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3-10-17 ~ Tipis Rise on the National Mall
Tipis have sprung up on the National Mall alongside the Washington Monument as Natives and allies converge on the U.S. capital to demand a halt to humans’ collective destruction of our habitat, starting with fossil fuels and pipelines. Indigenous Peoples are flocking to Washington D.C. for four days of events including musical performances, panels and other cultural activities, centered around resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) as well as to uphold indigenous and treaty rights, and to stand for environmental justice.

3-9-17 ~ Police win warrant to search Dakota Access Pipeline protest Facebook page
The warrant from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department seeks data surrounding the Bellingham #NoDAPL Coalition’s Facebook page. The page, with more than 1,000 followers, provides information about pipeline environmental issues and is used to organize political protests and connect political activists.

3-8-17 ~ Dakota Pipeline protests come to Wall Street: Native American activists hope to pressure big banks to back off
In less than 60 days in office, President Donald Trump has set back the nation and the entire planet at least 30 years when it comes to the looming environmental challenges we face from climate change and increasing fresh water scarcity. Imagine Trump as an evil version of Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown, the mad scientist in “Back to the Future” who offers Marty McFly a joyride into the past in his DeLorean, while clad in a snappy Make America Great Again baseball cap.

The American Civil Liberties Union today filed a motion to quash a warrant issued to police to search a Facebook community page for a broad range of information about a local group engaged in protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and advocating for environmental justice.

3-8-17 ~ Oil could begin flowing through Dakota Access pipeline as early as next week
U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg in Washington denied a request by the Cheyenne River Indian tribe to halt construction on grounds that the pipeline violated its members’ religious freedom. The tribe had claimed that the pipeline was “a terrible Black Snake prophesied to come into the Lakota homeland and cause destruction” by desecrating water used in religious ceremonies.

3-7-17 ~ Judge denies tribe’s request to block Dakota Access pipeline
A federal judge on Tuesday denied a Native American tribe’s request to block the Dakota Access pipeline. The Cheyenne River Sioux tribe said the controversial oil pipeline project violates its religious freedom due to its placement under Lake Oahe. The tribe uses the lake for sacred ceremonies, and its lawyers argued that the mere presence of an oil pipeline under the lake desecrates the water and violates their religious freedom.

the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed “the district court’s partial summary judgment in favor of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and the United States, which declared that the United States impliedly reserved appurtenant water sources, including groundwater, when it created the Tribe’s reservation in California’s arid Coachella Valley.”

3-6-17 ~ More questions about donations following the end of Sacred Stone Camp
Now, in the days after the remaining water protectors were forced to leave Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota, which also left many questions about the donation money that was received by LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard for the camp. It is not the first time people have had questions about donations raised for the water protectors. Previously we witnessed a huge backlash when the Standing Rock Sioux tribal council announced $3.1 million of the donated money would go toward the tribe’s standing debts.

3-6-17 ~ Catholics Call Dakota Access Pipeline “Morally Unacceptable”
Would Jesus put the profits of a few before the health of many? Not likely. It’s easy then to know how Jesus would feel about the Dakota Access pipeline, which puts drinking water for millions at risk.

3-3-17 ~ Taking NoDAPL to the White House: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to lead historic march on Washington
n Friday, March 10, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe will march with indigenous people and allies to oppose Trump’s continued aggression on tribal nations and stand in solidarity with all Native Nations to protect their sovereignty. Since his inauguration, Trump has worked to force through the Dakota Access Pipeline. He has disregarded the Environmental Impact Statement process, ignored tribal consultation, and acted in clear violation of treaty rights. Members of his administration have even blatantly lied about their communication with the Tribe. The Tribe is marching to call on the administration to hear why it’s critical for the U.S. government to respect treaty rights.

3-3-17 ~ U.N. Investigator Says Native American Rights were Violated by DAPL Law Enforcement
An official with the United Nations says the rights of Native Americans in North Dakota are not being respected by the state. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz visited Dakota Access protest camps in Morton County. Tauli-Corpuz is the U.N.’s special investigator on the rights of indigenous peoples. She says authorities used unnecessary force and that the reports of the cleanup in the county have been blown out of proportion.

3-3-17 ~ Leadhorse Choctaw Arrested at Ceremonial Grounds at Standing Rock, Now on Hunger Strike in Jail
Leadhorse Choctaw was arrested at the Ceremonial Grounds during the raid on the Seventh Generation Camp when the camp was attacked by police. Leadhorse was manning the Sacred Fire when he was pepper sprayed and handcuffed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs police. “Leadhorse was kidnapped by BIA police and taken to the Fort Yates Jail. He is on a hunger strike and told the court he will die there for the cause.”

3-2-17 ~ North Dakota casino proposal risks angering tribes
North Dakota’s top House Republican is proposing six state-owned casinos, a move that risks angering American Indian tribes at a time relations have already been rubbed raw by the dispute over the Dakota Access oil pipeline.The only casinos in North Dakota are on the state’s five American Indian reservations, and those are central to the tribes’ economies. Some lawmakers say Fargo Rep. Al Carlson’s proposal to add six state-owned casinos is little more than a threat of payback for millions of dollars in law enforcement and other costs the state bore because of protests over the Dakota Access pipeline.

3-2-17 ~ Three Unicorn Riot Journalists Have #NoDAPL Arrest Charges Dropped
Three Unicorn Riot journalists who were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing while documenting #NoDAPL direct actions have had their charges dropped in court dates set for the first three days of March. On Wednesday, March 1, Unicorn Riot journalist Jenn Schreiter had their criminal trespass charge dismissed in Iowa. The following Thursday, March 2, two other Unicorn Riot journalists had their criminal trespassing charges dropped in North Dakota.

3-1-17 ~ Sen. Franken Wants FBI Explanation Why It’s Investigating DAPL Protesters
“I am concerned that the reported questioning of political activists by one of the FBI’s terrorism task forces threatens to chill constitutionally protected conduct and speech,” Senator Franken writes in the letter. Franken cites reports that JTTF agents have attempted to question at least three individuals who opposed the Dakota Access pipeline at camps at Standing Rock.

3-1-17 ~ Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline
Norway’s largest private investor is divesting from three companies tied to the Dakota Access pipeline, a small victory for the Standing Rock movement one week after the eviction of the main protest encampment.

2-28-17 ~ Here’s how the Standing Rock Sioux will keep fighting Dakota Access — in court
The Sioux’s best shot at stopping Dakota Access now lies in court. It may be a long shot, but a legal win is still possible, some advocates say. A legal challenge filed by the tribe on Feb. 14 charges pipeline builder Dakota Access, LLC, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with a range of environmental, cultural, and treaty-based violations. It asks a federal judge to rule on whether the Army Corps broke laws and treaties by allowing construction of the last leg of the pipeline under Lake Oahe, a reservoir along the Missouri River in North Dakota.

2-27-17 ~ New Mexico Democrats Divest From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline
The Democratic Party of New Mexico, in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and tribes throughout New Mexico, made the decision to divest from Wells Fargo, one of the many financial institutions supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

2-27-17 ~ Plunging Profits of Standing Rock Sioux Casino Blamed on Dakota Pipeline Protests and Frigid Winter
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota says a brutally cold winter, as well as massive protests over the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline, are responsible for a budget shortfall of nearly $6 million. Tribal leaders say business at the Prairie Knights Casino has dropped sharply of late, and were unsure when it would pick back up.

2-27-17 ~ Iowa Pipeline Bursts Only Days After Trump Approved DAPL Construction
Hanlontown, IA — Beginning around 5:30 am on Wednesday morning, local authorities in Hanlontown, Iowa, realized the Magellan Pipeline was leaking what amounted to 138,600 gallons of diesel fuel.

2-27-17 ~ North Dakota Pipeline FORCED To Be Shut Down After LEAKING In The Mississippi River Just Like Standing Rock Protesters Warned
A six-inch line operated by Belle Fourche Pipeline leaked into the river northwest of Belfield in Billings County. By the time it was shut down, oil had traveled about 2.5 miles down the river

2-27-17 ~ Sheriff Kirchmeier: No weapons found at Oceti Sakowin #NoDAPL protest camp
Video: Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier spoke with us about today’s clearing out of the Oceti Sakowin #NoDAPL protest camp. He reports that no guns were found.

2-27-17 ~ Three Unicorn Riot Journalists Face Trial This Week From DAPL Coverage
Chris Schiano and Niko Georgiades have trial dates of March 1st and March 3rd in Morton County, North Dakota for criminal trespass. They were both arrested in a mass arrest on September 13th while reporting on a direct action which stopped pipeline work.

2-25-17 ~ Cuthand: Dakota Access protest was just the beginning
On Feb. 22 the police moved in and the few remaining protesters at Standing Rock set fire to the temporary shelters and tents and left. A few diehards stayed on and were arrested. So ended the biggest confrontation between Native Americans and the American government in modern times.

2-25-17 ~ 35 Native American Tribes File Lawsuit Against Energy Transfer Partners
On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, the Navajo Nation filed an amicus brief in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia with 34 Federally Recognized Indian Tribes against the Lake Oahe Easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline granted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

2-25-17 ~ Final Prayer – Drums and Songs Lead Water Protectors Out of Oceti Sakowin
Amid snow and wind, a large contingent of Water Protectors departed Oceti Sakown for the last time, just one hour before the Federal and State mandated evacuation deadline on Feb. 22. This final prayer march took people southward over the Cannon Ball River bridge, allowing everyone to avoid charges from the Morton County Sheriff and the Federal government. Most people leaving the camp plan to either remain in the area to continue Standing Rock actions, or to move onto other pipeline struggles.

2-24-17 ~ Democrats Silent as Trump Crushes Dakota Access Pipeline Protest
On February 21 and 22, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department evacuated the remaining water protectors protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. Though several Democrats praised the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision on December 4 to conduct an environmental impact assessment, they have been silent on the issue since construction of the pipeline has moved forward under the Trump administration. The decision to stop the pipeline is now in the hands of the courts, as the Standing Rock Sioux tribe attempts to force the Army Corps of Engineers to enforce their December 4, 2016, decision.

2-24-17 ~ Is this the new face of oil?
Tsleil-Waututh elder Amy George was keening at the shore of an oil sands tailings site in the summer of 2013. Her raw honesty over the devastation of land, culture and “Mother Earth” left an indelible impression on the 500 of us gathered for the Healing Walk in Northern Alberta.

2-24-17 ~ “They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started”
Once again Big Oil has been forced to rely on brutal militarized force to bludgeon, bully, beat and intimidate peaceful water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

2-24-17 ~Tom Goldtooth: ‘They Cannot Extinguish the Fire That Standing Rock Started’
Once again Big Oil has been forced to rely on brutal militarized force to bludgeon, bully, beat and intimidate peaceful water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. But in the face of such violence and intimidation, the growing movement against new fossil fuels will not be intimidated, it will only grow.

2-24-17 ~ Oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access pipeline in just a few weeks
This is one of the last steps in building the 1,200-mile pipeline that will move North Dakota oil through South Dakota and Iowa to a shipping point in Illinois. ETP says the pipeline will be complete and ready to flow oil between March 6th and April 1.

2-24-17 ~ ‘Absolutely False’: No Contact From Trump Administration, Archambault Says
Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II on Thursday blasted as “absolutely false” presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s assertion that the administration of President Donald Trump had consulted with the tribe about the Dakota Access Pipeline. The phony fact came out of the White House daily press briefing on February 23, which took place even as the Oceti Sakowin water protectors camp was being bulldozed.

2-24-17 ~ Trump’s moves on the Dakota Access Pipeline portend more clashes with states
During the Obama administration, the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) slowed the regulatory review process of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to accommodate the cultural and environmental concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. In the first weeks of the Trump administration, however, the COE reversed its stance and approved the DAPL to move forward.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reacted to yesterday’s false claims by White House Press Secretary Spicer that “our team has been in contact with all the parties involved” and also claimed that “we are constantly in touch with them” regarding the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). In fact, no one from the Administration has contacted the tribe according to a press statement sent to Native News Online this morning regarding issue. The tribe maintains Spicer twice lied about the President’s promise to negotiate a solution between Tribes and Energy Transfer Partners.

2-24-17 ~ Water Is Life: The Story of Standing Rock Won’t Go Away
Powers That Be think it’s the endDAPL will now have much money to spendBut Standing Rock is a rally cry Rebalance our world before we die. The Dakota Access pipeline is set and oil will flow. But this is not the only fight about water, and Standing Rock is only one chapter somewhere in the middle of a long story.

2-24-17 ~ The Indigenous Environmental Network Responds to Forced Evacuation of DAPL Resistance Camps

Regina Brave, affectionately known to many as “Grandma Regina,” was among those arrested on Thursday as the militarized police swept the Oceti Sakowin encampment of occupants. Since the 2pm evacuation deadline on Wednesday, there have been 47 arrests made according to the Morton County Sheriff Department.

2-24-17 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Protests: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
The months-long protests – which have only grown despite mass arrests, claims of injury and dramatic images of protesters on horseback facing off against police officers in armored vehicles – are simply the Native American people’s way of saying: Enough. At long last, Enough. However, on January 24, new President Donald Trump – who had investments in the company building the pipeline – signed an executive order to advance it forward.

2-23-17 ~ Police Remove Last Of Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters From Camp
Officers on Thursday arrested 46 protesters and forced out all other people who remained in a camp that had been the epicenter of opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Morton County sheriff’s department announce

2-23-17 ~ North Dakota Dismantles #NoDAPL Oceti Camp
Just after 11 am, the combined eviction forces began their approach into the camp. Between a few dozen to a hundred water protectors were estimated remaining in camp at that time, with most having left the previous day but some having returned that morning by walking across the frozen Cannonball River. Bypassing the main entrance, two Bobcat-type skid steer loaders were used to clear a path down the snowy hill into the north end of Oceti Oyate. Bearcat and MRAP armored vehicles, accompanied by a large number of Humvees and sheriff’s deputies, police with riot gear and live weapons, descended down the path into the camp.

2-23-17 ~ Gov. Burgum signs 4 DAPL-inspired bills into law
Gov. Doug Burgum signed four bills into law Thursday afternoon. The bills all have ties to the Dakota Access pipeline protests.House Bill 1293 expands the scope of criminal trespass under state law, but reduces the offense to a $250 citation rather than criminal charges. House Bill 1304 makes it a misdemeanor to wear a mask or hood when committing a crime. House Bill 1426 increases penalties for riot offenses. It allows prosecutors to charge those who take part in a riot in a manner consistent with the potential for actual harm to health safety and well-being. Senate Bill 2302 allows the Attorney General to appoint ad hoc special agents. An example of this would be an out-of-state officer who comes to North Dakota responding to a request for assistance. All four bills have emergency clauses that make them effective immediately.

2-23-17 ~ Trump administration withdrew legal memo that found ‘ample legal justification’ to halt Dakota Access pipeline
The 35-page legal analysis of the pipeline’s potential environmental risks and its impact on treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous tribes was authored in December by then-Interior Department Solicitor Hilary C. Tompkins, an Obama appointee who was — at the time — the top lawyer in the department. “The government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Tribes calls for enhanced engagement and sensitivity to the Tribes’ concerns,” Tompkins wrote. “The Corps is accordingly justified should it choose to deny the proposed easement.”

2-23-17 ~ BREAKING: Trump Orders Army to Evict Sioux from Standing Rock at Gunpoint
American forces are storming lands that rightfully belong to Native Americans per U.S. treaties. Trump’s hearkening America back to one of its ugliest historical legacies. The only difference is that our soldiers aren’t on horseback this time. Now, they’re using snipers, bulletproof armor, and Humvees to storm the Native Americans’ protest camps. Continue Reading…

2-23-17 ~ Militarized Police Just Evicted The Sioux Tribe From Standing Rock At Gunpoint
Federal authorities have begun their raid to evict the water protectors from the Oceti Sakowin camp, and the images coming out of the protest site are extremely disturbing. History is repeating itself as heavily militarized United States law enforcement storm Native American treaty land to run them off- only this time they’re riding in Humvees and not on horses. Continue Reading …

2-23-17 ~ Dakota Access oil pipeline camp cleared of protesters
It took 3 ? hours for about 220 officers and 18 National Guardsmen to methodically search the protesters’ temporary homes. Authorities said they arrested 46 people, including a group of military veterans who had to be carried out and a man who climbed atop a building and stayed there for more than an hour before surrendering.

2-23-17 ~ Morton County says main DAPL protest camp officially closed
ND Highway Patrol says 36 people were arrested Thursday as the camp was cleared, bringing the total number arrested since the eviction notice to 47.

2-22-17 ~ A Beacon Of Hope At Standing Rock
Dusk was quickly approaching and my friend and I had just arrived at Oceti Sakowin, one of the Water Protector camps outside of Cannon Ball, North Dakota. We saw a guy having a cigarette near what appeared to be the media hub. He was dressed head-to-toe in camouflage, had a chin tattoo and did not look particularly welcoming. He looked like a warrior. As soon as we approached him, however, his face broke into a wide grin. He shook my hand firmly and introduced himself as Ernesto. Before we parted ways, he looked me right in the eye, thanked me for coming to Standing Rock, and gave me a giant hug.

2-22-17 ~ 10 arrested as Oceti Sakowin DAPL protest camp evacuated Wednesday
Governor Burgum and other state authorities say Thursday at 9 a.m. they will re-start clean up efforts at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. And they’re giving protesters still left at the camp one more chance to leave.

2-22-17 ~ LA TIMES… 10 arrested as authorities close in on Dakota Access pipeline protest camp
The standoff marked the culmination of one of the nation’s largest and longest environmental protests, which at its peak drew thousands of activists who said the project would threaten the water supply and sacred sites of the North Dakota tribe.

2-22-17 ~ Scheduled Eviction of Main #NoDAPL Encampment
After nearly a year of struggling against the Dakota Access Pipeline’s construction underneath the Missouri River, water protectors are now scheduled to be evicted from their main encampment. The encampment, on unceded Fort Laramie Treaty land and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, has a few hundred water protectors still holding steady as the eviction looms.
Ceremonial fires have been raging throughout the snow-filled morning.

2-22-17 ~ These last moments of the Standing Rock protest will break your heart
After a Trump administration executive order, the Army Corps of Engineers ordered protesters to vacate the camp by 2 p.m. local time on Feb. 22, 2017. Authorities were set to physically remove everyone in the way of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s construction upon sacred Native American land.

2-22-17 ~ Last Remnants of Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp Are Engulfed in Flames
Some of the last remnants of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp went up in flames Wednesday as opponents of the project set fire to makeshift wooden housing as part of a leaving ceremony ahead of a government deadline to get off the federal land.

2-22-17 ~ Dakota Access Protesters Arrested As Deadline Passes To Depart Camp
Images showing clashes with law enforcement and pipeline security workers motivated thousands of Americans to support the tribe by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars or joining Oceti Sakowin and the other water protector camps. It also provided a model for environmental protests that essentially went viral as camps sprang up to halt pipelines in Texas, Florida and other spots around the country. “The camp was the light in the middle of the dark,” said Indigenous Environmental Network organizer Dallas Goldtooth. “It was the fire that fueled so many fights across the country,”

12-22-17 ~ THE LAST AKICITA ~ Final Day at #NoDAPL’s Oceti Camp. by Ythsta Resovich
He stands, quiet leaning against the War Pony, looking out over the camp with a faraway stare, seeing the past five months of who and what he is now like a movie playing in his mind. I didn’t understand, couldn’t understand until I got here, the phrases “there is no time” and “that’s old news”. I didn’t see the world the way it is here, all too safe and secure in my white-bread existence.

2-22-17 ~ Standing Rock & the Fight to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Right now, water protectors are being evacuated from the main camp at Standing Rock. The state of North Dakota issued an emergency evacuation last week for the main camp, formerly known as Oceti Sakowin, that goes into effect today. While some are optimistic as new camps emerge on higher ground and as the land is returned to its former state, others can’t help but feel heartache to see the camp pack up and to see Dakota Access prepare to drill under the Missouri River.

2-21-17 ~ All eyes on Standing Rock: A list of livestreamers in the area
Senator John Hoeven claimed that “the Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer informed us that he has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

2-18-17 ~ North Dakota Senate OKs Bills Aimed at Pipeline Protesters
A trio of North Dakota House measures influenced by the dispute between Dakota Access pipeline protesters and law enforcement sailed through the Republican-led Senate Thursday, though some Democrats called the bills an overreaction and unnecessary.
The Senate voted 33-12 in favor of a measure that makes it a crime for adults to wear masks in most cases. The Senate also approved bills that increase penalties for rioting and trespassing by even wider margins.

2-17-17 ~ Journalists covering Standing Rock face charges as police arrest protesters
While mainstream media have covered flashpoints in the protests, a core of mostly freelance, left-wing, and Native American outlets have remained at the site to provide daily coverage. Several of those journalists are facing charges, including trespass and engaging in riots, after being caught in mass arrests as police cracked down on protests or tried to clear camps in recent months. CPJ is aware of at least 10 journalists covering the story who are facing charges.

2-17-17 ~ Judge dismisses trespass cases midway through trial
A judge dismissed the criminal trespass charges against three pipeline protesters halfway through their jury trial this morning. According to lawyers in the courtroom, the judge found the prosecutor had not shown the land was posted or that the protesters had been asked by an authorized person to leave — at least one of which is required to prove criminal trespass.

2-17-17 ~ Water Protectors Call on Women of all nations to Join Them at Standing Rock
“As care takers of Unci Maka (Mother Earth) and Life-givers we hold a responsibility to secure the future for our children and the next seven generations to come.” Water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline are calling on women of all nations and ages to join them at the Oceti Oyate – Cheyenne River Camp this weekend, February 18-19, for an Indigenous women’s gathering.

2-17-17 ~ Standing Rock Chairman Calls Protests an ‘Awakening’ at Cornell
David Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe caught in the crosshairs of a $3.7 billion oil development, pledged Thursday to fight President Trump on the Dakota Access pipeline just two weeks after the Army Corps green-lighted the project’s completion.

2-17-17 ~ Japanese citizens demand mega-banks end funding for Dakota pipeline project
Citizen’s groups on Friday delivered a petition with more than 11,300 signatures to three of Japan’s mega-banks to demand they halt funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline reinstated by Army Corps of Engineers. A group of concerned citizens started the online petition at They are calling on Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group to withdraw their funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying the $3.7 billion project threatens Lake Oahe, the indigenous Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s only source of drinking water in North Dakota.

2-16-17 ~ Steel Made by Russian Company Tied to Putin Used in Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines
much of the steel for the Dakota Access project appears to have been manufactured in Canada by Evraz North America, a subsidiary of the Russian steel giant Evraz. Evraz is owned in part by Roman Abramovich, a Russian multi-billionaire credited for bringing Russian President Vladimir Putin into office in the late 1990s. “Energy Transfer Partners was so eager to build the pipeline that it began staging mountainous piles of steel pipe across the four-state route before it had gotten all necessary easements and regulatory approval from federal regulators

2-16-17 ~ Dakota Access pipeline continues America’s oldest narrative: Cowboys vs. Indians
Nothing surprises us. When the Army Corps of Engineers rerouted the pipeline, we were not surprised the powers that be quickly approved running it through our land and waterways instead. We were not surprised with this week’s ruling against our temporary restraining order. I was not surprised to be arrested and charged with felony counts for peacefully demonstrating.

2-16-17 ~ A reporter’s arrest crystallizes her commitment to cover Standing Rock
THE DAY THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY granted the final easement for the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, I hopped into my pickup truck—a beater that I rent from a local—and drove straight to the Sacred Stone Camp. Darkness fell slowly over the yurt-village of campers, who were only then learning the news.

2-15-17 ~ Photographer captures Standing Rock
Johnny Nguyen’s photo exhibit “And If I Can Show You, You Would Never Leave Her” is on display through Feb. 26 at the Hill Street Country Club in Oceanside. The three-day photo journal examines the people and conditions of those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

2-14-17 ~ Feds join Dakota Access protest camp cleanup in race to avoid ‘environmental disaster’
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum announced Tuesday that the federal government is moving in to accelerate the cleanup at the Dakota Access protest camp before the snowmelt turns the area into an “environmental disaster.”

2-14-17 ~ No proof Trump ever sold his investments in Dakota Access Pipeline
The Washington Post was the first news outlet to irresponsibly report that Donald Trump sold his shares in Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the parent company of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The Post simply parroted Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, despite the absence of any evidence to back up her claim.

2-14-17 ~ Water Protectors Feel Safer With US Veterans At Standing Rock
They’ve been spraying them with water and mace and other things,” said Wilbur Hilton, of Flint, a retired plumber and Vietnam War-era U.S. Army veteran. “We as veterans want to know if they can do the same to us. And if they will do this to us veterans of the military, then what does that tell us about our country?”

2-14-17 ~ Edmonton photographer wins prestigious award for Standing Rock coverage
Albertan photographer Amber Bracken is the 2017 first prize winner of the World Press Photography award in the Contemporary Issues category.

2-13-17 ~ Veterans at Standing Rock see police retribution after arrest and charges
Police have filed charges against two US veterans supporting Standing Rock, holding one in jail for several days, raising concerns that law enforcement is trying to prevent them from aiding activists at the Dakota Access pipeline.

2-13-17 ~ Judge Won’t Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Construction
U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg’s ruling allows Energy Transfer Partners to work on a crossing beneath a North Dakota reservoir while there are ongoing lawsuits against the oil project by Native American tribes. In rejecting the request for a temporary restraining order, the judge said the tribes failed to show that the pipeline posed immediate, irreparable harm, according to BuzzFeed. Boasberg will consider the request to freeze work again at a Feb. 27 hearing, the Associated Press reported.

2-13-17 ~ North Dakota bills could strip Dakota Access Pipeline protesters of their rights
There are currently four bills in the state’s House and Senate that create new criminal penalties for acts of protest or heighten existing penalties. And there is a fifth bill that could put demonstrators in physical danger.

2-13-17 ~ After visiting Standing Rock, Swedish Bank opposes working with DAPL
After a visit by its representatives to Standing Rock, Swedish financial institution Nordea announced today that it will not back the Dakota Access Pipeline.

2-13-17 ~ De Blasio considers cutting contracts from Dakota pipeline banks
The Seattle City Council recently voted to end its contract with Wells Fargo, one of several banks helping finance the project. De Blasio, in an interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, cited his “Seattle envy” and said he would consider the same.

2-13-17 ~ Journalist faces charges after arrest while covering Dakota Access pipeline protest
Jenni Monet, 40, on assignment for Indian Country Today and the Center for Investigative Reporting, has been arrested and charged with criminal trespass and “engaging in a riot” by Morton County prosecutors. She was arrested Wednesday and released on bond late Thursday.

2-13-17 ~ These 10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society
Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the traditions of his people until the age of eleven, he was then educated at the Carlisle Indian Industrial Boarding School of Pennsylvania, where he learned the english language and way of life. (Though a National Historical Landmark, Carlisle remains a place of controversy in Native circles.)

2-13-17 ~ Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police
Army veterans from across the country have arrived in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, or are currently en route after the news that Donald Trump’s administration has allowed the oil corporation to finish drilling across the Missouri river.

2-13-17 ~ In 2 Years, Company Behind DAPL Reported 69 Accidents, Polluting Rivers in 4 States
A report the organization released today (February 6), with partnership from a researcher from, looks at reports Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed to the National Response Center, a federal establishment where companies and individuals can report oil spills or chemical releases. The report lists 42 oil spills, 11 natural gas spills, nine gasoline spills, three propane spills, two “other” spills and two “unknown” spills. The 69 accidents led to eight injuries and five evacuations.

2-12-17 Pueblo U.S. Veteran Brandee Paisano: Why I, a veteran, joined the fight at Standing Rock
‘I bled in Iraq and you’re going to threaten to shoot me on a bridge in North Dakota?’ Laguna Pueblo U.S. Veteran Brandee Paisano. Veterans here say there are a number of reasons drawing them in, including standing up for Indigenous people, environmentalism and even seeing an opportunity to put specialized survival skills to use.

2-12-17 ~ Michael Jackson’s daughter just used the Grammys to protest the Dakota Access pipeline
Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, used her moment introducing a performance by Daft Punk and The Weeknd at Sunday night’s Grammy awards to speak out against the Dakota Access pipeline. “We could use this kind of excitement at a pipeline protest,” Jackson said as the crowd cheered. “Hashtag no DAPL!”

2-12-17 ~ FBI Contacting Water Protectors
Officers from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force have been approaching people associated with the water protectors at Standing Rock. At least three people associated with the water protectors who participated in the standoff against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) have been approached by U.S. antiterrorism experts allegedly fishing for information, according to a report in The Guardian. While the scope and purpose behind the FBI contacting water protectors could not be determined, free-speech advocates called the revelation worrisome.

2-12-17 ~ After Visiting Standing Rock, Swedish Bank Nordea Puts Companies Behind DAPL on Watch
fter a visit by its representatives to Standing Rock, Swedish financial institution Nordea has announced that it will not back the Dakota Access Pipeline if it violates the demands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Nordea met with tribal representatives on the ground, including Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault II. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe urged Nordea to divest and respect the rights of Indigenous communities via a letter delivered by Sami artist and activist Sofia Jannok and Greenpeace.

Every action to build the pipeline is met with many more reactions to stop it. The fight about this pipeline — and the broader issues it represents is far from over. “Our fight is no longer at the North Dakota site itself,” said tribal chairman Dave Archambault II. “Our fight is with Congress and the Trump administration. Meet us in Washington on March 10.”

2-12-17 ~ Veterans Are Heading Back to Standing Rock
After President Donald Trump signed two executive orders to continue the construction of the Keystone XL and North Dakota Access pipelines, military veterans are redeploying to a front line of their choosing: Standing Rock.

Jenni Monet, a Native American journalist, was arrested last week while covering Standing Rock. You’d think that would trigger a lot of support from the national and regional news media.

2-11-17 ~ Resistance at Standing Rock: The People From Oceti Sakowin Camp
Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Oh yeah, there’s so much energy here. Theres so much compassion here. Part of the reason people come out here is so they can relate to this situation in some way in their life. My tribe was part of the trail of tears and I couldn’t be there for them, but I can be here for this tribe.”

2-11-17 ~ ND lawmakers sound off after final easement issued for Dakota Access Pipeline
Construction on the pipeline is now resuming, less than 24 hours after the Federal Government granted a final easement allowing for completion of the project on Wednesday. Now, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is sounding off, after months of protests and ongoing legal challenges. “At the end of the day, we have got to get out of limbo.”

2-11-17 ~ FBI Terrorism Taskforce Investigating Standing Rock Activists
The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

2-11-17 ~ Army Veterans Have Just Returned To Standing Rock To Form a Human Shield Against Police
The growing group of military veterans could make it harder for police and government officials to try to remove hundreds of activists who remain camped near the construction site and, some hope, could limit use of excessive force by law enforcement during demonstrations. “We are prepared to put our bodies between Native elders and a privatized military force,” said Elizabeth Williams, a 34-year-old air force veteran, who arrived at Standing Rock with a group of vets late on Friday. “We’ve stood in the face of fire before. We feel a responsibility to use the skills we have.”

2-10-17 ~ Leaked Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline Executive Admits Trump Is In Their Pocket: “Election Night Changed Everything” That’s Why DAPL “Is Going Through”
King stated on social media and on the SoundCloud page on which he posted the file that a source sent him the file on December 13, hours after Matthew Ramsey — COO of Energy Transfer Partners — gave his speech. The source who gave King the audio, he explains on SoundCloud, “claimed to be in a corporate meeting at Energy Transfer Partners” and told him that the person speaking was Matthew Ramsey, the COO of Energy Transfer Partners. King also wrote that the recording was made during a mandatory company meeting.

2-10-17 ~ Citing Religious Freedom Act, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Requests Temp. Restraining Order to DAPL
Attorneys for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe have filed a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction to permanently block further construction and operation of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) on the grounds that the easement granted Thursday (February 8) by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers burdens the Tribe’s exercise of its religion and violates the Corps’ fiduciary duty as trustee of tribal land and water resources.

2-10-17 ~ Judge rejects Dakota Access activists’ request to stop ‘excessive force’ by police
U.S. District Court Chief Judge Daniel L. Hovland said that officers were outnumbered when they deployed hoses and other non-lethal means against a crowd of 1,000 protesters trying to remove a police barricade on the fire-damaged Backwater Bridge during the Nov. 20-21 melee.

Recent images of Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA”) agent brutality beating a water protector have emerged from the Sacred Stone Camp. Sources present at the incident indicated that BIA agents drove toward individuals with around seven (“7”) vehicles marked “BIA” and the officers identified themselves as BIA agents. Video images of the incident have been uploaded to various media and internet outlets showing water protectors being beaten with security batons in the legs until they fall. Audio from the video clearly picks up the water protectors’ screams. Once fallen, the water protectors were arrested.

2-9-17 ~ Four More Water Protectors Indicted on Federal Charges
The Department of Justice unsealed a federal indictment Wednesday charging four more water protectors allegedly connected to incidents on October 27, when riot police violently cleared the “1851 Treaty Camp” from the easement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Water protector James White (aka Angry Bird) was arrested Wednesday and federally charged with felony civil disorder and use of fire to commit a federal crime. Federal agents are actively looking for three more water protectors. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison.

2-9-17 ~ Taking the pipeline to court
In abandoning the report and granting the easement, the Army Corps referenced one of Donald Trump’s first acts as president: a presidential memorandum expediting the pipeline. But that may not be good enough to clear the legal hurdles, according to environmental experts who say the agency needs to provide a reason for reversing course on completing the report, which the Army had deemed necessary just a few months ago.

2-9-7 ~ Video Shows Morton County Dumping Trash Inside Standing Rock Camp To Frame Protesters
Puente narrates that a man — whom he describes as employed by Morton County — can be seen standing near the quickly amassing pile of waste, taking pictures of the progress and attempting to persuade a few of the crew to pose in lawn chairs in front of it.

2-8-17 ~ Tribe files legal challenge to stall Dakota Access pipeline
Construction crews have resumed work on the final segment of the Dakota Access pipeline, and the developer of the long-delayed project said Thursday that the full system could be operational within three months.

2-8-17 ~ Construction Begins On Final Section Of The Dakota Access Pipeline
The company building the Dakota Access Pipeline has begun construction on the final section of the project. Energy Transfer Partners spokeswoman Vicki Granado confirmed in an email to The Huffington Post that the company had begun drilling. She said they estimate the project will be complete in just under three months.

2-8-17 ~ 2 Cities To Pull More Than $3 Billion From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline
Seattle’s City Council has voted to not renew its contract with Wells Fargo, in a move that cites the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project as well as its creation of millions of bogus accounts. As a result, the city won’t renew its contract with the bank that expires next year. The unanimous vote will pull more than $3 billion in city funds from the banking giant, the council says. Seattle says the bidding process for its next banking partner will “incentivize ‘Social Responsibility.'” Not long after Seattle’s vote, the City Council in Davis, Calif., took a similar action over the pipeline. It voted unanimously to find a new bank to handle its roughly $124 million in accounts by the end of 2017.

2-8-17 ~ Water Protectors Call for Global Mass Mobilizations as Army Plans to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday it will greenlight the final phase of construction of the pipeline. Amnesty International called the announcement “an unlawful and appalling violation of human rights.” In recent months, police have launched an escalating and violent crackdown against the resistance at Standing Rock. Last week, more than 70 people were arrested after militarized police raided a new resistance camp set up on historic Sioux treaty land. Among those arrested was award-winning Pueblo journalist Jenni Monet, who was on assignment for Indian Country Media Network.

2-8-17 ~ BIA Agent caught on Video Hitting Female Water Protector with Baton during Arrest in Standing Rock
On Saturday evening, a video emerged out of Standing Rock which showed a female water protector beaten by a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) officer with his baton during an arrest. The unarmed woman is seen walking away from a BIA agent when he starts to hit her with the weapon. The woman can be heard yelling at the officer during the attack “Stop brutalizing me”

2-6-17 ~ Why Tribal Councils will turn on their own people — by American Indian Genocide Museum
Even at Standing Rock, you have to read between the lines and look behind the scenes to understand why tribal councils will turn on their own people. On February 15, 1974 the government, through an act of Congress called the Indian Claims Commission, offered the Lakota $17 million dollars for their homeland. When it became obvious that the Indians would not take such a piddling amount, the Congress passed another act called the Indian Claims Commission Act Amendment which added $85 million more in interest under the 5th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Currently, that amount has grown to $1.3 billion dollars.

2-6-17 ~ Water Protector Recalls Moment National Guard Took Selfies With Caged Protectors In Background
When our bus pulled in to the Morton County facility, we saw that the bus before us had already unloaded the other Water Protectors into the dog kennels and they had been stripped down to their base layer of clothing and it was freezing cold in the garage.

2-6-17 ~ Indigenous Rising
We are RISING to DEFEND our rights as Indigenous Peoples; to PROTECT the sanctity and integrity of Mother Earth; and to RENEW our original instructions towards a just and sustainable future.

2-6-17 ~ Health Awareness Notice
This is more than a pipeline. Please consider some facts that effect many of YOU. – Health Awareness Notice – All American Citizens Special Attention: South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas

2-6-17 ~ The Fight At Standing Rock Is Back — And U.S. Veterans Are Ready To Mobilize
In early December, many Americans celebrated the Army Corps of Engineers decision to withhold a final permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline, a project that drew ongoing demonstrations from native Standing Rock Sioux “water protectors,” environmentalists, and other activists.

2-5-17 ~ Massive Cleanup Underway Where Environmentalists Camped for Pipeline Protest
Many of the several hundred protesters who remained after the early December snowstorm are helping with the effort, some of them attempting to salvage reusable goods. Other activists have been less helpful.

Ladonna Bravebull Allard says, “This movement was started by the people, and led by our youth. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s decision to negotiate with the State and disown the people who came to fight for our water is risking more than they understand. We have had many thousands of people ready to stand together in front of those machines. The Indigenous nations of Turtle Island had united as never before. But as division grows, it is very difficult to see a path forward. We have no choice but to break the cycle of trauma so our future generations can have a better life.” Continue Reading

2-4-17 ~ BREAKING: Trump Admin Sends In Federal Agents To Haul Out Dakota Access Protesters
The agents being dispatched are Bureau of Indian Affairs agents – officers of the federal government who continually exercise law enforcement actions over the tribes.

2-3-17 ~ Obama Just Announced He’s Going to Save Standing Rock By Rerouting Pipeline
President Obama just announced to MSNBC that he’s personally monitoring Army Corps of Engineers efforts to reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline (#dapl) away from the sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota.

2-3-17 ~ Army Corps of Engineers issues final closing date for DAPL protest camp on Corps land
The Army Corps of Engineers has issued a final closing date for the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp on Corps land. The Corps sent out a release, saying February 22 they will close federal property in the floodplain located at the mouth of the Cannonball River.

2-3-17 ~ BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops
Law enforcement showed up at LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard’s front door on Thursday, claiming the need to perform an “assessment” of the Camp of the Sacred Stones — the original Dakota Access Pipeline opposition camp erected in early April — but refused to offer a warrant or explanation for the sudden appearance.

2-3-17 ~ The Fight at Standing Rock Is Back – and U.S. Veterans Are Ready to Mobilize
Before his inauguration, President Donald Trump was expected to push DAPL through, and he quickly made good on that assumption upon taking office. Trump issued executive orders to authorize construction on both DAPL and the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

2-2-17 ~ Police raid new camp, evict and arrest 70+ DAPL protesters
Over 70 people were evicted and arrested after police raided a new camp near the Dakota Access pipeline construction, claiming it was illegal. The arrests come a day after federal officials started a final review of the pipeline. The new camp was erected on a hill Wednesday morning, a quarter of a mile from the original Oceti Sakowin camp in the floodplain. Seven tepee frames represented the seven tribes involved in the protest.

2-1-17 ~ GOP wants state control of reservations
Two Republican state lawmakers, Representatives Vicky Steiner and Keith Kempenich, introduced a bill Thursday, January 26, proposing state control of federal Indian reservations.

2-2-17 ~ BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops
Law enforcement showed up at LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard’s front door on Thursday, claiming the need to perform an “assessment” of the Camp of the Sacred Stones — the original Dakota Access Pipeline opposition camp erected in early April — but refused to offer a warrant or explanation for the sudden appearance.

2-2-17 ~ Police and Army Corp at Sacred Stone Camp
Police, Federal Agents and Army Corp entered Sacred Stone Camp Without permission at noon today Feb. 2, 2017. LaDonna Allard said “They are raiding Sacred Stone now with Frank White Bull, Ben Harrison and with BIA Police. Invading Sacred Stone Camp by the Standing Rock Tribal Council betrayed by pur own Nation”

2-2-17 ~ Seattle Committee Responds to Standing Rock
On Wednesday, Seattle’s Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee voted unanimously to forward a bill to pull $3 billion from DAPL lender Wells Fargo to the full City Council. This follows a Tuesday announcement that the U.S Army Corps of Engineers will issue an easement allowing them to begin the last stages of construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

2-1-17 ~ Chase Iron Eyes among 76 arrested after DAPL protesters attempt to set up new camp on private land
The new camp, with seven tepee frames representing the seven tribes, was erected on a hill Wednesday morning a quarter mile from the original Oceti Sakowin Camp. A group of activists who said they wanted to establish a more peaceful and prayerful protest presence built the new dwelling. “We want to make it more spiritual, we want to make it a difference from the old Oceti. We want to call this camp the Last Child Camp,” says Rance Sneed, protester.

2-1-17 ~ DAPL Moves Forward: “People Are Going To Die. It’s Just Them Shooting Us Now”
“I have received word the Department of Defense is granting the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Congressional notification is imminent. It’s time to get to work and finish this important piece of energy infrastructure enhancing America’s energy security and putting North Dakotans and Americans back to work. President Trump has proven to be a man of action and I am grateful for his commitment to this and other critical infrastructure projects so vital to our nation.” Some water protectors at the camps said that there are ice breakers on the river right where the drilling has begun again.

2-1-17 ~ US Army Corps ordered to allow the completion of the Dakota Access pipeline
Aacting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer had “directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access pipeline,” and that Congressional notification was “imminent”.

2-1-17 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says they are not associated with DAPL protesters who attempted to establish new camp
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe issued a statement saying they are not associated with the people who attempted to establish a new camp on private land late Tuesday night. The tribe claims these campers put the Standing Rock cause and peoples’ lives at risk and are asking people not to return to the camp. Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault said

2-1-17 ~ US veterans group says Dakota Access pipeline ‘will not get completed. Not on our watch’
“We are committed to the people of Standing Rock, we are committed to nonviolence, and we will do everything within our power to ensure that the environment and human life are respected. That pipeline will not get completed. Not on our watch,” said Anthony Diggs, a spokesman for Veterans Stand.

2-1-17 ~ Police Raid Standing Rock Camp, Destroy Tipis and Are Burning What Remains
Following our earlier report from Standing Rock on the police raid of the Last Child camp, reports began to roll in that police had taken down tipis and burned whatever remained. Some of the livestreaming of these incidences was blocked, but what we have been given is as follows.

2-1-17 ~ U.S. Government Bans Native American Tribe From Protesting On Their Own Land – Send In Police To Remove Protesters
A North Dakota federal court has prohibited indigenous tribes from protesting the Bakken pipeline on their own reservations.
Dakota Access, a developer of the pipeline, filed the report citing “Worker and law enforcement safety was at risk”.

2-1-17 ~ The Army Is Now Accepting Your Comments On The Dakota Access Pipeline
The Department of the Army is now accepting public comments leading up to its environmental impact statement in connection with Dakota Access’ request for them to grant an easement for the pipeline to cross North Dakota’s Lake Oahe. The comment period is open until Feb. 20.

1-31-17 ~ Army Corps of Engineers Directed To Clear Way For Dakota Access Pipeline
cting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline, U.S. Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota said in a statement on Tuesday.

1-31-17 ~ Leaked White House Memo Puts Gag Order on the Dept of Interior: Stops Communication with Tribal Leaders
“all incoming congressional and gubernatorial correspondence as well as correspondence from Indian or Alaska tribal leaders and leaders from national level environment/recreational and industry organizations must be forwarded to OES prior to responding, regardless of addressee or signature level.”

1-30-17 ~ The Standing Rock Water Protectors
I had some apprehension about returning to Standing Rock due to all of the sensational and mostly false reports about military invasions and mass eviction of the camps. It was a relief to find most of the people calm and not too concerned about deadlines. There was one report of “Massive military buildup”. I never saw it. When I arrived I found the camp at work organizing a move to higher ground but it was a controlled plan and very methodical.

1-30-17 ~ Rick Perry Is on the Board of the Company Building the Dakota Access Pipeline
Donald Trump’s pick to run the Energy Department also happens to be the favorite politician of the company attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. For the past two years, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has held a paid position on the board of directors of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the controversial project. ETP paid Perry $236,820 in 2015. ETP CEO Kelcy Warren poured millions of dollars into Perry’s political ambitions. Warren was involved in both Perry’s official and unofficial campaign organizations. He served as the official campaign’s finance chairman, and he chipped in $6 million to super-PACs backing Perry.

1-29-17 ~ Local Leadership comes to decision, Oceti Sakowin Headsmen meet with ND Governor
After days of deliberation between the North Dakota Governor’s office, the Oceti Sakowin Headsmen Council and numerous Tribal Reps – the state will begin taking apart the backwater bridge barricade. Removing razor wire, and some of the concrete. They have also agreed to pull back the visible amount of the Nat’l Guard on the hills overlooking camp. The Governor’s office has also stated that they will encourage law enforcement near the backwater bridge to not have any weapons (lethal or non-lethal) on their person during this desecalation.

1-29-17 ~ US Veterans to return to Standing Rock after Dapl decision to continue
“In the past two weeks the turmoil and uncertainty at Standing Rock has increased significantly. We have continued to stay in contact with indigenous and camp leadership and have identified several areas where the Veterans Stand network can continue to serve the needs of the camp and local community.” said Veterans

1-28-17~ US Veterans to return to Standing Rock after Dapl decision to continue
LOS ANGELES, CA : In response to recent aggressions and the passing of legislation which clears the way for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Veterans Stand is announcing that we will continue operations in support of the people of Standing Rock, the Water Protectors who have held the front lines, and the sustainability of our precious environment.

1-28-17 ~ As Trump Reboots Pipeline Expansion, An Unexpected Delay Emerges
On Thursday, Norman Bay, one of just three current members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), said he would resign effective Feb. 3, even though his term isn’t up until next year. His announcement came shortly after Trump decided Bay’s fellow commissioner, Cheryl LaFleur, would serve as the Commission’s new chair.

1-28-17 ~ As Trump Reboots Pipeline Expansion, An Unexpected Delay Emerges
Just as President Trump takes power promising to ramp up oil and gas production, a sudden resignation in a key agency threatens to put such projects on hold across the United States. The resignation could mean costly delays for some major pipeline projects. The independent agency oversees the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas and oil. It’s supposed to have five commissioners, but Bay’s departure leaves FERC with just two — not enough for the required quorum to make decisions. Some projects that have been through years of regulatory review and were nearing the finish line could now be in limbo for months.

1-27-17 ~ Malia Obama takes on Trump: Former first daughter joins rally protesting President’s plan to revive the Dakota Access Pipeline then attends private event with Standing Rock chairman
The 18-year-old student, who will be heading off to Harvard University later this year, was one of approximately 100 people who gathered on Main Street at the Sundance Film Festival to let it be known how upset she was with President Trump’s plan to move forward with the controversial transport system.

1-26-17 ~ Indian Treaty of 1868 That Says DAPL Is ILLEGAL Permits Natives To Take Up Arms and “Arrest” Any “Bad Men Among the Whites” Who Violate It
You may have known that the Indian Treaties of 1851 and 1868 declare the Standing Rock Reservationto be much bigger than it is today, including encompassing land that the Dakota Access Pipeline is being illegally built on. But there is a clause you might not have heard about. That clause allows Natives to take up arms and ARREST “Bad men among the whites” who violate the treaty!

1-26-17 ~ Judge calls unexpected hearing after President Trump’s Dakota Access push
Judge James E. Boasberg scheduled a hearing next week to address the latest developments regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. The move was unexpected because the parties weren’t due to appear in court until sometime in February.

1-26-17 ~ Standing Rock Camp Founder Refuses to Shut Down Water Protector Camp
On January 20, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council “unanimously voted to support the district of Cannon Ball in asking all Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to leave the area and canceling plans for a nearby winter camp,” reported the Bismarck Tribune. “Cody Two Bears, the Cannon Ball district representative to the tribal council, said the district is requesting federal law enforcement aid in removing protesters from the district and setting up posts blocking those who do not live or work in the district from entering. The district requests these actions be taken in the next 30 days.”

A bill to allow oil companies to avoid reporting some of their spills passed in the North Dakota House this afternoon in a 82-11 vote. The bill (read it here) is sponsored by Rep. Roscoe Streyle, a Republican from Minot, who received the following campaign donations from the oil industry in 2014: Bill #1151 Courtesy of the Continental Resources PAC: $1,000
Marathon Oil Company Employees PAC: $750
ND Oil PAC: $1,500
Newfield PAC: $300
Tesoro PAC: $400
Whiting Petroleum: $300
WPX Energy PAC: $750

1-26-17 ~ ND House Passes Bill to Hide Oil Spills
Current state law requires oil companies to report all their spills. But Streyle’s bill would let oil companies keep secret their “contained” spills of 420 gallons or less.

Returning to Standing Rock was the immediate response for some. Chase Iron Eyes, a high-profile water protector who is a longtime activist and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, posted a widely shared message on his Facebook page January 24: “Fighters, brothers and sisters. Come. Heed the call to defend this country against all enemies, foreign & domestic. We shall find out who loves this land, who is loyal to the water and who is a traitor to this land, to our water.”

1-25-17 ~ Following Trump’s Pipeline Order, Sheriff Issues Warning To DAPL Water Protectors
“The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is monitoring the area of the camps in the event that protestors choose to gather in opposition to the executive action. While the department does not release details of its operational plans and strategies or confirm the number of law enforcement it has available to respond at any given time, the department does have plans to respond and deal with any potential protest actions that may become unlawful. This is prudent when it comes to what the department does and how it prepares for situations.”

1-25-17 ~ Army sides with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in ordering Environmental Impact Statement
Anybody who wants to comment on the scope of the EIS process can submit remarks by Feb. 20 on the pipeline’s proposed Oahe Reservoir crossing of the Missouri River one-half mile upstream from Standing Rock’s main drinking water intake, the Army said in a Federal Register publication.

1-25-17 ~ Shailene Woodley on Malia Obama’s Presence at Sundance Standing Rock Solidarity Event Against DAPL
President Obama’s daughter. Also, to witness a human being and a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her, but someone who’s willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes, regardless of her last name, that if she doesn’t participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children.

1-25-17 ~ Standing Rock may be the first battle site in Trump’s war on the environment
rump’s orders, in themselves, did not completely undo the Obama administration’s pipeline decisions, but they are clear indicators that such an outcome is in the works. TransCanada, the Keystone project’s owner, is being asked to resubmit the project application (with the caveat that Trump wants the pipeline built with 100% American steel). Meanwhile, the Army Corps of Engineers is being ordered to “review and approve in an expedited manner” the North Dakota pipeline plan of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners.

1-25-17 ~ “I’m Afraid They Are Out to Kill”: Water Protectors Testify to Police Violence at Standing Rock
On Tuesday, Donald Trump took action to revive the contested Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. He signed the presidential memorandum as water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota were gathered to testify to a wide range of police abuse. One of those to testify was Diné water protector Marcus Mitchell, who has lost sight in his left eye after being hit by a bean bag round fired by police last week. We hear his testimony and then get response from water protector Bobbi Jean Three Legs of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and longtime Anishinaabe activist Winona LaDuke.

1-24-17 ~ DAPL COUGH
The DAPL cough story may never be heard!! Dean explains ” Ijust happened across this and I could be off base too but do you know this area “The plane was in flight for about 2 hours and 20 minutes, according to FlightAware, a flight tracking data company. It left Fargo Hector International Airport around 2:20 p.m. and headed west for Wells County where the aircraft circled the area at points furthest north near the James River before traveling back toward Fargo. The plane that crashed was had a big wig flying it for the company Weather Modification LLC

1-24-17 ~ Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline
Accordingly, pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct as follows:
Sec. 2. Directives. (a) Pipeline Approval Review. The Secretary of the Army shall instruct the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), including the Commanding General and Chief of Engineers, to take all actions necessary and appropriate to:

1-24-17 ~ Leaked Memo Silences Department of Interior
No correspondence should be cleared to go to Congress or to any Governor until it has been reviewed by the Acting Chief of Staff and/or Senior White House Advisor. The OES will be responsible for tasking these letters for response . The incoming leadership team will decide whether to continue or modify these instructions.

1-24-17 ~ EPA employees are rebelling against Trump EPA nominee Scott Pruitt by leaking everything
When Donald Trump picked radical anti-environment extremist Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, it was clearly with the intent of destroying the agency from within, so that Trump’s big-money corporate donors would be more free to pollute as they please. So it’s not surprising that Pruitt is already taking internal steps to sabotage the effectiveness of the EPA. What is some
what surprising is that EPA employees are actively rebelling against him by leaking everything he’s doing, even though they’ve been told to keep it to themselves.

1-24-17 ~ Sources: Trump Administration Tells EPA To Cut Climate Page From Website
Donald Trump’s administration has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website, two agency employees told Reuters, the latest move by the newly minted leadership to erase ex-President Barack Obama’s climate change initiatives.

1-24-17 ~ Federal Workers Told To Halt External Communication In First Week Under Trump
Multiple federal agencies have told their employees to cease communications with members of Congress and the press. The freeze has startled aides on the Hill and people at those agencies, who worry that it could abruptly upend current operations and stifle work and discussions that routinely take place between branches of government.

1-24-17 ~ Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama
President Trump sharply changed the federal government’s approach to the environment on Tuesday as he cleared the way for two major oil pipelines that had been blocked, and set in motion a plan to curb regulations that slow other building projects.

1-24-17 ~ Trump Signs Executive Orders On Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines
President Donald Trump signed executive orders on Tuesday to push forward the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, opening new fronts in his looming war with environmentalists.

1-24-17 ~ The Standing Sioux Tribe Just Responded to Trump’s Dakota Pipeline Order
“We urge you to fight and stand tall besides us,” a Facebook post on the tribe’s page says, encouraging supporters to take advantage of the recently announced Environmental Impact assessment and submit comments to the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as “call your congressional representatives and let them know that thepeople do not stand behind today’s decision. ” “Stand together as one and we will not fall,”

1-24-17 ~ BREAKING: Trump Signs Executive Order Forcing Continuation of DAPL & Keystone XL
The entire substance of the executive order was not made immediately clear. However, they will fulfill campaign promises Trump made to approve both pipelines — which have been vehemently opposed by a massive bipartisan sect. forcing-continuation-of-dapl-keystone-xl pipeline

1-24-17 ~ Trump signs executive orders to advance Keystone XL, Dakota Access pipelines
Trump signed executive orders that will make it easier for TransCanada to construct the Keystone XL pipeline and for Energy Transfer Partners to build the final uncompleted portion of the Dakota Access pipeline.

1-24-17 ~ Trump issues EPA media blackout and suspends agency’s grants
The Trump administration has instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants, part of a broader communications clampdown within the executive branch.

1-24-17 ~ Trump Executive Order on DAPL Violates Law and Tribal Treaties
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said today that President Donald Trump’s executive action towards an approval of an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline risks contaminating tribal and American water supplies while disregarding treaty rights. The Trump administration’s politically motivated decision violates the law and the Tribe will take legal action to fight it.

1-24-17 ~ Cops at Standing Rock are threatening a new crackdown on protests—and asking for Trump’s help
For the law enforcement agency responsible for much of the ongoing violence against the NoDAPL protesters at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota though. Trump’s move isn’t cause for alarm—it’s reason to celebrate. And that should make anyone involved in the Standing Rock protests very, very nervous.

1-23-17 ~ Growing concerns that ROZOL poisoning could be the cause of “camp cough” at Standing Rock camps
Many of the water protectors in Standing Rock have found themselves suffering from what has been deemed as “camp cough,” or “DAPL cough.” Rumors have circulated the illness is from a deliberate poisoning conducted by Dakota Access, but there has been no substantial evidence to support the theory.

1-23-17 ~ Sacred Stone founder, LaDonna Brave Bull, Refuses to Close her Water Protector Camp
Sacred Stone Camp founder LaDonna Brave Bull Allard said Sacred Stone has formed a 501c3 and has plans to build a permanent “green energy” camp. She said their are plans to put a tower in place for cell and Internet service. There are buildings for a dormitory, dining and to store equipment.

1-23-17 Donald Trump is getting ready to hammer the EPA
Trump will soon issue a flurry of executive orders as part of the process of weakening various air and water pollution rules and cutting agency budgets. It’s all part of his plan to dismantle President Obama’s climate policies and make life easier for America’s fossil fuel industry. The big question is how quickly Trump’s team will act — and what sorts of obstacles they’ll face from both federal courts and career staff within the EPA.

1-23-17 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Supports DAPL Protesters Leaving
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council is supporting the district of Cannon Ball’s wish that all Dakota Access pipeline protesters leave the area. The Bismarck Tribune reports that the resolution was passed by the full council Friday. It applies to all three protest camps in North Dakota.

1-23-17 ~ Standing Rock Asks Feds To Evict Water Protectors
In a turn of events that many people have been expecting for months now, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is evicting the very people they have called out to for help to save Mni Sosi (Missouri River) from being further put in harms way by the Dakota Access Pipeline owned by Energy Transfer Partners.

1-21-17 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors – A Letter From Camp
Let us commence and joyfully inaugurate on this day our continual fight for freedom. Justice and the liberation of Mother Earth. We write this letter from Standing Rock where the people called the Spirits, and the Spirits called the people. We are thankful for our hosts, thankful for their invitation for the gifts and healing.

1-21-17 ~ Federally recognized tribes should brace for possible termination policy under Trump
Whether we like it or not, Saglutupiaġataq (“the compulsive liar” in Iñupiatun) is now president of the United States and Republicans control Congress. Federally recognized Alaska Native and American Indian tribes should brace for the worst, including the possibility that Congress may move to terminate federally recognized tribes.

1-21-17 ~ Meyer ranch buffalo under quarantine for Rozol poison
The quarantine includes about 900 buffalo that grazed in one small pasture of Meyer’s former Cannonball Ranch near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation as well as on the former Wilder Ranch to the south. The adult buffalo are under quarantine until September, though yearlings were released from the no-sale hold on Jan. 1.

1-21-17 ~ Standing Rock Tribal Council Approves Evacuation Order for All Camps
In a unanimous vote, Standing Rock Sioux tribal council members voted to close the network of encampments behind the Dakota Access Pipeline protests within 30 days, including the main Oceti Sakowin, Rosebud, and Sacred Stone camps. Council members also voted against providing any temporary camps or shelters to individuals who should remain at the camps after the February 19 deadline. The decision was made in an emergency meeting held on Friday, January 20 at the tribe’s headquarters in Fort Yates, North Dakota.

I came up here to do a job I cant leave yet the Standing Rock people have asked us to clean up our mess. That’s my job now. When we got here we were told to build a sustainable economy environment. We started that we talked about farming , renewable energy to sustain these winters. It was a group effort ripped down by a few people and a few dollars and that’s a shame.”

1-21-17 ~ Cannon Ball asks protesters to leave the district
The district of Cannon Ball is asking all Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to leave the area and not set up a winter camp nearby. “All the individuals at all the camps in and around Cannon Ball need to leave the district,” residents wrote in a 10-point resolution passed during an executive session of a district meeting Wednesday night.

Change is inevitable when a presidential administration occurs. Within hours of the presidential transition, the White House, now under the control of President Donald Trump, took down the Native Americans web page that was part of the Obama White House website for the past eight years. Also gone from the Trump White House website are web pages on civil rights, people with disabilities and climate change.

1-21-17 ~ Tribal council supports asking protesters to leave Cannon Ball
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council unanimously voted to support the district of Cannon Ball in asking all Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to leave the area and canceling plans for a nearby winter camp.

1-21-17 ~ Audio: Rep. Cramer Says He Expects Trump to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline by Next Week
“By next week the EIS will be rescinded,” Cramer told me referring to the lengthy environmental study President Obama initiated in his final days in office. The Congressman said the Trump administration has the authority to rescind it because, in legal filings responding to the pipeline company’s request that the study be enjoined, the Obama administration itself argued that this was the case.

Cold Water Rescue Team Leader files theft and damage charges against the Sheriff Department at #standingrock. Lee has been at Standing Rock helping the community with a “hands on” approach and a team ready to take action to help #waterprotectors as needed. On the day before “Thanksgiving” Lee and his team watched as the Morton County Sheriff’s Department had other plans for their canoes. Please follow Lee’s journey for Justice on FaceBook. please help fund them

1-20-17 ~ Driver liability bill attracts opposition in North Dakota legislative committee
Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, said the bill isn’t meant to deter protesting on the highway. “What this is aimed to do is to protect people who are caught up on a roadway and are blocked by a mob and fear for their life and need to try and extricate themselves from that situation.”

1-19-17 ~ Landowners Sue DAPL Developers
The Morton County landowners are seeking more than $4 million in damages in the federal lawsuit filed this month against Dakota Access LLC, a subsidiary of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners.

Len Foster (Diné), the longtime spiritual leader of Leonard Peltier, says President Barack Obama missed an opportunity for reconciliation with Native Americans when he refused to grant the Petition for Clemency for Peltier, who has been in prison for over 40 years.

People who Peacefully assembled DEMANDING redress of grievances from the government. Does that sound familiar to you? It is RIGHTS granted by the FIRST Amendment. And THIS is how they treat citizens for stand up for their rights while ILLEGAL DRILLING is going on just over the hill and the cops are protecting it.

1-19-17 ~ Water Protectors Score Key Legal Victories in Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline
The North Dakota Supreme Court partially granted a petition that will open the door for out-of-state lawyers to represent the more than 600 people who have been arrested amid the ongoing resistance.

1-19-17 ~ “This Is Not A War” – Standing Rock activists closing in on DAPL drill pad, law enforcement bring in an Avenger weapon system
Inch by inch, coil by razor-tipped coil, Standing Rock activists near the Dakota Access Pipeline drill pad.

1-19-19 ~ ‘Stormfronts’ of North Dakota’s Streets
White supremacists not finished with the Peace Garden State, form hit list of small towns. Since the town of Leith’s victory against white supremacists, eleven towns across North Dakota made their hit list. The towns range from populations of 16 to nearly 7,000. Listed by names, pictures, and real estate advertisements by Pioneer Little Europe North Dakota, a white supremacist operation welcoming Nazis, the Creativity Movement, Ku Klux Klan, militants, white nationalists, and racialists, the North Dakota towns are the group’s next targets to become Aryan enclaves.

1-19-17 ~ UPDATE: Federal judge denies Dakota Access’ motion to block ACOE from pursuing Environmental Impact Study for pipeline project
Dakota Access filed a motion Tuesday asking a federal judge to block the Army Corps of Engineers from pursuing an Environmental Impact Study for the project. That motion was denied by Judge James Boasberg.

1-18-17 ~ Bill allows fines for those disobeying orders to vacate
One of the latest pieces of legislation introduced in response to the months of Dakota Access Pipeline protests would fine individuals for not leaving an area after a law enforcement order to vacate is given.

1-18-17 ~ Dakota Access executive confirms crude already placed in pipeline
Oil is already going into the Dakota Access Pipeline even though the final portion of the controversial project remains in limbo.
In a sworn declaration filed in federal court, a top Dakota Access executive did not detail exactly where the oil has been placed. But vice president Joey Mahmoud said it was near Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

1-18-17 ~ Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement in Connection With Dakota Access, LLC’s Request for an Easement To Cross Lake Oahe, North Dakota

1-17-17 ~ News From Standing Rock – A Huge Win!
A notice of intent has been issued. Notice of Intent” confirms that a FULL Environmental Impact Statement will be required and that can take months. DAPL is already talking about appealing this filing due to another pending decision. It is still a victory for Standing Rock. THE EIS WAS FILED TODAY BY ARMY CORPS. It will be published Weds morning in the Federal Register. 1. input is desired: alternative locations for pipeline crossing Missouri. 2. Potential risks and impacts of an oil spill, and to Lake Oahe, The Standing Rock Sioux Tribes water intakes and the Tribe’s water, treaty fishing and hunting rights ; and 3 information on the extent and location of the Tribe’s treaty rights in Lake Oahu.

1-17-17 ~ Media Blackout: Surface-To-Air Missile System Deployed at Standing Rock
The militarization of law enforcement at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline has apparently reached a whole new level.

1-17-17 ~ Police Restart Propaganda Campaign Against Standing Rock Water Protectors
Activists were right to be weary that their peaceful victory was only temporary. On January 16, police allegedly resumed firing rubber bullets at water protectors praying peacefully at the barrier along the pipeline construction site. A new National Guard site has been set up within the vicinity of the camp in preparation for escalating action between water protectors and police after President Obama leaves office. A missile system was reportedly sighted in the hills behind the barriers that is intended to take down any drones attempting to acquire aerial footage of the pipeline construction site.

1-17-17 ~ Not so Peaceful at Standing Rock
More arrests on Monday and general chaos at times. What began as a Peaceful Prayer March became confrontational and at times, dangerous. An exact count of the arrests is not known but it is said to range from 3 – 6 people.

1-17-17 ~ North Dakota: Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas Fired at Water Protectors
In North Dakota, police opened fire with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets Monday to disperse water protectors holding a prayer march against the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline near the site where Energy Transfer Partners hopes to drill beneath the Missouri River. Police said they arrested at least three people after they cut through a section of razor wire surrounding the site.

1-17-17 ~ Faith Spotted Eagle on the Settler-Colonial Mind-Set
The elder and water protector has been at the forefront of the struggle against DAPL since it began. She has testified before members of the U.S. House of Representatives, written personally to President Barack Obama and even gotten a vote for President herself, from the Electoral College. She was the first Native American to receive an electoral vote for President of the United States, garnering one from a so-called faithless elector in Washington State, who cast a vote for her over Hillary Clinton. Amid all this, Spotted Eagle found time to sit down with Longhouse Media on a few occasions and talk about what makes the DAPL fight so important.

As part of President Obama’s historic commitment to empowering tribal nations, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Interior Deputy Secretary Michael L. Connor last Friday joined tribal leaders to celebrate four landmark water rights settlements that will resolve contention among tribes and neighboring communities over water rights and improve the quality of life for tribal communities and their non-Indian neighbors.

1-15-17 ~ Cass County sheriff says intense North Dakota pipeline protests haunted his dreams nightly
But a leading activist involved in the pipeline protests maintains that police were not restrained, acted provocatively and fired rubber bullets, beanbag charges and used stun grenades — allegations Laney and other law enforcement officials deny. “The police themselves have defiled sacred land,” said Joye Braun, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network. “They are in fact provoking the protectors.”

1-13-17 ~ Police Spent Over $22,000,000 Guarding DAPL Big Oil… Now They Want American Tax-Payers To Pay For It
The cost of policing the Dakota Access pipeline protests in North Dakota has surpassed $22 million — an amount that would fund the state Treasury Department for two decades and $5 million more than the state set aside last year.

1-13-17 ~ Three protesters see trespass cases dismissed
The cases pertain to Charles Thayer, Orion Yazzie and Eric Lewis, who were charged with criminal trespass in connection with a Dakota Access Pipeline protest in Morton County on Sept. 13. They were among 22 people arrested that day at a work site near Almont where two people locked themselves to construction equipment.

1-12-17 ~ Standing Rock Colorado – The Front Range is the Next Front Line of Defense
Boulder County’s fracking moratorium expires in 2017 and all legal options to stop the poisoning of the families living on the Front Range have been exhausted. Colorado’s political and corporate love of a never-ending energy future of fracked crude oil has won. They won’t stop until all water sources have been poisoned, all wildlife is sick and diseased, and the front range of Colorado is littered with cancer clusters and trending infant mortality rates.

1-12-17 ~ Landowners sue Dakota Access Pipeline over threats, fraud
A group of landowners in Morton County, North Dakota, has sued the company responsible for developing the Dakota Access Pipeline, claiming the company deceived them during negotiations for pipeline easements.

1-12-17 ~ The Oceti Sakowin Fire
The Horn is officially extinguishing the fire at the current Oceti Sakowin Camp. This news comes as camp begins preparations to move to higher ground before the oncoming spring flood.

1-12-17 ~ Backwater Bridge declared structurally sound
The governor’s office and Morton County Sheriff’s Department say they will not re-open the road until there is an “assurance no criminal activity will take place and federal law enforcement has been introduced into the protest camp to restore law and order.”

1-11-17 ~ Lawsuit accuses Dakota Access of misleading landowners
A group of landowners claims in a U.S. District Court case that Dakota Access agents harassed, threatened and intimidated them and used fraud and misleading statements to secure a lower price in exchange for allowing the pipeline to cross their land.

1-11-17 ~ Motorist liability introduced in response to pipeline protests
“They’re not there for the protesters,” said Rep. Keith Kempenich of public roadways as a staging point. “They’re intentionally putting themselves in danger.” He said, on one occasion, about 100 cars were parked along a road in Morton County and his mother-in-law was passing through and slowed down. He said at one point an individual jumped out in front of the vehicle and was waving a sign.

1-11- 17 ~ Report: Wis. deputy assisting at ND pipeline protest drunk at helm of squad car
A St. Croix County (Wis.) sheriff’s deputy likely consumed at least 15 shots of vodka before getting behind the wheel of his squad car, where he was found passed out with the vehicle’s transmission in drive and his foot on the brake.

1-11-17 ~ How does fracking work, exactly?
Using hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling to extract oil or gas from shale rock involves a number of steps. Let’s walk through a basic fracking operation for natural gas in, say, the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania:

1-10-17 ~ Colorado woman pleads not guilty to federal charges related to DAPL protest
Thirty-seven-year-old Red Fawn Fallis is charged with civil disorder, discharge of a firearm in connection to a felony crime of violence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

1-9-17 ~ Tribe, corps side against Dakota Access in court claim
A lawsuit that originally pitted the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for improperly authorizing the Dakota Access Pipeline, now has both parties on the same side: They both are refuting the pipeline’s claim that it has all the necessary permission to bore under the Missouri River/Lake Oahe near the tribe’s reservation boundary.

12-9-17 ~ Morton County Officials FINALLY Being Sued For “Excessive Force” Against Standing Rock Protesters
he National Lawyers Guild (NLG) filed a class action suit through the US District Court against Morton County, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirschmeier, and other law enforcement agencies for using excessive force against Dakota Access Pipeline protesters earlier this month.

1-8-17 ~ A Mexican Crossing Lines – Special In Depth Report
KPPP-LP’s in depth report on the kidnapping of Mary Trujillo by Melanie Stoneman and the framing of Kathleen Bennett by Bill Running Fisher, Melanie Stoneman, and Morton County’s involvement.

1-8-17 ~ Colin Kaepernick Donates $50,000 to Standing Rock Health Clinic
Half of the funds will pay the salaries of the doctors and nurses at the medical clinic at Standing Rock. Following San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest last year standing against the national anthem in the pursuit of racial justice, the football player also pledged to donate US$1,000,000 to various social justice causes over the course of 10 months.

1-8-17 ~ These Striking Images Prove the Fight for Standing Rock Is Far From Over
The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline are not over. After the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the controversial pipeline in on December 4, the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters celebrated, and thousands of protesters left the camps in North Dakota. However, there are still activists occupying the site in freezing temperatures as they wait out Dakota Access Pipeline crews who have yet to leave.

1-7-17 ~ Actor Jeff Bridges Gives Powerful Speech In Honor of Standing Rock Activists at Awards Ceremony
At the National Board of Review Awards on Wednesday, actor Jeff Bridges accepted his best supporting actor award in honor of the activists and water protectors at Standing Rock, Vulture reported. I also want to thank all those folks at Standing Rock, and all those people supporting them. The movie deals with the consequences of looking out only for your own self-interest, what that costs not just to you, but everybody. And those folks at Standing Rock, they’re looking out not only for their own interests, but for all of our interests, making sure we live on a healthy planet. I support them, I applaud them, and I accept this award on their behalf.

1-7-17 ~ Native American Solar Energy Visionary Equips Standing Rock Protesters With Green Technology
Henry Red Cloud knelt down on the snow-packed ground at the Standing Rock Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. He didn’t seem to mind the frigid cold as he used his bare hands to secure an outlet to a solar air heater, one of 11 he installed one December day at the Oceti Sakowin Camp to help protesters there stay warm as temperatures dipped below zero.

1-1-17 ~ Standing Rock Represents A Shift In American Consciousness
Water is sacred. Water is life. Water is freedom. Water heals. What the world has witnessed at Standing Rock is an unprecedented coming together of Tribal peoples and representatives of indigenous cultures from around the world who understand the urgency of protecting the sacredness of the water and the land.

1-1-17 ~ Stevens Point City Council Ends ’16 w/ Resolution to ‘Actively Oppose’ Dakota Pipeline
NOW THERFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the Stevens Point Common Council will actively oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through the sacred grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation by directing its citizens to the resources necessary to be an empowered supporter of the indigenous opposition whenever possible.

1-5-17 ~ Robert Redford: Stay Inspired and Stay Peaceful on Standing Rock
I’ve been looking back on the year that was 2016, and thinking about gratitude. One of the remarkable things that happened this year about which I’m supremely grateful is the movement at Standing Rock.

1-5-17 ~ Leonard Peltier Message of Solidarity to Water Protectors
Greeting Sisters and Brothers: I have been asked to write a SOLIDARITY statement to everyone about the Camp of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor. I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement as my eyes get so blurred from tears and my heart swells with pride, as chills run up and down my neck and back. I’m so proud of all of you young people and others there.

Reminiscent of when Marlon Brando sent Sacheen Littlefeather (Apache) to accept the Oscar for his role in “The Godfather” at the 1973 Academy Awards, last night Jeff Bridges used his acceptance speech at the National Board of Review ceremony to thank the water protectors at Standing Rock for “looking out not only for their own interests, but for all of our interests , making sure we live on a healthy planet.”

1-5-17 ~ What comes after Standing Rock?
A cheery spirit of industry runs through the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock. You can hardly walk 50 feet without coming across someone sawing wood or pounding in tent stakes or lugging a crate of canned tomatoes to the kitchen.

1-5-16 ~ BREAKING: Rogue Tribal Council Votes to Evict NoDAPL Camp, Use Donated Funds to Pay Off Debt
In an astonishingly abrupt move, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Council went rogue and voted to shut down the Camp of the Sacred Stones — the original encampment set up by Indigenous youth — and to apply all funds donated in support of the camps to pay off the tribe’s debts.

1-4-16 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council files motion to shut down Sacred Stone Camp
Today’s announcement from Allard only verifies further what many have thought of the tribal council. The decision to try and close Sacred Stone comes shortly after the tribal council’s decision to use $3.2 million of the money donated towards their debts.

Jan. 2017 ~ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – These Are the Defiant “Water Protectors” of Standing Rock
President Trump advances Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, despite protest by hundreds of indigenous tribes

12-30-16 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council accused of misappropriation of donated funds
For months there have been questions regarding why the large donations to the Standing Rock Sioux were not being seen by the water protectors in Standing Rock. People who have been there for months have watched millions of dollars in donations pour in, yet they can still barely get gas.

12-30-16 ~ Native American PROPHECY Of The COLLAPSE of AMERICA Is Dead-On
The following clips are from the Hopi Elders describing the eventual destruction and almost near eradication of nearly 80 million native Americans. His diagnosis of the terminally ill United States is so simple but cuts to the core. All morals and values have been subverted to create a nihilistic empire collapsing under it’s own corruption and ego.

12-30-16 ~ Standing Rock issues winter storm disaster declaration
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday issued a disaster declaration due to a winter storm earlier this week that caused power outages and hazardous travel.

12-30-16 ~ Out Charges Against Journalist Who Covered Dakota Access Pipeline
Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of Democracy Now, was facing riot charges related to a report she filed earlier this month from a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. At a hearing Monday in Mandan, North Dakota, Judge John Grinsteiner ruled there was no probable cause to support the allegations, and he dismissed the case.

12-28-16 ~ Standing Rock – DAPL Threatens Lives of Water Protectors in Prayer
Report on the militarized police and Dakota Access Pipeline Security attack on Water Protectors on Tues. Dec. 27, 2016. There were 15-20 with shields, 6-8 armored vehicles, a bunch of vans, a sound cannon and water cannons rolled out again, this time around Turtle Island sacred site and Heyoka Camp.

12-28-16 ~ More arrests made at Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp Tuesday
Morton County law enforcement officials say there were more arrests made at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp on Tuesday. The Morton County Public information officer is preparing a release to be sent out later today with more information on the arrests.

12-28-16 ~ Water Protectors Arrested, Shot At, During Prayer Dec. 27, 2016
“Earlier today: Water Protectors are in a Prayer Circle at the top of Turtle Island and are at the Constantina wire with massive police mobilization close behind! Water Cannons drove out but turned around. Police armed with less than lethal weapons. “2 pm today: Police Arrest and Violate the Religious Freedoms of 4 Peaceful Water Protectors Praying by the Mni Wiconi on a Peaceful Prayer Walk! Share Everywhere! Praying peacefully is a right all people have! Police mobilizing 5+ Humvees and massive presence!

12-28-16 ~ “Dear Native Young”: Carlos Santana’s Powerful Message for Young Lakota People
“I want to send a special message to my young Lakota relatives. The Creator has blessed me with a successful music career. But I was tested along the way; and it has been a long, hard journey to get where I am today – and life hasn’t always been easy or a piece of cake. Although our struggles can feel overwhelming, it’s important to remember that they are temporary.

12-28-16 ~ North Dakota: Four Water Protectors Arrested Opposing Pipeline
Water protectors say the four were taking part in a peaceful prayer walk and encountered police armed with a water cannon, riot gear and armored vehicles.

12-28-16 ~ Investors Delay $2 Billion Purchase of Dakota Access Pipeline Stake
Meanwhile, the company building the Dakota Access pipeline suffered another setback this week, after a pair of major investors held off on a purchase of a $2 billion stake in the project. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Enbridge Energy Partners and Marathon Petroleum Corporation won’t meet a previous deadline of December 31 to complete a sale.

12-28-16 ~ Indigenous youth from northern Sask. walking to Standing Rock
A group of eight young Indigenous men and women from Stanley Mission, Sask. passed through Regina on Tuesday as part of a 1400-kilometre journey on foot.

12-28-16 ` How President Obama Has Protected Our Sacred Land for Future Generations
Today, President Barack Obama has signed a proclamation to protect this land as a national monument for future generations of Navajo people and for all Americans. Thanks to his action, this land will be finally given the legal reverence and protection it deserves.

12-28-16 ~ DAPL Hero Charged With Felony Terrorizing For Saving Lives by De-escalating Deadly AR15 Standoff
In return for heroically de-escalating a situation in which an employee of the Dakota Access Pipeline pointed a loaded AR-15 at bystanders, Brennon Nastacio is being charged with a felony — and has been placed on the Morton County Sheriff’s most wanted list.

12-28-16 ~ Why I Answered the Call for Veterans to Go to Standing Rock
At Standing Rock, for the first time, I felt like I was finally serving the people. I lay among friends, huddled and cold in our sleeping bags. We listened to the lashing wind and the drums and prayer chants coming from the sacred fire, and we reflected on why we, four Iraq War veterans, were here.

12-27-16 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman gives Thanks to Water Protectors
Today, I want to take time to thank each and everyone of you who stood with us over the course of the past year. We face a long struggle ahead, but let that not overshadow the tremendous victory we have achieved here. I want to take today to recognize that this would not have happened without you.

12-27-16 ~ MEDIA BLACKOUT! The DAPL Protests Are STILL Going Strong Because the Pipeline Is Still Being ILLEGALLY Built
Water protesters celebrated Christmas as the fight against the pipeline continues into 2017. Despite Christmas day bringing harsh winter conditions, Dakota Acess pipeline protestors have continued their fight and brought in the holidays together.

12-27-16 ~ MEDIA BLACKOUT! The DAPL Protests Are STILL Going Strong Because the Pipeline Is Still Being ILLEGALLY Built
Despite Christmas day bringing harsh winter conditions, Dakota Acess pipeline protestors have continued their fight and brought in the holidays together. December has been a particularly brutal month for protesters at the camp. Many decided to leave after an earlier blizzard left more than half a foot of snow and strong winds whipped the protest site.

12-26-16 ~ North Dakota: The Historic Blizzard of March 1966
One of the most severe blizzards on record to impact the Northern Plains occurred 50 years ago between March 2-5 of 1966. The blizzard was particularly memorable for its long duration, as well as for its very heavy snowfall totals of 20 to 30 inches in some locations and wind gusts exceeding 70 mph at times. Snowfall totals reached as high as 38 inches, with drifts 30 to 40 feet high in some locations.

26-16 ~ Dakota 38 + 2 Wokiksuye by Matt Remle
On December 26th 1862, the United States Army hung 38 Dakota warriors in Makato, Minnesota. It was, and remains, the largest mass execution in American colonial history. Two Dakota warriors who had escaped into Canada were eventually captured, returned to the United States, and hanged at Fort Snelling in 1865.

Even though the winter solstice officially arrived at 5:44 a.m. this past Wednesday morning, it has already been a long winter for the water protectors, who have opposing the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. For most of December, water protectors have faced fierce snowstorms, coupled with the harsh prairie winds, that have brought windchill temperatures well below zero, water protectors are enjoying Christmas in the warmth of camp fires, propane heaters and generosity of thousands across Indian Country and beyond. On Christmas Eve, the Pueblo campers made dozens of luminarias to line the pathway to bring the Christmas spirit to the camp.

12-25-16 ~ North Dakota DAPL Protests Continue Despite Winter Storms
Water protesters celebrated Christmas as the fight against the pipeline continues into 2017.
Despite Christmas day bringing harsh winter conditions, Dakota Acess pipeline protestors have continued their fight and brought in the holidays together.

12-25-16 ~ Riding to Reconciliation
For the 11th Year, the Dakota 38+2 Wokiksuye Ride Seeks Solace & Healing

12-25-16 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman gives Thanks to Water Protectors
The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Dave Archambault II, sends a message of thanks and recognition to the water protectors involved in the fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline.

12-24-16 ~ Christmas comes to Standing Rock: Christmas Stockings, Cold Weather Supplies and Gifts Delivered to Water Protectors At DAPL Protest Camp
When a child in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest camp asked recently if Santa would be delivering presents to the children at the camp this Christmas, a Standing Rock Sioux tribal member was able to say yes, thanks to the generosity of others.

12-23-16 ~ Veterans for Standing Rock – A Photo Essay
On December 2, Ruth Fowler joined a convoy of approximately 4,500 veterans heading to North Dakota in response to a plea put out by Michael Wood Jr. and Wesley Clarke Jr. for fellow vets to support Standing Rock water protectors and provide frontline relief.

12-23-16 ~ Local DAPL protesters stay in N.D. for holidays
It may be Christmas, but that is not stopping Kentwood resident Lee Sprague and hundreds of others protesters that are hunkered down in North Dakota. But despite camping in sub-zero temperatures this year, he says they’re still feeling the holiday spirit.

12-23-16 ~ DAPL Water Protectors Forge a Way Forward Against the ‘Black Snake’
Though it hasn’t ended, it has shifted drastically on several fronts, and the fate of the situation remains unpredictable. While the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continues to fight their battle through diplomacy and legal action, President-elect Donald Trump continues to appoint climate change deniers to his cabinet, which does not bode well for any environmentalist causes. 1000s are staying and they’re here sacrificing for us because DAPL won’t stand down. They need our courage right now, not our doubt. That’s it. We help when it gets tough, we don’t run.”

Members of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference braved subfreezing temperatures December 15 to deliver 700 Christmas stockings to water protectors still camped near the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

12-22-16 ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘We Need To Organize And Mobilize’
Many of those alarmed by the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump are turning to Sanders for guidance as to how to wage an effective opposition force. His main point? Organization is everything.

12-22-16 ~ Black Snake Bleeding Out: How DAPL Is Duping Investors
The Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) is yet another violent variable in the equation of environmental racism that plagues the United States, and the world—to the peril of Indigenous and low-wealth communities of color everywhere.

The incoming chairman of the U.S. Committee on Indian Affairs, Senator John Hoeven (R – North Dakota) wants the water protectors fighting against the Dakota Access pipeline to leave the encampments.

12-22-16 ~ Sierra Club supporters close bank accounts to express opposition toward Dakota Access Pipeline
While some opponents to the Dakota Access Pipeline held signs outside the First Hawaiian Bank Headquarters Thursday afternoon, others like Vicky Holt-Takamine closed their bank accounts.

The tribal council states: “we are in no way ‘negotiating’ with the companies nor the administration. we are not giving into the proposed route and never will.”

12-21-16 ~ More than 220 Scientists Say Dakota Access Pipeline Threatens Biodiversity and Clean Water
The DAPL is a proposed 30-inch diameter pipeline spanning approximately 1,150 miles to transport crude oil in the United States. In July 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of Fort Yates, North Dakota filed a lawsuit against the United States Army Corps of Engineers over the approved construction of DAPL segments in North Dakota despite assessments ignoring important ecological, cultural, socioeconomic, and public health impacts on the Tribe and region.

12-21-16 ~ ‘This Is Our Ghost Dance.’ Standing Rock Sioux Will Continue Their Dakota Access Pipeline Battle
Despite a freezing winter, hundreds of activists and Native Americans hunker down in a sustained effort to block an oil pipeline next to the Standing Rock reservation.

12-21-16 ~ Dalrymple: Mob rule, intimidation overshadow tribe’s concerns in DAPL protest
The Dakota Access Pipeline has been marred by a steady stream of misinformation and rumor. As governor of North Dakota, I feel it’s important to share facts regarding the route, permitting and our North Dakota law enforcement’s exemplary management of protesters.

12-21-16 ~ Trudeau says First Nations ‘don’t have a veto’ over energy projects
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in British Columbia Tuesday for the first time since approving a new $6.8 billion Trans Mountain oil pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, said he respects the right of opponents to vigorously protest the project.

12-21-16 ~ Judge Orders #NoDAPL Defendants to Pay Their Lawyers: “You Can Get a Job and Pay These Costs Back”
Earlier this month a state prosecutor handling some of the hundreds of criminal cases resulting from the #NoDAPL protests filed a motion stating that the state would be seeking to have the activist defendants reimburse the state for their public defenders.

President Barack Obama announced yesterday what he called a permanent ban on new oil and gas drilling in federal waters in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans in a bold move to preserve an environmental legacy that cannot be so quickly undone by Donald Trump

12-21-16 ~ Senate Confirms First Native American Ambassador…
The Senate confirmed Keith Harper as ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council Tuesday, making him the first Native American to ever become a U.S. ambassador.Harper is an attorney who was one of the lawyers behind a landmark class action lawsuit brought by Native Americans against the federal government.

12-21-16 ~ Watch the Bizarre Videos That Cops Made About the North Dakota Pipeline Protesters
At a press conference on December 8, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple complained that his state has found itself “outgunned” in countering a “social-media machine” operated by shadowy environmentalist groups in support of the anti-pipeline protests near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

12-21-16 ~ Jane Fonda Celebrates 79th Birthday Supporting Standing Rock with Lily Tomlin and Frances Fisher
Jane Fonda returned to her activist roots for her 79th birthday on Wednesday in Los Angeles when she appeared at a rally with famous friends Lily Tomlin, Frances Fisher and Catherine Keener.

12-21-16 ~ Fonda calls on Trump to back native American protest
The actress spoke out as she closed her account at the Hollywood branch of Wells Fargo in protest at the bank’s investment in the Dakota Access Pipeline, the subject of a months-long protest by indigenous tribes.

12-20-16 ~ With phones and drones, capturing Standing Rock images the public was never supposed to see
“If you do not like what you’re seeing, please share it,” Kevin Gilbert says, narrating a video he filmed with his phone and broadcast live on Facebook. It turns out that many people didn’t like what they saw the night of November 20, when activists trying to remove a barricade near the Dakota Access Pipeline’s contested site on Highway 1806 were met with water cannons wielded by law enforcement officers.

12-20-16 ~ North Dakota Becomes First U.S. State To Legalize Use of Armed Drones by Police To Defend ILLEGAL Pipeline
As if it isn’t bad enough that drone-driven weapons are actually a thing… now, police in North Dakota are able to use this technology to remote-control situations that they feel require weaponized force — most notably and obviously, against protesters fighting the illegal Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

12-20-16 ~ Sage Against The Machine
There’s a battle happening right here on U.S. soil and it’s at a place called Standing Rock. Standing Rock is a Sioux indian reservation in North Dakota. Now I’m pretty sure if you’re an American you know the story of how white people came to this country and pretty much stole land from the Native Americans.

12-20-16 ~ Inspection planned for bridge closed by protest
A bridge that’s been closed for nearly two months because of possible damage during the Dakota Access Pipeline protest will be inspected Thursday to determine whether it needs repairs before being reopened.

12-20-16 ~ Two protesters convicted in first pipeline jury trial
The trial pertained to two men — Benjamin Schapiro, 30, of Ohio, and Steven Voliva, 62, of Washington — who were arrested Sept. 27 and accused of blocking a highway to allow a caravan of protesters to proceed. A jury convicted the men of obstructing a highway and disorderly conduct, and fined them $1,285.

12-20-16 ~ Treatment leaves mark upon our history
“Finally, as Austin Emineth’s recent letter exemplifies, “go home” is a coded message. It also means “we don’t want you here,” and “we don’t want to hear what you have to say.” This “go home” bigotry and xenophobia has been on vicious display in North Dakota. It signals that we do not care about being better as a people; do not care about learning from others; do not care about the thoughts, well-being, or lives of strangers.”

12-20-16 ~ How Faith Spotted Eagle became the first Native American to win an electoral vote for president
As Faith Spotted Eagle, 68, drove to the Yankton Sioux Reservation’s offices Tuesday morning, she remembered when she was a young girl, maybe 8 years old, fishing with her father along the Missouri River in South Dakota.

12-20-16 ~ Standing Rock ‘water protectors’ dig in for the winter
Successive blizzards have left the camp thickly blanketed with snow. Even as winter rages over the Dakotas and temperatures plummet below freezing, members of the movement are not ready to pack it in yet. Those who have chosen to hold the ground at Oceti Sakowin have doubts that Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the DAPL, will honour the Army Corps’ decision.

12-19-16 ~ Iowa Farmers Continue Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline
Last week, 9 Iowa farmers and landowners fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline were in court challenging the granting of eminent domain to Energy Transfer Partners, owners of the pipeline. BOLD Iowa is supporting the landowners and opposing the project. State Director Ed Fallon says the court case has national implications and could be precedent setting.

12-19-16 ~ FAA Helps Police Suppress Reporting From Dakota Pipeline Protests
Since large-scale protests began near Standing Rock, the FAA has instituted three no-fly zones that have banned all civilian aircraft—and therefore prevented any aerial footage for news reports—for miles around the protests. This prohibition is particularly powerful in the area near Standing Rock—a rural, widespread, and sparsely-populated area where comparable information is impossible to obtain on the ground.

12-19-16 ~ ND senator calls for remaining Dakota Access protesters to leave
North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) is pushing tribal officials to help vacate a protest camp set up for those demonstrating against the Dakota Access pipeline.

12-18-16 ~ Seattle Divests $3,000,000,000 From Wells Fargo Over Their Funding of ILLEGAL Dakota Access Pipeline
Over the past few months activists opposed to the Dakota Access pipeline have ramped up pressure on the pipeline company’s financiers, and now the city of Seattle is showing what kind of weight a large municipality can add as it looks at taking $3 billion in city business away from Wells Fargo.

12-18-16 ~ Federal Bill Seeks First Native American Land Grab in 100 Years…
Even as the Dakota Access Pipeline protest in Standing Rock has galvanized Native Americans across the U.S., a bill entered in the U.S. House of Representatives by Utah Republican congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz seeks to take 100,000 acresof Ute tribal lands and hand them over to oil and mining companies.

12-17-16 ~ Spiritual: White buffalo have returned: are we considering the message?
I wonder if very many people know that there are three white buffalo walking the earth at this very time. They live in North Dakota. For tribal people, the very existence of these beings is an amazing occurrence. To understand why, is to connect with the spiritual foundations of our lives as tribal people.

12-16-16 ~ WPLC Calls for Morton County Prosecutor Resignation and Permission for Out-of-State Lawyers to Represent Water Protectors
North Dakota Supreme Court issued an order calling for public comments on a petition filed by the Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC), an initiative of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). The deadline for comments is set for 4 PM on Friday, December 30.

The surreal meeting on Friday, December 9, 2016 in Washington, D.C. was a direct result of frontline water protectors, tribal leaders, spiritual leaders and elders, the camps at Standing Rock, and allies all across the world praying and participating in non-violent direct actions for the successful denial of the Dakota Access Pipeline easement and the repeated tribal requests for an Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”).

12-15-16 ~ It’s Not Over. Standing Rock was never just about the pipeline.
It’s about an existential fight against the corporate interests who would sacrifice people and the planet on the altar of short-term gain.

12-15-16 ~ Sitting Bull is Alive, By Chase Iron Eyes
Today, December 15, 2013, marks the 123rd memorial/anniversary of the murder of Chief Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota (Great Sioux Nation). My daughter asked me about the circumstances surrounding Sitting Bull’s murder. I told her how Sitting Bull was one of our people that made the conscious decision to hold on to our ways of life when our world of +123 years ago was falling apart at its very foundations.

12-15-16 ~ Standing Rock: Water Protector Red Fawn Fallis Still in Custody
In more news on Standing Rock, water protector Red Fawn Fallis is still in custody and had a preliminary hearing Monday on a federal charge of possession of a weapon by a felon. She originally faced charges of attempted murder of a police officer—charges that were later dropped by Morton County, reportedly for lack of evidence.

12-15-16 ~ Orlando Bloom Continues To Show Support For Standing Rock
The 39-year-old actor along with Jane Fonda, Rosanna Arquette, Orlando Bloom, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II at the first public conversation in Los Angeles about the Dakota Access Pipeline at the DEPART Foundation.

12-15-16 ~ Prosecutor asks judge to keep environmental, treaty issues out of first protester trial
The first pipeline protesters will go on trial Monday and the prosecutor is asking that they keep issues of tribal sovereignty, the concerns about the Dakota Access Pipeline and “any other social or political cause” out of the courtroom.

12-15-16 ~ From Standing Rock to Trans Mountain, dissent is in the pipeline
Melina Laboucan-Massimo, a Lubicon Cree, grew up in Alberta’s oil country. Since the age of 7, she has joined blockades and protests aimed at protecting her community’s traditional lands from resource development. “I was born into it,” she said in an interview. “It’s my inheritance.”

12-14-16 ~ Sandbranch, Texas: A Small Community Denied Water for Over 30 Years Fights Back
Sandbranch has never had running water in the entire 138 years of its existence, but up until the 1980s, people in the community used well water, which has now either run dry or is too contaminated to drink.

12-14-16 ~ Feds withheld key documents from Standing Rock Sioux
One report modeled damage from potential spills; another weighed the likelihood of spills; a third compared alternative routes and discussed the environmental justice concerns raised by the project.

12-14-16 ~ Feds withheld key documents from Standing Rock Sioux
In its consultations with the Standing Rock Sioux about the pipeline crossing underneath Lake Oahe within a half mile of the reservation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers purposefully withheld key studies that could have helped the tribe evaluate the risks. One report modeled damage from potential spills; another weighed the likelihood of spills; a third compared alternative routes and discussed the environmental justice concerns raised by the project. The revelation highlights the federal government’s perception of its limited responsibility to consult with tribes even on matters that could threaten its welfare.

12-14-16 ~ Water Protector Who Disarmed Dakota Access “Infiltrator” Put on Morton County Most Wanted List
Brennon Nastacio: “To be on Morton County’s most wanted list sends me a message that Morton County doesn’t care about the people at camp. They would have rather let Kyle Thompson come in and shoot everybody at camp than for me to disarm him. I hope that ain’t the case, Morton County. And I hope they realize that I saved lives that day, and drop this arrest warrant that they have out for me. You know, I approached Kyle Thompson to disarm him because I was concerned about the safety of the camp.”

12-14-16 ~ Ancient One Returns to Tribes
the Senate of the United States passed the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016, also referred to as the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act, clearing the way for the Ancient One, also known as the Kennewick Man, to be returned to the Tribe’s for reburial.

12-14-16 ~ After Visiting Standing Rock, Swedish Bank Puts Companies Behind DAPL on Watch
After a visit by its representatives to Standing Rock, Swedish financial institution Nordea announced today that it will not back the Dakota Access Pipeline if it violates the demands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

12-14-16 ~ “Staying Ahead of the Game”
ALL NATIONS CAMP – While Arctic winds and near-record snows pummel the prairies, all is not quiet on the pipeline front. The camp that drew tens of thousands of supporters from across the world, Oceti Sakowin, or the Seven Council Fires Camp, has been shut down. The sacred fire lit continuously since July has been extinguished, but a new fire has taken its place.

12-14-16 ~ U.S. Government Study FINALLY Admits Water Contamination Caused by Fracking
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) recently released study of fracking impacts to water clearly refutes the fracking industry’s long-standing claim that “there has not been one single confirmed case of water contamination related to hydraulic fracturing.”

12-14-16 ~ Attorney’s Call on Morton County to Remove Illegal Blockade of Hwy 1806 To Water Protector Camp
The Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC) an initiative of the National Lawyers Guild sent a letter yesterday to the Morton County Commission and Sheriff Dept. calling for the immediate removal of barriers blocking a section of Hew 1806.

12-14-16 ~ The Misuse of Power & the Rise of the Divine Masculine at Standing Rock
I was inspired this morning to see a video of a veteran on national news announcing that over 2,000 veterans made their way to Standing Rock to serve, protect and support the people after so much violence and human right violations.

12-14-16 ~ The City Of Seattle Plans To Removes $3 Billion From Wells Fargo In Protest To The Atrocities At Standing Rock
Turns out revolutionary acts can have a big impact not just on an individual level, but even spreading out to whole cities. It was announced yesterday in an article from Indian Country Today Media Network that the city of Seattle are attempting to cut ties with Wells Fargo bank due to their support of Energy Transfer Partners .

12-14-16 ~ Rick Perry Is on the Board of the Company Building the Dakota Access Pipeline
Donald Trump’s pick to run the Energy Department also happens to be the favorite politician of the company attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. For the past two years, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has held a paid position on the board of directors of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the controversial project.

12-14-16 ~ Big Muddy and the Black Snake: Environmental Racism and the Dakota Access Pipeline
Lakota and Hopi indians once prophesied a black snake as the eighth of nine signs preceding the end of life. Slithering across the northern plains of America is the Dakota Access Pipeline, now 70 percent complete. The pipeline will transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota more than 1,100 miles to an oil tank farm in Illinois.

12-13-16 ~ Youths From Pine Ridge Reservation Vow to Stay at Standing Rock Despite Blizzards
Oglala Lakota youths from Pine Ridge Reservation were inside their tent at Standing Rock on December 7. A winter blizzard lasting for days continued to howl outside the tent walls with blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures. They have been there for weeks and were joined by veterans from Pine Ridge who went to Standing Rock last weekend, and by four others who needed shelter.

12-13-16 ~ Remembering the US soldiers who refused orders to murder Native Americans
Every Thanksgiving weekend for the past 17 years, Arapaho and Cheyenne youth lead a 180-mile relay from the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site to Denver.
The annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run opens at the site of the Sand Creek Massacre near Eads, Colorado, with a sunrise ceremony honoring some 200 Arapaho and Cheyenne people who lost their lives in the infamous massacre. This brutal assault was carried out by Colonel John Chivington on Nov. 29, 1864.

12-13-16 ~ Sask. protesters brave extreme cold on long walk to Standing Rock
Through freezing winds and extreme cold temperatures, a group of pipeline protesters are on a 1,400-kilometre trek from northern Saskatchewan to Standing Rock, North Dakota.

12-13-16 ~ Ancient One Returns to Tribes
For more than 20 years, Columbia Basin tribe’s have battled to have the remains of the over 9,000 year old Kennewick Man returned for reburial. Discovered in 1996, Kennewick Man, who is among the oldest and most complete skeletons found, has been subject to great controversy as Tribe’s sought to have the ancestor returned and the science community wanting to conduct studies on the remains.

12-13-16 ~ My New Favorite Christmas Song [VIDEO]
After many requests from family and friends, Shoshone Elder Oldhands decided it was time he recorded and posted his original Christmas song. Be careful, it is a rather catchy tune that you will be humming for days.

12-13-16 ~ Archambault, Dalrymple meet, agree barricaded bridge should be reopened
Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault II and Gov. Jack Dalrymple met late Monday in an attempt to restore relations following months of conflict over the Dakota Access Pipeline: The result may be a barricaded bridge near the reservation will be inspected and possibly reopened.

12-13-16 ~ Chairman says rumor swirl of hoarding donations, selling out protest unwarranted
Since then, he’s been accused of selling out the protest and taking money from such unlikely people as pipeline owner Kelcy Warren and using it to buy homes in Florida and Bismarck.

1-13-17 ~ Filings: Pipeline opponents allegedly threatened officials
Police allege in court filings that opponents of the Dakota Access oil pipeline made threats against officers and public officials in North Dakota last year, prompting additional security for the state’s governor.

12-13-16 ~ Port: N.D. will ask #NoDAPL defendants to pay for their own lawyers, prosecutors say
Here’s an excerpt where Erickson argues that the #NoDAPL defendants are really being advised by activist attorneys, and are only taking state-provided indigent defense to run up costs for taxpayers.

12-12-16 ~ Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman’s update on the Dakota Access pipeline
Following last week’s decision by the Department of the Army to not grant the easement under Lake Oahe, we are all focused on important actions that must be undertaken in the coming weeks. The announcement cited need for further examination of key issues, including treaty rights. It was suggestive of a reroute, and indicated that there will be an Environmental Impact Statement initiated to review the crossing. We look forward to this process getting underway.

12-12-16 ~ Kenny Frost – Stockpiles Supplies and the Chairman’s Deal at Standing Rock
This is just one corner of the many warehouse rooms where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stockpiles donations. That were received in recent months. The boxes, marked by the senders of specific camps of water protectors, are in the process of being distributed.

12-12-16 ~ North Dakota law enforcement sends angry letter to Obama administration
Despite our anger and frustration with federal officials in Washington DC, their local representatives, specifically U.S. Attorney Chris Myers and U.S. Marshal Paul Ward, have been tireless champions of our cause. They understand the dynamics of what is occurring within their community and have repeatedly communicated this through their chain of command, only to be met with resistance and contempt for their concerns.

12-12-16 ~ N.D. law enforcement officials ‘completely and utterly abandoned’ by federal government
Officials wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, describing inaction by the federal government during the protests. It was signed by sheriffs and police chiefs from across the state, including Morton County, Minot, Fargo and Wahpeton.

12-12-16 ~ Tulsi Gabbard Proves Once Again That She Is The True Alpha Female Of The Democratic Party
While Elizabeth Warren is busy making viral Youtube videos showing herself bravely browbeating indifferent billionaire bankers who will suffer no consequences for their actions, while Hillary Clinton is frying her circuitry by weeping hydraulic fluid from her mechanical face about her “painful” election loss, while Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp is actively praising the Army Corps’ eviction notice of Dakota Access protesters, Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard is standing with Standing Rock, alongside thousands of her fellow warriors.

12-12-16 ~ Standing Rock chairman says ‘selfish’ for people to stay as some dig in
It’s was seen as a victory, but not all want to leave, despite the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe calling them do so.

12-11-17 ~ Canadian Native Youth Arrive at Standing Rock After Walking for Almost a Month – Buffalo greeted the youth as they arrived at the #NoDAPL camp site.
Three youth from the Woodland Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada, arrived to the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock in North Dakota yesterday (January 10) after walking since November 26, 2016. This journey symbolized their solidarity with the #NoDAPL movement against the 1,172-mile long Dakota Access Pipeline set to cut through sacred territories of the Sioux people.

12-11-17 ~ ‘We must kill the black snake’: Prophecy and prayer motivate Standing Rock movement
There is an ancient Lakota prophecy about a black snake that would slither across the land, desecrating the sacred sites and poisoning the water before destroying the Earth. For many Indigenous people gathered near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, that snake has a name — the Dakota Access pipeline.

12-11-16 ~ Red Warrior Camp Leaves Oceti Sakowin
The Red Warrior Camp has said their official goodbye to Standing Rock. In an official press release published Saturday night, the Red Warrior Camp announces they have officially departed the lands and waters of Oceti Sakowin. Red Warrior Camp was the main direct-action effort and is the reason the pipeline was halted for many days. The bold actions from the protectors of this resistance camp ended up costing Dakota Access Pipeline more out of pocket than any of the other actions.

12-11-16 ~ Mohawks Become First Tribe to Take Down a Federal Dam
A century after the first commercial dam was built on the St. Regis River, blocking the spawning runs of salmon and sturgeon, the stream once central to the traditional culture of New York’s Mohawk Tribe is flowing freely once again.

12-11-16 ~ Exxon’s Pro-Fracking CEO Is Suing to Stop Fracking Near His Mansion
Fancy a side of irony with your corporate hypocrisy? Last night on MSNBC, Nation Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes profiled ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, a vocal proponent of hydraulic fracking, who is suing to prevent the construction of a water tower near his eighty-three-acre, $5 million horse ranch in Bartonville, Texas. The purpose of the tower? Storing water for fracking. Tillerson and his super-wealthy neighbors are concerned, the lawsuit states, that the fracking tower might “devalue their properties and adversely impact the rural lifestyle they sought to enjoy.”

Nineteen Diné families will get running water after a non-profit organization generated around $40,000 from 350 national donations in a single day.

12-11-16 ~ US Court hands Standing Rock another victory
Resistance won’t stop, and starting Jan. 2, dissatisfied investors will have the option of pulling out of the controversial, money-losing project.

12-10-16 ~ Standing Rock Camp 1,000 Warriors Strong, Zero Degrees

12-10-16 ~ Standing Rock Warriors Laugh At Being Told They “Need To Go Home” Because They “Can’t Survive The Winter”
With the Dakota Access Pipeline having been halted for the time being, Stand Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II said on Tuesday that with winter closing in, and calls for extreme weather conditions- for the safety of the water protectors, and best interest of the NoDAPL movement, protectors are urged to leave the camps and continue the battle from the comfort of their own homes.

12-10-16 ~ Veterans came to North Dakota to protest a pipeline. But they also found healing and forgiveness
Inside the auditorium at a reservation casino, Wes Clark Jr. and about a dozen veterans in formation behind him faced a small group of Sioux spiritual leaders. Encircling them, hundreds of other veterans looked on.

12-10-16 ~ Cops Are FINALLY Being Sued For ILLEGALLY Spraying Standing Rock Protesters With Water In Freezing Temperatures
An Excessive Force lawsuit was filed against the Morton Country Sheriff for the gruesome events that took place during a November 20 bridge attack on Water Protectors at DAPL, but the Sheriff’s office continues to assault people claiming the Sheriff simply didn’t know that the lawsuit had been filed. Why didn’t Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier know about the lawsuit?

12-9-16 ~ Veteran Finds Forgiveness, Peace in Standing Rock Fight
For months, Dustin Monroe has made the 11-hour drive from his home in Missoula, Montana, to this remote part of the frozen North Dakota plains to bring supplies and support to the thousands protesting the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The Oceti Sakowin camp has become a second home, a place that has given him a new purpose.

12-9-16 ~ I Went to Cover #StandingRock and What I Found was Eye Opening
After being frustrated with the lack of media coverage and human rights violations Standing Rock was receiving, so my friend Nathalie and I decided to go to North Dakota to get as much footage as possible to share with the world. It was a last minute decision that has changed my view of the world and where I want to take my contributions in journalism. I

12-9-16 ~ ND officials call out federal government for lack of involvement in DAPL protest
In a letter, dated Dec. 9, 12 local law enforcement leaders say that President Barack Obama has abandoned police on the ground, as well as the Bismarck-Mandan community.

12-9-16 ~ Energy Transfer Partners May Have Misled State to Secure Tax Break
The oil and gas company has received more than $250 million in tax breaks through the state’s biggest corporate welfare program.

12-9-16 ~ What’s next for the Dakota Access Pipeline — ND lawmakers weigh in
Rep. Cramer recently met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss the pipeline and says the decision will likely be reversed. “I think we can get this handled rather quickly in a Trump administration,” Cramer said. “He can get that easement in the hands of the companies so they can start construction sometime in middle to early early mid 2017.”

12-8-16 ~ Nebraska Supplied State Troopers, Surveillance Aircraft to North Dakota Under EMAC
Documents acquired through a series of public records requests shine light on ongoing out-of-state law enforcement assistance to the Morton County Sheriff and the state of North Dakota in their militarized police operations to protect construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Greg Wilz, Homeland Security Division Director at the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, appears to be one of the main North Dakota officials responsible for coordinating bringing out-of-state law enforcement to Morton County under EMAC.

12-8-16 ~ Remembering Trudell by Matt Remle
On December 8th, 2015 Santee Sioux activist, artist, actor, poet, and one time national chairman for the American Indian Movement John Trudell passed on.

12-8-16 ~ Masked men tell Dakota Access protesters to go home or they’ll hurt them
The video shows two men who have covered their faces approaching the blocked vehicle. A man with a skull mask tells the protesters to go home, using obscenities. “Us North Dakota people are going to f— you up,” the masked man yells.

12-8-16 ~ Weather affects oil pipeline spill cleanup in North Dakota
The state Health Department says winter weather is affecting cleanup of a “significant” pipeline break that leaked crude oil into a tributary of the Little Missouri River. State environmental scientist Bill Suess (sees) says the spill was discovered Monday by a landowner near Belfield, in western North Dakota. Suess say the cause of the leak is under investigation, and the amount of the spill is unknown.

12-8-16 ~ ‘Miracles Are Happening’: Photos of the Tireless Women of Standing Rock
Thanks to the efforts of Standing Rock protesters, the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been diverted. Photographer Celine Guiout went to Standing Rock to shoot the women who made it happen.

12-8-16 ~ Latest Update For Sophia Wilansky
The latest from her family states she is still undergoing surgical recovery and her bandages are being changed regularly. She is doing much better now and is expected to be able to recover at home and see her dog again this week.

12-8-16 ~ Standing Rock: Protectors Demand Police End Roadblock Amid Blizzard Evacuations
The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council said it has treated two people for hypothermia, and condemned the state of North Dakota for maintaining a police roadblock on Highway 1806—the main road leading in and out of the camps—that has been delaying the evacuation of patients amid the blizzard.

12-7-16 ~ North Dakota Had 292 Oil Spills In 2 Years, Only 1 Was Made Public
From January 2012 – September 2013, these pipeline spills were just a part of approximately 750 “oil field incidents” that took place in the state without the public’s knowledge. It’s estimated that around 4,328 barrels worth of oil were spilled in this period.

12-7-16 ~ Standing Rock chair: Pipeline off treaty lands is OK, but climate change is the bigger issue
Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Chairman Dave Archambault said Wednesday that any Dakota Access oil pipeline route that stays off treaty lands would be acceptable.

12-7-16 ~ Prairie Knights becomes shelter for DAPL protesters during blizzard
The Pavilion Room became a storm shelter for several hundred people. The general manager says protesters and some people unable to pass through the area took shelter there. “It was an extraordinary event this past few days. It was life-threatening – that’s why we took the measures we did to make sure people were warm, that they had someplace to go,” says Everett Iron Eyes, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort General Manager.

12-6-16 ~ I’m a Journalist and I Was Stopped From Covering Standing Rock
I was escorted into a room and given a pen and paper. The Customs and Border Protection officer had a list of every country I had traveled to in the last five years and asked me to write down in detail what I was doing in each place. I didn’t even begin to worry until later, when I was told to hand over my phones. The officer said: “Now we just need to look into your cell phone to be sure there’s no photos of you posing next to some dead body somewhere.”

12-6-16 ~ Fargo Wants Peace, State Wants More Help, Energy Transfer Partners Will Carry On
Energy Transfer Partners reported it didn’t care what the US Army Corps of Engineers said. The Dakota Access Pipeline will carry on.

12-6-16 ~ Because I Was Asked How White Dakotans See Natives
I grew up among the Sioux.*** The largest city in South Dakota is called Sioux Falls. In its second-largest town, my hometown of Rapid City, we have Sioux Park, the Sioux Sanatorium hospital, and countless other appropriations of the name that originated as an insult

12-6-16 ~ Fight Not Over: Dakota Access Protests Continue After Army Corps Announces Pipeline Project Review
The day after the Obama administration announced that the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) project would be required to undergo additional review, protests against the banks that funded the project continued, with organizers nationwide saying they planned to keep up their resistance.

12-6-16 ~ Why they’re staying: A win for Standing Rock, but not a victory
The sweet taste of victory has already begun to sour at the Oceti Sakowin camp just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

12-6-16 ~ I Stand with Standing Rock
I spent many nights and camping trips with friends and family down on its shoals and reading Mark Twain. Huckleberry Finn? I read the book twice. We used to jump in upriver with life-preservers on and float several miles downstream and then walk back up or be picked up and do it all over again. I canoed on its tributaries as a teenager. To me, the Missouri is the heart and soul of America.

12-6-16 ~ Fargo Wants Peace, State Wants More Help, Energy Transfer Partners Will Carry On
Energy Transfer Partners reported it didn’t care what the US Army Corps of Engineers said. The Dakota Access Pipeline will carry on.

12-6-16 ~ While Eyes Were On Standing Rock, The Dakota Pipeline Was Being Drilled Under Another Water Source
Last Friday, while the media focused on the thousands of protestors at Standing Rock, a construction crew working on the same under-protest project finished drilling through rock under the Des Moines River in Iowa—another major source of drinking water.

12-6-16 ~ Thousands of snow geese die in Montana after landing on contaminated water
Several thousand snow geese have died after a snowstorm forced large flocks to take refuge in the acidic, metal-laden waters of an old open pit mine in Montana.

12-6-16 ~ Veterans for Standing Rock Head Evacuation Mission
“It’s mostly involving helping people get back on the roads … people who have slipped off the road, and getting people to Prairie King,” Iraq War veteran Johnathan Engle told VOA, referring to the casino about 15 kilometers from the Oceti Sakowin camp. Thousands of “water protectors” have been staying at the camp while they protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they see as a threat to drinking water and cultural sites.

12-6-16 ~ Did prayer work in Standing Rock? Surprising evidence!
A mazingly, the announcement came at the midpoint of a prayer vigil intended to prompt the rerouting. In the vigil, local protesters were joined by tens of thousands who participated remotely from all parts of the globe. The mass event was organized by Unify, Uplift, and other groups, and was scheduled to last for six hours.

12-6-6 ~ Pipeline Protesters, Battered By Blizzard, Vow To Stay
At Camp Oceti Sakowin, where those protesting the nearly completed pipeline have been camped for months, people gathered in larger structures and designated heating areas. Camp leadership closed the entrance and exits to the camp for a short time, citing the dangerous road conditions.

12-6-16 ~ What does Standing Rock mean for anti-pipeline protesters in Canada?
Clayton Thomas- Muller of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation of Manitoba on how the North Dakota protests might affect pipeline opposition north of the border.

12-5-16 ~ Locals plan to aid community, cops during protests
Tyler Everding, founder of the DefeND BisMan Facebook group, saw the video while in the bathroom during the event at the Bismarck Moose Lodge. He grabbed two dozen people gathered there and took off toward the hotel. There, they talked to hotel employees, whom Everding said were in tears, and agreed to leave two vehicles with supporters until things calmed, in case employees wanted to be walked to their cars, escorted home or supported in other ways.

12-5-16 ~ BREAKING: Oil Company Openly States They Will Defy Army Corps Order in Standing Rock
Balking at an earlier decision by the Army Corps of Engineers, Energy Transfer Partners — the company responsible for constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline — says the denial of an easement necessary to drill under the Missouri River is of no consequence for its plans to complete the project.

The fine is part of a settlement with Slawson Exploration Company, the largest oil producer in the Midwest, that will allow the company to avoid trial. The EPA found that Slawson had not installed required pollution controls 170 of its oil storage locations in North Dakota. Most of these locations were on the Fort Berthold Indian reservation in the state.

12-5-16 ~ Standing Rock activists stay in place, fearing pipeline victory was a ‘trick’
Though the US denied a permit for the Dakota Access pipeline, many worry that the Trump administration and the pipeline company could reverse the decision Native American activists at the Standing Rock “water protector” camps vowed to remain in place the morning after the US Army Corps of Engineers denied a key permit for the Dakota Access pipeline, with many expressing concerns that the incoming Trump administration and potential legal action from the pipeline company could reverse their victory.

12-5-16 ~ Standing Rock activists stay in place, fearing pipeline victory was a ‘trick’
Native American activists at the Standing Rock “water protector” camps vowed to remain in place the morning after the US Army Corps of Engineers denied a key permit for the Dakota Access pipeline, with many expressing concerns that the incoming Trump administration and potential legal action from the pipeline company could reverse their victory.

12-5-16 ~ Today Is Not A Victory For Water Protectors
Headlines do not stop pipelines. Today is NOT a Victory. I want to make that crystal clear.

12-5-16 ~ Veterans at Standing Rock just announced where they’re heading next — and it’s awesome
The veterans who just joined the indigenous protest to the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota are heading to Flint, Michigan next.

12-5-16 ~ Duluth City Council votes in support of anti-pipeline demonstrators
By a unanimous vote Monday night, the Duluth City Council passed a resolution voicing support for demonstrators who have been working to block the construction of a petroleum pipeline under the Missouri River in North Dakota.

12-5-16 Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations
Native American reservations cover just 2 percent of the United States, but they may contain about a fifth of the nation’s oil and gas, along with vast coal reserves. Now, a group of advisors to President-elect Donald Trump on Native American issues wants to free those resources from what they call a suffocating federal bureaucracy that holds title to 56 million acres of tribal lands, two chairmen of the coalition told Reuters in exclusive interviews.

12-5-16 ~ Trump sells his stake in Dakota Access Pipeline developer
Donald Trump has sold his entire stake in Energy Transfer Partners, the company overseeing construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, a Trump spokeswoman told NBC News.

12-5-16 ~ Standing Rock Victory Photos: Pictures of the Celebration
“Something happened. Something incredible. Something beautiful. It was unintended. It was by accident. But something beautiful happened. Something that no politician has been able to do. Something that no religious leader has been able to do. Something that no diplomat or peace maker or human rights activist or group has been able to do. But in a place, a small place that before now, most people never knew existed. A place called Standing Rock. A group of Indigenous Americans came together.

12-5-16 Dakota Access Pipeline operator lashes out at decision to halt construction
Energy Transfer Partners plans to push ahead under Trump administration

12-5-16 ~ Police Smear Campaign Against Standing Rock Veterans Backfires
December 4, Morton County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference at which Sheriff Paul D. Laney made the claim, with no evidence, that self-proclaimed water protectors planned on arming the veterans assisting them at Standing Rock in order to trigger their PTSD. “An element within the protest movement wants to exploit veterans with PTSD, arm them, try to trigger their PTSD and turn them aggressive,”

While this is clearly a victory, the battle is not “over”. A response statement from Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics said the corporations remain “fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”

12-5-16 ~ Water Protectors Celebrate Army’s Halt of Pipeline, Brace for Trump Pushback
The Dakota Access Pipeline has been paused, but the incoming president will have the power to put the project back into motion.

12-5-16 ` The Historic Victory at Standing Rock
Surely some of the protesters believed they would prevail, but among the experts—the law professors, financial analysts, and industry journalists who pride themselves on knowing the ins and outs of federal rules—almost no one expected it. The so-called experts were getting ready to shake their heads and sigh, to lament that once again a federal agency had failed to respond to a historic protest and had failed to protect the most vulnerable. And then the incredible happened.

12-4-16 ~ Watch Veterans Confront Police At Standing Rock, Demand End To Attacks On Pipeline Protesters
Veterans at the Standing Rock Sioux protests in North Dakota bravely walked out to deliver a message of peace to the besieging police officers and security forces defending the interests of the fossil fuel corporations behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

12-4-16 ~ Victory at Standing Rock
Protesters across the United States celebrated today after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would “explore alternate routes” for the Dakota Access Pipeline instead of granting an easement the pipeline. Over 2,000 U.S. military veterans had joined the thousands of protesters at the site to protect them from the authorities, and federal officials had given them until tomorrow to leave the site .

12-4-16 ~ Reprieve for Native Tribes as Army Denies Dakota Pipeline Permit
The secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers said Sunday it turned down a permit for a controversial pipeline project running through North Dakota, in a victory for Native Americans and climate activists.

12-4-16 ~ DAPL PERMIT DENIED: Live Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio
The dept. of the Army will not approve an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe.

12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock: US denies key permit for Dakota Access pipeline, a win for tribe
Army Corps of Engineers will not grant the permit for the Dakota Access pipeline to drill under the Missouri river, handing a major win to environmental activists

12-4-16 ~ ‘Shoot at Us First’: Veterans Form Literal ‘Human Shield’ to Protect Standing Rock Protesters from Cops
A steady stream of U.S. military veterans continued to pour into the Standing Rock protest camps over the weekend, with our sources on the ground estimating nearly 5,000 vets already there, and more arriving throughout the night to take part in the “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock” movement.

12-4-16 ~ Dakota Pipeline project denied federal permits as tribal protestors win the day
The Army Corps in a statement Sunday said it would not allow the pipeline to be built under Lake Oahe, a Missouri River reservoir. The corps said it would explore alternative routes for the pipeline that do not involve crossing the Missouri there.

12-4-16~ After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People
I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This time, instead of fighting for corporate interests, I was fighting for the people.

12-3-16 ~ Standing Rock: US Vets rescue stolen tribes’s canoes from authorities
One veteran told that a group of their men had engaged in an operation to rescue canoes belonging to the Sioux people after they were allegedly stolen and smashed by authorities. U.S. Army veteran Joseph Hock told: ‘Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the Dakota Access Pipeline people came in the middle of the night and stole canoes which belong to the Sioux.

12-3-16 ~ US Veterans Build Barracks for Pipeline Protesters in Frigid Weather
U.S. military veterans were building barracks Friday at a protest camp in North Dakota to support thousands of activists who have squared off against authorities in frigid conditions to oppose a multibillion-dollar pipeline project near a Native American reservation.

12-3-16 ~ Police in Riot Gear Welcome Native Winter Gifts
Sheriff’s deputies in riot gear welcomed gifts donated by Oceti Sakowin and International Indigenous Youth Council Friday when the No DAPL activists delivered boxes filled from the department’s winter donation list. “They seemed pretty caught off guard,” Amsterdam said. “They wouldn’t let us inside, even though they have asked the public to bring supplies to them. We showed compassion and humanity today and they had the opportunity to do the same, which they did not.”

12-3-16 ~ 3000 Religious Will Come to Oceti Sakowin Camp for “The Day of Prayer”
Between 2,000 and 3,000 members of interfaith religious groups from across the country are expected to converge in North Dakota Sunday. The representatives of United Religions Initiative, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, will take part in an Interfaith Day of Prayer at the Oceti Sakowin Camp, where members of the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters have been trying to block a segment of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access Pipeline from threatening their land.

12-3-16 ~ Lynch sends mediators to defuse South Dakota standoff over pipeline (no wonder nothing is happening, she sent them to the wrong state)
Lynch, on Friday called Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault II, said that she had offered community policing resources to local officials and had sent “conciliators from the Community Relations Service to North Dakota.”

12-3-16 ~ Hundreds of veterans ‘to put our bodies on the line’ in pipeline protest
Tasheena Cloud said Saturday that she and the hundreds of other veterans who have been filing into this protest camp near the Dakota Access pipeline will remain peaceful when they put themselves between law enforcement officers and passionate demonstrators in coming days.

12-3-16~ Police consider pulling back from Backwater Bridge
A sheriff who is leading operations for law enforcement at the protest camps in southern Morton County said at a news conference Saturday that officials are considering withdrawing from Backwater Bridge on N.D. Highway 1806.

12-3-16 ~ After Months Of Police Brutality, US Senator Finally Calls For Investigation Of DAPL Oppression
As government intervention to date has done little to stymie the conflict surrounding the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, a Senator from New Jersey is calling for an investigation into “all credible reports of inappropriate police tactics” that have been used against pipeline protestors in North Dakota. Senator Cory Booker sent a letter to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

12-3-16 ~ North Dakota fracking co slapped with $2.1mn fine over pollution of Native American reservation
Slawson Exploration Co, the largest oil producer in the Midwest, was hit with the fine for air pollution arising from 170 oil and gas wells, the majority of which were on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

12-2-16 ~ Judge allows police to use grenades against Dakota Access Pipeline protesters
The rejection is based on a technicality. According to Hovland, the Water Protector Legal Collective, which is representing the protesters, had failed to provide written proof that all the defendants—at least 76 law enforcement agencies from 10 states, including the North Dakota National Guard—were informed of the request.

12-2-16 ~ Donald Trump finally weighed in on the Dakota Access pipeline—and it’s not good
Trump made clear that despite the growing chorus of opposition to the pipeline’s construction, he enthusiastically supports the controversial project, and wants to see it completed.

12-2-16 ~ Udall also wants Dakota Access Pipeline moved, denounces violence
“The violence at the protest site has continued, with law enforcement and private security forces using inexcusable means against peaceful demonstrators, including rubber bullets, attack dogs and even water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures.”

12-2-16 ~ Cuba-Trained Doctors Head to Standing Rock
A delegation of doctors trained at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba announced they will head to Standing Rock to “serve in solidarity.”

“A multi-state coalition of police led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department inflicted hours of punishing violence against peaceful Standing Rock water protectors — leaving hundreds injured and traumatized — so a coalition of lawyers has now filed a class-action, excessive force lawsuit.”

12-2-16 ~ International Indigenous Youth Council gives peace offering to law enforcement
Several weeks ago, law enforcement dealing with DAPL protests sent out a list of goods they could use if the community would like to donate them. The International Indigenous Youth Council saw that list and decided to use it as an opportunity for de-escalation. Lead by the council, demonstrators dropped off Gatorade, water, batteries, breakfast bars and more.

12-2-16 ~ KC Doctor Heals People at Standing Rock
A doctor from St. Joseph left his practice in Kansas City to help those injured at the North Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

12-2-16 ~ Navajo Veterans Prevented from Chartering Plane, Will Travel by Bus to Standing Rock
Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock Update: well, my dear peeps this will be the Chei (grandpa) of all major updates. This report will be a bit long so don’t be in a hurry and don’t make any conclusion until you’ve read this through. I’m gonna’ give you the low-down. As of noon yesterday we were ready to fly first-class, by 3:00 that came crashing down. My contact from the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock group called and said the plane deal fell through. What happened is the plane charter company had initially quoted $50,000 for the plane and apparently after they found out where they were taking our Vets and for what purpose, the price got jacked up to $160,000.

12-2-16 ~ Water Protectors Deliver Donations to Morton County Officers
“North Dakota taxpayers have already bankrolled the Morton County Sheriff Department with approximately 10 million dollars for the suppression of peaceful water protectors. Despite this excessive financial support, Morton County officers are asking taxpayers to donate supplies.

12-2-16 ~ US military veterans join Standing Rock protests in N Dakota
Hundreds of US military veterans have joined activists in North Dakota protesting against the installation of a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline. The activists, who are demonstrating in sub-zero temperatures, have been ordered to leave the area by Monday.

12-2-16 ~ Trevor Noah Has Brilliant Suggestion for Standing Rock: Maybe This Time the White People Could Move
“Native Americans were super friendly,” Noah began the segment. “They’re like, ‘Hey, I’m not actually Indian, but I don’t want to embarrass him in front of all of his ships,'” he joked, drawing on Christopher Columbus’ infamous mistake. “I’ll tell him later, what’s the worst that could happen?”

12-2-16 ~ Nurses Donate $50,000 to Aid Veterans Stand with Standing Rock
National Nurses United today announced that it is donating $50,000 to support U.S. service veterans who are assembling this weekend as peaceful, unarmed defenders for the water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota who are enduring military style police assaults for opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project.

12-2-16 ~ HAPPENING NOW: Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock To Protect Protesters (VIDEOS)
Newly arrived veterans at the Standing Rock Sioux protest camp take part in native chants, introduce themselves to the viewers, and speak on what moved them to travel all the way to North Dakota.

12-2-16 ~ Sheriff Caught Scrubbing Facebook Page of Evidence of DAPL Civil Rights Violations after Fed Lawsuit
In a stunning turn of events, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, who for months has used the department’s Facebook page as a means of spouting propaganda – often posting photos accusing people of crimes without any respect for due process – took the page down for almost a week.

12-2-16 ~ Training ‘preferable, but not required’ for out of state cops in Standing Rock
According to documents obtain by The Fifth Column, the Morton County Sheriff’s department openly recruited untrained officers to supplement the forces backing the construction of the pipeline in North Dakota through the use of EMAC (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) agreements.

12-2-16 ~ “My Whole Heart Is With You Tonight”: A Letter to the Dakota Access Front Line
I write these words on what’s a cold night in my city, and a much colder night where my heart is—with my friends in Standing Rock. My writing, which typically centers movements, often sways between news and analysis.

12-2-16 ~ Thousands expected at Standing Rock interfaith event Sunday
Beetween 2,000 and 3,000 members of interfaith religious groups from across the country are expected to converge in North Dakota Sunday at the site where protesters are trying to stop a pipeline that they say will threaten water resources and Native American sacred sites.

12-2-16 ~ Women Walk & Hold Space
On Sunday Nov 27, I woke up before the dawn to join the ceremony at the sacred fire (this happens everyday) then I went with a large number of us down to the river to join in a water ceremony. We gave our prayers to the water. Men held space for women and then women for men.

12-2-16 ~ US Civil Rights Commission Will Observe Standing Rock Standoff
“This is to me the closest thing to what we’ve done since the time that we would go down in the 1960s to the Jim Crow South,” the chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights said.

12-2-16 ~ Representatives of the Veterans Delegation meet law enforcement, DAPL Security, National Guard and the Veterans Association on Backwater Bridge
Wesley, Kandi, and Brenda walked together across the bridge to have a discussion with representatives on the other side. The purpose of the discussion was to clarify that the delegation of more than 2,000 veterans comes in peace and will remain nonviolent and in prayer during their visit to Standing Rock.

12-1-16 ~ What I Found in Standing Rock
Near the edge of the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota, about 50 yards from a tributary of the Missouri River, there’s a basketball hoop. It’s one of those worn-out outdoor hoops that leans forward a little bit, almost as if the wind had bent it.

12-1-16 ~ North Dakota sheriff scrubs Facebook of incriminating #NoDAPL information
For months, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has used Facebook as a means to taunt the #NoDAPL movement, often accusing people of committing crimes without respecting their due process rights.

12-1-16 ~ Native Legend Describes Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream
One of the eternal questions we all ask ourselves is where does the soul go when we dream? Does it come with us into the dream world or stays behind in our body while our mind roams through the dreamland?

12-1-16 ~ Jane Fonda: Standing Rock Is Greed Vs. Humanity’s Future
We must rapidly cure ourselves of this disease or it will take us all down

12-1-16 ~ Veterans leave PDX to join Standing Rock protesters
Two veterans left from Northeast Portland on Thursday morning hoping to peacefully support tribal efforts and keep the pipeline from running through sacred Native American ground.

12-1-16 ~ Contractor Tied to Blackwater Mercenary Group Leads DAPL Protest Surveillance
The security firm responsible for operations in Standing Rock. “Tiger Swan”, was actually in charge of coordinating the intelligence operations against the protesters Morton County Sheriff documents “inadvertently revealed” Tiger Swan’s responsibility.

CJFE is deeply concerned by the October 1, 2016, seizure of electronic devices owned by journalist Edward Ou. Mr. Ou is an award-winning Canadian photojournalist who has spent years reporting from the frontlines of social movements. In early October, Mr. Ou sought entry to the United States via the Vancouver Airport and was on his way to cover protests at Standing Rock, North Dakota, on behalf of Canada’s national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

12-1-16 ~ Dem Senator Calls On Barack Obama To Defend Standing Rock Protesters
The letter comes nearly three months after the Obama administration paused construction on the controversial pipeline over water safety concerns that the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes raised.

12-1-16 ~ Van Jones on ‘Chelsea’: Standing Rock Is the New Selma
If there is one news story that his suffered the most amidst America’s Trump obsession, it is the protests that have been raging for months at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation over the Dakota Access Pipeline. “Nobody’s talking about this”

12-1-16 ~ Pipeline protesters bear the cold despite governor’s orders
Misty Jackson was building a wigwam at the main Oceti Sakowin protest camp on Thursday afternoon, despite orders from the governor and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to clear the area. An Ojibwe woman from Wisconsin, Jackson recently quit her job at her reservation’s casino to join the Dakota Access Pipeline protest full-time. She is one of thousands who have gathered to express concern the pipeline will contaminate the Missouri River and disturb sacred sites.

12-1-16 ~ Signs Of A Creepy Government Conspiracy At Standing Rock
That vague title leaves a lot open to interpretation. And if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that interpretation is not the average person’s strong suit … or even their medium suit, for that matter. “Clash” suggests an equal meeting of force, and that’s really not the case when one side has military hardware and the backing of a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

12-1-16 ~ North Dakota pipeline protest garners support from U.S. veterans
‘I bled in Iraq and you’re going to threaten to shoot me on a bridge in North Dakota?’ American veteran Matthew Crane has been to Iraq and Kuwait, and has led disaster relief teams in the U.S. Now he says he’s found a new mission at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in North Dakota, supporting those opposing the Dakota Access pipeline.

12-1-16 ~ 3 Reasons The Revolution Will Accelerate This Weekend
This coming weekend of December 3rd and 4th, 2016 is likely to mark a massive shifting point for our world. While the sea change has been in motion for quite some time, this weekend is likely to produce more visible signs that humanity’s servitude to masters of control and deception is swiftly coming to an end.

12-1-16 ~ North Dakota Veterans oppose veteran involvement in Standing Rock protests
The North Dakota group says they’re not taking a side on the pipeline issue, but they are upset with what they consider illegal, unlawful and unbecoming conduct that has been on-going at the site.

12-1-16 ~ Protesters from Colorado ready to join those at North Dakota pipeline
The frigid North Dakota cold hasn’t stopped thousands of protesters from camping outside, trying to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. And they’re about to get a boost from more people. Some from Colorado intend to join the protest. So do hundreds of veterans.

12-1-16 ~ U.S. veterans arriving at pipeline protest camp in North Dakota
U.S. military veterans were arriving on Thursday at a camp to join thousands of activists braving snow and freezing temperatures to protest a pipeline project near a Native American reservation in North Dakota.

12-1-16 ~ U.S. Congresswoman & Military Vet to Join the Resistance With Fellow Veterans at Standing Rock
In a show of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat who served two tours of duty in the Middle East, and who continues to serve as a Major in the Army National Guard, announced that she will be joining thousands of veterans coming from across the country to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) near the Standing Rock Reservation.

12-1-16 ~ 2,000 veterans to give protesters a break at Standing Rock
Helping DAPL protesters could get you a $1,000 fine

12-1-16 ~ Tulsi Gabbard just took the floor of Congress to demand Obama protect Standing Rock (VIDEO)
In a sternly worded 5-minute speech, Rep. Gabbard outlined the multiple dangers surrounding the pipeline, which has been challenged by hundreds of indigenous tribes this year who say stopping the pipeline is essential for the protection of their drinking water and natural resources.

12-1-16 ~ Matt McGorry Says Police Jammed His Phone So He Can’t Document Standing Rock Protests
Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder star Matt McGorry has become known as more than an actor since his rise to fame. He’s also an activist who fights for issues from Black Lives Matter to women’s and trans rights, and with an Instagram following of nearly two million, his voice is heard widely.

12-1-16 ~ Ace Hardware statement on North Dakota protest and product sales
In an effort to clear any misunderstanding and/or misinformation, Ace Hardware can now confirm that there is no ban on the sale of products at our locally-owned Ace stores; customers should feel free to check with their local store for inventory availability.

12-1-16 ~ Help to the troops in nasty winter weather
These guys helped pull this bus of troops out of the snow in Bismarck early Tuesday morning.

12-1-16 ~ Your Call: Native Americans at Standing Rock say they’re staying
On the December 1st edition of Your Call, what rights do Native Americans and their allies at Standing Rock have to remain where they are?

12-1-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline: The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Issues Statement
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, by majority vote, issued an official statement regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. As we commemorate Native American Heritage Month, the recent protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline have highlighted the intersection of numerous issues the Commission has investigated recently, including the excessive use of force by police, the civil and sovereign rights of Native Americans, and environmental justice.

12-1-16 ~ Mohawks block trains carrying oil from passing through Kahnawake
A group of Mohawks from Kahnawake is preventing freight trains carrying oil or other dangerous materials from passing through the territory on a Canadian Pacific Railway line for 24 hours.

12-1-16 ~ How North Dakota police used Facebook to issue warrants for #NoDAPL water protectors
North Dakota authorities used Facebook posts and video to issue arrest warrants for three men to face charges in connection with a confrontation between anti-Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) demonstrators and an armed security contractor working for the pipeline company.

12-1-16 ~ Federal judge denies restraining order filed by DAPL protesters against ND law enforcement
Federal Judge Daniel Hovland rejected the request saying that the National Lawyers Guild did not follow rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which requires that efforts were made to give notice of legal action to the defendant or give reason why a notice should not be required.

12-1-16 ! Cornel West: I Am Heading to Standing Rock to Show Solidarity with Historic Indigenous Uprising
<a href="
President Obama, he specializes in symbolic gestures because he gives pretty speeches. He’s very brilliant, he’s very charismatic. But, when, in terms of — when in comes time to implement and execute on the ground, often times he’s — there’s a deficit there. We’ll see whether he comes through.

12-1-16 ~ Major Victory! One of the Largest Banks Funding DAPL Just Pulled Its Assets from the Project
DNB warned it might withdraw funding for construction of the contentious pipeline if concerns raised by the Standing Rock Sioux were not addressed promptly.

11-30-16 ~ ‘We opened eyes’: at Standing Rock, my fellow Native Americans make history
As an Indigenous American, there was never any question of whether I should travel to Standing Rock or not. I needed to witness firsthand what was happening there, and wanted to offer solidarity to those fighting for the right of tribes to exercise agency over their own futures.

The difficulties spring partly from the area’s remoteness and the rugged terrain, but more-so now from what can only be psychological-driven digital attacks. Sudden signal loss, computer files disappearing, fried fiber optic cables, sudden battery deaths from a near full charge, are common. At least one person’s PayPal account was emptied of all monies, according to activists.

11-30-16 ~ 2,000 Veterans To Form ‘Human Shields’ To Protect Standing Rock Protesters
More than 2,000 veterans have agreed to act as “human shields” to protect protesters from December 4 to 7, according to a Facebook event. They launched the effort, called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock on Tuesday and after months of protesters clashing with the police over the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

11-30-16 ~ Audio: Tribe objected to pipeline nearly 2 years before lawsuit
Audio released by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe from a September 2014 meeting with Dakota Access Pipeline representatives contradicts recent claims made by a pipeline company executive.

11-30-16 ~ These #NoDAPL activists are taking police to court over violent crackdowns at Standing Rock
This week, lawyers filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of eight Standing Rock protesters who claim they were subjected to excessive force during a police action on the night of November 20. The suit, which lists Morton County, ND, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, and the city of Mandan among the defendants, alleges law enforcement “unleashed a violent, unjustified, and unprovoked physical attack on Plaintiffs and others, without warning or opportunity to disperse.”

11-30-16 ~ Sacramento City Council Puts Standing Rock Resolution on Dec. 6 Consent Calendar
In a surprisingly quick action, the Sacramento City Council on Tuesday night voted to put a resolution in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline on the consent calendar for the next council meeting on December 6 starting at 6 pm.

11-30-16 ~ Seattle’s contribution to Standing Rock: A new twist on the teepee
Paul Cheyok’ten Wagner, a Native American from the Coast Salish tribe, is the inventor of what has been coined the “tarpee,” a low budget contemporary teepee made from heavy duty polyethylene tarp and 16-foot-long two-by-four poles.

11-30-16~ Vancouver Rallies Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Justin Trudeau’s decision to approve the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in Canada will result in protests and protection of the water in the same vein as the resistance happening at Standing Rock. Video report

11-30-16 ~ Dalrymple’s Staff Asks for Meeting with Tribal Council
Members of Dalrymple’s staff began today contacting Standing Rock Tribal Council members in an effort to schedule a meeting. He says it’s part of an effort to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline issue and to rebuild strong, long-term relationships between the state and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

11-30-16 ~ 30 Years of Oil and Gas Pipeline Accidents, Mapped
The sheer number of incidents involving America’s fossil fuel infrastructure suggests environmental concerns should go beyond Standing Rock.

11-30-16 ~ Al Gore: Dakota Access Pipeline is an “Absolute Atrocity”
In Washington, D.C., former Vice President Al Gore has spoken out against another pipeline, the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, while speaking at The New York Times Global Leaders’ Collective conference.

11-30-16 ~ Justice Department Must Investigate Policing of Standing Rock Demonstrations
Based on information gathered by four Amnesty International USA human rights observer delegations and reports from the area, AIUSA has formally requested an investigation by the Department of Justice into the policing of the Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations.

11-30-16 ~ Dakota Access pipeline protester: Governor “has no authority here”
“The governor is saying this is a dangerous way to live in these conditions. He sure didn’t care when it was the same temperature as it is outside when he was fire hosing our people.” Braun said. “He didn’t care about it then, so why is he caring about it now?”

11-30-16 ~ Feds Approve NEXUS Pipeline, Which Will Run Through Northeast Ohio
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today approved the NEXUS pipeline project and its environment impact on Ohio communities. (The pipeline will also travel through Michigan to Canada; it was approved in its entirety.)

11-30-16 ~ U.S. veterans to form human shield at Dakota pipeline protest
North Dakota law enforcement backed away from a previous plan to cut off supplies to the camp – an idea quickly abandoned after an outcry and with law enforcement’s treatment of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters increasingly under the microscope.

11-30-16 ~ Morton Co. Sheriff responds to class action lawsuit filed against agency over DAPL protests
Several law enforcement agencies responding to Dakota Access Pipeline protests are being sued by some demonstrators for using excessive force during an incident earlier this month.

11-30-16 ~ Standing Rock Protester Shot in Face With Tear Gas Canister May Go Blind
Police at Standing Rock said it was too dangerous to move burned-out vehicles from a bridge there on Nov. 20, leaving it to protesters like Vanessa Dundon to get rid of the wrecks so emergency vehicles could get through in the case anyone needed medical treatment.

11-30-16 ~ Navajo Veterans Leave For Stanfing Rock on Dec. 2, 2016
Dine Warrior for Standing Rock!

11-30-16 ~ North Dakota courts strained by pipeline protest arrests
The hundreds of arrests (575) during the months of protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota have created an unprecedented burden for the state’s court system, which faces huge cost overruns and doesn’t have enough judges, lawyers and clerks to handle the workload.

11-30-16 ~ Girl Has Perfect Response To Offensive Assignment To ‘Dress Like An Indian’
When Tremeka Greenhouse first saw the school assignment for her daughter Nyemah to “dress like an Indian,” she was planning to skip doing it. But 5-year-old Nyemah didn’t want to get in trouble with her teacher, so they came up with a compromise to fulfill the requirements of the culturally appropriative assignment.

11-30-16 ~ When an elder requests you do something; you do it
I n the respectful ways of the Sioux culture, when an elder requests you to do something, you do it. This shows your respect for their wisdom and compassion. This editorial is from a request by elders from both Standing Rock and Pine Ridge Reservations regarding the camp at Cannonball.

11-30-16 ~ Our ‘National Disgrace’: The Crime at Standing Rock
Native American men and women have defended the United States during wartime in greater percentages than any other demographic. And even though they were not allowed to be citizens until 1924, their intense patriotism has shone like a beacon. Once again, through their determination to protect the waters and lands of this country, they are showing us what true patriotism looks like.

11-30-16 ~ Iraq War Veteran’s New Battle Is Fighting Dakota Access Pipeline
A Marine wounded in combat in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004 has found new purpose as a self-proclaimed peaceful warrior fighting against a 1,172-mile pipeline that protesters fear threatens the water source of Native Americans in North Dakota.

9-29-16 ~ Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Donates $250,000 to Standing Rock Legal Fund
“We support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s effort to ensure the United States Army Corps of Engineers, or any other agency or department of the United States, strictly adheres to federal environmental review and tribal consultation requirements prior to authorizing any projects that may damage the environment or any sites that are of historic, religious, and cultural significance to any Indian tribe,” said Agua Caliente Chairman Jeff L. Grubbe.

11-29-16 ~ Psychological and Cyber Warfare at Standing Rock
People have reported having their phones misbehaving in odd ways. Sterling has personally heard from hundreds of people about their cell phones acting odd. Batteries dying without warning are the most common reports. But there are creepier incidence, like FaceTime turning on by itself, voice recorders activating, apps malfunctioning, browsers seizing, messages disappearing, and strange noises during calls. My iPhone reset itself as if brand new from the box in my first week at Standing Rock.

11-29-16 ~ No physical blockade of pipeline protest camp – N. Dakota officials
North Dakota officials on Tuesday backed away from plans to physically block supplies from reaching oil pipeline protesters at a camp near the construction site, saying they will instead use financial deterrents to prevent food and building materials from coming in.

11-29-16 ~ Women Are the Backbone of the Standing Rock Movement
I was sitting in a coffee shop in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the night it hit me: I had to go to Standing Rock to document all sides of the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline fight. This has happened before, a film choosing me, rather than me choosing it.

11-29-16 ~ Delivering supplies to protest camp could warrant $1,000 fine
Anyone delivering supplies to the main protest camp in Morton County could be subject to a $1,000 fine for violating the emergency evacuation order, but a local minister said this will not deter her church from providing support.

11-29-16 ~ North Dakota officials hope to quell pipeline protests with fines
North Dakota officials on Tuesday moved to block supplies from reaching oil pipeline protesters at a camp near the construction site, threatening to use hefty fines to keep demonstrators from receiving such critical supplies as food, building materials and even portable bathrooms.

11-29-16 ~ Neil Young asks Obama to stop ‘violent aggression’ at Dakota pipeline protest
Neil Young asks Obama to stop ‘violent aggression’ at Dakota pipeline protest Musician who has performed at the Standing Rock protest site asked Obama to intervene in an impassioned Facebook post before Trump becomes president
Musician who has performed at the Standing Rock protest site asked Obama to intervene in an impassioned Facebook post before Trump becomes president

11-29-16 ~ New York Times – Veterans to serve as Human Sheilds for Dakota Pipeline Protestors

11-29-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline protesters plan to defy evacuation order
Thousands of people protesting an oil pipeline in North Dakota say they will defy a mandatory evacuation order. North Dakota’s governor calls winter weather conditions at camp “life threatening” and has ordered protesters to leave.

11-29-16 ~ For the First Time Since Standing Rock Began, US Senator Calls for Investigation of DAPL Oppression
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is calling for the Department of Justice to ‘promptly and thoroughly’ investigate reports of brutal and abusive police tactics employed against peaceful water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

11-29-16 ~ No Plans To Enforce Evacuation Order Against North Dakota Pipeline Protesters
Authorities say no action will be taken to enforce the North Dakota governor’s emergency evacuation order for protesters of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.

11-29-16 ~ Kirchmeier, Morton County sued for excessive force in protests
The Water Protector Legal Collective filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court in Bismarck seeking an immediate injunction to prevent Kirchmeier and other agencies from using impact munitions, such as rubber bullets, lead-filled beanbags, water and sound cannons, directed energy devices, water hoses, explosive tear gas grenades and other chemical agents against the protesters.

11-29-16 ~ Sioux Indians and environmental campaigners ordered off oil protest site Standing Rock
NORTH Dakota’s governor ordered the expulsion of thousands of Native American and environmental activists camped on federal property near an oil pipeline project they are trying to halt, citing hazards posed by harsh weather as a blizzard bore down on the area.

11-29-16 ~ The Coronado in Phoenix Under Attack on Facebook After Standing Rock Fundraiser
The owners of The Coronado — a restaurant in central Phoenix — held a fundraiser the day after Thanksgiving to benefit the people protesting the Northern Access Pipeline on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. They raised an estimated $3,000 for the cause

11-29-16 ~ Morton County officials being sued for use of ‘excessive force’ against protesters
e National Lawyers Guild (NLG) filed a class action suit through the US District Court against Morton County, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirschmeier, and other law enforcement agencies for using excessive force against Dakota Access Pipeline protesters earlier this month. The suit was filed through the U.S. District Court in Bismarck by those who were hurt on November 20th and November 21st.

11-29-16 ~ North Dakota law enforcement to block pipeline protesters’ supplies
North Dakota law enforcement will begin to block supplies from reaching protesters at a camp near the construction site of an oil pipeline project in an effort to force demonstrators to vacate the area, officials said on Tuesday.

Not everyone has warm feelings about Kevin it seems. Pro DAPL workers and locals of Bismarck, the closest major city where the pipeline is being constructed in North Dakota, have not been happy about the resistance to the pipeline’s construction. Water protectors have been peacefully and prayerfully protecting their land and water from the inevitable oil leaks that would destroy their drinking water and millions more. It is these people who have not taken liking to Kevin’s work in spreading the water protectors message.

11-29-16 ~ Psychological and Cyber Warfare at Standing Rock
Connecting to the internet in Standing Rock is a difficult task. Most people have been using cellular data from a single hill, named “Facebook Hill”, in the west of camp. Unfortunately, the signal has been weak and is suspected of being interfered with by unknown parties. If there is a real need for wifi, people head to the casino 10 minutes south by car.

11-29-16 ~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: ‘I’ll See You at Standing Rock’
In 1966, my father held Senate hearings to investigate violent attacks by growers against pickers in the produce fields surrounding Delano, California. A young United Farmworkers organizer, Cesar Chavez, was orchestrating peaceful protests by Filipino and Chicano farmworkers against meager pay and brutal working conditions.

11-29-16 ~ Sheriffs Across US Refusing To Send Police And Equipment To DAPL As Outrage And Costs Grow
In response to an increasingly furious public outcry, sheriffs from around the country have refused to send personnel and equipment to assist the Morton County Sheriff’s Department in guarding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-29-16 ~ More felonies against pipeline protesters dropped
In an order entered in the cases of 124 protesters last week, South Central District Judge Cynthia Feland said Morton County failed to show probable cause that any of the individuals conspired to endanger people or property by fire or explosion during the hours-long confrontation on Oct. 27. An identical order was first entered on Nov. 17 in the 15 cases assigned to Feland and subsequently applied to the rest of the people charged with conspiracy from that day, according to court records.

11-29-16 ~ Congressmen Demand Meeting with Obama to Discuss Human Rights Violations at NoDAPL
“Since then, headlines of mass injuries, frigid water being sprayed at demonstrators in sub-freezing temperatures, and of rubber bullets and similar anti-riot weapons being fired at peaceful, unarmed civilians, make it clear that this situation is only getting worse. Additionally, the Army Corps of Engineers letter announcing the closure of the Oceti Sakowin camp to demonstrators represents a concerning and disappointing course of action by the federal government.”

11-29-16 ~ North Dakota officials to start blocking vital supplies to DAPL campsite
“They have deliveries, retailers that are delivering to them – we will turn around any of those services,” Maxine Herr, a spokeswoman from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. Trucks with “anything that goes to sustain living there,” including food, building materials as well as propane tanks, will be turned back. Those violating the order, both individuals and businesses ferrying supplies, can be stopped, questioned and face a fine as high as $1,000. According to Emergency Services spokeswoman Cecily Fong, the measure has not been yet enforced on Tuesday and no supplies coming to the campsite have been stopped.

It is our right to conserve the territories, the cultures and the spirituality which have nourished the lives of the original peoples of the world. We, the undersigned, representatives of indigenous and campesino communities, non-governmental organizations, and independent academics of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, manifest our opposition to the systematic violation of indigenous human rights by the violent imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which affects the territory, water, and culture of the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock.

11-28-16 ~ Morton County officials being sued for use of ‘excessive force’ against protesters
he National Lawyers Guild (NLG) filed a class action suit through the US District Court against Morton County, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirschmeier, and other law enforcement agencies for using excessive force against Dakota Access Pipeline protesters earlier this month.

11-28-16 ~ Redding Rancheria members headed to Standing Rock
Around 30 members from the Redding Rancheria are on their way to Standing Rock in North Dakota to help protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-28-16 ~ WORLD NEWS Literally Too Many Veterans Have Signed Up to Join DAPL Protests
Last week, the newly formed group “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock” called on veterans to nonviolently stand up to militarized law enforcement at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Since its initial call to action, the veterans’ movement has grown exponentially.

11-28-16 ~ Cherokee Nation files breach of trust lawsuit against federal government
The Cherokee Nation is suing the federal government in order to secure an accounting of its trust funds. This legal action is necessary because the United States government managed and controlled the Cherokee Nation’s property but never in hundreds of years provided a full accounting as the law requires.

11-28-16 ~ Sen. Reid on Standing Rock – Video
This month is Native American heritage month. during this month, we honor the contribution of American Indians. Also, of course, Alaska natives and Hawaiians. but we don’t have to look very far, madam president, to see how Native Americans continue fighting for their heritage, and they really must fight for their heritage. pick up a newspaper, turn the news on any channel you want, and you’ll see what’s happening at the standing rock reservation in North Dakota. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is opposed to the construction of a portion of the North Dakota access pipeline that passes near their reservation where it

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Fort Laramie, in the Indian Territory, between D. D. Mitchell, superintendent of Indian affairs, and Thomas Fitzpatrick, Indian agent, commissioners specially appointed and authorized by the President of the United States, of the first part, and the chiefs, headmen, and braves of the following Indian nations, residing south of the Missouri River, east of the Rocky Mountains, and north of the lines of Texas and New Mexico, viz, the Sioux or Dahcotahs, Cheyennes, Arrapahoes, Crows. Assinaboines, Gros-Ventre Mandans, and Arrickaras, parties of the second part, on the seventeenth day of September, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one.

11-28-16 ~ Collection of Kevin Gilbertt’s livestream from Standing Rock
Kevin Gilbert’s livestream shows that the water cannons in Standing Rock were not being used to put out fires

11-28-16 ~ Dalrymple Orders Emergency Evacuation To Safeguard Against Harsh Winter Conditions
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jack Dalrymple, Governor of the State of North Dakota, order a mandatory evacuation of all persons located in areas under the proprietary jurisdiction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This definition of the evacuation area shall remain in effect even if the United States Army Corps of Engineers redefines or removes these prohibited areas. These persons are ordered to leave the evacuation area immediately, and are further ordered not to return to the evacuation area.

11-28-16 ~ ND Governor orders Emergency Evacuation for DAPL protesters
Governor Dalrymple signed the order on Monday “out of concern for the safety of those camping on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land in southern Morton County.”

11-28-16 ~ Dalrymple orders mandatory evacuation of DAPL protest camp on Army Corps land
The order says the unpermitted camp sites are not zoned for dwellings suitable for living in winter conditions and do not provide proper sanitation infrastructure to sustain a hygienic living environment.

11-28-16 ~ The FAA banned drones from flying at the Standing Rock oil pipeline protest
Drone footage of clashes with police at the campsite have gone viral. This weekend the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a temporary flight restriction over the Standing Rock oil pipeline protest in North Dakota, banning all aircraft except those flying in support of law enforcement. The FAA will make exceptions for journalists as long they get special approval beforehand.

11-28-16 ~ Water Protectors file class action suit for retaliation and excessive force against brutal police
On November 20, 2016 Native Americans and their allies walked on to a public bridge and prayed. They bowed their heads in the frigid North Dakota dusk, lit sage and cedar, and began praying for the survival of the Missouri River, for their indigenous cultures, and for the planet and all its inhabitants.

11-28-16 ~ US Army Corps of Engineers clarifies stance on Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp
he US Army Corps of Engineers provided an update this afternoon on their plans to close off their land involved in the Dakota Access PIpeline Protests to the public. The Oceti Sakowin Camp, which lies just north of the Cannonball River in southern Morton County, is Corps land leased to a rancher for grazing.

11-28-16 ~ Tulsi Gabbard Set to Join “Veterans For Standing Rock”
Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is set to join hundreds of veterans at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest on December 4, taking a step few other notable individuals have in their fight against Oil Police.

11-28-16 ~ Sarah Palin: “Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians”
Rudy TwoMoon ~ (2013 and is true) Further proof I’m not American. Not only do the Treaties state… The said Americans and the said (tribe) Indians…This is probably the only smart thing maggot brain has ever said. FYI, she was paid to say this…. The Interviewer was told to ask this… Just for the simple reason this will cause us to become angry… And these creatures feed on anger and hate. So let’s starve em.

11-28-16 ~ US authorities: Dakota pipeline protesters can stay
The US Army Corps of Engineers said those protesting a North Dakota pipeline will not be forcibly removed.

11-28-16 ~ Neil Young Begs Obama To Step In And End The Violence At Standing Rock
Neil Young and his girlfriend, Daryl Hannah, published an open letter on Monday calling for President Barack Obama to do whatever he can to make sure authorities begin to treat the protestors at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation with decency and respect.

Veterans from all around our Nation are forming up and heading to Standing Rock to stand up for the Native Americans and all the others standing firm for the RIGHT to live your live as the way you see fit and NOT be bullied my Big Money interests that can literally BUY a BIG chunk of Government to move things their way. So watch the videos as these Vets explain how THEY see it. Always remember there are many reasons why THIS was the FIRST Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

11-27-16 ~ Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays
Reports about agents using a Stingray on protesters to unconstitutionally monitor their phones are circulating widely, and now protesters have a way to fight back.

11-27-16 ~ After A Month of Conflict, Mass Media Arrives in Force at Standing Rock
The group included a smattering of advocacy bloggers, freelance journalists, and staff reporters with such elite publications as Vogueand The Washington Post.The day before, Wise was posting Facebook LIVE events from the encampment on behalf of The New York Times.

11-27-16 ~ WATCH: Witness Says Cops Targeted Sophia Wilansky Before Blowing Up Her Arm
Protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, along with people from around the world are outraged that Sophia Wilansky‘s arm was blown up November 20 during a confrontation with police.

11-27-16 ~ HOLDING TO SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS Alleged ‘Non-Lethal’ weapons lead to serious injuries to Water Protectors
“We are hereby calling for an immediate Restraining Order upon the Army Corps of Engineers, The State of North Dakota, & Dakota Access Pipeline Employees pending our upcoming lawsuit, & we are seeking immediate federal protection in this case, for the sake of our undisturbed, peaceful occupancy of the land under the 1851 Treaty.

11-27-16 ` Sheriff on Dakota Access pipeline protests: We will not “allow people to become unlawful”
Don’t look for apologies from the North Dakota sheriff leading the response to the Dakota Access oil pipeline protests, especially for the recent — and, in some circles, controversial — action against demonstrators who he believes have become increasingly aggressive.

11-27-16 ~ ‘We stand strong’: Standing Rock water protectors defy Army Corps’ threat of camp eviction (VIDEO)
Standing Rock activists said they would continue to stand their ground in the fight against the crude oil Dakota Access Pipeline, in defiance of a US Army Corps notice which stated that the location of a protest camp will be out of bounds from December 5.

11-27-16 ~ Uncovered Emails Raise Suspicions of Oil Company Paying Police for DAPL Crackdown
Unicorn Riot has obtained emails from the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which call for an investigation into the money trail enabling the militarized police crackdown at DAPL. One email from the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Department, which lends their MRAP armored vehicles for use by SWAT teams, states the following.

11-27-16 ~ Omaha District Commander provides update regarding North Dakota activities

11-27-16 ~ Sheriffs Across US Refusing to Send Police and Equipment to DAPL as Outrage and Costs Grow
In response to an increasingly furious public outcry, sheriff’s from around the country refused to send personnel and equipment to assist the Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. in guarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-27-16 ~ Standing Rock Supporters May Block Canadian Pipelines: Chief
A Manitoba indigenous chief says there’s a desire for action — which could include blockades of Canadian pipelines and railways — in support of a protest against a North Dakota pipeline project.

11-26-16 ~ The History of Dakota Resistance, The Crimes Committed against America’s First Nations (1492-2016)
Why the First Nations People Regard Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning and Why Minnesota Governors Sibley and Ramsey Should Posthumously Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

As the world seems to spiral out of control, each one of us needs to take a trip inside ourselves, in an effort to understand our place in this Life… We need to unlearn what we have assimilated, to think and to look outside the box, and to learn to trust our inner voice.

11-26-5-16 ~ Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at Standing Rock by Dec. 5
The US Army Corps of Engineers announced it will close the portion of federal land on which water protectors are camping in North Dakota by December 5, to protect the public amid violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement.


Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch urging the Justice Department to intervene and send federal monitors to Standing Rock “to ensure protesters can peacefully assemble and exercise the First Amendment rights.”

11-26-16 ~ North Dakota officials: Protesters should leave federal land
An organizer of protests against the Dakota Access pipeline says he believes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to close land to demonstrators will escalate tensions.

11-26-16 ~ Trump Takes Aim At Standing Rock
However, it has recently been in the news for much different reasons. Private security has been photographed and videotaped assaulting protesters with weapons as well as attack dogs.

11-26-16 ~ Governor calls for federal help in eviction of camped protesters
Dallas Goldtooth, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, urged opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline, to stand strong in defending territorial treaty rights. “This is a disgusting continuation of 500 years of colonialization,” he said. “That is the state of affairs that we are in.”

11-26-16 ~ Federal officials Not Closing ALL Standing Rock Protest Camps
Do not let reports that Oceti Sakowin is being closed sway you or prevent you from donating, getting involved, or traveling out to Standing Rock. Oceti would be a great loss, but it is the ONLY camp on ACE land.

11-26-16 ~ Army Corps orders Dakota Access pipeline protesters out by Dec. 5
“This decision is necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to inhabitants of encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions,” Army Corps district commander Col. John Henderson said in the letter.

11-26-16 ~ Sen. Heitkamp praises Army Corps decision to remove DAPL protesters from federal land
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., called the decision to remove Dakota Access Pipeline protesters from U.S. Army Corps land needed and asked President Barack Obama to make a final decision on Missouri River easement Saturday.

11-26-16 ~ Police Departments Refuse Participation In Dakota Access Pipeline Crackdown
Widespread outrage over both the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and violent police crackdowns rages on. That outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation.

11-26-16 ~ At least 33 DAPL protesters arrested at Kirkwood Mall Friday
Bismarck Police say officers responded shortly before 1 p.m. to a report of about 100 protesters inside the mall near Target. They say mall management instructed authorities to not allow any demonstrations in or on their property. The mall is private property.

11-26-16 ~ Sheriff Gary Schartzenburger Removed From Office At At Standing Rock DAPL Protest For Allegedly Bullying And Militant Police Actions
North Dakota Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger was placed on interim suspension while working at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest on Wednesday night, pending his removal from office by the governor.

11-26-16 ~ North Dakota owes Nebraska $287,000 for troopers sent to Dakota Access oil pipeline protest
Sending Nebraska state troopers to the ongoing Dakota Access oil pipeline protest will cost North Dakota an estimated $287,000. The cost includes salaries, overtime, meals and travel for two sets of 11 Nebraska State Patrol troopers, along with a patrol airplane and two crew members, according to records from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. The two separate deployments lasted about two weeks each, with the second group returning Wednesday.

11-26-16 ~ Officials to Close Standing Rock Protest Campsite
Citing public safety concerns, federal officials plan to close access to a campsite where demonstrators have protested the construction of a crude oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota and create a “free speech zone.”

11-26-16 ~ Mayan Elders Go to Standing Rock to Show Solidarity
In a show of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, Maya representatives from the Mam and Ixil peoples of Guatemala came to the Oceti Sakowin Camp to sit down with the members of the Standing Rock Tribal Council to share the pain of their own experiences.

11-26-16 ~ Massive Oil Pipeline Leak Under North Dakota Farmer’s Fields Proves DAPL Pipeline Cannot Be “Safe”
orth Dakota farmer who discovered an oil spill the size of seven football fields while out harvesting wheat says that when he found it, crude was bubbling up out of the ground.

11-25-16 ~ Victory? Public outrage may force Feds to revisit approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline

11-25-16 ~ Exclusive: Jane Fonda at Standing Rock: ‘I’ve Rarely Seen So Much Love’
Fonda, an Academy-Award winner repeatedly recognized for her innumerable gifts, arrived at Standing Rock during the week of Thanksgiving and donated seven butchered bison for a celebratory meal hosted by actress Shailene Woodley.

11-25-16 ~ Flooded With Support, Standing Rock Vets Ramp Up Operation And Brace For Showdown
As donations and volunteers pour in, Veterans Stand For Standing Rock prepares for a sizeable “deployment” to halt progress on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-25-16 ~ Army Corps evicting everyone from Standing Rock on December 5

11-25-16 ~ Army Corps are evicting everyone out of Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5
In a breaking development, the Army Corps of Engineers have decided to evict everyone from the Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5, one day after a large group of vets are set to arrive in the area.

11-25-16 ~ Statement from Chairman Archambault on Army Corps Decision
“Today we were notified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that on Dec. 5th, they will close all lands north of the Cannonball River, which is where the Oceti Sakowin camp is located.

11-25-16 ~ Oregon Community Just Donated Tiny Homes and Solar Energy to DAPL Water Protectors
Donations of warm clothing, blankets, and other items to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe water protectors and their supporters have been welcomed as several encampments brace for a severe North Dakota winter on the open plains. But, perhaps most welcome among those donations, are tiny houses transported all the way from Oregon by a carpenter.

11-24-16 ~ Hundreds pour into Standing Rock ahead of Thanksgiving
Hundreds of people continue to pour into the front-line Oceti Sakowin Camp, despite calls from the Mayor of Bismark to those opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline to return home for Thanksgiving. Marcus Lloyd (Ngāti Porou) who is at Standing Rock says the people here won’t leave, instead more vehicles are arriving in support the Standing Rock’s Sioux tribe.

11-24-16 ~ Heinrich calls on Obama to move Dakota Access Pipeline
On Thanksgiving, U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich called on President Barack Obama to reroute the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and condemned the response by police to protests.

11-24-16 ~ On Thanksgiving — Native Americans are Being Beaten, Gassed, & Shot in North Dakota
State agents chose the ironic weapon of water to devalue the lives of anyone daring to protect the water from careless corporate greed.

11-24-16 ~ Pressure mounts on Obama to end Dakota pipeline standoff
North Dakota’s governor and congressional delegation are pressuring President Obama to pave the way for completion of the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline, protests over which they say are taxing law enforcement and are costing millions of dollars.

11-24-16 ~ Join Standing Rock With Global Prayers on Saturday November, 26th
A global one-hour synchronized praying event has been arranged to enable people all over the world to silently unite in support of the demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline currently ongoing at Standing Rock.

11-23-16 ~ The New York Times just responded to the police violence against Standing Rock protesters
The editorial board for the nation’s top newspaper just took a bold stand for the indigenous groups protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-23-16 ~ From Across the Country, Gifts of Tiny Houses Arrive for Standing Rock
How five large trees in remote Oregon ended up as winter housing for water protectors, including their first newborn baby.

11-23-16 ~ Standing Rock: injured protester’s father says police account is ‘bogus nonsense’
Officers claim protesters set off explosion but Sophia Wilansky’s father and on-site medical professionals say injury is ‘entirely consistent’ with grenade blast

11-23-16 ~ Veterinarian Drives 900 Miles To Help Horses Injured At Standing Rock
“I just think everybody needs to help and this was the best way that I could.”

11-23-16 ~ Authorities Erect New Barrier North of Protest Camp
Authorities have erected a new barrier on Backwater Bridge just north of the Oceti Sakowin Camp. A crane was brought in last night to place multiple concrete slabs on the bridge.

11-23-16 ~ Two Athabascan men join Standing Rock protest
Some people participate in direct actions– peaceful protests near the path of the pipeline. Samuel Johns an Anchorage resident who is Ahtna and Gwich’in Athabascan, originally from Copper Center, said that’s where the trouble comes in.

11-23-16 ~ The New York Times just responded to the police violence against Standing Rock protesters
The editorial board for the nation’s top newspaper just took a bold stand for the indigenous groups protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-23-16 ~ New York Times – Power Imbalance at the Pipeline Protest
When injustice aligns with cruelty, and heavy weaponry is involved, the results can be shameful and bloody. Witness what happened on Sunday in North Dakota, when law enforcement officers escalated their tactics against unarmed American Indians and allies who have waged months of protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

11-23-16 ~ Sheriffs Refuse to Send Troops to Standing Rock as Public Outrage and Costs Mount
North Dakota is stretched thin in its battle to protect the Dakota Access pipeline construction: Costs are nearing $15 million, and police reinforcements are diminishing.

11-23-16 ~ Buying Silence: Why So Many Democrats are Mute About Standing Rock
The response from the Department of Justice and Obama Administration to what has been occurring at Standing Rock has left a stain on the end of President Obama’s second presidential term. Despite visiting the Standing Rock reservation in 2014 and affirming his commitment to Native American rights, his administration has remained neutral amid reports for weeks of abuses towards the water protectors.

11-23-16 ~ New York Times – The Conflicts Along 1,176 Miles of the Dakota Access Pipeline
The police confronted hundreds of protesters on Monday. Nearly 300 people were treated for injuries resulting from the use of police force, according to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.

11-23-16 ~ Here Comes The Cavalry: Meet The Veterans Getting Ready To ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock
Veterans Continue To Serve Their Country At Standing Rock. There’s a planned deployment to Standing Rock, scheduled for December 4, but these men and women will be standing with the citizens protesting desperately to keep their lands and water clean.

11-23-16 ~ Hundreds Of Veterans “Self-Deploy” To Standing Rock To Defend Protesters
As the government increasingly turns to appalling violence in their efforts to subdue the unshakable will of the Standing Rock Sioux, the protesters fighting to protect their sacred lands have a new ally – our veterans.

11-23-16 ~ Twenty-eight tribal leaders in Washington urge Obama stop Pipeline
Declaring their solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the tribal chairs wrote, “We support their call to deny the easement of the Dakota Access Pipeline and to reroute the pipeline away from tribal lands, waters and sacred places.”

11-23-16 ~ We’re Not Going to Go to War’: The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Preaches Peace and Patience
I don’t think anybody really built this movement. It wasn’t me individually or the tribe. What we did was stood up for something that’s dear to us, something that’s precious—and that’s water.

11-23-16 ~ Trump dumped his stock in the Dakota Access pipeline owner over the summer
Trump’s share, which in a May 2015 disclosure was listed at between $500,000 and $1 million, had fallen to less than $50,000 by the time he sold it in the summer of 2016, according to a disclosure earli
er this year.

11-23-16 ~ When Sisters Traveled to Standing Rock They Found Community, and Violence
“Part of the issue is that we don’t want pipeline— it’s a danger to all of us as it could harm the water going under Missouri River, which is the source of water for 20,000,000 people,” Sister Ceil says. “But it’s also about the support of the sovereignty of indigenous people. We want indigenous peoples’ rights and beliefs to be respected.”

11-22-16 ~ Chairman Archambault Releases Statement on Wilanski
Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault released a statement today about Wilansky. “Our deepest gratitude, thoughts and prayers are with water protector Sophia Wilansky and her family right now. She sustained severe injuries to her arm when a concussion grenade blew part of her arm away. Doctors are working to save her arm.”

11-22-16 ~ Veterans to deploy for Standing Rock
Wesley Clark Jr., a veteran, screenwriter and activist, created the event along with Michael Wood Jr., a retired Baltimore police officer and Marine Corps veteran who advocates for police reform.

Over the past few months, the Dakota Access pipeline and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that opposes this oil project went from anonymity to full blown national newscoverage. Since August, the news media has been reporting on the Native Americans who have gathered in camps in North Dakota to protect sacred land and the Missouri River, the Standing Rock tribe’s sole water source. For months, we have been informed only about the most dramatic developments, but I discovered after a visit to the Sacred Stone camp two weeks ago that public understanding of what this movement is all about is based on misrepresentations. We are missing how peaceful, respectful and solemn this struggle is.

11-22-16 ~ New York Times – Presidential Transition, Mosul, Standing Rock: Your Tuesday Briefing
In our latest 360 video, a lifelong resident of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation talks about his relationship to the land and the water, and his fear for their future. Law enforcement officials defended their recent use of fire hoses against protesters, despite temperatures below freezing.

11-22-16 ~ Wichitans deliver supplies to pipeline protesters in N.D.
A group from Wichita is headed to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota to support people protesting the construction of an oil pipeline.

11-22-16 ~ Wheeling Man to Donate Time Over Thanksgiving Weekend to Native Americans at Standing Rock
A Wheeling man will head toward the area to peacefully support the people he calls his friends. Matt Welsch, better known as the Vagabond Chef, is usually found creating delicious and unique meals for his patrons in the Ohio Valley.

11-22-16 ~ Confirmed: DAPL Water Protector Might Lose Arm Because of Police Grenade, Here’s How to Help Her
In an act of hubris defying logic, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department now claims Sunday night’s vicious offensive against water protectors opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline — during which two tribal elders suffered cardiac arrest, a rubber bullet struck a 13-year-old girl in the face, and a young woman carrying water to others had her arm nearly blown off — is the fault of the activists.

11-22-1 ~ Police tear gas and blast water cannons at North Dakota pipeline protesters
Police have used tear gas and water cannons against hundreds of protesters, in the latest violent clash between law enforcement and activists over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-22-16 ~ Dakota Access pipeline protester ‘may lose her arm’ after police standoff
Sophia Wilansky, 21, was seriously injured after being hit by projectile when officers threw less-than-lethal weapons at demonstrators.

11-22-16 ~ Officials Defend Dousing Pipeline Protesters With Water in Subfreezing Weather
Authorities on Monday defended their decision to douse protesters with water during a skirmish in subfreezing weather near the Dakota Access oil pipeline, and organizers said at least 17 protesters were taken to the hospital — including some who were treated for hypothermia.

11-22-16 ~ Call for DOJ Observers in North Dakota as DAPL Activists Face Severe Injuries, Arrests
“Woman hit by concussion grenade may lose her arm. Way past time for federal observers at Standing Rock.

11-22-16 ~ CNN, Mainstream TV News Continues Ignoring Dakota Access Pipeline
A lazy mainstream media propagates false narratives based on second-hand sources.

11-22-16 ~ North Dakota Highway Patrol Doesn’t Know About Hypothermia
The spokesman for North Dakota Highway Patrol can’t figure out why it was wrong for authorities to shoot water at Dakota Access Pipeline protesters in freezing weather.

11-22-16 ~ The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Issues Statement Regarding Dakota Access Pipeline
Commission Chair Martin R. Castro stated, “The issue of the pipeline is not just about the pipeline alone, but rather it is about the entire relationship between the United States and sovereign Indian Nations, their rights, traditions and religious beliefs. As we prepare our civil rights report on this relationship we call on Congress to make it a priority to address the problems in Indian country by holding its own hearings to hear from Native leaders about the unmet needs and unmet promises owed to Native Americans by the United States of America.”

11-22-16 ~ Veterans prepare to join Standing Rock protesters to stop Dakota Access Pipeline
Indigenous water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site just got assistance from military veterans.

11-22-16 ~ ‘Where Evil Resides’: Veterans ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock To Engage The Enemy — The US Government
On Dec. 4, if everything goes according to plan, hundreds of veterans will muster at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. The mission: To stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-22-16 ~ Veterans Organizing “Like a Military Unit” to Defend DAPL Protesters from Militarized Police
Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is about to get a major boost. On Dec. 4, U.S. military veterans — possibly numbering in the hundreds — plan to gather “like a military unit” to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-21-16 ~ What’s behind the Dakota pipeline protests?
The conflict over the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota flared up again Sunday night. At least 17 protesters were taken to the hospital after authorities used tear gas, rubber bullets and water hoses to disperse a crowd of 400 people who had gathered there in subfreezing temperatures

11-21-16 ~ Leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Calls On Obama to Halt Pipeline After Violent Clash
The leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe called on President Barack Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline today, after a clash last night that protest organizers say left 17 people hospitalized and scores more injured after law enforcement unleashed water, rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators in below-freezing temperatures near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

11-21-16 ~ Water Protector in Critical Condition After DAPL Police Grenade Blew Apart Her Arm
A young water protector faces possible amputation thanks to a police concussion grenade.

11-21-16 ~ Artist creates mirrored shields for Standing Rock protesters
Cannupa Hanska Luger says he hopes the project will empower demonstrators and create a connection with police

11-21-16 Veterans are planning a ‘deployment’ to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline
“Most civilians who’ve never served in a uniform are gutless worms who’ve never been in a fight in their life,” Wes Clark Jr. declares. “So if we don’t stop it, who will?”

11-21-16 ~ Water Protector in Critical Condition After DAPL Police Grenade Blew Apart Her Arm
A young water protector faces possible amputation thanks to a police concussion grenade.

en. Al Franken (D-Minn.) urged the Department of Justice to take action to protect the safety and First Amendment rights of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters following reports that law enforcement used high pressure fire hoses for crowd control in sub-freezing temperatures.

11-21-16 ~ Standing Rock Police Attack Protesters Again: ‘He Just Smiled and Shot Both My Kneecaps’
The ‘water defenders’ trying to stop an oil pipeline were hit with water cannons that turned to ice in the frigid temperatures as rubber bullets and tear gas flew. It didn’t stop them from coming back though.

11-21-16 ~ Dakota Pipeline: Protesters Soaked With Water in Freezing Temperatures
Tear gas, freezing cold water and rubber bullets were used to disperse a crowd of 400 protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline in clashes late Sunday and early Monday that left more than 150 activists and one law enforcement officer injured.

11-21-16 ~ Police defend use water cannons on Dakota Access protesters in freezing weather
Authorities on Monday defended their decision to douse protesters with water during a skirmish in subfreezing weather near the Dakota Access oil pipeline, and organizers said at least 17 protesters were taken to the hospital — including some who were treated for hypothermia.

11-21-16 ~ Standing Rock caravan leaves from Port Townsend
t is Standing Rock or bust for the 30 or so members of the Standing with Standing Rock Thanksgiving Caravan, which is scheduled to embark this morning from Port Townsend on a 1,350-mile journey to the site of a protest camp in North Dakota.

11-21-16 ~ UN condemns abuse of Standing Rock water protesters
United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association Maina Kiai issued a blistering condemnation on November 15 of the militarized response to the Standing Rock water protectors’ peaceful protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-21-16 ~ Standing Rock Protests Escalate As Police Attack Activists With Water Cannons In Freezing Weather Call for More National Guard Troops
Standing Rock activists faced a new wave of assault from law enforcement agencies as officers sprayed them with paper spray, fired rubber bullets at them, and blasted them with water cannons in freezing weather.

11-21-16 ~ Standing Rock protest: hundreds clash with police over Dakota Access Pipeline
Protesters opposing the controversial pipeline reported being hit with teargas, rubber bullets and percussion grenades during the standoff

11-21-16 ~ Dakota Access pipeline protesters congregate again at bridge after overnight clashes with police
The Latest on the protest against the Dakota Access oil pipeline. (all times local): 11:15 a.m. Dakota Access oil pipeline protesters are congregating again at a shut-down bridge on a state highway near their camp in southern North Dakota where they clashed with law officers overnight.

11-21-16 ~ Resolution 16-121 Support Standing Rock Lakota Tribe and Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline
PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Homer City Council this 21st day of November, 2016.

11-21-16 ~ Injustice At Standing Rock
The mainstream media is missing quite a remarkable story.

11-20-16 ~ Petition asks Department of Justice to Prosecute ND’s Governor Dalrymple for Standing Rock Abuses / Tear Gas Video
These are the distilled comments made on this petition over less than one hour, and I have edited all of those who simply said Yes, OR YES please prosecute. You will find mine below, in which I suggest that the author of the petition write an OEN article but specifically to layout what statutes might be applicable.

11-20-16 ~ Hundreds of Water Protectors Injured as Police Fire Water Cannons In Freezing Tempertures

11-20-16 ~ Slovenia becomes first EU nation to enshrine human right to water in their constitution
While the United States faces a major environmental backslide under President-elect Donald Trump, a small central European nation has become the first to enshrine the right to drinking water in their constitution. The new amendment to Slovenia‘s constitution states that drinkable water is a human right. Largely to prevent the commercialization of the country’s water resources, the Slovenian parliament just voted in favor of the new law. Prime Minister Miro Cerar, in favor of the amendment, described water as “the 21st century’s liquid gold.”

11-20-16 ~ At least 167 injured by police at Standing Rock. #NoDAPL
Tonight, I held a young man’s hands after pouring milk of magnesia into his eyes as he cried and wailed in pain after being a victim of a violent tear gas attack.


11-20-16 ~ CBS NY – Police, Protesters Face Off On Bridge In Dakota Access Pipeline Protest
Police were firing water cannons and tear gas at the protesters, and had arrested at least one person late Sunday

11-20-16 ~ Attention, Please. The Answer to Standing Rock. Again
Some corrupt federated and incorporated fake “county governments” have seen a way to line their pockets with money from pipeline company and oil company profits. So they cut a deal allowing these corporations to put a pipeline through.

11-20-16 ~ How to Contact the People Sending Militarized Police to Standing Rock
Have a question about the militarization of policing near Dakota Access pipeline construction? Here’s who to call, starting with Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

11-20-16 ~ NEW LAW Now Charging ALL Protesters With Terrorism, Spread the News and SHARE THIS!!
The United States is one of the best places to live. You have rights that are given to you from the Constitution, you have the freedom to do what you want (within reason of course), and you have the ability to live in one of the strongest nations in the world. At least it is supposed to be like that.

11-20-16 ~ Obama Blocks Gas And Oil Drilling In Arctic Ocean And Sacred Native Land
The move carries significant weight in the context of the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protests. If conceived, the 1,172-mile pipeline would run underneath the Missouri River and carry crude oil from oilfields in North Dakota to Illinois. The route would go through sacred burial grounds and the main source of water of the Standing Rock Tribe.

11-25-16 ~ Exclusive: Jane Fonda at Standing Rock: ‘I’ve Rarely Seen So Much Love’
Fonda, an Academy-Award winner repeatedly recognized for her innumerable gifts, arrived at Standing Rock during the week of Thanksgiving and donated seven butchered bison for a celebratory meal hosted by actress Shailene Woodley.

11-19-16 ~ This is What Organization Looks Like
There are meetings all day. There is at least one meeting in Oceti Sakowin Camp about construction per day. We have dedicated teams that work diligently for countless hours to winterize this camp. We look out for each other. We gather around fires at night and share food around tables bustling with conversation, and glowing with connection. This is what hope looks like when we take it in our hands and live it—instead of wishing for it and waiting for our dreams to be accomplished for us. We work together to find strengths within this community and from the foundation of individuals’ skills, we build. Many of us are here to stay.

11-19-16 ~ New Reports From Standing Rock Detail Horrific Conditions Of Police Brutality
A couple weeks ago one of my best students disappeared from the argumentation and advocacy class I teach at the local community college. I emailed to see if she was ok. I learned she was on her way to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-19-16 ~ Massive Diesel Spill On Native Land Goes Unreported by Mainstream Media
At the heart of the Heilsuk Nation in Bella Bella, British Columbia an environmental disaster of epic proportions is unfolding. The waters have been poisoned for over a month due to a spill of more than 52,850 gallons of diesel failing to be cleaned up in a timely manner.

Fonda will be part of a delegation 50 people from around the country who will be visit the site of the Standing Rock action against the Dakota Access Pipeline — to serve a Wopila Feast to thank American Indian water protectors for their courage in defending Mother Earth.

11-18-16 ~ Police say Standing Rock winterized protest camps against the law – Video
North Dakota has had a bit of an extended summer. But now that temperatures are starting to drop water protectors at protest camps in Standing Rock need to winterize. And with that, may come some legal issues.

11-18-16 ~ Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention
The tragic case of Corey Kanosh, 35, has received very little media attention, in spite of the growing outrageover police shootings of unarmed, innocent citizens.

11-18-16 ~ ‘Get on right side of history’: Greenpeace demand banks ditch ‘toxic’ Dakota pipeline
Greenpeace has implored financial institutions investing in the Dakota Access pipeline to “get on the right side of history” after the largest bank in Norway reportedly sold its assets in the crude oil project.

11-18-16 ~ These Chefs Are Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast at Standing Rock
With the Wopila Feast, a delegation of chefs, activists, and volunteers plan to feed 500 people at Standing Rock.

11-18-16 ~ Dakota Access is in Financial Jeopardy by Sacred Stone Camp On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, just hours after the arrival of the drill at Standing Rock, Dakota Access LLC filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for delaying its decision on the last required easement. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault said in response, “They are wrong and the lawsuit will not succeed.

11-18-16 ~ Another Pipeline Bursts Endangering Drinking Water Of 6 Million People – Same Company Behind Dakota Access Pipeline
While most of us are enjoying lower gasoline and natural gas prices these days – a big help to the family budget – it is increasingly difficult to defend the oil and gas industry when it keeps polluting our treasured natural resources.

11-18-16 ~ 35 Native Protesters Added To Federal “Threat” List
Thirty-five of the 89 Indigenous activists secretly investigated and profiled by the RCMP as potential threats to public safety have ties to New Brunswick, a recently released document shows.

11-18-16 ~ For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning
For many indigenous people in Greater Boston, the holiday is a day of mourning as they reflect on centuries of racism, genocide, and attempts to destroy their culture.

11-18-16 ~ Veteran Protector Defending the Land & Finding His Roots
For George Chavis the call to Standing Rock was only partly about being a veteran. For the most part this journey has been a culmination of returning to his Indigenous roots. He spent 12 years on active duty, enlisting first at 20 years of age in 1999.

11-18-16 ~ New U.S. Army Regulations May Further Delay the North Dakota Pipeline
The U.S. Army plans to issue a new rule to improve consultations with Indian tribes for permitting decisions, a move that could delay the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to a notice posted Thursday on a White House website.

11-18-16 ~ North Dakota Cops Get ‘Doxed’ and Don’t Like It
The Morton County Sheriff Department — responsible for shoorting water protectors with rubber bullets, tear-gassing them, beating them, strip searching them, and jailing them in ‘dog kennel’s with Nazi type numbers written on their arms — says it has been ‘doxed.’

11-18-16 ~ Largest Bank in Norway Sells Its Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline
The largest bank in Norway, DNB, has announced that it has sold its assets in the Dakota Access pipeline. The news follows the delivery of 120,000 signatures gathered by to DNB by Greenpeace Norway and others urging the bank and other financial institutions to pull finances for the project. DNB recently indicated that it is reconsidering the loan it provided, which amounts to 10 percent of the total funding.

11-18-16 ~ Largest Bank in Norway Pulls $3M from Dakota Access Pipeline
This is a major win for water protectors, who have been advocating to target the project’s financial interests.

11-18-16 ~ DAPL Investors Getting Antsy: If Pipeline Doesn’t Move Oil by January First the Contract EXPIRES
Though water protectors have held their ground at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline for months now, they need only push for a month and a half longer until it is possible that their mere presence may actually kill the oil-funneling project.

11-18-16 ~ Bernie Sanders Calls on President Obama to Stop the Pipeline by Declaring Standing Rock a National Monument
Bernie Sanders’ new political revolution is calling on the American public to get involved to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, by putting pressure on the Obama administration to designate a “Standing Rock National Monument” on the site of the protest by the Lakota Sioux reservation at the confluence of the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers.

11-18-14 ~ FAA Can Regulate Small Drones: NTSB Reverses Judge’s Ruling
Overturning a federal judge’s ruling that the Federal Aviation Administration had overstepped in fining a man $10,000 for flying a small drone, the National Transportation Safety Board says the agency has the authority to regulate such drones.

11-18-16 ~ Morton County Sheriff’s Department says DAPL protesters are erecting unlawful structures
The Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. says Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are illegally erecting structures at a camp north of the Cannon Ball River on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ land. The Department’s says photographs show people living at the camp getting ready for winter by constructing temporary and permanent structures without a permit.

11-18-16 Colonial Pipeline Company Eyes Expansion After Spills
A business development manager for the Alpharetta-based Colonial Pipeline Company told a Georgia legislative committee Thursday it continues to consider expansion following two incidents that spilled gas in a rural parts of Alabama.

11-18-16 ~ North Dakota lawmakers punish tribes for taking #NoDAPL stand
The North Dakota Legislative Management Committee canceled the 2017 tribal leader address to the state Legislature. Republicans cited safety concerns at the State Capitol, according to news reports, even though the only people who have been hurt so far are the #NoDAPL resisters.

11-17-16 ~ For native Americans, pipeline sparks climate awakening
Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline has unified tribes from across America. Some here believe this protest is becoming something bigger – a turning point for both native Americans and the climate movement.

11-17-16 ~ Judge throws out felony charges against Standing Rock protesters – US Uncut
The felony charges facing some of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters who were arrested during last October’s raid have been dismissed by a local judge.

11-17-16 ~ Judge throws out felony charges against several north camp protesters – Dickenson Press
139 people were charged with one felony count of conspiracy to endanger by fire or explosion and two misdemeanor counts. The prosecutors filed a single complaint and supporting affidavit against all of them on Nov. 10. The affidavit alleges protesters at least implicitly agreed to set multiple fires throughout the day, thereby endangering law enforcement, firefighters and nearby pasture land.

11-17-16 ~ Largest bank in Norway pulls its assets in Dakota Access pipeline
The news follows the delivery of 120,000 signatures from Greenpeace Norway and others to DNB urging the bank and other financial institutions to pull finances for

11-17-16 ~ Police respond to #NoDAPL Targeting Officers
Today police say protesters released personal information of law enforcement, including date of birth and home address of a one officer. We looked into whether these kinds of posts are illegal or even terroristic in nature. Bullying intimidation – even violence – all tactics either side of the Dakota Access pipeline battle accuse the other.

11-17-16 ~ Washington Republican proposes charging protestors with ‘economic terrorism’
A Republican state lawmaker who was an outspoken supporter of President-elect Donald Trump is proposing a bill that would allow authorities to charge protesters with committing “economic terrorism.”

The United States is one of the best places to live. You have rights that are given to you from the Constitution, you have the freedom to do what you want (within reason of course), and you have the ability to live in one of the strongest nations in the world. At least it is supposed to be like that.

11-17-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline decision unlikely until early 2017
A federal judge likely won’t decide until early next year whether to give the developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline permission to finish the $3.8 billion project, according to court documents.

11-17-16 ~ Professional protestors release personal information of police officers, attempt to target and harass them and their families
During today’s illegal protest activities, protestors released personal information, including date of birth and home address, of a Bismarck Police Department officer. Protestors have also publicly identified several other Bismarck Police Department officers and a Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy.

11-17-16 ~ Judge throws out felony charges against several north camp protesters – Bismarck Tribune
A judge has thrown out felony charges against several Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested during a raid of the northern camp on Oct. 27.

11-17-16 ~ UN Denounces Abuse of Free Assembly Rights for Water Protectors Standing Against DAPL
The militarized response to water protectors’ efforts to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through sacred burial grounds and underneath a key water source constitutes “excessive force” that is directly at odds with the right to assemble peacefully, a key United Nations expert has ruled.

Scholars have estimated that, prior to the ‘discovery’ of the Americas by Europeans, the pre-contact era population could have been as high as 100 million people.

11-17-16 ~ North Dakota Law Enforcement Official: “I’ll ultimately be paid by the oil people…”
Emails obtained by Unicorn Riot through a public records request to the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (ND DOCR) raise questions about the deployment of personnel from various state agencies to protect the Dakota Access Pipeline from the water protectors who have been staging direct actions for months. In response to April Anderson, a man named Tyler J. Falk wrote in an email: “I’ll ultimately be paid by the oil people dealing with the protests. I’m guessing when all of that is finally over and the dust settles, the oil company is going to want all the paperwork for reimbursement. I figured I should have some formal form instead of writing hours on a napkin (smiley face). Thanks.” – Tyler Falk

11-17-16 ~ Suddenly Time—And the Oil Market—Are On the Side of the Standing Rock Sioux
The Army has determined that additional discussion and analysis are warranted in light of the history of the Great Sioux Nation’s dispossessions of lands, the importance of Lake Oahe to the Tribe, our government-to-government relationship, and the statute governing easements through government property.”

11-16-16 ~ Indigenous Activist Zip-Tied & Locked in Dog Kennel for 6 Hours for Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline
In an update on police treatment of activists at the Standing Rock standoff, Tara Houska, national campaigns director for Honor the Earth, describes how she was “arrested for criminal trespass as I was leaving a peaceful demonstration and getting into my car on a public road.” She says police handcuffed her with zip ties and held her in a dog kennel for six hours without charging her with a crime. “After that, I was strip-searched and then thrown into jail and, finally, late, late that evening, was charged with a crime.”

11-16-16 ~ Squash, Rice and Roadkill: Feeding the Fighters of Standing Rock
On any given night, supper lines here at the dusty prairie camps near the Missouri River where the last piece of a 1,170-mile pipeline is set to be placed might include young Navajo women from Arizona who have never camped in the cold, and older white women for whom chaining themselves to a fence for a cause is nothing new.

Desperation comes from the company’s January 1, 2017 deadline for completing the project. Dakota Access has previously told the District Court that if they are not delivering oil by January 1, their shipper contracts will expire and the project will be in jeopardy.

As the gathering of water protectors in Mandan got underway, several speakers described how the oil and gas man camps spread human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and hard drugs such as methamphetamine, to surrounding communities.

11-16-16 ~ Obama administration cancels oil and gas leases on Blackfeet tribe’s sacred grounds
The Interior Department on Wednesday announced a settlement with Devon Energy for the cancellation of leases in Montana for oil and gas drilling on lands considered sacred by the Blackfeet Tribe.

11-16-16 ~ Ohio troopers return from North Dakota pipeline protest Thirty-seven Ohio state troopers have returned home after assisting North Dakota officials in handling a pipeline protest near an Native American reservation.

11-16-16 ~ IEEFA Report: Dakota Access Pipeline Driven by ‘High-Risk Financing’ in Overbuilt Region; Little-Known Economic Weaknesses in Controversial Project
The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report noting weaknesses in the financing behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and questions around the long-term usefulness of the project.

11-16-16 ~ Victory for Native American Blackfoot tribes as 15 oil and gas leases near Glacier National Park are cancelled
US interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the move would protect the area’s ‘rich cultural and natural resources’ from the ‘irreparable impacts [of] oil and gas development’

11-16-16 ~ Washington State Republican Senator to Introduce New Crime Bill Targeting Protestors as “Economic Terrorist
On Wednesday November 16th, Washington State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, stated that he is crafting a bill that would create a new crime of “economic terrorism” targeting protestors.

11-16-16 ~ Interior Cancels Oil Leases On Sacred Tribal Lands In Montana
In a rare win for Native American rights over the oil industry, the Department of the Interior canceled 15 oil and gas leases in the Badger-Two Medicine area of northwest Montana, land that the Blackfeet Nation considers sacred.

11-16-16 ~ Delays from Protests Cost Dakota Access Pipeline Company $100 Million
As actions against the Dakota Access pipeline swept the country and world Tuesday, Energy Transfer Partners filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeking to “end the Administration’s political interference in the Dakota Access Pipeline review process.”

11-16-16 ~ Worldwide Protests Demand U.S. Army Reject Dakota Access Pipeline
Actions were held in hundreds of cities worldwide Tuesday to protest the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which would carry crude from the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

11-16-16 ~ CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters: ‘We’re building the pipeline’
The struggle over the Dakota Access oil pipeline intensified this week, with protesters in a number of cities joining the Native tribes who are opposed to the project. Meanwhile, the company building the pipeline is pushing back, filing suit in federal court yesterday to get its last permit issued.

11-16-16 ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Visits Standing Rock on #NoDAPL Day of Action
Environmental attorney and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., made a special visit to the Oceti Sakowin camp on Tuesday, November 15, to extend his support in the fight against Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).

11-16-16 ~ WA: Protesters Blockade Trains Carrying Fracking Materials to North Dakota
Meanwhile, in Olympia, Washington, protesters have set up an ongoing encampment called Olympia Stand to blockade trains carrying fracking materials from the Port of Olympia to the Bakken oilfields in North Dakota.

11-16-16 ~ BREAKING: DAPL Drill Brought In Overnight
Digital Smoke Signals was able to get drone footage of a drill that was brought in overnight to the building site of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-16-16 ~ This Gorgeous Short Film Takes Us to the Heart of the Dakota Access Pipeline Standoff
Given what we’re seeing in the election’s aftermath, photographer-filmmakerLucian Read clearly picked a prescient title for his recent mini-doc series on inequality in the United States: America Divided.

11-16-16 ~ New York Times – 16 Arrested at North Dakota Pipeline Protest
Tensions continued in North Dakota on Monday afternoon as law enforcement officials arrested 16 people at a demonstration, one day after hundreds clashed with the police over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-15-16 ~ Native Americans facing excessive force in North Dakota pipeline protests – UN expert
GENEVA: A United Nations human rights expert has accused US security forces of using excessive force against protesters trying to stop an oil pipeline project which runs through land sacred to indigenous people.

11-15-16 ~ Contaminant levels in question at Belton spill site
Three environmental groups have said pipeline giant Kinder Morgan underreported the extent of gasoline pollution around an Anderson County gasoline spill site, but the state refuted that, saying the pipeline giant has been “responsive” to cleaning up the area.

11-15-16 ~ ‘Day of Action’: More than 200 protests planned against Dakota Access Pipeline
Demonstrators across the US are planning to hold more than 200 rallies against the Dakota Access Pipeline on Tuesday. The ‘Day of Action’ is expected to be the largest protest against the pipeline since the government halted the project in September.

11-15-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Sweep Across Country With New Urgency After Trump’s Election
Crowds urged the Army Corps of Engineers to deny a permit to Energy Transfer Partners to build a portion of the 1,172-mile pipeline beneath Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock Sioux’s reservation. Much of the pipeline is already built,=.

11-15-16 ~ Company files suit to complete Dakota Access Pipeline without further delay
In a push to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline, its developers claimed in a federal lawsuit Tuesday that they have all permits needed to complete the project, and accused the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of political interference to delay it.

11-15-16 ~ Native American Council offers amnesty to 220 million undocumented whites
A council of Native American leaders has offered partial amnesty to the estimated 220 million illegal white immigrants living in the United States.

11-15-16 ~ UPDATE w/ ND Authority Statements – ETP CEO Kelcy Warren Says They Have Offered to Pay Protest Related Expenses
Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren says the company wants to reimburse the state of North Dakota and Morton County for expenses related to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, but authorities in North Dakota have yet to accept the offer.

11-14-16 ~ Shot in the Back at Standing Rock
Elders kept in cages. Demonstrators shot with rubber bullets. What’s happening at Standing Rock isn’t just a protest, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox writes. It’s a character test—one America is failing.

11-14-16 ~ How a fight against the ‘black snake’ at Standing Rock formed a global community
One snowy afternoon in April, a small group of Native Americans rode on horseback through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and set up camp on a windy hillside overlooking the Cannonball River. They erected tepees, foraged for firewood and prayed for allies to help their people fight “the black snake.”

11-14-16 ~ Army Corps Withholds Final Dakota Access Pipeline Permit, Will Consult Further With Standing Rock Tribe
The Army Corps stated that it will not grant the final easement needed by Dakota Access to bore under Lake Oahe until its new consultation with Standing Rock is complete.

11-14-16 ~ Video’s #NoDAPL – Nov. 11–20, 2016

11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock ~ Stories from the Frontlines ~ Nov. 14, 2016

11-14-16 ~ North Dakota’s Sacred Albino Buffalo Walks On
Born on the Shirek Buffalo Ranch near Michigan, North Dakota on July 10, 1996, White Cloud was an extremely rare female albino bison. She went to live with the herd at the National Buffalo Museumin Jamestown, North Dakota in 1997 and was visited by some 3 million people during her stay there. In May 2016, she returned to the ranch where she was born.

11-14-16 ~ North Dakota state capitol locked down to keep out Dakota Access protesters
The North Dakota state capitol was locked down Monday to stop hundreds of Dakota Access protesters from entering and refusing to leave, as they have done in the past.

11-13-16 ~ Keeping Unrest Alive
LOL, how convenient, no way did this all of a sudden come to light 2 days after the 2016 Presidential election. I call bullshit. Obama’s administration is *only now* reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s investigative report highlighting ten “clear links” the FBI failed to investigate about Trumps 250 registered business in Russia????

11-13-16 ~ Crow Creek tribe sues U.S. government for $200 million
About 270 river-miles downstream from the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp, a South Dakota Native American tribe is quietly fighting for $200 million in compensation over alleged water-rights violations.

11-13-16 ~ Man Pistol-Whips Woman and Opens Fire Near Standing Rock Water Protectors at Anti-Bakken Dakota Access Pipeline Prayer Action
The Bismark area countryside echoed with screams of horror on Saturday when a man pistol-whipped a woman from the window of his truck, then opened fire over the heads of Standing Rock Water Protectors praying near a Bakken Dakota Access Pipeline workspace.

11-13-16 ~ Burial ground at center of police confrontations is known historical site
At least three people, including two important Sioux women, were once interred on this hill, known as Turtle Island.

11-13-16 ~ Back to the War Zone
I’m writing to you from the Minneapolis airport on my way back to Standing Rock, N.D. CLDC is coming in with full brains a blazin’ this time. I am accompanied by CLDC’s computer-security guru (and political economist), Dr. Jamil Jonna and CLDC member and psychologist Dr. Erin Chaparro. We will defend water protectors in court and help organize court support for over 470 arrestees; we will pursue the civil rights actions we are working on against cops and jails.

ACLU calling on the Justice Department to demilitarize Standing Rock. With the election, this story has gotten less attention, but it is still happening and we need to continue to ensure the activists at Standing Rock are not treated like wartime protesters.Right now on a North Dakota prairie, nonviolent protesters are being confronted by police in riot gear with armored military vehicles, automatic rifles, sonic weapons, concussion grenades, attack dogs, pepper spray, and beanbag bullets.

11-13-16 ~ Nov 15 #NoDAPL Day of Action at Army Corps of Engineers
Indigenous leaders are calling on us to take to the streets and disrupt “business-as-usual” one week after the election to demand that President Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming administration stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-12-16 ~ Dakota Pipeline Protesters Block Work Crews
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is expected to make a decision on the controversial project in coming days. Protesters against the Dakota Access oil pipeline briefly blocked two entrances to a pipeline work yard in a rural North Dakota town early on Saturday morning, causing workers to leave the area

Chief Arvol Looking Horse and other American Indian leaders sent a letter on Friday to President Barack Obama urging him to meet face-to-face to discuss the United States responsiblities to Indigenous People relating to the Dakota Access pipeline.

11-12-16 ~ “I Couldn’t Go to Standing Rock, So I Closed My Bank Accounts Instead” by Cedar Wilkie Gillette
Feeling helpless after seeing the military and police brutality, I decided to divest on October 30.. I wrote to the U.S. Bank CEO about why I needed to close my accounts. I was upset that my money was connected to these human rights violations. “This excessive force is not to protect the people, but to protect the man camps and the ongoing pipeline construction,” I wrote. “Shame on you U.S. Bank and its CEO for investing in greed and condoning human rights violations solely for your benefit. And the egregious use of the people’s money to in effect poison the people.”

11-11-16 ~ Tribal Leader Calls on Obama to Halt Pipeline Construction Before Trump Takes Office
The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has called on President Obama to “set a lasting and true legacy” by halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline before President-elect Donald Trump takes office next year.

11-11-16 ~ Police are spending millions of dollars to monitor the social media of protesters and suspects
Hundreds of local police departments across the United States have collectively spent about $4.75 million on software tools that can monitor the locations of activists at protests or social media hashtags used by suspect

11-11-16 ~ Administration denies green light coming for Dakota Access
“The process is ongoing and no decisions have been made,” an administration official said. Sources familiar with the process said earlier Friday that a go-ahead for the $3.7 billion project was expected as soon as Monday, raising concerns about nationwide protests planned against the project on Tuesday.

11-11-16 ~ Mayan Elders from Guatemala Traveled to Standing Rock to Show Their Support for #NoDAPL
Few indigenous groups know the pain of losing friends, loves ones, and entire communities in defense of tribal lands as acutely as the Mayan ethnic groups of Guatemala.

11-10-16 ~ DAPL Ignores 2nd Army Corps Request to Stop Construction for 30 Days
Energy Transfer Partners is refusing to stand down on its construction plans despite two requests from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that it do so. DAPL said they planned to begin drilling in two weeks—even though at the moment it does not have the easements necessary for it to tunnel under the river legally.

11-9-16 ~ Gallery: Portraits from the Standing Rock protests
In September 2016, photographer Camille Seaman joined protesters at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Here, she brings us up close with some of the many people who have been drawn there to defend the water and the earth.

11-9-16 ~ Sheriffs LEAVE Standing Rock, Saying ‘It’s Completely Unethical’
Outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation. Two departments have already refused to return, citing personal and public objections. As if that wasn’t enough, an army of sympathizers is re-purposing social media to combat police efforts in Standing Rock.

11-9-16 ~ What Donald Trump’s Win Means for the Dakota Access Pipeline
Just a week ago environmental activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline hoped that a rejection of the project by the federal government would signal a deepened U.S. commitment to slowing the pace of oil and gas drilling. The election of Donald Trump likely erased those hopes while also reviving the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline rejected by President Obama last year.

11-9-16 ~ Navajo Code Talker George James Sr. dies at age 92
A World War II Navajo Code Talker died Wednesday morning at the age of 92. George James Sr. was born and raised in Red Valley on the Navajo Nation. At the age of 17, he volunteered to serve in the United States Marine Corps during World War II and was selected to become a Navajo Code Talker.

11-9-16 UN Expert Releases Report on Conditions Surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline
In response to an October 28, 2016 letter of invitation to me as an Expert Member of the UNPFII from Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman, David Archambault, I traveled from my community to North Dakota to see, firsthand, the conditions that he, his peoples and those from other communities have been facing in relation to the clearing of the right of way and subsequent construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-8-16 ~ Alaskans At Standing Rock
A delegation of Indigenous women from all over Alaska is at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to support opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

11-7-16 ~ Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ bank may withhold loans over Dakota Access pipeline issues
Protests in Dallas and elsewhere against the Dakota Access pipeline have reached a bank in Norway. The bank’s reaction could create a financing problem for the Dallas company building the pipeline.

11-7-16 ~ Standing Rock ~ Stories from the Frontlines ~ 11-7-16
A few days ago I posted biographical information on Matilda Galpin, Waŋblí Ayútepiwiŋ (Eagle Woman Who All Look At), one of the women buried on the top of the hill.

11-7-16 ~ Environmentalists Target Bankers Behind Pipeline
Citigroup and Wells Fargo of the United States, TD Bank of Canada and Mizuho of Japan — have come under fire for their role in bankrolling the pipeline.

11-7-16 ~ This Is Stolen Land’: 38 Water Protectors Arraigned in North Dakota
Mandan, North Dakota, 51 water protectors* were scheduled to appear before Judge Gail Hagerty at Morton County District Court to be arraigned on charges related to arrests that took place on October 22 near the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site just north of the Standing Rock Reservation in Morton County. Of the 51 scheduled to appear, 38 water protectors were present to enter their pleas.

11-6-16 ~ Livestock killings near protest camp gain attention
The killing and injuring of cattle and horses is one of the most emotionally charged incidents associated with the pipeline protests in Sioux and Morton Counties in North Dakota.

11-6-16 ~ Peltier Again Not Among Federal Prisoners Chosen by Obama for Clemency
President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of 58 federal prisoners. Yet, once again, Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier was not among the selected to receive freedom.

11-5-16 ~ Rubber Bullets – Palestine, Ferguson and Standing Rock
Emma Groves was permanently blinded in both eyes after being hit by a rubber bullet. The bullet came through her living room window after a soldier aimed at her and shot eight yards away.

11-5-16 ~ #NoDAPL is #NativeLivesMatter: The protests at Standing Rock are not only about environmentalism, they’re about racism
The Dakota Access Pipeline needs to be seen as a symptom of the systemic racism inflicted upon Native Americans

11-5-16 ~ Dakota Pipeline Protest for Dummies ~ Rob Reiken
Dakota Pipeline Protest for Dummies who do NOT understand what this is about. Six or so years ago when the BP Gulf Oil Spill happened, the native Indians put Barges in place to stop the oil flowing up their river but instead the Feds being the parasites they are didn’t allow this so “they” removed them.

11-4-16 ~ Video Archive ~ Standing Rock
100’s of videos going back to March 24, 2016

11-4-16 ~ Trusted News Sources ~ Standing Rock
TV Programing, Movies, News Delivery Services, Commercials etc. frame corporate media agenda’s, manipulating any given circumstance, factual or implied into pre-formed perspectives with the intent to influence by indoctrinating the public to their way of thinking. Broadcasters often fail, don’t care to check the authenticity of stories, or flat out lie.

11-4-16 ~ Cheyenne River Sioux Chair Calls for Resignation of US Army Corps’ Henderson
Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier is calling for the resignation of the local commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Commander and District Engineer of the Omaha District Colonel John W. Henderson, based on conduct he said does not uphold the impartiality that federal authorities are legally required to maintain on federal land, impedes the constitutional rights of water protectors to engage in peaceful protest, and comments that he called racist and insulting.

11-4-16 ~ Police Turn In Badges Rather Than Incite Violence Against Standing Rock Protestors
It should be evident if you’re following news concerning the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota that tension continues to escalate between protestors supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and riot police. The big deal? A four-state Dakota Access Pipeline which threatens to uproot sacred burial ground, poison the Missouri river, and make null an 1881 treaty ensuring the property belongs to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

11-3-16 ~ 2 Police Officers Turn In Badges In Support Of Standing Rock Water Protectors
“There have been at least 2 reports of police officers turning in their badges acknowledging that this battle is not what they signed up for. You can see it in some of them, that they do not support the police actions. We must keep reminding them they are welcome to put down their weapons and badge and take a stand against this pipeline as well. Some are waking up.”

Standing Rock Water Protectors described human rights violations by law enforcement to United Nations representatives during interviews this week. Water Protectors described being kept in chain link cells resembling kennels, and strip searched. They also report being denied food, water, clothing, attorneys, phone calls, beds, bedding, and access to the restroom.

11-3-16 ~ The Standing Rock Victory You Didn’t Hear About
The day 40 to 50 Native water protectors kept 250 militarized police from attacking camp.

11-3-16 ~ A journalist at Standing Rock was shot by police for no reason—and caught the awful moment on video
As peaceful protests over the controversial Dakota Access Pipelineagain turn violent, one journalist near the Standing Rock Sioux Indian reservation in North Dakota captured shocking video showing herself being shot by police out of nowhere as she conducted an interview.

11-3-16 ~ NBC: Police Fire Rubber Bullets as Pipeline Protesters Try to Protect Sacred Site
Police in riot gear shot rubber bullets and used pepper spray on demonstrators — who call themselves water protectors — on the shoreline of the Cantapeta Creek, just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation here on Wednesday.

11-3-16 ~ Dakota Access: North Dakota Capitol Shut Down After Day of Clergy-Led Protest
About a hundred anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protesters and clergy held a prayer rally on the lawn of the North Dakota state Capitol in Bismark on Thursday evening, ending in a police-ordered lockdown of the Capitol and more than a dozen arrests.

Last month, spirit rider Mason Redwing was charged with felony reckless endangerment of law enforcement and a felony count of terrorizing law enforcement after he allegedly rode his horse towards a police line. On Tuesday, Judge Romanick found no probable cause and dismissed all charges against Redwing.

11-3-16 ~ Terrorizing Charges Dropped Against NoDAPL Water Protectors
Spitir Mason Redwing was charged with felony reckless endangerment of law enforcement and a felony count of terrorizing after he allegedly rode his horse toward a police line.

An activist at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest got an unwelcome surprise in the middle of filming an on-camera interview, when she was shot in the back with a rubber bullet.

11-3-16 ~ Time to Move the Standing Rock Pipeline
President Obama has pointed a way out of a dangerous standoff over an oil pipelinebeing built in North Dakota. He told an interviewer on Tuesday that the Army Corps of Engineers was looking for a new pipeline route, presumably away from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

11-3-16 ~ The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Litigation on the Dakota Access Pipeline
An independent expert hired by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has found that the government’s Environmental Assessment of the Dakota Access pipeline’s environmental impact was inadequate.

11-2-16 ~ How to Contact the People Who Sent Militarized Police to Standing Rock
Here is a list of officials from the involved states, plus the county and city police confirmed by news reports, to have sent troops and equipment to North Dakota. Questions can be directed to these people.

11-2-16 ~ 1 arrested after DAPL protesters build makeshift bridge across creek to gain access to Cannon Ball Ranch
Officers used rubber bullets, pepper spray and bean bag rounds on protesters.

11-2-16 ~ Sheriff Who Was Harassing Native Pipeline Protesters Accidentally Shoots Self
A Lake County, Indiana sheriff’s officer on special assignment with Homeland Security in North Dakota accidentally shot himself in the foot Oct. 25 while checking his department-issued rifle

11-2-16 ~ Journalist Erin Schrode shot at Standing Rock (with rubber bullet)
I arrived in the early hours at Standing Rock today. My first task was bringing supplies around the camp— But, almost immediately, I was told to rush to the front line to get video of police shooting water protectors with rubber bullets.

11-2-16 ~ Native Protesters Have The Last Laugh, As North Dakota Cops Admit They Can’t Afford To Keep Up Police Presence For Much Longer
A legislative committee will be reviewing an emergency request to borrow MORE money from the Bank of North Dakota to cover the cost of law enforcement related to protecting of the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

11-2-16 ~ ‘Pray’: Armed Police Descend on Water Protectors at DAPL Site
Police descended on water protectors in North Dakota on Wednesday, as images on social media showed a dramatic standoff along a creek that borders a construction site for the long-opposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

11-2-16 ~ Emergency Call to Action at Standing Rock as Police Violently Attack Prayer Ceremony
Cannon Ball, ND – Law enforcement responded violently to water protectors attempting build a wooden footbridge across a creek linking the main Native encampment and the Dakota Access Pipeline construction area for a prayer ceremony. The police responded with a vicious assault on the peaceful water protectors.

11-2-16 ~ Law Enforcement DESTROYED a bridge, shot people with rubber bullets, bean bags, and maced them
Native American Water Protectors gathered at the river to hold a water ceremony this morning, and were met by 60 police and at least 3 police boats. Police shot them with rubber bullets, bean bags, and maced them.

Morton County Dump Trucks Dump Eagle Feathers and Sacred Items on Ground. Watch video. “I wish I could keep the camera on it, but it hurts too much.” “We are sitting here broken, but we didn’t give up.” “We are a village of protectors. We are protecting this land.”

11-2-16 ~ Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota
So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. Instead, they’re having you blockade unarmed people who are trying to hold a prayer vigil, chasing them with armored vehicles and ATVs, raiding their tipis and sweat lodges at gunpoint, and shooting them (and their horses) with pepper spray, concussion grenades, tasers, and rubber bullets. You thought you’d be the cop on the beat or the citizen soldier, and they’ve made you into the cavalry riding in with Custer.

11-2-16 ~ Military Veteran: Standing Rock Is The First Time I Actually Fought For The People
I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This time, instead of fighting for corporate interests, I was fighting for the people.

11-2-16 ~ Standing Rock ~ Stories from the Frontlines ~ 11-2-2016
Today many of our protectors tried to cross the river to pray on top of a hill where Oceti Sakowin ancestors are buried, this place has been desecrated by the police and DAPL. The militarized police responded with brutal force, a young man was shot point blank with a rubber bullet and has been coughing up blood, another woman was shot by one of heavily armed officers on a boat.

11-2-16 ~ Video’s #NoDAPL – Nov. 1-10, 2016

11-2-16 ~ A #NoDAPL Map
Thousands of Native Americans and their allies have gathered on unceded Sioux land delimited by the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie to try and stand in the way of the “black snake” that could poison the Standing Rock Reservation’s water supply.

11-1-16 ~ Trump And Clinton Are Both Ignoring Standing Rock, And It’s Unacceptable
The fact that neither Trump nor Clinton has made a substantive statement regarding the DAPL protests is pitiful.

11-1-16 ~ Report back from the Battle for Sacred Ground
The Battle: Around midday, a line of police vehicles shows up blaring their sirens—but not on the highway. They are taking the access road beside the pipeline construction, where we have no defenses. People start parking their cars to block the access road and crowds start to gather.

11-1-16 ~ Hillary Clinton Caught Between Key Allies on Dakota Pipeline
After a tortuous ‘Will-she-or-won’t-she’ over the Keystone XL pipeline, Hillary Clinton is facing a different pipeline headache that pits some of her own allies against each other, presenting her with a possible lose-lose political dilemma.

11-1-16 ~ Obama Speaks on Dakota Access Pipeline and say’s Nothing
President Obama woke up from his coma on Standing Rock but he’s still trying to fool the people by saying nothing. He said he wants the situation to a a little more before doing anything… “play out” a little more?

11-1-16 ~ Could Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Be Legally Liable for Human Rights Abuses?
Owners of the North Dakota Access Pipeline have been warned that they risk legal liability over several instances of human rights abuses agianst peaceful Native American and environmental activists opposing the US$3.8 billion pipeline, as militarized law enforcement have increasingly used violence and repression at protest camps.

11-1-16 ~ ND hemorrhaging money because of the pipeline protest
A legislative committee will review an emergency request to borrow more money from the Bank of North Dakota to cover the cost of law enforcement related to the protest of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The state’s Emergency Commission, headed by Gov. Jack Dalrymple, will vote Tuesday on whether to borrow $4 million from the state-owned bank. The panel borrowed $6 million from the bank in September and officials say that money already has been used to cover law enforcement costs.

11-1-16 ~ Mongolia Nomadic Tribes Stand With Standing Rock Sioux And Water Protectors
Mongolia is one of the last countries with vast landscapes of big nothingness, no cities, no trace of humans as far as the eye can see.

11-1-16 ~ Ottawa approves $1.3 billion western gas pipeline expansion
The NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd (NGTL) expansion project will create up to 3,000 jobs during construction and involve building and operating new gas pipelines facilities in northern Alberta, Natural Resources Canada ministry said in a statement.

11-1-16 ~ Police REFUSE To Charge DAPL Security Guard Who Aimed Assault Rifle At Native Protesters
Law enforcement officials say a member of DAPL security disguised as a protester last week was in fact a “victim of a crime” and not a suspect, even though he was photographed aiming an AR-15 assault rifle at Native American pipeline protesters.

11-1-16 ~ Authorities say DAPL Security Member was a victim of crime
The man was told to leave the area. A chase ensued in the ditch and the man’s truck was eventually forced through a fence. He got out with a gun in hand and retreated into the Cannon Ball River. He was approached by a handful of men and eventually taken into custody by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He was questioned and released.

11-1-16 ~ Feisty Tough as Nails Farmer Fighting Pipeline by Allowing Protesters to Camp on her Farm Land
“It may get underground, but it`s gonna get stopped so they can never put oil through it,” said 81 year-old Shirley Gerjets on Friday, and that’s what the Calhoun County farmer is hoping for, even as construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to progress all around her farm land.

11-1-16 ~ Red Fawn Fallis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
A 37-year-old Denver woman has been charged with trying to murder a law enforcement officer during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Red Fawn Fallis is accused of firing three rounds at officers after they took her to the ground to arrest her on October 27, according to a post from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.


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