Rudy TwoMoon

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon


White supremacy is not starched white pointed hoods and swastika armbands
The dogs go ballistic while I’m in the shower and I can tell they’re barking at the front and not the side door. They almost never bark at the front due to

If You Say I’m Antisemitic
The term Semitic (from the biblical “Shem”, Hebrew: שם) was first used in 1848 to refer to a family of languages native to West Asia (the Middle East).

Before I Was Me
The so called illegals have more rights to this land than many of the occupiers of today. We are Indigenous. The border crossed us, not the other way around. Before California became

Man Belongs to Earth
“Mother Earth can live without us, but we can’t live without her”…….might be a lie you have been programmed

Snake Oil History
If you think the worst thing to happen in amerikkka history was the 1913 fed reserve takeover. …..then you don’t understand history whatsoever.

“IF” All Lives Matter
All Lives SHOULD Matter but if you believe All Lives actually do Matter ask yourself this; how much did it

Barriers, Borders, and Blood This is NOT My History
If America is built from many nations, why is it offensive to be anything other than white? Am I an enrolled member of my nation’s tribe? Nope. I’m Yaqui Apache, Mayan, and Aztec, on the Mexico side, even though Yaqui is recognized in Arizona.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Here it is my friends…..the call for eugenics genocide…. Interesting how they use the term over population to promote it, saying food shortage and clean water are not enough for everyone. Total and complete bullshit.

Programmed to Act
Children marching, stoic expressions and pursed’s exactly the same…same faces….same tears of joy…same exact stance and foot placement with the arched back, flags waving

You fell for it again
People wonder why I’m so angry…..and the answer is different from what you’d expect.I’m not necessarily angered by

Equal Ground, Equal Spirit
You don’t become magical. Don’t be fooled by this fake cosmic muffin New Age crap. Enlightenment is knowing

The GMO Labeling is a Fraud
Why is the Label GMO campaign fraudulent you ask? Labeling enables co-existence, even gives rights to it. Labeling criminalizes organics and creates an overlord, watched over and ruled by chemical makers.

Are you ready for a food fight?
Try this. Go to your cupboard and take out 20 random food items

Are You Being Controlled by Your Food Supply?
Long ago a group of very rich people sat down to a table and they gathered for

What is the Only Protest You Have?
The only protest you have, the only protest that will cripple a government, the only protest that provides us real power is…

The Terms of Real Freedom
No one but ourselves can change our surroundings. There is never enough hope going around, and that’s why

If I Were an Evil Genius
I would first develop definitions of words imposed on my enemies only they are allowed to use. Next, I would

All She Could See
Her assimilation was so complete and thorough; all she could see was her education. She knew everything about the artist. She had learned about the brushstrokes, the paint and pigment used. The color vibrance and how these colors weren’t

I Don’t Care About Mascots, Headdresses, and Team Names
Many of the light skinned race believe what the media has taught them about our ways. We never went extinct and still have and carry our teachings which go back thousands of

The Great Gathered Circle
And all were gathered before the Great Thunders. All came with compassion and great respect. All spoke with the highest regard for

Who Fears Paper, Who Fears Law?
Laws are not facts, they are opinions based on how the law maker feels you should act, believe, follow or be. If paper law makers believe we should drink

The Table People
100 objects are sitting on a table with 2 unknown men, one on each side. Both pick up 2 objects and

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?
Is my enemy my friend because he hates me?

It’s about to get all Zen up in this place
The air we breath together transmits the

Abolish Vaccines
Most people who their children are not made aware what ingredients are contained in vaccines — and even if they’re told, they may not fully understand what that particular ingredient is or

Am I Demanding Violence?
Some people make the fraudulent claim I’m demanding violence because

Pledge of Allegiance
One act doesn’t justify another. To stand for that flag says you agree to the useless murdering of another under the guise of false

Wake Up Amerikkka
To keep America great you must be racist….you must promote slavery, either of self, others or both. You must support segregation in some form and genocide in

AIM Eagle Feather Staff ~ Michigan
See the new Michigan AIM Eagle Staff

A THANKSGIVING MESSAGE ~ Remember to forget
WE INDIGENOUS AROUND THE WORLD OFFER FOOD AS GIFTSThis was thanks and giving. This tells all of creation we know what hunger feels like, and no one should ever be hungry. This gesture also asks

RudyTired of being a slave to forced thought, Rudy TwoMoon decided the only real education was self education. A traditionalist of native decent, activist for real freedom from government, father and promoter of un-schooling, gardener, and fighter for real Organic sustainable foods, Rudy tries to educate others on how to avoid being a victim of forced ideals and forced circumstances.

The Primitive Art of Rudy TwoMoon
Pushing his creative limits, Rudy combines primitive designs with new thinking, creating an extraordinary art for making Turtle Shell Rattles, Porcupine and Pipestone stone Jewelry, Turtle Medicine Pouches, Painting Hand Drums, Beaded Feathers and Leather work for Native ceremonies.

Rudy’s Turtle Shell Rattles have been given the highest praise for their beauty and functionality. These pieces are not to be placed on a shelf, but to be used for ceremony and praise, to be danced and sweated with.

Rudy TwoMoon is quite a remarkable family man with an amazing wife, Julie, and three beautiful children. Much of Rudy’s energy is devoted to teaching his little ones those earth based lessons that we were never taught in school. (Mind-blowing to see children accurately identifying things in nature that most adults don’t know!) When he is not working with his children, he is enthralled in art.

A California native, Rudy is of Dine Yaqui descent, also known as Apache Indian. He chooses not to call himself Apache because the word “Apache” means “Enemy of the Zuni.”

“It’s been also 20 years since I started making Turtle Shell Medicine Pouches and the designs have come a long way. These Turtles showed me what they want. They trained me to keep the integrity of the turtle and never waste any part. I have always been offended that people throw away the breast plate to put the bag in. I always thought that was so dumb. This is how you pay respect to something that gave you its body. The turtle showed me how to properly create a hinged lid, so it opens, closes and locks. Because I listened, they shared many other secrets like turtle webbing. That’s the stitching you see on the bottom that looks kinda like a web. They also showed me the proper way to attach the handle when making a rattle. I only use turtles that have been used for food. It’s a shame to waste any part of the turtle. I am so humbled and honored to have the turtle’s presence and teaching in my life.”
Thank you
Rudy TwoMoon

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  1. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website
    with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely loving the information.
    I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Great blog and amazing style and design.

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