCLUSIVE George Zimmerman Now Needs 2 New Attorneys (9-26-13)

Shellie Zimmerman Says He Has Changed Since Trial (9-26-13)

Kelly Sims Attorney for Shellie says he is missing. Shellie trying to serve him with divorce papers (9-23-13)

George Zimmerman is public-safety threat, Lake Mary police chief, Female companion in Zimmerman’s truck told police there were guns in the vehicle (9-18-13)

Dr. Shipping Bao Zimmerman trial medical examiner: Prosecutors, police threw the case (9-16-13)

Pdf Santiago Rodriquez email to Chief od Police RE: GZ not arrested (9-13-13)

Steve Bracknell, Lake Mary Police Chief, Walks Back George Zimmerman Comments (9-13-13)

Cops: No charges in Zimmerman dispute – yet (9-11-13)

Police Report GZ & SZ Dispute PDF (9-11-13)

Kelly Sims Attorney for Shellie He knew GZ wasn’t supposed to be there (9-11-13)

Shipping Bao ME for Trayvon fired (9-10-13)

Mark O’Mara: If George Zimmerman Were Black ‘He Never Would’ve Been Charged With A Crime’ 7-14-13

Robert Zimmerman Jr: ‘What Makes People Angry Enough To Attack The Way Trayvon Did? 7-14-13

Justice Department To Review George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Case 7-14-13

Florida Man Michael Dunn Shoots Black Teen To Death For Playing Music Too Loud, Pleads Not Guilty Citing the Zimmerman Law 7-14-13

Obama Won’t Press Justice Department On George Zimmerman Case: White House 7-15-13

George Zimmerman Trial Juror B37 Plans Book, Will Reveal Why Jury Had ‘No Option’ But To Rule ‘Not Guilty’

George Zimmerman’s parents release statement

Eric Holder Strongly Criticizes Stand Your Ground Laws, Opens Up About Trayvon Martin Case

Why Did They Let B-37 on the Zimmerman Jury?

Marine Watching Zimmerman Trial, Catches Officer Doris Singleton Wearing Ribbon Reserved For WWII Vets

Juror B37 Look who’s talking: Was there a mole on the Zimmerman jury? (7-17-13)

Hero George Zimmerman “SAVED” from a car in flames – or was it STAGED? 7/2413

Seminole County deputy Facebook comments draw criticism 7-25-13

Sanford mayor unhappy with Department of Justice over Zimmerman case email 7-18-13

B29′s attorney David M. Chico’s was a prosecutor in GZs 2005 assault case. The plot keeps thickening 7-27-13

B29′s attorney David M. Chico’s Facebook

“March for Dignity” Seeks Release of Marissa Alexander resignation of Angela Corey Jul 26, 2013

George Zimmerman grabs fire extinguisher, pulls family from overturned SUV (7-22-13)

Robert Zimmerman Jr, brother of acquitted killer George, says family get 400 death threats a minute (Aug, 4, 2013)

Robert Zimmerman, Jr Discusses Emotional Toll on Family (July 31, 2013)

Frank Taaffe Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past (Aug. 8, 2013)

Family Helped After Car Crash by George Zimmerman Doesn’t Want to Be Associated With Him (June 24, 2013)

Shellie’s Letter of Apology to Judge Lester and Court Pdf (8-30-13)

Shellie Zimmerman Plea Deal Pdf(8-28-13)


Shellie files for divorce (9-5-13),0,5450808.story

This is what GZ should have looked like: Would-Be-Robbers, Pummeled By Victims (9-4-13)

George and Shellie Zimmerman’s house: A $240,000 showplace with a pool, spa and fireplace. It is the house where police took Zimmerman into custody today after a possible domestic altercation (9-9-13),0,1471535.story

Police Chief Says I Wouldn’t Want to Be His Neighbor (9-9-13)

Transcript of Shellie Zimmerman’s 911 Call (9-9-13)

VIDEO’S and AUDIO’S after Verdict

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman pulled over again on Aug.19, 2013 (9-26-13)

(VIDEO) Attorney for Trayvon Martin medical examiner preparing $100M lawsuit (9-10-13)

(VIDEO) Lake Mary police release video in George Zimmerman domestic violence incident. Video to help determine if charges will be filed against George, Shellie Zimmerman (9-10-13)

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman Loses Lawyer as Cops Seek Fight Video (Monday 9-9-13)

(VIDEO) O’Mara Anderson Cooper GZ had gun (Monday 9-9-13)

(VIDEO) Police Called on George Zimmerman (Monday 9-9-13) (That’s not Shellie)

(AUDIO) Shellie says George Zimmerman threatened (Monday 9-9-13)

(VIDEO) Shellie Zimmerman, Says GZ is ‘Selfish’ Divorce/Insurance/broken glass/verbally abusive /reckless decisions invincible (9-6-13)

(VIDEO) Jose V-quez: George was not alone – Jeremy “He told me he’s shoot him” Gimme your light”(8-24-13)

(VIDEO) Rachel “DeeDee” Jeantel Prime Time Interview Piers Morgan 7-15-2013

(VIDEO) Angela Corey and BLDR After Verdict Interview 7-15-13

(VIDEO) Rachel Jeantel: Rush Limbaugh’s Use Of ‘N—a’ Sounded Racist

(VIDEO) Trayvon Martin Parents, Sybrina Fulton And Tracy Martin, Speak Out For First Time Since Zimmerman Verdict

(VIDEO) How did Frank Taaffe know it was a 5-1 hold out? Jul 17, 2013

(VIDEO) Natalie Jackson Martin’s Family Attorney Statement After Verdict

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman Will Get His Gun Back, Mark O’Mara Says He Needs It ‘Even More’ Than Before

(VIDEO) Racial Profiling, Rachel Jeantel and the Zimmerman & Jim Clemente retired FBI agent (7-19-13)

(VIDEO) Maddy Juror B29 Interview

(VIDEO) A Preacher Succinctly Explain What Everyone Missed About The Trayvon Martin Case

(VIDEO) Shellie Zimmerman Pleads Guilty And Says George Is Unsupportive (8-30-13)

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman’s Wife Says He Has ‘Beaten Down Her Self Esteem’ (8-28-13)

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman’s Wife ‘Very Much Alone’ When He Didn’t Go to Court With Her (8-29-13)

(VIDEO) George Zimmerman Gets Speeding Ticket In Lake Mary, Florida (9-3-13)

Judge throws out George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC (6-30-14),0,1401290.story

GZ Police Incidence Report

George Zimmerman claims he was working security at DeLand’s Pompano Pat’s

The dash cam video

Interview with the owner of Pompano Pat’s Owner of Pompano Pat’s says Zimmerman not working for him

George Zimmerman divorce records: I’ve got no home, no job and spend $100 a month on vacations Fri. 6-27-14,0,7683811.story

George Zimmerman: I want to quit fighting in court with Angela Corey (3-4-14),0,6931564.story

Zimmerman Surrenders – No Sanction Hearing (3-4-12)

Black Panther Video $1 Million Bounty for GZ (2-18-14)

George ZIMMERMAN: I’m “Absolutely” a Victim Like “Our Fallen Soldiers” (Tues. 2-18-14)

George Zimmerman Allegedly Threatens To Kill Man In Road Rage Incident 9-12-14

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